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The president\'s official in charge of the natural resources of the nation is the:
How many terms may the president serve
What do the stars on the U.S. flag represent?
What do the stripes on the U.S. flag represent
How many amendments have been made to the United States Constitution?
How long is the president'sterm?
How many branches of government?
What is the age minimum for the president?
The president-elect assumes the duties of the office on
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I am sleepy
How old are Earth's oldest rocks?
What does the length of time it takes a layer of rock to form tell us about it?
During which time in Earth's history might glaciers like this have covered North America?
Which statement is TRUE about dunes?
Which areas of Earth's surface are likely places for earthquakes to occur?
Which of the following are processes that slowly change Earth's surface?
A fan shaped mass of mud and other sediment that forms where a river enters a large body of water is called a _____________. ?
What has happened to glaciers due to the most recent changes in Earth's climate?
What is the name of a large mass of moving ice that exists all year?
Which rock layer is the oldest?
Which of the following cause large-scale erosion and deposition?
What do the fossils in the layer and the position of the layer tell us about the rocks?
What can scientists find out about rocks and fossils using radioactive dating? Scientists can find the __________ of a rock.
Where does magma come near the surface or reach Earth's surface?
Which of the following is most true about what happens in a volcanic region?
What is deposition?
Which natural forces MOST shape Earth's surface?
Eroded materials accumulate as ____________.
What causes volcanoes to have both violent and gentle eruptions?
What is the process that causes rocks to fall from a cliff?
All county governments are the same.
Who is in charge of a county government?
Who is in charge of a city?
What type of city government has a mayor with limited power (the city council has executive powers)?
What type of city government has a mayor with executive and legislative powers?
What would be an example of a special purpose district?
What type of city government has a city manager who runs the day-to-day operations of the city?
In a council-manager form of government, who runs a city?
What is the name of a document that forms a city?
Where do local governments get most of their money?
The original colonies were organized into which of the following three regions:
How would you classify the relationship between England and the colonists?
What was the function of the Mayflower Compact of 1620?
The Boston Tea Party took place in which of the following regions
Multiple Causation is the idea that many things can cause something to happen. Which of the following is an example of multiple causation.
England borrowed money to pay for the French and Indian War. After the war was over, England had to figure out how to pay this money back. In order to pay back the money borrowed, England stopped using Salutary Neglect and started using _____________
There were many events which led up to the American Revolution. Which of the following is not an example of an event which led to the American Revolution?
The Battles of Lexington and Concord became known as this?
Which of the following was the final battle of the American Revolution.
The French and Indian War had many consequences. Which of the following is a consequence England faced as a result of the French and Indian War?
This slogan meant that colonists didn't want to pay taxes if they didn't get a say in government.
Which of the following BEST explains why tensions arose between the colonists and England?
Which of the following are the main crops of the southern colonies?
Why did the Battle of Saratoga become known as another watershed event?
Who was the leader of the Continental Army?
Natural rights are the things you are born with that no one should be able to take away. Which of the following is not an example of a natural right.
Give the main reasons for England not allowing the colonists to settle past the Appalachian Mountains.
In 1969 a new island was formed in the Atlantic Ocean. Which event is most likely responsible for suddenly creating new land?
What proof do scientists have that Earth was not always like it is today?
Rapid changes to Earth's surface are most likely caused by which of the following?
Where are rocks of different types and ages found?
Where is magma located
What happens to pockets of underground water when heated by magma in a volcano?
What happens to glaciers over thousands of years?
A volcanic eruption can be either _____________ .
What is used to date rocks, minerals, and fossils?
Where are volcanoes most likely to form?
What is the rapid shaking of the ground?
Where might you expect to find the most damage from an earthquake?
What are the main components of soil?
Recently a large tsunami hit an island in Indonesia, killing many people. What causes tsunamis?
The majority of volcanoes are located along tjhe Ring of Fire. What else is at these locations?
Where is the location of lava?
A deep valley carved by a fast flowing river is a __________________.
A hill of sand created by the wind is called a
Study of the moon, stars and other objects in space
the imaginary line that passes through Earth's center and the North and South poles
the spinning of Earth on its axis
the movement of one object around another
the path of an object as it revolves around another object in space
the two days of the year on which the sun reaches its greatest distance north or south of equator
the two days of the year on which neither hemisphere is tilted toward or away from the sun
a push or a pull
a force that moves rocks and other materials downhill; the force that pulls objects toward each other
every object in universe always attracts other objects
the amount of matter in an object
the force of gravity on an object
the tendency of an object to resist a change in motion
the scientific law that states that an object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will stay in motion with a constant speed and direction unless acted on by a force
What is an organ?
What is respiration?
How many organs are in the respiratory system?
What is a cell?
Why do we need oxygen?
A tissue is made of...
What part of the body cleans the air we breathe?
What organ is both in the respiratory and digestive system?
What is the job of the trachea?
What part of the respiratory exchanges gases with the blood?
2 x (4 x 5) = (2 x 4) x 5 demonstrates which of the following properties?
What is the first step in solving -2x + 5 = 11
What mathematical expression will predict the next number in the sequence? 4, 12, 36, ___
Solve. 3x + 10 = 17
Solve x/2 + 10 = 20
John and Ben go to see a movie. They spend $50. John spent $10 more than Ben. How much did Ben spend?
One thousand tickets were sold for the play. The total cost was $1850. If adult tickets were $2.00 and children's were $1.00, which shows the correct amount for each ticket?
Which property of multiplication is shown? t x 1 = t
Solve -5 - (-10) =
Which statement is equivalent to 3(x + 6) - 8
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
la bombilla
Voy a abrir la
Papa necesita un ? para la batidora eléctrica
El ? de Lisa tiene un grifo nuevo.
La ? de Coca-Cola está fría.
Juan necesita un ? para cocinar Spaghettios.
DNA ___________ is the process of making new copies of DNA
DNA __________ is the process of reading one DNA strand to make an RNA
_________ happens when a cell is getting ready to divide into two cells.
______ takes the information that's being stored in DNA and sends it out to the cell
Instead of thymine, RNA has the nitrogen base __________.
_______ is the formation of single, identical RNA from the two-stranded DNA.
In replication, the end result is two daughter strands of DNA, while in transcription, the end result is a ____.
In _______, a protein is made from the base pairs that make up RNA
Groups of 3 base pairs either adenine, guanine, cytosine or uracil combine in different sequences to make ____
If a DNA strand has a cytosine, which nitrogen base will pair with it when RNA is made?
¿A qué hora comen ustedes?
¿Cocina bien tu mamá?
¿Quién usa la batidora eléctrica?
¿Dónde aprendo yo a cocinar?
¿Quién camina mucho?
¿Quién escribe bien?
¿Quién lee muchos libros?
Eva (vivir) en el sótano de la casa.
Nora y Raúl (correr) todos los días.
Tú y yo (escribir) mucho.
When the moon is at full or new phases, the tidal current velocities are strong and are called
When the moon is at first or third quarter phases, tidal current velocities are weak and are called
Wave height is affected by...
Earth’s rotation causes air circulating in the atmosphere to deflect toward the right in the Northern Hemisphere and toward the left in the Southern Hemisphere.
The global-scale system of deep-ocean currents is sometimes...
The highest point of the wave above the line of origin.
The lowest point of the wave beneath the line of origin...
The distance measured from crest to crest of one complete wave or cycle is called...
What is the material through which a wave travels?
The height of the wave...
A group of organism of the same type or species, living together in the same area is called:
The process of transpiration returns water to the atmosphere this takes place in:
n organism which can not produce its own food is called:
An organism which can produce its own food is called:
What are biotic factors in an ecosystem?
In the process of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide and water in the presence of light become:
The way an organism disposes of water when they get overheated is called:
True or False? Plants that live in water are limited by the amounts of light, nutrients and oxygen.
When an organism is raised by foster parents, this symbiotic relationship is called:
Because of plants, the atmosphere contains _____________ so we can breathe!
How does a geologic cross section of the earth show rock layers from youngest to oldest?
Fossils are mostly found in what type of rock?
When observing a block of limestone, how can you tell where it was formed?
Dinosaurs lived during which ERA?
Which would be the least common fossil?
Carbon radioactive dating helps scientists to:
High pressure moving towards regions of low pressure produce
When comparing the other seven planets to Earth, Earth is unique in that it:
The air around a high pressure are rotates:
Out of three town, which is more likely to experience stormy weather?
The purpose of coordinating conjunctions is to:
Which of the following contains five coordinating conjunctions?
The purpose of subordinating conjunctions is to:
Which of the following contains five subordinating conjunctions?
What is a dependent clause?
Which contains both an independent clause and a dependent clause?
Which contains two independent clauses? I,cI
What is a independent clause?
To which sentence could you add a conjunctive adverb like however
What do we call a sentence with both dependent and independent clauses?
Of the three towns, which is more likely to experience dry weather?
Winds that blow clockwise out of a high pressure system create:
Which of these are a weather map symbol for a cold front?
Wind will usually move from ares of:
Cold fronts can generally usher in:
What of the following describe a stationary front on a weather map?
A station model tells us about the weather. It can measure the direction and ______ of wind as well.
Winds that blow northward along the coast of South Carolina and Florida are called:
Normal air flows around an area of high pressure in which direction?
If you see a cold front on the weather map, that means the area in front of it might experience:
Size of a wave depends on 3 things. What are they?
Tsunamis are caused by...
What are 2 types of currents? & How do they affect climate of the world?
What are The Global Conveyor Belt...
When springs tides occur they have the ___________ tidal ranges which means...
Tidal waves influenced by the Coriolis effect because a large volume of water moves with the waves. They move? around in the Northern Hemisphere, and ?around the in the Southern H
As moon orbits earth about once a month, every 2 weeks the moon and sun line up as it is a full and new moon)
The force of attraction between any two objects in the universe.
The daily rise and fall of the water level at the shoreline caused primarily...
Why do waves increase in height as they approach the shore?
How would California be different if there were no California Current?
How often do tides rise and fall?
The Bay of Fundy has the greatest tidal ranges on Earth. What can you infer about the Bay of Fundy?
What are three factors that control DEEP currents?
Why do the majority of tsunamis occur in the Pacific Ocean?
You are floating on the ocean 1 km from shore, which is north of you. A surface current is flowing east. Are you more likely to travel north with the waves toward the shore or east
Ocean currents flow from east to west near the...
As water gets denser, how does it move?
The two main PARTS of a wave are the...
As energy moves in waves through the water, the water moves...
Answers by Educators Question Database
The molecules in a _____are very close together.
The molecules in a _____ are not packed as tightly together, allowing for some movement.
The molecules in a _____ are far apart and move about freely.
The holes in the filter which allow materials to pass through are called _______.
A sieve or a colander can be used to _________ items from a mixture.
__________ cannot be used to separate items of the same size.
This name is given to any substance in which another substance is dissolved.
This is used to separate mixtures by passing a solution over a solid film or powder.
_____ occurs when a liquid turns into a gas and escapes into the air.
______ can be used to separate two or more items of different sizes.
In chromatography, ink colors separate, with the fastest moving dyes appearing at the ________ of the test strip.
When molecules exist in the gaseous state, they _______.
Molecules in a solid state ______.
A separation method to separate sand from rocks could be.
What is the amount of the Earth's surface that is covered in desert?
The largest desert in the world is a polar desert.
The Sahara is the hottest and largest desert in the world.
Which of the following is NOT an example of an adaptation that allows plants to survive in the desert?
What is the term for a creek or river bed that is dry almost the entire year, except for the rainy season?
Where is the Sahara desert located?
During the day in a desert, temperature are very hot. What is the temperature like during the night?
Dry lake beds, like those in Death Valley, can hold water after a rainfall. These dry lakes are known as
Some wildflowers remain dormant in the desert soil, until after a heavy rainfall. These wildflowers are called
Which is the best description of a succulent plant?
What is an alluvial fan?
In all compound except when combined with F or in a peroxide O has an oxidation number of
A pure element (not in combination) will have an oxidation number of
The sum of the oxidation numbers of all atoms in a netrual compound is
If an atom gives up two electrons it becomes an ion with a charge of
When hydrogen combines with a metal, the oxidation number of hydrogen is
When an atom gains an electron what has taken place?
In the compound CaO if O has an oxidation number of -2 what is the oxidation number of Ca?
If H has an oxidation number of +1 and S has an oxidation number of-2 what will be the correct chemical formula for a compound containing only those two elements?
All elements in Group 1 of the periodic table have an oxidation number of
In a compound where elements gain or loss electrons a ____________________ bond is formed.
This source of finance is used when buying property.
This source of finance may cause arguments with relatives if not repaid
This source of finance means you have spent more more than you have available.
This source of finance can be obtained from council or business start up organisations and doesn't need to be repaid.
This source of finance means you know your monthly repayments (including interest) and repaid within a year. This allows you to budget your money.
This source of finance means the owner may not have emergency funds if this money is used.
Which of the following would require no paper work to be filled in to request money.?
Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of a mortgage
This source of finance would be used in an emergency as interest rates are high.
Which of the following sources of finance may not require to be repaid
The Three branches of government are
A Republic is a type of government in which
The division of power between state and national government is known as
Which document is the first plan of government for a newly formed United States
A document used for organizing and operating a government
Delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 agreed to the 3/5ths compromise as a way to
The Preamble of the United States Constitution says that the power to govern originates with the
Which statement illustrates the system of checks and balances at work?
Delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 wrote a new constitution because
By which process can the United States Constitution be changed?
At the Constitutional Convention, the Great Compromise settled the dispute over
The distance a number is from zero is the __________.
The average of the absolute deviations is the __________.
The distance a number is from zero is the ________.
Numbers that split data into fourths are called _________.
The difference between the first quartile and the third quartile is the __________.
A graph that displays data using the 5 number summary is a __________.
a number in a data set that is significantly lesser or greater than the other numbers is an ___________.
Which of these is NOT one of the 5 Number Summary?
The absolute value of each deviation is the _______.
Another term for line plot is a _________.
Le corbeau (is hungry)
Il ( is 15 years old)
She is crazy
Le drapeau francais est:
He lifts the desk
She waits
He hides
3 objets de la classe
Quel temps fait-il l'hiver?
Yuck! Aujourd'hui il fait
He is hot
The bird is to the right of the chair
Il raconte
Le renard attrappe
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Tectonic plates consist of...
Which of the following is most responsible for the formation of new crust at the edge of a tectonic plate?
The breakdown of rocks into smaller pieces by physical means such as frost wedging...
In which of the following CLIMATE would you expect to find the FASTEST rate of CHEMICAL weathering?
Which of the following statements describes how a rock CHANGES after it has been in a RIVER like the Chattahoochee for a long time?
Solutions of water chemically BREAK down rock SLOWLY over time because...
Which single source of freshwater represents the largest volume of freshwater worldwide that is EASILY available for use by humans?
How do you determine the hardness of a mineral?
Volcanic activity on Earth’s surface most likely results in the formation of
Which of the following best describes the process responsible for the
What force do animals in the deep ocean experience?
If animals have a symbiotic relationship, what does that mean?
Which adaptation helps elk survive in the taiga?
Where do carnivores get their energy?
What trees grow well in the wet, cool climate?
When decomposers break down dead organisms, what is given off?
In an energy pyramid, where is the greatest amount of energy?
What will enable a tree to survive when others might not?
If insects are killed, what will happen to the birds that eat them?
Which organisms break down waste and dead matter?
__________ is the exclusive right to make and use literary, musical, or artistic work, which is considered intellectual property.
A(n) ____________________ is a collection of multimedia files that can be downloaded from the Internet to a mobile device or personal computer.
Which symbol is considered a wildcard character?
Which question would you ask if you were evaluating the validity and bias of a Web site?
If you want to search for words that appear next to each other, which is your best choice?
When searching online, one of the primary tools you can use to find information is a(n) ____.
Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn are examples of ____.
If Chandler did not give proper credit for the information included in his paper, it could be considered ____.
If you are asking whether the purpose of the Web site is stated and if the information is accurate, which criteria are you evaluating?
Certain material is considered to be in the public domain when ____.
A story that has a hero who is going on quests is probably a...
A story that has talking animals that teach a lesson is probably a...
A story that has gods and goddesses and that tells how something came to be...
A story with a larger than life hero that is set on the American Frontier is probably a...
Paul Bunyan is a...
The Odyssesy, about King Odysseus and the cyclops...
The Tortoise and the Hare...
All folk tales are passed from
All folk tales tell you about the values of
If folk tales represent ice cream, then Epics would be..
“cookies AND recipes AND chocolate NOT coconut”
“baseball cards”, “Mickey Mantle”
“I* Suzuki”
Internet Tutorials
A(n) ____________________ is a collaborative Web site that can be edited by anyone with access.
A(n) ____________________ is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content.
A company’s logo or other graphic information may be protected as a(n) ____________________, which specifically relates to visual or commercial images.
A(n) ____________________ is a collection of multimedia files that can be downloaded from the Internet to a mobile device or personal computer.
__________ is the exclusive right to make and use literary, musical, or artistic work, which is considered intellectual property.
Which of the following is an example of assonance?
Which of the following is an example of consonance?
Which of the following is NOT an example of onomatopoeia?
Which of the following is the best example of alliteration?
What term describes a PATTERN of poetic lines with similar endings?
Which of the of the following was an example of repetition in class?
What is the term for the speaker's attitude towards the topic?
What is the term for the emotional effect the speaker wishes to create within the poem?
Which of the following is most characteristic of a ballad?
Which of the following pairs is an example of near rhyme?
Silly Sally sat so sadly by the seashore. This is an example of
In the sentence (The fast and furious rocketship rapidly flew to Mars.) the verb is
The sentence, (Jerry ate like a lion.) This is an example of
"When the lumberjack sawed through the tree trunk, it came down with a loud crash. The word CRASH in this sentence is an example of:
Soldiers are brave people. This is an example of:
It was a sunny day, and there wasn't a cloud in the azure sky. In this sentence, the word AZURE probably means.
Put the correct punctuation mark --- Where can I find the cafeteria ( )
Put the correct punctuation mark --- She's so sweet ( )
Abraham Lincoln's birthday was on February 12 --- This is a
Islands of adventure is a blast. The Hulk ride is a fast roller coaster with a steep drop. Dualing Dragons has many twist and turns. You'll love it --- The author's purpose is to
Tom had 56 books and 7 shelves on his bookshelf. He wanted to place an equal amount of books on each shelf. How many books could he place on each shelf?
Tony walks 3 blocks to school and back every day from Monday to Friday. How many blocks does Tony walk altogether?
Jack eats 6 apples in a week. Jim eats half as many apples as Jack. How many appleas does Jim eat?
John is building a fence around his pool. The pool is 25 feet wide and 10 feet long. How much fencing will he need?
Mario is buying grass for his backyard. His yard is 20 meters wide and 30 meters long. What is the AREA of the yard?
Tomas is 12 years old. His little brother Jose is 1/3 as old as Tomas. How old is Jose?
Rewrite as a mixed number 45/8
Rewrite as an improper fraction -- 9 3/5
Simplify this fraction -- 48/96
Estimate the product of 128 and 270 -- Hint -- to estimate, round the digit on the left first.
Convert to a decimal 1/3
Convert to a decimal 5/10
simiplify this fraction 25/100
Write as a percent -- 2/3
Write as a decimal 20/25
Write as a decimal 15/25
Write as a decimal 3/4
Write as a decimal 33/44
Write as a decimal 1 5/15
Tony ate 1/4 of the pretzels from the bag. What percentage of pretzels are left in the bag?
Igneous rock that cools very quickly when it forms may have a texture that is
When all the grains in a rock are large and easy to see, the rock is described as
Rock that forms from the cooling of magma below the surface or lava at the surface is called
Where does most metamorphic rock form?
Igneous rock that formed from lava that erupted onto Earth’s surface is called
The most abundant intrusive rock in the continental crust is
Which igneous rock has large crystals surrounded by smaller crystals?
The process by which sediment settles out of the water or wind carrying it is
To describe a rock’s texture, geologists determine
A sedimentary rock made up of rock fragments with rounded edges is called
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the end product of photosynthesis?
Gymnosperms are
Which is NOT an obstacle to reproduction for angiosperms
The male part of the flower is the
Keyboards, scanners, and microphones are examples of:
Another word for software is:
Using the analogy of a book when talking about a computer, the pages and ink of the book would be like the ____________ of a computer.
After writing an algorithm for solving a problem very plainly, the next step would be to rewrite the steps in:
What process involves running systematic test, debugging, and beta testing?
Word processors and database systems are types of :
__________ software includes authoring, animation, music, and virtual reality.
Which task can you perform in the Word Options dialog box?
Which of the following is not a category of system software?
Which of the following is not an operating system?
there are ________ categories of system software.
A disk derangementer is an example of a(n)
Many companies, government organizations, and educational institutions purchase a _______ .
______ is a recently developed software delivery method where an application is licensed for use as a service.
Which software modification generally involves radical changes to the product?
Software piracy is
What word means relating to the earliest ages; primitive
What word means capable of being perceived by the senses?
What word means mixed together?
What word means hidden?
What word means plea?
What word means pretended?
What word means causing or intending harm?
What word means noticable?
What word means intimidated?
What word means made evident or obvious?
Which owners were heavily packed and inexperienced?
Who kidnapped Buck?
What was the team like when Spitz was leader?
Who was Buck's first master?
What dog did Buck assist in killing?
Towards the end of the book, what animal did Buck kill while away from camp?
To what extent does the author ANTHROPOMORPHIZE Buck?
What are some Rising Actions in The Call of the Wild?
What is the climax of The Call of the Wild?
What are some falling actions for The Call of the Wild
The daffodils nodded their yellow heads at the people walking by. What is being personified in this statement?
The daffodils nodded their yellow heads at the people walking by. Whta human characteristic are the daffodils given?
The snow whispered as it drifted to the ground in the early morning hours. What is being personified in this statement?
The snow whispered as it drifted to the ground in the early morning hours. What human characteristic is the snow given?
When a non-human object is given human characteristics, what is it called?
The moon winked a gentle goodnight. What is being personified in this statement?
The volcano belched smoke and ash. What is being personified in this statement?
The moon winked a gentle goodnight. What human characteristic is the moon given that personifies it?
The volcano belched smoke and ash. What human characteristic is the moon given that personifies it?
What does the non-human object have to eb given in the statement for it to be personified?
Which of the following is a characteristic of an effective marketing report:
Stephanie has completed a market-research project to identify changing consumer trends that will affect her company and its market position. She has learned many interesting demographic trends occurring in the population. What type of data should she
What part of a marketing-research report would be mentioned only briefly in an oral presentation?
Copies of questionnaires, interview forms, and other technical documents are often included in what part of a marketing report?
When writing marketing reports, researchers should make sure that they include a section about
One of the main portions of a marketing report describes the research methods and the
An effective method of presenting complex report findings and recommendations to a large group of managers involves the use of
What type of sponsorship objective involves bartering for goods and services?
Wheelz wants to market its product line of in-line skates to young males under the age of 35. Which of the following sponsorship opportunities would best attract the exposure the company seeks on a very limited budget:
Obtaining the right to name a sport or entertainment event is often one of the objectives of a(n)
Which of the following would an event marketer most probably contact when seeking sponsorship for an upcoming auto race:
Sport/Event marketers often identify the sponsorship potential of a specific business by researching the company's sponsorship history and understanding its
Why should sport/event marketers develop proof-of-performance packages for sponsors?
Taco Bell doesn't want its message to get lost among the messages of your team's other sponsors, so you offer to name the pregame show The Taco Bell Pregame Report. This benefit is called
Your hockey team receives free skates from Nike as part of Nike's payment of its sponsorship fee. This arrangement is known as
A salesperson says to a potential client, The arena's luxury boxes have plenty of space to entertain your business clients, and our catering staff can help you plan your menu needs for game-day festivities. What is the salesperson doing in this situa
Which of the following is the first step in a sponsorship presentation:
What is the best way to present your proposal to potential sponsor companies?
Bank of America is the only bank affiliated with your sport/event organization. This benefit is called
When writing a proposal for a potential sponsor, sport/event marketers should clearly emphasize sponsorship value and:
line segment
Mixtures can be separated by filtration, evaporation, or ___________.
____________ is used to separate smaller things from larger things
_________ can be used to separate molecules that evaporate from molecules that don't evaporate.
T/F Chromatography can be used to separate different colors in ink.
There are __________ states of matter.
The states of matter include:
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The sedimentary rock formed when water deposits tiny particles of clay in very thin, flat layers is called
Chalk formed from sediments made of skeletons of microscopic living things in the ocean must be a(n)
What forms the structure called a coral reef?
What happens to a coral reef if the sea level rises or if the sea floor sinks?
Over time, coral buried by sediments can turn into
Because plate movements have raised ancient sea floors above sea level,
Heat and pressure deep beneath Earth’s surface can change any rock into
The heat that changes a rock into metamorphic rock comes from
Geologists classify metamorphic rock according to
The texture of a metamorphic rock that has grains arranged in parallel layers is described as
Metamorphic rocks that are nonfoliated
A series of processes on Earth’s surface and in the crust and mantle that slowly changes rocks from one kind to another is called
Which of the following is NOT one of the possible stages in the rock cycle?
The sedimentary rock breccia is made up of
What step in the rock cycle would be required to change granite into sandstone?
What are the two most useful metamorphic rocks?
Erosion on a mountain range that was pushed up as a result of two continental plates colliding will lead to the formation of
During the rock cycle, a collision between two continental plates could force one plate down toward the heat of the mantle, producing
The process in which dissolved minerals crystallize and glue particles of sediment together is
Generally, a rock is made up of
Find the perimeter of a quadrilateral with a length of 12 and a width of 14
Find the area of a square with a side measuring 8
Find the area of a trapezoid with a height of 10 and the top 4, the bottom 6.
Find the area of a triangle with a base of 14 and a height of 5
What is the perimeter of a triangle with sides 10, 14, and 20
Find the area of a triangle with a base of 20 and a height of 15
Find the area of a trapezoid with a height of 30 and a top of 6 and a bottom of 15
Find the perimeter of a square with one side equalling 7
Find the area of a rectangle with length of 5 and width of 12
Find the perimeter of a triangle with sides 5, 12, and 30
Combining democratic government with a socialist economy is called a dictatorship.
A democracy governs the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.
Capitalism is the economic model in which the factors of production are owned by individuals.
The state is the primary political authority in society.
A partnership is a business organization owned by stockholders.
Emotional support involves helping people accept disappointment, suffering and deprivation.
Social control involves strengthening the bonds among people.
Social cohesion involves an emphasis on conformity to the exisitng order.
Power legimitated by long-standing custom is
All of the following are functions of religion except
What is a constitution?
What is a constitutional government?
What is higher law?
What is private domain?
What is the difference between a constitutional government and an autocratic government?
What is a bill?
How does separation of powers work?
How does a system of checks and balances work?
The Legislative branch has the power to:
What is popular sovereignty?
Where does most of the story take place?
How does Macbeth become the Thane of Cawdor?
Which answer is NOT one of the predictions made by the witches?
What does Lady Macbeth want to do when King Duncan visits?
What did Macbeth do after he hallucinated about the bloody dagger?
How did Lady Macbeth help Macbeth after he killed King Duncan?
Why did Macbeth believe that he needed to kill Banquo?
What was Macbeth seeing in his hallinations at the party?
Who was murdered at Macduff's castle?
How did the woods move?
Large sections of the earth with same temperature and humidity
Warm air mass overtakes cold air mass
Cold air mass overtakes warm air mass
Large, tropical cyclone with heavy rains and winds
Boundary between two air masses not moving in relation to each other
Along a cold front, the warmer, less dense air
At the seashore late in the afternoon on a hot, sunny day, a person often feels a strong breeze coming in from the ocean. Which of the following is the reason for the breeze?
When the jet stream moves south, how will the weather change?
As a hurricane comes ashore and moves over land, it gets
The most important way that surface ocean currents affect climate is by
What is legislative supremacy
Massachusetts was the last state to write its constitution. What made it different?
What is a veto
What was the Virginia Declaration of Rights
What was our nation's first constitution
How did the Articles of Confederation organize the national government?
What did our nation achieve under the Articles of Confederation
What problems did our country experience under the Articles of Confederation?
What was Shay's Rebellion
What is a delegate?
What rules did the Framers establish for the Constitutional Convention?
What basic ideas about government did the Framers agree should be included in a new constitution?
The Virginia Plan:
Proportional Representation means
Equal representation means
How did the Great Compromise solve the problem of representation?
What is the three fifths clause?
What is the fugitive slave clause
The executive branch has the power
The judicial branch
What are materials that allow charged particles to move through easily?
A built up electic charge is called
When like charges come together they:
What are the types of charges?
When two objects repel what type of charge is there?
When you flip on a light switch what happens?
When parts of a circuit connect with no openings
What do you need to complete a simple circuit?
Christmas lights are an example of what?
Rubber is a great
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When was the Cold War?
What were the two superpowers during the Cold War?
What does EEC stand for?
What are the Geneva Accords?
What was the goal for the EEC?
About how far away were the Soviet missiles from the coast of Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
What were Gorbachev's policies to change the Soviet Union's economy and government?
Who wanted to use atomic bombs to end the Korean War?
Vietnam is part of what continent?
What policy was used to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis?
What country did the US try to help regain Vientnam during the Cold War?
What type of government did South Korea have?
What was the outcome of the Korean War?
Where was the city of Berlin located?
What is containment?
What is the Marshall Plan?
What is a Hot War?
What is a Cold War?
During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet Union was threatening to do what?
What were the three anti-communist alliances during the Cold War?
_________ is an object whose gravity is so strong that nothing can escape it.
A huge group of single stars, star systems, star clusters, dust and gas bound together by gravity are
The sun is part of a ______ galaxy.
The most massive stars collapse to from _______ when they die.
Astronomers typically measure the distance to stars in
Why are many large optical telescopes located on mountains?
The solar system was formed from
A star is born when
The Milky Way galaxy is an example of a(n)
What color are the coolest stars?
The moon is _________ the diameter of Earth.
Why do stars appear to shift position in the sky from night to night?
Pieces of rock and iron that enter earth’s atmosphere are called _______.
Which planet has the most moons?
When the moon goes through earth’s shadow a ________ occurs.
Besides Earth, where have scientists found evidence that liquid water once existed?
__________ are used to determine the chemical composition of stars.
Why is there no atmosphere on the moon?
Which planet has the great red spot?
What is located between Mars and Jupiter?
The ______ ______ divided Eastern and Western Europe.
Who was the President at the beginning of the Cold War?
Before the Truman Doctrine, the US was a ______ ______.
The Berlin Wall was taken down in ______.
The ______ ______ was a massive attack that ended the Vietnam War.
______ ______ created alliances with the communist Soviet Union.
______ ______ created alliances with the democratic US.
Who one the Korean War?
South Korea was controlled by ______.
North Korea was controlled by ______.
What were the two most significant Western European allies to the US?
President Truman vowed to contain what?
After the Truman Doctrine, the US was the ______ ______.
Who were the Vietcong?
Who was the US President during the end of the Vietnam War?
What was Stalin's agreement after World War Two?
In what year did the Cold War begin?
In what year did the Cold War end?
Where was Korea divided after the Korean War?
What was the purpose of the Truman Doctrine?
Define deleterious
Define demagogue
Define digression
Define diligent
Define discredit
Define disdain
Define divergent
Define empathy
Define emulate
Define enervating
Define assaine
In many nuclear-powered electrical power plants, the original energy comes from _______________.
kinetic energy depends on _____________.
In a coal fired electrical power plant, the original form of energy is ___________.
At what point does a roller coaster have the greatest potential energy?
When you turn on a light bulb, you convert __________________________.
When one object does work on another, energy is ___________________.
Because work and energy are so closely related, they are both expressed in ______________.
During photosynthesis, plants ____________.
Machines can _______________.
What is the most accurate relationship between enegy and power?
How often does earth have a leap year?
_____ are made of pieces of dust or ice.
The two forces that keep planets in orbit around the sun are ____ and ____.
The moon will complete a revolution around the Earth in _____
How are the moon, sun, and earth lined up for a solar eclipse?
____ are leftover pieces of rock fragments that did not come together to form a planet.
What would have to happen to slow down the length of a day on Earth?
Which type of galaxy has a central bulge and curved arms?
The tilt of the Earth is ____ degrees.
If the tilt of the Earth were ___ degrees there would be no seasons.
What is energy
I use sunlight and make my own food. I am a...
Which is NOT a way plants overcome living on land.
What is a reactant in respiration?
ATP is used as fuel in the ________ stage.
ATP stands for...
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
el sótano
el comedor
la escalera
el dormitorio
la cocina
la ventana
el techo
el baño
la sala
el garaje
Ripping a piece of paper is a ...
Burning a log of wood is a...
Breaking glass is a ...
Inflating a beach ball (blowing it up) is a....
A car getting rusy is a....
A cloud forming in the sky is a...
Gasoline running a car and making pollution is a...
Baking a cake is a....
Frying an egg is a ....
Chopping wood is a ...
Jack wanted to go swimming, but his wife wanted to go shopping.
Although it was pouring down rain, the boys ran outside to play
Cinderella and Snow White are two princesses created by Walt Disney.
Her son studies History; her daughter majors in Chemistry.
The girl ran sobbing into the bathroom and locked the door.
Some say my son is annoying, but I love him anyway.
When I saw what you had done, I was sad.
The gusts of wind made the rain come down sideways.
The cat pranced through the house like he owned it.
Because you are my friend, I will tell you that you have food in your teeth.
Land area that collects and channels water from a smaller body of water to a larger body of water.
Living things (Examples: fish, plants, and humans)
Nonliving things (Examples: water, air, and temperature)
a continuous ridge that separates a watershed (like a mountain). 
The shape of the land determined by the elevation and natural or man-made (map with curved lines). 
Cause of the flow of water in a watershed
The wearing down or washing away of soil and land surface by the action of wind, water or ice.
The accumulation of bits of sand, pebbles or other materials deposited by physical or chemical weathering.
Precipitation that flows over the land to streams, rivers and lakes. This is the LEADING source of water quality problem in the U.S.
One way to stop erosion – using plastic and then rocks to hold the plastic down.
What is technology?
What is navigation?
What is an expedition?
What is an empire?
What is an entrepreneur?
What is cost?
What is a benefit?
What is a reconquista?
What is an isthmus?
What is a treaty?
What is a grant?
What is a conquistador?
What is reform?
What is reformation?
What is Counter-Reformation?
What is a missionary?
What is the Northwest Passage?
What is mutiny?
free question
free question
Which of the following is considered to be a renewable energy source?
In which direction does a continental polar air mass travel across the USA?
Which form of energy comes from non-renewable resources?
Which source of energy creates the most pollution?
The Coriolis effect is caused by:
Which resource is commonly mined Virginia?
The Earth\'s rotation is caused by the:
The red H on a weather map is a symbol that means:
The blue L on a weather map is a symbol that means:
Maritime tropical air masses are usually found in the area of:
When an animal species no longer exists, this is called:
When humans intentionally kill animals, destroy forests and pollute, these activities will cause organisms to:
The formula for photosynthesis states that carbon and water, along with sunlight, produce oxygen and what else?
When an organism changes because of its surroundings, this process is called:
The major characteristic of all natural resources is:
In a food web, when an arrow is pointed at an animal, this represents:
Organisms who adapt better in their environment are more likely to reproduce. This process is called:
The bottom level of an energy pyramid represents the:
The biome that has the largest number of species diversity is the:
In the symbiotic relationship of parasitism, one species is helped and the other is:
The carbon cycle is the movement of carbon on Earth by the processes of --- and ---.
Oxygen is a gas produced by --- and used by ---.
Carbon dioxide is a gas produced by --- and used by ---.
Respiration is the process by which animals use --- and make ---.
Photosynthesis is the process by which --- make ---.
Plants require ---, ---, and --- for photosynthesis.
People and animals exhale --- during ---.
Planting large numbers of trees results in ---.
If there is a fire in the forest, there will be less --- in the environment.
What waste product released during the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle is necessary for the survival of animals?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Yo prefiero que la pensión _______________ aire acondicionado.
Nosotros queremos que la profesora _________________ la reserva.
Ojalá que la calefacción _______________ bien.
La profesora prefiere que los maleteros ______________ las maletas.
Nadie desea que nosotros ________________ en una pensión sin electricidad.
Algunos estudiantes insisten en que las habitaciones _______________ grandes.
Deseo que mis padres me ________________ dinero para hospedarme en un hotel lujoso.
__________________ que tú me acompañes al aeropuerto.
Nosotros _________________en que los huéspedes visiten la Plaza de la Cibeles.
Tú _________________ que yo ponga un espejo en el baño.
Los papás___________________ que los niños __________________ toda la ropa en el armario.
Tú _________________ que ___________________ una cocina grande.
Ojalá que tú _________________ más sobre España que la información básica.
La habitación es pequeña. Esperamos que usted__________________ cómoda.
¿_______________ tú que yo ________________ al Parque del Retiro?
What is the charge and location of a proton?
What is the charge and location of a neutron?
What is the charge and location of an electron?
Protons and Neutrons have a mass of _________.
An electron has a mass of _______________.
What determines the identity of an element?
The atomic number of the periodic table tells you the number of _________.
What two things are added together to determine the atomic mass of an element?
Which element has luster, is a good conductor or heat and electricity, and is malleable?
Which element has the following properties: a poor conductor, brittle, and dull?
All metals on the periodic table are found _________.
Where are nonmetals found on the periodic table?
What type of element is found along the zigzag (stair step ) line on the periodic table?
A period on the periodic table _________
Elements in the same period ___________ share similar properties.
A group or family on the periodic table _________
Elements in the same group/family share ________
Group 18 on the periodic table is called?
How many valence electrons do the Noble Gases have?
Where are valence electrons found?
Which molecule supplies the energy for cellular functions?
Which of the following gases do plants use in photosynthesis?
Which of the following is broken down in the body to release energy
Which of the following processes allows the cells of an organism to use carbon from the environment
The first stage of photosynthesis in a chloroplast is
In aerobic respiration, the Kerbs cycle (citric acid cycle) takes place in
In which part of a plant does photosynthesis take place in?
Through cell respiration, plants get energy from glucose. The energy stored in glucos originally came from
The process of cellular respiration occurs in
In the oxygen cycle, which group of organisms replenishes a large portion of the atmospheric oxygen supply?
Which two processes both increase the amount of carbon dioxide in he atmosphere?
Which of the following materials are direct products of photosynthesis
Both photosynthesis and cellular respiration involve all of the following except
The function of the mitochondria is
Which of the following are products of cellular respiration?
Which of the following processes produce the most ATP per molecule of glucose oxidized?
Muscle soreness associated with strenuous exercise is partly due to...
Which reaction of cellular respiration occurs in the cytoplasm of the eukaryotic cell?
Photosynthesis is comprised of two different reactions called the...
Cellular Respiration converts_______energy into_______energy.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Who kills Macbeth
Whom does Lady Macbeth frame for the murder of Duncan
Who kills Banquo
Who is outraged at the discovery of King Duncan's body
Which nations army invades Scotland at the end of the play?
What happenes to Lady Macbeth befores she dies
Who flees Scotland immediately after King Duncan's death
After the first battle, what title does King Duncan give to Macbeth
Who kills Lady Macbeth
Who leaves Scotland to go get Malcolm
What is the end of the large intestine where waste material is eliminated by the body?
What is the process by which the body breaks down food into small nutrient molecules?
What is the muscular opening at the end of the rectum through which waste material is eliminated from the body?
What is the fluid released when the mouth waters that plays an important role in both mechanical and chemical digestion?
What is the last section of the digestive system, where water is absorbed into the bloodstream and remaining material is eliminated?
What is the process by which nutrient molecules pass through the wall of the digestive system into the blood?
What are the tiny finger shaped structures that cover the inner surface of the small intestine and provide a large surface area?
What is the protein that speeds up chemical reactions in the body?
What is the triangular organ that lies between the stomach and small intestine?
What is the flap of tissue that seals off the wind pipe and prevents food from entering in?
A full moon occurs:
A New Moon occurs when:
A waning gibbous is when the moon:
During the first quarter, you can see:
During a waning crescent, illumination of the moon is:
Explosive impacts have caused many of these holes on the moon
During a waxing crescent, illumination of the moon is:
When does an eclipse occur:
What vocabulary word could have been the substitle for Transformers 3
The moon goes through its entire process of phases each time it:
In gel electrophoresis, how do we make the DNA migrate through the gel?
In gel electrophoresis, what does the gel act like?
What do we use to cut the DNA before gel electrophoresis?
Which is NOT a reason for using gel electrophoresis?
If we have a baby, and we know who the mother is but we want to determine the father using gel electrophoresis, how will we know we have found the father?
Which is a true statement about a tRNA molecule?
Which is a false statement about an mRNA molecule?
Where does transcription take place?
Where does translation take place?
What is the main purpose of the ribosome in translation?
What tool made it possible to discovery additional planets?
What is the most useful unit for measuring distances within the solar system?
The time an object takes to revolve around the sun once
What type of rotational spin does a planet or moon have that rotates counterclockwise?
What type of planet is one that is dense and rocky like Earth?
What is the amount of time that an object takes to rotate once called?
What kind of rotational spin causes the sun to appear to rise in the west and set in the east?
What is a common method for scientists to measure distances witihin the solar system called?
What is the next planet moving outward from the sun after Saturn?
How do the inner planets differ from the outer planets?
What is the purpose of RNA polymerase in transcription?
If you were given a DNA segment ACG, what would the complementary mRNA strand look like?
What type of bond forms between two amino acids?
Which of these choices does NOT affect the function of the final protein?
Where does the mRNA go after it leaves the nucleus? Why?
If our codon reads GUG, what amino acid would join the chain?
If one of our amino acids was changed in our protein molecule, what might happen to the function of the protein? Why?
What is the function of the last codon in the mRNA sequence?
Which enzyme is not used during the process of protein synthesis?
What is the function of a gene?
Spongebob paid $50 to become a member of the sea museum. Each time he visited the museum he had to paid a fee of $7. Which expression represents the total fees he paid?
At a bus stop 5 people (P) got off a bus and 7 people got on. Which expression represents the number of people left on the bus?
When a train (T) stopped at a station 8 people got off the train and 6 people got on. Which expression represents the number of people on the train when it left the station?
Shaggy has two dogs named Scooby and Scrabby. Scrabby weighs half as much as Scooby. If Scooby weighs 60 pounds, how much does Scrabby weigh?
Mr. Smart E. Pants bought books (B) for his class. Each book cost $8. He gave the cashier $60 to pay for the books. Which expression represents the change he received?
Homer Simpson loves to play X-box. Homer plays for 12 hours a day. Bart play 1/4 the hours Homer plays. How many hours does Bart play
Bart Simpson plays Play Station for 12 hours a week. Homer plays 2/3 the hours Bart does. How many hours does Homer play with his play station?
Nacho Cheese eats 4 slices from an 8 slice pizza how much of the Pizza did Nacho eat?
T-Rex reads a juicy stories every day of the week. After 3 weeks, how many juicy stories does T-Rex read?
Bugs received some carrots (C) to eat. He ate 7 carrots the first week and 7 more the next week. Which expression would show how many carrots Bugs has left?
Which of the following correctly converts 0.23 kilograms (kg) into grams (g)?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 [143] 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369