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Area of calm water, constant temperature, and much algae growth
Freshwater ecosystems occur in
Permafrost is found in this biome
The floor of the rain forest has little plant life because
Evergreens are adapted to life in the taiga because they
Which of the following is a substance whose water solution conducts electricity?
Which of the following increases the rate of dissolving a solid in water?
As temperature increases, the solubility of solids ___________ while the solubility of gases ____________
How many moles of ions are produced from the dissociation of 1 mol of Fe2(SO4)3
Which of the following shows the dissociation of NaCl (s)
When solutions of NaOH and Ba(NO3)2 are combined, what precipitate forms?
What is the boiling point elevation of a 0.7 molal solution of aqueous MgBr2 (Kb = 0.51 C/m)
What is the freezing point depression of a 0.06 sugar solution dissolved in water (Kf= -1.86 m/C)
In the following equation: AgNO3(aq) + NaCl(aq) => what is the formula of the precipitate that is formed?
What is the balanced net ionic equation for the formation of PbCl2?
What is the molarity of a solution that contains 122 g of MgSO4 in 3.5 L of solution?
How many moles of KI are present in 0.85 L of a 0.55 M KI solution?
What is the molality of a solution that contains 5.0 mols of NaOH in 4.00 Kg of solution
What is the molality of a solution that contains 68.0 g of NaOH in 500 g of solution?
You are given 100.0 ml of a 2.0 M solution of KOH. What would be the molarity of the solution if it is diluted to a volume of 1000 ml?
You are given 250.0 ml of a 12.0 M solution of CsOH. What would be the molarity of the solution if it is diluted to a concentration of 5M?
You have 200.0 ml solution in which 145.0 g of KNO3 is dissolved. What would be the new volume if you diluted the solution to a molarity of 0.35 M?
No Question! Ms. Nagy gets a Free Shot!!
No Question! Ms. Nagy gets a Free Shot!!
No Question! Ms. Nagy gets a Free Shot!!
The fur of a snowshoe rabbit changes to white during the winter. This change is an example of
Evidence that living things have evolved over hundreds of millions of years can be found in
If a species is no longer able to reproduce, it will
Extinction of a species is most likely to occur as a result of
Feathers, wings, and the hollow bones of birds are examples of
In which organisms could evolution occur most rapidly?
Scientists wanted to produce a smaller variety of German shepherd dogs so they mated the smallest dogs from different litters for several generations. This is an example of
The gradual change in a species over time is called
A species is a group of similar organisms that
Which event is the best example of competition between species in a pond environment?
The formation of frost is an example of
Which substance has a fixed volume and takes the shape of the bottom of its container at STP?
Which change of state is called sublimation?
Of solids, liquids, and gases, ______________ have the highest degree of disorder?
Which substance has the strogest intermolecular attractions?
At STP which substance is a solid?
What is the heat of vaporization of water?
Which change of state is exothermic?
Which substance has the highest melting point?
As a sample of ice melts at a constant temperature of 273 K, its average kinetic energy
To what organization must a sexual harassment complaint be filed?
How many months/years must your work before you can take FMLA?
What is NOT a reason that an employee might receive a Notice of Denial for a Workers’ Comp claim?
What does it mean to have an 80/20 health plan?
What is the purpose of the “no fault” clause for Workers’ Compensation?
Which is NOT a state that has Non-subscriber Insurance
What does IRA stand for?
What is NOT a way that you can be paid while out on FMLA
How is sexual harassment on the job prevented?
What is a Primary Care Physician?
Which prefix means self?
Which prefix means before?
Which prefix means one?
Which prefix means middle?
Which prefix means across?
Which prefix means again?
Which prefix means exceeding?
Which prefix means many?
Which prefix means with?
Which prefix means between?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Tiny droplets of water make
Which of the following places are where water is stored?
Which layer of the atmosphere will we find the Water Cycle?
Which cloud type will hold the most water vapor?
Which candidate did John Quincy Adams defeat in the controversial election of 1824?
Which idea is promoted by the concept of nullification?
Which group was forcibly relocated by means of the 'Trail of Tears'?
Which area did the Monroe Doctrine aim to free from European influence?
Which development led to a sharp rise in the number of slaves imported to the southern United States?
Which Americans benefited most from the Tariff of 1816?
Who began the practice of replacing high-ranking members of the executive branch when a new president takes office?
Completed in 1825, the Erie Canal connected the Atlantic Ocean with what?
Which Whig Candidate defeated Martin Van Buren for president by depicting himself as a man of the people?
Which of the following was responsible for the United States acquiring Florida?
The philosopher who wanted rulers to treat their subjects justly
The emperor who united China into one country.
A potential benefit of the Great Wall.
Brownish-yellow soil found throughout Asia.
Protective wall built to keep river flood waters from extending beyond the river.
The dynasty that constructed the last major portion of the great wall using bricks.
A group of invaders that threatened the safety of China (Background Essay)
The capital city of Ancient China (Document A)
The desert that made travel dangerous along the Silk Road in northwest China (Document A)
Chao Cuo recommended placing military forces and what else along the northern border? (Document B)
What dynasty paid the Xiongnu for safety? (Document C)
Which of these items was an export from Han China? (Document D)
Why did Emperor Wu Di extend the Great Wall and added watchtowers? (Document D)
Heads of the fourteen departments
Vote for Pesident and Vice President
The Electoral college is made up of 538
A President may be elected to office for only ____ terms.
The ____ branch of the federal government carries out laws made by the legislative branch.
Who is the President's main assistant?
The President appoints _____ to represent the United States in foreign countries.
As political party leader, the President tries to get _____ to put the party's plan into action.
Many advisers and aids
Carries out the day-to-day work of the executive branch
The _____ is in charge of the executive branch.
As chief ____ the President addresses Congress once a year with a 'State of the Union' message
Advises about military policies
Who must approve the annual budget the President prepares?
Part of the National Security Council
How often do we elect a President and Vice President?
How old must a candidate for President be?
The _____ is the President's main assistant.
If the office of Vice President becomes vacant, the President nominates a Vice President who _____ must approve.
A presidential candidate must be a native-born American citizen and a U.S. resident for at least ______ years.
As chief diplomat, the President remains friendly relations with other nations.
If the President dies, the party leader becomes President
The Office of management and Budget is in charge of preparing the federal budget.
The Central Intelligence Agency works in all parts of the world to protect America's safety and security.
The press secretary and the President's personal doctor are part of the Office of Management and Budget.
The Council on Environmental Quality reports to the President on the nations' economy.
The Council of Economic Advisers reports the condition of the environment to the President.
The National Security Council advises the president about needed economic programs.
The President's cabinet is made up of the heads of the fourteen executive departments
The President works to promote peace as a world leader.
Which of the following terms means a unit of measure for the energy that indicate the energy in foods.
Which of the following terms means a bone pops out of the joint?
Which of the following terms means a regular activity/exercise that prepares you for a sport. (Like practicing shooting free throws in bball, practicing spiking the ball in vball...)
Which of the following terms means to be inactive or a couch potato?
Which of the following terms means muscle that makes up the heart.
Which of the following terms means a type of connective tissue that holds bones together in a joint.
Which of the following terms means a severe heat illness that occurs when someone hasn't been drinking enough while working in a hot temperature causing the body to overheat.
Which of the following terms means a how hard you workout.
Which of the following terms means nonstop, vigorous activity that requires large amounts of oxygen.
Which of the following terms means a disease that causes the bones to become brittle.
Yo tengo 5 libros. Miguel tiene 5 libros
Los estudiantes son inteligentes. Los profesores son inteligentes
Jackie Chan es fuerte. Chuck Norris es mas fuerte.
Britney Spears canta 2 canciones. J-Lo canta 2 canciones.
Jorge come 10 hamburguesas. David come 20 hamburguesas.
Alicia es alta. Marco es alto.
Hay 8 chicas. Hay 9 chicos.
Yo corro rapido. Tu corres rapido.
Ricardo es gordo. Alberto no es gordo.
Yo tengo __________________ libros como una biblioteca.
If Jerome made an entry in the SAE Record under the Hypothesis heading, which type of Supervised Agricultural Experience would he have?
Carl keeps accurate records including amounts of items bought and sold for his Supervised Agricultural Experience. What type of SAE is Carl working on?
Joe spent several days landscaping his home to help the appearance and to increase the comfort and value. What Supervised Agricultural Experience is Joe conducting?
Which SAE Record heading would be used by Charles if he has an entrepreneurship type Supervised Agricultural Experience?
Sean is working on the training agreement part of his Supervised Agricultural Experience. It is signed by himself, parent or guardian, employer or supervisor. This is part of what type of SAE?
What type Supervised Agricultural Experience is Jose doing if he visits a wholesale nursery and shadows employees to learn about careers?
Michele is computerizing the production records for a local nursery operation. This is an example of what type of Supervised Agricultural Experience?
Sheri's Supervised Agricultural Experience is to identify an agricultural problem that cannot be solved by experiments. It does involve designing a plan to investigate and analyze the problem. What type of SAE is Sheri working on?
Joey spent two hours on Saturday pruning a fruit tree although his Supervised Agricultural Experience program is producing bedding plants in his own greenhouse. In which section of the SAE Record would he enter the fruit tree pruning activity?
Angela has a part-time job working after school and on Saturdays at a local florist. In what type of Supervised Agricultural Experience is Angela participating?
The part of the horticulture industry MOST associated with growing, maintaining and processing grapes is:
There are a total 13 watermelons and cantaloupes for sale at a store for $20. The watermelons cost $2 each and the cantaloupes cost $1 each. What is the system of equations that can be used to determine w, watermelons, and c, cantaloupes?
A person purchases 8 books for a total amount of $26. Hardcover books cost $4 each and paperback books cost $2 each. What is the system of equations that can be used to determine h, the number of hardcover books, and p, the number of paperback books?
The volleyball club has 41 members. There are 3 more boys than girls. How many girls are there?
The sum of the ages of Ryan and his father is 66. His father is 10 years more than 3 times as old as Ryan. How old is Ryan?
Simplify 0.5(-14c + 2) - 4(c + 2) + 12(c - 3) - 12(1/3c + 1)
Find the equivalent equation of 5x + 3y = 6y - 12
What is the value of x in the equation 11x - 2 = 3x + 6?
There are a total of 32 red and green shirts. The amount of green shirts is 2 more than 4 times the amount of red shirts. How many green shirts are there?
Marcie buys a total of 9 red and yellow flowers for $15. Red flowers cost $1 each and yellow flowers cost $3 each. What is the system of equation that can be used to determine r, the number of red flower purchased, and y,the number of yellow flowers?
The sum of two numbers is 16. The first number is 3 times the second number. What is one of the numbers?
An area surrounding a charged particle is called a(n)_____________.
Heat energy transfers from an area of _________ temperature to an area of _________
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
When copper reacts with oxygen in the air, a color change takes place that turns the surface of the copper green. What type of change occurs to produce this color change?
Two different fossils found in the same layer of sedimentary rock are most likely
Which type of magnet produces a magnetic field most similar to Earth's?
As the distance between two objects increases, the force of gravity between them
Soap has a slippery feel and a bitter tasste. What do these characteristics suggest about soap?
Which two pieces of laboratory equipment can be used to find and compare the densities of different wood block samples?
Which population would e best adapted to life in a deep lake?
Which of these is most likely to result from clear-cutting a forest to create space for a new shopping mall?
Which substance below is a compound?
Which is an example of a physical change?
Which machine uses magnetism to produce an electric current?
Which gas makes up most of Earth's atmosphere?
An element appears in the far right column of the periodic table. What can you conclude about the element based on this information?
Which is aevidence that a chemical change has occurred?
What happens to the molecules in a lump of butter as the butter melts?
Which of these is the smallest particle of matter?
Where are products located in chemical equations?
What tools should a student use to investigate how different temperatures affect the evaporation rates of water?
Which tool is the best choice to observe single-celled organisms in a sample of pond water?
Which is a characteristic of almost all the matter on Earth?
Which of these must form when two elements join together during a chemical change?
A bioengineered technology that changes how an organism functions is an adaptive technology. which of these is an example of an adaptive technology?
Where is the reactant located in a chemical equation?
Which two tools couldl be used to determine the speed at which a person runs?
Which group of substances contains only compounds?
In which of these cases does a physical change occur?
Which of these best describes what must happen to the particles in water before it can change from one state to another?
Lemon juice has asour taste and turns blue litmus paper red. What do these properties sugest about lemon juice?
What keeps comets in orbit around the sun?
In an electromagnet, a current is passed through loops of wire that surround a core. Which material would be best to use as the core of an electromagnet?
A state of matter with no definite shape or volume is a
Mass is determined by
Solids, liquids, and gases are examples of
A liquid has volume:
When water freezes it changes from a liquid to
An element has
The ability of a substance to react with other substances to form a new substance is based on
Volume is determined by measuring
The very small pieces of solid or liquid matter are
Weight measures
Which is generally a characteristic of a communist economy?
A major cause of the Russian Revolution of 1917 was the
“A group of planners makes all economic decisions. The group assigns natural, human, and capital resources to the production of the goods. This description best applies to the
“…the organizations of the revolutionaries must consist ... of people who make revolutionary activity their profession "V.I. Lenin, 1917. This quotation refers to Lenin’s plan to
The Russian peasants supported the Bolsheviks in the 1917 Revolutions mainly because the Bolsheviks promised to
Which statement best describes the political situation in the Soviet Union immediately after Lenin’s death in 1924?
The political reorganization of Russia after the Communist Revolution of 1917 resulted in
Which statement best describes a relationship between World War I and the Bolshevik Revolution?
Which slogan expressed the ideals of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917?
Russian peasants supported the Bolsheviks in 1917 primarily because the Bolsheviks pledged to
The presence of DNA is important for cellular metabolic activities because DNA
In squirrels, the gene for gray fur (G) is dominant over the gene for black fur (g). If 50% of a large litter of squirrels are gray, the parental cross that produced this litter wa
Which cross could produce a child with type O blood?
Which represents the genotype of a homozygous condition?
Geneticists have observed that fruit flies that commonly inherit vestigial wings also inherit lobed eyes. Observations such as this have helped to develop the genetic concept known
Chromosomes normally occur as homologous pairs in
Because the gene for hemophilia is located on the X-chromosome, it is normally impossible for a
A man with a blood genotype AO marries a woman with a blood genotype of AO. What blood types could be expected in their children?
The outward appearance (gene expression) of a particular trait in an organism is referred to as
When many hybrid tall pea plants are cross-pollinated, the offspring produced will probably be
What is the function of DNA in a cell?
Compared to the amount of hereditary information in a human body cell, how much hereditary information is contained in a human sex cell?
In animal skin tissue, cell division is responsible for
Chromosome is to nucleus as DNA is to
In humans, a trait can be determined by one pair or many pairs of:
If A = straight hairline (dominant) and a = peaked hairline (recessive), the parent whose genes are aa:
What is a Punnett Square used to determine
If A = straight hairline and a = peaked hairline, why will Aa individuals have a straight hairline rather than a peaked hairline?
A new type of tomato is better tasting and has a longer shelf life. It is produced by placing additional gene segments into the cells of the tomato plant. This process is known as:
In humans, a fertilized egg contains 46 chromosomes. Which is the correct number of chromosomes contained in the sperm and egg before they unite to make the fertilized egg?
In multicellular organisms, cell division is required for growth and
Which condition is the result of abnormal cell division
Which term describes an organism's ability to maintain a stable environment?
What is the result of cellular respiration?
To provide energy for the work that cells do, all cells need:
One important difference between living things and nonliving things is that only living things have:
What is the outermost structure in a plant cell?
Cells are to tissues as tissues are to:
What do all organisms need to survive?
Which life process is shown by the equation: oxygen + food ---> carbon dioxide + water + energy
hola como estas tu
yo estoy bien
hoy es martes
hoy es el diez y siete
manana es miercoles
one dos tres
otro mas
otro otro mas
uno mas uno mas otro
otro mas otra mas ding dang dong
One to whom secrets or private matters are told
a belief or opinion accepted as right or correct
one who is unfaithful
to go beyond or over a limit
to throw forward
a ruler of children
to send; to spread across
speed pace
under the skin
to state loudly
Answers by Educators Question Database
Roosevelt decision to remove people of Japanese ancestry to internment camps was a response to;
What were Japan’s kamikazes?
V-E day or May 8, 1945 was the day when______?
1. _____________ is made up of four phases: G1 phase, S phase, G2 phase, and M phase.
2. Which term refers to cell division in prokaryotic cells?
3. During mitosis, what splits during anaphase?
4. During which phase of the cell cycle does DNA replication occur?
5. During which process in the cell cycle do prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase occur?
6. Tumors reroute ________ to continue growing.
7. In eukaryotic cells, chromatin is packaged in what structures?
8. Which of these terms refers to tissue that forms from abnormal cell division?
9. In what process does a parent cell split into two or more daughter cells?
10. During which phase of mitosis do the new nuclear membranes start forming?
11. Which of these stages is NOT part of interphase?
12. Which of these lists organizes the phases of mitosis in order from first to last?
13. During which phase of the cell cycle does the cell continue to grow and prepare for the separation of chromosomes?
14. During which phase of mitosis do chromosomes line up at the spindle equator?
15. Which term refers to cell division in eukaryotic cells?
1. What causes the chromosomes to move to the opposite ends of the spindle during anaphase?
2. What is one difference between how DNA is organized in prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells?
3. How are chromosomes and plasmids alike?
4. Which of these processes occurs in both binary fission and mitosis?
5. What is one difference between the G1 phase and the G2 phase?
6. A scientist wants to investigate the causes of skin cancer in humans. Which of the following processes would be the most appropriate to investigate?
7. Some scientists are investigating whether daily use of aspirin helps prevent the growth of cancerous tumors. Which of these designs would be the most effective for a clinical trial?
8. What is the relationship between binary fission and cell division?
9. What is the order of the phases of the cell cycle?
10. In which of these types of organisms could a scientist observe mitosis?
The human stomach has an acidic environment. Which enzyme with its optimal pH below most likely functions in the stomach?
Meat tenderizer is made with pepsin, an enzyme. If meat coated with tenderizer is placed in a refrigerator for a short time prior to cooking, how will the enzyme pepsin be affected?
Spartina grows in salt marshes and stores salt in its roots. This makes the salt concentration in its roots greater than that of the surrounding water. What most likely occurs in response to this salt concentration in the roots?
Which pond has the most basic water?
Researchers have discovered a toxin that stops cells from releasing stored energy. Cells exposed t this toxin cannot carry out many of their normal processes. When cells are exposed to this toxin, which of these would be least affected?
A cell that normally lives in a 10% saltwater solution was moved into another solution. Which of these solutions would cause the cell to increase in size at the greatest rate?
Which of these substances moves across cell membranes by osmosis?
Enzymes will stop functioning if...
On a hot summer day, diffusion will occur
Diffusion occurs when substances move from areas of ___ concentration to areas of ___ concentration to reach equilibrium.
Starch turns blue-black in the presence of iodine. A selectively permeable dialysis sac containing a starch solution is placed into a beaker of iodine solution. The movement of water into the sac is called
The cell membrane will allow water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and glucose to pass through. Because other substances are blocked from entering, the membrane is called
The structure most responsible for maintaining cell homeostasis is the
Which of these substances moves across cell membranes by osmosis?
Which Pond has the most acidic water?
Which of these is most affected in the cells of the goldfish when the water temperature is lowered?
Starch turns blue-black in the presence of iodine. If a dialysis sac with starch solution is permeable only to water and iodine and is placed in a beaker of iodine solution, what will the solutions in the beaker and the sac look like after two hours
Starch turns blue-black in the presence of iodine solution. A selectively permeable dialysis sac containing a starch solution is placed into a beaker of iodine solution. Which process is described?
A scientist believes that a factory has been dumping acid into a local river. To test this hypothesis, which property of water should the scientist monitor?
A student conducted an experiment by boiling liver (has catalase) and added it to hydrogen peroxide (HO3) solution. Catalase breaks down HO3.She observed that little to no oxygen was released. Which statement best supports the student's observations?
In this country a single or centralized government authority decides what is produced. Which term identifies this type of economic system?
South African economic includes using state-owned enterprises to deliver basic services to low-income areas as a means to increase job growth and household income. However, companies are freed to choose what to produce, how to produce, and for whom t
Which of the following represents an economy that is entirely controlled by a country’s government?
• Goods are shared by the whole community• Economy is based on customs • Roles are passed down through family members. Which kind of economy is described by the features listed?
A “market economy” is
In which type of economy does the government decide what to produce and how to produce it?
Like most countries, India has an economy that is somewhere between a pure market economy and a command economy. India’s economy is BEST described as a
Abdul’s country has a mixed economy that lies closer to the command side of the economic continuum. Which statement is most likely true of Abdul’s country?
Israel’s economy is primarily based on
Turkey’s economy continues to grow because
Which continuum correctly matches the description? • Focused on the consumer • Choices• Entrepreneurship is encouraged • Limited government control and interference
The economies of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey could best be described as
How have the Israelis made up for their lack of resources?
Which industry does the government of Saudi Arabia heavily control?
What type of bonding occurs between a metal and a metal?
What type of bonding occurs between a metal and a nonmetal?
What type of bonding occurs between a nonmetal and a nonmetal?
What happens to the electrons in an ionic bond?
What happens to the electrons in an covalent bond?
What happens to the elements in a metallic bond?
What is an atom that is no longer neutral because it has lost or gained an electron?
When is a negativeion formed?
When is a positive ion formed?
What cannot be separated into simpler substances?
What are substances containing two or more elements that are chemically bonded?
What is a neutral particle formed in a covalent bond?
The highest elevations in the United States are located in
Which of the following physical features attracted settlers who were looking for easier ways to travel?
Which of the four major regions of the United States was settled last by U.S. citizans?
Which of the following statements about the natural resources of the United States is most acurate?
Which of the following doubled the size of the United States in 1803?
Many Italian and Polish immigrants came to the United States
The Native Americans living in the _________ were most likely to use canoes.
Native American cultures were disrupted when the Europeans arrived and introduced
Many immigrants were likely drawn to the United States because of the individual rights and freedoms guaranteed by the
NAFTA is a trade aggreement between
The forest of the Pacific northwest are just one of the many different _________ in the Uwhere many people work in the same industry.
The cultural diverstiy of the United States tends to be highest
The organization USAID
In what ways did the immigrants contribute to American society in the early 1900s?
Where did most immigrants to the United States come from prior to the Civil War?
Which natural resource has alowed the United States to experience economic growth?
Which of the major continental regions of the United States are best for farming?
Which of the following has made American culture more accessible to the rest of the world?
The population increase in the United States in the last ten years has largely been the result of
Which of the following was one cause of the Civil War in the United States?
What are the parts of the Water Cycle?
What is Evaporation?
What is precipitation?
What is humidity?
How much water is found in the Earth's freshwater?
Why is the water cycle important to the Earth?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which prefix means after?
Which prefix means life?
Which prefix means three?
Which prefix means opposite?
Which prefix means two?
Which prefix means water?
Which prefix means earth?
Which prefix means not?
Which prefix means below?
Which prefix means against?
close to,
the outer protective layer of skin
a leader of the people (usually a bad one)
to send; to spread across
one to whom secrets or private matters are toldconfid
receipt of academic degree or diploma upon completion studies
not in agreement with accepted opinion or belief
movement toward a goal;moving forward
lasting for a limited time
to throw between
The purpose of the opening paragraph of the article is most likely to
Predators without peer, owls are splendidly adapted to life in the darkness. Its prowess as a predator...Which literary technique does the author use in these sentences?
According to the article, what is one result of owls’ eyes being fixed in their sockets?
In the article, the term dichromatism is used to describe two
Based on information from the article, which owl would be most affected by a decline in the population of rodents?
Which statement best describes the typical nesting behavior of all the owls featured in the article?
According to the article, all of the following contribute to the owl’s effectiveness as a predator EXCEPT
According to the article, which of the owls’ names is the most misleading?
Which of the following best describes the organization of this article?
According to the article, which two owls are most different in size?
In the article, the author’s purpose in describing his own trips was most likely to
According to the article, what most helped Lewis and Clark recognize the vastness of the West?
These are experiences unavailable to those who peer out of airplane windows at 35,000 feet...Which of the following best restates the meaning of the sentence above?
Which of the author’s experiences most likely generated emotions similar to those Lewis and Clark had felt?
The author learned many lessons while following Lewis and Clark’s route because he
As far as my eyes could see, out to the farthest western horizon, the rolling swells of the Pacific Ocean...Which type of figurative language does the author use in this sentence?
The author includes quotations from Lewis and Clark’s journals most likely to show
The author’s journey differed from Lewis and Clark’s journey in all of the following ways EXCEPT
Why did Yo Nigata feel guilty?
Why do you think the U.S. government imprisoned Japanese Americans during World War II?
What are the characterisitics of a totalitarian system?
What is a republic?
When rulers often claimed DIVINE RIGHT in the past what did that mean?
A direct democracy is when--?
A theocratic government is often characterized by?
Which characteristics are shared by the political cultures of the U.S., U.K. and Mexico?
What was a characteristic of many African nations after their independence?
What is a constitutional monarchy?
Balance of power has to do with what?
What is the European Union?
Release on bail, release on one's own recognizance, and preventive detention are three forms of
What are some of the criteria a judge reviews when determining pretrial release?
What three pleas may a defendant enter at arraignment?
The process by which each party to a case learns of the evidence that the opposition will present is called
What is a characteristic of a Grand Jury?
Which amendment guarantees the right to effective assistance of counsel?
This part of the pretrial process ensures that there are substantial grounds upon which a prosecution may be based
Which amendment relates to the Discovery Process
A defendant may waive his or her right to counsel.
Evidence heard by a Grand Jury or the Grand Jury's deliberations are available to the public.
Latitude and longitude are used to identify:
Which refers to what is given up when an economic choice is made?
Which of the following is a state official?
Which is an element of culture?
The United States, Canada, and Mexico share a common:
Taxes pay for all BUT which of the following?
You would be a consumer is you:
Which of the following is a tool for social interation?
Which era took place during and after the Civil War?
The stars on the American flag represent:
When a defense attorney and a prosecutor works together to achieve a mutually satisfactory disposition it is called
Which plea bargaining method is available to the prosecutor?
Elements of a valid guilty plea are
When one is reprosecuted after acquittal or conviction, or subjected to separate punishments for the same offense, this is known as
What was the first Supreme Court case recognizing the entrapment defense?
What are type of appeal is available to a defendant?
The prosecution is not barred from appealing a defendant's conviction because of the double jeopardy clause
Knowledge of reasonable trustworthy information sufficient enough to warrant a prudent man in believing that the suspect had committed or was committing an offense is known as
Specific and articulable facts that lead the officer to believe criminal activity is afoot is known as
The Blockburger Rule pertains to which concept?
What are stage directions?
Where can you find the setting in a drama?
Dramas are mostly true stories....True or False
What is a drama most similar to?
A drama has a plot...True or false?
Dramas almost always have a lesson or message...True or false?
Drama has plot just like fictional stories....True or False
You don't have to read the stage directions... True or False
The characters are not important in a drama... True or False
When you read drama, you should read all the character parts and think what the story is about...True or False
A sudden movement of the Earth\\\'s crust caused by a release of stress accumulated along geological faults or by volcanic activity.
What causes earthquakes?
Volcanoes are formed from
When volcanoes erupt, they overflow with
Which causes some parts of the ocean to be saltier than other parts?
n many farm areas, slightly hilly farmland is plowed in curves rather than straight lines. This kind of plowing is called \\
Major earthquakes are caused by
Which of these statements explains the use of technology to prevent earthquake damage?
Which is an example of a seismological study?
In which of the following areas would soil erosion MOST LIKELY occur if they received the same amount of rainfall?
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What is desertification?
Egypt and Saudi Arabia are on opposite sides of what sea?
Why are Israel and Palestine fighting?
What is the Suez Canal?
What does arable mean
What is the longest river in the world and important to Egypt?
What is the dominant religion in the Middle East?
Which religious group was persecuted during the holocaust and throughout Middle East history?
Where do Christians go to worship and pray?
Which country in the Middle East has about 20% of the world's oil reserves?
What type of volcano is Mt. Saint Helen's?
What type of volcano is made up of layers of tephra and lava?
What type of volcano has broad sides and is made up of layers of lava?
What type of volcano has steep sides and is made up of mostly tephra?
Tephra is made up of...
Where can volcanoes occur?
Type of magma that is very thick and contains lots of silica.
Type of rock that is formed from volcanoes
The bowl shape hole at the summit of a volcano
The Hawaiian volcanoes are _____________.
The largest type of intrusive igneous rock.
What type of magma is produced by the Hawaiian volcanoes
Melted rock that is found above earth's surface.
Melted rock that is below earth's surface that is under pressure.
Magma that has large amount of silica, water vapor and gas with cause what type of eruption.
Magma that hardens in horizontal cracks.
Magma that hardens in vertical cracks.
Devil's Tower is an example of a _____________.
Areas in Earth's mantel that are hotter than neighboring areas
A volcano that is sleeping
Tout le monde ______ beaucoup.
Vous ____ la bouche quand le médecin vous examine la gorge.
Ils ___ un paquet de comprimés.
Tu as ___ d'une maladie?
Je ___ beaucoup.
Elle a _____ toute la journée .
Tu ___ ton livre?
Nous ne ___ plus.
Les filles ____ leurs sacs.
On ne ____ pas quand on est en bonne santé.
Program Code
Program Code
Which type of employee cares for the land area and plants surrounding a business, industry, church or school?
A person who must be skilled in checking horticultural products for diseases, insects and quality is a/an:
Which one is responsible for maintaining fairway and greens turf as well as sand traps and irrigation?
The area of horticulture that includes growing and harvesting flowers and making and selling flower arrangements is:
Which comes from a Latin word meaning garden cultivation and includes vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants?
Which is MOST interested in reducing the carbon footprint?
Which horticulture division includes vegetable production is:
The science MOST associated with the study of plants grown for food or beautification is:
As a garden center worker, Julie should:
Compared to entry level jobs, professional careers usually require special license and:
Who is responsible for displaying and selling bedding plants?
The part of the horticulture instructional program that provides opportunities to develop leadership, teamwork, citizenship, personal growth and career success is the:
Which MOST likely represents the FFA goal to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success?
FFA helps students develop leadership beyond the class and local school chapter. What is the FIRST level of participation above the chapter level?
Serving as FFA Treasurer can help Juan gain experience that he might later use in an horticulture organizations to:
The rising sun is an important part of the FFA emblem because it represents:
The plow reminds agricultural students and FFA members of what important principle?
What Brian learns while serving as FFA Chapter Secretary could be used after graduation in horticulture organizations to:
The FFA Career Development Event (CDE) that will help develop knowledge and skills needed to effectively participate in a horticulture organization’s business meeting is:
Sue wears a white collared shirt, black shoes, black skirt, FFA scarf and FFA jacket zipped halfway to the top. What component of Official FFA dress is she missing?
The eagle is an important part of FFA tradition because it symolizes the national scope of the FFA. Students MOST likely will find an eagle in the FFA:
Tonya moved to sell candy to raise money for scholarships. Adam wants to sell flowers. To change the motion, Adam would move to:
The MAJOR advantage of using parliamentary procedure in a business meeting is that:
¿Cuántos años ______ tú?
Mi amigo _____ un gato y un perro.
Yo ____ quince años.
Juan y Miguel _____ la clase de arte primero.
Marta y yo _____ la clase de historia primero.
¿_______ vosotros la clase de español en la tarde?
Mi hermana _____ un trabajo en Target.
Tú y Carlos ____ que estudiar mucho.
Yo _____ sed.
Ella no ______ la clase de inglés en la mañana.
What was the Manhattan Project?
The _________ , allowed the president to supply arms to “any country whose defense was vital to the United States.”
Which of the following started the war as an Axis country, but later became an Allied power?
Which battle marked a turning point for the Soviet Union against Germany?
This unpopular treaty ended WWI. It was this treaty that set the stage for WWII.
he Allied invasion of _______ was given the code name D-Day?
WWII Finally ended the Depression because:
The Nazis practiced genocide, which is the:
Which nations came to be known as the Axis powers after they signed a mutual defense treaty in 1940?
Where did the United States drop the atomic bomb?
What did the Selective Service System oversee?
Which nation(s) signed a Nonaggression pact with Germany that led to the invasion and division of Poland?
How did women, referred to as “Rosie the Riveter,” impact the outcome of the war?
Choose the country listed bellow that was controlled by a dictator in the 1930’s.
The Atlantic Charter, drafted by Winston Churchill and FDR. was a:
In 1931 Japan took the first step toward building an empire by conquering:
Which one is NOT true about Japanese-Americans during WWII?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which five countries make up the Allied Powers?
Which countries make up the Axis Powers?
What time frame did WWII take place in?
What is Fascism?
What is Totalarianism?
The weak and ineffective German democracy set up after WWI, in effect during the Interwar Years, is called _______.
The Final Solution was Hitler's plan to:
The Nuremberg Trials were held:
Where were the theaters of war that WWII took place in?
Define Appeasement:
Growth and repair in multicellular organisms are the result of:
Which sequence of development is correct?
In sexual reproduction, what fraction of genes does each parent contribute to the offspring?
A life cycle is best described as the
Which is the correct sequence of development for an organism which undergoes metamorphosis
A new yeast cell is sometimes produced from a single parent by a process called budding. The process of budding is best described as:
Which statement describes a method of sexual reproduction that occurs in plants?
Young frogs do not resemble adult frogs. Which term is given to this pattern of development in frogs?
Each body cell of a goldfish contains 94 chromosomes. How many chromosomes are contained in a goldfish sex cell?
What advantage does a species that reproduces sexually have over a species that reproduces asexually?
to send
to throw
Gara is a nurse. She works in a...
I need to buy some bread. Where can I go?
I need to send a letter. Where should I go?
Ann works as a waitress. She works in a...
Andrew cuts people's hair. He works in a...
I like to meet friends for coffee at an...
I need to buy a book. Where should I go?
I need to study. Where should I go?
Tom works as a mechanic. He works in a...
Mary works as a teacher. She works in a...
positively charged particles in an atom
charged particles that spin around the nucleus
center of an atom
uncharged particles found in the atom
two or more of the same atoms joined together
two or more of different atoms joined together
strong attraction between two bonds
first to study atoms
found in the nucleus
Modern atoms are thought to have what type of structure?
Approximately how old is the Moon thought to be?
Which program successfully landed men on the Moon?
What is believed to have happened to most of the Moon's volatile elements?
Which theory explains how the Moon most likely formed?
What is formed when meteoroids collide with the Moon’s surface?
Which type of rock makes up most of the Moon's surface?
What is another name for the ancient lava flows on the Moon?
The Moon is Earth's only ________________satellite.
Where is the Sea of Tranquility located?
How much of the Moon is being illuminated by the Sun at any given time?
A _________________ moon is seen from Earth when the Moon is between Earth and the Sun.
The time it takes the Moon to go through a complete cycle of phases is closest to _____________ days.
Why is the Bay of Fundy famous?
When the Moon is on the opposite side of Earth as the Sun, we will see a _____________________ moon.
Which phase must the Moon be in during a lunar eclipse?
Complete the analogy. Tidal valley is to low tide as tidal bulge is to______________.
Tides are their highest during a _______________ tide.
Why does the same side of the Moon always face Earth?
Which lunar phase follows a waning gibbous phase?
Which lunar phase follows a waxing gibbous phase?
What is the Atmosphere?
The two most abundant gases in the atmosphere are
What percent of our atmosphere is made up of gases other than nitrogen or oxygen?
Air has pressure because
Density can be determined using the formula
The fewer particles of air in a space means
An instrument used to measure air pressure is called
As you rise upward in the atmosphere, what will happen to air pressure?
The layers of the atmosphere are separated according to changes in
The layer of our atmosphere in which weather occurs is the
Es el grupo de personas que canta canciones.
Es la chica que apoya (supports) a los equipos deportivos.
Es el grupo de atletas que participa en partidos deportivos.
Este chico saca fotos con una camara.
Es lo que haces con Google.
Es lo que haces con Firefox, Safari o Chrome.
Es lo que haces en la computadora para hablar con otras personas.
En espanol, significa to be a member.
Dos ejemplos son el karate o tae kwon do.
Es el chico que canta en el coro o con una banda.
I / eat / fish and chips (today)
they / leave (yet) ?
She / finish / her / project (just)
you / mop / the flloor (yet) ?
We / have / this house (for years)
These tigers / fight / in the zoo (since 2009)
He / see / Gery (yet)
A mosquito / bite / him (just)
They / write / their / report (already)
This season / our team / win / them (yet)
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a tree that grows taller than the canopy trees around it
a forest in northern latitudes dominated by conifers
to move from one region, climate, or environment to another
a tree that sheds its leaves at the end of the growing season
another term used for the plant life found in an area
Animals living in _____________ have adapted to dry weather, and often migrate to find food or water.
Grasslands are found on all of the following continents except for ________________.
Coastal grasslands, also called ____________, have scrubby plants and evergreen shrubs.
A large stream of moving water that flows through the oceans
the effects of Earth's rotation on the direction of winds and currents
the average year-after-year conditions of temperature precipitation winds and clouds in an area
A climate event that occurs every two to seven years in the Pacific Ocean during which winds shift and push warm water toward the coast of S. America
The movement of cold water upward from the deep ocean that is caused by wind
total amount of dissolved salt in a sample of water
underwater vehicle built of materials that resist pressure
The daily rise and fall of Earth's water on its coastline
a tide with the greatest distance between high and low tide that occrs when the sun and the moon are aligned with Eath at the new moon and the full moon
A tide with the least difference between low and high tide
the movement of energy through a body of water
the horizontal distance between the crest of one wave and the crest of the next wave
the number of waves that pass a specific point in a given amount of time
ther verticle distance from the crest of a wave to the trough
a giant wave usually caused by an earthquake beneath the ocean floor
movement of water and sediment down a beach caused by waves coming in to shoare at an angle
a rush of water that flows rapidly back to sea through a narrow opening in a sandbar
a wall made of rocks or concrete that is built outward from a beach to reduce erosion
smooth, nearly flat region of the ocean floor
a deep, steep sided canyon in the ocean floor
Simplify: 3^4
Simplify: (-5)^2
Simplify: -5^2
Simplify: (7-10)^0
Simplify: 5^-3
Simplify: -6^-2
Simplify: (4^-1)+(5 - 7)^-2
Simplify with exponents: (4^3)(4^5)
Simplify with exponents: (x^9)/(x^3)
Simplify with positive exponents: (y^4)^-5
Write in standard form: 5.04 X 10^8
Write in standard form: 8.65 X 10^-1
Write in standard form: 6.4 X 10-5
Write in scientific notation: 8,708,000
Write in scientific notation: 0.00009
Write in scientific notation: 8
Add. Write answer in scientific notation. (6.4 X 10^3)+(8.32 X 10^7)
Subtract. Write answer in scientific notation. (6.4 X 10^-5) - (8.32 X 10^-7)
Multiply. Write answer in scientific notation. (2.2 X 10^4) X (7.1 X 10^3)
Divide. Write answer in scientific notation. (9.6 X 10^9) ÷ (2 X 10^3)
How would you represent the ratio of 7 red M and M's in a group of 10 ?
Which is of these could be represented as a ratio?
What is another name for the representation of ratio?
Where would you see a fraction?
When do I use fractions?
What is Mrs. Stunkel's favorite color?
What do we call sorting items to be used in a chart?
What do you call writing down the items you sorted when collecting data?
If I had 10 cookies and 3 of them were chocolate, what is the ration of chocolate cookies?
What is a part of a graph?
What is a river that flows into a sea and branches out into many different streams
What 2 rivers border Mesopotamia?
What did the Sumarians build to control flooding?
What is a nickname for the Middle East
Which city is the birthplace of the three religions of the Middle East
What kind of government dominates in the Middle East?
What does unlimited government mean?
What is theocracy?
What is absolute monarchy?
What is OPEC
What is the major export of the Middle East
What is the religious symbol of Judaism?
What does interdependence mean?
What is an example of adaptation?
What is the fertile crescent?
Why was Mesopotamia called the cradle of ancient civilization?
What is cultural diffusion?
What is the holy book of Islam
What is not one of the 5 pillars of Islam?
Where do Muslims pray and worship?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
They’re such an independent,enigmatic animal,says Rismiller. Every time you think you know what they’re going to do, they do something dif...In the excerpt, Rismiller's discussing
Rismiller supports the idea of low-impact field research by
Which of the following is NOT a factor that makes tracking echidnas with radio transmitters challenging?
According to the article, what is one echidna characteristic that is shared with other mammals?
According to the article, the main similarity between echidnas and porcupines is their
The greatest danger to echidnas outside conservation areas is posed by
According to the information presented in the article, all of these factors account for the uncertainty in determining total echidna population in Australia EXCEPT
To obtain Week View mode when in Month View mode, simply highlight any day in the desired week and...In which sentence does mode have the same meaning as in the sentence above?
The CALENDAR SYMBOLS chart is different from the other text features in the user manual because it
Whether the Enhanced Emergency Service will be fully functional is mainly dependent upon the user
A hot ball of gas in outer space that creates its own energy is called a
How far is the Sun from Earth?
How many Earths could fit inside the Sun?
What do scientists study to figure out how long it takes the Sun to make one rotation on its axis?
The Sun's hottest region, in which the Sun's energy is produced, is called the ______________.
The Sun is about ___________________years.
The Sun makes its own energy through a process called_________________.
The Sun is primarily made up of ________________ and _____________________.
The Sun is classified as a ___________________star.
The nearest star to Earth is ________________.
Sam wasn't at his English home last month because during that time he ..... in Ireland. (+)
Where ..... you last night? You weren't home (?)
I ...... a stubborn person as a child but I am now. (-)
This car ..... safe in the past but now it is dangerous. (+)
The microwave and the oven ..... in the kitchen this morning. Where were they? (-)
The mountain ..... very high but it was very beautiful. (-)
Those double-decker buses ..... amazing but very uncomfortable. (+)
..... Claudia at the bookshop last week? (+)
People ..... angry because the concert was bad. (+)
Those streets ..... so narrow before. They were wider. (-)
Which of the following software programs is a powerful spreadsheet program that allows users to organize data, complete calculations, and graph data?
Which of the following notebook- like features organizes the sheets for use in Excel?
Which of the following would you use to enter, calculate, manipulate, and analyze data such as numbers and text in Excel?
What is immediately visible on screen when you open Excel 2010?
What do you use to navigate and display different portions of a worksheet in the worksheet window?
What item at the bottom of an Excel worksheet window presents information about the worksheet, the progress of current tasks, and controls for viewing the worksheet?
What is considered the control center in Excel and many other Office programs?
Which Microsoft Office object would you use for quick, convenient, one-click access to frequently used Excel commands?
What feature was created for users who prefer to use the keyboard rather than the mouse, and provides keyboard code icons that may be used in conjunction with the ALT key?
What is the name of the list of frequently used Excel commands available when a user right-clicks an item in the worksheet?
What is the intersection of a row and a column in a worksheet called?
What occurs when the cursor is moved over a cell and a user clicks?
What do you use to place worksheet titles, column titles, and row titles in a worksheet?
When you enter text into a cell, which Excel feature works behind the scenes to recognize and correct common mistakes?
Which of the following do you use to move one cell to the right in an Excel 2010 worksheet?
Which of the following do you use to move down one cell in an Excel 2010 worksheet?
Which of the following causes Excel 2010 to recognize data entered into a cell as text rather than number format?
What is a series of two or more adjacent cells in a column or row or a rectangular group of cells called?
What function adds all of the numbers in a range of cells?
In Excel 2010, which feature makes an exact replica of the cell data and format while keeping the original cell intact?
In Excel 2010, what is the name of the command that relocates a cell’s data and its format, then clears the data from the original cell and resets the original cell's format to def
What is the name of the small black square in the lower-right corner of the heavy border of an active cell that repeats a cell's value in adjacent cells?
When copying values in Excel 2010, which feature automatically adjusts cell references for the new copy location?
Which command on the Home Tab displays the total of the selected cells directly after the selected cells?
What is the name of the on-screen command that appears in a worksheet when you copy one range to another range?
Which command enables a user to save an existing worksheet with a new name or save the worksheet in a new location?
Which command do you use to save a new worksheet in Excel 2010?
In Excel 2010, what do you use to emphasize certain entries and make the worksheet easier to read and understand?
Which defines the appearance and shape of the letters, numbers, and special characters in Excel 2010?
Which term indicates how characters in an Excel 2010 worksheet are emphasized?
What defines the color of the characters in an Excel 2010 worksheet?
Which term describes how fonts are measured, and is approximately 1/72 of an inch?
What button on the Home Ribbon automatically enlarges a selected cell’s font size with one click?
What command on the Home Ribbon applies a thick, dark style to characters in the selected cell?
On the Home Ribbon, what do you use to change the font face used in the worksheet?
On the Home Ribbon, what do you use to change the font size of characters in a cell?
On the Home Ribbon, what do you use to change the text color of characters in a cell?
Which command on the Home Ribbon joins selected cells into one larger cell and centers that content in the new cell?
Which quick-number style button formats numbers to display as currency in the worksheet?
Which quick-number style button formats numbers to display as percentages in the worksheet?
How does the heat of the sun reach the earth?
What process produces the sun's energy?
Where does the process of fusion take place in the sun?
What takes place when two hydrogen nuclei combine to form a hydrogen nucleus?
What are the dark spots on th sun's surface?
How does the temperature of sunspots compare to the temperature of the sun's surface?
What happens to the climate of the earth when the number of sunspots increases?
The sun has enough fuel to last how many more years?
What part of the sun is seen in a photograph?
Where is most matter in the our solar system located?
Which type of transport doesn't require energy?
What is the second phase of mitosis?
Osmosis is a special type of diffusion which occurs in...
Mitosis splits one cell into...
Meiosis is used with which type of cells?
Active transport...
How many phases does mitosis have?
How many cells are there at the end of the meiosis process
Meiosis happens in what type of organisms?
What makes active transport different from passive transport?
What chracteristics are shown on the Hertzsprung Russell Diagram?
How would a hot star with low luminosity be classified?
Who is credited with the nebular hypthesis?
What determines the lifespan of a star?
What is produced when a dying giant or supergiant explodes?
What is a rotating cloud of dust and gas that becones a star?
What caused the solar nebula to condense to form the sun?
What is produced in all phases of fusion in a star's core?
What do all stars begin as?
Describe the temperature and luminosity of the sun on the Hertzsprung Russell Diagram.
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_________________ tal
Hola, ¿qué _____________?
¡Muy ___________ gracias!
¿cómo se llama?
¿cómo te llamas?
¿cómo te llamas?
se llama
me llamo
te presento
el gusto es mío
mucho gusto
¿quién es?
es. . .
The atomic number tell syou the number of
To find the number of neutrons you
The group number tells you
Which group is known as the Noble Gases?
What distinguishes one element from another?
Periods on the periodic table tell us
The periodic table is made up mostly of what type elements
Where would you find elements of similar properties?
If an atomic number is 5 and the mass is 11, what is the number of neutrons?
Knowing the atomic number is 13 and the mass is 27 what is the number of protons?
Which of these is NOT a layer of the integumentary system?
Skeletal muscle is...
The integumentary system is made up of
Where are red blood cells produced?
The stomach is a type of ______________ muscle.
Muscles and bones work together to....
Muscles fibers are made up of_____________.
When it's hot, blood vessels _________ to release heat.
Sebaceous glands...
The contracting muscle is called the __________.
What has influenced where wheat is grown?
What physical feature of South Asia created a barrier for trade to other countries?
Borlaug's innovation that educated farmers in India was called _____?
How have the monsoon seasons affected the economic development of Bangladesh?
Borlaug's innovation changed which industry?
How does the summer monsoons benefit India?
What South Asia country has frequent military takeovers?
Borlaug's Green Revolution was a means of men…...
What country does NOT have a stable government in South Asia?
Stilt fishing in South Asia is a means of men…...
Which cultural institution guides the moral and social life of the people of S. Asia?
A baby weighs 5 pounds when she is born, how many ounces does the baby weigh?
Jordyn sleeps 7 hours a night for 5 nights in a row, what is Jordyn's total amount of sleep over the five days?
Brad's coffee table measures 48 inches, how many feet is the table?
Asharia and Leah ran 2 miles, how many feet did the girls run?
The length of one side of the living room is 5ft, how many inches is this side of the living room?
During the early 1800’s, which was a major influence on the struggle for political independence in Latin America?
Toussaint L’Ouverture was a famous Latin American revolutionary who
In which region of the world did the American Revolution and the French Revolution have the greatest influence during the 1800’s?
Simon Bolivar and José de San Martín, leaders of Latin American independence movements, were inspired by successful revolutions in
Simón Bolívar, José de San Martín, and Toussaint l’Ouverture are important in Latin America because they were
• Parliament offered the throne to King William and Queen Mary. • Catholic King James II fled England for France. • Parliament agreed to joint rule with the monarch. These events are most closely associated with the
A study of revolutions would most likely lead to the conclusion that a pre-Revolutionary government
The leader of France during the Reign of Terror was
Napoleon was finally defeated by Russia and its allies at
At the Congress of Vienna (1815), the governments of Europe reacted to the French Revolution and the rule of Napoleon by attempting to
Which factors protected Russia from control by Napoleon’s army?
Before the French Revolution, the people of France were divided into three estates based mainly on their
What was a major cause of the French Revolution?
Who was the man whose ideas and aims dominated the Congress of Vienna?
a tree that keeps its leaves or needles all year long
native to a place
a forest found in a temperate zone that receives large amounts of rain
an animal that spends part of it's life in water and part on land
a cone bearing tree that has needles instead of leaves and stays green all year
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
How did Kepler describe the earth's orbit?
What are the small bodies which become planets called?
How does Jupiter compare to the earth?
Describe the inner planets.
Describe the outer planets?
Where can asteroids be found?
At which point in their orbits are planets moving the fastest?
Planets in order from the sun
Kepler's description of the solar system included
What is no longer considered a planet?
Tides are
When do high tides occur?
Tides are caused by
Why does the moon have a greater effect on tides than the sun?
Which is correct?
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