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What cell part makes and transports proteins?
The Golgi Body...
What term refers to uncoiled DNA in the nucleus?
Prokaryotes and eukaryotes have what in common?
Which kind of cell are bacteria?
The Golgi Body packages molecules into...
Support in a cell is accomplished by...
The mitochondria in a cell
What cell part makes and transports lipids and detoxifies substances?
Which cell organelle does not deal with protein?
What poetic device uses like or as?
What poetic device does not use like or as?
What poetic device uses repetition of a constant?
What poetic device uses repetition of a vowel?
What poetic device uses repeating noise or sound?
What poetic device uses words that make sounds of their actions?
What poetic device uses an exaggeration?
What poetic device uses giving a non-living object, human traits?
What character type is a boring non-interesting and unnecessary character?
What character type is changes heart?
What character type plays the bad guy?
What character type is a well developed character?
What character type stays the same?
Which word below is spelled incorrectly?
Which word below is NOT spelled correctly?
Which word below is NOT spelled correctly?
Which of the following words below is spelled correctly?
Which word below is spelled correctly?
Which of the following words is NOT spelled correctly?
Which of the following words is NOT spelled correctly?
Why would a cell need centrioles?
The cell membrane is also called the...
A cell can be identified by its...
Which does not have to do with transport in a cell?
Prokaryotes have this, but eukaryotes do not...
The protein fibers which support the organelles...
A protein used to transmit information across the cell membrane...
Detoxification of substances is accomplished by...
Vesicles transport materials away from the...
If a prokaryote has no nucleus, does that mean it has no DNA?
Who made the decisions in the Irquois League
In addition to meat, what did animals provide to the peoples of the Eastern Woodlands?
Why did Iroquois hunters speak to and thank the deer they killed?
Which of the following is an Iroquois custom that is still practiced today?
Which animal was important to the people of the Plains for meat, clothing, blankets, and utensils?
What is one way horses effected the lifestyle of the Cheyenne?
Which of the following describes the environment of the Southwest Desert cultural region?
Why did the Hopi build their villages on the tops of mesas?
What was the shaman's main role in Kwakiutl society?
Which is the BEST description of a potlatch?
What purpose did the Iroquois League serve?
Which is not true of the people of the Eastern Woodlands?
What did potlatches and totem poles represent?
What is a shaman?
Which culture adapted horses for their use?
The Whiskey Rebellion was a _________ protest against taxes
Native Americans asked to Spain and _________ to help stop Americans from moving on their land.
One benefit of the National Bank was...
The XYZ Affair was when __________ tried to bribe the United States.
This vocabulary word means to firmly favor one political party over another.
This word is a group of advisers to the president.
Hamilton felt that the U.S. needed to pay the full value of these certificates that promise to repay borrowed money, if the U.S. was to look responsible.
To legally overturn is...
The idea that states should have all powers that the Constitution does not give to the federal government
The first 10 Amendments is called the ...
The Alien and Sedition Acts were
Under the theory of negligence, the duty of care requires an intentional act.
A business owner has a duty to use reasonable care to protect its customers against foreseeable risks about which the owner should have known.
The degree of care to be exercised in a situation can vary with a person's profession or occupation.
Proximate cause exists when injuries sustained were too remotely connected to an incident to trigger liability.
A defense available in an action based on a negligence theory is that the plaintiff to prove one or more of the required elements.
A person assumes all risks associated with any activity in which he or she participates.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What would a scientist conclude from discovering fossils of the same rare prehistoric organism on two different continents?
How do scientists know that some mountains were once at the bottom of an ocean?
What would a scientist conclude from discovering fossils of warm-weather plants in a cold climate
Which theory best explains how an asteroid impact resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs
Which would indicate that a series of fossils represent the evolution of the horse?
What do earthquakes tell scientists about the history of the planet?
Which best describes how ice cores are important to the study of geologic history?
Which statement best describes the law of superposition?
Which best explains how geologic time scales can help scientists study the evolution of life on Earth?
How much of an isotope's 20 grams will be left after 24 years if the isotope's half-life is six years.
What is a disadvantage of using nuclear power?
What is an advantage of energy conservation efforts?
How are index fossils useful?
Differences in the bone arrangements of two distinct organisms supports the hypothesis that the organisms
Darwin discovered few birds on the Galapagos that had similar beaks because these birds
What could be concluded from the discovery of dinosaur fossils layers below mammal fossilsin an undisturbed rock layer?
The use of geothermal energy is limited because
Which would least likely have an impact on global climate change?
Which of the following is the most reliable prediction about the future of some nonrenewable energy resources?
Many solar energy systems require batteries because
Which is an example of a renewable energy resource?
How do scientists know when a mass extinction took place
Which of the following would a scientist most likely use to find the absolute age of a rock
What is the most likely result if two populations of the same species are separated for a long period of time?
The theory of natural selection tells us that
Which would best allow a species to survive environmental changes?
Where does sea-floor spreading occur
The earliest part of Earth's history is called the
What process is most responsible for the extinction of most species of plants and animals that have lived on Earth?
Which group of animals appeared on earth most recently?
Which of these would not be used by a scientist to determine the evolutionary relationship between two species
Which of these is least likely to show common ancestry
Why are many people less concerned about global warming?
What 2006 documentary film produced by former Vice President Al Gore alarmed people of global warming
What 2008 documentary accused public universities of unjustly firing scientists who believe in intelligent design?
The belief that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old rests upon which theory
What evidence supports the hypothesis that dolphins and whales evolved from a common ancestor?
Which process most often occurs at the mid-ocean ridge?
What is it that causes the vast difference of tigers and household cats in spite of both coming from the feline family?
While teaching the theories of evolution and global warming, Mr. Harvey said clearly
Measurement of size
White type on a dark background; designed to make type stand out
Bold, italic, and underline are examples of
The amount of space between characters
Spaces certain character closely together so one appears to be tucked under another.
The space between lines of text or between paragraphs. Most common single and double.
Can be moved about anywhere on the page. Not connected to text.
Attached to text and moves with it.
A picture or drawing created by someone else with the intention that the artwork will be used by others.
What is not considered a graphic?
A horizontal or vertical line
Creates a graphic out of text by using curves, colors and other effects
A pale image placed on the background of a page and is often used for logo or other identification
Determines the path the eye will follow on a page
The area on a page in which text or graphics are absent
Are narrow white space areas that flow down a page in justified text
The arrangement on a page of all the key parts without regard to specific content
A page design in which the longest side is the top of the page
Shortest side is the top of the page
Divide the page into thirds either vertically or horizontally which will make an attractive design.
A layout design that places an image or block of color so that it ends at the exact edge of the paper
Used for body text
A section of a newsletter that lists publication information
The first letter of a paragraph that has been enhanced to give it emphasis.
A sentence at the bottom of the column or page that is separated from the rest of its paragraph.
Line appears at the top of a column or a page with the rest of the paragraph appearing at the bottom of the previous column or page
Is when two heading are placed across from each other on a page that is designed with columns
Files that can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader or any platform (Mac or Windows) without original software
A name, symbol, emblem, or trademark designed for easy and definite recognition
A small printed card usually containing a person's name, business affiliation, job title, address, telephone number, etc.
A sheet of stationery with the name, address, logo and sometimes other relevant information of an organization printed at the top, bottom, left or right side
The first document that recipients see.
Used to announce events, advertise a product or service, or promote a cause.
Offer businesses a walking form of free advertising
A periodically published document containing news and announcements about a subject or theme.
Consists of an understanding of the relationship of color by using a color wheel.
Red, blue, and yellow are
Two primary colors mixed together
More of one color than the other
Not on color wheel
Adding black to a hue
Adding white to a hue
Adding gray to a hue
Opposite each other on the color wheel
Are side by side on the color wheel-can be combined successfully
Variations of black
Best choice for web pages or computer screens
Best choice for printers
A basic color such as blue
Intensity of a color
The brightness determined by adding black or white
Color that appears when working with tools
Acts as a layer color beneath the original image
System uses a series of cards to identify specific colors.
The process of building an image by placing one image on top of another
To duplicate part of an image onto another part of the image
To remove data from one or more sides of an image
To combine images from different sources
To select all the colors in an area that are alike
Image function that smoothes out edges by making them slightly fuzzy
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is a peninsula?
What is a gulf?
Estimate the product 1/9 X 39.
Estimate the product 10/11 X 3/5.
The average population of a big city is 4 7/8 million people. Suppose each person produces an average of 2 2/9 pounds of garbage each day. About how much garbage would be produced each day?
8 X 4/9 =
3/16 X 5/12
3/7 X 2 5/8 =
A container holds 1/4 gallon of oil. Jonathan is changing the oil on his car and needs 5 containers. How many gallons of oil does Jonathan need?
Renee spent 1/8 of the day landscaping around the house. She spent 1/2 of that time pulling weeds. What fraction of the day did Renee spend pulling weeds?
A quilt measures 4 2/3 feet by 6 feet. What is the area of the quilt?
A recipe makes 5 1/2 dozen cookies. Marquis needs to make 3 3/4 times this amount. How many dozens of cookies will he make?
5 divided by 1/7
1/2 divded by 5/9
2/3 divided by 5/7
7/9 divided by 5 4/9
Spencer spent 4 hours doing chores over the weekend. If he spent 2/3 of an hour for each chore, how many chores did he do?
Duane bought 68 3/4 inches of chain for an art project. How many 15-inch chains can he make from it?
A cooler contains 13 1/2 cups of fruit juice. How many pints of fruit juice does the cooler contain?
Mrs. Franks has 45 pounds of grain to divide among the farm animals. If each animal receives 3/4 pound of grain for each feeding, how many times can Mrs. Franks feed her animals?
The Anglo-Saxon period began around 449 and ended in
Which of the following did not live in England during the Anglo-Saxon period?
Who were the original speakers of Old English?
The monk who spread Christianity throughout England was
Which of the following is not a characteristic of epic poetry?
Which of the following was king of the Danes?
The Geats were
The king in Beowulf had built a great mead hall which he called
What did Grendel do to the Danes?
What does Beowulf take into battle against Grendel?
The leg of the triangular trade route in which enslaved Africans were shipped to the West Indies was known as the
What was one factor that led to the success of the Pilgrims?
The first Treaty of Paris at the end of the French and Indian War marked the end of power in North America for…
What side did most the natives side with during the French and Indian War?
The Mayflower Compact was written by the Plymouth colonists as a…
What happened in 1692, that caused mass hysteria within the town of Salem, Massachusetts?
In the 1500s, what changed the ways of life for Native Americans forever?
The Proclamation Line of 1763 prohibited colonists from moving west of the…
Because their journey had a religious purpose, the Separatists called themselves…
What was the name of the territory the British gained control of from France following the French and Indian War?
The Jamestown settlers found a way to make a profit for their investors by planting…
Which colony was the first for the British and would become known as the “lost colony”?
Which is one difficulty the British faced when establishing colonies in North America in the 1600s?
How was life different between the northern and southern states in the late 1700s?
What is the main reason the Puritans and Separatist came to America in the early 1600’s?
During colonial times, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware were called the Middle Colonies, which was the main crop grown in the Middle Colonies?
What was the name of the exchange of plants, animals, diseases, people, ideas, and culture between the Europeans and the Natives of the Americas?
What were the main reasons that Europeans explored the New World?
What proposal sought to unite the American colonies against the French in the French and Indian War?
The Middle and Southern Colonies were founded mostly for what purpose?
What was the name of the incident that occurred on the evening of March 5, 1770, in Boston, MA, in which five people were killed by British soldiers?
What was the name of the incident that occurred on December 16, 1773, in Boston, MA, in which the colonist dressed like natives and boarded ship of the East India Company and destroyed 342 chests of tea?
Which best describes the American colonist reaction to British rule after the French and Indian War?
The British agreed to recognize the United States as an independent nation after the victory at…
The man who wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence was…
The British recognized the United States as an independent nation in the…
The French announced support for the United States after the American victory at…
What was the name of the group that led many rebellions against British rule in the colonies and were led by Samuel Adams?
What act, or tax, required all colonists to receive a mark when they paid a tax on paper products in the colonies in 1765? It would be repealed in 1766, after the colonist had protests and boycotts against it.
The Proclamation Line of 1763 called for…
Which was Thomas Paine’s literary contribution during the revolutionary era?
How did England view its North American colonies before the American Revolution?
The shot heard 'round the world refers to the actions of the minutemen at…
These taxes applied only to imported goods such as glass, tea, paper, with the tax being paid at the sea harbor where it entered. What was this act called?
Which was an economic motivation behind the American Revolution?
Where did George Washington set up camp in Pennsylvania during the winter of 1777, which would prove fatal for an estimated 25 percent of his men due to disease, starvation, and the cold?
Which belief was included in the Declaration of Independence?
What was the name given to Americans who supported independence from Great Britain during the Revolution?
A group of civilians trained to fight in emergencies in a minute’s notice are called…
Which was an outcome of the American Revolutionary War?
Which is a unique power of the executive branch of the United States government?
What keeps any one branch of government from gaining too much power?
What famous essays provided arguments for the ratification of the United States Constitution?
The division of powers between the national government and the states is a...
What does the Electoral College do?
A state’s representation in the House of Representatives is based…
How many senators does each state have?
The first ten amendments to the Constitution are also called…
The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees all of the following EXCEPT…
The branch of the government that is headed by the president is called the…
The branch of the government that deals with the court system is called the…
What was America's first constitution called?
The delegates, who met in Philadelphia in 1787, are called ____________________.
What is the plan put forth by the big states for representation in both houses of the legislative branch to be based on population?
What is the plan put forth by the small states for equal representation in the legislative branch with one house and everyone getting one vote
One major weakness of the Confederation was that it could not deal with…
The Articles of Confederation placed most the power of government in the hands of the…
What was the name of the compromise that the north and the south came to on the issue of slaves counting for population and taxes?
What plan was a compromise between the big and small states which had a two house legislature with one group, House of Representatives, based on population and the other, the Senate, based on each state getting two people with two votes?
The Articles of Confederation was replaced with a document that…
What characterized the Qing dynasty?
Which Chinese philosopher taught the virtues of respect, loyalty and obedience?
What was built by the Chinese to protect them from Northern invaders?
What idea was created by the Zhou Dynasty that stated heaven chooses who should rule China?
What is the transfer of power from one emperor or dynasty to another?
Which Chinese dynasty was most known for their inventions and trade?
When Kublai Khan conquered China, what dynasty did he start?
Which explorer did the Ming Dynasty send out to explore and show off the power and wealth of China?
What was the policy of avoiding contact with other countries called?
How did the Mongol Empire spread during the 1200s
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is migration?
Which American Indian group had skilled horse riders and warriors?
Why did the Southwest Indians have to rely on irrigation to grow their crops?
How did geography help the Northwest Indians survive?
What is true about the Adena and Hopewell civilizations?
Which of the following is a major food that the Tlingit people ate?
Why did having a horse make hunting easier for Western Plains people?
What type of dwelling did the Hopi live in?
What did the Haundensaunee people do to make their nation stronger?
Which of the following tribes was known for their potlaches?
Which library supports the curriculum of a college?
Libraries are classified because of the ......... they hold.
A ......... is a room or building containing a collection of information materials organised for library users
A room or building containing a collection of arts, science, historical and cultural objects.
The documents in an archive are also called ............
Who manages the activities in a museum?
Who manages the activities in an archive?
These libraries are owned by individuals, organizations, companies, corporations, clubs and societies.
These libraries monitor the materials published in their countries or published about their countries.
They provide different types of information for different categories of people and various age groups.
A region’s distance from a large body of water is one factor that affects its ______________________________________.
Factories and agriculture are important to the ___________________________________ of the southern states.
Sometimes a river or road is part of the ____________________________________ of an area.
Temperatures are often lower at a high ___________________________________________ than they are at sea level.
What is a tornado in Minnesota on March 29 an example of?
If an area with mountains or highlands determines a region, what type of region is it?
Which of the following is separated by a border
Which of the following is not one of the four major regions of the United States?
Why do people in dry regions control water resources?
Which of the following is an example of a climate region?
The sequences and direction of swedish massage strokes are most adapted to which anatomical or physiological situation
Which best describe the effect of massage therapy
In first aid for a choking victim, you want the victim to
the massage therapist needs to wear gloves if
Lymph massage procedure begin at the
A form of touch therapy in which the energy of the recipient is rebalanced, promoting health and healing is called
A pregnant client should have pillows under her back when she is lying
Cold applied for therapeutic purposes is called
Cross fiber friction massage must be applied in which direction to the fibers
a pre event sports massage is basically a swedish massage with the movements performed
What is an observation?
What kinds of observations are there?
What are Qualitative Observations?
What are Quantitative Observations?
Which of these is an Observation?
Which statement is an Inference?
You look out of your window and see two men carrying a TV set away from your neighbor\'s house. Which is an inference based on this observation?
Which of the following is an inference about a coin?
Which of the following is NOT an observation?
Which statement about a burning candle is most likely an inference?
Technology is the knowledge, processes, and products that
What problems can a GPS system solve?
Once you have chosen a solution in the design process, what step do you do next?
What is the first step in the design process?
In what step of the design process do you read other people's experiments?
What do you consider when choosing a solution?
What is a prototype?
Why were magnetic levitation trains created?
What example of technology has NOT improved transportation systems?
What is NOT a step in the design process?
if I lived in California
when I turn 12
her brother is nice
if we go out for ice cream
the dog ate my homework
her favorite flavor is strawberry
because he is nice
where the winter is extremely cold
it is very warm in Florida
so I can finish my homework
The line that seperates the sky from the ground and is also at eye level is called
Where parallel lines meet, usually on the horizon line
Where two lines meet to form a point, the corners of objects, or the ends of line segments are called
Two lines that meet to form a 90 degree angle are called
An object that is two dimensional is called
An object that is three-dimensional is called
A method of drawing used to create the illusion of a form by showing its mass is called
The difference between how light or dark something is is called
A complex spatial system based on a relaively simple visual phenomenon is called
The overall color of a surface is called
Lines that vary greatly in weight, character, or qualities area called
Lines created by positioning a series of points or liens so that the eye tends to automatically connect them are called
A line that occurs as our eyes follow the direction a figure or object is looking or pointing is called
Lines used to follow the edges of forms to describe their outlines are called
Lines that don't follow the edge but instead describe the movement of an object are called
The blockage of light by a form which projects a darkened image of the form behind the object is called
When two or more objects overlap and both are seen completely
For a composition to have a feeling of oneness or wholeness is called
A principle of design that indicates a type of movement in an artwork is called
To place greater interest on a certain area or objects in a composition is called
The apparent change in form an object undergoes in perspective such as a circle appearing as an oval or a square as a diamond is called
A type of visual balance in which one side of the composition appears different from the other side but is still balanced is caleld
A design in which both sides of a composition are identical is called
The three colors from which all other colors are created
When two primary colors are mixed, they create a
The colors on a color wheel that are between the primary and secondary colors are
Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel are called
A color scheme that uses only one color and tints and shades of that color are called
Any two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are called
Adding white to a color to lighten its value is called the colors
Answers by Educators Question Database
A region of space that surrounds a magnet and exerts a force on other magnets and objects made of magnetic materials:
Where is the magnetic field strongest?
Regions of a magnet that exert the strongest force:
Which of the following is NOT a magnetic material?
An electric current in a wire is surrounded by a __________ field.
A single wire wrapped in a cylindrical wire coil:
A temporary magnet created when there is a current in a wire coil:
A device that uses an electromagnet to measure electric current:
The _____________ force is one of the fundamental forces.
Generation of current by a changing magnetic field:
What was the major reason for building the pyramids?
Which pharaoh was know for doing a lot of trade?
Who signed the world's first peace treaty?
What is the most important thing for ancient Egypt?
How did Khufu make sure people accepted his power?
What used 2 million stones and had tunnels inside leading to a tomb chamber?
Why did archaeologists rebuild the White Chapel?
Which phararaoh was a woman?
Why is King Tut one of the most well-known pharaohs?
Which pharaoh was known for making Art, Architecture, and literature?
What religion did most of the Australia’s Irish prisoners practice?
Why did the Australian government restrict immigration after it became independent from Great Britain in 1901?
What did English Captain James Cook name the first colony of Australia?
What language did the first European settlers speak in Australia?
Many of the first settlers were
Most Australians are
Who claimed Australia for England
What percent of Australians were born in another country?
Which is TRUE of the literacy rate in Australia?
Which is TRUE about Australia’s standard of living?
Techniques that can be used to create a grayscale include all except
When drawing or painting, name a drawing technique to make objects look three dimensional
How did Renaissance artists use foreshortening?
Can the Principles of design work without the elements of design?
In the steps to art criticism, what is discussed in the Description section?
In the steps to art criticism, what is discussed in the ANALYSIS section?
In the steps to art criticism, what is discussed in the INTERPRETATION section?
In the steps to art criticism, what is discussed in the JUDGEMENT section?
Define orthogonal lines
What is the Fibonacci sequence?
How do you create a golden rectangle?
All of the following are examples of the golden ratio in the human body EXCEPT
The following are examples of the golden ratio found in nature EXCEPT
Define contrapposto
Who was Polykleitos?
What are the three things most important to the Greeks?
Roman architecture influenced today’s architecture. We see the influences a lot in our sports arenas. Name three similarities between modern arenas and roman sports complexes.
Why was the dome in the Pantheon so important to Roman architectural achievements?
List three color schemes we studied this semester.
Name an example of a utilitarian object we studied this semester
What is collaborate?
What are search engines?
What is password?
What are applications?
What is an AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)?
What is format?
What are links?
What is research?
What is domain?
What is a blog?
What is a URL?
What is cloud computing?
What is username?
What is an icon?
What is global awareness?
During the Early Republic period, why were some Americans in favor of protective tariffs? (8.5B)
The Tariff Act of 1789 placed a tax on goods entering the United States from another country. The funds raised from the tariff were meant mainly to pay for the country’s—(8.5B)
Alexander Hamilton’s economic plan was designed to
Which problem did George Washington encounter when he became president? (8.5A)
Which issue would be supported by Thomas Jefferson, but rejected by Alexander Hamilton? (8.5C)
How many terms did Washington believe presidents should serve?
17. How did the disruption in Atlantic shipping during the War of 1812 affect the U.S. economy? (8.13A)
What is a policy of neutrality?
How did Federalists interpret the text of the Constitution? (8.21A)
Which issue is one reason for the development of political parties in the early republic? (8.5C)
What benefit did the protective tariff give the American economy?
16. What was the major provision of the Embargo Act passed by Congress in 1807?
What is Impressment
What rules did the Alien Act establish
In 1812, President James Madison urged Congress to declare war on Britain. Madison justified his request based mainly on his belief that
Which issue is one reason for the development of political parties in the early republic? (8.5C)
Which was not a CAUSE of the War of 1812
Alexander Hamilton’s economic plan was designed to (8.5A)
A member of the Democratic-Republican party would be most likely to support which of the following ideas?
Which President of the United States declared that the Western Hemisphere was closed to further colonization by other countries?
What is a mountain?
What is an island?
What is a plain?
What is a desert?
What is a glacier?
What is a valley?
What is an ocean?
What is a river?
What is a lake?
What is a waterfall?
What is a plateau?
What is a hill?
What is a canyon?
What is a volcano?
What is a coast?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
act of having one marriage
a written communication that is sent far away
to apply wrongly
gives birth to excitement
one who loves music
rule by one
large, great
Charateristic that can be observed without changing the object.
A leaf can decompose.
The ability or inability to react with another substance.
The mass of an object is 34 grams.
Metal can rust.
The color of an object.
The density of water is 1 g/ml.
Gasoline is flamable.
Water boils at 100 degerees centigrade.
Water can break into oxygen and hydrogen by electrolysis.
Mary and Jerry like to help _______ when they have difficulty with their homework.
John and Lily call ______ every night.
The monkeys look out for ________.
Cherry, Peter and their friends cook for _______ all the time.
Our teachers teach us to love ______.
John and Nana always encourage ______.
Liz and David always make fun of ____.
6F students like to share _______’s hobbies.
Leon, and I shared the snacks with ________.
Peter and I gave presents to ________.
How did Greece's physical geography influence its early civilizations?
Which of the following describes the helots of Sparta?
Spartans might be described as...
Which of the following explains why Greek civilization collapsed during the Dark Ages
Which of the following describes Spartan women
Which of the following statements would some historians agree
Men in Athens gathered in the Agora in the morning to
Athens was very cultured and centered their culture around art and education, while Sparta centered their culture around...
Oracles had a great impact on Greek history because...
Pericles is remembered as...
The dark ages of Greece were a period during which...
Which of the following statements best describes public life in Athens?
Which of the following best describes early Greek philosophers?
The Parthenon is a Temple built to honor the Greek goddess _____ and is located in the ancient Greek city-state of________
Spartans finally conquered Athens after...
Which of the following describes Minoan and Mycenaean Civilizations
In general Greeks worshiped...
The name given to "rule by a few"
Each citizen gets to vote on all the issues
The proper order of government types in ancient Greece is...
In a controlled experiment, how many variables are changed at a time?
The positively charged subatomic particles in atoms are
A bond formed by the transfer of electrons is
Which is an example of a carbohydrate?
The group of macromolecules that stores and transmits genetic information is
Which of the following is NOT true about water?
A higher pH means
Compounds that are organic
Proteins are polymers made of
Which is a well-tested explanation that unites and explains lots of different scientists' observations and hypotheses?
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Which cycle contains these processes: Sublimation (solid to gas), evaporation, transpiration
Which cycle requires the processes of cellular respiration and photosynthesis?
Which material is cycled from burning fossil fuels?
Which material is cycled through decomposition?
Which alternate energy source has: A disadvantage is the destruction of habitats when drilling
What is caused by trapping of atmospheric greenhouse gasses?
A plan to burn/convert unused food to bioenergy would decrease usage
What is the protective atmospheric barrier to UV radiation?
These emissions depleted the ozone layer causing increased UV radiation to reach Earth.
Coal, oil, and natural gas will not be available when depleted; so they are examples of
Hydropower, wind, solar, geothermal energy are constantly replenished; so they are examples of
Which cycle uses: Nitrogen Fixation, denitrification, and assimilation?
Name a misconception of Autism and why it is a misconception.
What is the cause of Autism?
Name the three types of hearing loss
Name two strategies for communicating with someone with hearing loss.
What are 2 Myths from the presentation?
What is the difference from a Bright student and a Gifted student
Identify three accommodations for printed materials for students with low vision and/or blindness.
Describe two important teaching considerations regarding students with low vision and/or blindness
What are the three low incidence disabilities?
What is an example of an accommodation for deaf-blindness
On Mohs' hardness scale, which of the following minerals is harder than quartz?
A mineral's streak
Which of the following factors is NOT important in the formation of minerals?
Which of the following terms is NOT used to describe a mineral's luster?
Which of the following is considered a special property that applies to only a few minerals?
Which of the following physical properties can be expressed in numbers?
Which of the following minerals would scratch fluorite?
A naturally formed, inorganic solid with a definite internal geometric structure is called a
___________is the tendency of minerals to break along flat surfaces.
Gold and silver are ______________ because they are each composed of a single type of atom.
Aluminum comes from a mineral ______________ called bauxite.
A material's ___________________is defined as its mass divided by its volume.
If the atoms of a substance are arranged in a specific, repetitive pattern, the substance is
The mineral calcite, CaCO3, is an example of a
The nonsilicate minerals
In addition to reclamation, a good way to reduce the environmental effects of mining is to
The color of the powder that a mineral leaves on a piece of white, unglazed porcelain is called the mineral's
What are silicate minerals not always made of?
Which example shows the relationship between a living thing and a nonliving thing?
How do moose use a learned behavior to protect themselves?
In a desert environment, cactus wrens often build their nests in cholla cacti to avoid predators. This behavior does not hurt the cacti. Which type of relationship do cactus wrens and cholla cacti demonstrate?
Which of the following is a biotic component of a desert?
Salt concentration, water temperature, plankton, and the whale shark might all be used in a description of an ocean
Fungi are an important part of a terrestrial ecosystem because they
Rabbits introduced into Australia over 100 years ago have become a serious pest. Rabbit populations increased so much that they displaced many native species of plant eaters. What is the most logical explanation for their increased numbers?
Which of these organisms are most helpful in preventing Earth from being covered with the bodies of dead organisms?
If paleontologists finds fossils of many different species existing in the same area at approximately the same time, the paleontologist can conclude that the ecosystem in this area had a high degree of
The yucca moth lays its eggs inside the flower of the yucca plant. The larvae eat some of the plant seeds. When the moth flies away from the plant, it takes pollen from the yucca flower with it. How does the yucca moth help the yucca plant?
The highest concentration of life exists in the top 200 meters of ocean water. The most important factor that influences this concentration of life is the
Which of these types of organisms would most likely have the largest populations in a pond ecosystem?
If farmers cleared a large forest and planted grass, the squirrels that had lived in the forest would most likely
All living and nonliving things that surround an animal are part of its
A scuba diver sees a squid releasing a cloud of black ink while the squid quickly moves away. Which stimulus most likely caused this behavior?
What do scientists mean when they refer to a population?
What relationship is mutualistic?
In a large forest with many animals, there are only a small number of bears. Which of these most likely limits the population of bears in the forest?
An ocean, a forest, and a grassy meadow are each examples of a complete ecosystem. Complete ecosystems contain
If Jessica has light eyes (bb) and both of her parents have dark eyes (Bb) which statement is true?
I will ALTER my dolls clothes means too.....
To be unclear about something is to be....
If I distribute gifts to children at Christmas, I will....
To throw or force something out would be to....
define embrace
Define Equip
What does flexible mean?
If something happens instantly, it happened....
If you were keen on doing something, you would be....
If a person walks with a limp, they.....
1. On Christmas Eve, Mrs. Claus was making her famous Sedimentary Rock Cookie Bars. Describe what one serving would look like if it was a good model of sedimentary rocks.
2. As Santa delivered the famous cookies, he noticed all the layers in the Grand Canyon. Santa is a smart guy and thought to himself: The Grand Canyon must be a huge piece of _____ rock!
3. Santa flew over Colorado and saw a great sand dune! He was amazed at how the peaks seemed to flow for miles. How were the sand dunes formed?
4. As Santa traveled along, he noticed a bunch of curves in the Colorado River. He knew they were from flowing water weathering and eroding over time. He just could not remember the name of the curves. They are called _____.
5. Santa continued his journey through the United States. and saw a water fall at Niagara Falls. What weathered and eroded the side of the waterfall over the years?
6. Back at the North pole, some elves were trying to find Santa's workshop. They knew it was in a landform that a glacier had formed long ago. What were they most likely looking for?
7. Santa was thinking of processes he could model throughout the night. What was he modeling by dropping off presents to each good girl and boy?
8. On a hot chocolate break, Santa remembered Emily's present, a book of landform science! He read there was a major factor in forming canyons. What was that factor?
9. Santa traveled along and saw the Mississippi River. All the way at the mouth, he noticed sediment had built up and deposited right there. What landform was he looking at?
10. Back in New Mexico, Santa delivered some presents to a little boy near a cave, so he stopped by for a peek. He saw some magnificent formations hanging from the ceiling. What were they called?
11. When Santa passed the beaches of the California coastline, he noticed they looked very different then years before. What process by what agent is most likely responsible for this change?
12. Back at Santa's Workshop, Gizmo, the head elf, was passing the time by blowing on a pile of flour left behind from Mrs. Claus' cookies with a straw. What landform formation was Gizmo most likely modeling?
13. Santa continued his journey through the United States and flew through Hawaii. He noticed some land he hadn't remembered being there before, a new island! How did that island probably form so quickly?
14. As Santa flew over land in Arkansas, he noticed how dark the soil was in many areas. He knew that soil was very dark when it had lots of _____ in it. He knew this would be great soil for growing crops. What did the soil have in it?
15. As Santa flew through North Texas, he noticed an earthquake happening right then! How could the earthquake chane the land?
16. When Santa flew over Florida, he saw that lots of the land had been stripped and flattened. Also, there seemed to be lots of water in the area. What natural disaster could have caused this change?
17. Santa made sure to wrap Little Charley's present extra special this year. IT was a fossil of a shark tooth found in the dirt of Oklahoma! What does this fossil tell Santa about what Oklahoma used to be like a long time ago?
18. Santa's favorite elf, Chisolm, found another fossil for Little Mikey in a rock formation in Utah. What type of rock did Chisolm most likely find the fossil in?
19. Santa's last stop in the United States took him to Maine. He saw ice in a rock that at that moment had expanded so much from freezing that the rock broke into pieces. What process was Santa witnessing?
20. When Santa returned, he made diagrams in a journal of all the landforms he had sen. What would not be a great title for his journal?
Which trophic level with the most organisms and biomass?
Which trophic level containing herbivores only?
Which trophic level does not pass energy to any other trophic level; least organisms?s
Which trophic level includes small carnivores and omnivores?
A diargam that shows one specific sequence to show how energy flows through trophic levels
Energy is lost when it is transferred from one trophic level to next as
A diagram that shows many feeding pathways in an ecosystem?
Which level of hierarchy: Biotic and abiotic components of a pond
Which level of hierarchy: Plants and fish in an aquarium
Which level of hierarchy: One species of plant in an aquarium
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
In which of the following types of government does a small group make all political decisions for its citizens?
All citizens can vote in which of the following governments?
People own land, factories, and businesses in which of the following economic systems?
In which of the following economic systems does one central authority (national government) decide what is produced?
Which of the following is a tax on foreign goods?
The USA refuses to trade with Cuba. The USA has a ______________ with Cuba.
Factories and technology are examples of:
Which of the following is not true about NAFTA?
The capital of the Aztec empire was:
Which ancient civilization had stone terraces, a polytheistic religion, and irrigation?
Who was the conquistador of the Incas?
Who was the conquistador of the Aztecs?
Which of the following was NOT a reason that natives were defeated by Europeans?
Which of the following was NOT a major affect of the Columbian Exchange?
Which of the following is the primary reason that Africans were chosen to work as slaves?
Who freed 6 countries in South America including Gran Colombia?
Which of the following people was a Catholic priest in Mexico?
Who was a former slave that fought against the French to free St. Domingue (Haiti)?
Who led the Cuban Revolution to overthrow Fulgencio Batista in 1959?
Which of the following is the name of the group of Native Americans and farmers that protested the Mexican government in Chiapas, Mexico?
_____ are you so happy? Because I have a birthday party.
_____ is is sitting behind you? Rita.
_____ do you go to school? By bus.
_____ does the first lesson begin? At 8.00 o'clock.
_____ is the police-station? In front of the park.
_____ is the weather like in Israel? It's hot.
_____ does he usually have for lunch? Rice and fish.
_____ book is that? It's Maria's.
_____ can translate this word in English? I can.
_____ are you crying? I lost my keys.
A rusting bicycle.
Mixing salt and water.
Bleaching your hair.
Squeeze oranges for juice.
Crushing a can.
Water evaporating.
Baking cookies.
Chewing gum.
Frying an egg.
Melting ice.
Hurry up! We only have _____ time before the coach leaves.
We saw _____ beautiful scenery when we went to Austria.
There are _____ shops near the university.
Not all of the children went outside. _____ of them stayed in the classroom.
Would you like some milk? Yes please. Just _____.
There are only _____ people interested in football.
Can you tell me _____ about your experience in London?
I have to go to the supermarket because _____ Lucy and Betty are busy.
_____ the students have to leave the classroom. Nobody can stay here!
Jessica spent a lot of money on her car. Now she only has _____ money left to pay for her living expenses.
automotive industry
small business
clean-energy technologies
manufacturing jobs
Wall Street
small business
Which shows the correct hierarchy of cells?
Which organelle is correctly paired with its function?
Which organelles are in a plant cell, but not an animal cell?
What would most likely happen if the ribosomes in a cell stopped functioning?
Many scientists consider viruses nonliving. Evidence supporting this consideration includes the fact that viruses
The development of the cell theory was most directly related to
Guard cells guard what?
Which structures carry out life functions within cells?
The function of a cell depends primarily on its
Which statements below are associated with the cell theory? (a) Cells are the basic unit of structure.(b) Cells are the basic unit of function.(c)Cells come from preexisting cells.
federal workforce
foreign aide
federal funding
energy production
on-the-job training
energy independence
What eats only other animals?
An area in which living and non-living things interact is an:
What is an adaptation?
A population contains all the organisms of
What are biotic factors?
When one species benefits and another is neither harmed or helped, it is called
Worms and bacteria are examples of
When both species benefit from the relationship, it is called
Symbiosis is
Soil, rocks, rain, and temperature are examples of
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Which program is used to create a list of students or contacts for a business?
Software programs used to organize and manage data are known as?
Software such as Dreamweaver and MS Frontpage are examples of what type of program?
Software such as Excel and Lotus are examples of what type of program?
Software such as 3D Studio Max and TrueSpace are examples of:
Which shape never appears in flow charts?
Which axis is the dependent axis
In a color Venn diagram what color is in the middle of the light model?
A ball is released from the top of a ramp and the acceleration is measured each time the ramp is raised. The ball's acceleration is which variable?
What type of graph is used to display how monthly income is spent?
Where on a graph can the reader learn the identification of codes?
Which is true when making a bar graph?
A student records the total number of male and female teachers in his/her school. What is the best way to visualize the data?
What is the best type of chart or graph to visualize how temperature affects heart rate?
What is the best type of graph to visualize how nutrition affects an athlete's physical endurance?
What is the best way to illustrate a trend in data?
What rule concerning axes on graphs is correct?
What is a diamond used for on a flow chart?
A student is testing how well paint will last in different types of weather . What is the dependent variable?
What type of chart can compare many pie charts?
What type of chart would you make to show a family tree?
A student records how much sugar will dissolve in water at different temperatures. What is the best way to visualize data?
A student measures how different types of corn grow in an area, which type of graph would best visualize the data?
A student is teating the growth of plants in different color light. What is the independent variable?
What type of data will a researcher obtain with the question below:On a 1 to 5 scale, with 5 being very strongly, state how strongly you agree with the president's speech
Fish lives with an invertebrate. The fish provides food scraps for the invertebrate and the invertebrate provides a nest for the fish.
Mosquito sucks blood from a dog.
A microbe finds shelter and food in the skin of a fish without hurting the fish.
A lion stalking and catching a gazelle.
The sea urchin and lobster eat the same organism
Bacteria breaks down wastes in a human intestine.
A glacier melting to expose rocks would allow this type of succession
This type of succession occurs where there is existing soil
This type of succession is much slower
This type of succession occurs following a fire
Lava flow might occur before this type of succession
Which biome has the greatest amount of biodiversity? (high amount)
Which biome can be described with: low rainfall, hot days, cooler nights
Which biome contains the greatest amount of hibernating animals?
Which biome can be described as: low rainfall, cold
What is the biome in which we live?
What is the biome that is cold with permafrost and little rain?
Which biome is described as a: grassland with shrubs, isolated trees; dry winter, wet summer
Which biome is described as: a coniferous forest (evergreens); cold winters, warmer rainy summers
What is the definition of the word; Precedent?
What do we call the group of advisers to the President?
What do we call a certificate that promises to repay borrowed money with interest by a certain date?
What does impressment mean?
What word describes to firmly favor one party or faction?
What does alien mean when talking about government?
What is sedition?
What department deals with foreign policy?
Which department deals with the protection of the country?
Which department is in charge of printing of money?
Which factor is represented by: The amount of salt in the ocean water
Which factor is represented by: Shark circling prey
Which factor is represented by: temperature, sun, and humidity
Which factor is represented by: algae, bacteria, moss, worm
Which factor is represented by: nonliving chemical and physical factors in the environment
Which cycle uses bacteria in the soil?
Which cycle has no atmospheric form?
Which cycle contains material that is recycled through combustion?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The ____is the sequence of events that happen in a story
The ____is the problem the main character is facing.
The ____ is where and when the story happens.
____is a struggle or problem that characters face in a story.
A ___are how he or she is as a person.
If a person betrays his or her contry, it is considered _____.
If you ________something, you break your connection to it.
To be turned down or not accepted is to be ___________
For something to _____you, it must be right for you.
To be _________is to accept failure
Shay is...
What year did Shay's rebellion take place?
Why did the farmers rebel?
What did Shay's Rebellion lead too?
How many farmers made up Shay's army?
What was drafted after the Constitution?
What did the articles of confederation set guidelines for?
Who was the future president who was inspired by Shay's Rebellion to get back into politics?
Was Shay's Rebellion successful?
Which of the following was not a problem with the articles of federation?
Where does absorption occur?
What is the SA node also known as?
Which cells does HIV target?
What is the best defense against infection?
Something that elicits an immune response is called...
Which is the correct order?
In order to inhale, the external intercostal muscles must...
Neurons communicate with each other with
Amino acids are to proteins as glucose is to
Which cells produce glucagon?
Which organism is considered an exception to the cell theory because it has a noncellular structure?
An organelle that releases energy for metabolic activity in a nerve cell is the
the respiratory system includes a layer of cells in the air passages that clean the air before it gets to the lungs. This layer of cells is classified as
every living cell contains molecules of
Cell organelles may be separated according to their densities by the use of
All enzymes are examples of organic molecules known as
The shape, size, and internal structure of the mitochondrion have been revealed by
Most of the herditary information that determines the traits of an organism is located in
In a cell, information that controls the production of proteins must pass from the nucleus to the
Homeostasis in unicellular organisms depends on the proper functioning of
What term means mass per unit volume
If the mass is 7 and the volume is 14. What is the density?
If the density of water is 1.00g/ml. Will paper sink if the density is .25?
What term means pushing, of a volume of water, by an object
If the mass=6g and the density=3g/ml. What is the volume?
If buoyant forace on an object is equal to the object\'s weight, then the object will...
Archimedes discovered that objects weigh less when they
If gold\'s density is 19.3 g/cm3. It would float in water. True or False
Boats float on water and sink when flipped upside down because
Which term means the tendency of the object to float in a liquid?
a way of life shared by many people?
Treeless Plain that is frozen all year long?
These small boats were made of animal skin and used by tribes up north? You may also see me in one of these over the summer.
A very lite form of shelter that could be packed up in a moments notice? It is made out of Buffalo gide.
Sun dried bricks are also known as?
The leader of a tribe for the Iroquois is usually referred to as a?
Raised roads made out of the earth are called?
To have total authority over the people is to have?
When you have extra of something?
A sled where the people of the Great Plains placed their belongings on?
The land and bison are sacred to them.
________________________ was the leader of the Lakota Sioux.
___________________ was the U.S. Army leader who often attacked Native American tribes.
_____________________ was the leader of the Nez Perce
_____________ was the leader of the Apache tribe.
This dividied farm land for Native Americans.
These group promised to send food to Native Americans but never delivered.
This battle is also known as Custer\'s Last Stand.
This was a battle with Native Americans.
Just like Native Americans, this group was also DISCRIMINATED against.
This rebellion demonstrated weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation.
The Constitutional Convention was held where?
The division of power between state and federal governments is known as:
How many times has the US Constitution been amended?
Who was the main author of the US Constitution?
All of the following were problems w/ the Articles of Confederation EXCEPT:
This law that created the process for territories to become states is the Articles biggest success.
All of the following were conflicts between states under the Articles of Confed. EXCEPT:
All of the following were issues that had to be discussed at the Constitution Convention EXCEPT
People who supported ratification of the New Constitution were called:
The Great Compromise settled what issue at the Const. Convention?
The 3/5 Compromise settled what major issue at the Constitutional Convention?
These were written by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay to encourage ratification.
This is the name for powers of the government listed specifically in the Constitution
This is the name for powers of the government held by both Federal and State govs
This is the name of powers not specifically stated, but defined by the "necessary and proper" clause
Interpretation of the Constitution is left to...
The 1st Amendment guarantees all of the following rights EXCEPT
The idea that government cannot seize your property without paying for it is called
All of the following are specifically guaranteed by the Bill of Rights EXCEPT:
This scandal over a demanded bribe led to a near war with France
Favored the South, farming, France, and a weak central government
Favored the North, industry, Britain, and a strong central government
This rebellion proved the effectiveness of the new constitution...
Washington set all of the following precedents EXCEPT:
Which statement best describes the foreign policy of Washington's Administration?
Why did the election of 1796 lead to the passage of the 12th Amendment?
Which best describes the Alien and Sedition Acts?
Nullification was first presented in...
The 2nd President of the US was...
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not done
not done
not done
not done
not done
not done
Which of these is a FACT?
Which of these is an OPINION?
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