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14x + 5 - 2x^2
Which organelles release chemicals that break down large food particles into smaller ones?
What is the function of the cell wall?
Which organelle is the control center of a cell?
What is the function of a cell membrane?
What part of the cell keeps the cell membrane from collapsing?
What part of the cell acts as the cell's delivery system?
What cell parts carry materials between organelles such as the ER and the Golgi complex?
What does the Golgi complex do in a cell?
What is the job of the lysosomes?
Where do all cells come from?
What was the name of the Act that helped Mexican Americans?
Who gave the
What group was created help Mexican Americans?
What group helped the Native Americans?
Which group helped the African Americans?
What is the name of the court case that went against Plessy Vs. Ferguson
What year was the Indian Education Act officially implemented?
WHo signed the Indian Education act
Who signed the Bilingual Education Act?
How long was the Brown Vs. Board of Education case?
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When a country exports more goods to other countries than it imports from them.
Type of economy where people are free to buy, sell and produce what they want.
The first people to arrive in the areas of present day Canada and the United States came from what continent?
From 1862-1865, America was divided into 2 separate countries fighting over what issue?
The United States population is largely composed of people from what region?
The tragedy of September 11 was committed by what group?
Under Great Britain, Canada was a _______, where they were allowed to govern their own local issues but Great Britain handle concerns with other countries.
The United States declared their independence from what European nation?
In 1994, 3 countries in North America signed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). Which of these countries was not a part of the agreement?
The United States and Canada are both key members of what global organization?
The Cold War was a rivalry between the United States and what country?
While the United States has a Representative Democracy, Canada has a _________ Democracy.
Canada officially obtained complete independence from Great Britain in what year?
Federalism is the division of power between the Federal Government and the _________ Government.
Changes or additions made to the Constitution.
Being able to speak two languages.
Legal blocking
Abandoned areas such as factories that contain dangerous chemicals.
Declaring ownership of a region.
A major impact of Ancient Greece and Rome on Western Civilization was that
The Ancient Athenians are credited with
Which ancient civilization established the basis of western democracy?
Which societal condition was basic to the development of Greek philosophy?
Important long-term contributions of Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations are primarily found in the area of
The Ancient Greek city-state of Sparta
Which societal condition was basic to the development of Greek philosophy and Renaissance art?
Which characteristic was common to the Golden Age of Greece and the Italian Renaissance?
Alexander the Great’s conquests of Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt, and Persia led to the
How did geography influence the development of ancient Greece
A polymer of sugar molecules is called a ?
The forces that hold different atoms or ions together are ?
Each molecule of table sugar C12H22O11 contains
Gases take up a lot of space because gas molecules
Covalent bonds are formed between
Copper is a good conductor of electricity because its electrons
The simplest organic compound is
Polymers are large organic molecules that are made of
Atoms often join so that each atom will have
An oxidation number tells how many __________ an atom must gain, lose or share to become stable.
la computadora
el lápiz
la cosa
los útiles escolares
la mochila
el cuaderno
un montón
el papel
la regla
el reloj
los zapatos
el diccionario
la carpeta
la calculadora
la ropa
el bolígrafo
la materia
el francés
el almuerzo
el arte
Which statement BEST describes the carrying capacity of an area?
Which is a carnivore?
Which of the following roles do bacteria and fungi play in an ecosystem?
The level of an energy pyramid with the least energy available is
The first organism in a food chain is always a(n)
The interaction of all of the different populations is a(n)
The source of all energy for a food web is
As you move up the energy pyramid, the amount of available energy
A group of owls living in the same area and competing for resources is called a
Which factor would most directly impact the frog population in a pond ecosystem?
Which of the following is not a limiting factor for populations?
Which of the following are biotic factors in an ecosystem?
2. What is the difference between a biotic factor and an abiotic factor?
Ecology is
Which level of the pyramid supports the least number of organisms
Where do plants get the energy from to make food?
Which of the following is an example of an abiotic factor?
Which statement best explains why populations will decrease once they have gone over carrying capacity?
What important role do decomposers provide for the ecosystem?
Fish are an example of which factor in a pond environment
Which is a typical characteristic of an ionic compound?
What is shown by the structural formula of a molecule or polyatomic ion?
Which of these elements does not exist as a diatomic molecule?
How do atoms achieve noble-gas electron configurations in single covalent bonds?
Why do atoms share electrons in covalent bonds?
Which of the following elements can form diatomic molecules held together by triple covalent bonds?
Which noble gas has the same electron configuration as the oxygen in a water molecule?
When one atom contributes both bonding electrons in a single covalent bond, the bond is called a(n) ___________.
According to the VSEPR theory, molecules adjust their shapes to keep which of the following as far apart as possible?
What causes water molecules to have a bent shape, according to the VSEPR theory?
Which of the following atoms acquires the most negative charge in a covalent bond with hydrogen?
How many unshared pairs of electrons does the nitrogen atom in ammonia (NH3) possess?
Which of the following covalent bonds is most polar?
What is the correct name of S2O5?
What is the correct name of NO3?
What is the correct formula for triphosphorus pentoxide?
What is the correct formula for boron dioxide?
What is the total number of covalent bonds normally associated with a single carbon atom in a compound?
How many electrons does a nitrogen atom need to gain in order to attain a noble-gas electron configuration?
How many electrons are shared in a double covalent bond?
Who or what is in the executive branch?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Who was the 3rd president of the U.S.
What is hatred of the Jews?
Which notorious couple were executed as spies during the Cold War?
What was the forced dispersion of Jews?
Who was the sadistic doctor at Auschwitz?
Where did the eugenics movement start?
What agency was the precursor to the CIA?
Which amendment prevents unreasonable searches and seizures?
How many amendments to the Constitution are there?
What are the first 10 amendments to the constitution called?
Two conditions for inspiration to occur
CO2 and O2 are exchanged where?
Cilia inside the trachea move particles away from
Increased breathing rate is due to
Which organ filters blood and forms urine?
Skull weight is reduced due to this
Amount of air during normal respiratory cycle
The vacuum force which helps lungs inflate is caused by
Antibiotics will work on
process which uses oxygen to release energy from food
t - 10 = 15
x + 9 = 35
6x = 24
8x = 64
8/x = 2
X * 2 = 4
X - 9 = -1
X / 5 = 2
x + 1 = 6
25 / x = 5
Filtering units in kidneys
What's found in the larynx
Organ for excretion of nitrogen wastes and amino acids
The blood coming from the heart and going into the lungs would be high in
Blockage of airway can be caused by foreign objects or
Too much carbon dioxide in blood causes it to become too
What process is used in exchange of O2 and CO2 in the lungs?
What type of pathogen causes the common cold?
What connects the two lungs to the trachea?
It's purpose is to warm and moisten the air
Who was an active leader in the Mexican American fight for equality?
What year was the Greensboro Sit-in?
Which of the following was one of the \\
The Civil Rights Movement improved the lives of which minority group?
Who was known as the father of the Civil Rights Movement?
What did Roe vs Wade make legal?
What was the first peaceful protest organized by Martin Luther King?
Who was a well known activist in the Women\\\'s fight for equality?
Which court case said that Mexican American students couldn\\\'t be denied education?
What was the goal of the Civil Rights Movement?
What plant family produces fruit and most of the food for which humans depend?
What is the plant tissue that carries water from the roots to the leaves?
What tissue conducts sugar solutions in the plant?
Name the two main groups of seed plants.
Which of the following are seedless vascular plants?
Which of the following helps the plant to retain water?
A plant is
An example of a gymnosperm is
An example of a bryophyte is
Plants obtain most of their water through their
What are the four stages of food processing (in order)?
The breakdown of food into small nutrient molecules that the body can absorb is
Oxygen and carbon dioxide cross the capillary walls through
In humans, the ____ system delivers oxygen to the cells of the body.
Hormones move through the body of humans via the ____ system.
The function of hormones is to
The central nervous system includes the
Which part of the eye gives the eye color?
Which of the following statements about muscles is true?
Which of the following structures is part of the placenta?
A plant with the genotype AABbcc will have the same phenotype as the plant with the genotype _____.
When Mendel crossed pure bred purple pea plants with pure bred white pea plants the F1 offspring were
A plant with the genotype AABbcc is __________.
What do the letters Tt mean to a geneticist?
If a person carries two copies of the same allele for a gene the geneticist would describe this person as
Which of these crosses would produce only heterozygous offspring?
Which of the following matings can produce a child with blood type AB? The letters refer to blood types (phenotypes).
Which disorder causes red blood cells to have an unusual shape due to a misfolded protein?
The likelihood of two linked genes crossing over together depends upon
Close relatives who mate are more likely to have children with genetic diseases because __________.
What does NOT need to be included on your resume?
What is NOT true about references on your resume?
The of a color is the purity of that color, which is reduced in pastels and shades.
How do you display unity in your design?
What is the purpose of a cover letter?
What is the proper resolution for the internet?
Which is NOT something you need to consider when preparing for a job interview?
OCR software is used to:
Which is NOT an employment benefit?
A gathers all files, including art and fonts and encapsulates them so that they may be sent to the printer without attaching the fonts and artwork.
Loss of water from the leaf
Organelle where photosynthesis occurs
Controls the opening to the stomate
Process by which glucose and oxygen combine to make energy
Opening in the epidermis of the leaf
Organelle where respiration takes place
Process by which the pollen lands on the stigma
All of the male parts of the flower
Using the sun's energy to combine water and carbon dioxide to make glucose
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news report
premiere, new movie
to interview
Una publicación que sale de forma diaria
Es un cambio editorial del contenido de un texto, una película, etc.
Es una predicción basada en la posición de las estrellas
Es la primera página de una publicación
la persona que escucha una radioemisora
There are the two levels of HCPCS
HCPCS level I codes include the five digit CPT codes developed and published by the American Medical Association (AMA).
HCPCS level II codes describe common medical services and supplies already listed/classified I n the CPT.
HCPCS level II codes are seven digits in length and begin with the letters A-V.
When assigning HCPCS Level II Codes some services must be reported by assigning both HCPCS and CPT codes.
When assigning HCPCS Level II Codes keep in mind that most supplies are NOT included in the charges for a visit
HCPCS Level II National Codes contain the following types of codes:
Independent of permanent level II codes Permanent National Codes
Which codes are maintained by the HCPCS national panel
Which codes are contained in current dental terminology coding manual copyrighted and published by the American Dental Association that lists codes for billing for dental procedures and supplies
Reported when a DMEPOS dealer submits a claim for a product or service for which there is no existing HCPCS Level II code
Provide additional information regarding the product or service identified either alphabetic or alphanumeric
What are the only two required tags in an HTML5 web page?
What is the first tag that must appear at the top of every HTML5 web page?
Which element serves as a container for all the visible content of a web page?
Which of the new HTML5 semantic elements serves as a container for the navigation menu?
Which element is used to identify the main heading on a page
Which element is used to add an image to a page?
This is the coding language that we are using in the class for webpages
Which of the following is NOT a folder that we created for our portfolios?
What is the p tag used for?
What does the h2 tag mean?
What type of government is controlled by a religious leader?
The basic rights and liberties of humans such as the freedom of speech are what type of freedom?
What type of government does Saudi Arabia have if their leader is a king?
If a company sells many different products it is ________ it .
What type of economy is the combination of market and command?
What is it called when people run their own busimness?
What is it called if the .S. places a tax on all goods imported from Japan?
There is a restriction on the amount of goods imported from Mexico. This is called a _______.
When a country forbids trade with another country it is call an ___________.
When a company produces more then they need, they will have a ____ of that product.
Which of the following is a compound?
Which molecules are most strongly attracted to one another
Sugar has a lower melting point than salt because sugar is made of?
Atoms sometimes form bonds to?
Copper atoms are held together by ___________ bonds.
Oxygen atoms have six electrons in their outer shells. When two oxygen atoms bond, they will form a ______________ bond by _________ their electrons
All organic compounds must contain the element
The atoms in organic molecules are held together by ___________ bonds.
A _________ is a polymer that contains many different molecules of amino acids.
The polymer __________ determines your genetic makeup.
The homerow keys for the left hand:
The homerow keys for the right hand:
When keyboarding, this is how you should sit:
When keyboarding, you should keep your eyes on this:
When keyboarding, keep you fingers on the:
When keyboarding, keep these on the floor:
When keyboarding, keep this centered:
This is used to input data:
You use this hand and finger to strike the enter key:
You use this hand and finger to press the spacebar:
Use this hand and finger to strike the F key
Use this hand and finger to strike the J
In an undisturbed geologic column, which layer contains the oldest fossils and how can you tell?
What is the definition of an index fossil?
The half-life of strontium-90 is 25 years. How old is a fossil when ¼ of its parent material remains?
In a rock column at the very bottom a seashell is found. What could you assume once was in the area?
Name 2 pieces of evidence that support the theory of continental drift.
Explain how convection currents move the tectonic plates like rafts.
Which plate boundary produces mountain formation?
Explain how a boundary would form a mountain.
Which plate boundary can result in a ridge formation?
Explain how a ridge formation is formed.
Which plate boundary can result in volcanic activity?
Explain how a plate boundary would cause volcanic activity.
Which plate boundary can cause earthquakes?
Explain how a plate boundary can cause an earthquake?
You have a rock layer of A, B and C. A is on the top, B in the middle and C at the bottom. Describe the relative age of rock layer B.
I jumped ______ the chair.
I want to buy a ______ car.
Do you like going to _______ class?
I would like to _______ my work home to show my mother.
I ______ have one chance to get this right.
My dad's _______ can go really fast on the highway.
It is fun to go to the _____ in the summer.
The state exams are very _____ tests.
Many farm animals live in a ________.
I'm going to make my mom a Valentine's Day ______ for February 14th.
The region has very little industry other than mining and oil due to the climate and is very lightly populated.
This region receives plenty of moisture from the Pacific that lets it grow a variety of produce. It is also home to the movie industry capital of the world.
Known as the breadbasket of the U.S. because of the variety of grains frown here. Also home to the Motor City, Detroit, and the Windy City.
The region's major physical feature is the Coastal Plains, which allows for the growing of crops such as cotton, rice and many different fruits. Contains numerous large cities such as Dallas, Atlanta, and Miami.
The region relied heavily on fishing, which lead to overfishing and consists of many of Canada's smaller provinces.
Because of the Rocky Mountains, agriculture is limited so this region relies heavily on tourism but Informational Technologies have sprung up in cities such as Denver and Salt Lake City.
This region is also known as New England and is where New York City is located, which is home to Wall Street, the financial center of the U.S.
While this region produces large amounts of wheat, it also has one of the world's largest reserves of oil. Vancouver also serves as the leading Pacific port for Canada
Home to Canada's Capital, Ottawa, and Quebec, which in recent years has attempted to separate from Canada in order to form a nation heavily influenced by French culture.
When a country imports more goods then it exports to other countries.
A smaller community surrounding a larger city.
Form of government where people choose their leaders who make and enforce laws.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
El barco grande
!El esquimal come la gatita!
El volcan explota despacio
La gatita nada en el mar
La casa pequena
!El tiburon come la ropa!
!Buen viaje!
El rey lleva la gatita al avion
El mono se sube el arbol
!El tiburon vuela!
Que hora es 8:10?
Que hora es 1:30?
Nosotros _______ la clase de arte el martes
What is the formula you use to talk about what someone has to do
A Claudia le gusta dibujar en clase. Claudia esta en que clase?
Mia _____ una computadora
hay 60 ______ en una hora
Yo ____ en la cafeteria
Nosotros ______ en el bano.
Usted ____ en la biblioteca.
Yo ____ a la biblioteca.
Ella ______ al gimnasio.
Tu ______ a la clase de matematicas
Yo tengo clase ingles a las ocha y media. Que hora es clase de ingles?
Que necesitas tomar apuntes?
Vosotros _______ con tu amigos.
Katie tiene ______ estudiar.
Estoy muy _____sobre el examen.
El baño _____ al lado de la biblioteca.
True or False-de vez en cuando means sometimes
La cama está en____?
el sofá está en _____?
el espejo está en______?
el televisor está en______?
la mesa está en______?
Lava los ______?
corta el ______?
Barre el ______?
Plancha la _______?
Darle de comer al _____?
Mario _____ espanol.
Tú _____ de Venezuela.
Maria y Ana _____ de Mexico.
Me _____ papas fritas.
Le _____ la fruta.
Paco _____ el helado.
Ana tiene una papa frita. Miguel tiene dos papas fritas. Miguel tiene ______ papas fritas.
Ana es una _____.
Ruba es 5'4. él es____
What does pelirrojo mean?
Le ______ alquilar un DVD.
Yo _____ de Argentina.
What does escuchar música mean?
A ti _____ dibujar.
Jugar al futbol es un _____.
Ella es muy _____.
A mi ____ dibujar.
______ amigos son simpaticos.
_____ maestra es inteligente.
______ hombre es guapo.
Are there ..... parachuting fans in your group of friends?
Look! There are ..... fabulous pictures of the horse riding competition in this album.
..... snow covered the mountain yesterday.
We haven't got ..... coffee in the kitchen. Go and buy some!
Listen! I have got ..... ideas for the birthday celebration.
..... baseball players are there in the team?
..... any helmets in your sports equipment?
.... any butter in the fridge?
There are ..... lakes in this village, but not many to be honest.
..... exercise do you do a week?
Que usas para tomar fotos?
Conectamos a Internet
Hago clic
Voy a quemar
Ella- Vender
Nosotros- Salir
Tu- Correr
Ustedes- Beber
Hay muchos animales en ________.
Necesitas un ______ para entrar a la feria.
Haz la _____?
Pasa la _____?
Saca la _____?
Tú _____ que es una fiesta de sorpresa.
De donde _____ él?
Yo _____ una fiesta
Acabar de + ______?
______ la ventana.
_____ la mesa.
Enero es el _____ mes del año.
Lavar______ en la cocina
Que usas para cantar?
_________ en la cocina
Que es un decoración?
Son las personas en la fiesta......
Lo abre en tu cumpleaños.......
Los usas para envolver un regalo
Donde pone los reglos
Que usas para abrir los regalos?
Abre la _______
Answers by Educators Question Database
A medicine given to prevent you from getting sick
Maintaining internal conditions
Make an opinion or conclusion based on incomplete information
to move forward
2 x 3
2 x 4
2 x 5
2 x 6
2 x 7
2 x 8
2 x 9
2 x 10
2 x 2
2 x 1
A long line of rulers from the same family
Symbols that stand for objects in the chinese alphabet
Children having Respect for parents
Long trade route from China to Europe used to trade Silk
What is Legalism?
First Emperor of China.
Healing Method in which tiny needles are inserted into the body to relieve pain, soreness, etc.
Built to protect China from northern invaders like the Mongols
What are Oracle Bones used for?
Very fertile land, good for farming, where ancient China began
Define: brilliant (adj)
Define: opinion (n)
Define: urgent (adj)
Define: suspect (v, n, or adj)
Define: discourage (v)
Define: destination (n)
Define: lack (n or v)
Define: conference (n)
Define: transform (v)
Define: segment (n or v)
Define: jointly (adv)
Define: prefer (v)
Define: possess (v)
Define: indebted (adj)
Define: plunge (n or v)
Allows for year round watering of crops
The movement of water from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back again.
Using water to generate electricity.
The area drained by a river and its tributaries.
Source of the Blue Nile
Process where liquid turns into vapor or gas.
Process where vapor or gas turns into liquid.
Movement of water from the surface into the soil.
Water that is not absorbed into the soil and flows into rivers, streams, lakes, etc.
Moisture in the atmosphere.
The source of the White Nile
Where two or more streams or rivers meet at one place.
Where the Blue and White Nile meet.
A dry riverbed that is filled by a sudden rainstorm.
Rapids or low waterfalls where the river drops over rock outcroppings.
The man made structure that created Lake Nasser.
A triangle shaped deposit of sand and sediment that occurs where a river flows into an ocean.
A climate that is hot all year with very little rainfall.
The flat area around a river that is covered with sediment as a result of frequent flooding.
The Nile flows from _______ to _________?
A form of nuclear division that divides a diploid cell into a haploid cell
The actual fusion of two gametes resulting in offspring that are a genetic mixture of both parents
When a cell has only one copy of each chromosome
When a cell has two copies of each chromosome.
Body cells which make up most of the body's tissues and organs are also called
This contains genes for characteristics not directly related to the sex of the orgamism.
Involves the fusion of two gametes resulting in offspring that are a genetic mixture of both parents
Sex cells are also called
Homologous chromosomes are
These chromosomes directly control the development of sexual characteristics
In a jar, there are 4 blue marbles, 3 green marbles, 7 red marbles, and 2 white marbles. Find the P(G)
In a deck of cards, find P(king)
Find the P(H) when flipping a coin.
A box has these letter inside: S U Y O P S U Y S O S. With replacement, find the P(S, then Y)
A bag of Skittles has 8 purple, 6 red, 7 green, and 5 yellow inside. With replacement, find the P(G then Y)
You flip a coin 12 times and it lands on heads 8 times. Find the experimental P(H)
Without replacement, find the P(R9, then R5) in a deck of cards.
You roll a die two times. Find the P(2, then an even #)
In a bag, there are 3 red, 4 blue, 8 black, and 2 yellow marbles. Without replacement, find P(black, then R)
A box has these letters inside: L C H S P A N T H E R S. With replacement, find the P(H, then S)
current events
to become informed
front page, cover
to shoot (a movie)
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Fin de Semana
Ayer yo ________ al museo.
Tu __________ la tarea?
Me gusta _________ por telefono.
Que haces en la playa?
Que haces en la clase de espanol?
Nosotros _______ la tarea; ________ muy facil.
Fuimos a la feria. Fue
Tú ___ a escuela.
Ella _____ a escuela
Fancy type that does NOT fall into any standard classification is called .
Water colors are usually very .
If a design is laid out in a pattern, this means everything lines up.
What does align center mean?
Another name for a page layout software is:
What is continuous tone copy?
in a design can either be formal, which means everything is even and symmetrical or informal, which means everything is uneven and asymmetrical.
is a form of drawing that makes objects appear 3-D.
Old English is a type style in the classification and should never be written in all caps.
A is one word on a line by itself at the end of a paragraph.
__________ is what happens in a story.
"Never talk to strangers" is an example of ________.
Which point of view is from a character outside the story who knows everything about all characters?
"Bricks build beautiful bridges" is an example of _________.
_________ are cautionary tales.
Which of the following is not an example of onomatopoeia?
A fable teaches a _______, or lesson.
Which is the major turning point of the story?
What is the major problem of the story?
Which of the following is not a feature of haiku?
Por almuerzo, yo _________ cereal.
_______ es una fruta.
Ustedes _____ comida en la cafeteria.
Vosotros ____ la manzana.
Me _______ almorzar.
La madre de mi padre es...
La hija de mi madre es mi...
Una familia _____ en la playa.
A mi ____ el cereal
Mario _____ comida en la cafeteria.
Me gusta _______ en bicicleta.
Te gusta escuchar ______.
Ellos _____ de Puerto Rico.
A nosotros ______ gusta dibujar.
Yo bebo _____.
Me _____ papas fritas?
A ti _____ gusta dibujar?
Tú _____ un libro.
Ellos _____ agua.
Nosotros ______ al futbol.
1. Kaleigh received 72 pieces of candy during the Easter egg hunt at her Grandma’s house. She decided to give, r, pieces of candy to her cousin that didn’t get a lot of candy. Ka
2. Jane’s Pizza delivers p pizzas on Wednesday. On Saturday she delivers 4 more than twice the number of pizzas on Wednesday. Which equation shows the total amount of pizzas deli
3. A cell phone company charges a monthly rate of $13.75 and $.25 a minute per call. This is represented by the following equation. t = .25m + 13.75 If Ms. Sony used 1200 minutes
4. (b/2) - 15=c if b=6 then c=?
5. Simplify the algebraic expression 4(4x – 4) + 3x
6. Simplify the algebraic expression 13k + 6 – 8m + 9 + k
7. Sandra weaves 12 small rugs and 18 large rugs. Which expression can be used to find the length of ribbon needed to weave the rugs if the small rugs require s meters of ribbon a
I love
I going to
My favorite teacher is
A nosotros ______ gusta dibujar.
A ustedes ______ gusta dibujar.
La mujer______ alta
El chico es _______ amigo
_______ libros son para la maestra
No es una chica ________
Le gusta ________ la guitarra
________ mujer es cómica
Mi ________ ana es inteligente
Ellos ________ de cuba
Yo ____ comida en la cafeteria.
El padre de mi padre es_____
Nuestr_ abuel_ tiene 70 años
Ellos son ____ primos
La hija de mi padre es_______
La hermana de mi tia es_______
Los abuelos son______
Mi familia es _____
Cúal es tu_____ de nacimiento
una familia pequeña _______ buena.
What does NOT have to be included on a job application?
are created by mixing secondary and primary colors together.
A printing method that only uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black to create millions of colors is called:
is camera ready copy consisting of lines, solid color and shades of color created with a dot pattern.
What do they call the duplexed printed pages that make up the pages of a book?
What is the minimum resolution for print quality?
is a form of drawing, when a picture is created with all dots of densities.
paints are opaque and are also plastic based.
A is one line of type in a paragraph by itself at the top of a page or column.
What is xheight?
A sickness caused by eating contaminated or dangerous food is known as this.
________ are small, living organisms that can only be seen through a microscope.
The temperature range where bacteria multiply the fastest is know as the _____.
Making sure that all food items will not be harmful when eaten is called ____
______ is keeping equipent, countetops, hands, and other items clean and germ-free.
A substance produced by living organisms that can be poisonous is a(n) ____
All the things one does to keep the body clean and germ free are know as _____.
______ are microscopic microorganisms that multiple rapidly and can either hurt or help food.
An easy way to remember the six conditions that pathogens need to grow is to remember ______.
Transferring harmful bacteria from one surface or food to another is know as ________.
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These were developed during the Middle Ages as a way to regulate the quality and cost of goods
The main purpose of a castle
What were the two types of Guilds
They were not at the top of the Feudal Hierarchy but had a lot of wealth and power
This document limited the rights of the king and eventually extended guaranteed rights to all people of England
Japan's equivalent to knights were
During this Christian leaders drove Muslims out of Spain
How was the plague originally spread
Which of the following helped weaken Fedualism in the Middle Ages
The Feudal System in Japan and Europe provided protection
Women had more rights in Feudal Japan than in Feudal Europe
Siege Engines, like catapults and trebuchets, were used by the people inside the castle to protect themselves
The Holy Land
United States Document influenced by the Magna Carta
3x - 12 = 45
46 - 8x = -18
What is the first step in solving 2x - 5 = 37?
Solve 7x - 10x = 9.
7x - 9 = -30
What is the first step in 6x + 4 = 40?
Solve 8x - 12 = -20
What is the second step in solving 2x - 5 = 16?
What is the inverse of addition?
What is the reciprocal of 5?
China view men as?
Ancient China viewed Woman as
Taoism is a religion based on the teachings of who?
Which of these is not part of Buddhism
Reincarnation is the?
The Mandate of Heaven says a ruler
This Dynasty was considered China's Golden Age
The Forbidden City in in the center of what City
Standardization in China meant that there would be 1 system for
A pagoda is a
A solution that causes no change in a cell's volume is
A solution that causes a cell to swell is:
A solution that causes a cell to shrink is:
The random movement of particles from higher to lower concentration is:
Ions enter a cell through
Which one of these is an example of passive transport:
Which of these is an example of Active Transport?
The movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane is
The cell taking in a large particle is called
Ink spreading out in a beaker of water is an example of:
What is mass?
What is weight?
What is gravity?
Which changes with location?
Which has the most mass?
Why is the force of gravity on Earth stronger than on the moon?
What is weight measured in?
What is mass measured in?
What is gravity measured in?
Which is the equation to find mass?
What is the volume of a tissue box that is 10 inches wide, 10 inches long, and 4 inches tall?
How much space does a book take up that is 20 cm, by 5 cm, by 10 cm?
The water in a graduated cylinder is measured at 35 mL. A marker is then put in the cylinder and the water level rises to 52 mL. What is the volume of the pen?
The water in a graduated cylinder is measured at 35 mL. Some pieces of metal are then put in the cylinder and the water level rises to 87 mL. How many mililiters of space do the pieces of metal take up?
Water displacement is used to measure the volume of a/an
Length x Height x Width can be used to calculate the space taken up by a
What is the mass of a dog on the surface of Jupiter if the gravitational pull of Jupiter is 30 N/Kg and the house weighs 1,200 N?
Weight =
We can jump higher on the moon than on Earth because
You have more mass on the moon vs. on Earth.
What is an active cell?
What is a cell?
What is a column?
What is the pupose of the find command?
What is a formula?
What is a label in Excel?
What is a group of cells that can be selected and is written as AA22:AA44?
What is the purpose of the replace command?
What is a row?
What is Value?
What is a workbook?
What is a worksheet?
The lungs are part of what system?
How many bones are in the body?
Which system help to protect the body by destroying germs within the body?
Digestion begins in the ___.
The pituitary gland, pineal gland and thyroid gland are part of what system?
Breaks down food, absorbs nutrients and excrete wastes
Allows movement and works with skeleton
What is the largest level of organization?
The major organ of the immune system is called ___.
This body system removes lypm from the blood.
Purpose of this body system is to produce offspring.
An animal's young (babies)
Release of the egg
When the sperm and egg meet
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Sandblasted rock that is worn down over time
Thick deposits of wind blown fine-grained sediments
Mounds of wind deposited sand.
Jagged ridges formed between two or more cirques
Sharp, pyramid shaped peaks formed when several aretes join at the top of a mountain.
Bowl-shaped depression where glaciers cut into mountain walls.
Extremely slow movement of material down a slope.
When large amounts of water mix with soil and rock you get a...
The sudden, rapid movement of a large amount of material down slope.
The process by which wind, water, ice or gravity transport soil and sediment from one location to another.
1. An ice cream shop sells 8 flavors of ice cream, 2 types of cones, and 3 types of toppings. Which of the following shows the total number of combinations of one flavor of ice cre
2. Jaxson referees soccer. He charges $8 as a basic fee and $3 for each hour. If the game is 2 hours, which expression shows how much Jaxson will be paid?
3. simplify the expression 4(-2x +1) + 2(5x – 6)
4. Simplify the expression 9 + 5(2x-4) - 4x + 2(3-8x)
5. Given the equation 7p - 9 = K. Find the value for K if the value of p =8
6. Olivia’s grandfather is 6 years more than 3 times as old as Olivia. Her grandfather is 63 years old. How old is Olivia?
This month in the cafeteria Sergio bought cookies and ice cream. Cookies cost $0.65 and ice cream cost $0.75. Let cookies be represented by C and ice cream be represented by I. Whi
8. Simplify the algebraic expression 12C – 8 + 6(2I – 5C) + 6 – 10 I
10. Max has driven 155 miles and used 5 gallons of gasoline. If he has 12 gallons of gasoline remaining in the tank, how many more miles can he drive on that tank of gasoline?
12. Sam bought 8 caps on sale for $24.40. At the same rate, how much do 10 caps cost?
What are proofreader marks?
is a type classification used in most textbooks.
is used to increase or decrease space between letters.
What is a serif?
is used to decrease or increase white space between selected characters.
What does pre flight mean?
What is the best way to determine paper grain?
What is RAM, random access memory?
What is the purpose of a cover letter?
The of a color is the purity of that color, which is required in pastels and shades.
Es la una
Son las tres y media
Son las dos y media
El equipo
Te gusta _______ el futbol.
Ustedes ____ al tenis.
Mi cabeza me _____
MIs padres _____ a mis abuelos támbien.
Le _____ los brazos
Lunes, ____, miercoles, jueves
1. Yesterday Rosita rode her bicycle 2 1/4 miles. Today she rode it one and one-third times as far. How far did Rosita ride today?
2. Over a 4-week period, the price of a gallon of gas changed by -12 cents. What was the average change per week?
3. A floral designer cuts ribbon into 0.8 meter pieces to tie around flower vases. If the ribbon comes on a 40-meter spool, how many pieces of ribbon can be cut from one spool?
4. Barrow, Alaska Temperatures Lowest -56; highest 79 What is the difference between these two temperatures?
5. Sam followed this recipe. 1 2/3 cup raisin, 1 3/4 cups nuts, 2 cups dry cereal How much trail mix did Sam make?
6. 1. A canal boat went through 5 locks. The table shows each lock and the distance the boat ascended or descended. How much higher or lower was the boat after Lock 5?
7. The golden ratio is used in art and architecture. A rectangle whose length is 1.618 times its width is called a golden rectangle. A rectangle with which of the following dimensi
3. 4. 5. Tom, Amir, Troy, and Eric ate lunch at a restaurant. Each lunch cost $12.49. Tom tipped 15%. Amir left 50 cents more than Tom. Troy left the change from $15. Eric left $2.00. Who left the largest tip?
The density of copper is 8.96 grams per cubic centimeter. Estimate the space that would be occupied by 200 grams of copper.
10. The average distance from Jupiter to the sun is 483.8 million miles. What is this distance in scientific notation?
Words like "first, next, moving on, and finally" are examples of _____.
The sentence that states the topics of your entire paper is called ____.
A ____ grabs the reader's attention.
A __________ page lists the sources you used to gather information for your paper.
When she saw the hummingbird, she remembered the time she walked with her mother in the park. This is an example of _______.
___________ is when one thing stands for another.
Which of the following is ironic?
______________ is the way a character speaks.
Which of the following is NOT an idiom?
___________ is a hint or clue of something that's going to happen.
Jennifer juega videojuegos en _________.
Ella _________ de memphis
mis padres no _________ a mi novio
me _______ el nariz
me ________ papas fritas
nosotros __________ el beisbol
ellos beben _____
yo______ los verbos
maribel________el vestido
Rex: (shouting) I really like that idea! "(Shouting)" is an example of __________.
A long speech made by one character that everyone can hear is called a _________.
__________ is an unfair opinion of something.
A commercial claiming that 90 million people eat McDonalds is using which type of propaganda?
If a makeup commercial claims that it's a miracle product, it's using which type of propaganda?
Which of the following is NOT true about nonfiction?
Which of the following is NOT a type of nonfiction?
The story of someone's life written by someone else is a ________.
Which of the following is an example of nonfiction.
Which of the following is NOT a purpose of nonfiction?
1. The Bronco football team needs 12 1/2 tsp of Gatorade mix,3 1/8 cups of ice, and 16 3/4cups of water for nine players. How many cups of water and ice are needed for 36 players?
2. Drake new albums songs are sold at $1.99 each. The new album has fourteen songs on it. You can buy the CD for $29. How much do you save to buy each song individually?
3. Marcus worked 2 5/8 of his homework during Academic Enrichment, then 7 1/3 on the bus, and 9 3/4 at home. How much of his homework did Marcus complete?
4. At SFA there are 816 students, 3/8 of the students bring their own lunch of that 1/6 of them bring a cookie. How many students bring a cookie in their lunch to school?
5. At SFA 1/4 are sixth graders 5/8 are 7th graders and 1/8 are eight graders. What fraction of the school are 6th and 7th graders?
6. The perimeter of an octagon is 78.54 inches. 5 sides are 21.39 in, 3.01in, 26.89 in, 13.95 in, 5.65 in? What is the total length of the other three sides?
7. Jaice is buying ribbon for $1.95 a yard. She spent $18.95. About how many yards did she buy?
8. Kevin used 3/8 cup of flour to make a batch of cookies. Kevin wants to make 4 batches of cookies. How many cups of flour will he use?
9. AJ needs 1 5/12 foot of lumber to make one side of his birdhouse. He needs seven sides. How many feet of lumber does he need?
10. Melissa is making a beaded necklace. She bought the beads that were sold by the ounce. The contain stated that their were 180 oz of beads. If one bead ways about 0.45 about how
Tim has the option of borrowing $5,000 at a 3% interest rate from a local bank. Which loan option would allow Tim to pay the LEAST amount of money?
Sky Blue Credit Repair Company assists clients with spending less on debt and eliminating credit problems. With which type of credit assistance does the company provide?
After talking with a Sears customer representative about her overdue balance, Tina implemented a strategy that will minimize her debt. Tina used which type of credit assistance?
Han sued a furniture store that verified it provided inaccurate information about his credit history. Which regulation would protect him in having the information corrected?
JCPenney makes sure all applicants are creditworthy before issuing any of them credit cards. Which regulation is JCPenney adhering?
Mary paid only $50 for unauthorized charges made to her Capital One MasterCard. Which regulation protected her?
Which is an example of content for a credit contract?
Chase Mortgage Company sends quarterly summaries of transactions. Which type of document does the company send?
Capital Bank reported John has both saving and checking accounts with its financial institution. Which factor for granting credit related to documentation is the institution's act
ABC Rental Company requires applicant to verify reputation for paying bills in order to determine potential credit risk. Which factor examined by creditors does the company require
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If an air mass moves into an area, what will probably happen?
If a weather forecaster talks about a warm, humid front, what weather change might this mean?
In a tundra climate, plant life includes
Which phrase best describes a humid , temperate climate?
Which accurately lists biological resources?
A boundary between two air masses
What type of storm has stonger winds than a cyclone has?
One way people harm the ocean is by
What has most affected Africa's elephant population?
What phrase best defines raw materials?
In what climate region is most of the eastern half of the United States?
What is the Endangered Species Act?
Which phrase best describes a tornado?
One example of a biological resource is
Many African animals are losing their natural habitits because
What are marine protected areas?
What is the main way to help protect animals and plants?
A large area of air that has the same temperaute and humidity
The average condition of the atmosphere over a period of time is called?
Who discovered America?
Christopher Columbus wanted to go to
Columbus called the people he found in America
What happened to Native American people after the Europeans came?
What were the original thirteen states called?
The first English colony was called
Colonists came to Jamestown for
The Pilgrims came to America for
The Pilgrims came on a ship named the
Who helped the Pilgrims in America?
Which of the following actions would help Australia improve its international trade?
Which of these would be a natural result of specialization?
Choose the correct statement about Australia from the sentences that follow.
A country imposes trade barriers to
In what way does specialization encourage trade?
Historically, the Australian dollar was linked to
Australia's economy is dependent upon countries in what region for its success?
Capital, entrepreneurship, labor, and land are
Which statement expressed the difference between tariffs and quotas?
Which represents an investment in human capital?
A galaxy is moving toward us. Astronomers studying the spectra would notice a shift toward the ____end of the color scpectrum.
A galaxy is moving away from us. Astronomers studying the spectra would notice a shift toward the ____end of the color scpectrum.
The types of waves that can travel through space are called ____ waves.
On the HR diagram, the trend for main sequence stars is -
The top of a wave is called the -
The distance between the crest of one wave and the crest of the next wave is called the -
Which of the following is NOT a galaxy shape?
Our star, the Sun, is a medium mass star. It will end its life as a -
A star's light takes 125 years to travel from the star to our Earth. How far away is the star?
If a star is 250 million light years away, the light we see in the sky tonight is how old?
The evidence offers your readers a quick and easy to follow summary of what the paper will be discussing and what you as a writer are setting out to tell them.
The kind of thesis that your paper will have will depend on...
When creating a thesis, you need to find your __ edge.
A thesis statement is a very __ statement.
quote, one-liner, or question (not cheesy!!) to capture reader’s attention
provides background information to your topic (assume that the reader knows nothing about the subject).
3-part statement that tells the topic of your essay
Which of the following is NOT a trait mentioned in the sample intro on the Introduction and Conclusions Notes?
Which of the following texts is NOT mentioned in the Introductions and Conclusions Notes?
In a Literary Analysis essay, the introductory paragraph will include the title and author of the piece you are writing about. It will also contain several sentences of background information to give the reader some context of the story.
What is the Standard Form of a linear equation?
What is the slope-intercept form of a linear equation?
In the linear equation y = 3x + 2, what is the slope?
In the linear equation, y = 3x + 2, what is the y-intercept?
In the linear equation y is less than four x plus 2, what is the direction of the line?
In the linear equation y is less than four x plus 2, what type of line is graphed?
In the linear equation y is greater than negative seven x plus 5, what is the direction of the line?
In the linear equation y is less than 1/2 x minus 4, which direction of the shaded area in relation to the line graphed?
In the linear equation y is greater than negative three x plus 1, what is the direction of the shaded area in relation to the line graphed?
In the linear equation y is greater than or equal to x minus 7, what type of line is graphed?
What was the ancient Greek word for city-state?
Who was the Greeks’ chief god?
What was the name of the group that voted to determine government policy in ancient Athens?
Who could be a citizen of Athens?
The Greek epic poems the Iliad and Odyssey were supposedly written by
Who was the main rival of Athens?
What was most important to Sparta?
How did the Olympic Games begin?
What was an important Greek building; a temple to honor Athena, called?
What type of religious beliefs did the Greeks have?
How did life differ in Athens and Sparta?
Who was able to vote in Athens?
According to Greek legend, who created life on Earth?
Myths tell stores of gods and goddesses. They may also explain something in nature.
What did Cronus do when his children were born?
In the quote Grains of the golden sand-- How few! yet how they creep… creep is an example of which device?
All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream is repeated like a chorus in Poe's poem, what is this device called?
While I weep--while I weep! This repetition of the same line back to back within Poe's poem is known as ...
In the line Or fester like a sore— And then run? from Langston Hughes, the --- creating the long pause is known as...
In A Dream Deferred, the line 'Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?' compares a raisin to a dream deferred. This is known as ….
In A Dream Deferred, the line 'sugar over— like a syrupy sweet' has repetition of sounds. This repetition is called..
In A Dream Deferred, Langston Hughes asks 'Does it stink like rotten meat.' This is an example of
'“Hope” is the thing with feathers' is an example of ...
The line 'And sore must be the storm ' is an example of ...
In the line, 'The only other sound's the sweep', the repetition is called…..
A widespread illness that killed 1/3 of Europe
Why was the bubonic plague known as the Black Death
The Plague led to
The first stage of knighthood; a young boy is taught manners, how to dance, and how to ride a horse
A medieval legacy of Japan and Europe is
A knight swears to set of rules known as
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Walden Book Store obtained information about Ann's reputation for paying her bills.Which factor examined by creditors did the store receive?
A Sears Department Store sales associate gave a customer a form to complete to apply for a credit card. Which factor examined by creditors did the customer receive?
Which is an example of a service provided by a credit bureau?
Josh maintained minimum living expenses while working on his job for the past six years. Which "C" of credit is he MOST LIKELY to meet?
Jenny has the option of borrowing $300 at a 3% interest rate. Which loan option would cost her the most money?
What is the interest amount for the following loan: $10,000 car loan for 5 years at 8% interest rate?
A bank loaned Doug $4,500 for 24 months. Which type of credit did he accept?
Tonya is considering shopping at a Rooms To Go furniture store that advertises the option of payments for a period of three years. Which type of payment option was advertised?
While shopping among several stores, Tina charged over $700 worth of home improvement supplies. Which type of credit did Tina use?
Jenny charged $300 worth of gifts while shopping at several stores. Which type of credit did Jenny use?
Yo necesito ____________ jugar beisbol
Nosotros usamos __________ jugar voliebol
Yo ___________ cuanto cuesta el bate.
Tú ___________ a que hora empieza el partido.
Brandon juega al tenis con _________
Yo dibujo con mi ____________.
¿Que es en la cabeza?
¿Que es en la cabeza?
Yo __________ en el mar
¿Que es la forma de el y ella para nadar?
The average number of servings a recipe will make is called ___________.
To cut into very small or fine pieces is to ______________.
Equal to or substitute for means ____________________.
A food added to a dish for eye appeal is called a(n)____________________.
Knowing how to use and perform a variety of functions with sharp tools is_______.
To cut into small, uniform pieces is to _________________.
To cut away the outer covering of a fruit or a vegetable is to ______________
A French term meaning "to put in place"-preparing and assembling all needed equipment and ingredients for a particular dish.
To cut into matchstick pieces-long and narrow.
To cut food into large, thin pieces.
¿Qué es un tú pierna?
Me __________ la tobilla
Mi ojos, orejas, y boca están en mi __________
¿Qué está en mi brazo?
¿Qué está en mi pie?
Yo _____________ a escuela.
Yo necisito ____________ tomar el sol
Yo necisito ____________ nadar
El beisbol, el basquetbol y el tenis son __________.
Jugar el tenis, yo necesito ___________
How do you conjugate the ustedes,el,and tú form of tener ?
Nosotros_________ a la biblioteca.
Los estudiantes _______ al gimnasio.
Ayer yo ________
Nosotros ______ la computadora mucho. (usar)
Los chicos _____ en la clase de arte (dibujar)
________ tú sacar una buena nota ? (necesitar)
¿Que usas para cantar?
¿Qué usas para escuchar?
The study of how the body uses food is called _____________.
Protein that contains all essential amino acids, in adequate amounts.
A unit used to measure energy in food is called a(n) ________.
The body's chief source of energy; includes starches, sugars and fiber.
An indigestible material in plant foods that provides bulk in our diet.
A chemical substance found in food that helps maintain the body.
A fatlike substance found in every cell of the body.
A protein that is missing one or more of the essential amino acids is called a(n) _____.
Serious health problems caused by poor nutrition are called _____.
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