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How long does it take for a fetus to develop into a baby ready to be born?
Why are the testes and ovaries similar?
Why are the fallopian tubes and vas deferens similar?
The process where a sperm attaches to an ovum is called ___________________
The female reproductive cell is called a/an ____________________________
How many sperm cells do males produce each day?
What is NOT a change that happens during puberty?
Which date occurred the EARLIEST?
The belief in MANY gods is called
Most of Egypt is made up of
A drought is a long period of
People were able to specialize at one job because
The practice of one person owning another is called
When the Nile River overflowed, it caused the land to be
A scribe received special training in
A group of lands and people under one ruler is called
The weather conditions in a place over a long period of time is the
A self-governing city and its surrounding lands is called
The Fertile Crescent is
In the Greek language, what does the name Mesopotamia mean?
The Code of Hammurabi was the world's first effort to
Money that conquered people are forced to pay in return for protection is called
Two equal halves of the earth are called
Which civilization had a centralized government
The Egyptians built
Which date occurred last (most recent)?
Which type of microscope uses a beam of light passing through one or more lenses, thereby producing an enlarged image of the object or specimen being viewed?
If a microscope has a 10X eyepiece and a 50X objective lens, what is the total magnification of a slide placed on the stage?
Which of the following microscope parts should NEVER be used with the high power objective?
The maximum size to which a cell can grow is limited mainly by the cell's
ATP(adenosine triphosphate) is composed of adenine, ribose(a 5-carbon sugar) and :
A balanced or steady state that a cell tries to maintain for stability.
When concentrations on both sides of a cell membrane are the same.
The diffusion of water molecules is called
When a cell engulfs(takes in) materials that are too large to diffuse in through the membrane.
Movement of materials across a cell membrane without using energy.
Which one of the following organelles is found in both plant and animal cells?
The 3 main components of a eukaryotic cell are
Which one is not true about the cell membrane?
During aerobic respiration, cells produce 38 molecules of ATP per breakdown of one molecule of
Which of the following best describes the process of photosynthesis?
Which of the following is not a stage of cellular respiration?
What is the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration?
Which one is not a part of the 'Cell Theory'?
Which one completely lists the products of photosynthesis?
What type of function has a vertical asymptote?
What type of function has a horizontal asymptote?
What is the inverse of f(x) = 10^x
What is the base of y = lnx
Which of these graphs will be the steepest?
Can you take the log of a negative number?
Is the base of an exponential function allowed to be one?
Which parent function has a key point at (0, 1)?
Which type of function can model growth and decay?
What is the inverse of y = x + 7.5?
Simplify ln e^4
Evaluate e^2.1 to four decimal places.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
In order for students to join your group, they must have________.
In order to search for teachers you must___________.
The URL address is Edmodo
In order to create an account with Edmodo you must
To add a picture to your account you must go to account
Edmodo can be used for
To create a group within Edmodo you must
Edmodo can be used to
Edmodo is similar to
Students must be older than ________ to create an account without parent permission.
The bible says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, so who has sinned?
An arrow that has sinned has done what?
John 3:3 says Except a man ? ? ? he cannot see the kingdom of God.
What is a sinner?
What is the price (wage) for sin?
Who is the way, the truth and the life?
How did Jesus show us how much he loves us?
The gift of God is what?
Who has never broken God's law?
How do you get saved?
Greek priest-physician, worshipped as the god of medicine, combined exercise and massage to create gymnastics
Lived during the time of Emperor Tiberius, wrote De Medicina which deals with massage, exercise and bathing
Single most important book in medical history, Canon of Medicine, made numerous references to massage and was written by
Dr. James H. Cyriax is credited with popularizing
In 1858, ____, a New York physician, introduced Ling's methods in the United States
The French barber-surgeon credited with restoring the health of Mary, Queen of Scots, by use of massage.
In America, the use of the word massage was popularized by
The Swedish physiologist and fencing master who developed a system of movements he called Medical Gymnastics
Modern massage terminology is credited to _______.
Austrian physician _____ developed gentle rhythmical massage along the surface lymphatics accelerating the functioning of the lymphatic system and treating chronic lymphedema
A combustible material is any substance that has the ability to burn. Indicate which of the following is not a combustible material.
How does the quantity of oxygen vary during combustion?
Any combustion needs the presence of
Combustion can occur without
A combustible material burns when it reaches its kindling temperautre. The lower the kindling temperature of a substance, the ........ it starts to burn.
The kindling temperature is the temperature at which a combustible material starts to:
Complete combustion occurs when
The products of a combustion reaction differ whether the reaction is complete or incomplete. The products of a complete combustion reaction are:
Propane burns with oxygen gas in the air to produce carbon dioxide and water vapor. The word equation for complete combustion can be written as:
Combustion reactions are major sources of energy. The energy released in combustion reactions is used for many purposes like:
Combustion reactions release harmful gases into air. These gases
Indicate which of the following is a harmful effect of combustion reactions.
Contamination of air with harmful gases or materials is called
Combustion reactions release harmful gases (air pollutants) into air. Indicate which of the following is not an air pollutant.
Pick out from the following human activities, those that are sources of air pollution.
The increase in the level of air pollutants like sulfur dioxide gas in air results in an environmental problem called:
Global warming results from:
The heat radiated back from earth is trapped by polluting gases like carbon dioxide and warm the air, that increases atmospheric temperature of earth. This phenonmenon is called:
To fight against global warming, one must reduce the level of carbon dioxide gas in air. This can be done through:
To fight against acid rain, one must reduce the level of sulfur and nitrogen oxides in air. Which of the following increases the level of sulfur or nitrogen oxides in air?
Mineral physical characteristics depend on
Which physical property indicates how a mineral sample will break?
In what type of rock are you most likely to find a fossil?
What type of rock is formed by a process of melting and solidification?
An igneous rock that is formed below the surface and is cooled slowly will have
Metamorphic rocks are formed
The element that makes up most of the Earth's crust is
The density of a sample is found by
You can determine the hardness of a mineral sample by
Which mineral property depends upon how light is reflected from a fresh mineral surface?
Members of the Classical Schol were generally opposed to
The Classical School is best characterized as
Showing offenders consequeneces of crime to prevent crime is
Which was NOT a major influence on the Classical School?
Which of these is/are an element(s) of deterrence?
Which of the following about the Classical School is INCORRECT?
The Classical School is basically a microtheory in its orientation.
Classical theories do not focus on
Theories about theories are known as
Qualitative theory excludes which of these?
The term "born criminal" was first attributed to
Gabriel Tarde said that criminal acts were based on a process of
An approach to explaining criminality through head bumps was
The concept of somatotypes deals with
Cognitive theory dwells on the differences in thinking patterns between normal & criminal individuals.
The Positivist School is also known as the "modernist perspective."
The "feeblemindedness" theory said that criminals have lower IQs.
A theory that is assessed by measurement and testing is referred to as
A good theory is one that can be tested and that best fits the research.
Which is/are a major form(s) of "theory context?"
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What is an unlimited government
Which is not part of Northern Russia's vegetation?
What was the Cold War?
How were Hitler and Stalin the same?
What is monarchy?
How does a dictator take control of a country
What was the iron curtain?
What was the Great Purge
What is a plateau?
What is Siberia?
What is a taiga
What is the tundra?
What are steppes?
What is the major source of power in Russia?
What is the Duma?
Which country is the biggest country in the world?
On what 2 continents is Russia located?
What is the verbal in this sentence: Running comes natural to me.
Which word is the gerund? Tomorrow, we will be jumping in P.E. class.
Which sentence has an infinitive?
Which sentence has a gerund?
Which sentence has present participle?
Which sentence does NOT have a verbal?
Gerunds often take the place of what?
Which sentence as a past participle?
Which word is a clue to the infinitive verb?
Which gerund is acting as a subject complement?
Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
Identify the sentence with the verbal.
A river in India that is sacred to Hindus is the ________.
The river that runs through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos before flowing into the South China Sea is the __________. River.
This is the LONGEST river in China and ends in the East China Sea.
The 3-sided land form that North and South Korea is on is a __________
This country is an island with volcanoes.
This is a long narrow country with a lot of shoreline next to the South China Sea.
The highest mountain range in the world is the ________ and separates _______ and _________.
The Bay of _________ is east of ___________.
The ________ desert is in north central China and is spreading due to _________.
The Yellow River is a nickname for the ________ River because of the sand coming from the ________.
How long a star lives depends on
A light-year is a unit of ____
Parallax can't be used on a star if the star is too
The Heretzsprung-Russell diagram graphs a stars
The earliest stage of a star's life is
A star begins in a
A neutron star that appears to produce pulses of radio waves
Which of the following is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum?
Patterns of stars in the sky are called
The distance between the crest of one wave of electromagnetic radiation and the crest of the next one is its
When a star runs out of fuel, it CANNOT become a
A star system in which one star blocks the light from another is called
A device used to collect radio waves from objects in space is called
Newton invented
A star nursery where new stars are born
Nuclear fusion results when
A quasar is a type of
The hottest stars are
Brightness of a star as seen from Earth
Our sun is a
Which one of these is a chemical property?
A chemical change occurs whenever...
Which one of the following is ONLY a physical change?
Which is true of a solid?
Plasma is formed when...
Viscosity measures the thickness of a ...
A type of chemical reaction that takes in energy.
Chemical reactions involve the breaking and forming of...
The type of energy transfer that is transferred through electromagnetic waves is...
The type of energy transfer that deals with physical contact is...
The type of energy transfer that deals with a heated fluid rising and sinking is...
The measure of how fast the particles in a substance are moving is...
The amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of a substance by 1K is...
A generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by...
Electricity is the form of energy created from the...
An ion with a negative charge.
At absolute zero the particles of a substance have...
The measure of the pressure of an electric current.
Small areas of atoms in magnetic substances where groups of atoms are aligned like poles of a magnet.
In a parallel circuit, if one device is turned off...
What does NOT create deep ocean currents?
What is salinity?
Currents that move in circles are called ________________________
How do currents travel in the northern hemisphere?
Why can't wind travel straight across Earth?
Cold water is ________________________ warm water
Water with low salinity is ________________________ water with high salinity
When water hits a landmass, what happens?
A continuous flow of moving water is called a _____________________
The effect where wind and water curves because of Earth's rotation is called the __________
Which of the following is an advancement of the Old Stone Age?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What was the main purpose for enacting the 1975 law Education for all Handicapped Children?
Congress enacted the Individulas with Disabilities Education Act of 1990 to?
Why did Congress ammend IDEA in 2004?
No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 states that;
I.D.E.A. is built of these principals;
One of NCLB's six principals states Parents\' have a choice to?
According to 'No Child Left Behind\' Teacher Quality refers to?
What is 'Manifestation Determination'?
What is 'Procedural Due Process?
Why is 'Zero Reject' an important element of IDEA?
Which characteristic of igneous rock provides the most information about how it formed?
A group of students was traveling when they found dinosaur bones in a rock outcrop along a highway. What kind of rock probably contained the dinosaur bones?
Where are sedimentary rocks usually found?
Which proecess(es) change(s) sediments into sedimentary rock?
Which kind of rock was formed mostly from the remains of living things?
Some sedimentary rocks form as a direct result of
How do metamorphic rocks differ from other rocks? Many metamorphic rocks
Which of the following changes does not help create a metamorphic rock?
Igneous rock cannot change directly into
Which of the following is often a characteristic of most igneous and some sedimentary rocks?
Frames and seconds are the same thing.
What is the default Frames Per Second?
The place where flash is created is know as:
Default Stage Size is:
Changing background color option is in
What shortcut allows you to go back several steps?
Which is not an option can convert something to
What shortcut inserts a keyframe?
What is the shortcut to convert an object?
If a Flash is 1:30 and used default FPS, how many frames is the Flash?
What is the organ system?
What is the skeletal system?
What is the muscular system?
What is the nervous system?
What is the respiratory system?
What is the circulatory system?
What is the excretory system?
What is the digestive system?
What is an organ?
What is a seed?
Which type of government system has voluntary associations of independent states?
The Arabs, Persians, and Kurds of the Middle East are all examples of:
How many people maintain power in an autocracy?
A prime minister holds executive power in a(n):
What is the name for a group of people with a common belief system?
In a presidential democracy, the president is constitutionally independent of the:
Power is held by one central authority in a(n):
Citizens have high amounts of personal freedoms in a(n):
If a country has a high literacy rate, it typically has:
Power is divided between different levels of government in a(n):
What is the correct formula for sodium hydroxide?
What is the correct formula for hydrochloric acid?
What is the name of the acid with the formula H2SO3?
What is the correct formula for the base magnesium hydroxide?
What is the name of the acid with the formula HClO3?
What is the correct formula for nitrous acid?
What is the name of the acid with the formula HF?
What is the correct formula for carbonic acid?
What is the correct formula for acetic acid?
What is the name of the acid with the formula HClO?
Tengo sed. Quiero una ....
Eusebia tiene hambre, Quiere un ....
Quiero tacos.
Marisol quiere tomar refrescos.
Quiero beber agua fría.
Juan Pablo quiere café.
Gloria tiene mucha hambre.
Tengo sed. Quiero ...
Dora quiere tomar doce arepas.
Mi hermano tiene mucha hambre.
Which of the following can be determined by knowing only the arrival time of both P-and S- waves at a single recording station?
As the distance from an earthquake epicenter increases, the time between P-wave arrival and S-wave arrival will
What type of earthquake wave is usually received first at a recording station that is 2000 km from the epicenter?
The outermost layer of our planet is the
The thickness of the Earth's crust
The portion of the Earth that is just below the crust is
The outer and inner core
S-waves cannot through
Variables Impacting a Family’s Response to Exceptionality include:
Which of the follwing statements is true?
What best describes culture?
Interrelated variables which impact the likelihood of the child receiving special education services are:
Socio Economic Status (SES) includes:
Approximately 1/3 of Approximately 1/3 of students with disabilities come from households where the annual income is less than
Children of rural and urban geographical locations have the same challenges
Children who are ______ are at increased risk for poor school attendance, developmental delays, and emotional and behavioral problems.
A family’s perspective influences the way in which they envision and participate in home-school partnerships, services for their child and family, and the dreams they may hold for
As people with disabilities are beginning to lead more typical lives, they NOT more likely to become parents.
You have a lab in science class today so you must......
My lab partner caught on fire so I need to....
I broke a piece of glass lab equipment so I need to
I\'m not sure what to do during the lab so I....
The liquid in the test tube is a clear liquid so I assume it\'s water. So I can...
I walk in the classroom and there\'s lab equipment at my table so I can using it right away.
I get a chemical in my eye so I need to...
The word to remember for using the fire extinguisher is....
I need to clean the lab equipment.......
I know I\'m going to have a lab the next class so I make sure I wear
Answers by Educators Question Database
some headphones
the bookstore
the shoestore
music store
ice cream shop
department store
to spend
to save
to sell
to pay
Is Parker there?
Hold on a moment
Who's calling?
This is Macy speaking.
Do you want to leave a message?
I'm sorry.
a (masculine singular)
a (feminine singular)
some (masculine plural)
some (feminine plural)
how much?
how many?
a lot of
a little
to have
we have to
I am in a hurry.
You feel like dancing
He is hungry.
They are thirsty.
I come to school
She comes to school
We come to school
at 1:30
at 1:50
at 3:15
_______are the basic units of structure and function within the human body.
This tissue carries impulses back and forth to the brain from the body.
_______ tissue connects all parts of the body and provide support.
Which tissue covers the surface of the body, inside and out?
_______ tissue contracts and shortens, making body parts move.
Your heart and lungs are examples of what?
A(n) ____________ is a group of two or more organs that work together to perform a specific function for the body
______ are living things made of several different organ systems working together to keep it alive
The ______ is the main organ of the circulatory system
A group of specialized cells that work together to perform the same function.
Which type of bond is found between water molecules?
Which type of bond holds hydrogen and oxygen atoms together within a water molecule?
Which of the following are monomers of proteins?
Which macromolecules contains C, H, and O in a 1:2:1 ratio?
All organic molecules contain this element.
Which organic molecules are monomers of lipids?
Which of the following is false about enzymes?
Acids have a pH that is
What happens to the enzyme catalase when its heated?
Which of the following are monomers of nucleic acids?
Cells are made of specific chemicals, and organs are made of specific tissues: so tissues are made of specific
59. Enzymes catalyze very specific reactions, and act on a narrow range of target reactant(s) called________
If there is not enough oxygen, muscle cells make ATP through glycolysis, turning pyruvate into ______ _____ in order to regenerate NAD+
The total ATP yield of one molecule of Glucose going through All of Aerobic Respiration is about
High Energy Electrons are taken to the Electron Transport chain by the electron carriers
All of the carbon atoms entering the Kreb’s cycle ultimately leave as _________
The processes of aerobic respiration include just the TCA cycle and
In the absence of oxygen, pyruvate is converted to ethanol or lactic acid through ________
The total net yield of ATP from 1 molecule of glucose going through just glycolysis is
Glycolysis, which is process ubiquitous to all living things, including prokaryotes, absolutely requires Oxygen.
Which of the following is the correct sequence of events for the overall process of cellular respiration, anaerobic and aerobic?
cellular respiration is a(n)__________ process
cells rely on a process called ________to move oxygen and carbon dioxide into and out of themselves
Haldane said that comparative anatomy was the study of the struggle to increase in proportion to
Enzymes are always required for a reaction to occur
enzymes act as __________ to increase chemical reaction rates
Appendicular is pertaining to the
the branch of science that deals with the functions of the body is
Which list best illustrates the idea of increasing levels of organization
the word Anatomy literally means
Which of the following is a claim that contains all of the correct information required for processing?
Which of the following is a condition that data must meet to be included in the selection process?
Navigator buttons are:
If an error is found on a claim, how is it corrected?
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act's standard format for electronic transmission of a claim submitted to a health plan is called:
The List Only feature is used for:
Where is information about electronic claim attachments entered?
How would you create claims for a specific insurance company?
If claims were not created and transmitted, it is likely that the practice would not receive payment from the insurance plan.
Which of the following are reasons why it is so important to submit a claim complete and on time?
Which mountain range separates European Russia from Asian Russia?
What does economy mean?
What is the capital of Russia?
Who was the first czar or emperor of Russia?
What is not part of Russian culture?
Which is not a major export of Russia?
Which country does not border Russia?
Why do most people live in European Russia?
In which part of Russia is Siberia located?
What is the longest river in Russia?
Who was the first president of Russia?
What is communism?
Who is the current president of Russia?
Who was not a dictator in Russia?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Crescent-shaped cartilage found in the knee.
Pain in fibrous tissue and muscle
The muscles that are attached to bone by tendons and make body movement possible are called
Movement that turns the palm up
The suffix that means split or fissure is
The suffix that mean surgical fixation or fusion is
the suffix that means break is
Softening of bones
Abnormal condition of stonelike bones
Slow movement
The boundary that separates the troposphere from the stratosphere is the
As air absorbs moisture, its density
As your height above the surface of the Earth increases, atmospheric pressure usually
Atmospheric pressure is a result of what property of air?
Which of the following events would change the dew-point temperature of the atmosphere?
A dry-bulb and a wet-bulb thermometer are used together to determine the
Humidity is usually measured with a sling psychrometer. What instruments are generally used to construct a sling psychrometer?
Long-distance winds and ocean currents curve to the right in the Northern Hemisphere. What causes this?
To fully describe wind, we need to measure
The gaseous form of water is
Where does the greatest amount of daily weather change take place?
Which source provides the most energy for atmospheric weather changes?
The transfer of heat energy within the troposphere occurs primarily by
As a mass of air rises in the troposphere its temperature will usually
At sea level, as the temperature of the atmosphere decreases, the air pressure usually
If the air humidity increases and the temperature remains the same, the air pressure will
As a parcel of air increases in altitude, its pressure will
As the pressure gradient increases, the wind velocity
The weather element determined by an anemometer is
Winds blow from regions of
What instrument is generally used to measure the average kinetic energy of the molecules in a substance?
Which change would cause more water to evaporate from a lake?
A cup of water left outside evaporates more slowly when
An air classified as mP usually forms over which type of Earth surface?
The movement of air in a low-pressure system in the Northern Hemisphere is best described as
Why are hurricanes and tropical depressions more common in the tropics and in the mid-latitudes during the warmer months?
Why does a major hurricane usually cause more damage and fatalities than a major tornado?
As an Atlantic hurricane is born, intensifies, and later fades, what is its most likely path as it moves toward the mainland of the United States?
Along the coast, the most dangerous aspect of hurricanes is the
New York State weather systems usually approach from which direction?
As altitude within the troposphere increases, the amount of water vapor generally
By which process does moisture leave green plants?
Most moisture enters the atmosphere by the processes of
The primary source of most of the moisture in Earth's atomosphere is
As the exposed area of a moist object decreases, the rate of evaporation of the liquid from that object
To say that relative humidity on a given day is 70 percent means that the air
During which part of the day is the relative humidity usually lowest?
Which process most directly results in cloud formation
Atmospheric transparency is most likely to increase after
In order for a large mass of air to acquire uniform characteristics, it must
Soil of which particle size usually has the greatest capillarity?
During a dry summer, the flow of most large New York State streams generally
When rainfall occurs, the rainwater will most likely become surface runoff if the land surface is
The greatest amount of rainwater infiltration occurs on the side of a hill if the surface of the permeable soil has
Which set of conditions would produce the most runoff of precipitation?
What force causes water below the water table to flow through the ground?
Why is soil capillarity important?
Which of the following would be the most helpful in keeping a plentiful supply of water for well water and freely flowing springs?
Surface runoff will probably increase if the rain
What kind of bedrock would have the greatest permeability?
What is the female sex hormone?
What is also known as the birth canal?
What part of the female reproductive system is pear-shaped and holds a baby?
These contain female eggs that release once a month.
The average menstural cycle (one period to the next) lasts how many days.
This part of the female reproductive system lines the uterus and grows during the menstrual cycle.
What part of the female reproductive system opens in order to allow the baby to pass through?
What is is called when an egg attaches to a sperm?
It is common to have ______________breasts during puberty.
If you have cramps during your Period what is happening?
A square meter of which of these surfaces would absorb the most energy on a clear day?
Which kind of clothing is most likely to keep you cool on a hot, sunny, summer day?
Which method of energy transfer can carry energy through the vacuum of outer space?
The North Pole is usually colder than the Equator because the Equator
Infrared, ultra violet, and visible light are all a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. How do they differ?
As the ability of an object to absorb electromagnetic energy increases, its ability to radiate energy
Which of the following surfaces would absorb the least amount of insolation?
Why does a greenhouse stay relatively warm on sunny, winter days?
What causes Earth's temperature to drop after the sun has set?
Which of the following would most likely result from an increase in the carbon dioxide content of Earth's atmosphere?
Which statement best describes condition near the coast of South America during El Nino conditions?
During El Nino, the shift in trade winds causes sea levels to
During El Nino events, thunderstorms increase in the eastern Pacific because warm, moist air is
When El Nino conditions develop, this causes
In the tropics, near the equator, an observer can generally find
Land surfaces heat more rapidly than water surfaces because
On a sunny summer afternoon, the temperature of the ocean water around Long Island, New York, is usually
Which of the following factors does not affect the climate?
Compared with coastal locations, inland locations usually have
How does latitude affect the average annual temperature at most location on Earth?
The ways in which people change the world around them to meet their needs or solve practical problems are called
What is the goal of technology?
Science and technology are
An endoscope is an example of
One positive effect of pesticides is
What are some reasonable safety precautions for field investigations?
What is the first thing you should do if an accident occurs?
Using one or more of your senses to gather information is called
Observations that deal with a number or amount are called
Observations that deal with descriptions that cannot be expressed in numbers are called
Answers by Educators Question Database
Ella _____ tarde. (despertarse)
Él y ella ____ rápidamente. (vestirse)
Yo nunca ______ por la noche. (bañarse)
Nosotros corremos para _____ en forma. (mantenerse)
Ella _____ temprano por la noche. (acostarse)
Yo voy a _____ temprano para ir mañana.
Nosotras _____ con ropa atlética.
Ella ___ en forma con el entrenamiento de fútbol.
Él hace mucho ejercicio para ______.
Esta noche yo _____ tarde.
El apartamento de la abuela está _____.
Hoy, Elena está ____.
El hijo de Anita es ___.
El apartamento de Anita es ___ .
Anita y Elena están ___.
Mi baño ___ bastante grande.
La mesita de noche ___ entre la cama y la pared.
Los televisores ___ pequeños.
El sillón y el sofá ___ del mismo color.
El estante ___ enfrente de la cama.
Jaime ___ arreglar el carro.
A Elena ___ sacudir los muebes en la sala.
Tú ___ ir al colegio los miércoles.
También ___ darle de comer al perro.
Y Papá nos dijo (said): ___ hacer las camas.
El pretérito: ella (lavar)
El pretérito: él (barrer)
El pretérito: tú (ir)
El pretérito: yo (sacar)
El pretérito: Tú y yo (hacer)
___ fruta
___ música
___ helado
___ pizzas
___ deportes
¿Te gustan los tacos?
¿Qué te gusta?
¿Por qué te gusta la comida china?
¿A quién le gustan las frutas?
¿A quiénes les gusta el helado?
El muchacho ___ Texas es simpático.
La comida ___ fiesta es deliciosa.
El videojuego ___ muchacho es muy divertido.
El carro ___ muchachas es fenomenal.
La fiesta ___ estudiantes es muy divertida.
A Adán ___ _______ los libros de amor.
A usted ___ ______ las películas de ciencia ficción.
A mí ___ _____ los libros de misterio.
A Linda y A Nora ___ _____ la pizza.
A Hernán y a mí ___ _____ la comida mexicana.
Anoche mi hermana y yo ________ muy tarde.
Yo _____ la música de T-Bake.
Él ________ muy temprano.
Ella ____ al partido anteayer.
Khai ____ a sus amigos anoche.
Maddy y yo ____ en la biblioteca la semana pasada.
Tú ____ a la cafetería a almorzar.
Bert y Ernie _____ muy tarde.
she vacuumed
we shaved
yo form of hacer
yo form of poner
yo form of traer
yo form of saber
yo form of ver
yo form of salir
Yo ____ mis papeles en mi mochila.
Yo no ____ mucho de computadoras.
Yo _____ mi comida al colegio.
Yo ____ la tarea por la noche.
this week
this weekend
day after tomorrow
next week
on time
What are you going to do?
Do you want to go with me?
What time is class?
Are you going to go?
I have to study.
We're very hungry.
He has a meeting.
a milkshake
some toys
some comic books
a bracelet
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Explaining or interpreting the things you observe based on reasoning from what you already know is called
Trying to explain why a cactus needs little water to survive is an example of
Making a forecast of what will happen in the future based on past experience or evidence is called
When scientists put things into categories or group together items that are alike in some way, they are
When scientists create a representation of a complex process, they are
Knowing how to use lab equipment is an example of
In a scientific experiment, a statement that describes how to measure a particular variable or define a particular term is a(n)
If a beaker breaks, the first thing you should do is
Scientists’ skepticism should be balanced with an ability to
What scientific attitude is especially important when a scientist’s results go against previous ideas?
Grocery stores organize food according to food type—diary, frozen, bakery, and so on. This is an example of
Scientists can communicate their results
The use of endoscopes to study the functions of the heart shows that
A person who is trained to use both technology and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems is known as a(n)
To reveal trends in data, the data should be presented in a(n)
Life science is also known as
A possible explanation for a set of observations or answer to a scientific question is a
You are inferring when you
In an experiment, the one variable that is purposely changed to test a hypothesis is called the
What are data?
An imaginary sphere that encircles the Earth and which all objects in the night sky appear
An object in the sky, such as the sun, moon, stars, that is outside Earth's atmosphere
Objects that are part of the Earth such as rocks, oceans, and clouds
Observed patterns of stars that people use to mark the positions of stars in the sky
Early model of the solar system in which the Earth is stationary and all other objects in the universe revolve around the Earth.
Modern model of the solar system in which the planets revolve around the sun and Earth has a daily rotation
An imaginary line around which an object rotates is
Spinning of a body around an internal axis
Path of any object around a second object
Orbital motion of a satellite around a second object
Occurs when a full moon moves into the Earth's shadow
Occurs when the new moon moves briefly between the Earth and the sun
Rise and fall of the oceans, occurs twice a day
The line through the widest part of an ellipse
A force of attraction between all objects in the universe
Any object that orbits another object in space
The tendency of an object to keep moving or to remain stationary
A rocky object that could be located in a belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter
Particles of space that heat up and become visible light as they fall toward the Earth
Icy object that originated beyond the planets
Is fire living?
If a fire makes smoke, it is...
If a fire doesn\'t make smoke, it is...
If the flame is blue, it is probably...
If the flame is red, it is probably...
If there are ashes at the end of the fire then...
Fire work.
Fire is...
Complete combustion makes...
Incomplete combustion makes...
Which of the following has both a definite shape and volume?
In order for ice to melt, what must occur?
How could you describe the movement of milk molecules?
The most abundant phase of matter is
You can smell the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies due to the movement of
Fire is often considered to be
A liquid's resistance to flow is known as
Beads of water, known as dew, form on blades of grass because of
Go back ________________ now!
_____________ at the park.
See if ______________ are any cookies left.
It is ___________________ turn next.
____________ you go, it's all done.
____________ going to be in big trouble for coming home late!
Her house is somewhere over ___________.
Is that ____________ dog?
If you keep that up, you will have to go sit over ______________ by yourself!
Do you know when_________ going to get into town?
Oral Language has three key processes, which one is not a key process.
The process of isolating speech sounds and pronounce words for which they stand when combined.
The ability to recognize spoken words as a sequence of individual sounds is
To ability to isolate all the sounds of a word.
Why would a vision test be misleading?
When developing language-experience stories teachers should not use
One Auditory Discrimination Exercise is
Effective visual discrimination lessons use
An ineffective visual discrimination exercise is
Emergent Literacy and Phonics are not concerned with
For every hour a college student spends in class, he or she should spend ___ hours studying outside of class.
The average number of pages read by a college student in one week is ____.
No matter how well you read, you always need to improve your ____.
College teachers ____ tell me exactly what I want to learn for each exam.
Better grades are related to ____.
College teachers may assign readings from ____.
Which of the following is not an effective way to prepare for an exam on a chapter?
College instructors expect students to
Which is not a reading skill to implement when reading a textook?
Which is not an effective way to demonstrate comprehension?
3. When water melts from an ice cube, this is an example of a physical change. The water changes from a
On Tuesday afternoon, there was a summer shower in Dallas. The next day, Josh noticed the water puddle on the sidewalk in from of his house was becoming smaller and smaller. W
When water enters a crack in the rock and then freezes, what will possibly happen to the rock
The development of the World Wide Web is a way that people have used technology to meet their need for _____________.
How can you change matter from one state to another?
You fill a balloon with steam and then put it in the refrigerator. What do you predict will happen next?
If matter expands to fill the volume of its container, it is a
If matter has a fixed volume, but changes its shape to fit its container, it is a
Ice is water in its _____________ state
When water freezes, it changes from a _______________.
Answers by Educators Question Database
He was
You went
I heard
They went
I fell
We heard
I am hungry
we plan
A mí ___ ________ pasar tiempo con amigos.
A ellos no ___ _______ los quehaceres.
to be lucky
We are making...
Él ________ sacando la basura.
I am writing.
He is reading.
Direct object pronoun - baños
Direct object pronoun - comida
Direct object pronoun - almuerzo
Direct object pronoun - basura
Direct object pronoun - platos
Negative informal command - ser
Negative informal command - descansar
Negative informal command - ir
Affirmative informal command - invitarlos
Negative informal command - comerla
Ellos son
Ella es
Marcos y Miguel son
María y Rosa son
Ella no es
A ella ______ hablar por teléfono.
A él y a mí ______ ir al cine.
A mí no ______ los gatos.
A ellos _____ las clases.
A nosotros _______ las mujeres.
tú - pedir
ellos - ayudar
ellos - saber
nosotros - trabajar
él - poder
Tú _______ tarde.
Él _______ a las once de la mañana.
Mi hermana ________ después del almuerzo.
Yo nunca _____ la tarea.
Ellos no _____ mucho.
En la ciudad _____ bien. (using impersonal se)
El el restaurante _____ refrescos. (using passive se)
En la carnicería ____ carne. (passive se)
En Fred Meyer _____ de todo. (passive se)
En el parque ____ mucho. (impersonal se)
to allow
to forbid/prohibit
to smoke
No se ____ en la biblioteca.
to be able to (can)
I met you.
to arrive late
I played (a sport)
I began
I found you.
_____ les gusta bailar.
_____ me gusta jugar al tenis.
_____ le gusta jugar al fútbol.
_____ les gusta tocar la guitarra.
_____ nos gusta hacer la tarea.
to read
to play (a sport)
to ride bikes
to listen to music
to draw
él y ella/querer
él y yo/querer
A ella ___ gusta
with me
with you (informal)
with him
with us
Necesito ________. (bañarse)
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Natalie is trying to explain the solar system to her younger brothers. What three objects should she choose to best represent the sun, earth, and the moon?
Children are trying to get supplies up into their tree house. The simple machine which would be most useful would be a
Which of the following simple machines makes up the base of a lightbulb?
A knife or a chisel is an example of what type of simple machine?
5. You are boiling water on your stove next to a window. You notice water droplets on the inside of the window. This is an example of what kind of scientific investigation?
Rollerblades are an example of what type of simple machine
6. 7. Jeannie wanted to find out if cold water was more dense than warm water. She added red food coloring to a beaker of warm water and then used an eyedropper to add the warm red
What characteristic best describes what happens during a physical change?
How can you change matter from one state to another?
Which of the following is an example of a physical change?
A large group of ships is a
A safe place to park ships along a coast is a/n
Materials, land, or abilities that a person or country can use are
Saying and showing that you are against something is a/n
A person sent by one country to deal with another country is a
When you solve a problem with someone by giving up a little of what you want and getting a little of what you want, you've made a
Trying to get what you want by talking with someone is
Getting in someone's way or trying to stop someone from doing something is
Stopping something before it happens is
What you believe is the best way to solve a problem or end an argument is your
Jack is reviewing his investment portfolio to make sure it includes options that will allow him to access money immediately.The evaluation factor of saving he considers is:
Mary needs a savings plan that will allow her to access her money as cash for potential emergency needs. Which type of evaluation factor of saving is she considering?
Mary's business has $5,000 to start a savings plan. She is comparing bank interest rates between a mutual fund and a regular savings account. Which evaluation factor is considered?
Bob sells specialty guitars and hopes to exchange the guitars for a much higher value than the purchase price. Which type of investment could the guitars become?
Quilts purchased from Tyson's Antique Store over 25 years ago can be exchanges for higher prices than they were originally purchased. Which type of investment are the quilts?
The city government needs 1.2 million dollars to build a new medical facility. Which type of bond investment opportunity would help the city government obtain funding for this?
How are common and preferred stocks different?
How are common and preferred stocks similar?
RadioShack offers shares of stock to investors at a consistent rate of 6% without any voting rights. What type of stock is it offering?
How much interest is earned on a balance of $1,000 for a certificate of deposit that is compounded at an 8% interest rate for an account maintained for three years?
Tim has the option of borrowing $5,000 at a 3% interest rate from a local bank. Which loan option would allow Tim to pay the LEAST amount of money?
Sky Blue Credit Repair Company assists clients with spending less on debt and eliminating credit problems. With which type of credit assistance does the company provide?
After talking with a Sears customer representative about her overdue balance, Tina implemented a strategy that will minimize her debt. Tina used which type of credit assistance?
Han sued a furniture store that verified it provided inaccurate information about his credit history. Which regulation would protect him in having the information corrected?
JCPenney makes sure all applicants are creditworthy before issuing any of them credit cards. Which regulation is JCPenney adhering?
Mary paid only $50 for unauthorized charges made to her Capital One MasterCard. Which regulation protected her?
Which is an example of content for a credit contract?
Chase Mortgage Company sends quarterly summaries of transactions. Which type of document does the company send?
Capital Bank reported that John has both savings and checking accounts with its financial institution. Which factor for granting credit related to documentation is this institution
B Rental Company requires applicants to verify reputation for paying bills in order to determine potential credit risk. Which factor examined by creditors does the company require?
How much interest is earned on a balance of $1,800 that is compounded semiannually at a 6% interest rate for an account maintained for one year?
Sam prefers a savings plan that allows him to earn interest on previously earned interest. Which type interest does he prefer?
Ted deposits money in a savings plan regularly. The interest he earns on this plan is indicative of how the money markets are doing. Which savings plan is he using?
How are common and preferred stocks different?
Bob sells specialty guitars and hopes to exchange the guitars for a much higher value than the purchase price. Which type of investment could the guitars become?
Mary needs a savings plan that will allow her to access her money as cash for potential emergency needs. Which type of evaluation factor of saving is she considering?
How are common and preferred stocks different?
How are common and preferred stocks similar?
RadioShack offers shares of stock to investors at a consistent rate of 6% without any voting rights. What type of stock is it offering?
Ted deposits money in a savings plan regularly. The interest he earns on this plan is indicative of how the money markets are doing. Which savings plan is he using?
Walden Book Store obtained information about Ann's reputation for paying her bills. Which factor examined by creditors did the store receive?
A Sears Department Store sales associate gave a customer a form to complete in order to apply for a credit card. Which factor examined by creditors did the customer receive?
Which is an example of a service provided by a credit bureau?
Josh maintained minimum living expenses while working on his job for the past six years. Which "C" of credit is he MOST LIKELY to meet?
Jenny has the option of borrowing $300 at a 3% interest rate. Which loan option would cost her the most money?
What is the interest amount for the following loan: $10,000 car loan for 5 years at 8% interest rate?
Ted issued credit cards to his employees so they could charge work products. Which advantage is Ted MOST LIKELY to accomplish by viewing the monthly credit card statement
what is the maturity date for a loan made on February 1 and due in 15 days?
what is the maturity date for a loan made on April 24 and due in 60 days?
A bank loaned Doug $4,500 for 24 months. Which type of credit did he accept?
Tonya is considering shopping at a Rooms To Go furniture store that advertises the option of payments for a period of three years. Which type of payment option was advertised?
While shopping among several stores, Tina charged over $700 worth of home improvement supplies. Which type of credit did Tina use?
Jenny charged $300 worth of gifts while shopping at several stores. Which type of credit did Jenny use?
Mary makes prearranged equal payments monthly to Progress Energy. Which type of credit did Mary use?
Justin paid $20 at the end of a doctor\'s visit and agreed to pay the balance in 30 days. He will avoid any cost for this credit. Which type of credit did Justin use?
Who is the best college basketball team?
What is the best sport to watch in the Olympics?
What is the best country to live in?
Answer yes
Answer Yes
What is a synonym to clasp?
What is an antonym to affection?
What is an antonym to lofty?
What is a synonym to poverty?
What is an antonym to exhibit?
What is a synonym to unveil?
What is a synonym to appeal?
What is an antonym to conspicuous?
What is a synonym to contribute?
What is a synonym to declare?
to try to persuade someone
without respect, acting as if it is worthless
slow, lacking in interest
to make an opposite statement
pathetic or deserving pity
a feeling of intense aversion, dislike, or hostility
marked by or showing deep sincerity or seriousness
as a noun it's a groove or trench
to anger, enrage, exasperate
not authentic or real, but without the intention to deceive
Written or unwritten rules of appropriate attire.
The covering of the body according to the code of decency of a particular society.
A person's _________ is his or her position or rank in comparison to others.
Ideas, beliefs, and material items that are important to an individual.
A person's feelings or reactions to people, things, or ideas.
Obeying or agreeing with some given standard or authority.
Self-Expression. It is the quality that distinguishes one person from another.
Something a person must have for existence or survival.
A person's desire for something that gives him or her satisfaction.
An article of wearing apparel, such as a dress, suit, coat, evening gown, or sweater.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Butter, fats and oils are an example of which biomolecule
The monomer of proteins is called
The monomer of nucleic acid is
Sugar, starch, pasta and bread are examples of
Meats, fish, eggs, milk and cheese are examples of
Transcription changes DNA into
DNA replication creates
Replication and transcription take place in the
Protein synthesis or translation takes place in the
In DNA, Adenine pairs with
In DNA and RNA, Cytosine pairs with
DNA has ___ strands.
mRNA has ___ strands
This organelle holds DNA and directs cell activities (brain)
This organelle lets things in and out and surrounds the cell (security guard)
This organelle packages and ships proteins (UPS; Delivery man)
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