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The hypothesis in a scientific investigation is
In an experiment, there should be only one _________. Everything else should be a ________.
When making a graph of your data, where should you place the dependent variable?
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How is it possible for an atom to have no charge even though it is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons?
In the shell model, the first shell can hold up to _____ electrons.
The particle of an atom that carries no charge is a (an)
Most of the unique properties of water result from the fact that water molecules:
What ...? - A test.
When ... your homework?
How often ... her car?
Why ... you car now? It's dark!
She ... tea, but she ... a cup with us today.
It ... a lot this year, but normally it ... so much.
I can't drive you, I ... the car today.
Watch out! The baby ... with a knife!
You ... tired. Sit and have a rest.
She ... the answer to this question.
I ... cartoons today, but I ... comedy series.
将无法消化的物质排出体外的过程,我们称之为 ______?
Which type of communications uses distance to communicate a message?
Technology we use today is based on math.
Electricity is the movement of electrons from one atom to another. When electrons are flowing in one direction along the conductor, it is called?
The basic types of signals used to communicate information are?
The major disadvantage to digital signals is that outside forces alter the pattern. This creates interference and makes the output different from the input.
There are two major types of telecommunication systems, they are
What are two common broadcast systems?
Cable television is delivered using satellite systems.
To send a message using telecommunication, you need to identify the audience, select the approach, and develop the message.
What is the dialog for characters and describes their movement on the stage?
What is written in two column format. It contains the audio, video, and production information?
Once the script and storyboard is done, then the next step is to video record.
What sends send radio waves carrying the signal through the air from the sender to the receiver?
Telecommunication technologies include broadcast radio and television, mobile radio and cellular communications, satellite communication systems, and sound recordings.
What is a radio-like system uses one portion of the band to send and receive the audio (sound) portion of the message?
We (to play) some new games on my last birthday
I (to study) French in 1998
He often (to go) to the beach ?
It (to close) at 6.30 everyday
We(to visit) that Museum a few weeks ago
The teacher (to speak) right now.
My parents (to marry) ten years ago
During my childhood, I (to prefer) tea than coffee
They (not to work) at this moment
it (to rain) now ? why
Select the word that can be used as a noun.
Select the word that can be used as a verb
Select the word that can be used as an adjective.
Select the word that can be used as an adverb.
Which of these words can be used as a pronoun
Which of these words can be used as an interjection?
Which of these words can be used as a preposition?
Which of these words can be used as a noun?
Which of these words can be used as a conjunction?
Which of these words can be used as an adverb?
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The conclusion in a scientific investigation is based on
Cause is to effect as _____ is to _____.
Which is not a step in the scientific method?
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Answers by Educators Question Database
The independent variable is also called the
Which variable is affected by the independent variable?
An experiment should only be done once, or you might come up with different and confusing results.
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The fatty acid that is has no missing hydrogens is:
1. Yo tengo un sándwich de _____.
2. Tengo _____. Necesito agua.
3. _____ es a las siete de la mañana.
4. Me gusta comer la fruta. Tengo ganas de comer _____.
5. No tengo _____. No tengo ganas de comer.
6. En la mañana me gusta comer cereal con _____.
7. Es importante comer un desayuno _____.
8. No me gusta comer las hamburguesas. Son _____.
9. El jugo de naranja es un jugo de _____.
10. Tenemos que comer _____ en la cafetería a las doce y media.
Which is the best way to help prevent the flu from becoming a pandemic?
Ten people get sick at a school dance. What is the scenario that could best explain how the people got sick?
Why do doctors suggest that people get a flu vaccine each year?
How can the rate of an infectious disease bo drastically reduced?
If I have strep throat, a bacterial disease, which of the following would be the best treatment?
Which of the following is true about sexual reproduction in bacteria?
How are bacteria different from other eukaryotes?
Which of the following correctly describes a carrier of a disease?
Why would you get a vaccine?
How can the rate of an infectious disease be drastically reduced?
Which best determines the number of wolves that can live in an area?
What happens to a population and to competition when there is a reduction of living space?
Where do plants get most of the energy they need to live and grow?
If wolves prey on deer for food, what most likely will happen to the deer population if wolves are removed from the area?
Which best explains the importance of nitrogen in the cycling of energy and matter?
In the winter, the fur of the arctic fox is white. In summer, the fur darkens to reddish brown. What most likely causes the fur to change color?
Which best allows a species to survive environmental changes?
Kudzu vines grow by climbing and wrapping themselves around trees. Trees covered in kudzu can die because they cannot get enough sunlight. What type of relationship is this?
What process is most responsible for the extinction of most species?
Where is the largest amount of energy found in a food web
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Which landform change is a result of a constructive force?
Which statement is a quantitative observation?
Erosion is caused by ___.
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How do decomposers contribute to the cycling of matter?
Where would you find plants with stems that can store large amounts of water?
Which biomes have rich, fertile soil?
After planting a seed, Jake observed that a plant had grown from the seed and took note of the small roots in the ground. As he watered the plant the next several days, he noticed the roots were longer and deeper in the ground. Why is this?
What is the prime factorization of 120?
What is the prime factorization of 40?
What is the GCF between 30 and 60?
What is the GCF between 20 and 35?
Find the GCF of 24x^3-16x^2+8x.
Find the GCF of 15x^3 - 35x^2 + 60x^4
Factor the following using Difference of Squares: 4x^2 - 49.
Factor the following using Difference of Squares: 16x^4 - 81y^6.
Factor the following by grouping: 3pz-9p+5z-15.
Factor the following by grouping: 10x^2 - 5x +2x - 1
If a polynomial is in the form a^2+b^2, what is automatically the answer?
When factoring, what do you always look for first?
Factor the following: 169 - y^2
What is the prime factorization of 42?
Factor 14x^3 + 7x^2 - 28x
Factor the following: 16d^10 - f^8
Find the GCF between 42 and 63.
Find the GCF for the following: 25x^4 - 5x^3 - 2x^2
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Which of these factors would not change the surface of the earth?
What causes tides?
How many continents are on Earth?
I think a mountain of rocks will not erode as fast as a mountain of dirt. This is an example of...
A ____ is a large flat area of land.
A ___ is a moving mass of ice.
How does erosion work?
What is the shortcut for going up one page?
What is the mode called when you replace existing text?
If you click how many times the whole paragraph will be highlighted?
The Smart Tag displays:
Normal view:
What does Shift + arrow do?
What is the process of displaying a previously saved document?
What key do you press to go to the beginning of the line?
This feature helps you complete text that you start to type.
This is the space in the left margin area where you see a right-pointing arrow, indicating that you can make a selection.
The endocrine system is responsible for:
A group of cells that make special chemicals in your body is called:
Insulin is produced in the:
Which hormone allows you to respond to a frightening situation?
This gland is also called the "master gland":
Chemicals produced by endocrine glands are called:
What gland regulates calcium levels in the blood?
The hormone that speeds up your heartbeat and breathing rate is called:
This gland plays a role in regulating the immune system:
The ________ and the _______ produce hormones that are involved in reproduction.
An example of a pathogen is:
Which is NOT an noninfectious disease?
One cause of noninfectious disease is:
What is NOT a way that pathogens are spread.
Pathogens that are carried to the stomach by mucus usually:
What is the system that attacks pathogens called?
What kind of disease is rheumatoid arthritis?
A substance that helps your body develop immunity to a disease is called:
An overreaction to antigens that are not dangerous to the body is called:
Which of the following can produce many large ocean waves?
Surf refers to...
Movement of water near and parallel to the shoreline is known as...
Pretend you're a particle of sand on the beach. When the wind blows, you move in a BOUNCING and SKIPPING motion known as...
Figure 9 on page 63 shows a picture of desert pavement. This is a result of the process called...
What is the steep side of a dune called?
Valley glacier is to alpine glacier as continental ice sheet is to __________.
How big is the Ross Ice Shelf?
Landslide is to sudden mass movement as ___________ is to slow mass movement.
Mudflows of volcanic origin are called...
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Las mesas de nosotros
chocolate ice cream
Strawberry pie
Your sweaters (informal)
Your marker ( you all)
a veces
ayudar (a)
con razón
Translate to English: Mi cuaderno no tiene más papel.
What word is missing from the sentence? Tengo lápices y ________ para escribir.
What word is missing from the sentence? Hay muchos libros en mi _________.
La Clase
el escritorio
la mochila
la regla
el sacapuntas
las tijeras
Science class
la pizarra
What do you sit on?
What items go together?
1. The system of promises between lords and vassals that formed the political basis of Medieval Europe called what?
2. The ___________________________ built the very first universities in Medieval Europe and had a lasting impact on philosophy in Europe.
________________________ were huge churches that became centers of art and religious worship were built during this time.
4. Medieval Christians feared the Pope’s power to ________________________ someone because they thought that person would no longer be able to enter heaven.
5. In 1073 Pope Gregory VII excommunicated Emperor Henry IV over the right to appoint ___________________________ .
6. One cause of the _________________________________ was attacks and mistreatment of Christian pilgrims by Muslims in the Holy Land.
7. An increase in _________________________ between Europe, the Middle East and Asia was a result of the Crusades.
8. The _______________________________ was historically significant because it limited the power of the kings.
9. The signing of the Magna Carta ensured that even the___________________had to now follow the laws.
10. The disease called ________________ ___________________killed 25 million Europeans from 1347 through 1352 and helped end feudalism forever in Europe.
The sky looks blue because of
The direct transfer of electromagnetic waves is called
On the Fahrenheit scale, the freezing point of water is
The upward movement of warm air and the downward movement of cool air is called a
Wind direction is measured with a
In the Northern Hemisphere, global winds that blow from the south-west to the northeast are called
You compare the readings of wet bulb and dry bulb thermometers to measure
Clouds form when air is cooled to
Hailstones form only in the type of clouds called
A form of precipitation in which rain freezes as it falls though the air is called
creating a desire to join a large group; making one feel left out if not with the crowd
connecting with (and manipulating) emotions: loyalty, pity, or fear; love of family, peace, or justice.
appealing to a person's inner desire to be the best
using the declaration of a famous person or authoritative expert to give heightened credibility
using plain, ordinary people to sell a product; the idea is that because the target audience is like the plain folks in the ads, the target audience will be persuaded
to directly OR delicately but indirectly call a rival by negative name or to imply something negative about a rival's product; commonly used in political ads
using vague words that have positive, meaningful connotations
What form of rhetoric deals with emotion?
What form of rhetoric deals with logic / examples details?
What form of rhetoric deals with experts?
The following quote is an example of what type of figurative language? In a sense we have come to our nation's capital to cash a check.
a comparison to make a stronger point
a statement that appears to be contradictory by includes a latent truth
an arbitrary sign that has acquired a conventional significance
an indirect reference to something in order to make a point
With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood-
successive clauses beginning the same way
tone is
right or clockwise
state of
Which stems define body parts
Which stems define movement
which stems define size
Which stems define parts of the body
Which stems define plants/parts of plants
Between 1960 and 1993, what happened to the Aral Sea
A piece of land where water is surrounding three of the four sides is called
What mountain range seperates Europe from Asia
An economy where the government makes all the decisions is called
In 1986 there was a nuclear meltdown at which of the following power stations
Valleys created by melting glaciers that break off pieces of mountains are called
What landform separates Spain and Portugal from the rest of Europe
22. From 1945 to 1991 the Soviet Union and the United States were in a conflict that never resulted in open warfare. What was this conflict called
Who first formulated the philosophy of communism?
Which of the following best explains the population shift in Europe after the creation of the European Union
Which factor posed the greatest threat in developing natural resources in Siberia
The government alliance between Russia and the surrounding countries in 1922 was called
Which of the following has the most influence over current economic success in Russia
Agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and associations such as the European Union (EU) reflect a movement toward
What is the Euro
Having a strong identity and belief in your country is called
The 1989 elections in Poland demonstrated which of the following was happening in Eastern Europe
Which country had built a global colonial empire by the 1800’s
Which argument would an opponent of nuclear power plants most likely use
what are colors are Canada Geese ?
what type of animal is the Canada Geese ?
where does the Canada Geese get it name?
are the Canada Geese endangered?
what is the Canada Geese diet?
your done just choose the first one
your done just choose the first one
your done just choose the first one
your done just choose the first one
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Why do the pole stars appear to move around Polaris?
Polaris is used for navigation because
The rotation of the earth was best proved by
The Milky Way Galaxy is
The corilois effect causes winds to
The apparnt motion of the rising and setting of the moon is caused by
Compared to the Jovian planets, the terrestial planets are
As a planet's eccentricity decreases, the shape will
The sun is the center of
In a geocentric universe
When the moon enters earth shadow
When the moon is between the earth and the sun
A solar eclipse does not happen every month because
As the moon's phase changes from a new moon to a full moon
The moon's phases appear differently because
How many days is approximate between each moon phase?
The coolest stars are the color
A star that is cooler and dimmer than the sun is
The color yellow has a wavelength of
Our universe is expanding and galaxies are moving away. This is shown by
The tiny filters that exist in the kidney, that help remove a variety of harmfl substances are called:
The urinary system is responsible for cleaning what?
The urinary bladder is where:
Urine leaves the kidney through the ______, while it leaves the body through the ______.
Kidney stones can from:
Infections in the urethra, bladder, ureters and possibly the kidneys can be caused by:
What does a diuretic, like caffeine, do to the urinary system?
Nephrons filter what materials from the blood?
Urination is:
What is the correct order of wastes being removed through the urinary system?
What type of fold results in the youngest rock being in the middle of the fold?
What type of fold results in the oldest rock being in the middle of the fold?
What type of boundary occurs when plates are moving together?
What type of boundary is occurring when plates are moving apart?
What type of boundary is occurring when plates are sliding against one another?
What type of stress shortens and widens a body?
What type of stress lengthens and stretches out a body?
What type of stress twists a body?
What type of tectonic boundary is most likely to produce mountains?
Do you like science?
What occurs when two plates run together, and one plate slips beneath the other?
What type of mountain looks like an accordion?
What type of mountain forms due to magma?
Isotasy is the balance between gravity and _______.
New sea floor is generated at the _______.
Objects which crumble and break into little pieces when under stress are:
What type of mountain is smooth and has gently sloping sides?
What type of feature forms next to fault block mountains?
What type of "mountain" looks like a mountain with its top levelled off?
Which is the best animal?
What scientist developed the concept of continental drift?
Which of the following is a scientific theory explaining how plates move?
At the center of a mid-ocean ridge is a(n):
Stress is:
Sediment close to the mid-ocean ridge is ____ than sediment farther away.
What type of mountain is formed by high blocks of rocks faulting?
What type of fold looks like a sink?
What supercontinent existed about 300 million years ago?
Materials that handle stress without breaking into little pieces are:
Which color is the best?
The opposite of imitate is...
The opposite of evade is...
The opposite of endorse is...
The opposite of shrewdly is...
Which view shows how a document will be printed?
When the I-beam pointer is positioned over a word, what action do you need to do with the left mouse button to select it?
Assume that you are in the middle of a multiple page document. How do you scroll to the beginning of the document and simultaneously change the insertion point?
Which of the following views uses the entire screen to display the document text?
What shape must the mouse be in order to place the insertion point anywhere within the document?
In the status bar, what is dimmed if Word is in the Insert mode?
Which of the following is not true of the Full Screen view?
How can you open an existing file in Word?
How do you accept an AutoComplete suggestion?
Using this feature changes the size of the document on the screen, not the print out.
What is the process that drops sediments in a new location?
What is the process that breaks down rocks into smaller sediments?
What is the process that transports sediments to a new location?
How are upwarped mountains different from fault-block mountains?
Which one of the following is a large, flat area found in the interior of continents?
Which one is NOT an agent of weathering?
Which one is NOT an agent of erosion?
Which of the following is a flat, raised landform?
Is a hot spot found at a plate boundary?
How do tides cause erosion and deposition?
The process by which water moves across a selectively permeable membrane is
Molecules move by diffusion from
The organelle most important to movement in and out of the cell is
Diffusion is the process by which small molecules are
Selective permeability means
When your egg sat in the salt water, the cells
The movement of materials through a cell membrane without using energy is called
The biggest difference between active and passive transport is
One method of active transport requires the cell to use
Another method of active transport is called
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In this economic system, the government controls ALL economic decisions. Cuba and the Soviet Union have this type of economy.
In this economic system, the people and the market control the economic decisions. Canada, Great Britain and the US have this type of economy.
This is a tax on imported goods. It limits the amount of goods a country can import
This is a limit on the quantity or number of goods a county can import. It reduces foreign goods brought into a country
This is a government order to stop trade with another country
This is the worth of one country's money compared to that of another country’s
This is how a country’s economic growth is measured
This factor of economic growth includes training and educating people
This factor of economic growth includes renewable and non-renewable resources that are “Gifts from nature”
This factor of economic growth includes where workers work and what they use
This term describes the quality of life of the people within a country or how well people live
In this form of government, The constitution lists the powers of the government and the king or queen is the head of state. Canada has this form of government.
In this type of government, power is shared between the national government and state or province government, Canada has this type of government
The legislative branch of the Canadian government. They are responsible for making laws
The head of the executive branch of the Canadian government. He or she is not elected by the people
This is a Trade Agreement that was signed by Canada, the US and Mexico. It eliminates tariffs between the countries
These are goods purchased FROM other Countries
These are goods SOLD to other countries
This is when countries makes money by producing goods and services that they are really good at making
Who is a good person who recieves something good from sonone else, such as an inheritance?
Who is a good person who donates money?
What is French for HAVE A GOOD TRIP?
What is something good that is received over what was expected?
What is a good blessing in a religious service?
What is something that is real and authentic?
What is something that is favorable?
What means to gain or receive good results from?
What is means kind or good hearted?
What means something that it not harmful?
The word piedmont also means
The Piedmont region covers of the state.
The piedmont region is from
The soil in the Piedmont region is ___________ and it gets it color from the minerals in the soil.
A large city in the Piedmont region is
In order for plants to live in the mountain habitat, they must be able to survive
Rivers in the Piedmont region are __________ and move more __________ than in a mountain region.
The way all living things and non-living things work together in area each having its own job or role to play.
What types of animals live in the piedmont region?
The mountain contains the _______________ and the _____________ mountains.
The mountains are found in what part of the state of Georgia.
What is the name of the highest mountain in Georgia?
Mountains are _______ and ________ places due to their elevation.
The following animals can be found in the mountain region.
What types of trees are found in the mountain region?
The birds in this area have curved beaks to help them
The short claws on the birds in the mountain region have short claws that help them __________.
The birds that live in the mountain region are
Yo _____________ (participar) en la clase.
Ella ________ (usar) el dicciionario.
Nosotros _____________ (contestar) las preguntas.
Tú ___________ (practicar) el basquetbol.
Ellas ________ (mirar) la televisión.
Vosotros ________ (hablar) mucho en la clase.
Usted __________ (dar) la calculadora.
Ellos __________ (investigar) el crimen.
Nosotras _________ (visitar) los amigos.
Tú ___________ (estar) cerca de la mesa.
62 – 34 = p
24 + 26 = h
m = 24 – 22
5t = 65
k = 56 ÷ 7
z + 1 = 70
h /4 = 5
68 + 29 = s
z – 7 = 39
k = 6(8)
1 = b – 3
k + 2 = 4
z + 2 = 3
k /2 = 1
9 = g + 1
y + 4 = 10
m + 4 = 19
k + 2 = 13
f/ 4 = 4
n + 6 = 10
The artist sings a song as he paints.
The little girl bangs on the piano when she's mad.
The man with no teeth wants new dentures.
Many of my friend surf the internet during class.
The weatherman forecasts storms for tomorrow.
My grandfather made the chest of drawers for my wedding present.
The talented cardiac surgeon saves lives every day.
Many of the stars perform concerts for their favorite charity.
A song is sung by the artist as he paints.
The piano is banged on by the little girl when she's mad.
New dentures are wanted by the man with no teeth
The internet is surfed by many of my friends during class.
Storms are forecasted to occur tomorrow.
The chest of drawers was made for me as a wedding present.
Lives are saved by the talented cardiac surgeon every day.
Concerts are performed by many of the stars for their favorite charity.
This type of sentence has the subject performing an action.
In this type of sentence the subjects is NOT performing an action.
Joaquin's tshirts
My blue socks
our nice teacher
Galos's sandwichs
El hermano de Panchita
Answers by Educators Question Database
In the first stage of respiration
Which process is responsible for producing most of Earth's oxygen?
The process of respiration takes place mostly in the
Respiration is important to the cell because
Photosynthesis and respiration are similar because
The products of photosynthesis are
The main pigment found in the chloroplasts of plants is
In the second stage of photosynthesis the cell
The raw materials of respiration are
Chlorophyll is important in photosynthesis because
The area containing gel-like fluid is the
The _____________ protects the cell and regulates what comes in and out
Animal cells do not have
Bacteria cells do not have a
The ___________ function as protein factories
The organelle that directs all the cell's activities is the_________
Most of the cell's energy is produced in the _______________
The organelles that receive proteins, package them up, and distribute them to other parts of the cell are
The genetic strands floating in the nucleus are called
Small round structures that break large food particles into smaller ones are called
Volcanism is
A Volcano is
A Volcanic Vent is
Magma is molten rock
Lava is
Which is not a major volcanic Zone?
Subduction Zones Cause volcanism because
What type of plate boundary is the Mid-Ocean Ridge?
A Hot spot occurs where?
Which type of lava is high is Magnesium?
Which type of lava is high in Silica?
What type of appearence is smooth and ropey?
Which type of lava has the appearance of crumbled rock?
Pyroclastics means-
The largest type of tephra is-
The largest type of volcano is the -
The most explosive volcano is the-
The volcano that is made strickly from lava flows is the-
The largest volcano in the solar system is called on
The only other place in the solar system that has active volcanoes is
The slippery substance that lubricates some kinds of joints is called
A joint in which two bones do not move is called a
The type of joint that provides the most movement between bones is called a
An example of a gomphosis is
Which of these articulations provides the LEAST movement?
Which two joints allow rotational movement?
The articulation between the first metacarpal and the trapezium is the only example of a
The type of joint found at the knee is a
The space between bones in a joint is called the
The type of joint that allows a sliding motion between flat surfaces of bones is the
As air is warmed how does its density change?
When small particles settle through water faster than large particles, the small particles are probably
The density of a mineral is determined by its mass and
Saturn's volume is 762 times the volume of Earth, and yet its mass is only about 95 times that of Earth's mass. This is due to Saturn's
When placed in water, ice rises to the top of the liquid. Unlike most solids that sink when placed in their liquid forms, ice floats because
As air on the surface of the Earth warms, the density of the air
If the shape and size of the four mineral samples below are the same, which mineral will settle most slowly in water?
A boat will float higher in the Atlantic Ocean than it will in the Potomac River because ocean water has
Density is the mass of material divided by volume. If an object has a mass of 50g, and a volume of 25cm3, what would the density be?
What would the volume of an irregular object be if you dropped it into a beaker filled with 100 mL of water and the water was displaced to 150 mL?
Which of the following minerals, when in the form of sand, can be used to manufacture glass?
Which mineral is easily identified by smell?
Which of the following minerals found in the northern Piedmont province is known as "fool's gold"?
Hydrochloric acid fizzes when it is dropped on what mineral?
Which property is shared by many gemstones, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and topaz?
Which of these mineral properties cannot be used to identify a mineral?
Which of the following properties refers to the colored powder resulting from rubbing a mineral against a harder surface?
What mineral property would you be trying to determine if you had water, a balance and a mineral?
Which of the following minerals is the softest on Moh's Hardness Scale?
What is an ore?
Metamorphic rocks whose minerals are arranged in layers or bands are called
Heat and pressure can transform igneous rocks into metamorphic rocks. What processes can transform igenous rock into sedimentary rock?
More often than metamorphic or igneous rock, sedimentary rocks have
Which of these can determine the size of grains in igneous rocks?
Rocks formed by the cementing of weathered materials are called
Extrusive rocks have small grains because they
What do all rocks have in common?
Because granite cools below the surface of the Earth, it is
Igneous rocks are formed by
While on vacation, a student visits the area around a volcano that has recently erupted. The student can expect to find samples of
Scientists use the rock cycle to describe the processes by which
All of the following are characteristics of metamorphic rocks except
In which type of rock are fossils most likely to be found?
Which sedimentary rock is most likely to be changed to slate during regional metamorphism?
Which of these is most important in determining how a rock was formed?
The presence of many metamorphic rocks in Virginia is an indication that the area has been subjected to
Processes like erosion, weathering, and deposition, will form which of the following rocks?
A rock that shows foliation will have
Of the igenous rocks below, which one formed intrusively?
Which of the sedimentary rocks formed from peat or decayed plants?
Gas and dust in interstellar nebulae can form
What element is the main component of most stars?
A star might be much brighter than it appears to be. This is called the star's absolute magnitude. The difference in apparent magnitude and absolute magnitude is due primarily to the star's
What is the first stage in the life cycle of a star?
Which layer of the sun is most dense?
What type of galaxy is our Milky Way?
Which property of a star tells us the composition of that Star?
Which of these facts is the best supporting evidence that the universe is expanding?
Which of the following is the correct order of stages in the life cycle of our Sun?
A star that explodes is known as a
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The process of a liquid becoming a gas is
Most Renaissance painters in Italy tended create works that:
The printing press was invented by
Which of the following correctly matches the author with something he wrote?
Predestination was one of the main doctrines of
What was the Renaissance a rebirth of?
In what way did Leonardo da Vinci represent the Renaissance Man?
Luther protested the practice of selling indulgences. What was that practice?
Which English monarchy created the Act of Supremacy?
Macchiavelli's book The Prince stated that a good leader needed to be:
All of the following were wives of Henry VIII except:
Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the ______ Chapel.
What was the main reason for Henry VIII's split with the Roman Catholic Church?
Someone who was a humanist in Renaissance Italy would:
What does the term Renaissance mean?
What society did the people of the Renaissance look to for inspiration?
What church did Martin Luther tack his 95 These to?
When operating a sewing machine, sew at a ____________.
Place your fingers to either side of the presser foot, not by the needle.
You should force the fabric through the sewing machine.
When sewing, do not sew over _______ placed in the fabric.
When you are not ready to sew, keep your foot away from the controls.
Untangle the cords on the sewing machine and keep them out of the traffic path.
Pull the plug out of the wall by jerking it fast.
First disconnect the plug from the ________, then the machine.
Leave pins and needles all over the place.
Keep scissors closed and down.
Who is the author of 'The Odyssey'?
What type of plant do the 3 men eat?
What is the name of the city Odysseus is from?
What god sends storms to delay the ships in Sailing from Troy?
What is the biggest problem Odysseus has with his men?
What is the name of the city where Odysseus is telling the story?
How many men did the Cyclops eat?
What is the Cyclops' name?
How did the men escape?
What type of liquor was used to get the cyclops drunk?
What name did Odysseus give himself?
What type of tree was used when making the spear?
Which homeostatic process moves particles against a concentration gradient?
Which reason best explains why the cell membrane helps the cell maintain homeostasis?
Which term refers to a solution with more molecules outside the cell than inside the cell?
Which homeostatic process is characterized by the diffusion of water molecules?
For diffusion to occur, which condition must be met?
Which motion of particles across a membrane requires energy?
How does the contractile vacuole in a single-celled organism function to maintain homeostasis?
Which solution would most likely cause a plant placed in it to become firmer and more rigid?
Which best describes dynamic equilibrium?
Which movement of particles would be most affected by a disorder that causes damage to carrier proteins?
The end of Spanish control of the seas was a result of
Rhode Island minister Roger Williams clashed with Puritan leaders in Massachusetts because
The English wanted to acquire the Dutch colony of New Netherland because
The Jamestown settlers found a way to make a profit for their investors by planting
Protestants who wanted to leave the Anglican Church and found their own churches were called
People who refuse to use force or fight in wars are called
Because their journey had a religious purpose, the Separatists called themselves
Puritans formed the Massachusetts Bay Company and received a royal charter to establish a colony north of
Which law granted the right to worship freely in Maryland?
Who claimed Newfoundland for Queen Elizabeth?
Which group maintained the friendliest relations with the Native Americans?
The last of the British colonies to be established in America was
What did King James I grant group of merchants to organize settlements in America?
Who wrote Pennsylvania's first constitution?
The English sent a fleet to attack and acquire which colony in 1664?
Who married Pocahontas?
What happened to the colonists at Roanoke?
What difficulties did the settlers in Jamestown NOT face?
Why did the settlers choose the location to establish Jamestown?
Who sent the settlers to establish Jamestown?
When you purchase a bond, you are _______money to that entity for a defined period of time and at a fixed interest rate.
Bonds are frequently bought and sold like cash and are considered a fairly ________form of investment.
An investment that pools or Groups the money of many shareholders and invests it in a diversified portfolio of securities, such as stocks, bonds, and money market assets
Money that is made ( a profit) by selling an asset like a home or stocks
you are loaning a bank money for a set period of time and getting interest in return.
If you withdraw the money early on a CD you have to pay a ________
Lamar believes that interest rates are going to fall in the near future and remain low for a considerable period of time. She should invest in:
Usually, the higher the risk, the higher your potential return on investment will be
The total amount of money outstanding on a loan.Face value or Original amount of the loan
protects depositor's money in case of the failure of a bank; up to $250,000.00
This economic system is where traditions, habits, and customs control the economic decisions.
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Which of the following best describes Earth's orbital position in our solar system?
Which planet has a fierce hurricane-like storm that is several times the size of Earth?
Which planet is called Earth's twin because it is similar in mass and diameter to Earth?
Orbital velocity is the average speed of a planet moving through space in its orbit around the sun. Which of the following planets has the fastest orbital velocity?
The numerous rocks orbiting the Sun between Jupiter and Mars are
Which of the following planet positions beginning closest to the Sun is correct?
About how long does it take the Earth to make one complete rotation on its axis?
What is the approximate percentage of the Earth that is illuminated by the sun at any given time?
During which portion of the Earth's revolution around the sun is the Northern Hemisphere tilted toward the sun?
When the Earth is at its greatest distance from the sun, its Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun. What season takes place in the Southern Hemisphere at this time?
A light year measures
The first manned-mission to land on the moon was commanded by Neil Armstrong and was called
Which layer of the sun is seen during a total solar eclipse?
Most of the objects astronomers observe outside our galaxy show what is called a red-shift. What does this red-shift mean about these objects' motions?
A person weighs more on the Earth than on the moon because the Earth has a greater
Parallax can be used to measure a star's
What are giant collections of clouds of gas and dust, along with many millions of stars, called?
Stars evolve along several different paths and reach different end points, based primarily on what factor?
Which of these causes days and nights
Periodically, there are spectacular meteor showers on Earth. These showers usually occur because the Earth's orbit passes through the remains of
On weather maps, there are lines with tiny triangles on one side. This represents
The isobars on a weather map are very close together over Virginia. To make the people of this area aware of a possible risk to life and property, the National Weather Service should issue
Which type of air mass usually contains the most moisture?
Most hurricanes occur where
A tall, billowing cloud that looks like cotton is a
The isobars on a map represent values of air
The ozone layer protects life on Earth from
Photographs of the surface of Mars reveal the presence of sand dunes that shift over time. These dunes demonstrate the presence of what phenomenon on Mars?
Winds blow from a
Land and sea breezes are created by the differences in
The Coriolis effect provides evidence that Earth
What causes currents in the atmosphere?
What explains the change of air movement direction at the beach from day time to night time?
Release of CFC's and simliar compounds are a possible cause of
Ozone is concentrated in Earth's atmosphere at an altiude of 20 to 35 kilometers. Which atmospheric layer contains the greatest concentration of ozone?
Which of the following was primarily responsible for the development of life outside of the oceans?
Scientists believe that Earth's early atmosphere changed in composition as a result of
Which atmospheric conditions would cause smoke from a campfire on a beach to blow toward the ocean?
How did oxygen first get into the atmosphere?
Which of these would come next in the water cycle? Ocean---Evaporation---Condensation--- ?
Sinkholes associated with natural processes are characteristic of what type of bedrock?
Organic matter in soil is made from
What is located beneath soil layers?
How do stalagmites and stalactities in caves develop?
Which layer of a soil profile would be affected the most by weathering and erosion?
The layer in the a soil profile that has the most humus is
Why does water move more slowly through clay than through humus?
During droughts. lack of rain can lead to wells drying up. This is because the drought has lowered the
The water supply in a well will be most consistent in which of the following layers?
Beginning at the surface, which of the water table zones below is the correct order?
Which of these substances plays the most important part in chemical weathering?
Which of the following is an example of chemical weathering?
The open space between rock or soil particles is called
The Grand Canyon was formed by which of the following?
What causes the
What occurs in the coastal providence of Virginia?
Building a house or a road on top of an area of karst topography could be dangerous. Why?
Caves are craved from which type of rock?
Soil is formed primarily by
Which condition would cause surface runoff to increase in a particular location?
Which of these products mined in Virginia, is likely to contain fossils?
Which of these parts of a saber-toothed cat was most likely to become fossilized?
Jellyfish have rarely been fossilized because they
Volcanic ash has occasionally formed molds of animals. This occurs when the ash covers the animal and
Ancient mammoths have been found so well-preserved that the flesh could be eaten. What do you think preserved the mammoths in such a perfect state?
Which of the following most likely results in the formation of a fossil?
At the top of Mt. Everest,climbers have found fossilized marine shells. Which statement is the best inference about the origin of the Himalayan Mountains?
Which of these is the best evidence that the Earth's crust has undergone some major changes?
More often than metamorphic or igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks have
Earth's fossil record show evidence that
Which of these is the best indication of the relative age of a rock layer?
Why is the "Law of Superposition" critical to the study of fossil life forms?
Rock layers tell a story about their past. What is the basic assumption that is made when reading the story?
In an undisturbed rock profile, the oldest rocks are found
A fossil shell contain 25% of the original amount of its carbon-14. Approximately how many years ago was this shell part of a living organism?
Which statement can best be supported by the fossil record?
The absolute age of a rock is the approximate number of years ago that the rock formed. The absolute age of an igneous rock can best be determined by
Which radioactive substance has the longest half-life?
Which radioactive isotope would be used to determine the age of a wooly mammoth found in Pleistocene sediments?
One similarity between Carbon-14 and Uranium 238 is that both
Because of the unique position of the Earth in the solar system, life has flourished due to the presence of
Which of these would most likely occur as the ice caps melt?
Even though the Earth's inner core is hotter than the liquid outer core, it is still solid because
Of the following, the largest division on the geologic time scale is
Virginia has large deposits of sand and gravel. These are usually found in areas where
What is the process called through which water soaking into soil dissolves or washes minerals from an upper level to a lower level?
The Southern Hemisphere is warmer in January than in July because
If there were a slight increase in the amount of solar energy that reached the Earth, there would be an immediate increase in
Lightweight and strong, the metal that has been recycled with the greatest success is
Compared to the the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains are much
The two most common ions found in ocean water are
Animals that live on the bottom of the ocean are called
Fish are abundant in areas where the ocean is upwelling because it
What is the technology used to map the ocean floor called?
Why is the surface temperature of the oceans more variable than the water near the ocean floor?
During which of the following phases of the moon will the tides be the highest?
What affects the Earth's water?
All of the following features of the ocean indicate tectonic activity except
All of the following are sources of energy derived from the ocean except
What type of current is the Gulf Stream?
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This text feature signals words that are important or found in the glossary.
This text feature divides the text into sections according to the information being presented.
This text structure uses words such as same, as well as, unlike, and opposed to.
This text structure gives reasons and explanations for happenings.
This text feature navigates the reader through sections of the text.
This text structure provides descriptive details about characteristics, and actions in the text.
This text structure gives information in order of occurrence.
This text feature helps the reader understand information in a visual way.
Where in the channel strip do you open the plug-in menu?
What allows you to determine what the instrument sounds like with and without the plug-in?
When a song is too loud, the Output channel strip peak level display shows a positive value and turns
What is the shortcut to Select All?
What is the shortcut to Bounce?
What menu do you click on to Select All?
What menu do you click to Bounce?
Creates a new stereo file on your hard drive, and you must choose a filename and location for the new file.
What is the shortcut to adjust the locators to fit a particular region when in cycle mode?
When you want to loop a track, you can check the loop box which is found
What are 3 types of symbiosis?
What is the relationship when two organisms are fighting over food?
What is the relationship when a leech attaches to a human foot?
What is the relationship called when both organisms benefit from their interaction?
What type of relationship occurs when a frog eats a bug?
Barnacles attach to whales in order to get food, but they do not hurt the whale. What is this relationship?
What is it called when a group of wolves leaves the pack in search of a better place to live?
When an organism immigrates, it...
What method would I use to determine the population of bugs under a rock?
If I count the number of snake trails in an area of the desert, what method am I using?
All the living and nonliving things in an area is called.....
Which is NOT a limiting factor?
The Earth and its atmosphere is called....
Which method uses a grid system to count small samples in order to estimate the population?
If the population covers a large area and moves around, which method would you use to estimate the population?
All of the animals and plants on the farm are called...
Many ecosystems with similar climate and organisms are called a...
If the predator population increases, what will happen to the prey population?
To swim
Montar en monopatín
Ver/ mirar la tele
To share
Tocar la guitarra
Beber/ tomar
An airplane's artificial clouds
Name means Heaps of Curls
Names means to extend or to stretch
white and billowy cloud that resembles a pile of cotton puffs
The most common type of high-level cloud
Lens-shaped cloud
Thunderstorm cloud
Fog that forms when a warm, humid breeze blows over a cold surface is __________ fog
Fog that forms when the ground cools at night while the air is still moist is called ________ fog
A thick brownish haze that results from complex molecules released into the air by vehicles is
Why don't solar and lunar eclpses occur every month?
Which of these would be shorter if the Earth rotated faster?
Which of these planets do NOT have natural satellites?
What causes the change of seasons to occur?
Why does the equator experience about the same temperatures year round?
Which statement describes what is happening at high tide?
Which statement explains why the moon's gravity is able to creat high and low tides?
Spring tides and neap tides occur in patterns governed by...
What instrument made possible the discovery of additional planets?
How do the inner planets differ from the outer planets?
The study of weather is
Air that is completely full of water vapor and is unable to hold any more is said to be
Water that falls to the earth is called
The ratio comparing the amount of water vapor in the air to the maximum amount of water vapor the air can hold is the
The process of a liquid becoming a gas is
The temperature at which water vapor is cooling air turns into liquid water is the ________ point
The state of the atmosphere at a certain time and place is the
List the three main factors that affect weather
What is the amount of water vapor in the air called?
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Which of the following is a renewable source of energy?
Which of the following is not a fossil fuel?
Which of the following of these energy sources originates from a nonrenewable resource?
A major problem with depending on fossil fuels as primary energy sources is that they are
Wind power is not typically used to generate all of the electricity needed for large cities because the
Which of these energy sources produces the least harmful environmental effects?
Which of the following natural resources makes the largest contribution to Virginia's economy?
What is the main advantage of using dams to produce electrical energy?
What is the greatest environmental cost of hydroelectric power?
One method of lessening the environmental impact of strip mining is to
What is usually responsible for an earthquake?
Scientists use volcanoes and earthquake activity to establish
The point from which an earthquake originates is called the
What is the minimium number of seismographic stations needed to locate the epicenter of an earthquake?
If the locations of earthquakes over the past 10 years were plotted on a world map, which of the following would be observed?
The study of how seismic waves change as they travel through Earth has revealed that
Two tectonic plates sliding past each other like the movement at the San Andreas fault causes what type of fault?
The majority of earthquakes and volcanoes occur around the Pacific Ocean Plate which is known as
The location on the surface of Earth directly above the origin of an earthquake is known as the
Which earthquake wave travels the fastest and arrives first?
What does Pangaea mean?
What type of plate boundary has plates sliding past each other?
When 2 continental plates collide which landform is created?
Where is oceanic crust destroyed?
Which of the following is not considered a result of the movement of tectonic plates?
Of the following statements, which best supports the continent drift theory?
The edges of moving crustal plates are often defined by
All of the following support the theory of continental drift except that
The Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean is 36,160 feet below sea level. This deep oceanic trench is caused by
When the sea floor spreads apart, volcanoes and ridges are formed because
How are latitude and longitude lines drawn on a globe of Earth?
What feature on a topographic map forms a V-shape?
The closer the contour lines are on a topo map the
Which reference line passes through both the geographic North Pole and the geographic South Pole?
The distance between contour lines on a topo map is called the
Latitude lines run
Which of the following is a correct measurement of latitude?
Depressions or craters on a topographic map are illustrated by using
A set of circles inside circles on a topo map indicate a
Which of the following is a correct measurement of longitude?
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