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moving slowly
a light weight hat that shields one from the sun
a small body of water that connects to a larger lake, stream, or river
trees that have cones
to examine closely
to cause to float
a small container for water
moving in a skilled or difficult way
a person who knows alot about something
Earth has seasons because
When the north end of Earth's axis is tilted toward the sun, North America will experience
From new moon phase to full moon phase, you see
For a solar eclipse to occur
During what phase of the moon can a lunar eclipse occur?
Tides are caused mainly by
Leap year occurs because
When is Earth farthest from the sun?
What is an equinox
Earth's axis is tilted with respect to earth's orbit at an angle of
During the December solstice
What is the difference between Earth's rotation and revolution?
What causes the distance between Earth and the sun to change during Earth's yearlong orbit
When the northern hemisphere experiences summer, it's
the solstice is
An equinox occurs when __________ is directly above ___________ equator
What does Earth's rotation cause
How many phases of the moon are there
Which phase occurs when the Moon is between Earth and the Sun?
What can only occur during a full moon
Why does the moon appear to be a dark reddish, color during a Lunar Eclipse
when the moon moves between sun and Earth and casts a shadow on earth's surface, there is
which of the following terms would you use to describe the motion of Earth in its orbit around the sun
When the sun's light shines on the north Pole, what season is beginning in the Northern Hemisphere
Which best describes a waxing crescent
In what month is Earth farthest from the sun
a tide with greatest difference between low and high tides is called a
The part of a shadow surrounding the darkest part; creates a partial eclipse
How long does it take for the moon to revolve once around earth
what is it called when the phases of the moon appear to get larger
This current takes sand and other particles from the shore out to sea
Surface currents change directions when they deflect of these
Compared to deep ocean currents, surface currents are
El Nino
These currents move relatively parallel with the shore.
The _____ is the highest part of a wave.
The ______ is the lowest part of a wave.
The greatest tidal ranges occur during
Some areas have unusually warm climates for their latitude, this can be attributed to ____.
The distance from either trough to trough or from crest to crest is called
When waves reach water that is shallower than 1/2 their wavelength, they are in the _____.
To calculate wave speed, you must
When the moon's gravity is pulling ocean water into a bulge, that area is experiencing _____.
The moon is _____ more slowly than the Earth is _______.
This is actually the most destructive part of a hurricane.
El Nino can cause
Deep currents are _______ than surface currents.
Deep currents are _______ than surface currents.
A ship would most likely sail on this type of wave.
Longshore currents transports _______ throughout beach environments.
When a person strikes a match, mechanical energy is converted into what?
This is the source of most of the Earth's energy resources:
The heating of the Earth's surface is called:
The process of warm air rising and turning cooler, then falling is called:
Clouds form on which side of the mountain?
Which is NOT an example of a fossil fuel?
Which is NOT a type of solar radiation?
The Earth absorbs approximately how much of the sun's incoming energy?
A book sitting on top of a desk is an example of which type of energy?
Riding a bike to school is a great way to:
Answers by Educators Question Database
Who is considered the Godfather of Heredity?
Which of the following is not a component of DNA?
If a black rat breeds with a white rat, and all the offspring have grey fur, what kind of trait does this show?
Which is the best definition for allele?
Which is the best definition for heredity?
Which is a benefit to meiosis?
Which type of rock is formed through the melting and cooling of lava and magma?
what are the stages for mitosis in order?
what stage does the cell spend most of its time in?
what is the condensed visible from of a chromatin?
which is not happening during interphase?
The process of what produces haploid cells?
After ______ the zygote develops into a larger organism in sexual reproduction
If a mother has type A blood and a father has type B blood and their children have type AB blood, what type of trait does that show?
what is the best definition of a gene?
Which is true about heat energy?
An independent variable is
In an investigation, what is the control?
What does rebel mean?
What is a Republic?
Who were the Patricians?
Who were the Plebeians?
What is an Alliance?
What is a Senate?
What does Ex Post Facto mean?
What is an Emperor?
Who is a Dictator?
What is Pax Romana?
How does geography play a role in Mexico City’s air pollution problem?
What are the main sources of air pollution in Mexico City?
Which solution to Mexico City’s air pollution problem would be most challenging to businesses?
Which is a problem associated with deforestation?
What is the main crop grown in areas of deforestation?
The world gets about 20 percent of which resource from the Amazon rain forest?
What problem has been caused by oil production in Venezuela?
Why might the Venezuelan government NOT want to stop oil production in the country, even though it causes a lot of pollution?
Who is affected first by carbon dioxide pollution?
Which problem is associated with too much carbon dioxide in the air?
The transfer of heat across a distance is
Heat that is transferred by direct contact is
The movement of heated matter is known as
An ice cube in your hand melts faster than an ice cube on a table due to
A hot air balloon flies due to
A fireplace heats a room by
The sun warms you when you are outside because of
A spoon left in a boiling pot is heated by
THe attic is the hottest room in the house because of
THe only type of heat transfer that occurs in space is
A person realizes that the stove is hot before they touch it due to
A cake bakes in your oven becuase of
The heat of the earth escapes into space by
The ashes from a fire float upward do to
When hot soup is poured into a bowl, the bowl is hot to the touch because of
The hood of a car becomes hot on a summer day due to
The hood of a car that is running at night becomes hot due to
Pancakes cook on a griddle because of
Someone walking barefoot outside burns their feet due to
The asphalt outside in the summer becomes hot because of
A characteristic of a non-polar molecule is:
A characteristic of a polar molecule is:
Separation of a charge around a molecule into a more positive and more negative area is called?
δ- shows that one area of a molecule is more________
δ+ shows that one area of a molecule is more________
Non-polar molecules are typically more ________ than polar molecules
Which molecule is non-polar?
Which molecule is polar?
Which molecule is more polar?
Which molecule is more Polar?
The correct order of mitosis is
Which of the following organisms would not require reproduction from male and female parent cells?
A starfish loses one of his arms, it regrows the missing arm. This is an example of
The structure in a cell's nucleus that contains hereditary material
Which of the following would have cells that would undergo binary fission
Before mitosis begins...
In the final phase of mitosis..
Once mitosis is complete, the splitting of the cytoplasm or __________ occurs.
During which phase are the duplicated chromosomes visible and the nuclear membrane begins to dissolve?
In which phase do the chromosomes separate and move to opposite sides of the cells?
After the chromosomes separate the cell finishes dividing in a stage called what?
Which of the following is a product of mitosis?
Diverse offspring is a result of which of the following?
In which phase is a cell maturing and doubling its DNA to prepare for division?
Which of the following is a primary advantage of asexual reproduction?
What is the charge and location of a proton?
Which of the following subatomic particle(s) has a mass of 1 amu?
Where are valence electrons found?
How many protons does Carbon have?
The majority of the mass of the atom is located in the _______.
How many valence electrons does Sulfur have?
The atomic number determines an elements _________.
What is the magic number for valence electrons?
Which of the following elements is the most reactive?
Elements in the same ________ share similar properties and the same number of valence electrons.
Which of the following elements have similar properties?
A majority of the elements on the periodic table are classified as _________.
Which of the following elements has the following properties: good conductor, has luster, and id ductile?
If revenues are greater than expenses, you have a net loss.
If expenses are greater than revenues, you have a net loss.
A balance sheet is prepared for a specific date.
An income statement is prepared for a period of time.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Convergent tectonic plates move very slowly and sometimes form
The volcanoes of the world are mostly found near
The majority of the European and Asian continent are found on the
Rift Valleys and the Mid-ocean ridges, occur with the seperation of continental plate boundaries. This type of boundary is known as
The type of plate boundary that exists near San Francisco, California, producing a large amount of earthquakes by sliding past each other is know as a
The plates of the Earth float on what layer
What happens to the crust at a divergent plate boundary?
The major plates of the Earth are
What is the name of the giant landmass that once contained all of the continents?
What are the circular patterns of heat that travel in the Earth's mantle called?
Convergent tectonic plates move very slowly and sometimes form
The volcanoes of the world are mostly found near
The majority of the European and Asian continent are found on the
Rift Valleys and the Mid-ocean ridges, occur with the seperation of continental plate boundaries. This type of boundary is known as
The type of plate boundary that exists near San Francisco, California, producing a large amount of earthquakes by sliding past each other is know as a
The plates of the Earth float on what layer
What happens to the crust at a divergent plate boundary?
The major plates of the Earth are
What is the name of the giant landmass that once contained all of the continents?
What are the circular patterns of heat that travel in the Earth's mantle called?
These are changes in the size, shape, or state of matter that does NOT change it into a new kind of matter:
In our lab, we learned that all of the following are physical changes we can do to paper EXCEPT:
When you melt a piece of ice you are
The total energy of the particles of matter is
When heat is added to matter, these things will happen:
The measurement of how hot or cold matter is and the speed of particle movement is:
We use this tool to measure temperature -
We measure temperature in units called
This is matter that is made up of two or more substances that are combined physically but keep their own properties
This is a mixture in which the particles of the parts are mixed together thoroughly and evenly
This word means to mix completely by separating into particles that cannot be seen
This is a measure of how much a substance can dissolve in another substance
All of the following are examples of chemical changes EXCEPT:
A chemical change occurs when
In a chemical reaction, the newly formed matter is the
The ability to cause change is called
If we put an antacid tablet into water and it begins to dissolve and release bubbles, we are seeing
If I take colored pebbles of various sizes and pass them through a filter or net, they will separate according to
Which of theses is NOT a physical change?
Raising the temperature of 55 grams of liquid H2O could cause it to change
A triangle has one angle with a measure of 42 degrees and one angle with a measure of 103 degrees. What is the measure of the third angle?
Rebecca baby-sits every weekend. In 4 weeks she earned $180. If she earned the same amount each weekend, how much did she earn each weekend?
Marsha drove 248 miles in 4 hours. What was her average speed?
Lana is cooking spaghetti sauce. The recipe calls for 1 3/4 pounds of meat. How much meat will Lana need if she is making 5 times the amount of sauce in her recipe?
Brett wants to buy a CD player that costs $211.25. It is on sale for 20% off the original price. What is the price of the CD player on sale?
What is the circumference of a circle that has a radius of 6 feet? Use 3.14 for pi.
A restaurant bill is $34.50. What is a reasonable estimate for a 15% tip?
A submarine descends to a depth of 156 feet below the surface. It then ascends 44 feet before descending another 90 feet. At what depth is the submarine?
In Parallelogram WXYZ, Angle W is 45 degrees, Angle X is 135 degrees, and Angle Y is 45 degrees. What is the measure of Angle Z?
Johnny want to put a fence around his garden. The garden is 10 feet by 14 feet. How much fencing material will Johnny need for his fence?
Individuals make economic decisions about what to make,how much to produce, and what to charge
Trying harder than others
when an area produces one product & must be interdependent with others
Something someone does
Producing an object to satisfy a want
what a consumer is willing to pay
What a producers is willing and able to sell at various prices
Exchange of goods or services rather than using money
A need to trade to get needed supplies
A company owned by one person
A plan listing income and expenses
Education and Training affect this
Jobs in an area due to resources
The amount of goods or service produced in a given period of time
This is the choices a person makes on their use of money and resources
This is a crop grown to be sold for a profit
The act of trying to win or gain something from others
Use natural resources, money, and knowledge to produce goods and services
A rise in the usual price of goods and services
Parts of a product built to a standard size to easily be replaced
A person who buys, sells, and trades goods for a profit
The value of the second best choice between two choices
The money made on goods that exceeds the cost
The person who owns a business
The shortage of goods and services
The amount of an item in inventory
Another word for tax
Money paid to the government
When imports exceed exports
30 miles in 5 hours can be written as the following unit rate.
Grant drove 200 miles on 4 gallons of gas. How many miles per gallon does his car get?
Chris scored 21 goals in 3 soccer games. At this rate, how many goals did he score each game?
Find the unit rate for the following: 55miles/11hours
Over a period of 4 hours, 180 drops fell in the sink. At this rate, how many drops fell in one hour?
8,000pounds = __________ tons
Sydney’s car can go 90 miles on one tank of gas. If Sydney’s tank holds 20 gallons, what are Sydney’s miles per gallon (mpg).
985 kilograms = ____________ grams
The celing fan is exactly 12 meters off the ground. How far off the ground is it in centimeters?
Convert the following: 1.2 kilometers = _________ meters = ____________ centimeters
When a circle is used in a pedigree chart, what does it represent?
Who is the "father" of Genetics?
If you were given the features such as blue eyes, blond hair, and short, what is this an example of?
A stronger gene is also represented by capital letters...what is another name for this?
Homozygous is another name for a ?
X-linked traits occur more often in males. Why?
A mutation is a change in DNA
The genotype for a colorblind male is XcYc
The genotype for a normal vision female is XY
The genotype for a carrier female is XcX
Answers by Educators Question Database
The warm current that runs toward England
Contains flourishing plant life
contains underwater volcanoes
has shallow water
the bottom of the ocean
contains rich oil fields
deep trenches at its base
along the edges of continents
cash crop
universal male suffrage
Assembly line
Social Darwinism
The social change brought about by the Industrial Revolution was evident in the
The effect of the Crimean War was to
The revolutionary outbursts in Europe in the 1830s and the 1840s were sparked by attitudes of;
he factory created a new labor system in which;
Foreign investors ensured their continued domination of the Latin American economy by;
In the early 1800s, what did the ideas of Enlightenment thinkers motivate many European colonies to consider abolition. What does an abolitionist believe?
How did changes in agricultural practices just before the Industrial Revolution impact society?
During the 1700s and 1800s, which of the following inspired revolutionary leaders in Latin America?
Why did coal production expand greatly during the Industrial Revolution?
What was a result of the harsh working conditions during the Industrial Revolution?
What was one of the main social changes caused by the Industrial Revolution?
In the Second Industrial Revolution, what innovations opened up new industrial frontiers?
In the nineteenth century, people’s living became more clearly divided into periods or work and leisure as a result of
Sigmund Freud claimed that human behavior was ruled by
Problems associated with the rapid urbanization included;
The term for the right to vote is :
The Zionist movement began when
Einstein’s theory of relativity stated that;
Middle-class people in nineteenth-century Europe believed that;
How did the assembly line make goods less expensive during the Industrial Revolution?
Contains long ranges called oceanic ridges
contians almost all the fish caught to be sold for food
made primarily of mud and sand deposited by rivers as the run into the ocean
shallow water
Churning waves make minerals and rocks into particles of
The deepest known spot, the Mariana Trench, is in what ocean
Sea water freezes at
Waves are caused by
The study of the ocean
Sea water is more dense than fresh because it contains
blue whale
white shark
Rare; not the usual; remarkable
not sure
not within thought; not awake
not yet at the point of making a decision
not what someone thought would happen; not predicted
clear; cannot be understood the wrong way; not able to be confused or misunderstood
not required
messy; not neat; not organized
not smart
not deserving; not having any value
Which prefix means again?
Which prefix means before?
Which prefix means opposite of or not?
Which prefix means against?
Which prefix means middle?
Which prefix means opposite of or not?
Which prefix means opposite of or not?
Which prefix means opposite of or not?
Which prefix means wrongly?
Which prefix means before or in front of?
What communist island country is less than 150 miles from the Florida coastline?
What country in eastern South America has Seven major seaports and is the largest country in South America?
What country is North of the United States?
What mountain ranges in Mexico helped form its unique bowl shape?
What Peninsula juts out in Mexico that helps separate the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea?
What two bodies of water border Mexico on its eastern and western sides?
What physical feature was created to help world trade in Latin America and is an isthmus?
What Caribbean country speaks French and shares an Island with the Dominican Republic?
What extensive physical feature runs from Venezuela to Southern Chile?
What river runs from the Andes mountains through Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean?
What major environmental problem is Mexico dealing with?
The mass cutting or removing trees is known as
What is the most important environmental concern of Brazil?
What is the main culprit of Deforestation in Brazil?
What is causing most of Mexico's air pollution?
Venezuela is infamous for what environmental problem?
What is causing most of Venezuela's oil pollution?
Air pollution in Mexico City affects mostly......??
Why is deforestation in Brazil negative (not a good thing)?
Why is oil pollution in Venezuela such a problem?
BB, Bb, bb are examples of
2. Mitosis involves the splitting of the nucleus into two identical nuclei. Knowing this, mitosis takes place in which type of cells?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is an ion?
What is a cation?
What is an anion?
What is electroneutrality?
What is isoelectronic?
What is the octet rule?
What is an ionic compound
What is a binary ionic compound
What is a subscript?
What is the correct way to write the name for FeF3
A married couple both have normal color vision, but their son has red-green colorblindness, a X-linked recessive trait. How is this possible?
In a cross between a white-eyed female fruit fly and pure red-eyed male, what percent of the male offspring will have white eyes? (White eyes are X-linked and are recessive.)
What symbol on a pedigree chart would show a female that is colorblind?
A test is done on a developing fetus (baby). The fetus has two X chromosomes. Which of the following is definitely true?
What shows the possible genetic combinations from the parent to the offspring?
A woman is heterozygous dominant for brown eyes. Will any of her children have blue eyes?
Sometimes a blending of traits occurs. When a white flower is crossed with a red flower, the resulting flower is pink. This is an example of ?
A special kind of cell division in which gametes are formed is called
Who would be an example of a boilogical son?
How many pairs of chromosomes do boys have?
What word describes the mammals, fish birds and plants the live in an environment?
A community is several species of animals interacting, while a population is
Organisms that can make their own food from sunlight are called...
Grass is eaten by a prairie dog. The prairie dog is eaten by a coyote. This is an example of...
The largest population an environment can support is its...
Young wasps are eating the tomato hornworm that is their host. What is this an example of?
A bird eats a worm. Who is the predator?
Rocks, temperature, and water are what part of the environment?
Grass that gains energy from the sun is an example of a ...
After one species disappears, the other species in the ecosystem....
If 3 ft = 1 yd, then 2 feet = ? yd
If 12 in = 1 ft, then 3 in = ? ft
If 1 yd = 36 in, then 1/2 yd = ? in.
If 1 mi = 5,280 ft, then 1,760 ft = ? mi.
If 36 in = 1 yd, then 81 in = ? yd.
If 1 c = 8 fl oz, then 28 fl oz = ? c.
If 1 pt = 2c, then 9 pt = ? c.
If 1 lb = 16 oz, then 8 lb = ? oz.
If 1 T = 2,000 lb, then 5,500 lb = ? T.
If 1 lb = 16 oz, then 52 oz = ? lb.
Ther period when revolutionary courts were set up to prosecute internal enemies and close to 40,000 people were killed was called the...
In its attempts to create a new order that releted its belief in reason, the National Convention...
The death of Robespierre was...
The Directory was overthrown (a coup d'etat) by...
Jean-Paul Marat was a revolutionary who published a radical journal and...
Napoleon, after leading the French army, at 30 years of age...
In 1802, Napoleon was made consul for life. Two years later, he...
On of Napoleon's first moves was to establish peace with the...
Napoleon's greatest domestic achievement was his...
Napoleon opened government careers to individuals...
Express the following as a unit rate. 800 meters every 20 seconds.
3 yards = _____ inches
A stride is 3 yards long and 1 foot long. Which of the following is an equivalent ratio?
Nicks cell phone is 12 centimeters long. How many millimeters long is his phone?
James needs to fill a container with 3 quarts of water, but he only has cups. How many cups does he need to fill the container?
Jake has 2 cats for every 4 dogs in his house. How many dogs does he have if he has 12 cats?
How fast would I be going if I made it 50 miles in 5 hours?
24 quarts = _____________ gallons
5 quarts = ________ cups
How far will I be in 3 hours if I was traveling at 100 miles per hour
What is the function of the ribosome?
What are the two basic kinds of energy?
The energy of an object due to motion is called what?
Potential energy related to an objects height is called what?
Potential energy associated with objects that can be stressed or compressed is called what?
Stored energy is called what?
What is energy?
What factors affect kinetic energy
What factors affect gravitational potential energy?
Which of the following is NOT a form of energy?
Which type of potential energy is stored in the nucleus of and atom
The Civil Code preserved...
What was the significance of Napoleon's Civil Code?
Napoleon destroyed liberty in that he...
After a short break from war, Napoleon and France defeated the Austrian Prussian, and _____ armies.
Napoleon's Grand Empire was composed of three major parts:
The Dependent states were kingdoms under the rule of...
The spread of the french revolutionary priciples was an important factor in the development of...
What was the Continental System Napoleon unsuccessfully used to try and destroy Britain's ability to wage war?
The beginning of Napoleon's downfall came with his invasion of...
After military disaster, Napoleon was captured in 1814 and sent to...
Answers by Educators Question Database
At which stage of cell division does the cell begin to indent and begin cytokinesis? (you almost have 2 new cells)
During which stage of cell division will the nuclear envelope disappear letting the coiled up chromosomes out?
When will the chromosomes be pull away from each other?
What is a popular recreation activity in East Asia?
What is a popular recreation activity in India?
Which of the below cultures was NOT among the first to immigrate to the United States?
Which of the below nationalities were brought against their will to the United States?
What two groups immigrated to the United States in the 1900s?
Why is the United States society so diverse?
What type of education is offered to every school age child no matter their nationality or status as a citizen in the United States?
What is the United States literacy rate because of our strong belief in education?
True or false? The United States official language is English.
What language is spoken by almost every person in the United States?
What language is the second most spoken language in the United States?
What religion do the majority of Americans identify themselves as?
What is it called when aspects of two or more cultures combine into something new?
What area is it most common to find cultural blending?
Which word listed below means big river in Native American language?
Why is there a large percentage of the African American population found in the southern part of the United States
What can be hard for immigrant children to do because of the language difference?
What are the two forms of entertainment that most Americans experience and talk about daily?
The process of water filling the porous spaces in the lithosphere.
Water that trickles through the soil and collects in pockets called aquifers.
This is also called thermal energy. This is heat from the sun that causes evaporation to happen.
When liquid water absorbs heat from the sun and turns into water vapor.
The changing of a gas back into a liquid which causes cloud formation.
Rain, snow, sleet and hail
This occurs when water flows over the land and doesn't absorb into the ground
This is the changing of water from a solid directly to a gas with no liquid stage in between.
This is also called a drainage basin. This is where rain or snow drains downhill into a particular body of water.
The high ground that separates two drainage basins.
Any substance that can harm the environment.
Pollution that can be traced back to its origin. Examples would be waste water from factories or sewage treatment facilities.
Pollution that cannot be traced back to its origin. Examples would be when rain water carries substances like lawn fertilizers, lawn chemicals, motor oil and animal waste into storm sewers or rivers.
These pollutants come from the use of organic fertilizers like manure in farming.
The rapid spread of algae in a water environment. This happens when too many nutrients enter the water.
Reducing your usage of water and finding ways to reuse your water.
Define arid
Define assiduous
Define asylum
Define benevolent
Define camaraderie
Define collaborate
Define compassion
Define compromise
Define condescending
Define conditional
Define loquacious
When you see a change in the environment you know that ______ has been transferred.
When a rubber band is stretched, it has _______ energy.
A green plant has ______ energy.
_____ is a fossil fuel.
A liquid thermometer works because liquid ____ when warmed.
When a pot of water is put on a stove, the water at the top gets hot primarily by _______.
_____ is an alternative resource.
Heat is _____ energy that is transferred from one object at a certain temperature to another at a different temperature.
Which one of the following is NOT an example of work being done?
A device that does work with on ly one movement and changes the size or direction of a force is a(n) _____.
The amount by which a machine multiplies an input force is called the _____.
An inclined plane with one or two sloping sides that splits objects apart forms a machine called a _____.
An inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder post is a _____.
When two or more simple machines work together, they are called a(n) _____.
Which of the following simple machines looks like a wheel with teeth?
The buildup of electric charges on an object is called a _____.
A material through which electrons do NOT easily flow is a(n)_____.
Two objects will attract one another when they have.
One example of a good conductor is _______.
The steady flow of electrons through a conductor is _____.
A path created for a current that allows only one route for the current is called a _____.
Which of the following is a device designed to open an overloaded circuit and prevent damage?
The south pole of a magnet ____.
The pull (magnetic field) of a magnet is _______.
The atoms in a magnet are _____.
An electromagnet is _______.
The function of a generator is to change ______.
When you perform work on an object you increase the energy of the object.
All forms of energy can do work.
Machines may allow you to do less work over a longer distance.
Which empresario participated in the Fredonian Rebellion?
Why did settlers come to Texas after the Civil War
Mier y Teran was sent by the Mexican government to do what?
Who is head of state government?
Which of the following does not belong on the list?
Sam Houston had many titles, which set all apply to Houston?
James Fannin surrendered and was destroyed at what event?
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo did what?
The Cattle drives were
Texas Revolution started because of
Grenadiers, viper fish, and others that live near the ocean floor are strange looking because
The man eating fish
The fish caught for the oil in its liver which is high in vitamins A and D.
The largest fish of all
The kind of whale hunted for its oil and ambergis
The largest animal that has ever lived
Fish get oxygen in the water through
The fish with huge winglike fins that flies through the water
Thought to be the most intelligent invertebrate
The fish that leaves the ocean and returns to fresh water to spawn
Ocean currents are moved by
Matthew F. Maury used these to help him study currents
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Energy of motion.
Which of the following is NOT an example of potential energy?
If velocity is doubled, kinetic energy would be doubled.
An arrow in a bow has 70 J of potential energy. Assuming no loss of energy to heat/friction, how much kinetic energy will it have after it has been shot?
How would the potential energy (with reference to the ground) of a ball sitting on a shelf change if you moved it to a higher shelf?
How much power is required to do 40 J of work on an object in 5 seconds?
Which has greater kinetic energy, a car traveling at 30 m/s or a half-as-massive car traveling at 60 m/s?
If you run up the stairs faster your power output will decrease.
What is the ultimate source of energy for the food we eat?
Kinetic and potential are both forms of mechanical energy.
You lift a book 1 meter off your table. How would the amount of work you do change if you lift the book 3 meters off the table instead?
Work and energy are measured in
If you push against an object and it doesn’t move, no work is being done on that object.
Which requires more work: lifting a 70-kg sack vertically 2 meters or lifting a 35-kg sack vertically 4 meters? kg sack vertically 4 meters? Which requires more work: lifting a 70-kg sack vertically 2 meters or lifting a 35
It takes 80 J to push a large box 8 m across a floor. Assuming the push is in the same direction as the move, what is the magnitude of the force on the box?
The ability to do work.
Power is measured in
Stored energy.
Suppose a moving car has 3000 J of kinetic energy. If the car's speed doubles,how much kinetic energy will it then have?
Power and time are _________________ related.
Levers, inclined planes (and most simple machines) increase input force at the expense of what?
No machine can every be 100 percent efficient in real life.
Pulleys are capable of all of the following EXCEPT
In which type of lever is the fulcrum located in between the load and the input force?
A pulley system consists of 3 pulleys that lift a 1500 N crate 500 meters. What is the mechanical advantage of the pulley system?
In which part of a pendulum's swing is it moving the fastest?
Machines are capable of creating energy.
How can a pulley system's mechanical advantage be calculated simply?
In a perfect world, the total energy of a pendulum would never change.
"g" is equal to what number at Earth's surface?
Bases within DNA are held together by an ionic bond.
Which of the following is NOT one of DNA’s primary functions?
Given the DNA base sequence of ACATG, which of the following would be the complementary DNA sequence?
Decoding of an mRNA message into a protein.
DNA serves as template to make complementary RNA strand.
The main function of RNA is to make proteins.
Credited with the discovery of DNA’s double helix shape.
DNA consists of sugars, nitrates, and bases.
Chargaff's Rule states that
DNA replication will occur before a cell divides.
A normal human would have ________ autosomes.
A normal female would have these sex chromosomes.
Which of the following is NOT a way in which RNA is different from DNA.
Eukaryotes contain a single chromosome.
If a DNA sequence is ATGCCA, what would be its mRNA sequence.
Used X-ray diffraction to help reveal the structure of DNA.
mRNA can be decoded (translated) in either direction.
Occurs when an organism has extra sets of chromosomes.
The Y chromosome contains more genetic information than the X chromosome.
If the mRNA codon if CUA what would be the tRNA anticodon?
All mutations are harmful.
Which of the following could trigger a mutation?
Gregor Mendel was the first genetic engineer.
How can inbreeding be harmful?
DNA produced from the combination of DNA from different sources.
The first animal to be cloned was
If a DNA strand has 34 total adenine bases it will have 30 thymine bases.
Which of the following is NOT a field where genetic engineering is used today?
The two primary types of mutations are chromosomal mutations and frameshift mutations.
In a pedigree, males are represented by which symbol?
One of these is located below Hawaii; it is what fuels Hawaii's volcanoes.
Most volcanoes are located where 2 plates meet and are found most frequently around the Ring of Fire.
Pahoehoe lava flows
Which of the following affect how magma forms?
Pressure ____________________ the deeper you go inside Earth.
Viscosity is the measure of a substances’
Cinder cones are the most destructive volcanoes.
The amount of which substance helps determine the explosiveness of a volcanic eruption?
A magma with a high viscosity will flow
A magma with a low viscosity will result in a ________________ eruption.
Largest type of volcano; produced gentle eruptions.
This type of volcanic hazard is the fastest moving.
Ash from a volcano is the same as that from your backyard barbecue.
Also known as lahar.
The smallest type of volcano; usually only erupts once.
Lava is magma found
Also known as a stratovolcano.
Yellowstone National Park sits above a hot spot which could produce a volcanic eruption.
Eruption of this volcano produced the largest landslide in recorded history.
Volcanic ash can
This gas blocks sunlight. If enough of it is erupted from a volcano, temperatures could drop on Earth.
Located below a volcano; where magma is stored.
This type of volcano is found most commonly around the Ring of Fire.
Eruption of this volcano produced the loudest sound in recorded history.
Volcanoes are dangerous because they are hard to predict.
Yellowstone is a supervolcano that has erupted 3 times in the past. The chances of it erupting again soon are
The Hawaiian volcanoes are examples of which type of volcano?
Erupted sideways instead of vertically (straight up)
Magma traveling toward the surface can loosen rock and other materials on the sides of a volcano which can trigger this disaster.
All of the following are true about magma EXCEPT?
Who was the founder of psychoanalysis, a controversial theory about the workings of the unconscious mind and the psychosexual stages of development?
Who was the psychologist who studied the role of responses in learning; developed the fundamental principles and techniques of operant conditioning and devised ways to apply them?
What was the Russian physiologist famous for the discovery of classical conditioning?
Who developed the social-cognitive perspective on personality, stressing that one must consider the situation and the person’s thoughts before, during, and after an event?
Who was the social psychologist who researched obedience to authority?
Who was the humanistic psychologist who developed client-centered therapy and stressed the importance of acceptance, genuineness, and empathy in fostering human growth?
Who was the social psychologist who researched the circumstances under which people conform?
What is the therapeutic technique that attempts to provide insight into one’s thoughts and actions by exposing and interpreting the underlying unconscious motives and conflicts?
In psychology, what is pure research that aims to increase the scientific knowledge base?
In psychology, what is scientific study that aims to solve practical problems?
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Which tool would you use to measure the amount of rain that falls in an area?
When water on a sidewalk dries, it goes into the air as water vapor. Later, when the air cools, what
Which is the fourth planet from the Sun?
Which lists three of the planets in correct order starting with the one nearest to the Sun?
Which object reflects the light from the Sun so we see it at night?
Which is a weater instrument?
Which weather instrument tells the direction the wind is blowing?
Why does the Moon appear larger than the stars?
A dark, funnel-shaped windstorm that comes near the ground and can cause much destruction is a
Which planet is closer to Earth?
A person who is measuring temperature, wind direction, and amount of rain is studying
Hilda shouts hey in an empty hall at the shopping mall. The sound bounces off the walls and she hears
All sound is made by
Which force does a friend use to make you go higher on a playground swing?
When you walk on the sidewalk and roll your bike, the force you use is a
If you are on a seesaw and want your friend to go down, use a force that is a
Two astronauts walking on the Moon are trying to communicate with each other. Which way of communicating will NOT work for
Which demonstrates that light travels in straight lines?
When a ball is thrown into the air, it falls back to the ground. What causes this to happen?
Reflection occurs when
Which object will reflect the most light?
Which object would BEST reflect light from a light bulb?
Which type of lens bulges out in the middle?
A magnifying glass is an example of what type of lens?
What determines pitch?
What is a simple machine?
Why can astronauts jump higher on the Moon than on Earth?
Complete this sentence:A change in force always brings about a change in
Which answer lists only simple machines?
Which of the following statements about noise is true?
Who was the famous black freedom fighter that led a revolution to free Saint Domingue?
What country did Toussaint L'Ouverture lead his slave army against?
What was Saint Domingue renamed after it declared its independence?
Who was a leader for independence in South America?
Which of the following countries did Simon Bolivar NOT help to free?
What was the name of the large country that Simon Bolivar wanted to create in South America?
Who is considered the Father of Mexican Independence?
Who did Miguel Hidalgo believe was being treated unfairly in Mexico?
Where did Miguel Hidalgo give his famous speech where he told the people about independence?
What country did Miguel Hidalgo help to defeat in present-day Mexico?
Red Blood Cells
Hemoglobin is found in/on:
White blood cells are all:
These cells contain granules which they use to kill worms.
These stop bacterial infections through phagocytosis AND by using their granules.
These are part of an allergic or inflammatory response. Their granules contain heparin and histamine.
These have no granules and directly kill invaders.
These produce antibodies which attach to invaders and target them for destruction by other cells.
These patrol the body for pre-cancerous cells.
These are the cells involved in forming a blood clot.
These kill invaders exclusively by phagocytosis
What are the letters of the home row that your left hand touches?
What are the letters of the home row?
Which finger is used on the spacebar?
Which finger is used to type the letter F?
What are the letters of the home row that your right hand touches?
Which finger is used to hit the Enter key?
Which finger is used to turn on Caps Lock?
Which finger is used to type the letter K?
How do you know that your fingers are properly touching the home row?
Which finger is used to type the letter S?
In which direction does the cursor move if you hit the BACKSPACE key?
If you want to delete a letter to the right, which key do you use?
How many times should you brush your teeth in a day?
Why is important to practice good hygiene habits?
How often should you change your clothes in a week?
When should you brush your teen during the day?
How often should you shower?
What product do you use to clean your hair with?
How do people feel when they have good personal hygiene habits?
Which product is used to clean your body with?
When must you wash your hands?
Which product is a good substitute if you can't wash your hands?
A light-year is
A star is born when
A supernova is the explosion of a dying
The lifetime of a star depends on its
The milky way galaxy is an example of
The solar system formed from
Absolute brightness of a star depends on
The force that tends to pull together the matter in stars is
Why are many large optical telescopes located in mountains?
What is likely to happen to the universe in the future?
When will the chromosomes line up down the center of a cell?
When will the DNA inside the nucleus look like a bowl of noodles? (its called chromatin and it's difficult to see)
When do the mitotic spindle fibers first form during mitosis?
When do the mitotic spindle fibers go away during mitosis?
Growth and DNA synthesis are part of...
When DNA exists as chromatin it is difficult to see...
Chromosomes are pushed to the cell's equator during...
The nucleolus disappears during...
The nucleolus reappears during...
PMAT refers to the stages of...
What is cell death known as?
Why are cancer cells targeted by chemotherapy?
Why do people lose their hair during chemotherapy?
What is the name of the dividing wall that grows between plant cells during cytokinesis?
When is your cell making more DNA? (but not dividing)
At which stage of cell division do you see the chromosomes coil up to become visible?
At which stage of cell division will the chromosome begin to uncoil and become difficult to see again?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the earliest stage in a star's life?
What is a huge group of stars, star systems, star clusters, and nebulae?
How long a star lives depends on it's?
What was the first force created by the universe which attracts all objects toward each other?
What is the brightness of a star called when seen from Earth's surface?
Astronomer's think that in the future the universe will continue to?
The Big Bang Theory is evidence that the universe exploded 14 billion years ago out of?
How many billions of years old is the sun?
What were the first elements created 100 seconds after the Big Bang?
How many billions of years do scientist believe the smallest stars will live to be?
A _________ is two sugar molecules, linked together.
A unicellular, eukaryotic organism is known as a:
_______ is a valuable because it can form 4 bonds with other molecules.
In science, a ___ is something that has been proven and is generally accepted as true.
___ was the scientist who believed that organisms change over time due to the changes they make in their lifetime, for example, a giraffe stretching its neck to get food
Birds developing longer beaks to reach inside a hole in a tree to obtain insects for food is an example of:
___ is the formation of single, identical RNA from the two-stranded DNA.
DNA replication takes place during which phase of the cell cycle?
The organelle in the cell where cellular respiration takes place is called the:
Which of the following is an example of a heterozygous genotype?
What is the largest artery in the body?
What do you call the flap of tissue that prevents blood from flowing backwards?
Name the blood vessel that takes blood away from the heart.
What are the two upper chambers of the heart?
What blood vessel carries blood back to the heart?
What do you call a group of heart cells that send out signals that make the heart muscle contract?
What are the two lower chambers of the heart called?
Name the tiny blood vessel where substances are exchanged between the blood and body cells.
What do you call the hollow muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body?
Name the system that consist of the heart, blood vessels, and blood.
What is the function of white blood cells?
If your pulse rate increases, your heart is beating
Which component of blood is 90 % water?
If a person has O blood , who can they donate to
Where does blood go after it leaves the lungs ?
If a person has AB blood, who can they recieve blood from
What is the function of the red blood cell?
If a person's blood lacked platelets, what process could not take place?
Blood types are determined by
Where does blood go after it leaves the right atrium?
Which is NOT a characteristic of Progressives?
Which of these progressives fought for women's suffrage?
Where was the first women's suffrage convention held?
Who was our first progressive President?
What is the term for journalists who write about things that need to change?
What did Upton Sinclair want to do when he wrote The Jungle?
Which was NOT one of the reforms Theodore Roosevelt made?
Which word means the same thing as monopoly?
Which progressive started the American Federation of Labor?
What was Ida Tarbell's cause?
The cardiovascular system consist of
Which of these in NOT a function of the cardiovascular system?
What is the blood type of a person whose plasma contains only anti- B clumping proteins?
Needed substances are carried to the body cells by
Which chamber of the heart pumps oxygen-poor blood to the lungs?
The function of the atria is to
When the ventricles contract, blood is pumped
When blood flows into the right atrium from the body, it contains
Blood flows from the heart to the body through
As blood moves away from the heart, blood pressure
The right to free speech is protected by the ________ amendment
The right to an attorney is implied in the ________ amendment
Right to own a fire arm is part of the _______ amendment
Excessive bails and fines are protected under the ______ amendment
No self incrimination is protected under the ______ amendment
Right to a speedy trial is ensured in the _______ amendment
Freedom of press is included in the ______ amendment
No unwanted searches and seizures are protected in the _______ amendment
Powers reserved to the states are stated in the ______ amendment
Rights not listed in the constitution are found in the ______ amendment
What is the blood type of a person whose plasma contains only anti-B clumping proteins?
Atherosclerosis is a condition in which
What eventually happens to fluid that leaks from capillaries into the surrounding tissues?
What is the function of lymph nodes?
Exercise is important for cardiovascular health because it
Lymph nodes may __________ when they are helping the body fight an infection.
The cardiovascluar system consist of
Blood flows from the heart to the body through
As blood moves away from the heart, blood pressure
The risk of a heart attack is ___________ for people who smoke.
The free exercise clause gives people the right to _________
To have a fair trial, a person is guaranteed all of the following EXCEPT
Which of the following statements about the 4th amendment
Seditious speech is speech that urges others to
The guarantee against double jeopardy protects a person from being tried
The main purpose of the exclusionary rule is to
almost without exception, the government cannot apply _____ to spoken or written words.
The supreme court has rulled ______ to be cruel and unusual punishment
Demonstrators can be arrested for all of the following EXCEPT
Under the 2nd amendment
The audience knows the Titanic is going to sink but the actors get on the ship anyway.
There is a "No Smoking" sign in the break room for the employees at the cigarette factory.
Romeo thinks Juliet is dead and kills himself, but, she is not really dead.
The cat sat in the window because the sun was shining in at that place.
When asked a question, for the seventh time, the teacher said, "Sure, I don't think I've answered that one enough times yet".
A dog escaped from the pound and while running away was caught again because he got knocked unconscious by running into the dog catcher's truck.
"Sure, I want to go hiking in the mountains...with a broken leg"
The bus arrived late so they missed the roll call.
Snow White ate the apple the old woman gave her
The princess in Shrek is waiting to be rescued by a handsome prince so she can become beautiful, but, instead of becoming permanently beautiful, she becomes an ogre.
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What were people hired by factory owners to replace striking workers called?
Breaking up of a job into individual tasks is called
The belief held by many wealthy owners in America that God had granted wealth to them was known as
The Haymarket riot was
The following are typical grievances of workers in the Gilded Age except
In an effort to eliminate 'trouble makers' from the work force owners distributed
All of the following were effects that mass production had upon society except
Social Darwinism can best be described as
Capitalism is based on the principle of
What group of immigrants was discriminated against greatly and offically excluded from America in 1882
The fear or hatred of foreigners is known as
كتاب الطالب صفحة 24 رقم 4
2\3 x 4\5
3\15 - 2\15 =
6 + 3 3\4
5 \ 7 ÷ 2 \ 3
أي مما يلي يكافيء النسبة 3 \ 5
النظير الضربي 6 \ 8
أي مما يلي يكافيء النسبة 12 \ 24
5 : 10 في أبسط صورة
10 : 20 في ابسط صورة
What war did we gain Texas and California from?
What was one reason people were opposed to annexing Texas?
What event was caused by an argument between the North and the South over the Tariff of Abominations?
How did the early republic divide up the land gained by the Treaty of Paris?
What geographical feature made it faster to ship goods from the Midwest to the Atlantic?
What was the purpose of the temperance movement?
Why did the Anti-Federalist NOT want to ratify the Constitution?
This court case decided that the Supreme Court could decide the constitutionality of a law
Seneca Falls deals with which reform movement?
Urbanization is the shift of population from _____ to ______.
Which war began due to the impressment of our ships and the British encouraging the Natives to attack us?
Under which of our Constitutions did the STATES have too much power?
What were the outcomes of the War of 1812?
Which Amendment freed the slaves?
Which territory did we gain from Spain through the Adams-Onis treaty?
What was the first battle of the Civil War?
What added California as a free state to the Union?
Why did the Anti-Federalist argue that there needed to be a Bill of Rights added to the Constitution?
One major advantage of the North during the Civil War was
The 4th amendment to the Constitution protects your right
A recent popular trend in foodservice at sporting events is all-you-can-eat seats.
The external marketing environment is the term used to describe characteristics, developments, and trends occurring outside an organization that could potentially impact it.
Since the Colorado Rockies baseball team does not have any direct competitor within 500 miles of Denver, it does not need to worry about the competition factor of the external marketing environment.
Most sports properties are monitored by industry regulators and are not required to comply with government agencies.
Sports that entail higher levels of risk to participants typically face greater government regulations.
Because only 35% of women follows sports closely or somewhat closely, they are not a viable market for sports brands.
The amount of time Americans spend each week on leisure activities has declined.
Because consumers have less leisure time, commitments to multi-game ticket packages for spectator sports are easier to attain.
Primary data represents information that already exists and could be used in the evaluation of the marketing environment.
The factors of an external marketing environment include the following except
The external environment should most likely be monitored on a regular basis because of
Competition for sports entertainment can be classified as each of the following categories except
Head-to-head competitors such as the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers (both NBA teams in Los Angeles) are considered
Category competition involves brands or firms that
A hockey team in Cincinnati has to consider other forms of entertainment, such as water parks, movie theaters, and even dining out, as competitors. This situation describes
A hockey team in Cincinnati has to consider other forms of entertainment, such as water parks, movie theaters, and even dining out, as competitors. This situation describes
Consumers have a limited amount of money they can spend. When an individual thinks about paying bills, saving money, purchasing food, buying gas for the car, or purchasing clothes instead of purchasing a ticket to a professional basketball game, it i
The economic indicator that tracks monthly changes in the amount consumers spend for a representative basket of goods and services is the
How would declining consumer confidence and sentiment most likely affect sports brands?
Technology can impact sports in the following ways except by
Recent events in ________ have created controversy about unfairness. As a result Congress has held hearings to consider if the industry should be subject to antitrust laws of the Sherman Act.
Sociodemographic trends that have recently impacted sports marketing include the following except
A study by Pew Research examined the interest of women in sports. The following statements are findings of the research except
In terms of marketing to women, an area where sports properties have made significant progress is
Of the 12 franchises added or relocated during 1990-2000, ten located in the ________ regions of the U.S.
The production, distribution, and promotion of products that promote environmental protection is
The term ________ refers to companies that make claims about their environmental practices that are deemed questionable or self-serving.
In a SWOT analysis, the ________ are internal characteristics or issues in the sports property.
In a SWOT analysis, the ________ are external to the firms and indicate occurrences or trends taking place beyond the walls of the organization.
In conducting a SWOT analysis, which of the following questions is least useful in determining if an issue is external or internal?
Anthony is reviewing the SWOT analysis conducted by his marketing team. The following were identified as threats. Which one is not a threat?
The following are examples of communication objectives except
The following statements about good objectives are true except
Advantages of using secondary data include the following except
Frequently used sources of secondary data to sports marketers include the following except
Methods of collecting primary data include the following except
The primary benefit of collecting primary data over using secondary data is
An object that orbits a planet is called a
4. A student wants to find out how much rain falls in the schoolyard each day during a one
Which planet is closest to the Sun?
All the planets in our solar system travel around
Wind speed can be measured using
Which is the LARGEST object in the solar system?
Which sentence is TRUE about the amount of daylight in summer and winter?
Which form of precipitation is frozen rain?
There are day and night on Earth because
A glass of cold lemonade was taken from the refrigerator and set on the table. Soon there were little
The time it takes the Moon to go from a new moon to a full moon and back to a new moon is about
Which would show how the outside temperature changed each day for the past 30 days?
Water can exist in three forms__as liquid (water), solid (ice), and gas (water vapor). Which tells what
Scientists study outer space by sending telescopes and other scientific instruments out into space. Where
Which tool can a scientist use to measure temperature?
Which tool should be used to study the Moon?
What aide is used to magnify the appearance of distant objects in the sky?
Which are giant balls of gas in space that shine through darkness?
Which describes why stars are different colors?
Over the summer, a student observed the night sky. The student noticed a planet's position moved nightly
When looking at the night sky, why do planets and stars look similar in size?
A student has two styrofoam balls. One ball represents the sun. The other represents the earth. How could
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Limiting factors determine an area's carrying capacity because....
In which type of symbiosis do organisms help each other?
Two members of the same species fight over who gets food. Members of different species try to take over a certain nesting area. These are both examples of...
Herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores are all....
Animals that eat a variety of meats , fruits and vegetables are....
When is food a limiting factor?
What is an animial that catches and eats another animal call?
What is the beginning of every food chain?
What is the last step of every food chain?
The sun's energy comes from what source?
Element T has 7 protons. Element Q has 15 protons. Element X has 12 protons. Element Z has 17 protons. According to the periodic table, which of the elements is metal?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 [146] 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369