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The diabetes medicine extracted as a by- product from the pancreas of animals is:
Animal welfare groups support:
In North Carolina, the cash receipts from the sale of broilers is more than:
The total elimination of all animal use by humans is the goal of activists who believe in:
The issue of animal rights and the moral status of animals dates back at least to the:
The animal rights movement is made up mostly of people who are:
The blood clot and heart attack prevention medicine extracted as a by-product from the lungs of animals is:
The product that livestock provides for humans in the largest quantities is:
Hooves, horns, bones and hides are animal by- products used to produce:
Decisions and regulations about animal welfare should be made on the basis of
Most animal rights groups support:
Blood meal and meat and bone scraps are animal by-products used for:
Animal welfare groups are opposed to:
A MAJOR problem in scientific research to accurately assess animal comfort and wellbeing is that there are NO:
Although animals are used very little for this purpose in the United States, they are used in less developed countries to provide much of their:
Compared to animal welfare groups, animal rights groups tend to be:
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Recent census poverty measures which include medical costs and work related expenses have raised the number of people in poverty in the US to what figure?
In the last reported census poverty figures which group below saw modest decrease in poverty from 27.8% to 25.7%?
In the last reported census poverty figures which group below saw a higher rate of poverty to 28% and 16.6% respectively?
which of these is not correct?
Which of these is not correct?
As a voter you have the right to:
the gov of tx is elected with plurality of the vote
the pres. of the US is elected with a pluarity of the vote
The sec of State for tx is Hope Andrade
When do the polls close in Tx?
Corporate agribusiness in tx receives farm subsidies in such an amount the state is ranked where among the 50?
Small farmers/ranchers, some 81%, do not collect farm subsidies.
Welfare payments each year to agribusiness interests average what amount for the top ten percent of all recipients?
Between 1995 to 2011 agribusiness interests in tx receieved what amount in welfare payments billed as farm subsidies?
The top 10% of tx subsidy recipients (in amount of dollars) obtained what percentage of all payments?
Dallas county farm subsidies exceeded those of Tarrant county in total money amount in 2011.
the top money recipient of tarm subsidy welfare was which county in tx in 2011
How much was paid in farm subsidy welfare to the top recipient by county in tx in 2011?
Which crop in tx received the most farm subsidy in 2011?
Who is the prettiest?
Midsagittal plane
We live in which layer of the atmosphere. This is also where weather occurs.
Which part of the atmosphere is actually made up of two layers?
Which layer of the atmosphere contains the ozone layer
As you get higher off of the ground what happens to air pressure?
As you get higher off of the ground what happens to air temperature?
Which of the following is NOT a greenhouse gas?
True or False- Air HAS Mass
In which layer of the atmosphere do meteors burn up?
Which of the following makes up about 21 percent of our atmosphere
Which of the following is NOT true of Ozone?
In an ecosystem, living things interact only with other living things.
Nonliving things, such as rock, soil, and air are called abiotic factors.
Algae, fish, insects, and moss are examples of biotic factors.
In an ecosystem, nonliving things interact with other nonliving things.
Fungi are producers because they feed on dead organic and waste materials.
Which of the following is an abiotic factor?
Which of these factors is biotic?
Which word best describes the frogs, birds and insects in an ecosystem?
A living thing that uses energy, reproduces, and grows is called a(n) _____.
A coyote, scorpion, and cactus would most likely be found in a(n) _____ biome.
The House of Burgesses in Jamestown was the beginning of what kind of government in America?
English colonists became what when other Europeans immigrated to America?
Why was expansion slowed?
How was the colonists' health?
Under Charles I, who received charters to form colonies?
What Indian tribe helped Roger Williams flee from the Puritans to Rhode Island?
Which charter was started when several English nobles were granted this rigt by Charles II?
What colony was Deleware originally a part of?
What group of people did Jamestown colonists buy from the Dutch to be used as slaves in the tobacco fields?
Where did the people who settled Georgia originally come from?
Where was democracy started over 2,000 years ago?
What is a government called in which the people rule?
What is the event called where a person accused of a crime is judged?
Important paper that King John was forced to sign which limited his powers?
A system of rule.
What was the location of the world's first representative government 2,500 years ago?
What is the name of a group of lawmakers in Great Britain?
People chosen to speak or act for others.
Who are the group of people who decide whether or not an accused person has committed a crime?
Speak or act for.
What helps ensure that the sender and receiver both understand the message in the same way?
A communication network is
A formal communication network
Brainstorming is
Nominal group technique is
A distraction is
A distortion is
Spam is
Conflict is
Conflict avoidance is
When verbal and nonverbal communication send different messages, most people will believe
Which of these is an internal communication?
Which if these is NOT an advantage of oral communication?
Horizontal communication is between
External communication is between
Verbal communication includes
Organizational culture
Writen communication is best used when
An expense report from an employee to his manager is an example of
Which is an example of external communication?
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is an external factor that affects the price that a business charges for its products?
What pricing tactic might be considered questionable by some businesses?
Wal-Mart and Sears attract two different types of customers because of their pricing strategies. They have established their prices based on __________ decisions.
How does technology help businesses when it enables them to obtain and analyze vast amounts of information that impact the pricing function?
One way that many businesses use technology to reduce the costs associated with marking prices on products is by using
A business charges a small company a higher price for a product than it charges a large company for the same product. What does this represent?
Technology allows manufacturers to pre-print product packaging with Universal Product Codes (UPCs) which contain __________ information.
Charging premium prices for lumber to hurricane victims because supply is limited is
What would be the most appropriate pricing strategy for a business in a small town where unemployment has skyrocketed and the economy is in a downturn?
Which of the following factors should businesses consider when establishing a product's selling price
Why do some new companies set their selling prices as low as they can?
Which of the following is an example of an ethical issue as it relates to predatory pricing:
What is the advantage to a business of using bar-code pricing?
What is an example of an unethical pricing practice?
What costs do businesses usually include in the price of their products?
What might happen if a business's customers feel that they are not getting the most value for their money?
The Standard Oil Company's price-fixing tactics and monopolistic control over oil refining and distribution in the late 1800's was a major contributing factor in the enactment of which piece of legislation?
Which of the following was Africa's first and greatest trading empire
In Ghana, leadership was passed on to a king's
Who ruled the provinces of Mali's government
The berbers adopted camels as a way to travel as well as a source of
During the 1400's, the European slave trade was started in Africa by
Which of the following is not a function of an African folktale?
Stories passed down by mouth from generation to generation was known as
Education in African villages was carried out by family and
Families made up of several different generations are called
Mansa Musa was the ruler of which of the following African Kingdoms?
Which of the following did Mansa Musa NOT take along with him during his Haiji
Which of the following did Mansa Musa NOT promote in Mali
A belief shared by most traditional african religions is
African societies were introduced to Islam through
Under the Tang Dynasty, rulers carried out many
Many Chinese thought that Buddhist monks and nuns weakened respect for family life because they were not allowed to
Many people became Buddhists in China during the A.D. 100s because
According to Confucius, what do good governments depend on?
During the Song Dynasty, the painting of these were popular
The Chinese discovered that they could use which substance to heat things and make steel?
What text feature uses page numbers so you know where to find more information about a topic?
What text feature is an image of a city, state, country or form of land used to give information about location or geography?
What text feature is a group of words that further break down the overall idea into smaller sections that relate to the topic?
What text feature organizes data into rows and columns?
What text feature is an image that represents data using symbols or numbers?
What text feature is an alphabetical list of terms or words found in or relating to a specific subject?
What text feature has data represented in visual form using an X and Y axis (line, bar)?
What text feature is a group of words at the beginning of a paragraph or chapter that tells the reader what the section is all about?
Which answer is not how a reader should use text features?
Where will a reader find text features?
Drinks that contain alcohol act as a ______ on the central nervous system.
Drinking alcohol can lead to physical and mental impairment that is called _____.
The process by which the body breaks down alcohol is called ______.
Drinking a large amount of alcohol, in a small amount of time refers to ____.
Three factors that can influence alcohol use are:
What is a factor that can increase an individual's short term effects of alcohol?
Which of the following is an epidemic among teens?
Which of the following organs can be damaged by long term alcohol use?
Which of the following is a social consequence of over drinking?
How much alcohol is a safe amount for a mother to drink during pregnancy?
The process of changing one steep field into a series of smaller, flatter fields is called
The practice of leaving old stalks to provide cover from rain in order to reduce water runoff and soil erosion is called
What is it called when a farmer plants different crops in order to use less nutrients or different nutrients from the soil?
Which soil conservation technique prevents erosion on steep hills by heavy rains?
Which soil conservation technique helps restore nutrients to the soil?
Which soil conservation technique helps prevent erosion of sloping hills by heavy rains
A way to keep soil fertile by protecting it from erosion is called ____________________.
Gardeners want a layer of rich ____________________ for their vegetable gardens.
The dark, organic material formed in soil from the decayed remains of plants and animals
Plants and trees protect the soil from ____________________ by acting as anchors to the soil.
What is a a soil horizon?
Why is organic matter (humus) an important part of soil?
What is soil erosion?
A dry, cold air mass is a
When a warm air mass and a cold air mass meet, but they push at each other but neither can move, it is called a
When a cold air mass moves into a warm air mass, it will get colder and we will have bad weather. Which front is this?
The boundary between cold and warm air masses is called a/an
When a warm air masses slides on top of a cold air mass that gives you drizzly rain and sunny weather, what front is it
A/an ____ is a large body of air with the same properties as the Earth's surface over which it develops and has the same humidity and temperature
What type of weather would a continental tropical air mass bring?
An air mass that formed over the ocean near the equator would probably be
A wet, cold air mass would be
Where would you find a tropical maritime air mass?
What process creates landforms?
What process destroys land?
What term means breaking down earth's surface and materials?
What are the causes of weathering?
What is erosion?
What term means the depositing (dropping) of sediments?
Which of the following is an example of deposition?
Plant roots that cause rocks to break apart is an example of what?
Which of the following is an example of weathering?
Which of the following landforms are constructive?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Kinesics is the study of the role of ____ in communication.
Oculesics is the study of the role of ____ in communication.
Proxemics is the study of the role of ____ in communication.
Chronemics is the study of the role of ____ in communication.
The phase of conflict when participants try to reach a compromise or other possible solution is called the
The phase of conflict when the individuals voice out their differences against each other is called the
The best strategy to prevent conflicts is
The best strategy of conflict resolution is
Desirable conflict
Standing near the person with whom you are speaking is an example of
The speaker putting her hand on the listener's arm is an example of
The way information is exchanged is
Communication breakdown is
The most effective technique a manager can use to improve organizational communication is
Communication takes place through
An electronic message that contains abusive, threatening, or offensive content that may violate company policy or public law is
Brainstorming can be done
Barriers in effective communication can include
Which of these determines the best method or type of commununication to be used?
Which of these combinations can not exist in one communication exchange?
Which word best describes the frogs, birds and insects in an ecosystem?
A coyote, scorpion, and cactus would most likely be found in a(n) _____ biome.
Which of these is a producer?
Which of these is a consumer?
If a tadpole eats algae from a rock the tadpole is a ___________?
Decomposer recycle by _____.
If we wanted to show the relationship between all the organisms in an ecosytem we would use a(n)
If we wanted to show the energy flow in an ecosytem we would use a(n)
A group of the same type of organisms living in the same area is a ___________.
A _________ is an organism that does not eat other organisms.
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
How many moon phases are there?
The same side of the moon always faces the Earth.....
Which phase of the moon occurs when the moon is between Earth and Sun?
The moon has no....
Moonlight is an incorrect term because...
The horned shape of the moon is called a....
One revolution of the moon around the Earth takes about....
The dark spots on the moon's surface are called....
The dark spots are actually....
What percentage of the moon do we see each night?
What is the largest part of Congress?
How is the Presidency determined?
How many Senators are from each state?
How many federal departments are there?
How many terms can the President serve?
How much does the President make annually?
When will the President take the oath for Presidency in 2013?
Which branch makes the laws?
Which Amendement states that the President can serve two terms?
Which one is not a requirement to become President?
________________ is the process of taking something (a device, an electrical component, a software program, etc.) apart and analyzing its workings in detail.
The steps in the reverse-engineering process are:
Which of the following questions should be asked in the prediction step?
Whcih event in history was an example of reverse engineering
In the observation stage of reverse engineering you should ask all the following questions EXCEPT which?
In documentation one should.
Engineers have to be able to _______________ the design problem to solve and decide whether or not to address it.
systems __________ because they have faulty or poorly matched parts, are used in ways that exceed what was intended by the design, or were poorly designed to begin with.
Define a system by identifying its _____________, their relationship to other systems, and the intended input and output of the system.
Coach Swisher's Middle Name is ?
Santa gives you 9 wrapped presents. You open 4 presents. How many presents are still wrapped?
There are 8 reindeer standing by the sleigh. 2 reindeer walk away. How many reindeer are left at the sleigh?
6 elves are making presents. 4 elves go to eat lunch. How many elves are still making presents?
You help your mom put up lights. 10 of them are red. 3 of them are blue. How many more red lights are there than blue lights?
Mrs. Carroll has 10 candy canes. Some of the candy canes are broken. There are 4 candy canes that are not broken. How many broken candy canes are there?
Mrs. Smith made hot cocoa for the class. There are 8 students in the class. 3 were sick, so they did not have hot cocoa. How many cups of hot cocoa were left?
Ms. Messina made 9 gingerbread cookies for the class. 6 students ate the head of the gingerbread man first. How many students did not eat the head of the gingerbread cookie first?
Mrs. Evaniak put up lights in the classroom. There were 10 lights on each strand. 9 of the lights were working. How many lights were not working?
Mrs. Tyson made brownies for Santa. She made 7 brownies, but ate 2 before she put them out. How many brownies did Mrs. Tyson leave for Santa?
Mrs. Smith put up 5 stockings on the wall by the fireplace. In the morning, 2 stockings had fallen to the floor. How many stockings were still on the wall?
Joanna is comparing the estimated value of the make, model, and year for three different used cars. Which type of pricing is this?
When researching cars, John asked about the car\'s acceleration for speed on the highway and going up steep hills. Which factor to consider when buying vehicles is this?
Jordan turned in his leased car before the 36-month lease ends. One condition of this decision is having:
Josh is checking locations of bus stops and possible carpools from the dorm to his internship site. Which step in meeting transportation needs is this?
Martin is comparing the book value of several used cars. Which step in meeting transportation needs is this?
A disadvantage of what mode of transportation is the higher rate of accidents than other modes?
An ADVANTAGE of buying a new car instead of a used one is that a new car:
Jonny decided to wait for tents to go on sale to purchase his. Which effective shopping practice is his decision to wait?
The Home Shopping Network is an example of which type of home shopping?
Agreeing to purchase a set of encyclopedias from someone who comes to your home to show them is an example of which type of home shopping?
What does inspired mean?
What is an example of a covenent?
What is salvation history?
What does "innerant" mean?
who is the primary author of the Bible?
God is outside of:
what does Isaac mean?
what did Abel offer God?
how many years did Jacob work for Rachel?
what does Moses mean?
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When an advertiser wants to reach specific target markets, which type of print medium would be most cost-effective?
One reason it is important for professional sport/event organizations to develop advance ticket sales plans is because the generated revenue helps organizations to
When a business places print advertisements in a magazine that has a specific readership reach, it is basing its buying decisions on the publication's
A business that asks to have an advertisement presented at a specific time on the air or in a special place in a newspaper will
Which of the following decreases the costs to a business of using newspaper advertising
A radio station sells a 30-second spot for $500. If the number of listeners is 200,000, calculate the cost per thousand (CPM).
Businesses that buy broadcast advertising time often ask for information about the _______ before purchasing the time.
Which of the following types of media should an event planner use to promote an upcoming local charity event to the general public:
A sport/event organization can determine advertising reach of a magazine by analyzing the publication's
An important factor in determining rates for outdoor advertising is its
An advertiser spent $117,000 for 12 television spots with a total of 240 GRPs (gross rating points). What was the cost per GRP?
What is the percentage of reach for a local radio sporting-goods advertisement if the target audience is 875,000 18-30-year-old males and 393,750 of the target audience is exposed to the message?
A business owner saved money by contracting with the local newspaper to purchase a series of ads over a period of time which entitled the business to a
Which of the following is the most appropriate promotional medium for a local hardware store:
What is the most appropriate media-scheduling strategy for advertising food and other frequently purchased items?
The Fit and Lively Fitness Center wants to increase its membership, so it is planning to run a television ad to promote lower membership fees for a limited time. If the target audience is 939,000 16- to 36-year-old females, and 313,000 of the target
The cost to a business of radio spots will vary with the
Your business wants to sell a shipment of goods by the end of the current work week at the lowest possible advertising cost. Which of the following promotional media would be best:
A business owner who wants to obtain a reduced rate for a series of local radio commercials might contract for what type of promotion?
Which of the following media vehicles might a sport/event marketer choose to promote a celebrity baseball game to many people throughout a metropolitan area:
Which of the following is a qualitative media factor used in the selection of promotional media:
Businesses generally pay more for newspaper advertisements when purchasing space at a _________ rate.
Latin for tough, hard
Latin for strong
Latin for to be strong
Latin for to make solid
Latin for oak, strength
not diminishing; lasting
the period of time taken by something
strength of mind; bravery
strong and hearty
strong point; skill
If the wife's husband disapproved of his wife's behavior he could...
Mental Hospitals were called...
Most men lived to be...
What did they think caused disease?
What was running in the streets?
There was an epidemic between 1832 and 1853 of what disease?
What do you things do you think contributed to most men only living to be about 45?
Why would poor people live, on average, shorter lives than middle class or rich people?
Why didn't doctors just give people antibiotics and medicines to cure their diseases?
Why do you think living in close and dirty living spaces contributed to diseases?
Who was appointed Secretary of the Treasury by George Washington?
What was the name of the first 2 political parties?
Who were the leaders of the Federalist Party?
Why did most South Carolinians support the federal government’s assumption of the states debt?
How did the Democratic-Republicans think the Constitution should be interpreted?
What was the biggest controversy between the 2 political parties?
Which party believed in having a strong federal government?
When 3 American diplomats traveled to France to negotiate a treaty they were offered a bribe. This event became known as what?
What word means to make a law invalid or void.
What South Carolina War Hawk pushed for War with Britain after being elected to Congress in 1810?
A sense of pride for one’s nation is called what?
Who was elected first President of the United States?
The Dem.-Republicans wanted to balance federal power with...
Yellow light has a longer wavelength than red light
Visible light waves have a higher frequency compared to microwaves
Which of the following was fundamentally different from the others?
UV (ultra-violet) waves have a shorter wavelength than x-rays
Visible waves have a higher frequency than...
Light has a dual nature. It can act as a wave or it can act as
Materials that absorb light are ...
Radio waves have the smallest wavelength of all the other waves
Gamma waves have the highest frequency of all the other waves
Glass is ______ to visible light
Clouds appear dark because most of the visible light is...
Different colors of light correspond to different light...
Light shines on clear glass and green glass. Which glass is warmer?
Red light shines on a red rose. Which is warmer?
What colors of light does a transparent red object transmit?
EM (electromagnetic) waves ...
EM (electromagnetic) waves are...
A material that selectively absorbs colored light is called...
Black is all the colors mixed together
The sky appears blue because nitrogen and oxygen scatter longer wavelengths of visible light
Companies A, B, and C sell similar products. Together, they recently decided to sell their products for the same price. In what unethical activity are the businesses engaging?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the equivalent to 100 micro Amps?
What is the equivalent of 4.7 kilo ohms?
What is the equivalent of 40 milli volts?
What is the equivalent of 9.6 Mega ohms?
What is the equivalent to 0.0005 volts?
What is the equivalent of 6870000 ohms?
What is the equivalent to 0.0435 amps?
What is the equivalent to 32000 volts?
What is resistance measured in?
What is current measured in?
What is the symbol for Resistance?
What is the symbol for Current?
What is the symbol for Voltage
Which formula is correct?
Which formula is correct?
Which formula is correct?
If a circuit has 20 V and 2 A? What is the resistance?
If a circuit has 10 V and 1.5 K Ohms, what is the current?
If a circuit has 20 K ohms and 50 milli amps, what is the voltage?
If a circuit has 100 milli Amps and 5 volts, what is the resistance?
This is the temporary memory that stores the variables and instructions of a program when it is running.
A binary bit is
Convert 36 (base 10) into binary
Convert 011001 (base 2) into decimal
Which of the following is considered hardware?
Which of the following is an operating system?
What does the F2 button do?
Which of the following is NOT an operating system?
Software is
What is a Byte?
Which branch of government is missing. Executive, Legislative, ........
Freedom of Speech, Due Process of Law, and Right to trial by jury are all right protected by ...
Who was the first President of the United States?
Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness a most closely associated with ...
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
What is the government of the United States?
Who is in the Executive Branch?
What does Congress do?
What does the President do?
What does The Supreme Court do?
When you take the big picture and break it down into smaller pieces in designing software this is called
The first step in the design process is
The second step in the software life cycle ( design process ) is
Which of the following is an English representation of code, but not actual code syntax
An algorithm
This kind of error will happen when you try to compile your code
This kind of error occurs while the program is running and it causes the program to crash
When a program compiles, and runs with-out quitting but your output is bad, this is which kind of error
This is used to organize your code and make it more readable
Testing your program to make sure it works is also called
Why did the Federal government give land to railroads?
The increase in the availability of electricity changed the US economy in what way?
How did new technologies help farmers on the Great Plains?
What is one negative effect of industrialism during the Gilded Age?
What was a political boss?
Crowded Conditions, poor sanitation,and unsafe buildings, were all characteristics of ....
In the late 19th century, immigration affected American cities because it caused ...
Who was John D. Rockefeller
What was a Captain of Industry?
What is Philanthropy?
An automobile engine is a smaller system that is embedded into a larger
Science, technology, engineering, and math are so closely related that progress in one area
A trade-off is a desired result that is
Decisions to use technology result in trade-offs between
Early in the history of technology, the development of many tools and machines was based not on scientific knowledge but on
Social Impacts are:?
Economic impacts are?
Cultural impacts are?
Political impacts are?
Environmental Impacts are?
What does the following schematic symbol represent?
What does the following schematic symbol represent?
What does the following schematic symbol represent?
Troubleshooting diagrams are used for?
What is the capital of NC?
What is the capital of SC
The answer is A
Troubleshooting is
The answer is "b"
Who is the funniest person on duck dynasty
What is the part of the microscope that you look in to?
If your eye piece has a magnification of 10x and a lens has a magnification of 4x, what is the total magnification?
In the cells we observed in class, what is the central structure that is observed (and controls the cell)?
What type of cell (out of the ones we observed in class) looked rectangular in shape?
What type of cell (out of the ones we observed in class) looked round in shape?
What is the part of the microscope that holds the slide?
What is the part of the animal cell that surrounds the cytoplasm?
Why would someone need to use an indicator when looking at cells in lab?
When looking at the onion cell using the microscope, what best decribes what it looks like?
What is the part of the microscope the allows a person to make the image look clear?
____ am a girl.
_______ dog barks.
I _______ a duck.
_____ not go in!
The cat and dog _____ on the rug.
He is ______ top of the world!
Is it green ______ red?
I am ______ years old.
_____ is my favorite color.
Which is NOT a color?
Answers by Educators Question Database
the number of carbon atoms in glycerol.
A phosphorus atom surrounded by four oxygen atoms is called a ____________________g roup.
The number of rings in the structure of a steroid.
A type of lipid that does not have any fatty acids on it
Another word for hydrophilic
The functional group on a fatty acid is a _____________ group.
Meaning having a dual nature
What disease could prostitutes get
What do people do after work?
How much could a coach maker earn? In a week.
Who were the people who helps people?
What did boys do to earn money?
How many street sellers were there?
Why was the prostitutes business cut short?
When was the poor law amendment Act established?
What did the ship yards and new docks require?
True or False. Did boys collect cig butts to sell them
Which is a benefit of the Roth ira?
___ are great for your emergency fund due to their liquidity and stability
What is the difference between wholesale and retail price?
What is a public sale in which property or items of merchandise are sold to the highest bidder?
The ___ price is usually a lot higher than the whole sale price
What is a degree of uncertainty of return?
In order to start investing you must have
What is a retail shop where people sale items and the owner of the shop gets a percentage of the sale?
Using ___ gives you more bargaining power than using credit
The benefit of diversification in your investment is
What is it called when you divide your money between several different types of investments?
The ___ IRA grows tax free because you have already paid taxes on it.
What is a retail establishment that sells items that have been traded as security for cash?
What is a retail establishment selling items that have been traded as security for cash?
What is an arrangement in which a person puts his money in for long term growth?
Which of the following is typically NOT a good place to find a deal?
Which technique will you most likely hear I have to check with my manager?
What is used to manage a mutual fund?
The U.S. is the only country in which ___ is not a way of life
To withdraw money from your Roth IRA without paying a penalty, you must be
Which of the following is a good long term investment option?
___ will NOT give you the best (cheapest_ deal on a purchase
Which of the following is not a retirement account?
What is the ability to walk away from a purchase when negotiating?
The basic rules of negotiating can get you incredible deal but only if you
What are the securities that represent part ownership in a corporation?
el gato
el pájaro
el tigre
el ratón
la mariposa
el flamenco
el conejo
el perro
el pez
el oso
Making laws is the function of the
TODAY’S AGENDA 1. Make laws 2. Approve budget 3. Confirm appointments Which branch of government would have this agenda?
The formal powers of Congress are limited by the –
All are checks the legislative branch has except 
Implied powers are –
What is the basic responsibility of the legislative branch?
The House of Representatives has 435 members. This number is based on –
The Constitution separated the powers of government through a system of checks and balances so that no branch would 
The purpose for separating power among the three branches of government was to 
As a result of checks and balances, powers of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government at the local, state, and national level are 
All of the following are key market factors that must be considered when establishing prices EXCEPT
The degree to which demand for a product is affected by its price is called ________.
Some consumers equate quality with price.
When a person is at a vacation resort where the only food service available is the food at the resort, prices will most likely be higher than normal because
The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 outlawed price fixing in order to prevent ___________.
Return on investment (ROI) is a calculation used to determine ________.
The _________ is when sales revenue equals the costs and expenses of making and distributing a product.
_____________ occurs when competitors agree on certain price ranges within which they set their own prices.
LeBlanc's Supermarket sells its gallon of whole milk at $4.59 each. It costs that much to make the gallon of milk but that is an item that will get people in the store and they will in turn buy other things. This concept is known as _______.
Which of the following product falls into the category of elastic demand?
I am comparing prices between cereals. Cereal A costs $.10 an ounce and Cereal B costs $.14 an ounce. This is know as ___________.
__________ is a firm's percentage of the total sales volume generated by all competitors in a given market.
Attracting customers with prestige, service, or quality is known as __________.
_____________ occurs when a firm charges different prices to similar customers in similar situations.
One of the disadvantages to marketers using streaming video e-mail is that it requires the recipient to have a(n)
Which of the following is an example of an email attachment?
Which of the following is the most common use of opt-in e-mail marketing:
A business that asks customers to forward an e-mail to their friends or associates is engaged in
One of advantage of using e-mail marketing is that it is
Which of the following is an example of a business's using e-mail in a timely manner:
What mailing technique do businesses often use if they do not have mailing-list software?
Which one of the following computer programs prevents email messages containing the word free in the subject header from entering an inbox:
What should businesses do to detect any problems before sending an e-mail to everyone on their list?
What is a guideline for businesses to follow when creating mailing lists?
For higher response rates, businesses should develop marketing e-mail messages that are
Which of the following is an advantage to a business of using an in-house system to send bulk e-mailings:
The body of an e-mail that reads, Dear Sue, we hope you are enjoying the newsletter, is an example of a/an ______ message.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
April, ______, June
Our flag is___________.
_____ old are you?
Can ____ see the big, orange cat?
Mom, we _____ all of our food.
I see _______ dolls.
______ did you do it?
A __________ has three sides.
I will ______ him on the phone.
Did you ______ the cake?
eveything that affects an organism
the study of the relationship between organisms and their envionment
a group of individuals of the same species that live together in the same area
all the populations of diffrent species that live in the ame area
a community of organisms and its nonliving enviroment
an organism that uses sunlight direcly to make food
an organism that eats other organism
an animal that feeds on dead bodies of other animals
the path of energy from one feeding level to another
an organism that gets energy by breaking down the remains of dead organisms
a group of organs that work together to perform specific body functions
a group of similar cells that work together
the shape of a part of an organism and the material that part is made of
the job a part of an organism does; structure determines function
a combination of two or more tissues that work together to perform a speicfic function in the body
the arrangement of things into orderly groups based on thieir similarities
the science of identifying, classifying, and naming living things ; founded by botanist Carolus Linnaeus
the largest and most general of the seven levels of classification
the level of classification above a species that contains simlar species
the most specfic of the seven levels of classification
an animal that does not have a backbone
an external skeleton that is made of protein and chitin and that covers the outside of an arthopods body
An animal with a skull and a backbone; also called chordates
an animal that maintains a constant body temperature; called warmblooded
an animal whose body temperature chages with the temperature of its environment; called coldblooded
the process by which population accumulate inherited traits; change over time
physial evidence of a living thing such as its remains or imprints found in rocks
a characteristic that helps organism survive and reproduce
a distinguishing quality that can be passed from parent to offspring
a change in the hereditary infromation called dna of an organism
Which of the following statements summarizes the Progressive Era?
Why was "The Jungle" so important?
National Prohibition, as authorized by the 18th Amendment, stated that –
Anti-trust acts like the Clayton Antitrust Act were especially favored by -
How did the role of government in the United States change during the Progressive Era?
Which President supported Moral Diplomacy?
Which of the following benefits was accomplished with the construction of the Panama Canal?
What was the significance of the sinking of the Lusitania?
Trench Warfare was a new development in WWI that –
A major purpose of President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points was to –
What did Henry Ford use to make his Model T?
During the 1920s, Congress passed immigration laws to -
What movement was an intellectual and artistic movement in the African American community?
What did Marcus Garvey want African Americans to do?
What was a major problem of Prohibition?
During the 1920s the prohibition of alcohol in the United States caused -
What even focused on Biblical literalism vs. Science and Darwinism?
Who was Amelia Earhart
What is a Flapper?
What did the assembly line do?
Noun==Person, Place orThing
What is an economic depression?
Stock Market Crash, Overproduction, and underconsumption are all ...
Which of the following were effects of the great depression?
Which President created reforms called the New Deal?
Which best describes the Dust Bowl?
Why did so many African Americans move during the great migration?
Black Nationalism was...
Who was president when the depression began?
What is the Stock Market?
Who was president during the New Deal?
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What is gravity
What causes tides?
What causes seasons?
What causes day and night?
When the tilt is toward the sun, what season?
When tilt is away?
What phase is moon 100% visible?
What phase comes after full moon?
If it's Summer in Northern Hemisphere, what Season is it in the South?
Highest Tide is during which Moon phases?
Desktop publishing software can be used for many of the same classroom activities and products as word processing software
Web page editors/ Web design software
this tool is available in multiple brands and each comes with a complimentary download of interactive activities, it has become quite popular recently, and teachers can use these to integrate virtual manipulatives
Database software is
features of this tool include: a variety of formats to choose from and instant tracking and visual summaries of data. This tool can be used for student polling, teaching survey design, teaching data analysis, ect.
which one of these is not something that hypermedia in the classroom can provide
Integration methods for _________ include, game based reviews, interactive storybooks, student created presentations
young people living visually and virtually from handheld screens, smart phones, and computers who increasingly need multiple forms of literacy, especially visual literacy, which is to images what reading and writing are to words
Why do the noble gases NOT form compounds readily?
In an atom, electrons ____.
The energy levels of an atom are occupied by ____.
An atom with _____ valence electrons is most stable.
Most of the mass of an atom is found in its ____.
In the chemical formula H2O, how many atoms of oxygen are represented?
According to the law of conservation of mass, how does the mass of the products in a chemical reaction compare to the mass of the reactants?
In a reaction that has one reactant and two products, the _____.
Atoms that gain electrons become ions with a _____ charge.
A soccer ball takes 20 s to roll 10 m. What is the average speed of the soccer ball?
When you graph the motion of an object, you put ____ on the horizontal axis and ____ on the vertical axis.
Which Empire conquered North Africa and Southwest Asia in the 15th century?
Conquests of the region resulted in
What was the impact of Jewish migration to the region after World War Two?
What was the impact of British and French colonization of this region?
What was the impact of invasion and colonization on the political systems of the region?
Which system helped transport water to crops?
Why was Hammurabi's Code important?
What are some Sumerian inventions?
What are some Egyptian inventions?
What is a major similarity between Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Sumerians
Which country is one of the top oil consumers in the world?
Lipstick, glasses, and footballs are all ...
Why would it be a problem from the United States if Southwest Asia stopped sending us oil?
The cultures in this region ALL had to ...
Arab and Jewish cultures BOTH
A difference between the Turks and the Persians was...
Why is the Dome of the Rock significant in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
What is a major reason for the conflict in Israel?
Which of the following statements are true about the country of Israel?
Which is true about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
Just like the sewer which is a storage area for human wastes, the waste of the cell is stored in this organelle
Proteins in the cell must be packaged in this organelle before they are sent to their destination
Much like the digestive system in the human body, this organelle breaks down the cell's food
Protein does a cell good as it is broken down by this organelle.
This membrane bound organelle that is involved in the breaking down of proteins and lipids comes with two textures: smooth and rough
Much of the cell's protein is held within this network of fibers found in the cell's cytoplasm
Yes, indeed! This liquid is found throughout the cell.
Without this organelle, the cell cycle might very well be dysfunctional and disorderly.
Yep! Within the nucleus, the breaking down of ribosomes occurs because of this organelle.
Everything a life has a certain role, but like the organelle found only in the animal cell that plays an important role in cell division.
Don't worry! this liquid part of the cell ensures that none of your cells are in danger of dying due to hydrogen peroxide.
Cell metabolism is a certainty thanks to this organelle.
The uneven heating of the Earth creates large convection currents. These convection currents are responsible for all of the following except...
In which layer of the atmosphere are the warmest air temperatures found?
What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere?
Which of the following is true about air pressure in the atmosphere?
What happens to the temperature in the mesosphere as the altitude increases?
Which do scientists consider greenhouse gases?
In which layer of the atmosphere does the weather occur?
In which layer of Earth's atmosphere does the temperature decrease as altitude increases?
What are the gases in Earth’s atmosphere in order of most abundant to least?
What causes wind?
The oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere is a product of what
2. Mountain climbers often carry oxygen because air pressure _______________ with altitude.
This occur when ions from the Sun strike air molecules.
This gas in the troposphere plays a key role in Earth's weather.
The earth would experience temperatures 60 (°F) colder without the
Testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are example of these types of steroids
____________ acid is a hydrophobic chain of hydrocarbons often attached to glycerol
the type of molecule that makes up cell membranes
the most abundant steroid molecule in humans
a 3-carbon molecule that fatty acids are attached to in a triglyceride molecule
the word that describes the polar nature of the head of a phospholipid
a type of molecule that includes fats, oils and waxes as examples
another word for hydrophobic
the condition of a fatty acid when it has some double bonds and is less stable
The process of joining fatty acids to glycerol that removes water molecules
The word that describes the nonpolar nature of tails on a phospholipid.
A large category of molecules that are all hydrophobic
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The apple is artificial because it is made out of wood. Artificial means
My friend loves eating raisins. Raisins are
I like to study in a quiet area. Area means
Cam Jansen needed proof that the boy stole the baseball. Proof means
We want to raise a garden of carrots. Raise means
There are preservatives in the jelly so it will not spoil. Preservatives means
There are many grapevines in my yard. Grapevines are
He won't play baseball. Won't means
They weren't at the park. Weren't means
I can't go to your house today. Can't means
What conclusion can be made from this story?
Over the years, people figured out which grapes produced the yummiest raisins. Which word makes this an opinion?
When there is a bold print or italic word, the author does this in order to
You should eat raisins. What is the purpose of this statement?
What conclusion can you draw about "raisins being 90% grown in California?"
Which statement best supports the main idea of "How Do You Raise a Raisin?
Which sentence is considered a fantasy?
What was the author's purpose for this story?
The author probably wrote this story because she
The genre of this story is
What variable is plotted on the x-axis?
The y-axis is also called the
Temperature is best measured in __________ and then converted to _______
In an experiment to determine the effect of volume on pressure of a gas, what is the responding variable?
Which of the following is in correct order?
When a graph of 2 variables forms a ________ that slopes downward it_____________
When a graph of 2 variables is a _____ passing through the origin (0,0) it __________
When temperature increases, volume _________
When volume increases, pressure ___________
___________'s law shows the relationship between temperature and volume
_______ upon a time, there lived a queen.
Are you in the ___________ grade?
How many months are in a year?
If yesterday was Friday, what is today?
________ is my hat?
"I do not like that," _____ the little red hen.
_______ the door.
Where have you _______?
Yes, I would like ________.
My twin looks _______ like me!
They aren't always around much __________ their mom travels a lot.
Let's walk ________ the mud puddle.
Do you ______ how to count to one hundred?
Once ______ a time, there lived a giant.
________ may I have some?
Which is the correct contraction for does not?
What two words make up the contraction won't?
Top is to bottom as north is to _________.
I don't ________________ how to do this.
It is important to ___________ how much salt to add to your food.
I ________ how she manages everything so well.
Did you read the _________ this morning?
Empty is to full as normal is to ______________.
Do you know who invented the traffic ____________?
I couldn't _________ the words in my speech.
Happy is to glad as angry is to __________.
Which word means something or someone special?
Which word means to begin?
What do you call a person who helps others without accepting payment for their services?
What would you do if you were planning a special birthday party?
__________ is the transfer of energy
_________ is the rate of energy transferred
What 2 things are measured in Joules?
One biker (A) going 5 m/s and another biker (B) going 4 m/s reach the top of a hill. Which of the following statements is true?
Kinetic energy increases when_______ and ________ increase
What is the equation for calculating kinetic energy
Gravitational potential energy depends on _________ while elastic potential energy depends on _________
What is the gravitational potential energy of someone who weighs 80 N and is 5 m above ground
__________ increases elastic potential energy while __________ decreases it
What is the kinetic energy of an object with a mass of 6 kg and a velocity of 3 m/s?
The ___________________ extends from the outer edge of the continental shelf down to the ocean floor.
In the ocean, ______________ make food by undergoing photosynthesis.
Diatoms are a tiny, abundant form of ________________ found in the ocean.
________________ are the flat seafloor areas in the deep ocean formed by deposits of sediment that fill up valleys.
______________ include crabs, snails, clams, sea urchins, and bottom dwelling fish.
Bacteria that perform chemosynthesis using sulfur compounds live...
_________________ are formed on the seafloor when one crustal plate is forced under another plate.
Tide pools are most characteristic of...
Petroleum, natural gas, sand, metals, and diamonds are mined from deposits found in...
Marine animals that actively swim in the ocean currents are called...
____________ energy is associated with position and motion
_________ energy is associated with motion only
___________ energy is associated with position
___________ energy can be both kinetic and potential
__________ is the energy of moving particles
___________ is energy that travels in waves
Which of the following are nuclear reactions?
fission is when nuclei ___________
__________ energy is a type of _________ energy
___________ energy is a type of _________ energy
What is the name of a compound with Lithium and Chlorine
The sum of the oxidation numbers must equal
Group of covalently bonded atoms that act as a single atom with a charge
The maximum number of electrons the third level can hold
Any element in group 18 has an oxidation number of
an atom with more than four valence electrons will do this to become stable
In an electron dot diagram for a Bromine atom would have this many dots
The maximum number of electrons that the first energy level can hold is
The number of electrons in the last energy is
a particle that carries a charge
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The agent of mechanical weathering in which rock is worn away by the action of other rock particles is called
A marble statue is left exposed to the weather. Within a few years, the details on the statue have begun to weather away. This weathering probably is caused by
Frost wedging causes mechanical weathering of rock by means of
Plowing removed the grass from the Great Plains and exposed the soil. What effect did this have when a drought struck the Great Plains during the 1930s?
Soil that is rich in humus has high
Most of the work of mixing humus within the soil is done by
People in many lands believed in what at this time
What did the word in the previous question mean
America wanted to rule other countries too
In what year did USA buy Alaska
Who did USA buy Alaska from
It cost the USA ______?
What was found in Alaska in 1896
In what year, and what number state, did Hawaii become part of the USA
In what year, and what number state, did Alaska become part of the USA
In what year did the USA help the Cubans become free
powerfully persuasive
the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded)
cool and confident, unconcerned (any:perturbed, agitated, disconcerted, abashed)
Skulk (syn: lurk, prowl, slink)
beyond what is natural (syn: inexplicable, spooky, fantastic, incredible )
Carbohydrates are made of which of the following elements?
Lipids are made of which of the following elements?
Which of the following IS a function of lipids?
Which of the following IS a function of lipids?
Which of the following IS a function of lipids?
Which of the following IS a function of lipids?
The head of a phospholipid is
The tail of a phospholipid is
If phospholipids are dumped in water, how will they arrange themselves?
Phospholipids make layers around cells. How many layers are found around each cell?
What type of pathogen causes sore itchy feet?
Why can a person catch a cold many times?
Which best compares a virus to a bacterium?
Which would be least effective in treating an illness caused by a virus?
Which pathogen is correctly matched to the disease it causes?
Which best explains how a virus affects other organisms?
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