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Ari spent 80 cents on a new eraser. What coins could Ari have used?
Time went to the park one morning at 40 minutes after 8. Where would the minute hand be pointing on a clock?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
I know that my Redeemer lives
Clean hands and a pure heart
Trust in the Lord with all thy heart
Sins as scarlet shall be white as snow
A marvelous work and a wonder
Jesus suffered for our sins
My thoughts are not your thoughts
Missionaries will hunt and fish
Will a man rob God?
Elijah will turn the hearts of the children to their fathers
Which of these is a lever?
Which of these is a wedge?
Which of these is a screw?
What type of simple machine is a toilet handle?
What type of simple machine is an elevator?
Which of these is a wheel and axle?
Why are simple machines a mechanical advantage?
What do you call a machine made up of two or more simple machines?
What type of simple machine is a sled?
What is the formula for work?
The Bill of Rights guarantees citizens the right to?
Which is a responsibility of a citizen in a state?
The Bill of Rights is part of which document?
It is important to pay taxes because:
The first step toward actively participating in the election process is:
What are the 3 levels of government
Who is responsible for proposing federal laws?
Which branch of government interprets the laws?
What is the local equivalent of the President?
What document gives the structure for our government?
Which terrestrial planet experiences the greatest daily change in temperature?
Which terrestrial planet experiences the shortest year?
Which terrestrial planet experiences the most consistent global daily temperature?
Which terrestrial planet experiences a retrograde rotation and a day that is longer than its year?
The first spaceship to land on Mars was________________.
Mars' atmosphere is mostly made of ___________________.
How many moons does Mars have?
On which terrestrial planet is the largest volcano in the solar system located?
Where does Mars store most of its carbon today?
Which terrestrial planet is the smallest?
Which terrestrial planet is the smallest?
Which object in the solar system is Mercury most like?
Mercury's surface has long cliffs called __________________.
Which planet has an atmosphere that demonstrates the extreme nature of the greenhouse effect?
Which characteristics do all terrestrial planets have?
Which terrestrial planet experiences plate tectonics?
Which terrestrial planet has the longest year?
Which planet, like Earth, experiences seasons?
The volcanoes on Mars resemble ________________ on Earth.
Mars was once similar to Earth in that
Mars was once similar to Earth in that
It what form(s) do we find most of the water that is present on Mars?
What evidence supports the idea that water once flowed on the surface of Mars?
Which of the following helps explain why Mars does not have a balanced greenhouse effect?
Why does Mars have one of the largest volcanoes in the solar system?
Mars was once similar to Earth in that
In what form(s) do we find most of the water that is present of Mars?
What evidence supports the idea that water once flowed on the surface of Mars?
Which of the following helps explain why Mars does not have a balanced greenhouse effect?
Why does Mars have one of the largest volcanoes in the solar system?
Which of the following describes an object that is positively charged?
What property of a wire increases as the wire gets thinner?
Which of the following are good insulators?
A good conductor
If a circuit is wired where if one bulb blows out, they ALL go out, the circuit is wired as
If a circuit is open
What type of charge makes a balloon stay on a wall after you rub it on your head?
Which statement describes electric charges?
Voltage is
A battery converts
Genes are carried on ___.
The nucleolus and nuclear membrane disappear, spindle fibers and centrioles appear during
The duplicated chromosomes (pairs of chromatids) line up in the center of the cell and attach to spindle fibers at centromere during
The centromere divides, chromatids split and identical chromosomes move to opposite ends of cell during
The spindle fibers disappear, new nucleus forms at each end of the cell during
The process used to make and repair human body cells is
Sister chromatids are joined at the
DNA synthesis or replication occurs during this phase of the cell cycle.
The division of the cytoplasm; in animals a cleavage furrow pinches the cells in two, in plants, a cell plate forms
The chromosomes of eukaryotic cells are found in the ______.
If DNA segments changes from GGTTAG to GGATAG this is a
Which mutations would likely cause the greatest impact?
A change in a gene due to damage or being copied incorrectly is called
The original strand of DNA looks like this ACGTCTCGA, the mutated strand looks like this ACGTTCGA. What type of mutation is this?
The original strand of DNA looks like this ACGTCTCGA, the mutated strand looks like this ACGTCTACGA. What type of mutation is this?
Examples of ___ include X-rays, UV, and cigarette smoke.
If a mutation occurs in the DNA of ___ cells, it can be passed from one generation to the next.
If a change occurs in a base sequence of a DNA, it might cause a different ___ to be substituted in a protein.
Sickle cell anemia is a disease that affects red blood cells. This is the result of a mutation called a ___.
Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is damaging because it
Answers by Educators Question Database
To make the locators match the selected take folder.
You should assemble the best sections of each take to create a single, flawless composite take using the
After you have completed you comp, you should
A way to temporarily allow you to play one or more tracks, events, or regions without playing others
A tool that enables you to independently listen to selected regions
The mouse pointer has a little S next to it when which tool is active?
When in Solo mode, the LCD display and the playhead turn
Which tool do you use to rename regions?
The keyboard shortcut to open the Tool menu at the mouse pointer position is
Editing regions in the workspace is
When an editor does not change the source audio files in the course of editing
A rectangular beam that represents a container for audio or MIDI and is found on tracks in the workspace.
A measure of music, containing a specified number of beats, that establishes the rhythmic structure of the composition.
Which of the following was a result of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand?
The boll weevil destroyed which crop?
Which of the following was NOT a cause of the Great Depression?
Before becoming governor, Eugene Talmadge served three terms as what?
The New Deal was a series of what?
President Roosevvelt spent time at his Little White House in GA. While he was there, how did it affect him?
During WWI, GA's contributions to the war effort did NOT include
What was NOT a cause of WWI?
Why did many rural Georgian's not realize there was a Great Depression going on during the late 1920's and early 1930's
The Cocking Affair damaged the colleges and universities of GA. Talmadge's actions caused what?
How did the New Deal programs have a lasting effect on GA's economy?
Which of the following was NOT a reason for the decline of cotton production in the 1920's
Which of the was NOT a result of the stock market crash in 1929?
Which person and historical period are properly matched?
Which of the following would FDR and Eugene Talmadge have most agreed on?
Eugene Talmadge died and caused the 3 governors controversy. What was it?
Social Security Act (SSA) was what?
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was what?
Rural Electrification Act was what?
Agricultural Adjustment Act was what?
_____ mochila
____ libro
____ reglas
_____ zapatos
____ papel
____ cuadernos
____ carpeta
_____ alumnos
____ reloj
____ escuelas
A naval officer commanding a ship at war with the Japanese during WWII would have been most indebted to whom?
Liberty Ships were built where?
Before the US entered WWII, the Lend-Lease Act did what?
The US entered WWII when the Japanese attacked a naval base where?
The holocaust was the WWII policy of Hitler and Nazi Germany to do what?
Who was the US Representative who served more than 50 years and helped increase out military strength by sponsoring legislation creating the US Army Air Corps (Air Force) and the Pacific Naval Fleet?
Who is the US Senator who helped establish military installations in Ga and worldwide, increasing American military strength?
Which statement BEST describes GA's military importance during WWII?
Which of the following lead to WWII in Europe?
Bell Aircraft built 600 of what during WWII?
What is the shortcut to reverse an audio file?
Positions the region in the workspace.
By default, where is the anchor located?
A technique that allows you to automatically detect individual notes in an audio region and precisely adjust each note’s pitch, position, and length.
What is the shortcut to remove a fade?
What is the shortcut to change the left-click tool to a pointer?
Two menus are available to assign tools. One is the left-click tool. What is the other?
Which type of editing actually modifies the data contained in the audio file?
Which tools can be used to create fades and cross fades?
All edits performed in the Audio Track Editor are also reflected in the
To raise the volume of one audio file while simultaneously lowering the volume of another file in a smooth transition
To apply a fade, always
You can adjust the fade’s ________ and ___________ to fine-tune the sound.
To add fades using the Pointer tool, you can
You can also change fade parameters using the
What is the shortcut to join the regions into a new audio file?
Used to focus on a particular track without changing the zoom levels of the Tracks area.
What is the shortcut for the Editors button?
An editor that allows you to perform destructive audio editing. It actually modifies the data contained in the audio file.
What is the shortcut to convert the audio region to a new audio file?
fireworks exploding
squeezing oranges to make orange juice
frying an egg
pouring milk on your oatmeal
burning leaves
making salt water to gargle with
cream being whipped
burning toast
freezing chocolate covered bananas
melting ice cream
glass breaking
hammering wood together to build a playhouse
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Mi a szel?
A felemelkedo meleg levego helyere milyen levego todul?
Mi nem merheto az alabbiak kozul?
Melyik nem az idojaras eleme?
Mi a neve a melegforrasoknak?
Mi a neve a fagyott viznek?
Melyik nem a viz halmazallapota?
Mi szukseges az olvadashoz?
Mi a neve a legnemu halmazallapotu anyagnak?
A víz hány fokon kezd forrni?
A story takes place on Jupiter. The main character is a flying monkey. What genre is it?
Which genre can you usually tell where the story is from and describes the values of the culture?
You read a story about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. What genre is it?
A story has a talking duck and gives a moral (lesson) at the end. What genre is it?
You read a story about Thunder Rose, a girl whose voice was as loud as thunder and who could make the sky rain. What genre is it?
You read a story about a girl who finds out she can move objects with her mind. What genre is it?
You read a story about Elijah--a fictional character who was on the Titanic when it struck an iceberg. What genre is it?
Which genre sometimes teaches a lesson and sometimes has gods in it?
You read a story about two best friends who get in a fight. There is a lot of dialogue in the text. What is the genre.
What is a genre?
Which of the following groups of people were members of Rome’s noble families?
Which of the following groups were made up of farmers, craft workers and traders?
Which of the following is true about the geography of Ancient Rome?
Which of the following is not true about the legend of Romulus and Remus?
Which of the following is not true about the Punic Wars?
Pax Romana, during Augustus’ reign, all of the following happened except:
Which of the following led to the decline of the Roman Empire?
Why was Julius Caesar assassinated by the Senate?
Who was the Roman general whose surprise move defeated the empire of Carthage
Who was the first Dictator of Rome?
pagar (yo)
buscar (Uds)
comprar (ella)
jugar (tú)
mirar (nosotros)
buscar (yo)
comprar (Uds)
jugar (yo)
pagar (nosotros)
pagar (Ud)
What is the grove formed into the top of the footing,used to tie the foundation to the footing?
What is the result from the freezing of groundwater and subsequent expansion of the soil?
What is a temporary structures used to contain concrete in its desired shape while it rest?
What is a fine powdery substance manufactured from a variety of mineral ingredient?
This refers to the slope of the land?
What means Exit?
What is a distinctive style of architecture native to New England and originating in the mid-to late 19th century?
What is the horizontal displacement of a structure after it is fully loaded?
What is a recess formed in a concrete foundation wall to support an interior beam?
Concrete is a mixture of gravel and water?
32. What will be the length of the base rounded to the nearest foot
31. Solve for x
30. How far did Skippy travel
28. What is the total cost of Tai's purchase including tax
41. Solve for x
39.What is the sale price
38. Solve for y
35. Is Pat's triangle a right triange
Was this fun- the answer is yes
Do you want to do it again- the answer is yes
is the dimension of width and height, also known as frame size
set of standards developed for digital television transmission that replaced much of the analog NTSC television system
developed by Microsoft computers for Window media video player, not good for streaming
a type of video cable connector commonly used in television production, locks together securely with a ¼ turn twist
S-Video (Separate Video)
an adjustable opening (aperture), which controls the amount of light coming through the lens (ie. the "exposure")
the file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash player
the analog television broadcasting system used in the United States
the speed at which video frames appear, usually measured in frames per second (fps)
uncompressed digital audio/video cable, new standard digital interface cable for consumer electronics
31. Solve for x
41. Solve for x
38. Solve for y
32. Calculate the volmue of Joel's cylinder
33. What is the price of 1 gift basket
36. What is the surface area of Rashid's box
31. How many degrees warmer was it on January 28 than on January 27
34. How many ride tickets can Juan buy
37. Which graph is misleading
Was this math review fun- the answer is yes
El Retiro es ...
El Prado es ...
Reina Sofia es ...
El bar madrileno que tiene unos cien años es ...
El Capital es ...
Vicente Calderón es ...
¿Donde está Madrid?
¿Donde puedes comprar 'knackebrod' en Madrid?
Zara y Mango son ...
Guernica es ...
Which statement is most true about a solar eclipse?
At which phase of the moon could a lunar eclipse occur?
Cheryl wanted to photograph a full moon on January 1, but the night was cloudy. When will be her next opportunity to take a picture of a full moon?
The most extreme high and low tides occur when
In causing tides on Earth, the moon's gravity
What is the name for the phase of the moon when more than half is lit?
What is the name for the phase of the moon when the left half is lit?
What is the amount of time it takes from high tide to low tide?
How much of the moon's bright side can you see during a new moon?
Place the following phases of the moon in the correct sequence: A) waxing crescent; B) Waning gibbous; C) Third quarter moon
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the capital of Peru?
Which of these vegetables and/or fruits come originally from Peru?
Peru can be divided in three parts:
What is a ´tacacho´?
What is another way to say ´banana´in Spanish?
Which two of these fruits can be found exclusively in the Andes mountains?
What is the ingredient of a typical beverage in Peru?
What is the name of a South American dish made from many ingredients, especially fish and seafood?
What do they call a guinea pig in Peru?
What are the ´picarones´made of?
What do you call a Peruvian yellow sauce?
A _____________ trait is expressed (seen) only if both genes of a pair code for that trait.
A ______________ gene is one gene of a pair for a specific trait.
____________ means that both genes of a pair are alike, either both dominant or both recessive
Which of the following best represents a genotype?
What does that notation TT mean to genetics?
The fruit fly normally has 8 chromosomes in the body cells. Each fruit fly parent would provide ____ to the offspring?
Scientists call an organism that has two different alleles for a trait a
In a Punnett square, a capital letter stands for a _____ allele
_____________ is the physical expression of the genes or how it looks.
A ______________ is a small piece of DNA that tells a cell how to express a trait.
Which cell structure contains molecules that direct cell activities?
The plasma membrane is primarily made up of a(n)
Keratin is a protein found in hair. Keratin is made in the
Euglena has a long, whip-like structure extending from the cell membrane that is used for movement. Which of the following do the Euglena use to move?
Yeast is a fungus made up of eukaryotic cells. When sugar is available, yeast will convert it into energy. What part of the yeast cell completes this energy conversion?
Mature human red blood cells lose their nucleus during their development. Which of these are, therefore, ABSENT from red blood cells?
Some cells, such as human nerve and muscle cells, contain more mitochondria than other cells. Why do some cells have more mitochondria than others?
Which organelle is correctly matched with the cell process it performs?
The false feet of the amoeba is used for movement and ingestion of food particles. What is this called?
Which of the following process occurs in chloroplasts?
Some cells have many short, hair-like structures extending from the cell membrane. These structures are used mainly for ___ and are called ___.
The natural cycling of oxygen between organisms and their environment is most directly accomplished through which of the following pairs of processes?
Students separated 16 Elodea plants into four equal groups. Each group was exposed to a different number of hours of light. The amount of gas released was measured. Which structure would produce the gas?
Which part is responsible for energy?
Oxygen is produced by the ___ and carbon dioxide is produced by the ___.
Specialized proteins control cell division in the amoeba. Which cell part is responsible for making these proteins?
A healthy circulatory system is able to deliver excess oxygen and nutrients to cells. Which cell organelle requires oxygen to carry out cellular respiration?
Which organelle in mangrove cells converts solar energy into useable energy?
The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the body and the air occurs in the lungs. This exchange of gases takes place at the cellular level. What part of the cell is primarily responsible for this exchange?
Birds, mammals, and theropod dinosaurs can maintain a constant body temperature. The ability to maintain a constant body temperature is an example of
Which system in the frog produces chemicals that regulate functions in different parts of its body?
Which of the following is a function of the nervous system?
Which of these is an example of feedback in a biological system?
Which of these body systems transports glucose and other substances in the blood to the cells of the body?
Which of these organ systems is responsible for the removal of metabolic wastes from the blood?
Which of these body systems is directly involved in the delivery of oxygen to the major organs of the human body?
A healthy circulatory system is able to deliver excess oxygen and nutrients to cells. Arteriosclerosis causes artery walls to become thick and reduces the ability of arteries to perform their function. Which body function is most affected by it?
Hormone A is released from Gland A, which simulates Gland B to release Hormone B. Hormone B inhibits Gland A. This is an example of ___?
Bats rely on echolocation to find food. They send out sound waves, which bounce off objects. This helps bats know how large and how far away a food source is. Which system is responsible for this process?
Which organ system works with the muscular system to control muscle contraction?
Which of these is the most likely benefit of lowering body temperature for surgery?
The body system most directly interacting with the skeletal system to enable hummingbirds to beat their wings between 60 and 200 times per second is the
Which pair of systems regulate and coordinate body functions?
Which type of trait is expressed (seen) only if BOTH genes code for that trait?
Which type of trait is always expressed (seen), even if only one gene of a pair codes for that trait?
___ is the physical expression of the genes (how it looks).
What do you call one gene of a pair for a SPECIFIC trait?
What are the structures found in the nucleus that are made of DNA wound around proteins?
Which word means that the genes of a pair are different?
What is a small piece of DNA that tells a cell how to express a trait?
What word means that both genes of a pair are alike?
Which best represents a genotype?
In dogs, hearing (H) is dominant over deafness (h). If a heterozygous parent is crossed with a homozygous dog that can hear, what is the chance of having a puppy that is deaf?
Having two different alleles for a trait is said to be ___.
What does a capital letter represent in genetics?
Which of the following refers to a homozygous dominant trait?
Which of the following refers to a trait that is heterozygous?
If a buffalo has 60 chromosomes in its normal body cells, how many chromosomes will each parent contribute to its baby?
If two heterozygous parents are crossed, what percent of the offspring will show the recessive trait?
If one parent is GG and the other is gg, what percent of the offspring will show the recessive trait?
If Huntington's disease (H) is dominant over no disease (n), which genotypes below would have Huntington's disease?
Which genotypes below will show the recessive trait?
Is a single stranded molecule.
Is a double stranded molecule.
May contain the nitrogen base U.
Never contains the nitrogen base U.
May be in a clover shape.
Is made from RNA polymerase.
Is found ONLY in the nucleus.
Takes place in the cytoplasm.
Takes place only in the nucleus.
Where are codons found?
Who eats an apple?
I buy it (the car)
You have them (the books)
She loves them (the boys)
We watch you
They buy shoes
I draw her
They have it
She hates him
You don't love him
A crosshair-shaped tool in the Tracks area with which you can select and edit regions or portions of regions
Process of previewing individual takes and assembling a composite take by choosing sections from multiple takes.
To distinguish between takes, assign them different
Allows you to open and close the take folder.
Displays the current take number (or the current comp letter) and contains options to manage your takes and comps.
Allows you to toggle Quick Swipe Comping on and off to edit the individual takes in the same way you would edit regions on a track.
To open the Color palette
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Tis is caused by vibrations that carry energy through a medium?
loudness is determined by:
Resonance is the effect that happens when:
When you increase the frequency of a sound...
Elephants hear in this range
Standing waves are important in this instance
Sound waves are this type:
When sound waves "appear" to change pitch as they approch and leave you:
vibrations pass through 3 regions of the ear - which senses vibrations
this is used to create images of the sea floor and the human interior
What is the type of energy stored in the nucleus of an atom?
What do you call energy of light and other forms of radiation?
During an energy transformation, energy is usually wasted in the form of
Energy used to overcome friction is usually transformed into
A battery stores energy is the form of
Which of the following objects has the most potential energy
What do wind and moving water have in common?
According to the Conservation of Energy, energy cannot be
What is the name for the form of energy associated with objects that can be stretched or compressed?
What is the definition of energy?
All of the following are muscle tissues EXCEPT:
What do muscle cells store to regenerate ATP?
What process do muscles cells use when oxygen is not available?
How are muscles built ?
What sets up the electrical gradient across the muscle cell membrane?
The collection of several hundred muscle fibers is
What causes the muscle to contract?
Which of the following muscle tissues are multinucleated?
Which of the following is controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System?
The extensive smooth er stores
light can be modeled as a
If a light is moved 3 times further from your eyes, it brightness
thes EMS waves allow us to feel warmth - pg 557
color is a result of
The law of reflection states that
a representation of all the frequencies and wavelengths of light
flat mirrors produce
bending of light through a medium - creates mirages
the eye is this
a change in the size of an image
NTSC (National Television System Committee)
PAL (Phase Alternating Line)
used for television, computers, etc., uses additive color by displaying images using red, green and blue in varying degrees
SECAM (Sequential Color and Memory)
S-Video (Separate Video)
SWF (Shockwave Flash)
Three point lighting
Video Gain
WMV (Window Media Video)
Which geological process is most important in supporting the theory of evolution?
Which of these is MOST LIKELY caused the difference in fur color between polar bears and brown bears?
Which of the following statements best describes the process of evolution?
Which of the following is an example of natural selection?
Which is a condition required for natural selection to occur in birds?
What idea did Darwin propose about why Galapagos Island finches beaks were different?
Which of these would be considered an adaptation of an animal that lives in the snowy tundra?
Which of the following factors is necessary in order for natural selection to occur in a species?
Modern horses developed their traits through natural selection. What occurs during the process of natural selection?
Darwin stated that we could never watch natural selection in action. Why did Darwin believe this?
You are on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Why are you unlikely to feel the affects of a tsunami?
The density of ocean water is affected by:
When comparing the other seven planets with Earth, Earth is unique because it:
When air on land is warmer than air over an ocean, this produces which kind of breeze?
Coral reefs may die during El Niño years because:
When the upwelling of nutrients fail to take place during El Niño years, it will:
Which of the following rotates on its axis, has an orbiting moon and possesses liquid water on the surface?
Long wavelengths and low wave heights describe a:
The Prime Meridian divides:
Nuclear Fusion is the source of energy for:
The meridian labeled 0 degrees is the:
When the moon is sandwiched between the Earth and the Sun, this is called a:
The term for measuring the distance between Earth and a star is called:
The difference between a star's Apparent Magnitude and its Absolute Magnitude is:
The Southern Hemisphere is warmer in January because:
Which type of tide happens when the Sun, Earth and Moon are at right angles to each other?
Our sun shines brighter than:
When viewed from Earth, the moon appears to show phases because of:
When a star completes its life cycle, it is called:
The other name for the North Star is:
I did/made
We walked
They came
You gave
I looked for
We went
I played
You all had
He went
I started
The term 'elliptical' best describes:
WHich meridian on a map is labelled zero degrees?
Why do sunspots on the sun appear to move from left to right?
A solar eclipse is when:
Parallax measures:
Compared to our sun, dwarf stars shine:
A neap tide occurs when:
Absolute magnitude measures the:
How is our sun different than Polaris, the north star?
Parallax is the measurement of:
Answers by Educators Question Database
sample q1
sample q2
asdgsd asdgsd
Worksheet that are selected as a unit; any action performed on this unit will affect all the worksheets in the group.
a feature that speeds up the manual entry of functions. Be sure to double click instead of pressing enter!
a built-in formula for performing calculations, such as addition, in a table. examples include sum, min, and max
to display only certain records.
a row you can display below a table to calculate data in the columns above using a function you choose
the name given to a set of adjacent cells. you might name a range in order to make it more convenient to reference that range in a formula or a function, such as VLOOKUP
a type of equation (such as B625) that returns a value, such as TRUE or FALSE. Excel uses expressions to identify cells to include in certain formulas as IF and SUMIF
if(sum b4:b8 is greater than 50) this is an example of
to set a field so that it always remains on-screen, in the left-most position, as you scroll left to right
variable formatting that changes the formatting applied based on the contents of the cells in the formatting range.
The values and other inputs that a function uses to calculate the result. You specify the cell or range that holds the value(s) for each argument or input a particular value.
a view that allows you to move and delete page breaks and redefine the print area.
María y Mau no ____________________ ir al trabajo ayer. (querer, preterite)
Mis padres y yo ____________________ el viaje en tren. (hacer, preterite)
¿Por qué no ____________________ usted a la escuela ayer? (venir)
Marilú____________________ a la parada de tren para tomar el ferrocarril. (venir)
Diego no ____________________ ayudarnos. (querer, preterite)
¿Por qué no ____________________ (tú) ir en tren? (querer, preterite)
Yo ____________________ la tarea antes de ver televisión. (hacer, preterite)
Tú ____________________ a la escuela temprano ayer. (venir)
Los pasajeros ____________________ cola por una hora para comprar los boletos. (hacer, preterite)
El director ______ a mi casa. ¡Qué miedo!
What does the S in SHARE stand for?
What are the major things teachers at Lamar can do to support the whole child?
What does the H stand for in SHARE?
What are the three core questions that data can answer?
What does A in SHARE stand for?
What are the three action steps for increasing accountability on campus?
What does the R stand for in SHARE?
What are some major ways for teachers to improve student-staff relationships?
What does the E stand for in SHARE?
What are the three action steps for implementing an enrichment mind-set in a school?
Who took part in the Hundred Year War
which function returns the current date and time?
Which of the following is NOT a function we used this chapter?
When naming a group of cells, you may include spaces in the name
to create an excel table you must use the table tab
you can sort and filter a table using these (located on the table):
which of these returns a value based on whether an argument is true or false?
which of the following functions uses a criteria to count the number of items in a range?
If someone wanted to return the first 5 characters in a cell to a different cell, they would use
FREEZE and SPLIT are both located under which tab?
highlight cells rules, data bars, and icon sets are all examples of
which of the following tabs contain many of the same options as the print screen?
to group sheet tabs together, use this key
All of the following is a root function except
What part of a plant transports water and nutrients from the root to the plant's stem and leaves.
Why must ferns live in moist environments?
Gases pass in and out of a leaf through the
What produces egg and sperm cells during the life cycle of a plant?
Germination will not happen unless a seed
What part of a woody stem forms rings that indicate that tree's age?
The stages of a plant's life cycle are
What happens in the phloem?
The leaf's cuticle
In what plant cell structure is water stored?
The energy that powers photosythesis comes from
Root hairs help a plant
A group of similar cells that perform a specific function in an organism
The process by which water evaporates from a plant's leaves is known as
Together, the anther and the filament make up the
Which of these is not a vascular plant?
Plants that complete a life cycle within one growing season are called?
In plants, sexual reproduction occurs when a sperm cell and an egg cell unite to form a?
Nonvascular plants are low growing because of their ______________ cell walls.
The are to the North of China
The Mongol conqueror's name means strong/great ruler
One of the tactics used by the Mongols when conquering areas was
These were wide, grassy plains that the Mongol used for their animals to graze on
Evidence of the Mongols' nomadic way of life was their use of
Early in their history, Mongols were known for the ability to
The Mongols created the largest land empire in the history of the world in less than
Which of the following do many historians believe is Genghis Khan's greatest achievement?
The Dynasty started by the Mongol
The original capital of the Mongol Empire
He was Genghis Khan's son and successor
Which of the following would NOT be considered a legacy of Genghis Khan and the Mongols
He was a European who served as an official for Kublai Khan
The Mogols experienced their first defeat when this civilization was able to stop them
Which of the following is a reason that trade increased under Mongol rule?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
To mock someone is to
The opposite of contempt is
To persist is to
To entertain a child is to
What is a glimpse?
To attempt is to
To achieve a goal is to
I hope the cool weather persists. In this sentences persist means
A sensitive person is
To recall a song is to
wave hight is measured from
A wave whose energy travels perpendicular to the movement of the wave
The kind of wave tht reqires a medium for tranfer is
A floating object experiencing a wave will move...
another word for amplitude is
time reqired for one full wavelength to pass a point
what is the speed of a wave witha wavelength of 10m and a frequency of 100hz
why is blue light more energetic than red?
the speed of light is
sound would travel fastest in
Which could be described as quaint?
Which word means the same as persuade?
Which is a phase of a butterflies life?
Which means the same as abrupt?
Which means the opposite of reject?
Which might someone revise?
A mock trial is
Why might a product be recalled?
The opposite of entertained is
Which would be something that can be achieved?
Oil and gas discharge from autos and storm drains is a form of
SONAR is used to
Which property os water is being tested if you drop solids in to it to see if they will float?
Which best explains the importance of dissolved gses in the ocean?
A bioindicator is
How is the atmosphere a part of the hydrosphere?
Which describes a nonpoint source of pollution?
Which statement best explains the reason some insects can walk across the surface of a lake?
Seasonal tourism can cause a shortage of the freshwater supply in some coastal areas. They then have to buy water from another source. What does this describe?
Whis is a connection between an aquatic and terrestrial food web?
What is this?
What would happen if the trachea did not have cartilaginous rings?
Where does oxygen pass from the respiratory system to the circulatory system?
What is the first blood vessel that the oxygen will pass to?
What would happen if the trachea did not have cilia?
Which of these structures performs a function other than oxygen transportation?
Which of these answers has the structures in order from largest to smallest?
Which of these organs helps the lungs inflate?
Which of these structures does NOT help filter air?
Between which two structures does food exit the respiratory system?
Which of these answers is FALSE regarding gas exchange?
test 2
Which layer is the oldest?
A dinosaur's preserved footprints are an example of a
Eras can be broken down into shorter periods of time called
Fossils that are preserved in amber, ice or tar pits are
Relative dating is determined by
Evolution means
Which is the correct order of a fossil being made?
Intrusions and extrusions are always ________________ than the layers they go through.
Half-life is used in determing the
Pangaea is the theory that
Which organ system is responsible for exchanging gases?
Which organ system provides support, shape, structure, creates red blood cells in the bone marrow, and stores calcium and phosphorus?
Which organ system helps regulates body temperature, produces vitamin D, and aids in the protection of the body?
Which organ system enables the body to move?
Which organ system breaks down food and removes nutrients from food?
Which organ system removes wastes from the body?
Which organ system aids in the defense against pathogens?
What organ system is the heart and blood vessels part of?
Which organ system directs and controls nearly every process in the body?
Which organ system are the alveoli, lungs, and diaphragm part of?
A beaker with 100 mL of water is placed on a hot plate and heated. The water boils at 100C. At what temp would 90 mL of water boil?
Which of the following substances will heat up the fastest?
Chemical X has a mass of 5g, and chemical Y has a mass of 10g. If a chemical reaction takes place, what most likely will be the mass of the product(s)?
Aluminum can be made into aluminum foil becase it is
Silicon is best used for
Which is an example of a physical change?
Which element is a poor conductor of heat?
Which is a naturally occurring chemical?
Which pure substance is composed of more than one element?
After a chemical reaction occurs in an open test tube, the mass of the products is less than the mass of the reactants. Why?
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What area in Microsoft Word enables users to view document properties and update the properties information at any time while creating a document?
Which Editing group tool is used to search for and replace specific text in a document?
What is the name of the view that provides data about documents and contains a set of commands to help a user manage documents?
Mrs. Perry has assigned the class to type a report. To view the report as a hard copy, which view should she use?
On the View Ribbon, which command allows the document to be viewed as it would appear in a multilevel outline?
What area is used to provide information about the author, title, subject, keywords, category, and comments that describe the document?
To increase or decrease the size of the content in a Microsoft Word window, which item on the status bar would you use?
Mrs. Perry has assigned the class to type a report. To maximize space, which option would you choose to display the content?
Which action would Drake take to insert the contents from the Office Clipboard into a document?
Sally wants to select an entire paragraph in her word processing document. What is the quickest way to select the paragraph?
Jana wants to navigate page 35 of her report. What is the quickest way to navigate?
AUD means
GRAT means
JECT means
BELLI means
PAN means
AERO means
PHON means
BIO means
SCRIBE means
CRED means
DICT means
GEO means
GRAPH means
BENE means
ASTER means
AQUA means
BIBLIO means
CHROM means
To study (something) closely and carefully; to learn the nature and relationship of the parts of (something) by a close and careful examination
To notice or recognize a difference between people or things
The use of words that mean the opposite of what you really think especially in order to be funny; a situation that is strange or funny because things happen in a way that seems to be the opposite of what you expected
A position or perspective from which something is considered or evaluated; standpoint
The reason an author decides to write about a specific topic
The art or skill of speaking or writing formally and effectively especially as a way to persuade or influence people
The use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say especially in order to insult someone, to show irritation, or to be funny
A way of using humor to show that someone or something is foolish, weak, bad, etc.; humor that shows the weaknesses or bad qualities of a person, government, society, etc
The literary element that describes the ways that the author uses words — the author's word choice, sentence structure, figurative language, and sentence arrangement all work together to establish mood, images, and meaning in the text.
a figure of speech employed by writers or speakers to intentionally make a situation seem less important than it really is.
I give
I go/I am going
I am (description)
I am (location/emotion)
We go/we are going
They are located
You (formal) are (description)
We give
Mark goes
Lola y Juan give
What is NOT a benefit of physical activity?
What can you do to minimize your risk of injury during physical activity?
What is NOT an elements of fitness?
What kind of carbohydrates should you avoid eating before physical activity?
Name a disease your are at risk for developing if you are overweight or obese.
What is the frequency and time you be exercising during an average week?
How should you care for someone suffering from heat exhaustion?
Running a mile would test which of your elements of fitness?
Which answer below best defines intensity.
What should you do to care for someone who has been injured during physical activity on the practice field or at the park...?
To configure the various panels and tools on-screen, Premiere Pro offers _____________ that are helpful in particular activities such as editing, audio mixing, or special effects.
Which menu item allows you to reset the workspace back to the Editing default?
Which panel allows you to search your hard drive to find footage to use in your project?
Which panel tracks the steps you’ve taken and allows you to back up and Undo?
Which panel contains all the filters and transitions you will be able to use in your sequences?
How many video tracks can you include in a sequence?
All Adobe Premiere Pro projects are saved with the _____________ extension.
What type of video editor is Premiere Pro CS6?
Which button on your keyboard will maximize a panel?
Which of the following ways can you import media into your project?
Sally wants to duplicate the first sentence in paragraph one and insert it as the first sentence in paragraph three. Instead of retyping the sentence, she would use which formatting features?
What spacing should be used between the complimentary close and the keyed signature line?
Linda wants to left align her text at 3 inches on the horizontal ruler. What feature should she use?
Which part of the table is centered, bold, and all caps?
Betty is keying a report. What is the appropriate alignment for the main title?
Wendy decided that she wants the title to stand out with a darker font. What formatting option would she use?
Chrissy left out the first word of the sentence. Which operational key on the keyboard will take her to the beginning of the line the fastest?
What is the feature called when you are typing a paragraph and your words automatically continue to the next line without striking the enter/return key on the keyboard?
Peter reminded his assistant to quadruple space after the complimentary close. Why is this space needed?
Why is the writer’s name of a letter keyed four lines below the complimentary close?
If I walk at a constant velocity, my acceleration is
A diver jumping off a diving board is an example of Newton's
A push or a pull on an object that causes that object to move, stop moving, change speed, or change direction is
I ran the 200 m dash in 5 seconds. What was my speed? (S=d/t)
I place a card on a glass with a nickel on top of the card. I then flick the card off the glass, but the nickel drops straight down into the cup. Which of Newton's Laws does this demonstrate?
Mr. Johnson goes from the surface of the Earth into space. His weight changes but his mass does not. Why?
A plane flies 3000 Km from Roanoke to Seattle in 6 hours. What was the velocity of the plane? (S=d/t)
If a car is travelling around a race track, which of the following is NOT changing?
An object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force is an example of which of Newton's Laws?
How much force is needed to accelerate a 5Kg toy car with an acceleration of 11 m/s2? (F= m x a)
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
leer (Uds)
creer (yo)
destruir (ella)
oir (nosotros)
leer (ella)
creer (Ud)
destruir (ellos)
oír (yo)
leer (tu)
creer (nosotros)
What thinking skills do math and science teach you?
What is Netiquette?
Which of the following are 2 reading skills?
What happens when you listen?
What is one of the most important ways of sharing information?
Which of the 3 following basic skills are needed for the workplace?
Which of the following is NOT a good speaking habit?
How much time is spent listening on the job?
Communication skills include:
What is the study of numbers and their relationships?
Which of the following is NOT one of the factors that help make up your credit history?
A.P.R. stands for:
Which is NOT one of the five C's of credit:
Who decides your credit score?
A persons credit score can fall anywhere in between what two numbers?
Which of these is a negative consequence of a poor credit score?
A credit limit is the:
Which of the following is a reason someone may want to own a credit card?
What does your credit score tell about you?
Which of these is a not a type of a loan?
What are your interests?
What is a skill?
Your values are:
Which of these are considered transferable skills?
Your personality is?
If you learn best by working alone, your learning styles is?
If you learn best by making categories and working with patterns, your learning style is?
Where do values come from?
Which value means overcoming fears to face problems?
What are two things you should consider about yourself when investigating careers?
The basic structure that makes up all living things?
What do we call the name of the cell that has a nucleus?
What do we call the process that keep repeating itself when cells grow, copy their DNA and divide to make new cells?
What is the packet of DNA inside the cell's nucleus that holds all the genetic information to make a new cell
How many chromosomes does every human body cell have?
Before the cell divides, each chromosome is copied during
Cells split and divide by a process called
During what stage of Mitosis do the chromosomes split apart?
When cell division is complete the two new cells that are formed are called because they have identical chromosomes
Why is it important for our cells to copy themselves, divide and make new cells?
What do we call the method we use to name, group and organize things in our world?
The classification of all living things (organisms)
Who was the name of the man that developed the seven groups of Classification?
Why is it important to classify things?
How many groups are there in the classification system we have learned about?
What is the correct order of the seven groups of Classification?
The system of classification works in what order?
What do we call the group made up of all of the same organisms?
What are we as humans called in this two name grouping of classification?
What does the word Homo Sapien mean?
Today, I haven't had enough time to .....
He prefers letters to e-mails because he likes .....
You should study for your exams. You ..... for five hours.
She spent 10 dollars at the newsagent's because she loves .....
If you give him a games console for his birthday, he will be disappointed. He hates .....
Look! I've got tickets for your favourite band. I know you have always loved .....
What are you doing this afternoon? I am .....
What does she do at weekends? She often ..... with her friends
It's sales time. If you ..... , you will have to stand at the queue.
Will they join the basketball team? I don't think so. They don't like .....
Sugar water is an example of a(n)
Burning is a * change, and boiling is a * change.
Properties that do not depend on the amount of a sample are
The SI unit of mass is
If measurements agree with each other, but not the "true value" they are
How many significant figures are in the measurement 0.0120g?
Choose the answer to (6.221cm - 5.2 cm) with the proper number of significant figures.
Find the density of a metal bar has dimensions of 5.0 cm x 2.00 cm x 2.0 cm and a mass of 300.0 g. Use proper sig-figs.
How many ng are in 1 gram?
How many mg are equal to 55 kg?
Which of the following is an example of a physical change?
How is Density calculated?
When two substances chemically react, the result is:
the boiling point of substance:
Which statement about liquids is true?
the burning of wood is an example of
What is a physical property of water
The best way to identify an unknown liquid in a laboratory is:
Which of the following is not an example of a chemical change?
Identify the state of matter that does not occur at room temperature
What two senses should be used to observe materials in a laboratory?
color, shape, and hardness are all examples of
Which state of matter do we see the least?
What happens when water freezes to become a solid?
From the following, identify the best example of a physical change
melting, freezing, and evaporating are examples of:
What happens when a physical change occurs?
weight is a measurement of an object's
The fourth state of matter is:
If an object has a mass of 18 grams on Earth, its mass on the moon is:
Answers by Educators Question Database
A lesson or message the author wants the reader to learn.
The part of a story where the characters, setting, and basic conflict of the story are introduced.
the turning point of the story. The tension builds up to this point.
The conclusion of the story.
A complex character who is fully developed and we know him very well.
Words that describe how a character acts; what his personality is.
A character who is very uncomplicated and who we do not know his/her traits well.
A character who changes in the story.
A character who does not change throughout the story.
The story is told from a character's point of view using words like I and me.
The person telling the story is not a character in the story; uses words like He and She.
When characters talk back and forth.
To show differences between.
When the person telling the story knows everything about all the characters and all the events at all times
When the person telling the story only knows what ONE character feels and thinks.
She wanted to lLIBERATE all the animals in the science lab. What does LIBERATE mean?
Which word would NOT be used to contrast two things?
A Mango Shaped Space is an outstanding book. This is a(n)
Which word has a negative connotation for funny?
What is the turning point of a story called?
Rome and Gala are both apple varieties. They both make healthy snacks. However, the apples have some differences. Rome are dark red and taste sweet, while Gala apples are green and taste sour. What is the text structure of this passage?
Which sentence is a main idea?
What would be a good title for this article? As we sleep, our bodies grow taller. The discs in our spine absorb fluid like a sponge, making the spine longer. While awake, the liquid is squeezed out as we stand, cause the spine to shorten again.
What's the main idea? Little is known about zombiesm. Scientists don't have a cure once someone has turned into a zombie. They also don't know where the zombie virus started. It is known that someone catches zombieism from being bitten by one.
The room was dark and quiet. We heard Karl and his mom come in the front door. Everyone was quiet. I hid behind the table where the cake and presents were. The tension grew as we waited for them to open the door. Where am i?
I arrived early for my appointment. The place was busy and smelled of chemicals. I found a place to sit and wait next to a lady with a towel wrapped around her head. I heard a blow dryer in the distance over the music. Where am I?
I had finally gotten used to being weightless. I especially liked floating by the window and seeing planet earth below. Who am I?.
You got an A on your test! Which is NOT a cause of this?
What is the author's purpose for a book containing recipies for making cakes, cookies and other desserts?
/What is the author's purpose for: a pamphlet urging people not to eat animals or use products made from animals or animal suffering because the author thinks it is cruel and unnecessary
What's the author's purpose of a story about a young woman, who after the death of her grandfather, quit her job in the business world to move home to help her aging grandmother?
The story is of a German professor who believes there are volcanic tubes growing toward the center of the earth.He climbs down the crater and has a wild journey meeting dinosaurs and prehistoric men. They finally return to the surface in Italy.
Thousand of people die each year in car accidents involving drugs or alcohol. Lives could be saved if our town adopts a free public taxi service. By providing such a service, we could prevent intoxicated drivers from endangering themselves or others
The dodo bird used to roam in large flocks across the US. Interestingly, the dodo wasn’t startled by gun shot. Because of this, hunters would kill entire flocks in one sitting. Unable to survive these attacks, the dodo was hunted to extinction.
Some dogs famished with hunger saw a number of cows stepping in a river. Not being able to reach them, they agreed to drink up the river, but it happened that they burst themselves with drinking long before they reached the cows. What is the theme?
Who suggested that the nation’s capital be moved from New York City to a new city in the South in order to help gain support for his national debt plan?
Which law created the Supreme Court with a Chief Justice and five associate justices?
Which event was a response to an unpopular excise tax imposed by the federal government?
Who secured a treaty with Spain giving the United States shipping rights on the Mississippi River?
During John Adams’s presidency, why were Democratic-Republicans outraged by the Alien and Sedition Acts?
What principle was affirmed in the Supreme Court case of Marbury v. Madison?
Who was president when the United States acquired and began to explore the Louisiana Territory?
Why did the United States go to war against Britain in 1812?
Who attempted to unite Native Americans into a confederacy to protect their homeland against white intruders?
Over which of the following issues did the nation become divided in the 1790s?
REheat means
UNhappy means
MIDlife means
MISfortune means
NON-negotiable means
A violinIST is
courageOUS means
teachABLE means
slowLY means
bioLOGY means
ANTIgovernment means
What does DEcompose mean?
What does IMpatient mean?
What is a MICROblade
What does SUBmarine mean?
What is a SEMIcircle?
What does FOREhead mean?
What does EXOskeleton mean?
a small part of a larger text
a brief story about an interesting, funny or strange event told to entertain or make a point
a true account of a person’s life
a history of a person’s life written by that person
an account of one’s personal life, experiences, and reflections
the most important point a writer is trying to make
a reasonable guess or conclusion based on evidence and prior knowledge of a topic
a struggle the main character tries to overcome
the reason for the character’s actions
the order of steps in a procedure are explained; the event or topic is explained in order
the feeling (positive or negative) associated with a word
the way an author organizes ideas and information
the main reason why an author writes a text (to persuade, inform, or entertain)
the author’s feeling or perspective about a topic
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