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The Kansas-­‐Nebraska Act concerned which issue?
Which of these was a direct consequence of the Civil War?
What was the main accomplishment of the Freedmen's Bureau?
Which of the following was the main reason that the federal government created a method for Native Americans to become U.S. citizens?
Which statement describes both the First and Second Industrial Revolutions?
The U.S. acquisition of which of the following territories limited Spain’s influence in the Western Hemisphere?
Which statement describes the role played by the U.S. journalists during the Spanish-­‐American war?
Which of the following describes a reason for U.S. involvement in World War I?
Which movement benefited the most from its members’ contributions to the war effort during World War I?
What was the main purpose of the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887?
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Popular sovereignty
Individual rights
Limited government
Separation of powers
Checks and balances
Declaration of Independence (1776)
Articles of Confederation (1781)
Magna Carta (1215)
Mayflower Compact (1620)
Amendment Process
Judicial review
The teacher hopes that the students understand what they are doing.
The students insist that they not have homework today.
The kids prefer to eat candy instead of an apple.
It is necessary that you (plural) study for tests.
I suggest that we listen to him.
They believe in Santa Clause.
She doubts that her boyfriend is telling the truth.
There is no doubt that we have school tomorrow.
I´m sure that she will come to the party.
I´m not sure that he will come to the party.
دواء يعطى بدون وصفة طبيّة
test 2
test 3
test 4
test 4
test 5
test 6
test 7
test 8
test 9
What is weathering?
Whar is erosion?
What is deposition?
What is it called when flood waters move soil from one place to another?
What is it called when wind blasts at sand at rock and carves out arches?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
fingers and toes
I divide the body into Superior and Inferior Sections. Who am I?
I Divide the body into Right Halves. Who am I?
I am the very center of the Body Regions. Who am I?
Pain in me could be a medical emergency. Who am I?
I divide the body into anterior and posterior sections. Who am I?
I am the number of body regions. Who am I?
My sections are the RUQ,LUQ, RLQ and LLQ. Who am I?
I am the natural body Position. Who am I?
I am closest to the point of origin. Who am I?
I am toward the small of the back. Who am I?
Affects the bonds between atoms
Occurs in the nucleus of an atom
Forms new substances without changing the element
Involves the greatest amount of energy
Forms different elements
Occurs when dissolving oil-based paints in turpentine
Associated with the release of radiation
Affects forces between molecules
Each substance keeps its own set of properties
Occurs when burning wood
The Algonkian-speaking Native Americans named the River.
The starting point of a river is its
The source of the Mississippi River is
It takes a drop of water days to go from the source to the mouth of the Mississippi River
This is grown to be sold for money
What caused the coal industry to grow faster in the 1830s?
The place where a river empties into the ocean or another large body of water
A place where ships unload and load their goods
A wet area such as a swamp or marsh is called a
A black or brown mineral found in the ground
Smoke mixes with rain and makes which is harmful to plants and animals.
A group of workers who push for better conditions
The source of the Nile River is near
This is a wall built across a river
These supply about one fifth of our country's electricity
All the land that is drained by a river and its tributaries is a
The number of days in a year when the weather is warm enough for crops to grow
The business of growing crops and raising animals
The land formed by the soil a river deposits as it flows into the sea
All the businesses that make one kind of goods or provide one kind of service
Electricity from rivers is called
The major danger that coal miners face today is
The use of skills, ideas, and tools to meet people's needs is
More than half of our country's comes from power plants that burn coal
These are small rivers that feed into the Mississippi River
Wetland areas provide a home for many
Burning coal the air
This is the longest river on the Earth
A type of flat-bottomed sailboat that carries pottery, grain, limestone and passengers.
The Nile flows north toward the
What is the definition of a CAUSE?
What is the definition of an EFFECT?
Find the CAUSE in this sentence. The girl tripped and fell on the sidewalk.
Find the EFFECT in this sentence. The girl tripped and fell on the sidewalk.
Find the CAUSE in this sentence. It snowed so much, all the roads are blocked.
Find the EFFECT in this sentence. It snowed so much, all the roads are blocked.
Read the cause and choose the EFFECT. I ran so fast I passed all the other runners.
Read the cause and choose the EFFECT. George leaned back in his chair.
Choose the best CAUSE for the stated effect. The toast was ready to eat.
Choose the best CAUSE for the stated effect. Everyone had a great time at the party.
What combinations of atoms are involved in this compound? KCl
What coefficient values will balance this reaction? H2+O2-->H2O
What coefficient values will balance the reaction? Al + O2 --> Al2O3
How does a balanced equation support the Law of Conservation of Matter?
Which part of this equation represents the reactants? 2NH3+4O2 --> 2NO + 3H2O
Which part of this equation represents the products? 2NH3+4O2 --> 2NO + 3H2O
In a chemical equation, what name does the left side have?
How does the law of conservation of matter apply to chemical equations?
In a chemical equation, what name does the right side have?
What is a coefficient in a chemical equation?
Colonists loyal the King George were called;
Where did the first colonial victory in Georgia during the American Revolution occur?
What did the patriots of Georgia gain from the Battle of Kettle Creek?
What role did Elijah Clarke play at the Battle of Kettle Creek?
Why did Austin Dabney receive land after the American Revolution?
Which Georgia county is named after a woman who was a heroine of the Revolutionary War?
What three Georgians signed the Declaration of Independence?
Where did the Georgia colonists lose during the American Revolution occur?
Who was the black soldier that was seriously wounded at the Battle of Kettle Creek?
Who was the female Georgia patriot famous for capturing and killing a group of Tories during the revolution?
Answers by Educators Question Database
The third stage of mitosis. In this stage the sister chromatids separate into individual chromosomes and are pulled apart.
The process following the last stage of mitosis. With two complete copies of the DNA now in two different regions of one cell, the cell membrane will pinch and divide the cytoplasm in half resulting in two cells identical to the parent cells.
Name the 4 phases of mitosis (cell division)
two or more cells formed in the division of a parent cell.
New organisms produced by a living thing.
When text is aligned evenly at both margins it is called
The space vertically between lines of text
Which tool is used to find alternate words (synonyms/antonyms)?
The originial settings in a document are referred to as...
A tool used to search for a word in your document.
To update a file, rename a document, or save to another location use
When a document is wider than it is tall the orientation is...
What color of wavy line will show if you have a spelling error?
This list is used when order does NOT matter
This feature allows you to duplicate the selected text and put it in another location.
Which are patterns of human inheritance ?
What are sex-linked traits ?
Charts that track the inheritance of traits through a family are...
Crossing organisms with different traits
Producing identical Organisms
Inserting genes from one organism into the genome of another
Choosing to cross particular organisms
In DNA Fingerprinting, an individual's DNA is first...
Specific enzymes are used to
The gel that DNA is run through is a cross-comeric network so it...
3/5 - 2/5 =
4/7 + 2/7 =
4/8 + 7/8 =
Sally walked 9/15 of a mile, but had TIm walked 2/15 of a mile. How much further did Sally walk? =
4 1/9 + 2 1/9 =
1 7/9 - 4/9 =
25 5/8 - 10 1/8 =
Nathan skateboarded 4/5 of a mile, and Allan skateboarded 3/5 of a mile. How far did they skateboard altogether?
3 1/7 + 2 6/7=
Khadija jumped 6 8/9 feet, and Seafora jumped 6 7/9 feet. How far did they jump altogether?
7 2/5 - 3 3/5 =
Anthony had a licorice rope that was 2 3/4 feet long. He ate 1 2/4 feet of it. How much is left?
Ayaka has a string that is 5 1/6 feet long. Fuji has a string that is 2 5/6 feet long. How much longer is Ayaka's string?
Carolina practices for 2 3/4 hours, and Kayla practices for 1 3/4hours. How long did they practice in all?
4/5 - 2/10 =
5/6 - 2/3 =
5/11 + 1/2 =
Isaac fished for 3/7 of an hour and Austin fished for 1/3 of an hour. How long did they fish altogether?
Arielle grew 7/8 of an inch this year, while Anna grew 3/4 of an inch. How much taller did Arielle grow than Anna?
Maree used 5/32 of a cup of milk for a recipe, while Jayann used 1/4 of a cup. How much milk did they use in all?
2 3/8 - 1 1/4 =
Sir Terrell walked 6 2/3 miles, while Edgar walked 4 3/4 miles. How far did they walk in all?
Lydia's caterpillar eats 3 1/2 ounces of food. Reese's caterpillar eat 2 7/8 ounces. How many ounces do they eat in all?
Christine read for 5 2/4 hours during the week and Dylan read for 6 3/8 hours. How long did they read all together?
9 5/6 - 4 1/8 =
Nolan swam 2 3/5 laps, while Logan swam 5 1/4 laps. How many laps did the swm in all? =
Define Gallot: (page 106, line 8)
What element of art represents a path between two points?
What term refers to the 3D effect of an object?
Which element has the two subgroups of organic and geometric?
Which of the choices has examples of texture?
Hue is the common name for a color (blue, red, yellow, etc.)
Saturation refers to how intense a color is.
How is form's 3D effect achieved?
What can the element of line be used for?
Positive space is where shapes are, while negative space is the area in between shapes.
What is value?
Which revolution in Europe occurred out of advancements in technology and machinery
Doubled the amount of weaving a worker could do in a day
Allowed to spin 8 threads at a time
Combo of the water frame and spinning jenny
increased cotton production by separating the seeds
Invented the steam engine
Area just outside the big cities
No government interference in the economy
Economy where laws of competition, self interest, supply and demand are applied
Book written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels proposing a radical socialism is known as the ___________ Manifesto.
The working class who was oppressed
The business owners
(Positive or Negative) Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels supported Laissez-Faire
Attempted to negotiate better working conditions, pay and work days for the proletariat
The original king of Scotland was....
Who appeared during the banquet as a ghost?
Who wished to be unsexed to be stronger?
Who was not there for his wife and children, but remains loyal to Scotland?
Who fled to England to ask the king for help?
Who imagines guarding the gates of hell?
Who is Macbeth's lieutenant?
Who is the son of Banquo?
Who is the Goddess of Witches?
Who begins sleepwalking?
All the living and nonliving things in an environment and how they interact is called _____.
Which of the following is not a nonliving part of an ecosystem?
Which of the following is the driest ecosystem?
What type of ecosystem might an animal long, thick fur live in?
Which of the following names an animal that eats only plants?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Max's answer was ___________when Grim asked him where he had been.
While around the Fair Gwen, Max's __________ was excellent as he didn't want to disappoint her.
Gwen Avery tried to _____________ as much as possible for Kevin to hlep him.
Max dreamed about the __________________of the M80 on the Fourth of July.
Max knew that Grim and Gram's hugs were __________ and not really sincere.
The friendship between Max and Kevin seems to be an _____________ as most kids don't agree.
Without knowing, Max was on a ________ to find Kevin for many years.
Rodrick Philbrick deliberately keeps the reader wanting to know more about Max's________.
As Max has very low self esteem, he would never consider himself a ____________.
Max was so embarassed by what Gwen saw that he felt the need to _________ his lunch.
Who ran the War Industries Board?
Who ran the CPI (Committee on Public Information) ?
What was the purpose of the CPI (Committee on Public Information) ?
What did the Sedition Acts do?
What was the goal of the Espionage Act?
What was it called when the African Americans moved from the South to the North?
Who was the president that shifted the economy from civilian items to war materials?
Herbert Hoover was the head of what administration during World War 1?
What brought death and disease to the war?
What precedent was established from Schneck vs. the United States?
6CO2 + 12H2O + light → C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O is the equation for....
C6H12O6 + O2 → CO2 + H2O + Energy
The raw materials of photosynthesis are....
The raw materials of cellular respiration are...
Cellular respiration and photosynthesis...
Cellular respiration is performed in...
Photosynthesis is performed in...
In what organelle does photosynthesis take place?
In what organelle does cellular respiration take place?
When there is not enough oxygen to perform cellular respiration, our cells use ______________________ to get energy.
After the Revolutionary War what 2 crops became the most important ones in Ga.?
Which of these 2 crops became "King"?
Who invented the Cotton GIn?
What did the Cotton Gin do?
How did the cotton gin affect the economy of Georgia?
How did the cotton gin lead to an increase in slavery in GA and other southern states?
Who invented the mechanical reaper?
How did the reaper affect agriculture?
How did railroads help the growth of GA's economy?
Why were railroads important to the growth of the cotton business in GA?
Economy dictated by government
economy driven by individuals and private ownership with limited government interference
economy based on the customs or traditions of the local indigenous population
restrictions or limits on trade
trade barrier that ends trade with another country for political or safety reasons
a limit on the amount of goods that can be imported or exported
trade restriction that imposes taxes on imported goods
people that contribute to the economy
the total value of goods and services produced in a country in a year per person
a confederation of countries in Europe that have come together for limited economic and polictical reasons
person who owes loyalty to and is entitled to the protection of a state or nation
a formal plan of government
agreement between two or more sides in which each side gives up some of what it wants
a part of a document, such as the Constitution, that deals with a single subject
consisting of two houses, or chambers, especially in a legislature
the sharing of power between federal and state government
political theory that government is subject to the will of the people
a government in which citizens rule through elected representatives
to give official approval to
a formal request
an addition to a formal document such as the Constitution
a tradition
a period of low economic activity and wide-spread unemployment
of or pertaining to one's own or a particular country as apart from other countries
Supporters of the new Constitution
The President can check Congress by doing this.
The amount the nation's government owes is called this.
What law helped stop the spreading of slavery to the west?
In the United States, the final authority is the
What keeps any one branch of government from gaining too much power?
Fe + Cl2 = FeCl3 What number should be in front of Cl2?
Zn + HCl = ZnCl2 + H2 What number should be in front of ZnCl2?
KClO3 = KCl + O2 What number should be in front of KCl?
AlBr3 + K = KBr + Al What number should be in front of K?
FeO + PdF2 = FeF2 + PdO What number should be in front of PdO?
P4 + Br2 = PBr3 What number should be in front of PBr3?
What are the molecules on the right side of an equation called?
LiCl + Br2 = LiBr + Cl2 What number should be in front of Cl2?
PbBr2 + HCl = HBr + PbCl2 What number should be in front of HCl?
What molecules are on the left hand side of the equation?
The baseball team won its final game.
The club ended its meeting early.
The audience members clapped its hands in approval.
The dance group waited for its turn to perform.
The library club will announce their third annual book sale.
The tennis team will display their skills during their competition.
The seventh-grade class will vote for its class officers during homeroom.
The elementary school choir will sing for the entire school during its next assembly.
Which of the following sentences has incorrect pronoun antecedent agreement?
Which of the following sentences does not exhibit correct subject-verb agreement with an
These are produced by plants in the process of photosynthesis
Photosynthesis uses this energy source to drive the chemical reaction
Process in which cells take in water
Why are plants important to life on earth?
Which organism is an autotroph?
What is the part of the plant in which photosynthesis takes place
What does water combine with to produce glucose and oxygen?
Transport in which energy is needed to move materials inside cells
Sugar Produced by plants for energy
Tiny hole in leaves which take in CO2/Release Oxygen
Answers by Educators Question Database
The average repayment period for a student loan is:
Which of the following statements is false?
The Fourth Foundation is:
Which of the following could be a negative consequence of taking out student loans?
Percentage of college students that graduate with student loans:
A wise college plan does not include:
Which of the folloiwng is not one of the basice of budgeting?
Our culture thinks student loan debt is normal and that itʹs an acceptable way to pay for college.
A four-year degree is necessary regardless of which career youʹre entering.
The average millionaire reads one nonfiction book a month.
When shopping for the best education option, you should narrow down your choice of colleges to 10 schools or less
The best quality colleges are always the most expensive.
You must go to a prestigious school in order for employers to recognize your talents and strenghts
If you plan to attend a community college for your first 2 years, you'll want to work with your advisor to make sure that the classes you take will transfer to your 4-year school of choice.
You must shop for the best price for your education in the same way you comparison shop for any large purchase.
You'll only need to complete the FAFSA once during your college education
The academic and financial choices you make in the next few years will affect the next 40 years of your life
A form that is completed annually by current and prospective college students to determine their eligibility for financial aid (FOS, FAFSA)
A form of financial aid that does not need to be repaid; usually awarded on the basis of academic, athletic or other achievements (grant, scholarship)
A program that allows students to work part time while continuing their studies (work study, overtime)
A form of federal or state financial aid that does not need to be repaid; usually given to students who demonstrate financial need (grant, scholarship)
A two-year government-supported college that offers an associateʹs degree (trade school, community college)
Usually a professional trainer serves as the course instructor and uses a combination of hands -on activities and formal classroom training (associateʹs degree, on-the-job-training)
Allows students to learn basic professional skills in two years or less; typically cut out many of the general courses required by traditional universities (trade school, self-education)
These may be free or low-cost; found online, at community colleges, or through government-funded programs (associateʹs degree, certifications)
A person that starts his or her own business (entrepreneur, advisor)
Pay as you go (borrow, cash-flow)
Greed, desire for wealth
Stealthy, secretive
Wild and drunken
To turn over to another government
Numerous, large in quantity
Easily angered
A professional soldier
A strong defense or fort
To cast overboard, discard
To banish, shut out from a group
3.48 + 7.21
9.8 - 3.7
2.4 x 7.6
Ten and seventeen hundreths
Nineteen and nine tenths
16.4 / 8.2
14.71 - 10.51
One hundred thirteen and two thousandths
18.7 + 24.871
5.81 x 13.83
Two hundred seventy-six and forty four hundreths
3.41 + 10.59
17.42 - 15.19
8.7 * 4.2
7.6 / 4.2
Eight and nineteen thousandths
Wind moving in two directions over a prairie makes air in the middle spin. This is the beginning of a
What kind of weather does a stationary front bring?
What happens when air reaches its dew point?
What kind of weather will nimbostratus clouds likely bring
A continental polar air mass forms in
How does a warm front form?
Which conditions most likely cause good weather?
Which of the following instruments measures air pressure?
Which of the following is NOT a type of condensation?
Warm and air___________ and cools, which leads to ______________.
A cold front moving southeast meets a warm front moving northwest. The fronts remain together for several days. What is this front called and what weather would be likely?
Clouds are dark, low and thick; like a blanket covering the sky. Is this a good day for a picnic? Why?
What conditions would most likely cause precipitation?
Which combination of barometric pressure and temperature would most likely predict snow?
At 8:00 AM the temperature is 75 degrees F with low humidity and cirrus clouds in the sky. Predict what the weather will most likely be at 4:00 PM.
An archaeologist
Which answer means Old Stone Age?
Rivers are important to early civilizations because
How did Hammurabi develop his laws?
In Ancient Egypt, three benefits to living near the Nile River were
The major rivers of Mesopotamia were
In writing, a character that stands for an object is called
Who was Re?
The class divisions in India are called the
Which of the following are characteristics of a civilization?
Because the conditions for farming were good there, the first civilizations arose
Which Egyptian pharaoh started the first dynasty and united upper and lower Egypt?
The first Chinese emperor was named
Which king eventually rejected violence and embraced Buddhism?
How was the government different under the Zhou dynasty than under previous dynasties?
The kingdom located to the south of Egypt was called
A person who travels from place to place without a permanent home is a
Which of the following are time designations used to organize dates?
This is the oldest piece of literature known to exist.
The Great Pyramid in Egypt was built for whom?
A four-stage process that creates two identical cells from one original cell; the process in which a eukaryotic cell nucleus splits in two, followed by division of the parent cell into two daughter cells.
Deoxyribonucleic acid; a substance that carries genetic information in the cells of plants and animals; a double-stranded nucleic acid that contains the genetic information for cell growth, division, and function.
A period of cell growth and normal activity. This period comes between mitosis cycles. Cells that do not need to replicate will spend their time in this stage. If a cell does need to divide, it will copy all of it's DNA while in this period.
-the thread-like structures into which the DNA molecule is packaged in the nucleus of each cell. Each is made up of DNA tightly coiled many times around proteins called histones that support its structure.
The first and longest stage of mitosis. In this stage the chromosomes become visible and the centrioles separate and move to opposite poles of the cell.
-the process of producing two identical replicas from one original DNA molecule. This biological process occurs in all living organisms and is the basis for biological inheritance.
-The second stage of mitosis. In this stage the chromosomes line up across the center of the cell and become connected to the spindle fiber at their centromere.
The fourth and last stage of mitosis. During this stage the chromosomes gather at opposite ends of the cell and lose their distinct rod-like shapes. Two new nuclear membranes then form around each of the two regions of DNA and the spindle fibers disa
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Your God-given right to expand is ______________.
What is the name of the battleship that exploded?
What journalism is a lie?
What territory does the United States still control today?
Like Puerto Rico, the United States also owns ________________.
U.S. businessmen overthrew the Hawaiian __________.
Who was President during this time?
Annexed means ________.
Hawaii was annexed as the __________ state.
Who was President after Teddy Roosevelt?
__________ immigrants came through Angel Island.
____________ immigrants came through Ellis Island.
Who wrote "The Jungle"?
The U.S. moved from an ____________economy to factories.
Ida Tarbell is an example of a _________________.
____________ wanted progress in the country.
Ida Tarbell and _____________ are examples of Muckrakers.
A _____________ is when one person or company owns all of something.
Ellis Island is in ___________.
Angel Island is in _____________.
Health experts recommend three cups of dairy products each day.
Ripened cheese is aged.
It is best to refrigerate all dairy foods in original containers.
Nondairy frozen desserts may be made with cooked rice or tofu.
What is the term to describe milk that is heat-treated to kill enzymes and any harmful bacteria?
Which food has more nutrients than a similar amount of milk because its more concentrated?
What happens to the beneficial bacteria in frozen yogurt?
What forms when cream is whipped?
How can you reduce the cooking time for cheese?
_____________ milk has chocolate or cocoa and sweetener added.
Blue-veined cheeses have certain _______________ added during the aging process to create veins.
Cheese is a concentrated food high in protein and ______________, so it must be cooked with care.
Cottage cheese is an example of fresh cheese.
Which type of milk contains 2 percent fat?
Soy milk, margarine, and farmer's cheese are all examples of dairy substitutes.
Which type of milk is ideal for people who have difficulty digesting dairy foods?
Which is a ripening agent that may be used to make ripened cheese?
What can result if milk is cooked at too high of a temperature?
Which is not an example of a firm ripened cheese?
When should you use most dairy products after buying them?
Animal-like Protist
Protist that can produce food from sunlight
Single celled organism that moves using cilia
Single celled organism that uses pseudopods to move and feed
Cytoplasm flows towards one location and the rest follows
Hair like projections from cell which moves in a wave-like motion
Single celled organism with a flagellum that can be autotrophic or heterotrophic
Colony of alga forming a hollow ball
Whip-like tail used for motion and a sense organ
Single celled organisms with a nucleus from the kingdom Protista
al lado de la/del
debajo de la/del
delante de la/del
encima de la/del
a la derecha
la bandera
el cartel
la mochila
la pantalla
la papelera
el ratón
el sacapuntas
el teclado
la silla
to the left
Next to
Close to
To the right of
In front of
On top of
Far From
Right is Right
Which of the following is not a court in the US court system?
All federal cases start in which US court?
How many US District are there in the United States?
If you loose your case in the US District Court, to whom can you appeal to?
The power of a court to hear a case before any other is called what?
What is Appellate Jurisdiction?
What is the Highest court in all the land?
How many justices are on the US Supreme Court?
What is the power of a court to determine the constitutionality of something called?
What court case set up Judicial Review?
Which of the following is not a court in the US court system?
Where do all federal cases begin?
How many District Courts are there?
If you loose a case in the US Distrcit Court, whom do you appeal to?
What type of cases do the US Courts handle?
What is Original Jurisdiction?
What type of Jurisdiction does the US Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court have?
What is the highest court in the whole country?
The power of a the court to determine if something is constitutional is known as what?
What court case establish Judicial Review?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Becasue of the way they form, limestone and chert are classified as ________ sedimentary rocks.
Large scale folding of rock durin gthe process of mountain building is characteristic of a(n) _________ metamorphism setting.
Metamorphic rock forms as a result of
The rock cycle includes all of the steps EXCEPT which of the following?
A conglomerate is a rock that forms as a result of
Which of the following represents the correct order of the processes responsible for the formation of sedimentary rocks?
fossils are found only in
sedimentary rocks with ripple marks suggest that the rocks formed
Foliated metamorphic rock forms when crystals
A metamorphic rock can be classified according to its
Final goods and services produced in a nations total dollar value is known as _____.
A company or group of people allowed to act as a single entity.
A single business owner.
A group of two or more people who own a business.
Traditional Economy makes all economic decisions on what?
Socialism is defined as____________.
A famous well known economist that came up with the bourgeoisie
Who controls the decisions in a Command Economy?
What is it when two goods are generally bought and used together?
Net worth is the amount of money a person has in their bank account.
A bank that anyone can be a part of is called _________.
__________ goes into a federal program that provides financial support for people who are retired.
What does FICA represent?
Credit comes in only two forms: car loans and credit cards.
The higher the interest rate on a credit card the lower the amount you have to pay.
This instrument is used to measure the temperature
This instrument is used to measure the humidity
This instrument is used to measure the air pressure
This instrument is used to measure relative humidity
The heat index is
The wind chill factor is
This instrument is used to measure the speed of wind
These are valuable for collecting weather information
This was developed to give the most information in the shortest amount of time
Wind direction can be measured by
Satellite stays over the same earth location
Satellite moves over the earth's poles.
Doppler radar can help detect severe storms more quickly than regular radar
This place helps local meteorologists make forcasts
This shows how much rain has fallen
Equivalent temperature if the air was dry and still
You can collect weather data at home
With enough information, anyone can predict weather accurately
Weather forecasts were more accurate before computers were used
Weather balloons are used to measure the weather on the ground
la regla
la pared
el escritorio
el pupitre
la pizarra
el reloj
el libro
la revista
el sacapuntas
la puerta
el cuaderno
el borrador
To ask someone how they are doing you say....
Tengo calor means...
Emocionado means...
Estoy enferma means...
To say - they are sad - you say...
You just watched a scary movie -- what would you say?
To say -- she is bored -- you say...
How would you say --- we are nervious?
What does tired mean...
México shares a border with what countries?
A ______________ is a way to measure how much energy a food provides to your body
Peanuts are an example of which food group?
Bananas are an example of which food group?
Broccoli is an example of which food group?
Chicken is an example of which food group?
Yogurt is an example of which food group?
Whole wheat toast is an example of which food group?
Eggs are an example of which food group?
Cheese is an example of which food group?
Pasta is an example of which food group?
Which type of grains are healthier?
John eats a diet high in salt. What condition is he at risk for?
Chrissy was just diagnosed with anemia. Her doctor suggested that she eat foods high in what mineral?
Corey has gained 10 pounds in three months and is now overweight. Should he decrease or increase the amount of calories he eats per day?
In the ingredient list on the food label, where is the ingredient in the largest quantity listed?
A DNA molecule is an extremely complicated structure. It is made of many small chemical units called ________________________.
DNA carries the code for life using nitrogenous bases. Which of the following is one of the nitrogenous bases?
According to the base paring rules A, Adenine, will always bond with which of the nitrogenous bases?
In order to stay alive all organisms must generate energy, respond to the environment, and be able to reproduce. On of the key steps is copying DNA. Which of the following the the process of copying DNA?
This structure reads the mRNA strand to make a protein.
The nitrogenous base Thymine, T, bonds with what nitrogenous base?
This is the coding peice of the RNA the ribosome reads.
This is series of bases that tRNA brings into the ribosome.
The group of nitrogenous bases called the purines bond with
A combination of phosphate, sugar, and a nitrogenous base bonded together in a single unit of a DNA molecule is called....
The total estimated student loan debt outstanding (unpaid) is over:
Which of the following is not a good option when it comes to paying for your education?
Which of the following are ways that you can invest in yourself?
Which of the following statements is false?
Which of the following statements about college financial aid is false?
You should visit your college's financial aid office if:
Which of the following statements is false?
Which of the following is not recommended when you are cash-flowing your college eduation?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A petrified fossil forms when
On the geologic time scale, eras are divided into
Most fossils form when organisms die and are buried in
The gradual change in living things over a long period of time is
The longest part of the geologic time scale is
The earliest life forms on Earth lived
The age of a rock given as the number of years since the rock formed is its
A footprint is a type of a ____ fossil
Why would a jellyfish have very little chance of becoming fossilized?
The fossil of an organism that covered a wide area but lived for just a short period of time is
What concept was the belief in
By the end of the 1600s, what had England's system of government become?
What were some of Philip II's accomplishments as king of Spain?
Why did Peter the Great build the city of St. Petersburg?
What was the Edict of Nantes issued in an effort to do?
Which of the following did the Restoration
What was Peter the Great the first Russian ruler to make an effort to do?
What was the significance of the English Bill of Rights?
What was one reason Ivan IV was called Ivan the Terrible?
The first Russian ruler to adopt the title czar, meaning
What is different types of media including text, video, sound, graphics and animations?
What ensures that the author’s rights of images and sounds used in multimedia products are protected and acknowledged?
What is applied to text that makes it appear on a slide in increments of one letter, word or section at a time?
What is a “hot spots” or “jumps” used to locate an external file website or place in the current presentation?
What is a list of options that use hyperlinks to move to other parts of the presentation?
What is the the visual effect of a slide as it moves on and off the screen during a slide show?
What is a computer based, interactive experience that incorporates text, graphics, sound and video?
What is a distribution achieved by arranging non-identical elements on both sides of an imaginary center line on the screen?
What is the distribution of optical weight in the layout?
What is the ability of the user to interact with an application?
Plants use ____ to create food for themselves
A special molecule that supplies energy to cells is called ___.
Energy is released each time a phosphate is _____ from the ATP molecule.
Photosynthesis takes place in the _____ of the plant cell.
Chloroplast contain the green pigment called _____.
The chlorophyll in the chloroplast _____ sunlight for photosynthesis
Oxygen leaves the plants through the _____.
Photosynthesis makes the simple sugar called _____.
ATP - P = ___ + energy
ADP + P + energy = ___
What type of storm has a calm eye
What type of cloud appears in sunny summer skies?
Prefix that means high in the sky
What does 100% relative humidity mean?
What devise has the same use as the Beaufort scale?
Where would you find the lowest air pressure?
If a wind vane is pointing west, which way is the wind coming from?
Which of the following is a problem with wind turbines?
Which of the following is part of a rain guage?
What type of cloud forms when warm, moist air floats upward?
After Old Major dies, which two characters take on the leadership
Old Major taught the animals a song called
What was the name of the man who did the trading for Napoleon
The first batttle between the humans and the animals came to be known as the:
The novel Animal Farm is based on the
Which group of animals always said, "Four legs good, two legs bad?"
Who is the original creator/designer of the the windmill?
Who was the strongest and most hardworking animal on the farm?
Who was always mentioning, Sugar Candy Mountain?
What are Boxer's mottos?
Which phrase best describes an ecosystem?
Which statement is best characeristic of an ecosystem?
Which is a biotic factor in the environment of fresh-water fish?
Which list includes only abiotic factors?
In ecology, a population is defined as
All the red foxes inhabiting a given forest constitute a
All the plants and animals interacting in a given location nake up a
Male grizzly bears can maintain territorial control over many square miles. This role as a top predator is known as its
For a producer to maintain itself, which factor must be present in its environment?
Which contain the most energy?
Multicellular organisms undergo mitosis because
Mendel hypothesized that gametes have only one factor or allele for each inherited trait. This hypothesis is supported by the observation that
Mendel experimented with garden peas. One of the traits he looked at was texture of the pea coat. If we said the pea coat was smooth what are we looking at?
Two pink-flowering plants are crossed. The offspring percentages are 25% red, 25% white and 50% pink. What would the parent's genotypes be?
3' GCTTAGTCAAG 5' Which of the following nucleotide base sequences complements the section of DNA modeled above?
To create bacteria that produce human insulin, scientists insert the human gene of interest into the bacterial
Which of the following is an example of gene cloning?
Which of the following is a reason why cells divide?
Eukaryotic cells do not reproduce through binary fission. Instead they reproduce through a process called
A __________ is a piece of DNA that is transcribed.
Whole animal cloning puts a nucleus from a cell of one animal into
For this year's corn crop a farmer choose which plants will produce seeds. This is an example of
The new tools of genetic engineering allow us to manipulate __________ directly.
DNA nucleotides are made up of
Rosalind Franklin's x-ray diffraction images of DNA gave James Watson and Francis Crick information about DNA's
Given the mRNA sequence GGU-GCU-CCU-AUU what would happen if a nucleotide was added at the fourth location in the chain?
The mode of inheritance for hemophilia is
Given the mRNA sequence GGU-GCU-CCU-AUU what would be the sequence of tRNA anticodons?
Once meiosis occurs gametes are formed with a reduced number of chromosomes. The gametes are
If we said the flower was homozygous dominant what are we looking at?
How many elements found in nature are on the periodic table?
On the periodic table, this shows how many energy shells or levels there are in the atoms.
On the periodic table, this shows how many electrons are in the outside energy shell.
All of the elements placed to the left of the staircase on the periodic table are called ________. (in blue)
All of the elements placed to the right of the staircase on the periodic table are called ________. (in yellow)
All of the elements located on the staircase on the periodic table are called ________. (in red)
The atomic number tells the number of __________ & ____________.
The atomic mass tells the number of ____________ & _______________.
Except for Hydrogen and Helium, all of the atoms want ______ electrons in their outer shell to be stable (happy).
The number of electrons that can fit on the inside energy shell or orbit is ____.
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la biologie
What time is it?
la chimie
les matières
la sortie
Which term best describes people from other countries who enter the USA to start new lives?
All of the following are major PUSH factors EXCEPT
Immigrants most HELP to build the US economy by:
What is brain drain?
How do immigrants benefit the USA?
Why do some native born americans dislike or resent immigrants
A person forced to flee their homes in search of safety is a:
Do all people who are persecuted immigrate?
What is an example of a pull factor?
What is a remittance?
Which region of NJ covers the most area?
Which part of the ACP includes many farms and rich soil?
Which part of NJ includes the Jersey Shore and the Pinelands?
What do we call an area that lies below the level of the surrounding land?
What river runs along the coast of NJ and gives the Inner Coastal Plain it's rich soil?
How do the pine forests and salt marshes affect the population density in the Inner Coastal Plain?
What is the Jersey Shore?
What is a place where people go for recreation called?
How long is the Jersey Shore?
Which of the following will you NOT see at the Jersey Shore?
What do we call an island that runs parallel to the coastline?
How do barrier islands form?
What do lighthouses help boats to avoid crashing into?
Which resort at the Jersey Shore is known for it's boardwalk, casino's and shopping areas?
Which resort city at the Jersey Shore is known for it's beautiful buildlings and architecture?
What do we call a walkway that goes along the beach?
arroser les plantes
débarrasser la table
donner à manger au...
faire la cuisine
je (faire la vaisselle)
nous (mettre) la table
il (laver) la voiture
Elles (passer) l'aspirateur
Je (pouvoir) faire la cuisine.
Vous (devoir) nettoyer.
tu (devoir) faire la lessive.
Nous (tondre) la pelouse.
Elles (vider) la lave-vaisselle.
I cook from time to time.
She sets the table every day.
It's always me who takes out the trash
He has to empty the dishwasher.
We need to clean.
The diffusion of water through the cell membrane is called
A cell can remove large particles during
Plants use __________ to make glucose.
During __________, food molecules are broken down to form carbon dioxide and water and release large amounts of energy.
When particles are moved through a membrane from a region of low concentration to a region of high concentration, the process is called
An organism with chloroplasts is a
What is produced by mitosis?
Before the energy in food can be used by a cell, it must first be transferred to molecules of
Which one of the following does NOT perform mitosis?
Which of the following would form a cell plate during the cell cycle?
What cell structure is needed for photosynthesis to occur?
What cell structure is needed for cellular respiration to occur?
___________ is the random movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
Which of the following is not a type of active transport?
When wilted celery is soaked in water, it becomes crisp again due to
Fermentation in animal cells produces
Oxygen is used to break down food molecules and release energy in a process called
Which of the following is a product of photosynthesis?
Which of the following is NOT used to make glucose in photosynthesis?
The process of cell division in a bacterial cell is called
Human body cells have 23 pairs of
____________ is the movement of particles from an area where their concentration is high to an area where their concentration is low.
Chromatids are held together at a region called the
The nuclear membrane breaks apart and the centrioles move to opposite ends of the cell during
Two identical cells are formed after mitosis during the process of
Organelles and DNA are replicated
During mitosis phase 3 (Anaphase),
Plants and animals capture their energy from the sun
Cellular respiration describes how a cell breathes.
How do prokaryotic cells make more cells
Passive transport
Active transport
Which of the following will not work to transport large molecules?
What is required for cellular respiration to take place?
Which cells would you expect to find the greater number of mitochondria?
A(n) ________ is a solid mass of mineral or minerallike matter that occurs naturally.
Which of the following is not one of the classification of rocks
Because of the processes that take place within the _______, rocks can change from one type to another
What type of rock form when magma or lava harden and cool
How is the rock cycle driven?
What is the difference between how intrusive and extrusive igneous rock form?
Slow cooling priduces igneous rocks with large crystals and a(n) ________ texture.
Granite is an example of a(n) __________ igneous rock that forms deep beneath Earth's surface
Obsidian is an example of a(n) igneous rock with __________ texture and formed when lava cooled so rapidly.
What size sediments will be carried and deposited the greatest distance in the erosion and deposition processes?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A big difference in air pressure between two areas causes_____________.
Which pair of weather instruments measure the same thing?
What does a rain gauge measure?
Which is not a part of the water cycle?
According to the Beaufort scale, winds of 120m.p.h. would be called a __________?
A cloth bag that is narrow at one end and open at both ends
A device on a pole that often consists of cups on spokes
An area where pressure is higher than that of the surrounding air.
The amount of water vapor help by air at a given temperature compared with the total amound that it could hold.
The push of air against its surroundings.
The number of electrons in the outermost energy level determines an element’s _________.
Ionic bonds are between _______________ & ________________.
When chemical bonds form, electrons are
All atoms on the periodic table have this charge.
Chlorine is in group or family 7 (17). What does that mean?
A bond that forms when electrons are transferred from one atom to another atom is called this.
________ are charged particles that form when atoms gain or lose electrons.
A chemical __________________ represents the changes that take place in a chemical reaction (reactants -->products).
A _____________________ bond forms when atoms share one or more pairs of electrons.
Covalent bonds are between ___________ & ____________.
Materials can be classified as
materials are classified according to the properties of
Manufacturing production systems can be classified as
The effectiveness of the manufacturing process was increased by the introduction of
When designing engineering solutions to problems, which of the following is NOT taken into account?
Defined as consisting of more than one distinct material type
The measuring of resistance to being pulled apart
The ability of material to resist various kinds of rapidly changing stresses
The measure of how well a material accommodates the movement of an electric charge
Products are made with no interruption to the production line from the input to output.
A plan that determines how money will be spent
an increase in prices when manufacturers cannot meet the demands of consumers
a valueable product, such as electricity, that people need
a business that makes products consumers buy
trade goods for other goods
those who buy or use a product
the boss who pays the employee for working
things a person must have to live
the amount of products that businesses produces
an economic measure of how well people in a country live
What and how much the consumer wantes to buy
things a person would like to own but can do without
the place where coins are made
One advantage of a consumer-driven economy is competition
Manufacturing is the movement of money from person to person or place to place
In a socialist economy, the government owns and controls one or more of the major resources
The consumer does not have a choice when he selects a product with a monopoly
A contry rich in resources tends to have a lower standard of living
Some businesses are owned by the government and some by the people
The government controls the supply, decides what items to produce, and determines the prices for those items
There are 248 gumballs in the gumball machine. There are an equal number of each of 8 colors. How many gumballs of each color are in the machine?
Daniel\'s job at the supermarket is to stock shelves. He needs to put 686 bottles of soda on 7 shelves. How many bottles should he put on each shelf?
Lunch comes to $8.25. You pay with $10. Whats the change?
There are 52 weeks in a year. What is the best estimate to find total amount of days in a year?
26 chickens lay 4 eggs a piece. How many eggs does Farmer Joe have?
I have 52 books. Each shelf can hold up to 7 books. How many shelves do I need to use for all 52 books?
If N=6 then what must be true (6xN) + (8-N)=
What are the factors of 24
Which is a prime number?
If there were 32 pencils in a box and I kept half and gave 10 out to students, how many pencils are left?
What is the softest mineral on the Moh's Hardness Scale?
Who invented the Hardness Scale?
What can scratch a diamond?
What is another name for Pyrite?
What is the second hardest mineral on the Hardness scale?
What mineral protects our teeth from cavities?
All of the following are mineral's that we can eat except...
Which is a physical property of a mineral?
Our bodies need..................... to survive
How many types of crystals are there?
The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere happens on
March 21 and September 21 are called
Earth\'s revolution takes
Earth is tilted how many degrees?
Why does Earth have 4 seasons?
When we can not see the Moon in the sky, we are experieincing what phase?
What is the major force that keeps the Moon in orbit around Earth?
Earth\'s rotation gives us
Moonlight is reflection from
How many moon phases are there?
Sam is traveling wants to interact with you on the Internet in real time. Which of the following programs will let the two of you communicate in real time?
You are communicating with your friend by using instant messaging. Both computers have a microphone and a Web cam. Which of the following options are possible?
Your friend is in another part of the world, and you want to have a real-time conversation with him. Which of the following options will help you do this?
Your brother wants to know about e-mail. He asks you to explain simply the use of sending e-mail messages. Which of the following options is a benefit of e-mail that you will menti
Your colleague wants to quit her job. She wants to type her resignation letter. What kind of program will she use to do this?
Your friend sends you a photograph of his son. You want to enlarge the photograph. Which program type will you use to make this modification?
You visit Woodgrove Bank to ask about your account balance. The teller gives you details within a short span of time. Which of the following programs does the bank use?
Your parents need to plan the budget for next month. They record the daily expenses calculate the total expenses for each category. Which program will they use for this budget?
You have game CD to play on your computer but it runs slowly. Which of the following components will you change to increase the speed of your computer?
You have programs open at the same time on your computer but notice that the speed of the computer is considerably slower. What is the reason for this?
A business is ___________ when it is out of money and unable to meet its finicial obligations.
A company makes a _____________ when the amount it makes from selling its products is more than it costs to make them.
The economy is the way a country handles its _________ and products
If there is ____________ money is circulation, prices will become too high
If there is __________ money in circulation, business will slow down
When a company tries to get consumers\' business by producing better products or selling them a lower proces than another company there is ___________.
A product that is changed to meet consumers\' preferences is a ______________-driven product
Name a factor that affects supply and demand
Explain the law of supply and demand
What is the Federal Reserve System
Answers by Educators Question Database
Business ethics is consistent ONLY with short-run profit maximization.
Focusing on a firm's short-term profits without considering the company's long-term needs may be acting unethically.
ethical codes of conduct can set the ethical tone of a firm.
Setting realistic workplace goals can reduce the probability that employees will act unethically.
Some companies have set ;up confidential systems for employees to raise red flags about suspected unethical practices.
A business firm's profits may suffer if the firm is not a good corporate citizen.
Businesspersons who would choose to act unethically may be deterred from doing so because of public opinion.
One guideline to evaluating the ethics of a particular action is to let your conscience by your guide.
Any decision by the management of Fast-Food Franchise Corporation may significantly affect its
Housemate Inc. makes and sells a variety of household products. With a fair amount of certainty, Housemate's decision makers can predict whether a given business action would be legal in
Kennedy Capital Corporation provides other firms with funds to expand operations. If Kennedy strictly complies with old laws, the firm will
Garn is a Flexo driver, whom the company knows drives longer hours than federal regulations permit. One night, Garn exceeds the limit and has an accident. Spilled chemicals contaminate Hill City's water. Flexo acted unethically because
Lyle, vice-president of sales for Mi-T Electric, Inc., adheres to Judeo-Christian religious ethical standards. With respect to their application, these standards are
In making business decisions, Glenda, personnel manager for HVAC Maintenance, Inc., applies his belief that al personal have fundamental rights. This is
Halley, a lawyer on the staff of International Group, applies the utilitarian theory of ethics in business contexts. Utilitarianism focuses on
In making decisions for United Merchandising Company, Vance uses a cost-benefit analysis. This is part of
Fealty Credit Ccorporation asks its employees to evaluate their actions and get on the ethical business decision-making bandwagon. Guidelines for judging individual actions include all of the following except
Spencer Hydraulics Corporation's ethics committee is asked a business ethics question-should the firm bid low to obtain a contract that it knows it can fulfill only at a higher price? A practical method is all of these except
Ethical standards would most likely be considered violated if Retail Mart Corporation deals with a company in a developing nation that
Bilt-Well Construction Corporation makes a side payment to a government official in Nigeria to obtain a contract. In the US, this is
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