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Which organelle is responsible for making sure we aren't born with webbed feet?
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A virus needs energy to
A virus’s proteins are important because they
What ability of viruses makes them useful in gene therapy?
Which shape describes some bacterial cells?
What process results in genetically different bacteria?
Endospores form during
What important role do bacteria called decomposers play?
Which of the following is NOT a role of bacteria that live in human bodies?
Which of the following is an example of indirect contact that spreads some infectious diseases?
Binary fission is the bacterial process of
Viruses are considered to be nonliving because they
The process of breaking down food to release its energy is called
Which virus is named for the organism that it infects?
What provides energy for a virus?
The term “antibiotic resistant” refers to bacteria that
___ chico rubio se llama Carlos.
Carlos es ____ alumno muy bueno.
Elena y Marta son ____ amigas muy buenas.
____ profesor de español no es estricto.
Mi maestra es (serio).
La maestra de inglés es (trabajador).
Los estudiantes son (perezoso).
En la clase, dos chicas son (cómico).
El señor Mercado (ser)
Ellos (ser)
La señora Morales (ser)
Mario y Tomás (tener)
Yo siempre (tener)
Manuel y yo (tener)
dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, _____
trece, catorce, _____, dieciséis
treinta, cuarenta, cincuenta, _____
Yo (hablar)
Ustedes (bailar)
Tú y yo (ayudar)
What season is July during?
What month is it currently?
What day is Christmas?
What day of the week is Thanksgiving?
What day comes after Thursday?
What day comes after Monday?
What year comes after 2014?
What day comes after Sunday?
What month comes after December?
What number comes after 1
Of the following which is NOT a vascular plant?
Of the following, which is NOT a characteristic of plants?
Nonvascular plants include ______.
What do nonvascular plants not have?
The first plants to grow in new environments are usually _______.
Of the following, which is NOT an example of a seed plant?
The most common type of plants on Earth is ______.
Roots have all of the following functions EXCEPT to ______.
Stems have all of these functions EXCEPT ______.
The major function of leaves is to ________.
The development of a seed into a new plant, begins when water is absorbed into the seed.
Most of the oxygen in our atmosphere is a result of __________.
Photosynthesis is the process in which plants use energy from light to produce ________.
Respiration is the process in which organisms break down food to release ________.
Water enters plants through the _______.
Phototropism is the way a plant grows in response to what external stimuli?
A treeless geographic area where the subsoil is frozen
Barren, often sandy area
Geographical areas filled with a major community of plant and animal life
Which animal would be found in the biome that has cold to moderate winters, warm summers, fertile soils, and is home to a variety of vegetation, such as coniferous trees, broad leaf deciduous trees, flowering shrubs, and ferns?
A biome is identified by its particular set of abiotic factors and its
Which two biomes have the least amount of precipitation?
Which biome is characterized by very low temperatures, little precipitation, and permafrost?
Which Biome is the most biologically diverse in the world?
The tundra is able to support plants such as mosses, grasses, wildflowers and small shrubs. The primary reason is due to the
Plants that have shallow roots, needles instead of leaves, and a waxy exterior are usually found in the -
Body cells are _______.
Sex cells (gametes) are ____________.
Which of the following is NOT a gamete?
Crossing-over occurs during __________.
MITOSIS produces ______ cells, which are ____________.
MEIOSIS produces ______ cells, which are __________.
The cell membrane pinches in the center and the cell splits into two cells during __________.
Crossing-over is beneficial (good) because it leads to _____________.
The four steps of mitosis are, from first to last:
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
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An independent clause is:
A dependent clause is
The type of word that begins a dependent clause:
Find the Subordinating conjunctions:
The dependent clause in the sentence: After the game ends, I will go home.
The dependent clause in the sentence: I like carrots because they are orange.
Which sentence is correct?
The two Complex sentence formulas are:
What is the subordinating conjunction in this sentence: I ran home as if a maniac was chasing me.
The sentence with the formula: D,I
Which muscle raises the lip
The hamstrings are located on the posterior thigh between magnus and vastus lateralis. They can be divided into 2 sections, lateral and medial. What forms the medial. hamstring
Anabolisim is an example of
Pulmonary veins return blood to the___________?
What is the strongest bone in the body?
which muscle inserts at the bicipital groove of the humerus?
What muscle's origin attachment is not to bone?
Which of the following choices are considered part of the upper respiratory system?
The serratus anterior and pectoralis minor share what action of the scapula?
which muscle inserts at the greater tubercle of the humerus?
What healing art uses fingers to stimulate key points along the meridians
The use of essentials oils extracted from herbs, flowers and roots, and produce a theraputic aroma and stimulate healing.Is most likely__________
Cranio-scaral Thearpy is most likley
Reflexology ,=_______________Hot Stone massage________Hydrotherapy____________
Which Massage applied uses core layers of the body often using elbows as well as the usual thumb, finger and fist pressure.
Uses muscle testing to evaluate and restore balance to the body.uses manipulation nutrition, exercise
Acupuncture acupressure do not use the same points , but acupuncture uses thumbs.
Hands vodder is known for what modality
In the modality Cryotherapy , cryo means most likely ______
Many multiple choice exams tend to emphasize _____________
To prepare for a test it is best advised to
absolute words on test such as, "______ or "________" are less likely to be correct
If you simply don't know the answer then___________
When taking a test be sure to read over the question carefully and be sure to understand what its asking.
Many students consider mulitple choice exams easier because_________________
Second guessing yourself when testing is not suggested since usually your first response is correct.
The process of elimination in test taking skills is ______________________________
Not clearly erasing the wrong answer is a common mistake when taking a test
Which of the following statements is most likely true?
The tangible (physical) part of the computer is called
Which of the following is NOT an example of hardware?
I am a device that gives to the user a copy of his work on a paper
The user inserts text into the computer using a
Which of the following is a hardware?
I connect computers and allow them to talk to each other
You can listen to music using
I am a device that scans images and printed text.
I am a device used by the user to control the cursor
You can watch a movie using
A _______________ is a wild horse.
An ___________________ is a tropical fruit that grows on trees. It is used to make guacamole.
A ______________ is an outdoor space used for relaxing near a house.
A _______________ is a show with horseback riding and roping.
_______________ is a Danish word for a long flat runner worn on the foot.
The last car on a freight train is the ____________________.
A ________________ is a breakfast cake made from batter.
A ____________ is a kind of sled.
______________ is a boat used for pleasure.
The bones of your head are called a ________________.
All the different kinds of living things in an area is called a ___________________________.
An animal that eats both plants and other animals is an ___________________.
Consumers that feed on the remains of plants and animals are: _____________.
A ________________________ is an animal that hunts another animal for food.
______________________ are animals that other animals hunt for food.
A _____________________________ is an animal that eats other animals to survive.
One path that energy takes through a community is called a:_________________.
Living things that cannot make their own food are called:______________________.
An animal that eats plants is a __________________________.
. _____________________________ use air, water, and energy from the sun to make their own food.
dividing the body into anterior and posterior is a description of this plane
movement that decreases the angle between two bones
the best technique for removing adhesions in fascial tissue
external rotary movement of the radius on the ulna that results in the hand moving from the palm-down to the palm-up movement
the study of movement that combines the fields of anatomy, physiology, physics, geometry and relates to human movement
movement that increases the angle between two bones
circular or transverse movements that do not glide on the skin and that are focused on the underlying tissue
backward movement in a horizontal plane
body is divided into equal right and left halves
rotary movement around the longitudinal axis of a bone away from the midline of the body
Answers by Educators Question Database
Streams with steep gradients have a(n) ______ velocity than those with gentle gradients.
Streams cause erosion by:
When a stream meets a large body of water it forms a(n)
The decrease in gradient of a river causes a stream to deposit its sediments
Sediments that are too large to carry and do not move continuously are called the:
A triangular-shaped deposit of sediments that form where a river meets standing water is a(n):
Sediments carried as solids in a stream are the:
______ erode fine-grained sediments from the continental slope and deposit them on the continental rise.
The intermittent movement of bed load particles is known as
Acid rain is formed when water combines with
Limestone dissolves
_________ form as calcium carbonate drips onto the the floor of a cave.
When a stalactite and a stalagmite merge, they can form a:
Stalactites and stalagmites are made from ___________ weathering
To make carbonic acid, carbon dioxide combines with
This river is located in the center of Africa?
This river is located in northeast Africa?
This river is located in West Africa?
This desert is located in north Africa?
This desert is located in south Africa?
The body of water located north of Africa?
Region located in Central Africa?
Mountain Range located in Northern Africa?
Body of water that seperates the mainland of Africa from Madagascar?
Lake that is connected the Nile River
Two Countries that are surrounded by South Africa
Island Country located in Africa
Country located directly Below Egypt
Country located directly below Sudan
Country located directly above Kenya
Country that is separated from Madagascar by a channel
Country located in Central Africa that is home to the Congo River
Small Country located in West Africa
Country located below South Sudan, west of Kenya
Large Country located in West Africa
What is mature?
What is confident?
What is self-esteem?
What is character?
What is pride?
What is jealousy?
What is personal identity?
Name one physical change that takes place in a teen’s life.
Name one mental (emotional) change that takes place in a teen’s life.
Name one social change that takes place in a teen’s life.
At the midpoint in life's journey, where does Dante find himself?
Why does Virgil appear to guide Dante on his journey through the Inferno?
What is the final warning cut into the stone above the gate of Hell?
Who are the blockades in Dante's path through the Inferno?
What is Minos' job in the Inferno?
Dante's journey through hell is an allegory because
Which of the following is the BEST description of Gilgamesh?
What is the turning point that causes Gilgamesh to go on his journey?
The relationship between Gilgamesh and Utnapishtim is which archetypal role?
The archetype represented by the flood myths studied is
What are the four phases of Joseph Campbell's Heroic Journey model?
What happens in the departure phase of the hero's journey?
In the return phase of the Hero's Journey, the character must
Tests/Allies/Enemies are all encountered during the _______ phase of the hero's journey.
The ancient Greek celebrations in honor of Dionysus reflect the
The job of the ______ in Greek drama was to recall and interpret past events, comment on the actions of the characters, and foretell the future.
Oedipus the King is considered
Greek tragedy presents the philosophy that
In Oedipus, the concept of blindness is a
The ancient Greek plays were attended primarily out of
What is an extremely dry climate called?
What is it called when an area goes without precipitation for a long period of time?
________ is the introduction of hazardous materials into the environment.
What is the insufficient amounts of food or supplies?
A seasonal wind bringing heavy rainfall that can lead to flooding is called a ____.
Land that is suitable for growing crops is ________.
What is a group of people who share the same language, culture and tradition?
A group of people who share the same belief system are a ________.
An area with the characteristic of farming or country life is called _____.
What type of area is related to the city or city life?
Which of the following did Oedipus NOT do?
When the audience feels pity and sympathy for the plight of the tragic hero, this is known as
The Iliad begins in the middle of the action. This is known as
The four main tenets of The Iliad and The Aeneid were
Swift-footed Achilles, Brave Hector, and Great Oedipus are examples of what literary device?
Virgil's Aeneid was intended to
When the Greeks first entered Troy they were described as a wave similar to a tsunami or great flood. This description was known as
The following theme reflects the heroic ideal of what character studied? Follow your destiny and use your strengths to contribute to the good of all.
Oedipus is best described as which kind of hero?
In Oedipus, the chorus moved from one side of the stage to the other during the
Why are viruses like parasites?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the formula for calculating speed?
Movement occurs when an object moves relative to a _______________.
An object that travels 100 m in 20s has what speed?
The ___________ measures the speed during an entire trip
If a distance-time graph shows a horizontal line, the object is ________________.
When you graph distance and time, distance is on the ____________.
When you graph speed and time, time is on the ____________.
Which of the following is an example of a reference point?
A straight horizontal line on a speed-time graph means ___________________.
An object that keeps getting faster is ________________________.
The layer of rock beneath the soil is called?
Where soil comes from...
Soil may be moved long distances from its parent rock by rivers, wind, or air is called...
Soil is made up of...
Heavy rains that removes important nutrients from the soil is called?
Residual soil means...
The properties of soil are...
Soil is made up of distinct horizontal layers; these layers are called...
Soil forms when...
One agent of mechanical weathering is...
Which would be considered one of our local Watersheds?
The pH of Water is
When we test for Nitrates, we are measuring...
pH is what?
Phosphates in a stream indicate....
The chemical symbol for water is...
on the pH scale, acids usually are...
Which of these was NOT a test done on a stream
These is approximately how much water on Earth?
In the Water Cycle, Evaporation is when....
What is the job of a topic sentence?
Which part of the paragraph does the topic sentence belong to?
The type of topic sentence that only grabs the attention if the reader
The type of topic sentence that gives the reader a clue is
The type of topic sentence that lists the details is
Which type? There are many ways to organize assignment due dates.
Which type? Because of an increase in revenue, a decreasein supply, and an expensive work force, the company went under.
Which type? Getting an after school job is great for earning extra money.
Which group of words is comprised of clue words?
Which sentence below is Clueing?
The first step of selling which involves greeting the customer face-to-face.
The second step of selling which involves learning what the customer is looking for.
The 3rd Step, which involves educating the customer about features and benefits.
The 4th Step, which involves learning why the customer is reluctant to buy.
5th Step, Getting the customer's positive agreement to buy.
6th Step; Recommending additional merchandise or services that will save the customer money or enjoy the original purchase more.
Final step; creating a means of maintaining contact with the customer after the sale.
In the coffee sales project, each bag of coffee costs how much for the customer to buy?
A paper that shows the camera angles, describes the scene and what actors are involved in a picture format is a ....
A line by line version of what will be said in a movie.
In 1609, King William and Queen Mary...
Who among the following hat the right to vote in English colonies?
The Zenger case helped establish the right of
In colonial times, how did a young man often learn a trade?
Unlike the poor in Europe, lower-class colonists
Free African Americans in the colonies were allowed
What percent of enslaved Africans died or committed suicide during the Middle Passage?
Which of the following was a factor in the growth of southern slavery?
Which of the following was not legal for slaves to do under slave codes?
What schools today would compare to Puritan grammar schools?
adding to a persons energy level
comes down
every so often
lodged within
a harsh sounding voice
The Magna Carta was the first document to...
The legal rights that Englishmen had led the colonists to...
Unlike modern public schools, colonial public schools included instruction in...
Whose trial helped establish freedom of the press?
Who wrote "Poor Richard's Almanac"?
At around what age were colonial children expected to begin working?
Most women in colonial America were expected to marry men...
If the English Colonies had not had so many Plantations, it is likely that...
Both the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights...
How did the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights impact colonial government?
to act slowly
very thorough
unable to do anything
attached to
following instructions
to move unsteadily
of the best quality
Es la una menos cinco
Son las cuatro y cuarto
Son las cuatro menos cuarto
Es mediodia
es medianoche
Son las dos y cuarto
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following is the fundamental unit of life?
Which characteristic do volvox and euglena share?
Which of the following do some protists use to move around?
An organism such as a nematode worm may have only 1000 cells. It should be classified as being which of the following?
Complex organisms require a large number of cells that?
Which must be present in order for something to be classified as an organism?
Which of the following represents the smallest level of organization in the body?
Which statement about all living organisms is true?
Which term is given to a projection of cytoplasm, or false foot, used by an amoeba for feeding and movement?
Identify the cellular organelles that contains enzymes that function in intracellular digestion.
What organelle would account for a decreased rate of oxygen production in a plant cell over several hours?
The organelle that is responsible for making ribosomes.
An organelle that functions to modify proteins before they are used by the cell or transported is known as the?
Which organelles increases their activity when athletes are playing a rigorous game of basketball?
Cellular respiration takes place in what organelle?
What organ in the human body would contain a large amount of mitochondria?
Photosynthesis takes place in this plant organelle:
The organelle that contains chromosomes and controls the functions of our cells.
In plant cells this structure is made of cellulose and provides support to the cell.
Who wrote The Gettysburg Address?
'Four score and seven years ago' is equal to:
'All men are created equal' is a quote from which document:
The word 'dedicate' is repeated throughout the speech. To 'dedicate' means to:
Lincoln repeats 'we' throughout the speech. Who is he referring to?
How long is The Gettysburg Address?
In the line 'final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live', Lincoln compares:
'poor power' is an example of:
Lincoln repeats the word 'here' 8 times in the short speech. Why?
When Lincoln says, 'these dead shall not have died in vain' , he means:
Very loving or loyal
To make or become nervous and upset
Allowing you to do something easily or without trouble
Very hot or stuffy almost to the point of being suffocating
To make someone feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and self-respect.
To present or hold up to view
Something that lends pleasure or zest
An associate in wrongdoing, especially one who aids or abets another in a criminal act
Martin Luther King, Jr. _________________ himself to fighting for equal rights for all people.
His ____________ in the crime was immediately arrested while he got away.
The Executive Branch for Marietta
The Legislative Branch for local government
The Judicial Branch for the City.
The Executive Branch for Georgia.
The Legislative Branch for the state.
The branch that interprets, or tells what the laws mean in Georgia.
The name of the Federal Branch that writes the laws.
The Federal Branch that carries out the laws.
If someone breaks a US law, they will go here to court
What level of Government has the capitol in Atlanta.
What level meets at City Hall?
What level of government has the capitol in Washington D.C.?
What level of Government is the USA Supreme Court?
What branch carries out the laws?
What Branch interprets law based on the Constitution
The City Council, General Assembly, and Congress are all part of what branch?
Nathan Deal works at this level of Government.
Thunder Tumlin carries out the laws for.
On the state level, this is devided into the House of Representatives and the Senate.
On the federal level, this group is devided into the House of Representatives and the Senate.
Bankruptcy is never the best option
33% of credit reports have errors on them
A cease and desist letter is something that should be sent immediately after receiving a call from a collector
The Fastest growing group of bankruptcy filers is senior citizens
In order to have a FICO score you must have debt
Disposable income is the money paid to creditors after paying necessities.
Experian, Trans Union, Equifax
The percent of total debt each creditor gets when you can't make minimum payments
Court action that allows a lender to take wages directly from a paycheck
States that harassment is illegal and sets call times for creditors.
Which of the following is not covered under a bankruptcy?
How often should you talk to a collector?
When should you send a cease and desist letter to creditors?
A collector calls you at 7:30 am
A collector blocks you driveway with their car.
A collector calls you at home for the third time in a week
A collector continually calls you at all hours of the day, yelling at you, verbally abusing you, and threating to garnishing your wages. You have already informed him of the FFDCPA, recorded him, and tried to work out a deal.
An overdue payment is called
To reclaim possession of an item because the borrower falied to make payments
The Euglena has this feature which helps it to see the light
Whip the Euglena's tail? No big deal! It's already whipped enough as it is!
Luckily for the amoeba it has this perceived feature which helps it move.
Amoebas and paramecia both spit up their excess water through tho feature.
The outer part of the jellylike substance in cells helps the amoeba capture its food
The inner part of the jelly like substance controls the amoeba's activities
This part of the paramecium is quite the multi-taker. It serves as the source for genetic information while also reproducing
This part of the paramecium is also quite a multi tasker as it contains genetic information while at the same time controlling its flow of energy
This part of the paramecium helps it to remove its solid wastes.
Boy, Paramecia sure are hairy creatures on the outside
Although an amoeba has no mouth, it can still gather food through this process
This part of a paramecium helps it carry food to the site where it is broken down
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
You are in a place with a tremendous variety of trees and plants that receives about 300 cm of rainfall per year. You are likely in the ___________________ biome.
You are in a place with trees full of colorful leaves. This is the ______________ biome, which is where we live.
It is winter. You are in a place with tall trees full of needle-like leaves. You are likely in the ___________________ biome.
The tropical rain forest biome is found in warm regions close to the _________________________.
The soil in the tropical rain forest is so ________________ that many trees grow roots above-ground for support.
Trees in the tropical rain forest form a green roof, or _______________ above the forest floor.
Most of the animals in the tropical rain forest live in _________________________.
Rainfall is an _________________factor, or nonliving part of the environment; plants and animals are _____________ factors, or living parts, of the environment.
________________ is the typical weather pattern in an area over a long period of time (includes precipitation and temperature).
A group of ecosystems with similar climates and oraganisms is a _______________.
The one change that is tested in an experement. For example: Type of soda
The final change that resulted from the Independent Variable...
All of the parts of the experiment that remain the same.
Which was one example of a constant in the Soda Lab?
This one of the most widely accepted scientific theories on the formation of the Earth.
The Nebular Hypothesis states the big cloud was made up of...
The big cloud shrank because of the force of...
What was born after the spinning cloud has most of its material gather at the center?
Planetesimals are small planets and Protoplanets are large planets
Earth is which numbered planet from the sun?
An insect that has been stuck in amber, or a frozen wooly mammoth is an example of...
A dinosaur foot print in a rock is an example of..
The spin of the earth is called...
The orbit of the earth is called...
The youngest layer of undisturbed rock would be at the...
What elements make up the core (inner and outer core)?
The earth's rotation affects which of these...
The moon's revolution affects which of the following
The last event in the Nebular Hypothesis was...
The first event in the Nebular Hypothesis was...
Which is not a reason civilizations were settled near water?
Which is not a feature of a civilization?
When man began to write down what happened around him is called
This was the first group that settled Mesopotoma
The fertile cresent is between which two rivers
To bring water into your crop land area is called
The Jews / Hebrews were freed from the Egyptians led by
to define a group by the God they serve and the way the worship is to tell their
Culture means
Monotheistic means
An aquifer is...
An artesian well is like a _____________
What is the problem in the town of Fairview?
Unsaturated Zone is ________________
Which of these things is NOT permeable
Water flows fast _____________
Most of the Earth\'s fresh water is located where?
The energy that drives the water cycle comes from the ___________
Which one of these factors DOES NOT effect Runoff?
Erosion is .....
How did people send messages before the telegraph?
The telegraph was useful because...
What Act did the government pass to help construct the transcontinental railroad?
The Pacific Railway Act said that the government could lend __________ to the Railroad.
TRUE or FALSE? Chinese immigrants working for the Central Pacific Railraod were paid a lot of money.
TRUE or FALSE? Chinese immigrants working for the Central Pacific Railraod were given easy, safe jobs..
Name two goods that western farmers transported East using the railroad.
Name two goods that eastern farmers transported West using the railroad.
On May 10, 1869, where did the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific tracks join?
What to kinds of metal spikes did the Railroad officials tap into the last piece of track?
Who does Katniss live with
What district works with lumber
How did Katniss's father die
Effie Trinket doesn't like what
Since when has Peeta had a crush on Katniss
What does Peeta tell Katniss that she isn't good at
What is the name of the berries that kill Foxface
In the cave Katniss tells Peeta the story of when
In which Hunger Games does Katniss compete
Cato dies from
Why didn't people settle on the Great Plains earlier?
Which answer BEST describes the Great Plains?
What Act encouraged people to settle on the Great Plains?
What did the Homestead Act offer settlers?
What was the name given to African-American homesteaders?
What was the climate during Winter on the Great Plains?
What was the climate during Spring on the Great Plains?
What was the climate during Summer on the Great Plains?
Millions of this kind of insect appeared on the Great Plains in the 1870's?
Great Plains farmers became known as _______ because they had to break through so much thick soil.
Water is __ compared to to ice.
Salt water is __ compared to fresh water.
When water water molecules on the surface of water pull on one another this is created.
Water molecules stick together due to their opposite poles.
Temperature decreases -- gas turns into a liquid
Temperature increases -- water changes into gas
Fixed shape and fixed volume
fixed volume but variable (chaning) shape
This forms when the liquid temperature increases and forms a gas
A water molecule has the following charges
The Vacation Reading Club, created by the Oklahoma Library Commission's Traveling Libraries Department during the Great Depression, did which of the following?
Which public library in 1934, in order to raise money, asked for newspaper donations so that they could then sell the newspapers to a local fern grower?
How many new libraries were created throughout the US between 1930 and 1940?
What library job did FERA and WPA often designate to unskilled women during the Great Depression?
What was one way in which shelving practices changed during the Great Depression?
During the Great Depression, the Chicago Public Library did not have the funds to purchase books, so what did they do with their books that were in poor condition?
A single book in this type of library in Oklahoma could be read an average of fifty times within a six-month period during the Great Depression.
What percentage of Florida's population had no access to free library service during the Great Depression?
Carl Roden, chief librarian of the Chicago Public Library, believed that the Great Depression would bring about a new, third era of public libraries in which libraries would be
In 1936, Oklahoma passed legislation requiring a person to pay a one dollar fee every time they filed papers with a county clerk in order to support what type of library?
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36 divided by (-4) =
-24 divided by (-6) =
If you are moving ahead you are making.....
To make something pure or better you are....
A dishonest person is a .....
If you are feeling UNEASY during a test, you are....
If you are stuck up, self loving and arrogant you are....
A Declarative sentence ends with a....
A interrogative sentence ends with a.....
a exclamatory sentence ends with a .....
an imperative sentence ends with a....
what is the same as or synonym as REFINE?
In a reverse fault, where does the hanging wall mover relative to the footwall?
What is the outermost layer of the Earth called?
According to the continental drift theory, as single, huge continent once existed called
What type of boundary is formed when plates collide?
In a normal fault, where does the hanging wall move relative to the footwall?
Where does sea-floor spreading take place?
What is the liquid layer of the Earth's core called?
What type of fault usually occurs because of compression?
What type of fault usually occurs because of tension?
used to measure the movement of tectonic plates
What kind of force can lead to mountains with sharp, jagged peaks?
What type of boundary is formed when plates separate?
used as evidence for continental drift
What is the area where two tectonic plates meet called?
What type of boundary is formed when plates slide past each other?
harderns to form new rock at mid-ocean ridges
used to measure the density of the Earth's layers
used as evidence for sea-floor spreading
the sinking of a rock layer
stress that squeezes a rock layer
Which personal characteristic of successful entrepreneurs reflects that successful entrepreneurs work until the job is done?
Which personal characteristic of successful entrepreneurs reflects that successful entrepreneurs develop a plan of action and make decisions to help achieve that plan?
Emma and Ivy are considering beginning a jewelry-making business. They have been collecting, reviewing, and interpreting the surveys they distributed last week about their business idea. Emma and Ivy are in what stage of the entrepreneurial process?
What could cause a new business to run short of cash during its first year?
Which personal characteristic of successful entrepreneurs reflects that successful entrepreneurs are accountable for their actions?
Which personal characteristic of successful entrepreneurs reflects that successful entrepreneurs want to make their own decisions, set their own schedules, and can work without supervision?
Listing people and businesses who might give money to start the business, completing an application for a business loan at the bank, and advertising for people to work in the new business are all classified as which stage of the entrepreneurial proce
What is an example of an activity that is performed during the actualization phase of the entrepreneurial process?
What could cause a new business to have very few sales during its first year?
What could cause a new business to not be able to keep up with the demand for its new service?
Scientist Matthais Schleiden contributed to the cell theory by concluding that
Most cells are a very small size because
What cell part supports the cell and might be made of cellulose orchitin?
Energy released by a cell's mitochondrion is stored in
A cell's nucleus contains DNA, which carries genetic material with
What cell parts carry materials between organelles such as the ER and the Golgi complex?
Which part of the cell acts as the cell's delivery system?
What part of the cell forms a barrier between the cell and its environment?
Prokaryotes that include such types as heat-loving, salt-loving, and methane-making.
An organelle that contains the cells DNA is the
Leeuwenhoek called the single-celled organisms that he found in pond scum animalcules. Today we know them as
The function of a part of an organism is related to
Larger size, longer life, and specialization are three advantages to being
Which of the following statements is not part of the cell theory?
What part of the cell keeps the cell membrane from collapsing?
Ribosomes, the organelles that make proteins, are found on the membranes of the
Which of the following is true of each of the four levels of organization of living things?
Which equation represents a linear function?
Which equation represents a linear function?
Which function is linear?
Which equation represents a linear function?
Which term identifies this equation non linear? 2x - 4y = x^2 + 3y
Which term identifies this equation non linear? 5y + 6x^3 = 18x + 3y
Linear or non linear y = 3x^2 + 4
Which part makes this non linear 3x^2 + y = -8
Which equation is linear?
Which is non linear
If a gold block was cut into eight pieces, the density of each piece, compared to the density of the original block would be
As the volume of air expands due to heating, the density of the air will
What is the density of a piece of wood that has a mass of 25.0 grams and a volume of 29.4 cm3?
A cup of gold colored beads was measured to have a mass of 425 grams. By water displacement, the volume of the beads was calculated to be 48cm3. Which metal are the beads made of?
I a plastic ball into the pool for my dog to fetch. The mass of the ball was 125 grams. What must the volume be to have a density of 0.5 g/ml?
An ice cube measuring 5.8 cm x 5.8 cm x 5.8 cm has a density of 0.917 g/ml. What is the mass?
Gasoline is a liquid that will float on water. 450 grams of gasoline is spilled in a puddle of water. If the density of the gasoline is 0.665g/ml, what is the volume of the gasoline that spilled?
volume measures the
What tool would be appropriate to use for finding the mass of a mineral sample?
What tool could be used to find the volume of an irregular object
business man
an electrician
female nurse
a farmer
a teacher
a carpinter
a computer programmer
The last step in protein synthesis is
The instructions for making a protien are stored in the nucleus in the form of
What is mRNA and what is its funciton?
What enzyme is used to convert the code in DNA into mRNA?
In order for protein synthesis to occur, mRNA must migrate to the
Nucleotide sequences of tRNA that are complementary to codons on mRNA are called ____________________.
What is the main goal of Transcription and Translation?
Transcription is the process by which genetic information encoded in DNA is transferred to a(n)
During translation, a ribosome binds to
If a chemical suddenly began affecting the base Uracil, the mRNA strand would
A group of cells that perform a similar function is called a?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What shape is a soccer ball?
What are some things that you can eat?
Where do you go to fix your teeth?
What do you use to control the T.V.?
What do you do in art class?
What do you do in math class?
Where do you live?
Which of the following is an animal?
Where do you carry your school supplies?
Which of the following are in a music class?
A Web Tool that promotes creativity.
Which tool allows you to create an avatar?
You would like to add audio to an image.
Which webtool would be helpful to review for a test?
You would like to present your students with an organized list of websites.
Which website will provide students with the abiltiy to create a word cloud?
You want to organize events in chronological order.
Which web tool can be use as a storytelling tool?
Current Events - and the clock is ticking down. :-)
Collection of historical information
Which term describes the forces that act on a soccer kicked by a player?
Two teams are playing tug of war, but neither side moves. Which term describes the forces?
Two girls push a box to the left with a force of 20 N each. Another girl pushes on the box to the right with a force of 20 N. What is the net force?
What are three examples of an inclined plane?
Which is NOT a simple machine?
Which force is used when a bar magnet picks up nails?
What does buoyant force act against when pushing up on objects?
What effects the gravitational force between objects?
Why is a simple machine used?
Which situation is work being done?
Which process is directly used by autotrophs to store energy in glucose?
Which ecological term describes all the deer living in a region?
An environment can support only as many organisms as the avaible energy, minerals, and oxygen will support. What term besst discribes this statement?
Which energy transfer is least likely to be found in nature?
Which type of model provides the most complete respresentation of the feeding relationships within a community?
Which of the following breaks down and recycles nutrients in an ecosystem?
In an energy pyrimid, which level would most likley have producers?
The first organisms to grow after a forest fire are called
Natural communities replacing each other in an orderly sequence is called
Bees and flowers are an example of which type of symbiotic relationship?
What is 7.04 millimeters in centimeters?
When testing the hypothesis, which of the following is NOT part of this step?
What is 58 hectograms in milligrams?
If someone drops glass and it breaks, where should they safely put broken glass?
What is 0.034 milliliters in liters?
Which piece of equipment is important to have nearby in the case of a fire?
All of the following are parts of a well written conclusion EXCEPT...
What is 5 grams in decigrams?
What three words must be used in a hypothesis?
An independent variable is what you...
What book was irreparably damaged by a fire in the Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria di Torino in 1904? It contained the laws of Christian Rome.
An arsonist in 1986 set fire to what library, losing one of the largest and oldest collections of patents and cookbooks equaling over 1 million books?
What year did Shih Huang-ti order the first known book burning?
What modern political movement had established a functioning library in New York City, but was destroyed when NYPD raided the camp in Zuccotti Park?
What author and female rock star provided the main tent that housed the People’s Library of Occupy Wall Street?
What library was burned in retaliation when American forces burned a library in Toronto a year earlier in 1813?
Bosnian Serbs opened fire on what library destroying its entire collection, gunning down civilians who were trying to save items?
What English King destroyed the Glastonbury Abbey, and with it, the earliest examples of Anglo-Saxon literature?
What man created the “House of Wisdom” in 1004 until the Mongols invaded, destroying rare hand illuminated manuscripts?
10% of all public library materials were blacklisted and destroyed when what political regime came to power in 1933?
What phrase meaning "burning of books and burial of scholars" was created because book burnings became so common in China?
What handwritten Chinese encyclopedia, containing 22,937 sections, with over 370,000,000 words, was pillaged during the siege of Peking?
What library in Peking housed the last written copy of Yong Le Da Dian?
The Hanlin Academy was burned during what uprising?
What library still holds 41 surviving volumes of the Yong Le Da Dian long after most others have returned their copies to China?
What Belgian library was first burned in 1914, rebuilt and opened in 1928, but promptly destroyed again in 1940, losing well over 230,000 items?
What treaty required Germany to restock and fund the Library at Louvain after World War I?
Manuscripts of the famous explorer Vasco da Gama were destroyed in a fire triggered by an earthquake in what European capital?
The Palace library of Marquis of Louriçal housed a handwritten history by what Holy Roman emperor before it was destroyed by earthquake related fire?
Records of the Portuguese East India Company were destroyed by the Lisbon earthquake in what year?
Square shaped
Wood (made of)
Enough, pretty, sufficient
When a plant grows in response to a stimulus, it is referred to as _______________.
If a plant grows toward a light source, then it is said to be displaying ____________?
What would happen if a light source was placed below a plant?
An example of _________________ is when a plant starts to coil around another type of plant.
What part of the plant responds positively to gravity?
Something that causes a positive or negative response in an organism is called ____________.
What part of the plant displays positive phototropism?
Which of the following does not cause a response in plants?
Geotropism is the same as __________.
What force causes roots to grow downward?
tú _________ (acampar)
ella _______ (hablar)
Ella_________ (pescar)
Yo________ (tomar)
Nosotros __________ (mandar)
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The purpose of government, according to Enlightenment thinkers is to
Which are the unalienable rights listed in the first section of the Declaration of Independence?
The American Revolution ends at the Battle of
Which is a reason the battle of Saratoga is important to the American Revolution
Writer of the Declaration of Independence who borrowed many ideas from the Enlightenment period and John Locke
During the war women did many things to support the revolutionary cause. Which is an effect the war had on women after the war?
After the war Native Americans
Yo ____ rubio.
Tú _____ morena.
Ellos _____ amigos.
Nosotros _____ inteligentes.
Juan ____ serio.
Miguel y yo _____ activos.
Marta y Juanita _____ romáticas.
Vosostros _____ perezosos.
Yo no _____ atlético.
Ud. _____ muy tímido.
Which biome is characterized by cold temperatures, little precipitation, and animals such as wolves and caribou?
The tundra is a biome with many biotic and abiotic factors. The abiotic factors in this biome include
The tropical rain forest is a biome with many biotic and abiotic factors. Abiotic factors in this biome include
In which biome are evergreen trees an important biotic factor?
The ocean is a biome with many biotic and abiotic factors. The abiotic factors in this biome include
Which moon phase occurs when the moon is between the sun and Earth?
During spring tides, high tides are higher than normal and low tides are lower than normal. What is the most likely cause of spring tides?
What causes a lunar eclipse to occur?
During only which phase of the moon can a solar eclipse take place?
Which best describes how often a high tide occurs at a specific location?
Which of these lists identifies only biotic factors in a desert environment?
On which planet is one day the longest?
Which of the following is NOT an outer planet?
upiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Why does Venus look larger than Jupiter in the night sky as viewed from Earth?
Stars in the night sky are actually larger than the moon, yet they look smaller. Why do stars look smaller than the moon when viewed from Earth?
About how long does it take for the Moon to complete its cycle of phases?
Which statement is true about how day and night occur on Earth?
Which motion of a solar system body takes the least amount of time?
What causes the tides to rise and fall on Earth?
During spring tides, high tides are higher than normal and low tides are lower than normal. What is the most likely cause of spring tides?
The temperature at which water freezes enables water to exist in which two forms on Earth?
What type of landform is most likely formed by a divergent tectonic plate boundary?
A reverse fault occurs when one side of a fault plane is driven up over the other side. Reverse faults can cause which of these landforms?
Crustal plates that pull apart from one another most likely form
Mountains are most likely formed
The surface of Earth is composed of large tectonic plates that are constantly shifting as they float on top of molten rock. Which process must occur in the mantle to make the plates move?
In 1785, James Hutton, stated that evidence of past occurrences can be used to explain events which happen today. Which could most likely be used to explain an event in the geologic past?
Which event most likely takes place as the result of crustal movement along transform boundaries?
In what section of Earth do earthquakes happen?
The islands in the mid-Pacific Ocean region were formed from
The theory of plate tectonics provides the current explanation for the way in which
Which is the best explanation why the remains of a small reptile living millions of years ago have been found only in Brazil and South Africa?
Before strip mining for coal, the topsoil in the area is removed and stored. After mining operations are completed, the land is leveled and topsoil is replaced. The purpose of replacing topsoil is
Soil erosion can be best prevented by
Landscapers frequently plant grass on steep hills in the yards of new housing developments. Which statement best explains how grass can help conserve the soil?
Of the choices listed, what is the best way to conserve water in a home?
What is the main source of energy that drives all weather patterns?
What is the main source of energy for the water cycle?
Using solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity may help slow the depletion of which resource?
Turning off the light when leaving a room is an example of
How many keys to goal setting are there?
Control your own destiny or someone else will is also known as
In Habit 3, we learned that there are four time quadrants. What time quadrant do we want to be spending most of our time?
Which of the following is not considered a big rock?
This is the RBA deposit where you do not lead people on.
Which of the 6 deposits into the Relationship Bank Account (RBA) is the single greatest deposit?
In Habit 4, this is the attitude which always occurs in sports and big business.
Getting caught up and worrying about your clothes and having the newest phone model are examples of which of the tumor twins?
Habits 4,5, and 6 are part of the
What deposit into the RBA will quickly restore an overdrawn bank account?
Choose what attitude this scenario is an example of; You have had your eye on someone for weeks, but you haven't told anyone. Your best friend meets the object of your affection and is instantly attracted. She asks you to ask your crush and you do.
Most of what say is communicated through
Which of the following is used in genuine listening?
This is when we seem like we are listening and respond with cool and uh-huh.
These people believe that everyone has the right to be different. They just don’t embrace the differences.
Choose the correct steps of the Synergy Action Plan below
In Sharpen the Saw, what is also known as “the mental dimension”?
Which of the following is a way to care for your body?
In Habit 4, This was also known as the totem pole.
This is the time quadrant where everything is important and urgent.
Which of the following fractions is equivalent to 9/10?
Whate in the least common multiple of 2 and 6?
What would be the least common denominator of 1/2 and 1/8
what is 3 _ 2/5 as an improper fraction?
1 _ 1/8 + 5 _ 6/8
1/2 + 1/3 = ?
reduce: 3/18
reduce 18/48 to its simplest form!!
1/2 x 1/3
4 _1/8 minus 2 _ 7/8
9/10 - 3/20
what is 11/2 as a mixed number?
1/3 divided by 12
change 15/7 into a mixed number
What is the order from least to greatest of -1, 2, and -3?
-58 + (-)29 =
28 + (-23) =
The temperature dropped 18 degrees F in 4 hours. If the final temperature was -5 degrees F, what was the starting temperature?
31 - (-9) =
-8 - (-8) =
The top of a tree is 35 feet above ground level. The roots reach down 22 feet below ground level. What is the difference between the top of the tree and the bottom of the roots?
2 x (-8) =
-9 x (-9) =
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Why did cattle ranchers send their cattle to the North and East?
SUPPLY is the amount of something that people want to ______ at certain prices.
DEMAND is the amount of something that people want to ______ at certain prices.
How did the invention of barbed wire change the life of cattle ranchers?
What is a railhead?
Cowhands led cattle to railroads, where the cattle were...
How many major cattle trails were there?
Cattle ranchers sent their herds on long cattle drives to ______ so that the cattle could be shipped to the East and North.
The cowhands drove the cattle beginning in _________ and traveling north to the railheads.
BONUS! Who were the first cowhands of America.
Add -ed to hope
Add -ing to stop
Add -ing to ride
Add -ed to jump
Add -ed to pop
Add -ing to
Add -ing to wake
Add -ed to smell
Add -ing to ice
Add -ed rake
What is 10-9?
What is 12-6?
What is 15-10?
What is 8-6?
What is 11-7?
What is 9-9?
What is 10-6?
What is 2-0?
What is 7-5?
What is 6-5?
Why did the U.S. soldiers and Indians fight?
Why didn't the Plains Indians want to move to the U.S. government reservations?
Buffalo were important to the Great Plains Indians because...
At one time millions of buffalo lived on the Great Plains, why did they nearly become extinct?
What does assimilate mean?
How did the U.S. government try to assimilate the Indians?
What did the Dawes Act do?
What are 3 reasons the cattle drives disappeared?
Plains Indians depended on ______ for food, but settlement on the Great Plains destroyed buffalo herds.
The federal government gave settlers the land promised to _________.
How does the textbook define emotion?
Which of the following is not a component of emotional competence?
According to the research study conducted by Marie B. H. Yap et al....
Which of the following is not involved in the meditative concept according to Betsy L. Wisner et al?
True or False: moodiness is normal for adolescents.
Which of the following is true?
Which of the following is not a category for emotion according to Nor Shafrin Ahmad et al?
True or false: according to studies, females are more prone to expressing anger in actions.
True or False: Aversive parents can transfer their feelings onto their children.
True or false: the shorter the meditative practices are, the more effective they will be.
Naturally occurring solid mixture of one or more minerals and organic matter is...
When magma cools quickly, what kind of texture does rock have?
Mechanical weathering occurs at a greater rate in climates that are...
When oxygen in the air reacts with iron, the result is...
What is it called when wind blows sand and silt against exposed rock, eventually wearing away the rock’s surface?
If you drop a sugar cube into a glass of water, the sugar cube will dissolve after a few minutes. This process is an example of
What is the organic material formed in soil from the decayed remains of plants and animals called?
Small rocks weather more quickly than large rocks because their surface area is
Process in which layers in sedimentary rock are formed
In the rock cycle, which rock type may be weathered to become sediment, and eventually sedimentary rock?
A ______ is a set of instructions that a computer uses to accomplish a task, such as word processing
A ______________ is a collection of information that is stored on a computer under a single name.
The right side of the Taskbar is known as the ___________ area and is sometimes regerred to as the system tray.
The screen that appears after Windows starts up and you sign on is known as the
Program instructions and data are divided into fixed sized units called
Information stored in a computer's RAM is ______________.
Which item is not part of the IPOS cycle?
___________ software controls all devices and operations completed by a computer.
A monitor is classified as an__________________
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 [184] 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369