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Working at a place you don’t like can be ________________________.
People who like insects study ______________________________.
A scientist has to ___________________many books to find the appropriate answer.
The teacher wanted the students to __________________the essay for errors.
In Greek mythology, Hercules saved Greece by defeating the Titans; therefore, his acts are _________________________.
Sally wanted to present her ____________________ art piece at the art expo
University libraries are full of _______________ dedicated to various areas of study.
Investigators have to _______________evidence and interview witnesses before they accuse someone of committing a crime.
The new mother did not know how to __________________ her crying baby.
What are the two parts of the computer
Which of the following input devices are used to enter text?
What is the full form of C.P.U?
What does CAD stand for?
Which of the following is not an output device?
Which of the following is not a microcomputer?
Is a webcam an input or an output device?
Which of following is a hardware?
Which of the following is a software?
What does the arithmetic unit do?
Please give one example of input device.
What do we use light pen to do?
Which device is used to type words
How many bottons does a mouse have
What is the advantage of Lasser printer
What is the optical mark used for?
What is the advantageof concept keyboard?
What do we use the microphone to do?
What's the difference between Web cameras and normal cameras?
What is web cam qualitty measured in
What is Input?
What is Output?
What is Mouse?
What is Keyborad
What is Webcam?
What is Printer?
What is Monitor?
What is Graphics tablet?
What is Speakers?
What is Joystick?
Astronomy is the study of:
Earth's axis is an imaginery line that runs through:
the spinning of Earth on its axis is known as:
Earth has seasons because its axis
During an equinox, there is:
How much time is there from one full moon to the next?
In science, a revolution refers to:
Why do we have a leap year every four years?
during the June Solstice
during the december solstice
Answers by Educators Question Database
A driver is headed north at 50 km/hr. A box is sitting on the seat next to him. What action by the driver would most likely cause him to observe the box appear to slide to the west?
What changes in a hot pack over the course time as it cools down?
A teacher dropped one light ball and one heavy ball simultaneously from the roof of a school building. Both balls struck the ground at the same time. The students correctly concluded from this experiment that falling objects
Engineers are designing an auditorium that will be used for performances by orchestras. What must they do to maximize the loudness of the sound heard by the audience?
A student collects data to calculate the kinetic energy of a thrown baseball. She measures the distance thrown, the time it takes for the ball to hit the catcher’s glove, the ball's mass , and the its circumference . Which of these is unnecessary?
Having a poor opinion of people because of their skin color is ________
Keeping people of different races (skin color) apart is ___________
Unfair treatment that is against a person's civil rights is called _____________
This person led peaceful protests against the unequal treatment of African Americans.
He was a civil rights lawyer that helped integrate schools (put all people together). Later, he became a supreme court justice.
She was arrested for not giving her bus seat to a white man.
This Mexican-American leader started unions and helped get better rights for Migrant workers.
Something considered very important and new that leads to a new way is called __________.
Allowing the mixing of all races of people is ___________. It is the opposite of segregation.
A judge on the supreme court is called a _____________.
The important landmark court case that said schools had to allow all races of people to attend was _____________.
After people fought against unfair treatment in the 1950's and 1960's, laws were passed to make segregation illegal. It was the _______________.
Martin Luther King's most famous speech was called _________________.
Martin Luther King was from _______________.
Martin Luther King's most important speech was given in __________
Farm laborers who go from place to place to find work are called _______.
People who take strong actions to get changes are called _________.
The first woman on the United States Supreme Court (highest judges) was _________.
People whose roots are from Spanish-speaking nations are often called _________.
In the 1960 and 70's, a leader in the fight for more women's rights was _____________.
sacar (usted)
venir (ustedes)
no levantarse (ustedes)
leer el libro (usted)
no girar (usted)
jugar (ustedes)
Kids, don't run!
Sr. Lopez, go up this street!
no empezar (ustedes)
ponerse (usted)
no escribir el problema (ustedes)
tener (usted)
escoger (ustedes)
no ir (usted)
dormir (usted)
no pagar (ustedes)
Le ____ est très populaire à la station de sports d’hiver.
Pour moi, le sport est un bon moyen de ____ après avoir beaucoup étudié.
Monique écoute de la musique sur son ____ quand elle fait une promenade.
S’il vous plaît, ____ le volume. On n’arrive pas à s’entendre ici!
Le logement, la nourriture et les vêtements sont des ____ nécessaires.
Le lieu de loisir préféré des Français est ____.
Bricoler est une activité très sportive.
Quand on a beaucoup travaillé, on a besoin de repos.
Le deltaplane est le nom d’une compagnie aérienne.
Quand un enfant a été sage, on lui donne une récompense.
The belief in Manifest Destiny led to many changes in American life. These changes included all of the following EXCEPT— (8.6B)
The appeal of Manifest Destiny can be partly traced to the common belief that— (8.6B)
In what way did the U.S.-Mexican War fulfill a major goal of those who supported the idea of Manifest Destiny? (8.6D)
The introduction of interchangeable parts led directly to the—(8.27A)
Harriet Beecher Stowe is best known for writing Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This book helped gain support for the— (8.24A)
Which event was most influenced by the American belief in Manifest Destiny? (8.6C)
What was the main goal of supporters of Manifest Destiny in the 1840s?
What did the the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, the annexation of Texas in 1845, and the U.s Mexican War of 1846 have in common?
How did the Texas War for Independence differ from the U.S Mexican War
A major reason President Thomas Jefferson supported the purchase of the Louisiana Territory in 1803 was that it
If a contract does not state time .....
Contracts can be discharged by
What do you call it when one party of a contract fails to perform his/her duties as spelled out by the contract
what do you call it when one party has in good faith completed the major portions of a contract and only minor details are left unfinished?
Are substitutes allowed by law
What is another word for the transferring of duties
what is another word for the transferring of rights
What is it called when a third party agrees to take an assignment and the first party agrees to work with this new party
Which of the follow debts can be discharged in a bankruptcy
Contracts can be discharged by
Which of the following is not an example of involuntary discharge
the statute of limitations on bringing legal action is the same from state to state
when a contract is delegated the original contractual party is no longer liable
If a contractor delegates duties to a 3rd party and the 3rd party does something wrong,
Which is not a required component of fraud
When selling a diamond ring on craigs list the seller says that the ring is exceptional quality when it is actually a low clarity and cut. This is an example of
If you ignore a lie during a sales proposition and do not rely upon the lie in your decision to make the purchase then you can not sue .
If you are buying a car and do not properly research the true value of the car, you can still sue
If you threaten to hurt someone if they don't sign a contract this would be considered
If your boss asks you to sign a non-compete contract and you refuse and then the boss says that if you don't do it he will fire you. this is an example of
What determines the biome that will be present in an area?
What is are the general, defining characteristics of the tundra?
What biome do we live in?
Where is the Taiga located?
Why can't the grasslands support much tree life?
Why doesn't the temperature change much during the year in a tropical rainforest?
Which of these is NOT a common adaptation in the desert biome?
What two factors most greatly influence an area's climate?
Why is it important for taiga trees to not lose their leaves in the winter?
Why are adaptations similar within the same biome?
What happens when an organism does not have the appropriate adaptations for the climate?
Where do the majority of China's population live?
What is a major export in North Korea?
Which of the following is a rule of Shintoism?
Which religion was created in Southwest Asia?
When were hundreds of people killed for protesting Communism?
What did China create to work on the quality of air?
What country has some the heaviest air pollution in the world?
What was Gandhi's occupation before he devoted his life to helping his people become independent?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A graph of Charles's law shows the relationship between
A graph that shows that the pressure of a gas varies inversely with its volume under constant temperature demonstrates
A graph of Boyle's law shows the relationship between
Particles in a liquid move around just as freely as particles in a solid.
At its boiling temperature, the particles of a liquid are moving so slowly that they begin to form regular patterns.
Pieces of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) become smaller through the process of condensation.
Water vapor is a colorless gas that is impossible to see.
What is vaporization?
During the process of sublimation,
In which state of matter are particles packed tightly together in fixed positions?
What is a prokaryote?
What is a eukaryote?
What is an autotroph?
What is a heterotroph?
Which one is multicellular?
Which one is unicellular?
Which kingdom? Unicellular, Prokaryote, Cell walls with peptidoglycan
Which Kingdom? No cell wall, eukaryote, heterotroph
Which kingdom? Cell walls made of cellulose, autotrophs, multicellular
Which kingdom? Junk drawer, can be heterotrophs or autotrophs, can be multicellular or unicellular.
What happens to a population when the birthrate exceeds the death rate?
In an energy pyramid, where would you find the most energy?
A crocodile eats a fish. This is an example of what kind of relationship?
Mutualism is two species living together in a relationship in which both benefit. Which pair represents mutualism?
When on species is helped and the other is harmed in a symbiotic relationship, this is called:
What is glucose?
Insecticides are intended to kill:
Climate is an important abiotic factor to an ecosystem because it:
This term consists of both living and nonliving features in an environment:
This biome contains permafrost which is really frozen soil:
A group of organisms of the same type or species is called:
Organisms that are adapted to live in fresh and saltwater can be found in:
When animals enter a resting state during the winter, this is called:
A huge geographic area that has similar climates and ecosystems is called:
This biome is frozen and does not receive enough rainfall for trees to grow:
A female dog raises a kitten along with her puppies; this relationship is an example of:
When one species of an organism adopts a different species of organism to feed and raise as their own, this symbiotic relationship is called:
A population is a group of species:
A producer would be considered a(n):
Which type of symbiotic relationship would an organism want most?
Changes in an object's position as compared to objects around it is ____________________.
An object's location or place is referred to as it's
A measure of the distance an object travels in a certain period of time is it's ______________.
A measure of speed in a certain direction is called ___________________.
_______________________ is a force that pulls objects toward each other.
The force that slows or stops the motion of and object is called ________________.
What kind of force moves an object away?
When turning a corner, your speed may not change but your ________________ will change
Who discovered the laws of inertia?
An object with a larger mass requires a greater _____________than a lighter object to slow or stop.
The rate at which a solute dissolves in a solvent
a mixture that contains the same properties throughout
atoms with either a positive or a negative charge
type of colloid created by the dispersion of one liquid into another
the larger component of a suspension
affects the solubility of a solid into a liquid
a supersaturated solution has
increasing pressure will increase the solubility of a
pure substances joined by two or more different elements in a chemical bond
an example of a physical change
The floorplan of a ballroom is shown below (all angles are right). The wall represented by line AB is going to be removed. How wide will the opening be? (see poster 1)
Mike's younger brother likes to ride his bike. If the wheels have a diameter of 56 cm, how far does the wheel travel in 5 revolutions? (Use 3.14)
Zena ran 7 times around a circular track that has a radius of 12 meters. Which is the best approximation of the distance she ran? (Use 3.14)
If r=26cm, what is the area of a quarter of the circle? Express your answer to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.
The dining table in Mike's house is 6.5 feet long and 3.6 feet wide. What is its area?
Find the height of a trapezoid if its parallel sides are 12cm and 18 cm long and its area is 345 square centimeters.
Find the area of the figure, in square meters, to the tenths place. (see poster 2)
Find the area of the entire figure in units. (see poster 3)
Find the area of the shaded region where s=12. Round your answer to the hundreths place. (see poster 3)
What is the area of the shaded region to the nearest tenth of a square unit. (see poster 4)
One of the National Assembly's first acts at Versailles was to destroy the relics of feudalism,...
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen was inspired by...
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen reflected...
Louis XVI refused to accept the National Assembly's decrees, so thousands of _____ marched to Versailles and brought him back to Paris.
Because of the need of money, the National Assembly...
The Catholic Church was...
Some European leaders began to fear that revolution would spread to their countries and threatened to used force, so...
Power passed from the Legislative assembly to the Paris Commune. Many of its members called themselves the sans-culottes which means...
Members of the new Paris Commune took the...
Why did the Third Estate object to each estate's having one vote in the Estates-General?
To make angry
To walk in a conceited or cocky manner; to strut
Unfeeling, cruel; merciless
A style or way of behaving, an appearance linked to a person or object
To utter with a deep, loud voice; to roar
One who causes great physical or mental suffering
Evil conduct; also a bad habit
Having a tendency; likely to to something
To sit/lie with the limbs stretched out carelessly
To irritate or annoy
What is the movement of materials through a membrane WITHOUT energy
What is the movement of water through a membrane?
What is the movement of materials through a membrane WITH energy?
What is the movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to low concentration?
If 3 carbon molecules inside of a cell move to an area of 15 carbon molecules outside the cell, what is the process called?
If 5 water molecules move to an area with 3 water molecules, what is the process called?
How should you describe a cell that has 25 molecules of Nitrogen inside the cell and 25 molecules of Nitrogen outside the cell?
What cellular process uses energy?
What is the cellular process happening if there are 4 molecules of carbon dioxide moving outside the cell where there are 13 molecules of carbon dioxide?
What is the cellular process happening if there are 67 molecules of glucose moving inside the cell where there are 64 molecules of glucose?
Answers by Educators Question Database
A behavior that is passed from parents to offspring
The first stage in a life cycle
Stage of complete metamorphosis during which the insect eats and grows and does not resemble the adult
Stage of complete metamorphosis during which the organism seems to be at rest and new body parts are forming (the changing stage)
A fully grown organism that can reproduce
Stage of incomplete metamorphosis during which an insect eats and grows and resembles a smaller version of the adult
Type of development consisting of four distinct stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult
Type of development consisting of three stages: eggs, nymph, and adult
The stages in an organism's life from birth to death
Energy produced by a machine or moving part
A form of energy that travels in a straight line and can be seen by the human eye
Energy produced from a vibration that you can hear
A flow of electrical charge through a conductor
The pathway through which electrical current flows
Material that allows electric current or heat to flow through easily
Material that stops current from flowing
The flow of electricity around a circuit
Energy waves bouncing off the surface of an object (Mirrors or echoes return energy back to the source)
Energy waves that bend (change direction and speed) as they pass from one type of object to another
A clear piece of curved glass or plastic that bends passing light to focus or spread the light rays
A push or pull that causes an object to move, stop, or change direction
The force that pulls objects toward the center of Earth
A force that slows or stops motion when objects rub together
The one thing in an experiment that a scientist will change.
The things in an experiment that a scientist must keep the same to ensure a valid result
The information that is collected during an experiement
A rapid back and forth movement that creates sound energy.
The symbols commonly used to show the direction and flow of energy
Energy that causes a transfer of heat between materials
the passing of physical characteristics from parent to offspring
a characteristic that an organism can pass on to its offspring through its genes
the scientific study of heredity
the offspring of many generations that have the same trait and is homozygous
an organism that has two different alleles for a trait or is heterozygous
a set of imformation that control a trait
different forms of a gene - some are dominate and others are recessive
an allele that always shows up when it is there
an allele that is masked when a dominant allele is present
the number that describes how likely it is that an event will occur
a chart that shows all the possible combinations of alleles that can result from a genetic cross
an organisms physical appearance
an organisms genetic makeup or allele combination
having two of the same alleles for a trait
having 2 different alleles for a trait
a condition in which neither of the two alleles of a gene is dominant or recessive
book page 69 no. b
Practice book page 13 no 8
For Super girls Book page 72 no 15
which ratio is proportional with 60/120
For Super girls Book page 72 no 15
which ratio is proportional with 45/25
12 : 24 : 36 in the simplest form
15 /25 in the simplest form
which ratio is proportional with 3 /9
2hr : 60 mins in the simplest form
past tense of be
past of see
past of meet
past of do
past of give
past of fall
past of fly
past of drink
past of sleep
past of break
Which of the following is the type of bond that holds bases together in DNA?
DNA contains all of the following except...
If you have a DNA base sequence of ATCGCA what would be the complementary DNA strand?
Enzyme involved in the process of DNA replication.
The process of constructing RNA from DNA.
If you have a DNA base sequence of TACGGATCG what would be the complementary mRNA sequence?
Which of the following codons would not produce the amino acid serine?
If an mRNA codon is GAU, what would be the tRNA anticodon?
The main function of RNA is to
Which amino acid must start all proteins?
Examples of mutagens would include...
Sex chromosomes for a normal female
DNA made by combining DNA from different sources.
True or false: Clones are made from a single cell.
This can cause plants to grow larger.
If a karyotype had 3 copies of chromosome #21, the person would...
True or False: Hemophilia is more common in females.
The first animal to be cloned was a
A goat that contains genes from a spider would be
Number of autosomes human possess.
The boy was sad when the coach told him he was CUT from the team.
The driver entered his car into the professional CLASS for the race.
The soldiers were given orders to SHELL the town below with their cannons.
The lady behind the desk pounded on the KEYS as if she was mad.
The SPEAKER quickly finished his speech and was met by a loud applause.
The teacher was about to TIRE of getting the same questions asked of her.
The turtle was trapped on its SHELL.
The police car ROLLED up to the house.
The boy tried to WIND the string up on the reel.
My sister enjoyed eating the ROLL with the beans.
On a hot day, lemonade and ice are placed in a plastic cup (Cup A) and a glass cup (Cup B). Which is the best explanation for the small puddle around Cup A and the larger puddle around Cup B
The black fur on Himalayan rabbits helps provide additional warmth for the ears, noses, feet and tails. Why does the fur color affect warmth for these areas?
A metal that can be hammered out or rolled into thin sheets is best described as
A student is testing the conductivity of two solid substances. Substance A has high conductivity and substance B has low conductivity. Based on this information, what must be true regarding these two substances?
Which statement accurately describes the interaction between the foot and sidewalk as a person moves forward along the sidewalk?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore.
Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me.
I could sleep for a year!
A big boom came from the garage.
During the night the forest was a dark, frightening battlefield.
Eva eagerly ate her eggs
Hot-hearted Beowulf was bent upon battle
The stars danced gracefully in the moonlit sky.
John ran faster than the speed of light.
All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players
Why does the Bittering family leave Earth and move to Mars?
What is the theme of the story, Dark They Were and Golden Eyed?
At the end of the story, what happens to all the Earthpeople who moved to Mars?
Which of the following is NOT a change that the Bitterings notice on Mars?
What sort of mood is created by words like trembling, throat, heart, and sweating?
How do the Martians learn English so quickly at the end of the story?
What happens on Earth that causes the Bitterings to be stuck on Mars?
Which answer best describes the change Harry\'s attitude toward Mars goes through?
Why does Harry's son start calling his father Utha?
Why does Harry decide to stop working on the rocket?
The phases of the moon, eclipses, and tides are all caused
What season is it in the Southern Hemisphere in January?
The American flag was placed on the moon:
During a lunar eclipse
Tides are caused by
A spring tide occurs
A neap tide occurs:
The cycle of tides on Earth occurs
the moon rotates slightly on its axis:
An object's ability to resist gravity is:
Incomplete metamorphosis is different than complete metamorphosis because an insect that goes through incomplete metamorphosis -
How many distinct life stages are there in incomplete metamorphosis?
A new species of insect is discovered. What observation could be made to determine if this new insect undergoes complete or incomplete metamorphosis? You could observe -
Grasshoppers undergo incomplete metamorphosis while beetles undergo complete metamorphosis. Insects with complete metamorphosis are special because only they –
All of these represent life stages of an insect with incomplete metamorphosis EXCEPT –
Which of the following correctly lists the life stages of an insect with a complete metamorphosis?
Which of the following organisms goes through a complete metamorphosis?
How many distinct stages are there in the complete metamorphosis of an insect?
What is metamorphosis?
Which response identifies a true statement regarding complete and incomplete metamorphosis?
Which Mississippi city was not affected in the battle for Vicksburg
Who was the U.S. president at the end of the Civil War and the time of Reconstruction
What is the correct order that these events took place?
Who won the presidential election of 1860?
When Congress took over the reconstruction plan, they did this first?
What two states joined the U.S. During the Missouri Compromise?
The plan of the American Colonization society was to_______
What caused the fighting in Kansas known as Bloody Kansas.
When South Carolina and other southern states seceded from the Union, they formed the ______
The Republican Party was formed to____
Why was Vicksburg an important city?
Where was the first battle of the Civil War?
What did the emancipation proclomation do?
The souths decision to nullify laws was based on _________?
Secession can be described as________
What deal was reached during the Compromise of 1850?
Which of these is not a part of President Johnsons reconstruction plan
Which of these is not true about the Constitution of 1890
What did Democrates do to discourage blacks from voting after the Constitution of 1868?
Which of these is not true about the Constitution of 1868
Who won the battle of Vicksburg
This issue was argued from the start of the U.S., to the point that it was left out of the Constitution
What candidate represented the party known to defend slavery
The correct definiton of freedmen is _________
Southern Republicans who supported reconstruction were refered to as________
This form of Music developed in the Delta region of the state.
Northern Republicans were refered to as ________
This U.S. ironclad gunboat was sunk during the battle of Vicksburg
This section of the country was aquired by Thomas Jefferson in a massive purchase deal
Mr. Taylor can be referred to as________
What type of Technology does McLuhan call Web 2.0?
True or False: WYSIWYG is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get
True or False: User can read web pages but not interact with Web 2.0 web pages.
True or False: Blogs have one of the shortest learning curves of available Web 2.0 tools.
True or False: Wikis, forums, and photo sharing are all forms of Web 2.0 tools.
True or False: Web 2.0 is considered the internet of the 1990s and early 2000s.
True or False: The bursting of the dot-com bubble in the fall of 2001 was when Web 2.0 was born.
True or False: Marshall McLuhan considered Web 2.0 to be a one-way tool.
True or False: A test taken over the internet would not be an example of a Web 2.0 tool.
True or False: Web 2.0 has made it possible for communication to exist in E-Learning.
Peanut Butter
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which political party was formed to represent interests of farmers?
What did Jim Crow Laws do?
What race was John Hope?
What was the Compromise of 1850?
Who was the black minister that was elected to Georgia's House of Representatives?
In 1828, which president put a tariff on imported goods to help Northern industries?
What was the term used for strong hatred of Jews?
Who fought to help farmers who were suffering economically?
Who was the Missouri slave that went to court with the argument that he should be free since he moved to a free state?
Anything that has mass and takes up space
The amount of stuff in something; measured in kg
Appearances of an object: mass, magnetism, physical state, relative density, solubility, and the ability to insulate or conduct heat or electricity
The property of attraction to a magnet
The classification of matter as a solid, liquid, or a gas
Objects that are more dense sink in water; less dense object float in water
Measurement of the ability of a solid to dissolve in a liquid
Energy that causes a change in temperature between materials
Material that allows electric current or heat energy to flow through easily
Material that slows down or stops electric current or heat from flowing
The temperature at which a substance changes states from a liquid to a gas
The temperature at which a substance changes states from a solid to a liquid
The temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a solid
Physical change in matter from a gas to a liquid
Physical change in matter from a liquid to a gas
A single part of a mixture or solution
A combination of two or more substances where each keeps its own properties and both can be easily separated
A mixture of one substance dissolved evenly in another. When one ingredient dissolves into another.
To break down and spread out evenly in a liquid
Make different without changing what the material is made of, such as: cutting, folding, melting
A flammable liquid produced from remains of marine organisms buried under layers of sediments for millions of years
A flammable material, without a definite form, produced from remains of marine organisms burined under layers of sediment found near oil deposits
A natural resource made from remains of swamp plants from millions of years ago. It is solid and is a fossil fuel
Force of objects pushing on other objects
Rock made of layers of compacted and cemented sediments
Feature on the surface of Earth such as a mountain, hill, dune, ocean, or river
A triangle-shaped (deposit) landform at the mouth of a river as it empties into another body of water
A deep gorge in the surface of Earth formed by the erosion of moving water and sand
Hills formed by wind blowing and depositing sand
The breakdown of rock into smaller particles from the effects of wind, water, and ice
The build-up of land by the settlement of sediment and soil in a new location
The movement of weathered material on Earth's surface by wind, water, or ice
Energy that comes from changing the power of moving air into a useful form
Energy that comes from the Sun
Fuel made from plants, animals wastes, and decomposing plant and animal tissue
Energy that comes from the natural heat inside the earth
Electricity made from the energy of moving or falling water
Materials from Earth that can be replaced by nature within a relatively short period of time, such as trees
Materials from Earth that cannot be replaced within a reasonamble amount of time, such as oil, coal, and natural gas
Preserved parts or traces of animals and plants that lived in the past
Describes the condition of the air outdoors, such as temperature, cloud cover, wind speed, and rainfall
Average weather conditions of a region year after year
Rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls from clouds in the sky
The amount of water vapor in the air
The entire body of saltwater that covers about 71% of Earth
Physcial change in matter from a liquid to a gas
Physical change in matter from a gas to a liquid
When rainwater travels down mountains and hills
The path one object takes as it revolves around another object in space
An object making a complete turn in its axis
An imaginary line that a sphere rotates around
A natural satellite that orbits a planet; some planets have none; others have over 60.
Bowl-shaped indents or cavities on the surface of a planet, moon, or asteroid that are caused by a collision with another object, such as a meteorite
The star at the center of our solar system that supplies heat and light to Earth; its enormous gravity keeps the solar system in orbit
A planet in our solar system that has life on it
The outermost covering or layer
Water found in lakes, rivers, and streams that does not contain salt
Usual; average
Where rainwater gathers together on Earth, making puddles, ponds, and lakes
The heaviness of an object; force of gravity on mass = weight
A community of living and nonliving things in their natural environment
A part of the ecosystem that is not living, such as sunlight, air (includes oxygen and carbon dioxide), water, rocks, and soil
A living thing.
An inherited trait or learned behavior that helps an organism survive in its surroundings
An organism that uses sunlight to make its own food for energy
An organism that gets energy by eating other organisms
An animal that gets energy by only eating other animals
An animal that gets energy by only eating plants
An animal that gets energy by eathing both plants and animals
An organism that gets energy by using dead organisms, nonliving materials, or waste as food
A connection of food chains with many food energy paths in an ecosystem
An organism that hunts and feeds on another organism
An animal that is hunted as food
An increase in the number of individuals of a given species over what its ecosystem can sustain, often with both direct and indirect effects on other organisms in the ecosystem
The movement of carbon dioxide and oxygen on Earth by the processes of respiration and photosynthesis
A gas produced by plants during photosynthesis that animals use for respiration
A gas produced by animals during respiration that plants use for photosynthesis
The process where plants use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to produce sugar and release oxygen
A process by which animals use oxygen and food to make energy and carbon dioxide
The source of energy for all food webs and food chains
A group of organisms with similar characteristics that allow them to reproduce
Any characteristic that helps a plant or animal survive
Characteristics that blend in with the surrounding environment and increase chances of survival
The resemblance of an organism to another organism or to its surroundings that gives it a better chance of survival
The seasonal movement of animals from one place to another
When an animal becomes still in an enclosed space and reduces bodily functions to save energy
An organism that hunts and feeds on another organism
An animal that is hunted as food
A physical characteristic that is passed from parents to offspring
Animal behavior that develops from observation or instruction
A trait that is acquired due to lifestyle or environment
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What happened in 1607
What happened in 1620
What happened in 1620 part 2
What happened in 1776?
What happened in 1787
What happened in 1803
What happened from 1861-1865
What battle does the *Shot heard round the world* refer to?
Who was the nations first president
Who was president during the Civil War
Her laughter was like a warm blanket or a familiar song.
Her eyes were fireflies.
My mom is going to kill me.
The teacher planted the seeds of wisdom.
As fall turned to winter, the trees found themselves wearing white.
We’ll be best friends forever.
Pam was skinny enough to jump through a keyhole.
Light had conquered darkness.
Lenore's cell phone dropped into the toilet like a falling star.
The thunder grumbled and the raindrops reported for duty.
North Carolina
Mr. Shreitah
Sam ran.
The cat is fat.
The frog jumped.
The boy swam.
The girl cried.
The cow ate oats.
Thomas burped.
Brittany talks too much.
Austin sleeps all day.
Ashley is sweet.
Taco Bell
Ms. Miller
Dwight works at Modells. A customer asks " how much does this Steelers jersey cost?" Dwight says, "who me?", then says it is $50 with a 30% discount. What is the sale price?
Yasmeen buys the DVD "Big Bang Theory" for $20. In Philadelphia, there is 8% tax. How much does she pay for tax?
Warner decided to take lessons to become a clown. The lessons cost $15 with a 10% discount. How much does he pay?
Efua and Ngozi go to McDonalds. They each order 1 item off the $1 menu. How much will they pay with 8% tax?
Mec Mec is angry because she has to pay 10% tax in NY. She is ready to give the clerk the biz-ack hand, but instead pays it on a $70 item. How much tax did she pay?
Nefa, Adama, Isiah, and Abuhena take an art class since they are obsessed with drawing. The class cost $80 with a 25% discount. How much does the class cost?
Jade buys a singing tie for $20 with 6% tax. How much does she pay?
Hanane eats at a restaurant. The service is poor, so she only leaves a 5% tip on a $50 bill. What tip did she leave?
Yiron buys a new dress for $40. How much does she pay if there is 7% tax?
Mr. Hunn makes an album of rap, but he charges so much the people say this is crap! He lowers the price, with free rice. The price was $20, but with a sale of 40% holla!
The period of peace and prosperity initiated by Caesar Augustus was the
The Lords are on top and the __________ is on bottom
During the Age of Exploration, the Portuguese explorer who sailed around the Cape of Good Hope to India was
When Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas, he thought he had sailed to
Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire under
The mural on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was painted by
Alexander the Great conquered and spread the culture of
A castle was often part of a
Julius Caesar was killed by
The idea that kings and queens ruled by the will of God was called the
The invention of the stirrup by the Huns allowed them to
Machines designed for war were mass-produced for the first time for
Which of the following was a member of the Non-Aligned Community?
A main goal of the Marshall Plan was to
World War II came to an end when
Sputnik I was the first
Before the United States joined during World War II, the Allies were Berlin, France, and
The Berlin Airlift was done to
Which country was once split into communist and democratic parts but is now reunited?
What was the World War II alliance of Germany, Italy, and Japan called?
The statue of the Little Mermaid is a famous attraction
In the Netherlands, drained lands that have rich farming soil called
Which Nordic country is an island
The island of Great Britain is made up of England
A main reason for Luxembourg's prosperity is that it
What city in Italy has no cars, but instead relies on boats for transportation on its many canals
The largest Greek island is
Which of the following was a member of the Non-Aligned Community
Sputnik I was the first to
World War II came to an end when
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Shintoism is a religion practiced in _____________.
Who believed that good behavior and virtue were the keys to peace and social order?
Two important rivers in China are the ________ and the ___________.
The U.S.A. entered the Korean War and the Vietnam War to stop ________.
What 2 organized groups worked with Gandhi to get independence from British control?
In 1989, many Chinese students were killed or arrested for protesting in ____________.
Local governments, such as town councils, are very important in India. They are called __________ .
In the Vietnam Conflict, the U.S.A. was unable to stop _____________ from taking over all of Vietnam.
which ratio is proportional with 3 : 5
book page 68 no a
practice book page 12 no 1
practice book page 12 no 2
book page 65 no 5
which ratio is equivelant to 8/ 12
practice book page 5 no 2
1+ 2+3+4
10 x 40
18 + 12
Rutherford's model of the atom concentrated on the nucleus while Bohr's model focused on the:
The centerpiece of the modern atomic theory is on:
In Bohr's model, electrons move around the nucleus at constant speeds, but, in what type of orbits?
In Bohr's model of the atom, the energy level closest to the nucleus would be the:
As we move away from the nucleus of an atom, each preceding orbit of electrons represents a:
As we move closer to the nucleus of an atom, each preceding orbit of electrons represents a:
What happens to the energy of an electron if it moves from one energy level to another energy level farther away from the nucleus?
What happens to the energy of an electron if it moves from one energy level to another energy level closer to the nucleus?
When an electron jumps from one energy level to another energy level, what determines the size of the jump?
What determines the difference in energy between two energy levels?
carbon dioxide
hydrocholoric acid
milk that you drink
kool aid
coffee with cream and sugar
hot chocolate with marshmallows
ocean water
moldy cheese
Which river runs through 12 countries?
Where are the Ural Mountains located?
What country in Europe has air pollution?
What happened in the Ukraine that was a diaster?
Nicholas II became the last Russian czar in what year?
Who did czar believe anointed him ruler?
What was Hitler's political party called?
How many Germans died in WWI?
What is one effect of flooding in India?
What river was polluted with about 2 million tons of chemical and human waster?
An egg in a nest in a tree has what kind of energy?
A gallon of gasoline has what kind of energy?
The food you eat contains what kind of energy?
A person waiting to bungee jump has what kind of energy?
A pitcher throws a baseball. What kind of energy does the ball have?
What kind of energy does a skydiver have when his parachute opens?
What kind of energy does a light bulb have when you turn it on?
A person running a marathon is probably crazy. They also have what kind of energy?
A hunter with a crossbow is waiting for his shot. What kind of energy does his crossbow have?
You bake things in your oven using what kind of energy?
Energy that is stored in the bonds between atoms is
Energy that is stored in the nucleus of an atom is
A flashlight that hasn't been turned on has what kind of energy
A flashlight in use has what kind of energy?
Hitting someone with a flashlight demonstrates what kind of energy?
When one country takes control of another country making it a colony it is called ___________.
What is called when you have pride in your country?
What is having a strong effect on something or someone called?
When one country aggressively enters into another country it is called a(n) _____________.
What did Great Britain do the countries of the Middle east when it separated them?
What is the main part of something called?
Chemical or biological weapons that destroy lots of people at one time are called ______.
The taking away of something like diamond from the ground is called ____.
What did the United States do when they left Iraq?
What is it called when you receive a punishment for something that you have done?
In plants, the photosynthetic process takes place in what part of the leaf?
Located inside the chloroplast is an abundance of sac-like photosynthetic membranes called:
Thylakoids are interconnected and arranged in stacks called:
Located within the thylakoids are substances such as chlorophyll which have the ability to absorb light. Chlorophyll and other such substances are called:
In order for photosynthesis to begin plants use energy from the Sun to begin the process. What type of energy is this?
What pigment is located within the chloroplasts that absorbs the light energy from the Sun?
After absorbing light from the Sun, chlorophyll transfers a large fraction of that light energy in the form of:
By raising the energy levels of these electrons, the captured light energy can produce a steady supply of:
The high-energy electrons produced by the chlorophyll are highly reactive and require a special molecules called:
The electron carrier molecule NADP+ has the job of accepting and holding two high-energy electrons and a hydrogen ion which is then converted into:
What was the Election of 1860?
What was the Missouri Compromise?
Why was sharecropping and tenant farming bad for workers?
What group spread terror to African Americans throughout the South during Reconstruction?
What was the Atlanta Campaign?
Where was the Confederate prison camps located?
Who was the first woman to be in the U.S senate?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
You eat off of me and I rhyme with fish, what am I?
I purr alot and rhyme with rat, what am I?
You go to sleep in me and I rhyme with red, what am I?
You use a shovel to do this, I rhyme with pig. What is it?
You can have me on your birthday, I rhyme with bake. What am I?
You can find me on the beach, I rhyme with hand. What am I?
I fly fast in the sky, I rhyme with wet. What am I?
I rhyme with boat, what am I?
You wear me on your foot, I rhyme with a color, what am I?
I come from the sky and rhyme with pain, what am I?
I was a Constitutional Convention and spoke about limited power of government, against slavery and for a Bill of Rights.
I wrote the pamphlet Common Sense
I declared the British are Coming
I was an American painter.
I was king of England and demanded colonist pay our debt after the war with France.
I made the second attempt at settling in America. I went for supplies and when I returned my colony was \
I led troops during Revolution, survived Valley Forge, and presided over the Constitutional Convention.
I was a Quaker (Society of Friends) who established a settlement in Pennsylvania.
I was a French explorer looking for the Northwest Passage & traveled down the St. Lawrence River.
I disagreed with the Puritans, telling them to follow the Bible. I was banned and moved to Rhode Island.
I was the successful leader of Jamestown.I said
I was oldest delegate to the convention. I wrote poor Richard's Almanac.
I was the Father of the Declaration
I was the Father of the Constitution
I went against the Puritan leaders. I thought we should tolerate all religions.
I was an enslaved poet who wrote about African's natural rights.
I was part of the Great Awakining
I was a writer during the American Revolution and wrote about the history of this event.
I said give me liberty or give me death
I was the first governor of the Puritan Settlement. I was a member of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
I was looking for a route to Asia. I explored the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Rivers.
I founded Quebec. I was the first to reach one of the great lakes.
I am a person who searched for the fountain of youth and found Florida.
Came to America and brought diseases to America that killed many Native Americans.
Italian sailor who searched for Indies by sailing west. Queen Isabella of Spain paid for trip.
Spanish conquistador who over took Tenochtitlan and Montctezuma and the Aztec.
England hired me to find a shorter route to Asia. I found Newfoundland and the great fish areas.
I was the first person to see the Grand Canyon
We were the first explorers to reach North America and created settlements in Iceland and Greenland.
I am a Spanish conqueror who came to America in the 1500's
Delegates were sent to Philadelphia to discuss the Intolerable Acts. This meeting was called
This document was the first agreement about government in the U.S. by the Pilgrims
This is the first paragraph of the Constitution ( We the people of the United States...)
This document replaced the Articles of Confederation and made a stronger Central (Federal) Government
This document is known as the
This document stated the colonies wanted to be apart from the Great Britain
This was the government assembly of Jamestown which made laws for the colony
This the the first ten Amendments to the Constitution.
This document called for a weak central government after the Revolution.
This was an document that made colonists pay taxes to Britain and was part of the intolerable acts.
We received supplies and soldiers from France to help in this war.
This term means the Constitution protects individual rights
These are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
This term refers to a person who supported the American Revolution
This was the method hindered trade in America
This type of government allows powers to be seperated and leaders selected by voting
This is a responsibility
This was a colonist who supported Great Britain
A person who studies tools, bones, and remiand of ancient people
A special feast at which guests receive gifts
Which is NOT a country in South America?
What are paramilitaries?
Which sports are popular in this region?
This area is so diverse because people came from all of these continents except
What is the major religion in this area?
What are the large mountain regions in South America?
Most people live in the mountains because
The "Lost City of Gold" is
These countries all have a government similar to the United States except
What is a major reason for conflict in this area?
These are all natural resources in this region except
Parralel mountain ranges in the Andes are called
Which of these countries has a space program?
All of these languages are spoken in this area except
Which of thes are not an environmental problem in this region?
Who is a famous leader from Venezuela?
Who was forced into slavery by the Spanish to search for gold?
Terraced farming is
A place where plants and animals rely on each other for survival is known as an/a
What is Latin America?
What are llanos?
In the moview we watched, they could not find El Dorado for these reasons EXCEPT
A subsidence is
WHich country has it's people vote on each and every law that they create?
What are insurgents?
What country has CNN news been mentioning having a major conflict in their region?
What New York Knick point guard is making headlines for starring on his team after being cut by two other teams previously?
Which coin is the most expensive to make according to CNN news?
What is the name of the host of CNN News?
What grade should you hope to get on this test?
Who sent a guide for Dante's journey?
Dante faced what creatures when he reached the edge of the forest?
The place where those who wait to be judged is called
The boat man who carries the doomed souls into hell is named...
The sinners of lust were doomed to an eternity
Above the gates of hell there is a sign that said to Abandon All
Dante was filled with joy when Virgil called him...
The gluttons were in hell for their love of ...
The sinners who were in hell for love of money were called
The theme of the Divine Comedy is MOST likely
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Temporary accounts are “closed out” at the end of the year.
If Assets total $500,000 and Liabilities total $450,000, Owner’s Equity is $950,000.
If Assets total $500,000 and Liabilities total $450,000, Owner’s Equity is $50,000.
Revenues - Expenses = Owner’s Equity
A balance sheet shows the net income or loss of a business.
An income statement shows the assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity of a business.
For consideration to have “legally sufficient value,” it must con¬sist of goods or money.
A promise by one party to pay another for refraining from an act is enforceable.
A transaction that lacks a bargained-for exchange lacks an element of consideration.
Parties are not generally free to bargain as they wish.
Risks ordinarily assumed in business do not constitute consideration for the modification of a contract.
Rescission is the dissolution of a contract that returns the parties to the positions they held before the contract.
A promise to do what one already has a legal duty to do is legally sufficient consideration.
A promise to pay for an act that has yet to occur is unenforceable.
An illusory promise is a promise that is enforceable without consideration.
A covenant not to sue is against public policy.
The doctrine of promissory estoppel does not apply if there is a clear and definite promise.
Kelsey promises to pay Jon, her son, $15,000 if he obtains his degree at Ivy University, where he is currently in his second year. Jon graduates. Kelsey is
Jen questions whether there is consideration for her contract with Isaac to exchange her catering services for his payment of a certain amount. To constitute consideration, the value of whatever is exchanged must be
Under a contract with Bucolic Farms, Agro Excavation, Inc., begins digging an agricultural pond. In mid-project, Agro asks for $15,000 over the contract price, claiming an increase in the “cost of doing business.” Bucolic agrees but later refuses to
(CCC) begins building a restaurant for Diners Restaurants, Inc., but after two months demands an extra $100,000. Diners agrees to pay. If CCC offers no reason for the extra cash, but says that it will otherwise stop construction, the agreement is
If CCC offers, as a reason for the extra $100,000, that ordinary business expenses have increased, the agree¬ment is
If CCC offers, as a reason for the extra $100,000, that extraordinary unforeseen difficulties will add consid¬erable cost to the project, the agreement is
Homebuyers Mortgage Corporation’s promise to pay its employees a year-end bonus “if it seems like a good idea at the time” is
Herm promises to pay Nixie to work as an assistant buyer for his Organic Foods stores. Nixie agrees and quits her job with Pic-U Grocery, but Herm does not hire her. Herm is most likely liable to Nixie under
Cherry is injured in an accident caused by Bronco. Bronco agrees to pay Cherry $2,500 if she agrees to release him from further liability. Cherry agrees. If Cherry’s damages ultimately exceed $2,500, she can
Berkie’s bicycle is damaged in an accident caused by Imogene. Berkie agrees not to sue Imogene if she will pay for the damage. If she fails to pay, Berkie can bring an action for breach of contract. This is
Auto Body Repair Shop (ABRS) promises to pay Ben $1,000 a week to work for ABRS. Ben accepts and quits his job with Car Care Service. ABRS fails to provide a job for Ben. Ben has a cause of action based on
A woman running in a marathon requires a constant supply of oxygen to her muscles. Which cells carry oxygen to muscle tissue?
The three major parts of the circulatory system are the heart, the blood vessels, and the blood. The heart is an organ made of specialized cells. Which of these functions can the heart perform that individual cells cannot?
Many birds, such as the barn swallow, have hollow bones, while a few birds, such as the ostrich, have solid bones. Which best explains this adaptation that are seen in birds?
How do the gills of fish help their survival?
Which of the following adaptations helps birds fly?
Two body systems work together to help remove waste products from blood. What are these two systems?
The main function of the excretory system is to
The nervous system of the human organism is MOST like which cell organelle?
What is the major role of red blood cells in the circulatory system?
Ovaries produce and secrete hormones in addition to eggs. To what human body systems do ovaries belong?
The main function of the muscular system is
Which statement best describes the function of the respiratory system?
The largest human body organ, which regulates temperature and serves as a barrier against harmful microorganisms, belongs to the -
Which two body systems help the body to break down molecules and absorb nutrients, and exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide?
The human body has specialized organs which collect and process substances from the blood. The concentrated substances are then secreted as hormones to regulate body processes. These specialized organs are called-
Which science tool would be appropriate for the close observation of the inside of a bird bone?
What purpose does the xylem in a plant serve?
What two systems contain the alveoli and capillaries?
What process happens between the alveoli and capillaries?
What is the original source of O2 in the alveoli?
I have several _______ trees in my yard.
Please, put the book back in ________ place on the bookshelf when you are finished reading.
Can I have _______ more slice of pizza?
Can you please speak louder? I can hardly _______ you.
Since the Civil War the North and the South are now at _________.
I will meet you __________.
Your answer should be a ___________ number not a fraction.
Please look both ways before crossing the ___________.
I am going shopping. I will be back in an __________.
I've been waiting ________ for over an hour.
Would you like a _________ of cake?
Our dog dug a huge ________ in the backyard while we were at the beach.
________ almost time for lunch.
I always find dog _______ on my clothes.
My brother and I went to the movies while _______ parents stayed home.
Paul Revere _______ a horse to warn the colonists that the British were coming.
She _______ first place in the spelling bee at her school.
Many trees lose _______ leaves in the winter.
Who created the Rhode Island System?
Why was Lowell Mill unique?
Early mills were located rear _________
All of the following are true about life in the mills except:
The Industrial Revolution began in
The Industrial Revolution began in the U.S. after __________
The Industrial Revolution began because ___________.
Which of the following best describes the lives of factory workers?
Which Supreme Court case about steamboat rights gave the national government more power?
What did coal replace as the primary source of fuel on trains?
Steamboats and trains were new forms of ___________.
Which process was used to create steel for railroad tracks?
What is the vertex of 2X^2 + 8x - 2 ?
Which of the following polynomials is equivalent to 18x^2 - 19x - 12 ?
What is the vertex of -3x^2 + 6x - 1 ?
Which of the following polynomials is equivalent to 15x^2 - 13x + 2 ?
What is the vertex of -2x^2 + 8x - 2 ?
Which of the following is equivalent to 2x + 3y = 6 ?
What are the zeros of (x + 2)(x - 4) ?
What is the vertex of (x - 2)(x +2) ?
Which of the following polynomials is equivalent to 24x^2 - 10x + 1 ?
Which of the following polynomials is equivalent to 6x^2 - x - 2 ?
Which describes an ethnic group?
What is the sacred Hindu text?
What is the caste system?
Buddhism was founded in
Buddhism's founder was
Non-violently refusing to obey an unfair law is called ________ _________.
What are the KAMI that are so important in Shintoism?
What is the Golden Rule of Confucius?
Monotheism means ____________.
Loyalty to a group with whom one shares a common history, culture, or land is called _______
This important river in India is considered holy, but is polluted with sewage, dead animals, cremated human remains, and industrial waste.
This large inlet of water is east of India.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which Virginia court has originial jurisdiction for felonies?
What type of judge issue warrants, summons, and subponeas?
The main job of the judicial branch is to ______.
Mannie sued his neighbor for the damage her dog did to his fence. This is an example of a ___.
In which court is the decision always final?
A defendant enters a plea and gets an attorney during an ______.
Which federal court has a jury?
Which of the following is required for an arrest?
Which supreme court case established the idea of judicial review?
A state may not pass a law that goes against the _____.
The Supreme court determines the ____________________ of laws and government actions.
The constitutional protections against unfair government actions and laws is known as ____.
Which two amendments to the U.S. Constitution protect our due process rights?
If a law has been broken the case is considered to be a ____.
Which of the following courts hears cases dealing with juveniles?
The authority to hear a court case for the first time is known as ____.
The authority to hear a case that is on appeal is known as _____.
The United States has a _______ court system.
Which document establishes the organization and jurisdiction of the Virginia court system?
Which of the following is NOT a step in a criminal case?
Competition for food is another interaction that occurs among species. How does competition affect the competing species?
Barnecles are crustaceans. The barnacles are transported to new feeding grounds without affecting the whale. This process is an example of...
Which of the following abiotic factors is most likely to influence the makeup of an ecosystem?
Which of the following is the primary source of energy in the food web?
Few food chains have more than five levels. This is because....
Which of the following occurs during the composting process?
Which factor contributes the most to the stability of the biotic factors in an ecosystem?
Why wouldn't you expect to find woodpeckers in a grassland biome?
Which of the following is a valid hypothesis?
Which of the following tools would be the most useful in observing the craters on the moon?
matter that sinks to the bottom of water
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