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Grades of eggs sold in most stores are
The main factors that affect egg prices are
Shell color depends on the
Which of the following hurts the formation of an egg white foam?
Egg whites that have reached full volume and have peaks that bend at the tips have been beaten to the _______
Mixture that forms when oil and a water-based liquid are combined (example: mayonnaise)
What type of cookie are crescents
What type of cookie are spritz
What type of cookie are chocolate chip
What type of cookie are pinwheels
What type of cookie are sugar cookies
What type of cookie are brownie
this cookie is pushed from a spoon or disher onto the cookie sheet
use a cookie press to push the dough through a perforated disk/stencil
roll out dough and use cookie cutters
spread dough evenly in a jelly roll pan or baking pan
break off small pieces of dough and shape them with your fingers
wrap/cover dough in plastic wrap, place in the refrigerator, and slice with a knife
What is the term used when we crimp or twist the edge of the pie crust with our fingers
What kitchen tool is used to cut in the fat when making a pastry?
What do you cover the edge of your pie with to prevent over browning?
Mixing the sugars and fats in a recipe until light and fluffy is called
In most states, to create a corporation
Money to buy equipment, supplies, and inventory; to hire labor; and to pay other expenses of a corporation come from
An eligibility requirement for an S corporation would be
A partnership may be dissolved by
A partner who invests more capital brings in more business, or works longer and harder than his or her associates is
Shareholders have the power to vote on
Advantages of a corporation would not include
Rights of the shareholder would not include the right to
The governmental agency that regulates stock exchanges is
Unconditional order to pay money are
A draft payable on a set date is called
Commercial paper can be discharged by
Certificates of deposit and promissory notes are
When personal property is offered as security and so indicated on the face of the note, the paper is a
An instrument is still negotiable if it requires that the amount be paid
to go shopping
the socks
the winter hat
the sweatshirt
to look for
the scarf
it costs
the clothes
Explain how compounds form.
If there are 10 grams of Ag (silver) and 20 grams of O (oxygen), what will be the mass of Silver oxide?
What will the properties of the new AgO be like?
Cellulose is a compound made of the elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Describe the physical and chemical properties of cellulose.
What can you say about the number of atoms of water in a covered pot before and after it was boiled?
Explain how changes in temperature affects states of matter and motion of molecules.
Convection transfers heat in
Describe the properties of an acid.
What steps do scientists take in order to remain objective when designing investigations and examining data?
Describe the properties of a chemical reaction.
What force causes objects that are at rest to move?
Explain why moving objects will stay in motion at the same speed and in the same direction.
Give reasons for the importance of waiting until an investigation has been repeated many times before accepting the results as correct.
As mass increases, distance...
Describe examples of heat being transferred through conduction.
What are the three forms of energy that are transformed in the flashlight?
At which location on a mountain does a car have the greatest potential energy?
Why are hypotheses helpful even when they are wrong?
After you apply force to a doorbell, your hand moves
Radiation transfers heat from one object to another without matter between them. An example would be
Trees transform energy for photosynthesis with
To calculate acceleration
When elements react to form a compound
If you have a box of confetti and an equal-sized box of rocks, what do you know about their mass?
Boy 1 is standing on a step that is 1 foot tall. Boy 2 is standing on a step that is 2 feet high.
When dropping a rock from 2 different heights, what stays the same 2 feet before hitting the ground?
If pushing a box, it will continue to move at the same _____and ______unless it is acted upon by _____________force,
If you push a box on the left side, which way will it move?
If student A pushes the box to the right with 200N of force, and student B pushes the box 100N to the left, which way wll thwe box move?
Why does the box move?
Put together to make tissue
Put together to make organs
Work together to make an organ system
Work together to provide all cells with needed nutrients
System used to move blood around the body
System used to bring oxygen into the body
Gas taken into the body to help cells function
Gas that leaves the body as waste
Changing food into fuel for the body
System used to rid the body of waste
Used for chewing and is the beginning of the digestive system
Breaks down food (like a blender)
Where nutrients are absorbed by the blood stream
Where water is absorbed by the blood stream
System in the body that includes glands and hormones
System in the body that includes bones and helps with movement
System in the body that helps movement
Muscles around around organs that you cannot control
Type of muscle in the heart that cannot be controlled
Muscles attached to the bones that can be controlled
Which of the following is an example of a secondary source?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the SI (metric) unit of measure for mass?
What is the SI (metric) unit of measure for length?
What is the SI (metric) unit of measure of volume?
What instrument do we use to measure mass?
What instrument do we use to measure volume?
Approved eye protection, such as goggles, are worn in the laborator
If you do not understand a direction or part of a laboratory procedure, you should
The following activity is permitted in the laboratory
Before you leave the science room, you should
When you finish working with chemicals, live or preserved organisms and other lab substances, always ____.
Shows open programs.
Allows you to increase or decrease the amount of the document you see on the screen.
This is what you are typing/what will print out.
Gives you an idea where you are on the page.
These 5 buttons allow you to change the way you view your document on the screen.
Allows you to view or hide the rulers.
Arrow in the button right hand corner of some groups. When clicked, it will bring up a dialog box where additional options or changes can be entered.
Sets the right margin.
A triangle that controls where the first line of a paragraph begins. This is not setting tabs.
The opposite of a first line indent.
The manufacturing that is done in a nation
To look at someone and see the physical characteristics they have will tell you their
To farm enough only for your family to eat
When man controls the animals and plants around him, this is
When you have many cultures all together in one place, it is called
When the government says everything that must be done in a nation's economy they have a
When you do not have enough water and plants cannot grow due to lack of rainfall you have a
The number of people who can read and write is the
When a person comes INTO another country they are called an
The person who EXITS a country is called an
In a mineral, the particles lines up in a repeating pattern to form a(n) ___.
A mineral must be inorganic, which means that it contains...
When geologists say that a mineral always contains certain elements in definite proportions, they mean that the mineral
A mineral is made up of one or more...
Which is NOT a characteristic of a mineral?
A mineral is...
Which is an example of a mineral?
The term inorganic means....
When scientists put things into categories or group together items that are alike in some way, they are..
Safety is the responsibility of ____________.
What does the term a mean?
What does the term ante mean ?
What does the term bi mean ?
What does the term cycle mean ?
What does the term hem mean?
What does the term epi mean?
What does the term circ mean?
What does the term inter mean?
What does the term macro mean ?
What does the term meso mean?
What does the term ab mean?
What does the term hyper mean?
What does the term iso mean?
What does the term neo mean?
What does the term oo mean?
What does the term poly mean?
What does the term path mean?
What does the term tomy mean?
What does the term org mean?
What does the term mal mean?
The Judiciary Act of 1789 established
The Alien and Sedition Acts were occurred during the
Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had different views on all of the following except
How are the initial suffrage requirements of the young United States best summarized?
Which of the following was not part of Hamilton's Plan?
Which best explains the impact of Eli Whitney's cotton gin on slavery?
Which best describes George Washington's response to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794?
Adams packed the federal courts with federalist judges before he left office. This was known as
Which answer best expresses the significance of the Whiskey rebellion?
How would the Alien Acts most apply today?
[x - 9] = 15
[-6 + x] = 16
[-7x - 8] = 71
[-10 - 8p] = 14
[k - 7] = 2
[r / 8] - 3 = -2
-8[n / 8] = -10
8[n - 9] + 8 = 32
-10[b + 3] + 7 = -103
9[x - 2] + 1 = 19
The ELATED children jumped up and down on dad's lap.
Tim is a CAPABLE reader. He is very good at it.
She joined her team as a NOVICE because she was new to the game.
The OBEDIENT student always followed the school rules.
The first reviews of the movie were FAVORABLE. Many people attended and enjoyed the movie.
Her quiet, TIMID ways kept her from sharing answers with the class.
Grandpa was PENALIZED for parking in a "no parking" zone and was given a ticket.
The girl knew the lake was TEEMING with bass. She could see many of them from her boat.
It was hard to listen to Mr. Garr speak because he DRONED on and on just like a buzzer that wouldn't stop buzzing!
The FRIGID air took his bearth away as he stepped out into the first snow of the season.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Who decides on everyone's Assignments?
Why is Gabriel being considered for release?
What Assignment does Jonas' parents discourage Lily from wanting?
Jonas first sees what object change?
Where does Jonas volunteer?
What happens at the ceremony of twelves?
What causes Jonas to panic at the Ceremony?
What are the two times that release is not a punishment?
What is the first memory Jonas is given?
What ritual does Jonas family do in the morning?
What are three traits of a Receiver of Memory?
Why was a replacement child given for Caleb?
What memory does Jonas attempt to give to his father and Lily?
An occupation is a regular activity done for payment.
An occupation may be learned through:
Work is defined as a:
A recent study showed that most people would work even if they didn't have to work.
Unpaid workers are often called:
All people enjoy and value their work.
Working can give people a chance to learn and grow.
Many people work to gain prestige, which is:
People need to work in order to:
Most people take a job and stay at that job until they are ready to retire.
The purpose of work experience education is to:
Career and technical education is a school program:
Co-op students spend all day in the classroom.
A training station is:
There is no difference between a co-op career/technical education and a work-study program.
The purpose of an exploratory work experience program is to:
Career guidance is assisting students in career planning and decision making.
A signed agreement between the employer and student in a work experience education program is called a/an:
Skills you acquire in the work experience program will make you more desirable to future employers.
Which of the following is NOT true of the work experience program?
This organelle functions in cellular respiration:
The organelle functions to package and deliver proteins
The endoplasmic reticulum functions to:
Genetic material is contained within the ___ of the cell.
This organelle is responsible for destroying worn-out cell parts
The _____ controls what enters and leaves the cell.
Which structure is directly responsible for the formation of proteins within the cell.
Chloroplast conduct photosynthesis
The Mitochondria conducts cellular respiration
Translation happens in the nucleus
Which one of these is NOT a way to be superior worker?
True or False You should know the companies services before starting work.
True or False When you are asked to do something extra you should say you will only if someone else will help you.
What does clarificaion mean?
Which of these is NOT a key word to remember from verbal instructions?
What should you do if you dont know a verbal instruction
Asking questions make you
If you cant remember directions you should
All of these are examples of Job Aides EXCEPT which one
When taking a phone message which is NOT something you need to write down?
What does Teamwork mean?
Which of these is NOT a way to be a good team player
what does compromise mean?
What does aptitude mean?
Which is NOT a location to take a aptitude test?
Author of The Jungle.
Author of How the Other Half Lives
Author of The History of Standard Oil.
Reformers who were photographers
The right to vote
Samuel Gompers
Hull House
Women can vote
John Muir
A will that was written entirely by the decedent's own hand and signed by him or her is
Bailment may end
When the bailee will be strictly liable for any damage, loss, or injury to the goods, the duty of care is
A test for distinguishing real and personal property other than mobility would be
A leasehold for a definite period of time identifying a specific date for the ending of the lease is
The most important tenant duty is paying the rent on time, but a tenant also has a duty
Automobile insurance, burglary, robbery, theft, and larceny, disability, accident, health insurance, and liability insurance all fall under the major insurance classification of
A will can be completely revoked, rather than being amended
Any writing that appoints someone as an agent is called a
The duty that survives the agency relationship and binds the agent even years after the agency relationship has ended is
An agent is liable to the third person when
An independent contractor
Which of the following federal statutes applies primarily to women
The general requirement is that an agent must be
The power to do anything that is reasonable necessary to carry out the duties expressly authorized is
The duty of accounting should not involve
The principal will be liable if
An employer owes a duty to the employee to
Limitation on the power to terminate without cause might be
The Civil Rights Act of 1964
A zygote is?
What is a Blastula?
What is a Gastrula?
A Blastopore is?
What is the difference between a Diploblastic and Triploblastic animal?
Protostomes have what type of cleavage?
Deuterostomes form what from their Blastopore?
What type of cleavage do Deuterostomes have?
What type of coelome means no body cavity?
Being Humans we have what type of coelome?
The percent on the milk carton refers to the
The date on the milk carton is called
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Jackie was filled with MORTIFICATION, or shame, because of her careless remark.
The events for the conference were listed in CHRONOLOGICAL order. They began with the first event of the day and ended with the closing ceremonies in the evening.
There was crazy PANDEMONIUM as people were trying to leave the rock concert.
The man was sent to the PENITENTIARY, or prison, for stealing cars.
PRECIPITATION, such as rain and snow, falls from the sky.
My dog was DEVOTED, he was always with me as if he were my best friend.
Exercise is as BENEFICIAL to you as eating healthy food.
Lee was always ARGUMENTATIVE, unlike his older sister who was very polite and nice.
Her VIVACIOUS personality is contagious. She is so full of life; a party is always a success with her in attendance.
In the pirate story, there were the good guys against the BUCCANEERS who were trying to steal the treasure
What equipment is essential to ensure a fire is put out safely in a lab?
What equipment is essential to protect someone from and to clean up broken glass pieces?
What piece of lab equipment must be tared to ensure it is used properly?
Meter sticks, when properly used, measure objects using the following units, EXCEPT
Lab aprons and goggles are properly used when:
When using a beaker or test tubes that are hot, two items to use as well are:
To ensure a ring stand is properly used, make sure:
Since beakers and graduated cylinders are made of glass and easily break, it is important to:
If you are conducting an experiment, and you see a tasty sandwich nearby, you should:
If a fire begins, you should begin by:
A payoff or profit received in addition to a regular wage or payment is called...
This is the legal representative for a celebrity. Most of them started as an accountants or attorneys.
A ____________ works closely with athletes who are unable or unwilling to police themselves. Allen Iverson once had one of these.
Someof the people are financial and business counselors rather than behavior monitors.
These are a system of deciding what is right or wrong in a reasoned and impartial manner.
Sports franchise ownership carries _________ power with it.
The legal right to reproduce a team's logo in exchange for payment is a...
A group of individuals within a larger market that share one or more characteristics is known as a...
A group of college athletic teams within in the same region is known as a....
Someone who doesn't get paid but plays for enjoyment, challenge, or both is known as a...
The variable that is being tested or changed
The variable that is being measured, the data
The variable that is staying the same
Susie wants to know if leaving the lights on all day will effect the electricity bill. What is the dependent variable in this case?
Susie wants to know if leaving the lights on all day will effect the electricity bill. What is the independent variable in this case?
If I drink a protein shake everyday, then I will lose weight. Name the IV in this statement
If I drink a protein shake everyday, then I will lose weight. Name the DV in this statement
The x axis of the graph is labled with what variable?
The y axis of the graph is labled with what variable?
A hypothesis must what two words?
u.c. indicates to the admin assistant to
stet means that the admin assistant would
NP tells the admin assistant to
run on means the admin assistant should
l.c. would tell the admin assistant to
in full instructs the admin assistant to
trs instructs the admin assistant to
close up is an indication to the admin assistant to
An instruction to show how to spell a word would be shown
The hash sign # means the admin assistant will
Real, useful, real-world
Honest, Frank
Inclined to ask questions
Rhetoric is
The Five Cannons of Rhetoric include
An explicit message means
A way to appeal to ethos is
Within the classical core structure of an argument, the introduction should include
Deductive reasoning
An implicit message means
A way to appeal to pathos is
A way to appeal to logos is
Inductive reasoning
Straight forward
People around the world tell Cinderella stories.
The oldest version of all comes from China.
The main character's name is Yeh-Shen.
This lovely young woman lives with a cruel stepmother and a selfish stepsister.
Yeh-Shen receives help from a wise old man and a dead goldfish.
The bones of the dead goldfish grant the unlucky maiden's wish.
She goes to a party in a beautiful cloak and a beautiful pair of slippers.
One of the slippers falls off yeh-Shen's foot.
A king seeks the slipper's owner.
You probably know the rest of the story.
The genetic material that all living things have is
Which is true about a dependent variable in an experiment?
All the chemical process used to build up or break down materials are called an organism\'s
When scientists are evaluating results as part of scientific thinking, they mainly
What is the name given for genetic changes in living things over time?
Scientists use observations and data to form and test
Which of the following is an important characteristic of a scientific theory?
In an experiment, the condition that is manipulated by the scientist is the
Which word best describes a scientific hypothesis?
The term biosphere refers to the parts of Earth that contain
Answers by Educators Question Database
A clear piece of curved glass or plastic that bends passing light to focus or spread the light rays
A promise may be enforced under the doctrine of promissory estoppel when
Capacity in an organization is created when
A contract for non-necessaries can be disaffirmed by a person lacking contractual capacity
In addition to discharge by complete performance, a contract may be discharged by
An unconscionable contract or clause
If a buyer selects and agrees to buy the goods in the seller's store, the title passes
In settling a dispute with a business, a consumer may seek help or advice from
All of the following are examples of unfair trade practices except
Money under the counter in exchange for orders or industrial espionage are examples of
Overall, consumer laws help protect against the production and sale of substandard or dangerous consumer goods and provide remedies for persons injured as well
An express warranty that obligates the seller to repair or to take replace a defective product without cost to the buyer and within a reasonable time is
Warranty of title, warranty against encumbrances, and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose are all
Goods such as one's car, clothing, or watch are
When the owner knowingly leaves the property somewhere but then forgets it, the property is considered
When only one of the parties benefits from the bailment
Often merchants attempt to modify the duty of care with
When you purchase land, you also gain ownership of
The tenant has the right to
Under the Fair Housing Act,
The major type of insurance the covers term, whole, and endowment policies would be
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of capitalism?
The value of the next-best alternative that you did not choose it called
The United States is best characterized as a command economy.
Products and money used in the production of goods and services are called natural resources.
Only final goods are counted when GDP is measured.
People with poor credit ratings pay a higher interest rate to borrow money than people with good credit ratings.
A period of economic recovery...
Which type of business sells stock usually?
Without foreign trade, many things you buy would cost more, or not be available.
A country's culture, traditions, and religion can act as informal trade barriers
Which of the following would likely cause the value of the dollar to RISE?
Infrastructure refers to a country's
Define archy
Define cede
define port
define auto
define aqua
define ician
define cent
define ad
define itis
define scrib
Define miss
Define bell
Define cap
Define logy
Define dict
Define cred
Define neo
Define cise
Define ard
Define anthropo
Most successful entrepreneurs have a low tolerance for ambiguity.
A large number of small businesses in the United States are service businesses.
Personal characteristics of successful entrepreneurs include
The obligation to complete specific work is called
Any employee who plans and organizes his or her work is a manager
Good leaders understand that they cannot treat all employees alike
A company's chief operating officer is an example of a
Supervisors are mainly concerned with which management function?
Most jobs today require at least a high school education
Human resources are the people who work for a business
If your job involves a great deal of manual work you are a
The advancement of an employee to a position with greater responsibility is called a
Most people have more career skills than they realize
Career fairs allow job-seekers to contact several prospective employers in a short time.
Government employment offices can help you find
When deciding whether or not to accept a job offer, be sure to consider
A keyboard is an example of an external memory storage device.
The use of computers in service industries is extensive.
The physical components of a computer system are called the
Software that enables computers to reason, learn, and make decisions is
If expenses are less than revenue, the business will suffer a loss.
There is no point in comparing your financial statements with those of another company
Liabilities are
A company's current assets divided by the current liabilities is the
When a carbohydrate polymer is broken down by hydrolysis, what molecules result?
The function of proteins includes acting as...
During transcription,
The part of the cell that is a power plant, producing ATP
Part of the cell where translation occurs
If a cell, like a muscle cell, uses a lot of energy, we would expect...
Found in only some kinds of cells, made of the carbohydrate cellulose in plants, and protects cells
recycling center of the cell which breaks down nutrients, foreign invaders, and old organelles
Part of cell that finishes synthesis of some proteins and ships them to the golgi. Covered in ribosomes.
Control center of the cell that contains the DNA. Not found in prokaryotes.
In the first few pages, we learn of something unusual happening that scared Jonas quite a bit. What was it?
Where do Jonas' parents work?
Who is Jonas' best friend?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Someone who has confidence and is secure in their abilities.
Someone who is self-confident and strong willed, though sometimes domineering or pushy.
Someone or a group of people who are friendly, welcoming and ready for activities.
Someone or something with the power to convince.
Having great excitement or interest in something.
Someone or something with a neat, tidy and pleasing appearance.
Free from any errors.
A person who pays very careful attention to detail and who does things in a precise manner.
Acting in a way that is very thorough and careful
Being productive with minimal effort.
Likes to work with animals, tools or machines.
Likes to study and solve math or science problems.
Likes to do creative activities like art, drama, crafts, dance, music, or creative writing.
Likes to do things to help people.
Likes to lead and persuade people and to sell things and ideas.
Likes to work with numbers, records or machines in a set orderly way.
Acting in a way that is very thorough and careful.
Someone who is self-confident and strong willed, though sometimes domineering or pushy.
Having great excitement or interest in something.
Someone who has confidence and is secure in their abilities.
An exponent indicates
A non-zero number raised to the zero exponent equals
A number with a negative exponent equals
3 raised to the second power is equivalent to
4 raised to the negative two power is equal to
6 raised to the zero power is equivalent to
Which of the following is equivalent to twenty-seven?
Which of the following is equal to 1/4 ?
In the number 4 raised to the 2nd power, which number is the base?
Evaluate 5 to the fourth power.
What is Science?
What is the Scientific Method/Process?
What is a hypothesis?
What is the general order of the Scientific Process/Method?
When scientists group observations that are alike in some way, they are . . .
When scientists explain or interpret an observation, they are . . .
The facts, figures, and other evidence gathered through observations are called . . .
Which of the following attitudes do good scientists possess?
Which choice is a scientific theory?
Which choice describes a scientific law?
2x+3x = -25
3x + 4x -7 = 21
-3n +9 +5n = -17
2x - 3 = 5x +15
2(3y -6) = 24
-4x + 10 = 2x - 50
4(2x - 7) = 36
4x + 9 = -7x + 31
85 = -6x + 7 + 4x
-2(x - 4) = 4(3 - x)
An economic system that is based on customs and cultural history is _______________________.
____________________________________ are “real resources” needed to produce goods.
______________________ is the time, effort and talent that go into production.
The market system that is based on private ownership and individual decisions is also called ______________________________.
________________________________ is the increase in value of goods and services over a year.
______________ includes all resources found on or under the ground.
A ______________________ is charged on goods or services brought in from another country.
_____________________________ include factories and machines.
______________________________ limits free trade between countries.
The government controls the economic system in a __________________________ economy.
A ___________________________ is a limit on how much of a product may be imported or produced.
An ______________________________ is a person who produces goods and services.
An _____________________________ is a type of trade barrier that is backed by military force.
A _____________________ economy is based on individual choice and voluntary trade.
A _________________________ system allows for competition between business owners without government control.
_________________________________ is the knowledge and skills that workers bring to their job.
The exchange of goods without tariffs or quotas is ______________________________.
A ___________________ economy is influenced by traditional, command and market economic systems.
________________________________ are the raw materials used to make goods.
_______________________________ is a type of command economy with one-party rule and ownership of resources and decision making power.
Which of the following is a Menu?
Which of the following defines a Desktop?
Which of the following is a Cursor?
Which of the following is a Toolbar?
What does URL mean?
Which of the following is a Browser?
What does USB mean?
Right Click
Left Click
What's up with this banana? It was yellow just a couple of day ago. How did it become black?
Without these elements, we would not enjoy any of our salt compounds.
Come on now. Step on the gas! Get the fuel burning in that engine so that you can cruise right on down the road.
BRRRRRR!!!! It's freezing cold out here! No wonder the water has turned to ice.
Wow! What a pretty neon sign!
Of course! Simple elements do combine to form complex substances.
Look at this solid substance that magically appeared when I was mixing these two clear liquids. Am I a magician or what?
Just look along the zigzag line of the Periodic Table and you will find elements with properties of metals and non-metals.
Wait! This bottle was full of hydrogen peroxide! How did it become water?
When you cook an egg, the yolk of the egg absorbs all the heat.
5 grams of X reacts with 10 grams of y and there you have it 15 grams of chemical XY
Yes Indeed! Elements may trade places with one another in chemical reactions
If this element did not exist, you would not be able to talk on your cellphone or play video games on the computer
Look here on the periodic table and you will find elements with similar properties
What property of aluminum allows it to be rolled into thin sheets?
What pure substance is composed of more than one element?
Which element is a poor conductor of heat
Which is an example of a physical change?
Which is a sign that a chemical reaction has occurred?
How does one find the atomic mass of an element?
Answers by Educators Question Database
An offer can be terminated by the offeror by
Studying plant development is
Information about the nitrogen cycle is
The development of fertilizer to help plants grow faster
Which level of the ecology hierarchy is observing rodents, grasses, and hawks?
Which level of the ecology hierarchy is the boadest?
Which level of he ecology hierarchy includes biotic and abiotic factors?
One species only (ex: herd of deer) is an example of
What keeps research within moral boundaries and prevents unnecessary suffering or harm to organisms?
What is used to determine the number of cells in a specimen?
What is used to separate cells from the blood they are found in?
What is used to measure small volumes of liquid?
What is used to transport a measured volume of liquid?
How do you determine total magnification?
Carry microscopes using the
Cells that do not have a nucleus or organelles.
Which is not a part all cells have?
What is a similarity between prokaryotes and eukaryotes?
Another name for producer is
A cell that has a nucleus and organelles
Another name for a consumer is
al mando de
El volcan que enciende a las doce cada noche se llama...
__________ firmo un acuerdo de paz con el FMLN en 1989.
Cambiaron la capital en el ano
Los mayas vivian en el ________.
Los pipiles construyeron _______.
________ fue el presidente en 1972 y tambien en 1984.
El Salvador tuvo una guerra con Honduras despues de _______
El Faro Del Pacifico se refiere a _______.
________ ayudaba mucho la economia de El Salvador
Usan la semilla de cacao para hacer ______.
San Salvador tiene un problema con los _______.
Oscar Romero fue asesinado en el ano _______.
Which Kingdom? Yeast and Mold
Which Kingdom? Moss and Fern
Which Kingdom? Insect, Worm, Sponge
Which Kingdom? E.coli, salmonella, staph
Which Kingdom? Extremeophiles
Which Kingdom? Euglena, Amoeba, Paramecium
Which Kingdom? Multicellular, with nuclei, injestive heterotroph (eats) related to coral and jellyfish
Which Kingdom? Multicellular, sunlight to make food, has a nucleus
Which Kingdom? Single cell, no nucleus, microscopic, and causes sickness
Which Domain? Protist Kingdom
Which Domain? Fungi Kingdom
Which domain? Archaeabacteria Kingdom
Which Domain? Plant Kingdom
Which Domain? Eubacteria Kingdom
Which domain? Animal Kingdom
Which Domain? Eukaryotic cells
Which domain? Prokaryotic cells
Which Domain has bacteria?
Which kingdom? Has nucleus, many cells, absorptive heterotroph, related to yeast?
Which Kingdom? Mostly unicellular, with a nucleus, live in water and are microscopic and can be autotrophs or heterotrophs
An imaginary line that runs between the North and South poles.
Materials eroded by water, wind, or ice are dropped in a new place
Removal of surface material from the Earth's crust and the moving of the materials.
several types of naturally occurring fuels formed from the remains of plants and animals that died thousands or millions of years ago including a solid (coal), a liquid (petroleum), or a gas (natural gas).
The phases of the moon that occur due to the revolving of the planet and moon.
Resources that nature cannot replace quickly
Water that falls to Earth’s surface as rain, snow, sleet or hail.
Resources that nature replaces as they are used.
To travel in a closed path around an object such as Earth does as it moves around the sun.
The spinning of Earth on its axis.
Material made of tiny pieces of rock, minerals, and decayed plant and animal matter.
The breaking down and wearing away of rock.
A measurement of the pull of gravity on an object
the properties of the atmosphere at a given time and location, including temperature, air movement and precipitation
The average weather conditions in an area
The cycle that exists between plants and animals that allows all organisms to survive in which plants give out oxygen that animals breathe in and turn into CO2 which is then used by plants.
a type of rock formed by gravity pressing fragments of other rocks and minerals together as they settle on land or under the ocean over a long period of time.
Energy that comes from the natural heat inside the earth
Electricity made from the energy of moving or falling water
Preserved parts or traces of animals and plants that lived in the past
To draw objects nearer.
Any material that allows an electric current to pass through it easily. Metals
To become absorbed in liquid: to make a solution with another substance.
The process by which gas turns to a liquid, water vapor turns to clouds
The process of changing a liquid into a gas,
A change from a liquid to a solid when.
A force between two surfaces rubbing against each other.
The force that pulls a small object toward a larger object.
A material that does not let heat energy, electricity, or sound energy pass through it easily.
When a substance changes from a solid to a liquid.
A combination of two or more substances that do not from a new substance.
The bouncing back of light rays from a surface.
The bending of light rays as they move from one material into another material.
A pushing forced caused by 2 two poles of a magnet being near each other
A mixture with one substance spread out so evenly in another substance that you cannot tell the two substances apart.(Dissolved)
The rapid back-and-forth movement that produces sound.
The energy of moving pieces.
The temperature at which a liquid changes into a gas. 100° Celsius.
Appearances of an object including: mass, magnetism, physical state, relative density, solubility, and the ability to insulate or conduct heat or electricity
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The ongoing change in what is considered to be fashionable is called ___________.
The direction in which fashion is moving is called _____________.
The rejection of used items in favor of newer ones is called the _______________.
High fashion is first worn by these people, who are trendsetters and daring.
These people only wear fashion looks when they become firmly accepted.
The last people to adopt a fashion are these people.
The world’s oldest and most accepted theory of fashion movement. This suggests a social hierarchy in which trends move to lower levels of society from the top of the social ladder
Suggests that fashion acceptance begins among the young or lower income groups and moves to older or higher income groups.
Claims that fashion moves horizontally through groups at similar social levels and that each group has its own fashion leaders.
The definite pattern which involves the ongoing rise, peak, and fall in popularity of specific styles.
What is the highest level of classification?
What is the primary way Bacteria reproduce?
Which of the following is NOT a name of bacterial shape?
In _________, two bacterial cells temporarily join and directly transfer genetic material between them.
What is the primary energy source for photoheterotrophs?
What is the primary carbon source for chemoautotrophs?
What are cyanobacteria?
What is bioremediation?
In order from largest to smallest, what are the classifications of life?
What is NOT a characteristic of all living things?
A synonym for tower is...
A synonym for scorch is...
A synonym for resist is...
A synonym for permit is...
A synonym for mature is...
A synonym for limb is...
A synonym for calculate is...
A synonym for decay is...
A synonym for climate is...
A synonym for affect is...
Which of the following is the proper way to write an organism's scientific name? (minus the underline/italics)
Which of the following is the correct difference between archaea and bacteria?
Which of the following is not a characteristic of a prokaryotic cell?
Which of the following is an example of a disease caused by bacteria?
Bacteria and other microorganisms that cause disease are called...
What are some ways we prevent bacteria from spreading?
Which of the following is not part of a virus structure?
What are vaccines?
What is the main carbon source for chemoheterotrophs?
Binary fission creates two identical daughter cells.
A grove has rows of
Which means the same as permit?
Excessive spending is
Which of these affect the weather?
To calculate an answer, you use
A newspaper column is
Which of these resist rain?
Which amount exceeds one cup?
After a kitten matures, it will be,
Which of these would most likely tower over a person?
The top margin of a memorandum is usually
The purpose of the subject line is to
Which of the following types of communication would be used to correspond within the company?
In a simplified memo, how many times should you press enter after the addressee before the subject line?
The actual message of the memo is called the
The addressee is the person who
The paragraphs in the body of a memo are keyed
Reference initials should be keyed
Guide Words in a standard memo are
The guide words on a memo are followed by a
Which plant is grown from spores?
The part of the plant that makes food
A single cell made in some plants which can grow into a new plant
The beginning of a new plant on a potato
The part of the plant which absorbs water and minerals
The hard covering of a seed
The yellow powder or dust formed by a flower
A simple sugar formed in green plants
The part of the plant that carries food to the other parts
The part of the plant which makes seeds
Which of these things is not needed in order for a seed to grow a plant?
All living things depend upon what for food?
True or False: Penicillin is a helpful medicine produced by a spore plant
Before a new plant can grow from a seed, what must die?
The process in which carbon dioxide, water, chlorophyhll and sunlight form glucose in green plants.
The piece of a plant cut away from the stem of that plant for the purpose of rooting is...
Plants give off which gas that people and animals need in order to live.
The green material in plants
The process of carrying pollen from one flower to another is....
Which of these is not a main part of a seed
How does the angel react to his visitors?
What details about Pelayo and Elisenda hint that they care about the angel?
What happened at the end of the story?
Why was the angel in Pelayo and Elisenda\'s backyard?
WHy is the spider lady more interesting to the people than the angel?
What happened in December, after the child started school?
Which of the following is an aspect of the story that is consistent with the genre of magic realism?
What is ironic about the angel\'s appearance?
Which of the following events in the story is an example of situational irony?
Which element of the story is realistic in style?
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The wheelbarrow is an example of a ____ class lever.
The class of lever in which the output force is in between the input force and the fulcrum is
The type of pulley in which the direction of the force is changed, however, the size of the force is not increased is ____.
The class of lever in which the input force lies in between the output force and the fulcrum is
To calculate the mechanical advantage of a pulley you
A ____ is made of a larger outer disk attached to a smaller inner disk.
What weapon, used by many countries during the war, is now seen as illegal to use?
No Man’s Land refers to the area between;
All of the following were results of the Treaty of Versailles EXCEPT
Why did many Americans want to stay out of the war?
In 1918 the United States suffered a flu;
Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points described his plan for what?
One of the jobs of the War Industries board was to;
Gains made by American women during WWI include;
The Espionage and Sedition Acts affected freedom of speech because it;
The war might have involved only two nations, Austria-Hungry and Serbia, if not for;
Which of the following was a result of the Selective Service Act?
Prolonged conflict that involves states and or nations is called;
What country used U-Boats most effectively during World War I?
What reason did Senators give for opposing U.S membership in the League of Nations?
Of the following, the most compelling reason for the United States to enter WWI was;
The purpose of the League of Nations was to;
Because of this, countries make deals of fight together in case of a war.
One of the purposes of propaganda during the war was to;
Another word for armistice is;
How do cells in the ovary detect a hormone from the brain?
Single-celled organisms are able to maintain internal stability because they
The increase of certain types of gases in the atmosphere has contributed to the problem of global warming. All these gases are
Which statement provides the best explanation for the increased growth of the fish in the pond?
Autotrophs might survive when heterotrophs cannot, because autotrophs are able to
The inability of sperm cells to move normally could prevent the production of offspring by interfering with
Which type of pathogenic microbe causes AIDS?
DNA is able to control cellular activities most directly by regulating the process of
A new vaccine was developed and then tested on a large sample of individuals. This new vaccine will be considered effective if it helps prepare the body to fight future invasion by
Cells of the immune system are able to respond to the presence of invading organisms because they recognize the
A payment made to an insurance company for medical services is called what?
HMO's are medical insurance companies that:
Care or procedures that are not considered medically necessary may:
Precertification is completed prior to surgery to make sure the:
A bill submitted to a health insurance company is called
Medical administrative assistants are most likely responsible for which of the following?
Which of the following is a system for classifying, recording, and summarizing financial information?
Securing and processing money owed to patients is called:
_____________ is the recording part of the accounting process.
What does CMAA stand for?
The existence of both the Senate and the House of Representatives allows for various checks and balances
Crimes are offenses against society and torts are offenses against individuals
The federal Constitution is the main instrument for allocating powers between people and their governments
Often a mediator is brought in to negotiate a binding settlement between parties
The decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court that interpret or apply the constitution are final and cannot be overturned
All persons, including minors, are liable for their torts
Unless they arise from a bargained-for exchange, gifts have legal value are not consideration
The injured party must usually take reasonable steps to mitigate damages
A major provision in the UCC governing the sale of goods makes agreements or contract clauses that are unconscionable unenforceable
Courts will not enforce a contract that cannot be performed within one year unless there is a signed writing to prove the agreement
In order for a bailment to arise, both possession and control of the goods must shift from the bailor to the bailee.
Grapevines and rose bushes are real property, but the grapes and roses raised would be personal property
In the bailment relationship, the bailor is the party who accepts possession and control
Liability insurance is a type of social insurance that indemnifies against personal injury and property damage claims for which the insured is legally responsible
If a person acts outside the scope of her or her authority, the principal is not bound
Agents may buy for themselves or sell to their relatives without violating the duty of loyalty and obedience
The principal's main obligation is the duty to pay what was promised for the agency services
Gratuitous agency occurs in cases where the agent receives no consideration and there is no contract
Illegal employment discrimination does not only apply in hiring but also in any term, condition, or privilege of employment
If the owner of a corporation dies, the present corporation would be dissolved and a new entity formed
A form submitted to a third party payer for reimbursement is called a(n) ____________.
A contract is a legally binding agreement between two parties.
A(n) __________ is a small fee paid to a provider at the time services are rendered.
Current Procedural Tests (CPT) codes are standard codes used to designate procedures and tests.
_______________ is the amount of money that is the patient's share of the costs of treatment
________________ is government health insurance for older adults, retired individuals, and some people who are disabled.
Medicaid is government provided health insurance for the poor and some disabled people.
_____________ is the amount of money the patient must pay for medical care.
Premiums are the costs for health insurance.
Private Health Information (PHI) is any information concerning a patient's health, medical condition, diagnosis, or treatment; it can include financial information as well.
Precertification is the process of obtaining approval from a health insurance company for an admission, a test, procedure, or medication, also called preauthorization.
Provider networks are patients, health care facilities, and doctor's offices who have contracts with health insurance companies to provide services.
Customary is a term used to describe a _____________ fee which denotes the fee is usual and acceptable.
CMS-1500 is an unusual health insurance claim form.
If someone is you're guarantor, you don't need to pay your healthcare costs.
Which of the following is not granted by the Bill of Rights
The judicial power of the United States shall be vested in the
Duty to do or not to do a certain thing, an act or omission in violation of that duty, and criminal intent are
Which of the following is not an example of a business-related crime
Elements of a tort are
The most common example of vicarious liability is
Civil juries have
A legislative body has the power to nullify a court's interpretation of a statute or ordinance by
The U.S. Supreme Court has
Courts, below the circuit court level, that take care of specialized or relatively minor jurisdiction, would not include,
Some constitutional rights to due process are
Self-defense, criminal insanity, and immunity are all examples of
Monetary awards to the injured party to compensate for loss are often called
Which of the following usually does not make a contract void
Which of the following have contractual capacity
People who lack capacity have the right to
When the statute does not clearly state that a certain contract is enforceable, the courts look at
The remedy intended to place the parties in the same legal position they were in before contracting is
To create a valid offer, the offeror must communicate an intention to create a legal obligation to the offeree with
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Water droplets in a rainbow act like
What 2 things do light energy let us do?
Why does white light looks like a rainbow when it exits a Prism
light slows down when it hits....
Light travels fastest when it\'s going
What do prisms do?
See your face in the mirror is an example of what?
A red apple absorbs all other colors except what color
what 2 things cause a shadow?
The angle of a light striking a mirror is the same as what?
An ________ is an analysis of outside influences that may have an impact on an organization.
A formal, written document that directs a company’s activities for a specific period of time is called a(n) ________. (10 points)
Involves grouping people with similar lifestyles, as well as shared attitudes, values and opinions.
The process of classifying people who form a given market into even smaller groups is called what?
Refer to statistics that describe a population in terms of personal characteristics such as age, gender, income, marital status, ethnic background, education and occupation.
Involves using a single marketing strategy to reach all consumers.
The projection of probable, future sales in units or dollars.
Refers to segmentation of the market based on where people live.
An expectation for performance that reflects the plan’s objectives.
Is the money left after taking out taxes.
: 5n-8
20, 15, 10, 5
Find the 8th term for the rule 8n + 2
Find the 10th term for the rule 3n - 40
Find the sequence: 4n -10
Find the rule: 8, 5, 2, -1
Find the rule: 10, 20, 30, 40....
Find the sequence: n/4
Find the 25th term: 2n + 12
social studies
5 themes
The study of things that happened in the past is
Location, region, place, movement, and interaction are
The study of countries, oceans, mountains and weather is
The study of the people who control what happens in a country is
Social Studies
Someone who builds with wood
Wandering away
Rug weaver or maker
What you understand
Shopkeeper who sells items
Thin string
Shopping area
Name the four major metric units for length.
What equipment best measures a small amount of volume?
What would be the best metric unit to measure the weight of a child?
What would be the best metric unit to measure the volume of a large swimming pool?
What is 4,252 grams in kilograms
What is 28 centiliters in liters?
What is 0.09 hectometers in dekameters?
What is 7.1 kiloliters in milliliters
The English System's basic units of measure are:
The Metric System's basic units of measure are:
Who was Marco Polo?
The historical period of intellectual and artistic creativity was known as
What Portugese prince laid the groundwork for a new era of exploration?
Who was the first Spaniard to land on the mainland of North America
The Explorer who landed in Mexico and conquered the Aztecs was
New York was once known as
What did the Portugese trade from their trading posts in Africa
Which agreement gave Spain most of North America and South America
People with Spanish and Indian Parents
What is another name for a Spanish explorer?
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