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All cells do contain:
The END products of respiration are:
The cell membrane is to the cell as a __________ is to the classroom.
The process of releasing energy from food is called
Kailtin finds pieces of her hair in her brush. Why is she still able to grow more hair?
When water moves across the cell membrane the process is called:
What are the two food producing and energy producing organelles in plants are
What is an example of a prokaryotic organism?
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Which of the following is a viral disease?
Which microscope can magnify up to a million times?
Which of the following is part of a bacterial cell?
Which of the following do groups of different tissues form?
Palm trees and pandas have ___.
One of the cell wall's function is to ___.
Energy is released into the cells by ___.
___ is a group of similar cells that work in unison to perform one function.
Water is a/an ___.
What is the transport and storage structure in a cell's cytoplasm?
Which of these processes releases energy?
Which of these is matter?
Plants make food through ___.
Some one-celled organisms take in food through ___.
Which stops the process of diffusion in cells?
Which of these is an example of passive transport?
Why are plants green?
Where is most of your body's water located?
Which of these is a part of sexual reproduction?
DNA code is ___ before being passed to new cells.
The four nitrogen bases that are found in DNA are adenine, guanine, thymine, and ___.
The process of the cell cycle where the nucleus divides to create two identical nuclei is called ___.
The process of meiosis ensures that organisms will have ___.
The final step in the mitosis process for animal cells is ___.
If a dipoloid tomatos cell has 24 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will the tomato's sex cells have?
Which of these is part of asexual reproduction?
What can fission be used to do?
During prophase, the two centrioles ___.
Whch of these is usually the cause of human genetic disorders?
Which of these describe the allele that causes color blindness?
Which of these is the result of an extra chromosome?
Which pair of chromosome produces a female offspring?
Blood types in humans are an example of traits controlled by ___.
What controls traits in organisms?
Which of these describes how an organism looks?
Which pair of chromosome produces a male offsprong?
Which process separates chromosomes?
Which of these separates during meiosis?
What may a series of helpful variations in a species result in?
Which group do humans, apes, and monkeys belong to?
Which early human group is considered to be responsible for ancient cave drawings discovered in France?
The punctuated equilibrium model of evolution states that evolution ___.
By comparing amounts of radioactive and nonradioactive elements in a fossil, its age can be determined through ___.
Studying embryology helps scientists understand ___.
Scientists compare DNA from living organisms to identify ___.
Change in inherited characteristics over time is called ___.
What group has opposable thumbs and binocular vision?
A bacteria species that were once killed by penicillin are now resistant to it. What model explains this?
One of the important scientists who contributed to the discover of bacteria is ___.
Which one is true?
Rod-shaped bacteria are called ___.
Which is true of bacteria?
Some bacteria can live without oxygen. They are called ___.
Which of these kingdoms are bacteria found in?
Which of these is a group of producer eubacteria?
Some archaebacteria thrive in ___ environments.
What do bacterial cells contain?
What pigment do cyanobacteria need to make food?
___ are plantlike protists.
Which of these causes red tides when found in large numbers?
___ protists usually reproduce asexually.
Carrageenan can be found in ____.
Which is true of green algae?
What helps a euglenoid sense light?
___ are important in the weathering process of rocks.
___ are also called fire algae.
Water mold contributed to problems that marked which historical period?
Which of these fungi is used for baking?
After decaying for millions of years, seedless plant material compacted and compressed to turn into ___.
Of all the known plant species, more than half are Anthophyta, which are ___.
To slow down the loss of water, a plant's body is covered with ___.
___ tissue help water and dissolved substances pass throughout a plant from its roots.
Plants need chlorophyll to carry out ___.
The paper you use to write a letter most likely came from which type of plant?
The ___ covers and protects plant leaves.
A plant that completes its life cycle within 12 months is called ___.
A plant that matures after more than two years is called ___.
The organ of a plant that traps light and carries out photosynthesis is ___.
What are the three main parts of a seed?
What special types of cells are produced during the gametophyte stage of a plant's life cycle?
Why might a seed be covered in prickly hooks?
Spores are produced during the ___ stage of a plant's life cycle.
Sexual reproduction in plants, as in all organisms, requires ____.
If someone gives you a plant and tells you that it is an angiosperm, you know that sometime during its life cycle it will produce ___.
Some seeds, like those in tomatoes and apples, are found inside ___ and pass through an animal's digestive system when they are eaten.
The transfer of pollen grains to the female part of the plant is called ___.
___ is a series of events that results in the growth of a plant from a seed.
Which of the following reproductive structures would be found only in gymnosperms?
A geranium gets the water needed to survive through its ___.
The reason most plant leaves look green is because of ___ in their cells.
Aerobic respiration takes place in which organelle?
Photosynthesis is a plant process used to ___.
Carbon dioxide is involved in ___.
Carbon dioxide enters a plant through its ____.
Respiration is important to most organisms because ___.
You are outside admiring the flowers on a rose bush. Looking at the green leaves, the green light is ___ from the chlorophyll.
Small openings on the epidermis of plant leaves are called ___.
The process where light energy is trapped in a plant's chlorophyll and produces sugars is called ____.
A coloring or marking that helps an animal hide from its predators is called ___.
A tapeworm grows by ___.
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This structure regulates the amount of light entering the eye
This clear portion of the sclera has many nerve endings that detect pain
The white portion of the eye is the
The innermost tunic (layer) of the eye, containing the photoreceptors
The colored part of the eye, determined by genetics
The anterior liquid portion of the eye
Smooth muscle, attaches to the lens
Detects colors and works best in bright light
Found at the edge of the retina, provide peripheral vision
These can be found at the fovea centralis
The bending of light rays is known as
Light rays bend as they pass through each of the following structures EXCEPT
Which of the following structures is NOT involved in adjusting the focus of an image on the retina?
A "real image" formed on the retina is
Nearsightedness, seeing near objects clearly and distant objects blurry is also known as
Farsightedness, seeing distant objects clearly and near objects blurry is also known as
This is caused by unequal curvature in different parts of the cornea or lens
This problem is often caused by an eyeball that is too short or a lazy lens
This problem is corrected with concave lenses
Which of the following terms describes the ability of eye to focus specifically for close objects (less than 20 feet away)
What is the prefix for clouds that form above 7000 meters?
Clouds form when the air cools to its
These clouds are fluffy with flat bases
The level at which a cloud condenses is called the
The adiabatic rate refers to
Why is the moist-adiabatic rate lower than the dry-adiabatic rate?
What prefix is used to describe clouds of middle height (2000-7000 meters)
Unsaturated air cools at a rate of
What state is the liquid in of a cirrus cloud?
Tiny particles on which clouds condense to are called
Which of the following is not true about prokaryotic cells
Which of the following is not true about cell theory
Which of the following organisms is not Eukaryotic?
Which of the following do all cells have?
Based on cell size and cell complexity, which type of cell do you think reproduces at a faster rate?
Which of the following roles do bacteria not play in nature?
What are viruses?
Looking at a cell udner a microscope, you note that it is a prokaryote. How do you know?
Some bacteria are said to be chemoautotrophs. What does "chemoautotroph" mean?
All cells have a cytoplasm. What is the cytoplasm?
Which macromolecule is not part of the cell membrane
Which macromolecule is mainly found in fats and oils?
Which macromolecule stores our genetic info as the blueprint for life?
DNA is to Nucleic Acid as Enzyme is to ____________ ?
We tested starch with iodine. Iodine changes color in the presence of carbohydrates. What happened to the starch?
Which macromolecule is our main source of energy, broken down in the mitochondria?
Which macromolecule helps transport things in and out of the cell in the cell membrane in faciliated diffusion?
Which macromolecule is made of fatty acids and glycerol?
Which of the following is not a macromolecule
"Monomer" means the basic unit. What is the monomer of carbohydrates?
Enzymes catalyze reactions. What does a catalyst do?
In our toothpickase lab, what was the substrate or reactant?
In our enzyme temperature lab, what relationship did we observe to be true?
How do enzymes increase the rate of reactions?
In a chemical reaction, a reactant binds to an enzyme at a region known as the
Which of the following is not a factor that affects enzyme activity?
Which of the following is not a good analogy for an enzyme?
Enzymes are made of
2 H2O2 ---> 2H2O + O2 // what is the reactant?
In the our toothpickase lab, what would happen if you put your hands in ice-water before you started breaking toothpicks?
What is the function of the lysosome?
What is the function of the Golgi body?
Which organelle converts light energy into chemical energy through a process called photosynthesis?
Which organelle stores materials needed by other organelles?
What is the function of the endoplasmic reticulum?
Which statement is true about the cell wall?
Which organelle is responsible for control what enters & leaves the cell?
Which organelle is responsible for using oxygen to make energy for the cell?
Which organelle is responsible for making proteins for the cell?
What is the function of the nucleus?
What is the short term condition of the atmosphere including temperature, precipitation and wind?
What is the average weather condition in an area over a long period of time?
What is the distance north and south of the equator expressed in degrees?
Which is not a factor that can influence climate in a region?
What causes seasons?
In what season is the northern hemisphere tilted away from the sun?
In what eason is the southern hemisphere tilted toward the sun?
Why do large bodies of water moderate temperatures of the land around them?
What is the height of an object above sea level?
What is a large region characterized by climate, plants and animals found there?
What are the Earth'ss three major climate zones?
What are periods where ice collects in high latitudes and moves toward lower latitudes?
What is the period of time when enormous sheets of ice advance and sea level drops?
What is the warmer period of time when sea level rises?
What are the two things that Milankovitch says causes ice ages?
What was the name of the large landmass that existed 250 million years ago?
What event changes climate due to dust, ash and smoke acting as a sheild from the sun?
What event could change the climate of a region by causing debris to shoot into the atmosphere blocking the sun's rays and thermal energy?
What event causes warming of the winds and therefore affects climate patterns around the world?
The Earth's natural heating process, in which gases in the atmosphere trap thermal energy is called what?
Why is urban driving more complex than other driving?
The three second following distance
In order to manage tailgaters you should
Reasons for crossing the center line might include
Approaching a yellow traffic signal means you should
Covering the brake is
Indicators for one way streets would include
To turn right onto a one way street
It is illegal to pass another vehicle
When driving in urban situations
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mechanism for species' change over time
dolphin's flipper or a bird's wing
a large-scale disappearance of many species
A(n) ___ is the disappearance of many species in a short time.
Species adapt to the environment through the processes fo mutation and ___.
Dinosaur bones are examples of ___.
New species can form when ___ split into small groups.
Tropical rain forests have high ___ compared with deserts.
the study of all the interactions between living and nonliving parts of an ecosystem
the part of Earth where an organism can live
any living thing in the environment
the place where an organism lives
individuals of the same species living in the same place at the same time
All are biotic factors except
Ponds, streams, and prairies are examples of ___.
A group of the same types of organism living in the same place at the same time is a ___.
A food chain is a model that shows the transfer of ___.
An example of a producer is a ___.
a material that harms living things by interfering with life processes
reusing materials after they have been changed into another form
an area where garbage is deposited
things people throw away that are in solid or near-solid forms
when gases released by burning oil and coal mix with water in the air
An example of a nonrenewable resource is ____.
Using an old newspaper to line a pet cage is an example of ___ the newspaper.
Collecting used paper and sending it to a factory to be made into new paper is an example of ___.
Breathing polluted air can cause
A life-cycle analysis of a product will indicate its environmental impact during its ___.
chemical that chromosomes are made of
reproduction with one parent
a change in a gene or chromosome
reproduction involving two parents
the process of nuclear division
The process of producing an organism that is genetically identical to another organism is called ___.
Sperm and eggs are types of cells called ___.
During meiosis, ___ for a trait separate.
Albinism is a type of ___.
A(n) ___ is a feature or characteristic of an organism.
stored energy
total kinetic and potential energy in the particles of a material
type of transfer to thermal energy that produces weather
transfer of thermal energy from a warmer object to a cooler object
ability to bring about change
Solar energy is ___.
Potential energy is to kinetic energy as ___.
Thermometers measure ___.
Gravity changes potential energy to kinetic energy when ___.
When you place a cooler object against a source of heat, you transfer heat by ___.
the shadow produced by the moon or Earth passing in front of the sun
the motion of Earth that produces day and night
a group of stars, gas, and dust held together by gravity
a group of stars that form a pattern in the sky
an object that is launched into space to gather information and send it back to Earth
The tilt of Earth's ___ causes seasons.
When the moon is waning, it appears to be ___.
An astronomical unit is the distance from ___.
Earth is the ___ planet from the sun.
There may be as many as ___ galaxies in the universe.
type of igneous rocks that are cooled below Earth's crust
kind of rock made of pieces of other rocks
a rare, precious mineral that can be cut and polished
type of metamorphic rocks with layers of different minerals
diagram that shows how the formation of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks can be interrelated
Rocks are usually composed of two or more ___.
Metamorphic rocks are formed when ___.
Sedimentary rocks can be classified as ___.
___ rocks are composed of broken pieces of rock.
Natural gas, coal, and oil are all ___.
the surface of Earth directly above the focus of an earthquake
cone-shaped mountain formed by igneous activity
the thickest layer inside the earth
shaking of Earth produced by movement along a fault
large section of Earth's crust and upper mantle
The movement of Earth's plates over millions of years is called ___.
The movement of the plates is believed to be caused by ___.
Earthquakes are caused by movement along a feature called a(n) ___.
Earthquake waves are produced at the ___.
Volcanoes that are formed by quiet eruptions of fluid lava are ___ volcanoes.
water flowing over the land
a wide curve in a stream channel
saltiness of ocean water
when moving water drops sediment
water vapor changing back into a liquid
The process in which water changes from a liquid to water vapor is ___.
Earth's ___ is the continual cycling of water between Earth's surface and the atmosphere.
Rivers change Earth by dropping sediments in a process called ___.
Currents that move large masses of water across the ocean, at or near the surface, are called ___.
The chlorine in ocean water comes from ___.
What category of organisms can mate and produce fertile offspring?
What is the closes relative of Canis lupus?
What is the source of energy for plants?
What makes up more than 50 percent of all living things?
Who finally disproved the theory of spontaneous generation?
What is the length of time called that an organism is expected to live?
What gas do some scientists think was missing from Earth's early atmosphere?
What is the part of an experiment that can be changed called?
What does the first word in a two-word name of an organism identify?
What SI unit is used to measure the volume of soda?
What structure allows only certain things to pass in and out of the cell?
Which scientist gave the name - cells - to the structures he viewed?
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The repetition of the same beginning sounds is known as
An overstatement or exaggeration meant to place emphasis is called
A comparison between two things using like or as is known as
What is this an example of? The trees laughed in the wind.
The repetition of vowel sounds in the middle or end of a word is called
"The fire crackled and popped in the night" Crackled and Popped are examples of:
Poems are often times organized into:
"The sun is a sparkling diamond" What is this an example of?
What is this an example of? In the dark morning, the man laughed sadly.
Denotation means:
A person is moving a box up a ramp. How can the amount of friction be reduced?
Two dogs are fighting over control of a frisbee and have it in their mouths. Dog A is pulling the frisbee to the left with a force of 300 N. Dog B is pulling the frisbee to the right with a force of 275 N. Which direction is the frisbee moving?
Friction acts in a direction ______to the direction of an object’s motion.
A 1500 kg. car is accelerating down a hill at a rate of 3 m/s/s. How much force does the car have?
An object in free fall _________ towards the ground.
The terminal velocity of a an object is reached when...
A puck being passed across the ice from one hockey player to another is an example of...
A skydiver releases her parachute, what force is acting on her parachute that slows her down?
During the autumn season, leaves will change colors and fall to the ground. What force is acting on the leaves falling?
Riding your bike around the park is an example of...
An object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion describes...
Newton\'s Third Law of Motion states...
An airplane\'s wing flaps malfunctioned and one of the flaps fell off of the plane. If the mass of the wing flap is 200 kg., what force will the piece of metal hit the ground with? (Hint - the wing flap is falling because of gravity)
You are in a boat and you paddle the water back with your oar. The boat moves forward.
A baseball hit with a bat flies farther than a bowling ball hit with a bat.
You leave your math book on the kitchen table and it is still there when you get home from school.
A soccer ball continues to roll until it hits something.
A tennis ball hits the court and bounces back up in the air.
In your uncle's car, the harder he pushes on the gas pedal, the faster the car goes.
Your garbage in the cafeteria stays under the table until YOU pick it up.
Carbon Tetrachloride
Diphosphorus Pentoxide
Dihydrogen Monoxide
All covalent molecules should have a __________ in their name
Triselenium Heptoxide
Ammonium Nitride
If your cation is a transition metal, it should have a
Lead (IV) Phosphide
Sodium Hydroxide
Aluminum Selenide
Calcium Phosphate
Which one is stronger?
Between a metal and a non-metal
Crystal Lattice Shape
Conducts electricity
Has a prefix in its name
Shares valence electrons
Has an electronegativity difference > 2
Shapes include: tetahedral, trigonal planar, bent, linear, trigonal pyramidal
Which of the following is an ionic compound?
Which of the following is a covalent molecule?
How many dots on an Lewis or electron dot diagram would Flourine have
States an atom will gain, lose, or share valence electrons so it has eight
# of neutrons in Xenon
# of electrons on a Potassium atom
Lithium is a
What particle is involved in bonding
Which element has the highest electronegativity
Which element has the largest atomic radius
# of electrons on a Ca+2 ion
Which of the following is a sem-metal
What is the central atom in NO3
What is the shape for H2O
What is the shape for CO2
What is the shape for CH4
What are the bonds for C2H4
What is wrong with the Lewis Structure for H-O-H
What should the Lewis Structure for N2 look like
What is the limitation of Lewis Structures
Which of the following is not a shape of a molecule
Why is C the central atom in CH4
If three unknown materials have the same mass but different volumes, which will have the greatest density?
The same boat will float higher in the Great Salt Lake than it will in a lake in Wisconsin. Why?
If a wooden block were cut into eight identical pieces, the density of each piece compared to the density of the original block would be
An iceberg lies dead ahead of the Titanic. Why is the iceberg on the ocean's surface?
Which will float higher in the water, an empty ship or an identical ship filled with styrofoam?
Which of the following is the best example of convection?
Which of the following is the best example of radiation?
What type of heating does a microwave most rely on?
Which of the following explains why when you bake a pizza on the bottom rack of the oven the crust gets crispier than on the top rack.
How do the radiant heaters in use at ice hockey arenas work?
What was the Coastal Native American\'s MOST important food?
Totem Poles are important to Native Americans because they ____________________
A weir is _________________________
Trees were important to the Coastal Native Americans but none were more important than the ______________
A culture is ___________________________________________
Coastal children learned many important lessons through _____________________ which taught them beliefs and history of their village.
Coastal people had a special way to celebrate important events such as a weddding at a _____________________________
Home to the Plateau People
Plateau People lived in ____________________ in the winter to keep warm
Horses were important to the Plateau People because they ______________________________
Answers by Educators Question Database
Molecules move fastest and are farthest apart in a
Molecules move slowest in a
The temperature at which a liquid turns into a gas is called its
Adding heat to a substance makes it
Temperature is the average kinetic energy of the molecules in a substance.
Heat energy moving between two touching objects is called...
The temperature at which a liquid turns into a solid is called its
When ice melts it is an _____ reaction.
Altocumulus clouds are ___.
Cirrostratus clouds are ___.
Feathery clouds are called ___.
Layered clouds (sheet-like) are called ___.
Fluffy clouds are called __.
Clouds whose base is above 6 km (approximately 20,000 feet) above ground have the prefix ___.
Clouds whose base is between 2 km (approximately 6,500 feet) and 6 km (approximately 20,000 feet) above ground have the prefix ___.
Clouds at elevations of less than 2 km (approximately 6,500 feet) above ground have the prefix ___.
Petroleum and natural gas are ____.
Petroleum and natural gas are usually found in which type or rock formations?
A manufacturer is conducting research using a hammock they want to sell to consumers. The manufacturer places different amounts of mass on the hammock and observes what happens to the hammock. Which feature of the hammock is being tested?
In a food chain, which are the most efficient users of solar energy?
Green plants are important to animals because the plants...
Snakes feed on mice. The mice eat grain crops. When the corps are plentiful, what will happen?
Which of these parts of an animal would be most likely to form a fossil?
What type of rock is formed in layers?
Wind occurs when air masses move from one place to another. What causes the movement of air masses?
When modern disease-controlling medicines and practices are introduced in developing countries, the first major change is that...
After a recent experiment, a scientist noticed that the computer simulation varied from the actual experiment. What should the scientist do?
Some scientists are concerned that television, radio, and newspapers report the outcome of experiments too quickly. What would be the major scientific concern?
particle in the nucleus of an atom
particle in the nucleus of an atom
made by chemically combining two or move different kinds of elements
anything that has mass and occupies space
the lightest of the three main particles found in an atom
A mixture can contain which of the following kinds of matter?
All known elements are organized on the periodic table ___.
An atom is composed of___.
A chemical formula is composed of ___.
The particle that is negatively charged in an atom is the ____.
The pattern of weather that occurs in an area over many years
the place where two air masses meet is called a front
an increase in average temperatures on Earth
the layer of air that surrounds Earth like a blanket
the lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere
The _____ is the outermost layer of Earth's Atmosphere.
A ____ front forms when a warm air mass slides up and over a cold air mass.
One of the gases that might contribute to global warming is ____.
On average, he amount of water vapor in the air ranges from ___.
___ is a gas found in the stratosphere that protects life on Earth from the sun's ultraviolet rays.
mass divided by volume
describes an object using color, shape, size, texture, odor, or form
snowballs melting in the sun
acid rain damaging marble statues
The temperature at which something boils is a
A chemical change might be identified by the release of gas or
New compounds are formed during a ___ change.
Solids, liquids, and gases are
A broken window would be considered a ___ change.
What is the word for a push or a pull?
What word means that something is speeding up, slowing down, or changing direction?
What is the force that pulls all objects toward each other?
What is the force that resists motion when two surfaces are sliding on each other?
What is the result of dividing measured distance by measured time?
When you are sinking in quicksand, which of the following is true?
When you are accelerating from the top of a hill, what helps you stop?
On Jupiter, what would you expect to experience?
On the moon, which would be true?
To go faster on a skateboard ramp, what would you do?
Science is ____.
The use of scientific discoveries is called ___.
Comparing and contrasting is an example of a ___.
You should never ___ in a science lab.
A ___ is a statement about a problem that can be tested.
Which of the following is a part of science?
An explanation of why something happened is a(n) ___.
An important skill that enables scientists to share what they have learned is ___.
___ is the first part of solving a problem.
A ___ can be used to conduct a test if the experiment would involve something that is too large or time-consuming.
group of organisms that can breed with one another
grouping objects based on common traits
a living thing
is made from either dead or weak viruses
an organism's surroundings
A particle that has some things in common with both living and non-living things is called a(n) ___.
Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, and Protist are names of different
The smallest unit of life in living things is the
The changes that take place when a puppy grows into a dog are known as
The spots on a dalmatian dog are an example of a(n) ___.
cell part that traps energy from sunlight
food-making process in plants
controls most of the cells activities
provides power for the cell's activities
group of similar cells working together
The ___ is the cell part the controls what enters and exits the cell.
___ are found inside the nucleus of the cell.
___ is the gel-like substance that fills the cell.
Groups of different tissues working together form an ___, such as the stomach.
Photosynthesis is a process that makes ___ for cells.
traces or remains of ancient life
numbers of different species in an area
Answers by Educators Question Database
Mount Olympus
All of the following are names of the three cyclopes except
Gaea and Uranus had how many children?
Poseidon's 3-pronged spear is called a
Zeus needed help in order to overthrow Cronus. Another word for a friend on your side is called an
What did Cronus used to overthrow his father
Diabetes is the inability for the ______ to make enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels within safe limits
In females, the _______ produce hormones involved in reproduction.
Your _____ regulates the immune system, which helps your body fight disease.
When you are frightened or angry, your _____ produce adrenalin, which speeds up your heartbeat and breathing rate to prepare your body either to run from danger or to fight for survival.
_____ are produced by endocrine glands, released into the bloodstream and carried to target cells in the body.
A(n) ____ is a group of cells that makes hormones for your body.
Which of the following is associated with the endocrine system?
The nervous system and endocrine system are similar because both
Once hormones are produced, they are carried to the target cells by the _________ system
Which of the following is controlled by the endocrine system?
The _______________ menu is used to place a clip art image in a document.
When using the sizing handles to resize an image, you should hold down the _______________ key to maintain the image’s proportions.
_______________ refers to a color that appears in the background of a text box.
Which wrapping style option places an image between paragraphs without text wrapping on either the left or right sides?
Which of the following is the feature in Word that allows you to shape text into designs?
Which of the following is NOT a wrapping style available in Word?
Which browser should you use to download the Microsoft Design Gallery Live web site?
Which of the following is a gallery of clips organized on your hard drive?
Which of the following is a “washed-out” graphic object or text that typically appears behind text?
How do you size a picture to exact measurements?
Which of the following is an appropriate use of a watermark?
What do sizing handles on an image indicate?
Which of the following is NOT true about graphics found on the Web?
Which mouse shape is used when resizing any object in Word?
What type of mouse pointer is used to move an image?
Which of the following is a gallery of clips organized on your hard drive?
Which of the following is true concerning watermarks in Word?
Which of the following is true about clip art in a Word document?
Which of the following is a “washed-out” graphic object or text that typically appears behind the text?
Which of the following is NOT an option when selecting an image’s alignment?
The word atom comes from the Greek "atomos" which means?
Which of the following was not a part of Dalton's theory of the atom?
Which of the following best fits Thomson's model of the atom?
What discovery was accounted for in Rutherford's model of the atom?
Which of the following particles has a positive charge?
Which of the following can be determined by knowing the atomic number of an atom?
Which of the following can be determined by know the mass number of an atom?
An isotope is:
The Bohr Model of the atom says that electrons:
The electron cloud model of the atom is used to do which of the following?
Rough Riders
yellow journalism
Sphere of Influence
Dollar Diplomacy
Which of the following scientists helped invent the periodic table?
Mendeleev put his periodic table together by using an element's:
What element did Mendeleev predict the properties of even before it was discovered?
In Modern Periodic law elements are arranged by:
Each row of the periodic table is called a(n)
Each column of the periodic table is called a(n):
Which of the following is not a characteristic of a metal?
Which of the following best describes a metalloid?
Which of the following best describes a non-metal?
Which of the following best describes the variation across a period?
One use of the Big Stick policy was
William Seward bought Hawaii from Queen Lil for 2 cents per acre
During the late 1800's many people supported _______________ to build an overseas empire.
Russia gave Alaska to the U.S. as a gift
The purpose behind building the Panama Canal was
The first battle of the Spanish American war took place in the Philippines
All of the following but what are reasons for the Spanish American War
The Roosevelt Corollary said that
General Wyler was sent to Cuba from Spain and forced many people into prison like camps
Many people thought that the purchase of Alaska was a great idea
Anthrop(o) means?
Mis Means?
crac means?
gen Means?
Thermo means?
tele means
poly means?
Dem (o) means?
nomen, nomin, or nym means?
gam (os) means?
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Which type of graph uses a point for each item being measured?
What is the standard deviation?
What is experimental probability?
Which type of events are mutually exclusive and cover all possible outcomes?
What is a prediction?
An outer ear part for CATCHING sound
A middle ear part that sits next to the eardrum and VIBRATES
inner ear part that is spiral shaped like a snail
outer ear part that acts like a funnel to bring sounds down into the ear
middle ear part that is THE SMALLEST BONE in your body
inner ear part that bends like hairs when sound touches them
outer ear part that VIBRATES sound waves to the middle ear
middle ear part that sits in the middle of the chain of bones
inner ear part that sends the hearing message to the brain
inner ear part for BALANCE not hearing
NOT a middle ear part
NOT an inner ear part
NOT an outer ear part
cousin (female)
This type of hearing loss happens in the outer or middle ear parts
This type of hearing loss happens in the inner ear parts
This type of hearing loss is due to problems in outer, middle and inner ear parts
NOT a cause of conductive hearing loss
NOT a cause of sensorineural hearing loss
Hearing Loss is often fixed by a doctor
Hearing Loss that is CURRENTLY permanent (for humans;)
NOT a cause of Conductive Hearing Loss
NOT a cause of Sensorineural Hearing Loss
NOT a way to protect your ears
Energy flow of a flashlight: from ___ energy to ___ energy to ___ energy
Energy flow of a BBQ grill: from ___ energy to ___ energy and ___ energy
Energy flow of a car engine: from ___ energy to ___ energy and ___ energy and ___ energy
Energy flow of an athlete: from ___ energy to ___ energy and ___ energy
Energy flow of the sun: from ___ energy to ___ and ___ energy
Solar energy is ___.
Potential energy is to kinetic energy as
Gravity changes potential energy to kinetic energy when
When you place a cooler object against a source of heat, you transfer heat by
Thermometers measure ___.
When water freezes it is an ____ reaction
Using energy to produce new cells is called ____.
The simple sugar produced by plants during photosynthesis is ___.
Plants convert light energy into chemical energy during
The energy in the cells of animals is stored as ___ energy.
An animal that eats other animals is called a(n) ___.
An animal that eats other animals and plants is called a(n)___.
An animal that eats only plants is a(n) ____.
An organism that produces its own food is a(n) ___.
An organism that does not produce its own food is a(n).
Geologists, using advanced technologies to explore for oil, are successful what percentage of the time?
Most crude oil must be processed before it can be used.
Crude oil must be processed at a refinery before it is usable by consumers.
Crude oil contains only liquid products.
Chemical plants make thousands of different chemicals, plastics, medicines, cosmetics, clothing, tires, and other products we use every day from petroleum products.
Energy stored in petroleum is which of the following types of energy?
Energy stored in hydropower is which of the following types of energy?
Energy stored in biomass is which of the following types of energy?
Energy stored in uranium is which of the following types of energy?
Solar energy is which of the following types of energy?
A politician supports a bill to increase the drilling of offshore oil wells. What is the most likely reason that he supports the bill?
How many different elements are found in the chemical compound AgNO3
If a low pressure system is forecast, then you can expect __________.
How are clouds formed?
The constant movement of water from Earth’s surface into the atmosphere and back again is called___.
Cumulonimbus clouds are ___.
Air at the bottom of the atmosphere is ______ air at the top of the atmosphere.
If a high-pressure system is forecast, you can expect to see ____.
____ is the movement of air due to differences in pressure.
Sudden weather changes are caused by movements of ___.
The flow of energy through plants and animals is called ___.
___ use(s) devices to control the flow of electricity to do work for us.
___ are switches that changes the pattern of electrons.
Many tiny transistors linked together to control electronics is a(n) ____.
The movement of electrons is a form of energy called
The science of using natural materials to help us in our lives is technology.
Energy flow of a PV Cell: from ___ energy to ___ energy.
Energy flow of a battery: from ___ energy to ___ energy.
Energy flow of a bicycle: from ___ energy to ___ energy
Energy flow of a wind turbine: from ___ energy to ___ energy
____ is the energy of motion.
Heat energy moving in a current is called
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The local court in most cities
Which court handles criminal cases
A misdemeanour is ...
Which is the correct term for a yearing before a judge where the accused hears the charge against him
Money paid to get out of jail is...
Jury duty is an ....
If a husband and wife no longer get along they may go to ____________
Small claims court only deals with claims that are
If you get a ticket for speeding, you need to go to____________
If you want to collect an inheritance, you need to go to ____________
In what year was the issue of freedom of the press addressed
Which is not a reason why freedom of speech and press are important?
A person is standing on the corner speaking out against the president....
Freedom of speech covers...
If a girl is mad at another girl and spreads rumors that ruins the girls reputation that is an example of
True or false: You can only yell "fire" in a crowd if you smell smoke
True or false: The government can persecute you for your ideas
When someone publishes something in order to hurt another person that is called
True or false: Freedom of speech and press rights can be taken away if it hurts national defense
Which amendment guarantees freedom of speech and press?
When are our seminars held?
To use office hours, students need to open...
If I forget a start or end date, I can find it
If I forget what assignments are coming, I can find it
If I transfer to another school or go to graduate school, my syllabus might be useful for
I struggle with written assignments. I can get help
The letter to percent grade scale is
Incompletes must be requested by
Late work (not incomplete work if an incomplete was approved )must be completed by
The last day to submit approved incomplete work is
This act can make a contract unenforeacle (warning - it's not partial performance, even if the software says so)
Three types of duress are
Undue influence usually involves
Mental duress commonly falls into what categories?
Unilateral mistake...
The elements of fraud include which of the following?
Courts will most likely find a unilateral mistake is grounds to avoid a contract when
The failure to have a meeting of the minds is evidenced by
Mutual mistakes generally relate to
Electrons in pigment molecules become excited:
Which of the following is NOT part of cellular respiration?
Photosynthesis organisms get energy from:
Which of the following correctly sequences the flow of energy
ATP molecules
In glycolysis
Which of the following environmental factors does NOT directly influence the rate of photosynthesis
Carbon dioxide fixation in the Calvin cycle requires
When this gas is available, aerobic respiration follows glycolysis
6CO2 + 6H2O > C6H12O6 + 6O2 is the equation for the overall process of
A disturbance that transfer energy from place to place.
A material throught which a wave travels through.
These waves do not require a medium to travel through.
When the frequency increases the wavelength:
When a wave hits a barrier and bounces back it is called:
The amplitude of a wave indicates the _______ the wave has.
A FM radio station channels are based on the _______ of the waves they broadcast.
If more force is added to a wave the amplitude will:
What electromagnetic wave has the greatest frequency?
Sound travels fastest through:
Water is composed of what two elements?
The elements of a water molecule are held together by which type of bond?
Cohesion occurs due to which type of bonding?
Why do the atoms of a water molecule have partial charges?
What is a polar molecule?
Which of the following is not one of water's special properties?
Water falling from clouds forms a rain drop because of what?
Water stuck to the windshield is an example of what?
What is the temperature at which water reaches maximum density?
What how does water arrange around ions?
What is a cell?
The smallest part of a living thing that can exist on its own is what?
All organelles do what?
The nucleus does what?
The mitochondria does what?
The cell membrane does what?
The vacuole does what?
The lysosome does what?
The ribosome does what?
The ER does what?
A vesicle does what?
A golgi does what?
A cell wall does what?
A chloroplast does what?
Powers the cell is the definition for what word?
Surrounds the cell is the definition for what word?
Tells the cell what to do is the definition for what word?
Packages and labels proteins is the definition for what word?
Organelle in plants that absorbs sunlight is the definition for what word?
Breaks things down in the cell is the definition for what word?
When placed in a hypertonic solution a cell will
The movement of water from high to low concentration is called
The Sodium Potassium (Na/K) Pump moves...
All of the following are examples of bulk transport except
Which of the following is true about active transport
Facilitated diffusion...
If a salt water fish is placed in a fresh water tank it will...
Which of the following conditions does not affect the rate of diffusion?
In the egg lab, the egg placed in water swelled because...
We get the energy for active transport from
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A layer of gas that surrounds Earth and protects living things from the sun is known as...
The way a mineral reflects light is called..
Wind, moving water, and solar energy are all....
A unit of time measured in millions of years..
The remains of ancient organisms found in rock are....
The harmful addition of materials to soil, air, or water is called...
Soil is divided into...
Which rock forms in layers?
The repeating cycle of rocks changing from one type to another...
A solid material in the ground made of elements is known as ....
What type of rock is produced and formed by the lava from a volcano?
A type of pollution caused by particles in the air is called
Which of the following is a type of fossil fuel?
Where would the youngest fossil be found?
What is an aquifer?
Which type of rock is formed by heat and pressure?
Where do people get drinking water from?
The best soil contains humus and holds water well. Which type of soil is best for growing crops and contains good humus?
No tengo que ir a la escuela. ____ de vacaciones.
¿Quién _____ ella? -- _____ Elena, mi nueva amiga.
_____ necesario estudiar para mantener un buen promedio.
Mi padre _____ abogado.
Mi madre _____ en cama. _____ enferma.
¿Sales con Juan? --- ¡Ay no! Él _____ muy aburrido.
Nuestras clases _____ en la facultad de filosofía y letras.
Tú _____ trabajando muchas horas extras.
El concierto _____ el sábado por la noche.
Nuestra primera clase _____ a las ocho y media.
Las ventanas _____ cerradas.
¡Qué bonita _____ tú hoy!
A Antonio no le gusta obedecer a su mamá. ¡Él _____ malo!
¿_____ tú de acuerdo con tus padres siempre?
Las computadoras _____ en la clase.
Mi hermano _____ de vuelta de la universidad.
Mi tío _____ de México pero ahora _____ en Indiana.
_____ las diez cuando voy a la cama.
Mi novio _____ alto, guapo y muy simpático.
¿_____ lista para salir o necesitas más tiempo?
Which landmark case gave the Supreme Court the power of judicial review?
Which type of jury hears evidence presented by only the prosecution?
Who bears the burden of proof in a criminal case?
What happens in discovery?
All of the following are qualifications for a Louisiana Supreme Court Justice except?
What is the rule of four?
All of the following are examples of when the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction, except:
Who is the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
All of the following are opinions issued by the Supreme Court, EXCEPT:
What is an ordinance?
Los niños _____ ocho horas.
Nosotros _____ mucho cuando salimos con amigos.
¿Cómo _____ tú la semana pasada?
Ella _____ muy elegante para la fiesta.
¿_____ ustedes quedarse en casa?
Los chicos _____ de sus amigos a las dos de la mañana.
Los niños _____ más postre.
¿_____ tú las instrucciones del juego?
¿_____ tú de la película?
Las plantas _____ en el invierno.
Ella _____ un nuevo teléfono.
¿_____ tú en la fiesta?
Yo _____ mucho durante las vacaciones.
Yo _____ rápidamente esta mañana.
¿_____ usted los zapatos azules o negros?
Mi hermanito _____ una nueva computadora.
Los estudiantes _____ contentos de volver a la escuela.
Ella _____ de su familia antes de ir de viaje.
Mi padre _____ el mapa al monumento.
Las niñas _____ del programa.
to understand the value of something
customs, beliefs, and traditions that define a group of people
to say something nice or give praise
to say something suddenly
a failure to understand or comprehend
to disagree with
to give praise or good wishes for something that has
to find fault with
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word contradicted?
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word critical?
Local winds blow over shorter distances than global winds
Earth's major wind belts are the trade winds, the prevailing westerlies, and the polar latitudes
Cold, humid air masses that bring fog to the West Coast are continental polar air masses
Fluids like air tend to move toward areas of high pressure
Earth's rotation makes winds seem to curve. This is called the
Cool air masses tend to
An air mass that formed over northern Mexico and affected the southwestern United States would be a
Warm air masses that affect the west coast of the United States are called
When a warm air mass collides with a cold air mass, it forms a(n)
Uneven heating of the atmosphere leads to differences in air ____________________, which causes wind.
What is central tendency?
What is the mean?
What type of problem involves solving real-life situations with math?
Two events that cannot occur at the same time are called....
What do we call numerical information?
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What is a substance that taste sour, reacts with metals and carbonates, and turns blue litmus paper red.
Which number on the pH scale indicates a solution is a base?
What is a substance that taste bitter, feels slippery, and turns red litmus blue?
What number on the pH scale is pure water?
What is a compound that tells whether it is an acid or base?
What does a neutralization reaction produce?
What number is neutral on the pH scale?
What type of ions do acids produce in a substance?
What types of ions do bases produce in a substance?
What color does litmus paper turn for acids?
How many branches of the government are there?
Which branch of government is the president a part of?
Which branch of government makes the laws?
Which branch of government interprets the laws?
How many terms can a president be in office?
What court is the highest court in the United States?
Congress is made of what two parts?
The judicial branch is made of
Who was considered the father of the U.S. Constitution?
What helps keep a balance of powers?
What is the correct order for the 5 layers of the atmosphere, starting with the lowest layer?
What is in the stratosphere and one molecule of it is made up of 3 oxygen atoms? It absorbs UV radiation.
What is the process in which warm air rises, then cools, then sinks, then gets warm again and the process starts over?
As air pressure decreases, we can expect warmer weather. Why?
If you walk on hot sand, the heat is transferred from the sand to your feet through what process?
A greenhouse gas
The Clean Air Act of 1970 created the
What are pollutants that are put directly in our atmosphere?
This is the layer of the atmosphere were we live. It is also the densest layer.
As you go higher in the thermosphere, what happens to the temperature?
Organisms, such as plants, that make their own food are called
Energy is released from ATP when
Photosynthesis uses sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into
In the overall equation for photosynthesis, six molecules of carbon dioxide result in six molecules of
Plants gather the sun’s energy with light-absorbing molecules called
Most plants appear green because chlorophyll
The stroma is the region outside the
Where do the light-dependent reactions take place?
Which step is the beginning of photosynthesis?
The Calvin cycle is another name for
A party's deviance from the performance required by the contract is a ...
A repudiation is anticipatory if...
When considering extent of a breach, the five considerations are...
What quality may allow a breach to affect only part of a contract, rather than the entire agreement?
A request to renegotiate a contract...
Performance may be excused where there is
Death or incapacity, destruction of subject matter, and supervening illegality are examples of conditions which...
Bankruptcy ...
In additon to impractical performance, impossibilty, and frustrated purpose, parties may be excused when
Insolvency is
the science of how the body uses food
a circulatory disease resulting from a vitamin C deficiency, causing bleeding gums and weakened blood vessels
those chemical reactions in which elements combine with oxygen
process that releases energy when a glucose molecule in a cell is taken apart
substances found in food and needed by the body
those nutrients that the body cannot make itself but are needed to build and maintain body tissue
government guidelines for the amount of specific nutrients needed by people of all ages and genders
when a food supplies many nutrients and has low to moderate calories
updated recommendations on nutrient intake
maximum amount (100%) of a nutrient you should have in a day based on a 2000 calorie diet
The element of the product that covers additional consumer services and benefits is the...
Air Asia has divided its market into M'sian, Indon & Thai markets. What best describes this situation?
The following are types of new products EXCEPT
Which of the following is incorrect about these cases about a company\'s product mix?
The following are strategies of channel width, except:
Which of the following is not a reason to develop new products?
The following have the same meaning, except
Unifying all tools of marketing communication is known as
The following are objectives of pricing, except:
Which is the correct order of the Market Positioning process?
Which of the following is a characteristic of ALL living things?
Which of the following means making more of the same kind of organism?
If there is an increase in mass, what has happened?
What is the stimulus in the following situation? All the students begin to pack up after the lunch bell rings?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a living thing?
What is the RESPONSE in the following situation? Over several weeks, a tomato plant grows torwards the window with the sunlight shining through.
Which of the following is not considered a living thing?
What is the basic unit of life?
What is the stimulus in the following situation? Your alarm clock rings in the morning and you wake up to get ready for school.
What are the 5 characteristics used by scientist to classify something as living or non-living?
Which scientist is responsible for looking at a piece of cork and naming it a cell?
Which scientist is responsible for discovering the first unicellular organism by looking at pond water, blood, and scapings from his teeth?
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