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Which example describes an abiotic factor that could impact the diversity of an ecosystem?
Kudzu, a vine covering many acres of North Carolina, was introduced to the United States to control erosion. Scientisit found that kudzu creates problems by growing rapidly and preventing other plants from getting sunlight. Which best describes kudzu
Which could most likely have a lasting negative impact on the biodiversity of an area?
How could the exponential growth of the human population impact regions throughout the world?
Which best describes the relationship between carrying capacity and Earth's resources?
A relationship in which there is a constant rate of change between two variables. It can be represented by a straight-line graph and by an equation of the form y=mx+b. In the equation, m is the slope of the line, and b is the y-intercept.
One of the two variables in a relationship. Its value depends upon or is determined by the other variable.
One of the two variables in a relationship. Its value determines the value of the other variable.
A number that is multiplied by a variable in an equation or expression.
The value or values of the variables that make an equation true.
The point where the graph crosses the y-axis. In a linear equation of the form y=mx+b, the this is the constant, b.
The point where a graph crosses the x-axis.
Expressions that represent the same quantity.
For all real numbers a, b, and c: Addition: If a = b, then a + c = b + c. Subtraction: If a = b, then a - c = b - c. Multiplication: If a = b, thena • c = b • c. Division: If a = b and c ≠ 0, then a/c = b/c .
A statement that two quantities are not equal. The symbols , , ≥, and ≤ are used to express.
The point where two lines cross.
The number that expresses the steepness of a line. In a linear equation of the form y=mx+b, the this is the coefficient, m. This is the ratio of the vertical change to the horizontal change between any two points on the line.
HOw do you calculate the Mean Absolute Deviation?
What are the five values needed to create a Box and Whisker Plot?
How do you find the mean?
How do you
How do you
How do you
How do you
How do you
How do you
the speed and direction of of motion of an object
Distance traveled divided by the time taken to travel the distance
equals the change in velocity divided by the time for the change to take place
tendency of an object to resist change in its motion
A horizontal line on speed-time graph shows ________________.
a measure of how hard it is to stop an object
equals the distance traveled divided by the time it takes to travel the distance
According to the Law of the Conservation of Momentum, when two objects collide with each other ________________________.
How does a solution with a pH of 2 compare to a solution with a pH of 1?
When aqueous solutions of table salt and silver nitrate are mixed, a white solid forms. This solid is ______________.
GDP is the total market value of:
To avoid multiple counting in national income accounts, only:
The largest component of GDP is:
GDP in an economy is $11,050 billion. Consumer expenditures are $7,735 billion, government purchases are $1,989 billion, and gross investment is $1,410 billion. Net exports are:
Gordon James is a person who sells narcotics on the street. This type of illegal activity:
Money spent on the purchase of a new house is included in the GDP as a part of:
If the secular trend of labor productivity is 3 percent per year, the number of years that it will take for the standard of living to double will be about:
A statement that is often used to describe demand-pull inflation is:
Inflation caused by an increase in aggregate spending is referred to as:
The natural rate of unemployment:
Search and wait unemployment is another way to describe:
A worker who loses a job at a call center because business firms switch the call center to another country is an example of:
In calculating the unemployment rate, discouraged workers who are not actively seeking employment are:
In the expansion phase of a business cycle:
A recession is defined as:
The recurrent ups and downs in the level of economic activity extending over several years are a description of:
character that represents an idea used in Chinese writing
a character that stands for an object, such as the moon or the sun
a formal order
a system of appointed officials who run different parts of government
a noble whose wealth comes from the land they own
The Chinese call the Huang He River what because it drowned people and destroyed homes?
China's first rulers were probably from what dynasty?
The first capital of China was s
What dynasty ruled for more years than any other Chinese dynasty in history?
An important trade item during the Zhou dynasty was
This theme of geography gives the position of a place on the earth
Theme of geography that finds commonalities in man-made boundaries
How goods and service get from here to there
Theme of geography that shows the way people change what is around them or how it changes them
Theme of geography describes the physical characteristics
Theme of geography includes how create the idea of a commonality
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Vibrations in the earth caused by the sudden movement of rock are called -
The elastic rebound theory states that, as a rock becomes strained, it first -
The point along a fault where an earthquake begins is called the -
The point on the surface directly above the point where an earthquake begins is called the
A characteristic of earthquakes that causes the most damage is -
Most severe earth quakes occur
The boundary of a Pacific plate scrapes against that of the North American Plate and forms -
P waves travel through
S waves cannot pass through -
L waves cause -
By analyzing the difference in the time it takes for P and S waves to arrive at a seismograph station, scientists can determine an earthquake's -
The Richter scale expresses an earthquake's
Most injuries during earthquakes are caused by -
A large seismic sea wave is called -
If an earthquake strikes while you are in a car, you should
The stae of balance between the thickness of the curst and the depth at which it floats on the asthenosphere is called
Isostatic adjustment causes -
Which on of the following is not an earthquakes safety tip?
Seismic gaps are -
Tsunamis are cuases by -
When air is moving, we call it
What is the amount of mass in a known volume of an object or substance
Air pressure pushing down that is higher than the surrounding air is called
What type of air sinks to the ground?
Warm air takes up ______________ space than cold air.
________ air rises
Cold air is _________ than warm air.
Air pressure pushing down on that is lower than the surrounding air is called?
What is another name for cold front?
What is the leading edge of a moving mass from warm air?
This is our body\'s main source of energy.
Which food group should we eat the MOST servings of?
Protein is used in our body to:
Which type of grains are the healthiest?
This is the mineral that we get from dairy products that help build strong bone.
This nutrient is essential to cell function and we can only live a few days without it.
We get most of our daily requirement of vitamins, minerals, and fiber from these 2 groups.
This nutrient is stored in our body for reserve energy and insulates & protects our organs.
Which food group is our best source of protein?
Which of the following is NOT listed on a food\'s Nutrition Label?
What word means \
What word means \
What word means \
What word means \
What word means \
What word means \
What word means \
What word means \
What word means \
What word means \
The ability of oxygen to combine with hydrogen
Density equals
Volume is measured in
A grape is 15 g, round, smooth and purple. This is an example of a ____property
Molecules can move freely and fill whatever container they are put into.
The height of the Mentos fountain was an example of a ______variable.
Mrs. P enters the room carrying an umbrella. You think it must be raining outside. This is an example of a (n)
If an object is more dense than water it will______
A science textbook has a volume of 5 cubic cm and a mass of 15 kg. What is it's density?
To change a solid to a liquid, you need to _____
Which is a definition for matter?
Mass is measured using
If we want to measure liters of volume we use
Intermolecular forces are the forces that
Which has the most energy associated with its particles (most movement)
A solid has defined _________ and __________.
In this phase of matter, the particles are extremely excited and move rapidly
The phases of matter are physical or chemical descriptions
As thermal energy is added to a system, it is considered to be:
Condensation occurs when
This particle found in the nucleus of an atom has a positive charge.
What is a substance composed of one type of atom that cannot be chemically separated?
These are negatively charged particles that surround the nucleus of an atom.
What is the smallest particle of an element that has the chemical properties of that element?
What is a combination of atoms chemically bonded together?
This particle is found in the nucleus of an atom and has a neutral or no charge.
What is the center of an atom called?
Atoms are made of mostly what?
The symbols for elements come from the english language or what other language?
What does atom mean in Greek?
An organelle that contains the cell's DNA
The part of the cell that keeps the cytoplasm inside and controls materials going in and out of the cell
Organelles that recycle worn out material
An organelle that functions as the main power source of a cell, breaking down sugar to produce energy
The organelle that packages and transports proteins elsewhere in and out of the cell
Organelles that make proteins
A system of folded membranes that function as the internal delivery system of a cell
Energy released by a cell's mitochondria is stored in
Structures that are usually surrounded by membranes and which perform specific functions within the cell are
Ribosomes, the organelles that make proteins, are found on the membranes of the
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that all organisms share?
What molecule is the major energy carrier in the cell?
Which of the following reproduces through asexual reproduction?
Maintaining stable internal conditions is called
What happens when organisms reproduce?
What is passing genetic traits from parents to offspring called?
Which of the following is NOT a basic need of most organisms?
What do most of the chemical reactions involved in metabolism require?
A kind of reproduction in which an offspring shares characteristics of two parents
A kind of reproduction in which an offspring is identical to its parent
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Definition: to come out
Definition: foreign
Definition: thrifty
Defintion: acting without planning
Definition: unconcerned with
Definition: giving in
Definition: generous
Definition: ordinary
Definition: well-known
The definition of allusion is...
The definition of altruistic is...
The definition of appease is...
The definition of arbitrary is...
The definition of assail is...
The definition of banal is...
The definition of euphemism is...
The definition of mercenary is...
The definition of syndrome is...
The definition of taint is...
Definition: a hint about
Definition: unselfish
Definition: to calm
Definition: impulsive
Definition: to attack
Definition: unoriginal
Definition: a term that doesn't offend
Definition: greedy
Definition: a group of symptoms
Definition: to damage
What is the atomic mass of lithium?
What is the molecular mass of CO2?
What is the molecular mass of sugar, C12H22O11
How many mols are 35 grams of potassium?
626 grams of calcium carbonate is how many mols?
How many mols is 3.0 x 10^23 atoms of silver?
How many grams is 3.0 x 10^23 atoms of gold?
How many atoms of oxygen are in one formula unit of Al(C2H3O2)3?
What is the formula mass (molecular mass) of Al(C2H3O2)3?
What is the mass of 1 formula unit (molecule) of Pb(NO3)2?
What is the formula mass (molecular mass) of barium chloride?
308 grams of carbon dioxide would equal how many mols?
How many atoms are in 4.2 grams of zinc?
What mass would 7.1 x 10^24 molecules of CO2 weigh?
44.8 Liters of CO2, measured at STP, would have what mass?
The materials that affect the transfer of thermal energy are..
A ______________ does not allow energy to transfer easily.
A ____________ does allow energy to transfer easily.
___________ is a good insulator.
___________ is another good insulator.
__________ is a good conductor.
_______ is another good conductor.
Good insulators have __________.
Tin foil can __________ the light off the surface.
Adding more bubble wrap, foam, and felt can keep more air trapped inside.
Which statement describes the motion of Earth around the sun?
If it is the summer in the northern hemisphere, which statement is true?
How does a straight alignment between Earth, the Sun, and the moon impact the tides on Earth?
Which describes the difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion?
How does heat from the sun get to Earth?
why do green plants require solar energy?
Which structure can form as a result of a divergent plate boundary?
Which would produce the most severe earthquake damage along the surface of Earth?
Scientist are studying a graph showing the time difference between the seismic P-waves and the seismic S-waves as they travel through Earth. Which information can they learn from the graph?
Which agent of erosion leads to the formation of sand dunes?
How can water be an agent for physical weathering?
Which is the Most Likely a prevention strategy for flooding?
How could the removal of trees and other vegetation impact an enviroment?
Large quantities of sand can be added to the beach to stabilize to shoreline. Which describes a disadvantage of this process.
Which is an advantage of safely using uranium as an energy source rater than using coal?
Which results from the unequal heating of the ocean water of Earth?
Why are ocean currents important to coastal regions?
Which is formed when a section of impermeable rock forces groundwater to move laterally and emerge onto the surface of Earth?
How could a long-term decrease in precipitation impact an area?
Which consequence could an exponentially growing human population have on drinkable water?
Any story, fiction or non-fiction, that tells about something that happened is a/n ...
The story genre that tells about magic or impossible places is ...
The story genre that is exciting and tells about facing danger is ...
Any long fiction story is a ...
If a story's setting in the future or on another plant, it is probably ...
A fiction story that is told in words and pictures is a ...
A story that a cultural group has told for many years is a ...
A non-fiction story that tells about things that really happened is ...
A serious story, short or long, non-fiction, is a ...
A story that tries to scare and disgust you is an example of ...
Where does all the electricity we use come from?
Which important force includes both electricity and magnetism?
Lightning is an example of _____.
Which kind of atom has an electrical charge?
What are amps, volts, and watts?
Why does a lamp stop working if its power cord comes loose?
What kind of material do people use to send electricity to a computer, and why?
How can you tell that magnetism and electricity are very closely related?
Which of the following could be an electrical safety problem?
If you wanted to use one magnet to pick up another magnet, what should you do?
To make a neutral atom have a positive charge, it would have to
Answers by Educators Question Database
Compounds like fats and oils that store energy
Compounds to which carbohydrates and lipids transfer their energy
Small molecules that make up proteins
A molecule that contains all the information a cell needs to make protein
The sum of all of an organism's chemical processes
Compounds that spider webs and hair are made from
Organisms that eat plants
Organisms that feed on decaying organisms
Organisms that make their own food
Approximately how much of the human body is water?
What does the force of gravity affect most?
What property of a solid object would you measure using the displacement of water method?
What is the metric unit for weight?
Mass, size, and color are examples of _______________________?
To find the __________________ of a rectanglular-shaped object, multiply length, width, and height.
A balance measures the _________________ of an object.
A graduated cylinder measures the volume of __________________________.
A method of measuring the volume of an irregularly shaped object is ______________________ of water.
To find _______________, divide mass by volume.
Matter with a density greater than water will __________________.
Matter with a density that is less than water will ____________________.
What is the density of an object the has a mass of 35g and a volume of 15 mL
Property is
Weight is
Meniscus is
Density is
What is the equation for finding density?
A bar of gold has the denisty of 19.3 g/cm3, if you cut the bar in half what is the density of the bar be now?
What is the density of water?
Inherited traits are the result of
What happens during sexual reproduction?
An allele that is expressed even if only one copy is present in a genotype is a
Dwarf pea plants (tt) are crossed with pea plants of regular height (TT). Which of these describes the first generation plants?
A Punnett square is a representation of how
A parent has one dominant allele for tall (T) and one for short (t). The other parent has a tt genotype. What is the probability of the offspring's being tall?
What are the chances that a human offspring will have an XY genotype?
A 2n human cell has 46 chromosomes. How many chromosomes does a male gamete have?
During meiosis, cells divide
Which of the following occurs in meiosis that does NOT occur in mitosis?
An area formed at the mouth of a river by deposits of silt
Female pharaoh in ancient Egypt, known for encouraging trade
A highly structured organization managed by officials
The belief in one god
Rocky structures in a river marked by fast currents or a waterfall
Ruler of ancient Egypt
A government ruled by religious leaders who claim God's authority
First pharaoh of Egypt, he united Upper and Lower Egypt
Paperlike material made from a plant that grows in the Nile River delta
Pharaoh of Egypt, he built more temples and monuments than any other pharaoh
Which feature makes corrections automatically?
How do you choose formatting of pasted text?
What is a synonym?
To find a similar word with which to replace one in your document, which tool should you use?
How many items can the Office Clipboard hold at one time?
How do you activate the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands?
You can copy data between two documents to save time to retype the text.
When a date or time field is updated, the formatting is maintained by default.
Title case changes the selected text so that only the first letter of the first word is capitalized.
After you choose the Paste command, position the insertion point where you want the text located.
You can update a date or tiem by pressing the ___________ key.
________________ refers to the capitalization style of text.
The __________________ command removes the selected text from its current location.
Which menu contains the Change Case command?
Which of the following reverses the last undo action?
The _________________ is used to go back and forth between open documents.
______________________command reverses actions in sequential order.
Which of the following features allows you to replace words with their synonyms?
Which of the following corrects errors as you type them?
What is the keyboard shorcut for undo?
What kind of weather would a cyclone bring?
How does a cold front form?
Which of the following describes an air mass with the symbol mP?
A continental tropical air mass forms in
How do winds behave in an anticyclone?
Cyclones occur in areas of
What kind of weather would a stationary front bring?
Which of the following describes an air mass with the symbol cT?
How does a stationary front form?
What is a large body of air where temperature and moisture content are consistent throughout?
What is the number of child poverty in the uk?
Which charity in the uk is against child cruelty?
Why has this girl got scars on her face?
Which was/is the the most vital year for child poverty?
What is the number for the NSPCC?
What is the name of the event that comic relief do every 2 years?
On red nose day what do you do?
What is the slogan for the NSPCC?
Which town in the uk has the most Child Poverty?
Could there be Child Cruelty happening to someone very close to us?
The space surrounding the nucleus of an atom contains
Which one the following makes up a molecule of water?
When salt is dissolved in water, water is the
A substance with a pH of 6 is called
The three particles that make up an atom are
The nucleus is makde of
A covalent bond is formed as the result of
A soloution is a(an)
Suspensions are mixtures
Which of the following terms describes a substance formed by the combination of two or more elements in definite proportions?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which word from the following sentence is the subject? I hit the ball with the bat as hard as I could.
Which BEST fills in the blank? Our class stood and ____ the national anthem.
Which best combines the two sentences? Recess is my favorite part of the day. When it rains, we have to stay inside.
Which word is spelled correctly?
The city where democracy was born.
Democracy came to an end in Athens after these people conquered Greece.
This was usually a harsh leader.
This meeting was a chance for all citizens to debate on laws.
This is the type of government the U.S. has.
He is known as the father of democracy.
Government by a few- usually aristocrats is called...
Which is the one that does NOT describe a direct democracy (Athens' government)?
What is the correct order of Athens' governments?
Which one is correct with who ruled and who had the power?
Did you know that ________ state insect is the honeybee?
Which phrase from the following sentence appeals to the reader's sense of smell? As Ricardo walked under the tall trees, the air was sweet and the shade under the rustling leaves cool.
Which of the following sentences contains an error (mistake)?
'Miss Throgbottom!' Matilda cried, _______ up and down.
Which would be a good supporting sentence for the following topic sentence? I've never much cared for strawberry shake.
What change should be made to the following sentence? Hundreds of boys was shrieking their heads off.
Which sentence contains an error (mistake)?
Sean's teacher has asked him to write a report on a famous inventor. Which of the following would be the BEST place to find our who invented electricity?
Which chapter should you look in to find the average temperature on Mars?
Which word from the following sentence is the subject? Theresa played frisbee with her dog, Max.
'A little squirt called Ollie Bogwhistle _______ at my yesterday! cried Sally.
Which word should be capitalized? I asked aunt Lori to drive me to the library in Atlanta.
Whenever Wanda ____ over to my house, she drinks all of my diet soda.
Jared finished his chores more ______ than his brother did.
The boy ______ around the bump so he wouldn't lose control of his bike.
Which is a run-on sentence?
Evan is reading a book titled 'All About the Guitar'. Which of these would MOST quickly tell him what the term fretboard means?
Which group of words is a sentence fragment?
Where should a comma be placed in the following sentence? Charlene offered us lemonade iced tea, or milk.
That thin piece of wood ____if you leave it in the sun too long.
SI units are useful because they are all related by multiples of
Which of the following visual displays would be best for describing the percentages of different gases in the atmosphere?
How many atoms of calcium are in a unit of calcium phosphate whose formula is Ca3(PO4)2
When Rutherford performed his metal foil experiment, he was surprised that most of the alpha particles ____________.
Vegetable soup is an example of a _______________.
When someone stirs cocoa powder into hot water or hot milk, the cocoa changes from a _________________.
A cork is able to float on water because it is ____________.
Some elements are unlikely to lose or gain electrons, but share electrons to form covalent bonds. Which of the following elements is most likely to form covalent bonds?
What is the name given to the units that make up covalently bonded compounds?
Which of the following conditions would likely cause the activation energy to be high?
A basic sample has a pH range ______________.
The atmosphere of Earth is an example of a _____________ solution.
Which of the following mixtures is NOT an example of a substance?
When a hydroxyl group is substituted for a hydrogen atom in a hydrocarbon, what type of molecule results?
Organic compounds
When both -NH2 and -COOH replace hydrogen atoms on the same carbon atom, a(n) _____________ is formed.
Which of the following factors does NOT explain why carbon can form so many compounds?
Which of the following functions is NOT a role of proteins in the body?
When amino acids are linked together, the molecule formed is a
All organic compounds contain ______________.
choose your own religion
vote for a new government at least every 5 years
free from discrimination
move anywhere within Canada
free from unreasonable search and seizure
Requiring an interpreter in court for an accused who is deaf is an example of
What is part of Canada's highest law?
Which group was NOT in interment camps in Canada?
Which group does NOT get collective rights?
Which treaty is NOT in Alberta?
What was the original goal of the Indian Act?
When can an official language minority group get a publicly funded school?
Which group has the only agreement of its kind in Canada?
When did the last Indian Residential School close?
What was the name of the documentary we watched?
Who held the real power in Japan during the Samurai Period?
Which is the right order - top to bottom?
In exchange for their service, what did the samurai expect in return from the daimyo?
Before a battle, samurai announced their names to the other side.
To become fully prepared, samurai believed one must develop this sense.
Which of these could be the second line of a haiku?
Who was Matsuo Basho?
Which is the best description of a Japanese tearoom?
Which type of Buddhism including repeating a word many, many times?
Which type of Buddhism featured simple rock gardens?
Evaluate: 8x-x^4 when x =3
Tell the domain and range of the relation: (2,3), (0,3), (4,2), (5,6)
For the function f(x)=3-1.2x and the restricted domain (-2,2,6,8), what is the range?
Find the slope of the line through (9, 4) and (0, 5)
The band is holding a car washt o raise money for its spring trip. For every car washed the band makes $3. What is the range of this function for the first 6 cars?
Which ordered pair is a solution to the equation y= 2 - x?
Solve the inequality: -3x less than 12
Solve: 8x greater than or equal to -160
James bought a plan that was 3 inches tall. Each week the plant grew 2 inches. Define the rate of change in this situation.
At Yankee Candle four candles and three votives sell for $34. For two candles and one votive, the cost is $16. Choose a system of equations to find the costs of votives and candles.
The definition of elaborate is...
The definition of emerge is...
The definition of exotic is...
The definition of frugal is...
The definition of impulsive is...
The definition of indifferent is...
The definition of indulgent is...
The definition of liberal is...
The definition of mediocre is...
The definition of notable is...
Definition: detailed
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the name given to the conversion of glucose to pyruvate?
How many ATP molecules are required to start respiration?
which of the following is true?
What is the name of the four carbon molecule important in the krebs cycle?
What is the name of the unstable 6 carbon compound in the krebs cycle?
During which stage of respiration is oxygen used?
What is oxygen used for in respiration?
Where in the cell does aerobic respiration occur?
In total how many ATP molecules are estimated to be made during respiration?
In a test for RQ a result of 1.2 was achieved what is the most explaination?
Which of the following is true about rocks?
What is a naturally occuring, solid mass of mineral or mineral like matter?
Which of the following is not considered a rock?
Which of the following is NOT one of three types of rocks?
The three groups of rocks are classified by
What type of rock should occur in the part of the rock cycle between magma and sedimentary rock? (see pg 67)
What process of processes would be occuring in the part of the rock cylce between sediment and sedimentary rock? (see page 67)
What type of rock should occur in the part of the rock cycle after sediment? (see page 67)
If granite undergoes high temperatures and high pressures deep within the earth, what type of rock will be formed? (assume that the granite does not melt)
All of the energy that drives the Earth's rock cycle come from
What type of rocks are formed by processes powered by the Sun?
Where is the energy source found that drives the processes that form igneous and metamorphic rocks?
A rock that forms when magma hardens beneath Earth's surface is called an
Which of the following is an example of an extrusive igneous rock?
A rock that forms from cooling lava is classified as an
When large masses of magma solidify far below the Earth's surface, they form igneous rocks that have a
The igneous rock texture that is characterized by two distinctly different crystal sizes is called
Lava that cools so quickly that ions do not have time to arrange themselves into crystals will form igneous tocks with a
As the rate of cooling of igneous rocks increases, the size of the crystals that form
Igneous rocks that crystallize from magma and are composed almost entirely of quartz and feldspar have a(n)
What type of composition does an igneous rock have that contains mostly plagioclase feldspar and about 30% dark silicate minerals
Why can 2 igneous rocks have the same minerals but different names?
A conglomerate is a rock that forms as a result of
Which of the following represents the correct order of the processes involved in sedimentary rock formations?
Which sedimentary rock would most likely be deposited in a very high energy stream?
Which of the following is responsible for the formation of rock gypsum? (use chart of pg 74)
What type of rock is composed of very fine crystalline quartz
A course grained rock with angular fragments would be a (use chart of pg 74)
A clastic sedimentary rock with particles that are 1.5mm in diameter would be classified as (use chart of pg 74)
What type of sedimntary rock is formed from weathered particles of rocks and minerals?
Which of the following is a use for fossils found in sedimentary rocks
Fossils are only found in
Sedimentary rocks with ripple marks suggest that the rocks formed
Most metamorphic processes take place
Which of the following metamorphic rocks would most likely have formed at the highest temerature and pressures?
In which of the following settings would a metamorphic rock most likely form
The primary agent of contact metamorphisms is
Most of the heat form contact metamorphism is supplied by
What rock forming process occurs when hot magma forces its way into rock?
Which of the following is NOT an agent of metamorphism?
Which agent of metamorphism can cause the overall composition of the rock to change?
Which of the following changes may occur during metamorphism?
A foliated metamorphic rock forms when crystals
Which of the following metamorphic rock has a non foliated texture
A metamorphic rock can be classified according to its
The foliated metamorphic rock that forms when the sedimentary rock shale is subjected to relatively low temperature and pressue is
On the test you will be asked - What is a rock?. To study you should
On the test, you will be asked - What are the 3 types of rocks?, to study you should
In the test, you will be asked - What are fossils and why are they useful?, to study you should
On the test you will have to answer one of the following questions: 1. Explian the rock cycle and how an igneous changes to sedeminatary, then metamorphic and back to igneous rock.\
Weathered materials are eroded by the action of _______________.
Rivers are classified as young, mature, and old. What are their qualities?
How does a glacier form?
What is deflation?
What is abrasion?
What is deposition?
What are the four forms of mass movement or when gravity pulls rocks or soil down a slope?
How does a glacier erode a mountain?
Why is mass movement more common on a steep slope than on a flat field?
An alluvial fan is an example of ___________________ depositon.
Bessemer process
What did Thomas Edison invent?
What is a patent?
Alexander Bell
Pullman Car
Who invented the glider?
What two common products come from refined oil?
Gilded means:
What is a corporation?
What is an investor
To stop one from doing something; prevent
to get in the way of; hinder
To fill up from within; to spread throughout
To confuse and frustrate
Name the cell that needs energy to sustain life.
Which type of cell has organelles?
Name the cell that has cell walls.
The fats, oils, and waxes found in living things are known as:
What do cells use as a source of energy and for energy storage?
Leaf cells use chlorophyll to absorb
The cells of a redwood tree require oxygen for the process of
In fermentation, cells release energy without
Both a whale and a seaweed use which of the following to change glucose into energy?
The movement of materials across a cell membrane, requiring energy, is called
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Simplify 3x-5-x
Simplify: 4x - 5y + x + 7y
Evaluate -2(x+3y) for x=3 and y= -4
Solve: 15x = -2
Solve: 20 -3x = 26
Solve: 8x + 2x + 6 - 3x = 20
Solve: 3(5x - 10) = 3x + 12
Simplify: -(5 - 2x + y)
Which equation represents two pounds of nuts which cost x dollars a pound, and four pounds of chocolates which cost $3.
solve 3/12 = 2/(y=6)
Organisms that can convert energy from the sun into living tissue are called
In the biosphere, energy flows through
The percentage of energy that can flow from one trophic level to the next is about
All of the organisms in an ecosystem are linked together into complex networks based on who eats whom, called
Animals that eat only other animals are called
Organisms such as bacteria and fungi, which breakdown dead tissue and release nutrients are known as
When an ecosystem is limited by a single nutrient that is either scarce or cycles very slowly, this substance is called a (an)
What is a population?
The largest number of individuals that can be supported by a given environment is called the
A Density-dependent limiting factor
gloss, glot
glu, glo
grad, gress
graph, gram
a savior sent by God
a follower of a person or belief
a person willing to die for a cause
to treat someone cruelly
the last half of the Bible that talks about Jesus
the head of the Roman Catholic Church
a religious leader that speaks to God
an area in a desert with water
the sacred text of Islam
a building for worship in Islam
a Muslim religious leader in a mosque
a month-long religious holiday in Islam with fasting
Muhammad is the ______________ prophet in Islam
Jesus is the __________________ in Christianity
Muslims follow the _____ Pillars of Islam
Christians follow the ____ Commandments
It crunched between my teeth.
I was coming home through a howling dust storm...
They wrapped my baby brother in a blanket...
... a thousand things I haven't looked at in years.
The blossom opened at midnight, big as a dinner plate.
when the flower, touched by the first finger of morning light
Until the wind took it, lifting it up and carrying it away...
...sorrow climbs up our front steps, big as Texas, and we didn't even see it coming...
...empty but for a few withered stalks like the tufts on an old man's head.
Ma made a rope of fire.
The distance between the line of origin to the top of the wave
distance between two corresponding spots on a wave
Waves that travel at the same speed as light, but have different wavelengths and  frequencies make up the—
The bending of a wave as it travels from one medium to another and as a result  changes speed
describes the number of waves that pass a certain point in a given amount  of time
 interaction of waves combining and producing a wave with a lower amplitude 
 interaction of waves combining and producing a wave with a higher amplitude 
bouncing back of a wave when it hits a surface through which it can NOT pass
lowest part of a wave
Sound is a type of
Objects do not produce sound when they
Mechanical waves can travel through all of the following EXCEPT
When a wave moves parallel to the direction that the wave travels, it is  a —
The material through which a wave travels 
The ability of an object to vibrate by absorbing vibrating energy of its own natural  frequency from another object
Which word from the following sentence is the subject? My grandmother gave me a kiss on the cheek.
Which BEST fills in the blank? My brother _____ the ball and scored the winning touchdown at the end of last night's game.
John is reading a book about the ocean. Where should he look to see who wrote the book?
What is the purpose of the following sentence? I hope to learn to ride a horse someday.
Tara is doing a paper on the Pony Express. If she wants to know more about how the Pony Express began, what topic should she look under?
The research assignment for a class is to report on a favorite person in history. What is the FIRST thing a student should do?
Which pronoun would BEST replace 'my friend'? MY FRIEND went to the movies and then stopped for a bite to eat.
What is the correct way to write the following book title?
What change should be made to the following sentence? There were a lot of snow on the ground last spring, even in April.
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word should be capitalized in the following sentence? Will great Aunt Hilda call us when she arrives at the airport?
Which pronoun replaces 'the book that belongs to me'? I'll give you the book that belongs to you and you give me the book that belongs to me.
Which BEST fills in the blank? For his birthday next week, I ___ my brother a Braves cup.
Where should a semicolon (;) be added? After the Superglue incident, there was calm in the Wormwood household no one said a word.
Which sentence below is a run-on?
What pronoun takes the place of 'my sisters and me' ? The audience gave my sisters and me a round of applause.
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Most of the growth in your body occurs because your cells
The stage in a cell's life when it is not in the process of dividing is called
What material in the cell makes up chromosomes?
What ratio increases when a cell divdies into two smaller cells?
The process of cytokinesis results in
A cell's chromosomes must be duplicated before mitosis occurs so that
Binary fission differs from mitosis because the new cells
If a starfish is cut in half, it can regrow its missing body through
Which is an example of reproduction?
Which sequence is correct for mitosis?
Genes are sequences of DNA, which are made up of
What happens during replication?
which base is found only in RNA?
The main function of tRNA in protein synthesis is to
Proteins are made up of a sequence of
Mutations are changes in
Which is a known cause of genetic mutations?
A pedigree shows
The main goalo of the Human Genome Project was to
Genetic engineering involves
People who are qualified to vote
Opposed to change, keeping the same view
Broad-minded, open to change
Groups into which people are aligned by their views on public issues/questions
Working to bring about a desired result such as the election of a person to an office
Political concerns/questons
Naming a person to run for office
Particular doctrines/information spread through a particular group which may or may not be true
Radio, television, computers, newspaper, magazines
J.D. Rockefeller
Andrew Carnegie
The workplace was unsafe for all of the following but
The average immigrant apartment
An ethnic community is
Most immigrants learned English by
Ellis Island was
Since business owners were rich they paid the workers a fair wage
The wealthy did not give their money to any cause
Exclusion is the act of keepng a person or group out
Beryl Stapleton
Stanger of the moor
Mr. James Desmond
Laura Lyons
Mr. Frankland
Eliza Barrymore
There's a light in a woman's eyes that speaks louder than words
Her story got about, and several of the people here did something to enable her to earn an honest living
Go back! Go straight back to London, instantly
To rake this up couldn't help our poor master, and it's well to go carefully when there's a lady in the case
Bear in mind, Sir Henry, one of the phrases in that queer old legend...avoid the moor in those hours
It was the window, sir. I go round at night to see that they are all fastened
For God's sake put such an idea out of your mind. Your blood would be upon my head...There would
My unhappy brother is starving on the moor. We cannot let him perish at our very gates
The first impression of Baskerville Hall could be described as
The circular dwellings found on the moor which were identified by Stapleton were built by
Before coming to the moor, Stapleton's occupation was that of a
The most notable difference between Beryl Stapleton and her brother is that
Chapter eight is known as an "epistolary" chapter. This means that the chapter
The dining room of Baskerville Hall is filled with
Barrymore begs Watson and Sir Henry not to notify the police that Selden is still on the moor. Why?
By the end of chaptr 10, Dr. Watson has ruled out the Barrymores as suspects
Stapleton's hobby is studying skills
The stranger on the moor received his food from a lad who worked for him
A(n) __________ is an animal's role or job in its ecosystem.
A lion is a(n) __________ because it eats other animals.
A bear eats berries and fish, so it is a(n) __________.
A bunny eats plants, so it is a(n) __________.
A(n) __________ serves the important role of breaking down dead organisms and returning nutrients to the soil.
A(n) __________ always starts the food chain.
An animal is a(n) __________ because it must eat to obtain energy.
A(n) __________ is several food chains connected together.
A(n) __________ shows how energy is passed from one organism to another.
Termites, worms, fungi, ants and bacteria are all __________.
Why would an usher worry?
Why would a vendor worry?
Why would someone who administers worry?
Which example best describes the word monitor?
Which of the following describes someone who is resourceful?
If you are the ultimate at something, you are:
Which of the following is an example of a confirmation?
Which of the following does NOT describe something formal?
I know that schedule because it is alot like mine last year. I am ___ with it.
If you are extremely knowledgeable, you are...
The story A Dangerous Game is mostly about-
The story A Christmas Memory is mostly about-
The story Marigolds is mostly about-
The story Interlopers is mostly about-
The "all knowing" narrator is
The overall style and use of language that identifies an author is-
When an author tells a story from a he/she perspective of one character it is called-
When a story is narrated from an "I" perspective it is called-
The attitude an author takes toward a person, subject, or idea is called-
A device authors use to set the mood and atmosphere of a setting is-
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How much credit do you lose each day an assignment is late?
How much do extra copies cost?
When can I re-take tests/quizzes?
What PRIDE point am I likely to lose if I am not starting my science starters right away?
What PRIDE point am I likely to lose if I do not have my Chromebook in class?
If I have a warning for the day, what else will happen to me?
Which of the following is NOT considered an assessment grade?
Which of the following IS a required material for class?
How many bathroom passes do I get for free?
What do I need to complete with Weird Science Vids?
Un animal negro y blanco que huele mal
¿Qué usas cuando tienes frío en tu casa?
Un gato salvaje
¿Cuál animal no es un pájaro?
¿Dónde pones la cabeza cuando duermes?
una tormenta tropical
donde caminas en el bosque
lo que pasa al sol a las cuatro y media de la tarde
una actividad en el agua en que necesitas un bote, no estás debajo del agua
un animal verde que camina lentamente
lo que necesitas para comer comida de una lata
lo que necesitas con fósforos para hacer un fuego
cuando llueve mucho por poco tiempo
un tipo grande de serpiente
un lugar para animales para preservarlos
All of the following are reasons the Germans, Portuguese, and other Europeans established colonies in Africa EXCEPT:
What disease is spread by mosquitoes and is very common in Central Africa?
Which of the following people helped bring an end to apartheid in South Africa?
Which of the following statements about Lake Victoria is accurate?
Which of the following East African nations gained its independence in 2011?
The vast majority of Egyptians live within 12 miles of what vital water source?
Which of the following correctly identifies a stage of the Triangular Trade?
Political boundaries drawn by European colonizers
Which ancient West African city was an important trading post that later became a center for Islamic culture?
What do ships use to avoid sailing around Southern Africa?
Which of the following was NOT a feature of Ancient Egyptian civilization?
In a theocracy, the government is run by
Griots contributed to West African societies by
Which health issue has a higher rate in Southern Africa than in any other region in Africa?
How does trade benefit countries in Africa?
What is the dominant ecosystem in North Africa?
Why was salt such an important trade good in West Africa?
Which of the following shows the major West African trading kingdoms in correct chronological order?
How do Muslims in North Africa observe Ramadan?
What is the name given to the belief that one’s own culture is superior to any other culture?
short story
Flat character
Round character
Static character
Dynamic Character
Stock character
La cena
Which side of the mountain receives more precipitation?
What are two solutions and two effects of global warming?
Which climate region has extreme temperatures, changing weather (hot humid summers and cold winters)?
Organisms's ancestors need a climate ____________ to our climate of today.
The climates where precipitation is less than evaporation is called what?
Which climate has cold winters?
What makes temperatures of nearby land more extreme?
Prevailing winds and mountains both affect an area's what?
The number of sunspots on the sun may affect what?
What is global warming?
The leeward side of the mountain is what?
The tundra climate contains what?
The sun's rays at the poles are what?
Which gas has increased over the past 200 years?
Changes in Earth's orbit and tilt of the axis is linked to what?
What is based on precipitation and temperature?
What does NOT give us data from past climates?
A continental climate is usually far away from a
Vegetation is also used to classify climates by which system?
A subarctic climate has what kind of seasons?
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Series of related events
problem or struggle in a story
The basic situation, where we are introduced to the caracters and conflicts
struggle that takes place between two characters, a group, or outside force
key scene in the story=intense, terrifying, or exciting moment when emotional involvement is at its greatest
literary device where writers can jump ahead days, years into the future
literary device writers use to show an episode fromt he past
Final part of the story when the struggles are over
hints or clues that suggest what is to come in the story
a struggle that takes place within the character
becoming more distant
removing or lessening suspicions or fears
calm; not disturbed
sudden desire to do something
sticking out
The order in which events unfold in real time-
resolution is sometimes called-
when and where a story takes place
this can affect the way we feel in a story
Words or phrases that tap into our senses
Method an author uses to tell you what a character is like=
When an author tells you what a character is like=
The process of how a writer reveals a character
dry; lacking water to grow plants
poor;poverty stricken
showing desire to ham another
Lizbeth's attack on Miss Lottie could be considered-
accepted; complied with
People who roam in search of loot
great annoyance
replied sharply
friendly end to a quarrel
expressions of sympathy
an example of a preposition is-
an example of a verb is
An example of an adjective is=
An example of an adverb is-
A segment of DNA that codes for RNA and protein is a ______________________.
The first three phases of the life cycle of a cell are called __________________.
What is the process during which the nucleus is divided into two nuclei?
The phase of cell division when the cytoplasm is divided is called ____________.
During which phase of mitosis do chromatids line up along the equator of the dividing cell?
What happens after the C phase (cytokinesis)?
____________ is a group of diseases caused by uncontrolled cell growth.
The network of microtubules that pulls chromatids to the poles as a cell is dividing is called the ______________.
Sister chromatids attach to each other in the region called the ________________.
What is the name of the structure that is only found in a dividing animal cell?
The Big Bang Theory is
A protostar is
Scientists theorize that stars formed
Scientists therorize that heavy elements formed
In a star's theorized life cycle, a supernova occurs when
It is theorized that the solar system
The planets were formed, according to theory
The nebular theory is that
According to nebular theory, Earth and other planets formed due to a process called
The process by which matter became layered according to density during Earth's formation, with heavier matter near the core and lighter material near the crust is called
The more accepted theory of moon's origin is
It is theorized that the atmosphere formed
It is theorized that the oceans formed
Scientists theorize that the formation of the ocean
The most compelling theory that life began in the oceans is
according to theory, that first molcular building blocks of life
Scientists theorize that non living chemicals became life when
abiogenesis is
a ___________ is an organisms that relies on consuming chemical compounds. An _______ is an organisms that can create organic chemicals from inorganic compounds and an external energy source
Oxygen is improtant to life because it allows organisms to use chemical energy more effeciently
The theory of evolution says that modern organisms and their characteristics arose through the process of __________ and _________ over millions of years
Scientis may classify marine environments based on a wide range of physical characteristics, or a combination of physical characteristics
The ________ zone refers to the water portion of the ocean. The _________ zone refers to the bottom
The zone of deep water in the open ocean is the ___________ zone
Shore bottom that is splashed but not submerged is the ____________ zone of the benthic zone
The marine lifestyle that consists of organisms that swim is called
Bottom dwellers are known as _______. They are a subgroup of the _________
The neuston are oranisms that __________. They are a subgroup of _______
The zone between the low tide mark and the edge of the continental shelf
To do well on the upcoming test I should
Which country does not contain any of the Andes Mountains?
Which country contains most of the Amazon River?
Where is the Atacama Desert?
What is the capital of Paraguay?
In South America, are there more countries north of Bolivia, or south of Bolivia?
What is the capital of Ecuador?
Which counrty is not in South America?
How many countries do the Andes Mountains run through?
What is the capital of Brazil?
Of the countries listed below, which one is located the farthest west.
Which of the following is not one of the three branches of U.S. government?
Which branch interprets the laws?
Which branch enforces the laws?
Which branch makes, changes, and repeals the laws?
Who works in the judicial branch?
Who works in the executive branch?
Who works in the legislative branch?
____________ establishes the basic principles of the United States government.
Which national symbol is referred to in the national anthem?
What do the stars stand for on the flag?
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Son las cuatro menos dieciocho
Son las ocho y veinticuatro
What was the primary religion of ancient Persia?
The struggle between good and evil in the universe or in a person's life is know as Cosmic or Moral....?
Adherents of Zoroastrianism who migrated to India are known as...?
What modern country is located in the main portion of the ancient Persian Empire?
Which of the following was NOT a Persian Emperor?
What unique system did the Persians use to get water for use in their cities?
What was the name given to the thouroughfare built to support travel across the Persian Empire
What unique strategy was used by both Darius and Xerxes to invade Greece?
Which was NOT a way that the Persians treated those that they conquered...?
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