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Which best explains the cause of currents that move north from the equator?
A student observes a clear sky and a temperature reading of 35o Celsius at 8:00 a.m. What is the most likely prediction about the day’s weather?
Designers of building materials need to test the strength and flexibility of a new material. They will stack cement blocks on top of the material to see how much force the material can withstand until it bends. Which tool will best test the strength
A student heats different volumes of water in glass beakers and times how long it takes for the water temperatures to return to room temperature. Which tool should be used to measure the volume of the water?
A student wants to determine if different colored boxes produce the same temperature as a white box. The student places white, blue, and red boxes of the same size in the sunlight. A thermometer is placed inside each box. The student observes and rec
A tennis ball is hit with a tennis racket across a tennis court. Which tools are needed to measure the speed of the tennis ball and the distance it travels?
A student conducts an investigation that uses a simple circuit connected to a buzzer. Which test will best determine if the connection of the circuit to the buzzer is successful?
Scientists want to make rice healthier for humans. The scientists insert a gene found in bean plants into rice plants. The inserted gene increases the iron content of the rice. What is an intended benefit of this technology?
Which is the best example of adaptive engineering and why?
Which of these has the greatest effect on the location of a high tide on Earth?
Which statement best describes the role of the sun in creating wind?
Movement of ocean currents is mainly caused by
Which correctly describes a year?
What kind of eclipse occurs when the Moon goes dark?
Which helps to create global winds?
You hear that cumulonimbus clouds are moving toward your town. What weather event is most like to occur?
Name the two main types of relaxers
List four CORRECT safety precautions of relaxing services
In a virgin application the product is applied roots to ends.
What is the main ingredient in a THIO relaxer
The process of chemical relaxing breaks down and rearranges bonds in curly hair into a straighter smoother form.
The process of relaxing the hair is very similar to what other hair service?
When performing a Chi smoothing service, you are required to pass over the hair with a flat iron a minimum of ______ times.
How is product applied to the head in a re-touch application?
a virgin application is done in a similar manner to a virgin colour service?
What tools does a stylist need to have prepared when performing a relaxing service.
German-Japanese-Italian Alliance
to give in to someone's demands
to take over a piece of land
The _____ Conference of 1938 gave Hitler the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakis
Lightning War
German Air Force
Law in Congress which allowed FDR to give weapons to the Allies
U.S. Navy Base bombed by the Japanese
U.S. military strategy against Japan in the Pacific was known as Island _______.
First attack of Japan by the U.S. during WWII.
A.K.A. D-Day, when France was freed from Nazi control
I want
I start
I never lose. (perder)
Ella ________ ganar. (preferir)
Nosotros _____ ganar. (preferir)
Ana, el partido _________ a las tres. (empezar)
Mi equipo ____ a veces, pero no mucho. (perder)
Javier no ______ perder. (querer)
No queremos ________.
A stem-changing verb is one that _____.
The 3 basic components of an atom are:
An element is determined by the number of
The nucleus of an atom consists of
A single proton has what electrical charge?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Where most plant root systems are found
The materials taken in by roots
these carry water and are found in roots and stems
large roots that grow deep in the ground
found on the outside of a cactus stem
parts of stems that protect plants from animals
stems that are thin and grow along the ground
these are held up by a plant's stem
Name one way a plants stem system can help a plant to survive in its environment.
Name another way a plants stem system can help a plant to survive in its environment
trees that lose their leaves in teh fall are called
trees that grow cones to make seeds
to move pollen so a seed can form
________ are flowering plants that grow back from th roots each spring
The function of a flower is to make _______.
In order for a seed to form, _____ must be moved from on part of a flower to another.
The seeds of deciduous trees form in _____.
Fruits form on some _____ plants.
Describe one way in which seed cones and pollen cones are similar.
Describe one way in which seed cones and pollen cones ae different.
When did the Earth begin forming?
The Paleozoic Era is also know as the Age of
The Mesozoic Era is also known as the
The Cenozoic Era is known as the
What happened when temperatures decreased during the ice ages of the Cenozoic Era?
What caused a variety of life-forms to appear in the Cambrian Period.
The numeric or exact age of an object is called?
When did organisms that formed index fossils live?
Scientists have most accurately determined the absolute ages of rock layers by
The rock sample that contains mostly the daughter isotope is...
A seed can _____, or start to grow, when the conditions ar right.
A new plant uses food stored in the _____.
A _____ is a plant that has just geminated.
Some seeds are scattered by animals.
A seed can germinate no matter what the temperature is.
Coconuts are seeds that are scattered by the wind.
Seeds are protected by a seed coat.
All seeds are scattereed in the same way.
Bees often pollinate flowers when they fly from plant to plant.
Deciduous trees keep their leaves all year long.
What process caused the material that formed the Earth to gather long ago?
What did the mass extinction at the end of the Permian Period lead to?
According to the impact hypothesis, dinosaurs became extinct when
The repeated advance and retreat of ice sheets characterized which Epoch?
Where are the oldest rocks located on a geologic column.
The formation of an oxygen atmosphere began during which Era?
The age of an object in relation to the ages of other objects is known as its
Index fossils found in rock layers in different areas of the world indicate that the rock layers
This isotope is used to date objects less than 70,000 years old.
How is radioactive decay used to determine the absolute age of rocks?
Eddie decided he would use real butter for his baked goods. Which economic question does this address?
Goya Food Company survey results revealed that their customer base consists mostly of large families instead of individuals living alone. Which economic question does this address?
Which is an example of a company establishing supply?
Widgets CO. examined several options of benefits to offer employees. The company decided to offer health insurance. Which part of decision-making process has it performed?
Companies in the Research Triangle reported that they have hired many graduates who earned technology degrees from community colleges. Which resource will the graduates provide?
These are required to live.
A new car is an example of a
The machines used to produce goods in a business are which of the economic resources?
The price of gas continues to go up because we want more than there is to go around. This is a condition known as
When deciding which event to attend, either a high school basketball game or a concert, this is called
reverse fault
Mercalli scale
moment magnitude scale
hanging wall
Richter scale
P waves
surface waves
strike slip fault
normal fault
S waves
base-isolated building
Richter scale
Prepare the salad
The dining room
The kitchen
The meat sandwich
The cuban girl
Answers by Educators Question Database
With SONAR, what happens to the sound pulses from a ship after they hit the ocean floor?
The longer it takes sound to return to a ship,
Which piloted vessel is used to travel the deep ocean for many underwater missions, including searches for sunken ships, the recovery of a lost hydrogen bomb and explorations of the sea floor.
Which robotic vessel can withstand pressures much greater than those found in the deepest parts of the ocean.
In 1947, Thor Heyerdahl sailed a simple raft from Peru to Polynesia, following the ocean currents for more than 6,000 Km. Which statement accurately describes what Heyerdahl proved by this voyage?
Surface ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream...
What is your name?
What do you like to eat?
Are you sleepy
Who is your friend
What's your favorite song?
What's for dinner?
Why me
Name your class
How do you spell relief?
Grapes fit into what fruit category?
Apples fit into what fruit category?
Cherries fit into what fruit category?
Peaches fit into what fruit category?
Pineapples fit into what fruit category?
Cranberries fit into what fruit category?
Strawberries fit into what fruit category?
Banana fit into what fruit category?
Watermelon fit into what fruit category?
Oranges fit into what fruit category?
Thin outer skin, has a pit, and is a fleshy fruit
Large in size, hard outer rind that is smooth or netted
Grown in very warm climates, and have different skin compositions
Fragile cell structure, is pulpy and juicy
Grows in warm regions with a firm rind that you peel off, and a thin membrane separating the fruit into segments
Cooking in a small amount of liquid with a little sugar is called
The sugar in fruits is called
What happens to low acid fruits when they are exposed to oxygen?
An important ingredient that will allow cooked apples to keep their shape is what?
Carotene is converted by the body into this vitamin. It is also necessary for good night vision (prevents night blindness).
Eggplant (purple)
Lettuce and spinach
Tomatoes and peppers
Corn and peas
Asparagus and celery
Carrots and radishes
Garlic and onions
Sweet Potato
What groups of people are at the highest risk for food borne illnesses?
It is okay to carry raw burgers on a plate to the grill and then put the cooked burgers back on that same plate with the raw meat juices
The minimum temperature for keeping hot foods out of the danger zone is
The minimum temperature for keeping cold foods out of the danger zone is
What is the acronym for the six conditions that bacteria needs to grow?
Mist from the sanitizer spray bottle landing on the food at the buffet is this type of contaminate
Bandage in food is this type of contaminate
If you are not sure if your food is safe
Wash your hands with hot soapy water for at least
The four areas of FIGHT BAC are
Requires a host to live and reproduce, associated with seafood and found in contaminated water
Cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted. Are controlled with time and temperature.
Associated with not washing your hands after sneezing or going to the bathroom; many are transferred through the fecal-oral rout
Include mold yeast and mushrooms
Hepatitis A and Noro virus fit in this category
Salmonella, Shigella, and E. Coli fit into this category
What kind of fault is associated with tension stress?
What kind of rock forms from the accumulation of sediments?
What kind of boundary will result in the formation of a mountain?
Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel?
A boundary where the two plates are moving apart.
How many seismograph stations are needed to determine the origin of an earthquake?
What is the name of the type of stress associated with a transform boundary?
What is the type of boundary where two plates slowly grind past eachother?
Which of the following is NOT a means of classifying minerals?
The type of rock that forms from cooling magma or lava.
What is the Ring of Fire?
Slate is formed when shale is exposed to intense heat and pressure. What kind of rock is slate?
What is included in the lithosphere?
Fossils fuels were formed from what?
The slowest of all seismic waves
If you are standing at the epicenter of an Earthquake, which of the following is true?
Molten material on the Earth's surface
Where do rift valleys form?
What is plasticity?
What causes the plates to move?
What weapon technologies led to a loss of life in WWI
The U.S. declared this at the start of WWI.
The Treaty of Versailles was Europe's way to punish _____ after WWI.
President Wilson's plan for undoing the MAIN causes of WWI was The:
The War Guilt Clause stated Germany had to pay money for being found guilty of causing WWI.
What was the aftermath of WWI in Germany?
The superpowers responded to the Great Depression by using LESS government involvement.
The U.S. response to the Great Depression was FDR's _______ Deal.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
El abuelo esta en la cocina
El pavo corre rapido
La niña cubana va al supermercado
El perro mira el gato
El tío lee el libro
La hermana esta en el baño
Mi primo esta en el comedor
El gato come el pez rapido
Mi tía es cubana
Mi abuela se sienta en el refigerador
What is a PRIMARY source?
What is a PRIMARY source?
What is a PRIMARY source?
What is a PRIMARY source?
What is a PRIMARY source?
What is SECONDARY source?
Which one is NOT a primary source?
The individual working for a company is called…
The company employing and paying the worker is called…
The amount of money earned while working up to 40 hours per week is called…
The amount of money earned after deductions is called…
The amounts of money that reduce gross pay are known as…
Overtime Pay is earned when you have worked more than how many hours?
The amount of money earned before deductions is called…
SIN means…
When you are 65 years old, what is the pension you receive?
EI is paid out to individuals when this occurs…
A movement that arose in the 1890s to address social problems was known as what?
Which novel revealed unsanitary condition in Chicago’s stockyards?
Progressives that promoted Americanization efforts
The leader of the relatively seemingly radical African-Americans who wanted full equality immediately during the Progressive Era was whom?
During World War I, Triple Alliance nations were:
Which of the following did not contribute to the breakout of war in Europe during World War I?
The “breaking point” that caused countries to declare war on one another in Europe was:
What did the selective service act do?
Which of the following gave postal authorities power to ban newspapers or other printed materials that could incite treason?
What was the event which caused Americans to finally enter World War I?
The income tax paid to the federal government is called…
What does YTD mean?
Income tax paid to the Ontario government is called…
What is the usual length for a pay period?
What does RRSP mean?
Another name for worker is…
What are the maximum hours that one can work for regular pay?
When you work beyond 40 hours per week, you earn…
Gross pay is the money earned…
What is a Social Insurance Number...
The League of Nations can best be described as:
President Warren G. Harding's administration was damaged by:
How did Prohibition contribute to the growth of organized crime?
Choose a basic cause of the Great Depression from the following:
Relief, Recovery and Reform were part of the plan know as the:
The group of World War I veterans who marched to Washington, D.C. during the Depression to demand aid from the government was known as:
What caused the stock market to crash in 1929?
Both African Americans and Mexican Americans had an especially difficult time during the Great Depression because they:
Appeasement permitted Hitler to gain strength by:
European Allies declared war on Germany following the German attack on:
At what age can an individual receive CPP?
What does EI mean?
The number of days worked over a specific time is called a…
Provincial income tax is collected by the…
Why do people contribute to an RRSP?
Who is an employee?
Who is an employer?
What is regular pay?
What is net pay?
What are deductions?
A program in which the Nazi leadership systemically killed six million jews was known as:
The Battle in World War II that saw the destruction of an entire German Army was:
The Axis Powers in World War II were made up of:
Germany signed a non-aggression pact prior to entry into World War II with:
Operation Overlord, or D-Day, was the allied invasion of where?
Which group was placed in internment camps by the U.S. government during World War II?
Which came LAST in World War II?
Which organization was formed at the end of World War II to help maintain peace?
What is the name of the imaginary barrier separating Soviet-controlled countries and the free world post World War II?
The American policy to keep communism contained within its existing boarders was called what?
Which of the following was not a reason of escalation of the Cold War?
What caused the Government to censure civil rights and liberties here at home during the Cold War?
Where was the first physical fight against communism in the Cold War for the United States?
In the 1950s, this was the ideal or typical household with a father, mother, and children:
The increase in births between 1945 and 1964 is referred to as what?
This eased the return of World War II veterans by providing education and employment aid:
Congress increased federal funding for education in the 1950s largely because of
Rock and Roll music
In the 1950s, the federal government encouraged Native Americans to
As a result of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Khrushchev
What is over-time pay?
What is gross pay?
Which government issues SIN cards?
What is the maximum number of weeks an individual can receive EI?
In order to receive EI, what does an individual have to do while employed?
Which government collects federal income tax?
In order to receive CPP, what does an individual have to do while employed?
Which government pays out CPP & EI?
What is a pay period?
What is a pay stub?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Hetero- means
In Natural Selection, traits must be
A mother with hh and a father with hh would produce offspring of which GENOTYPE?
A homozygous recessive mother and homozygous recessive father produce offspring that are all:
A homozygous dominant mother and a homozygous recessive father would produce offspring of which GENOTYPE?
Biological Evolution is:
Evolution happens:
Natural Selection is:
Natural selection selects for:
Natural selection selects traits that:
An important part of negotiating a sport/event sponsorship contract involves both the sport/event and the sponsor agreeing on the
A sponsorship agreement between a sport team and a local business should
When preparing a sponsorship agreement, it is important for the sport/event to include detailed information concerning the sponsor's
Because a prospective sponsor may have questions about the sponsorship proposal, an event organizer should plan to
Which of the following is the most efficient and inexpensive way for a local youth soccer-camp director to locate organizations that offer grant money?
Three days after presenting a sponsorship proposal to Kula-Kola Beverage Company, Caitlin calls the company's president and asks her/him if s/he has any questions or concerns about the proposal. What selling activity is Caitlin performing?
An event organizer is most likely to receive grant or foundation funding if the event
A sport/event planner contacting a local business about supporting an upcoming tennis tournament is an example of following up with potential
What do amateur sport organizations often solicit in order to be able to operate?
Immediately following a meeting with a potential event sponsor, an event organizer should
To obtain operating funds, a not-for-profit sport camp for underprivileged children might seek
Sending newsletters, acknowledging efforts, providing extra benefits, and asking opinions are ways that event organizers
By assigning a staff member to communicate and coordinate activities with each of its sponsors, a sport/event organization facilitates goodwill by
What are the seven levels of classification (in order)?
What determines the scientific name of an organism?
List the characteristics of all living things.
The broadest level of classification is...
The most specific level of classification is
What is an animal called that can make its own food?
All animals are...
Physical pertains to growth as maturing pertains to...
How do plants reproduce?
What are the two categories that describe animals?
Nonliving things
A gas released by living organisms and used by plants to carry out photosynthesis.
Living things
A gas release by plants and used by living organisms in respiration
The circulation of carbon dioxide and oxygen by plants to animals.
Process of breathing
Consumers that eats only other animals.
The process of plants making their own food
Organisms that gets its energy by eating food
Animals that eats carrion - the remains of other animals
The different kinds of living organisms living in a ecosystems.
An organism that uses the sun's energy to product its own food through photosynthesis
An organism that gets its energy from breaking down dead plants and animals
The hunted
All of the abiotic and biotic things interacting together to support life
The hunter
A diagram that compares the amount of energy available at each level in feeding order.
All the individuals of the same kind living in the same area
A flow of energy from the sun to a producer to consumers to decomposers
Consumer that eats plants and other animals
Define meteorologist.
What does the shaded circle on a station model indicate?
Where is the precipitation indicated by a station model located?
Where is the temperate region located?
Where is the tropical region located?
What wind pattern do we see in the temperate region?
What wind pattern do we see in the polar region?
What wind pattern do we see in the tropical region?
Which direction is the air coming from in the polar region?
Which direction is the air coming from in the tropical region?
Where is the jet stream located?
What are the 4 types of fronts?
What causes a front to form?
In which direction do global winds blow ocean currents near the equator?
Trying to roll a ball straight across a turning merry-go-round is a demonstration of what happens in the...
The curved path of surface currents and global winds are caused by ________.
Surface currents are caused by _____________.
Ocean currents in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere turn ___________.
Which surface current is deflected by the continent of South America?
As water gets denser, how does it move?
Compared with surface currents, deep currents are...
When the air above water gets cold, what happens to water molecules?
Which event does NOT happen as a result of upwelling?
How do warm-water currents affect the coastal areas along which they flow?
Which statement describes the negative effects of El Nino?
It is important for scientists to learn as much as possible about El Nino because the weather pattern...
The two main parts of a wave are the...
Tides alternate between _______ and ________ about every six hours on a daily basis.
Spring tides and Neap tides occur in patterns governed by...
When do the greatest tidal ranges occur?
Karla is going to search for clams and oysters during low tide. If she knows that low tide is at 3:00 pm today, at what time should she plan to go searching for shellfish tomorrow?
Looking into the night sky, you see a full moon. What would be occuring at this time?
Waves carry ___________ transferred from the ___________ blowing across the ocean.
The world's smallest ocean.
Which ocean extends from the coast of Antarctica to 60 degrees South Latitude?
What affects the ocean's surface temperature?
What is the most abundant dissolved salt in ocean water?
Which of the following could become a volcanic island?
What technologies do scientists use to study the ocean floor?
What are the two major regions of the ocean floor?
What is an ocean trench?
Why is the ocean water off the coast of Brazil saltier than ocean water off the coast of Greenland?
Desalination is the process of removing ____________ from ocean water.
The base of the continental slope is called the __________.
The broad, flat part of the deep-ocean basin is called the ____________.
The deep ocean basin consists of what features?
Where would the temperature of the ocean be the lowest?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The Bay of Pigs invasion was an attempt to overthrow
What effect did the Cold War have on the American space program?
After his assassination, President Kennedy was succeeded by:
The purpose of the Civil Rights Act was to
Who first spoke of the
In 1950, what event began the conflict on the Korean peninsula?
What was one place on the globe where the Cold War was considered “hot”?
After three years of fighting what was the final outcome of the Korean War?
Which is NOT a part of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society”?
Which event helped create the counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s?
Which defining characteristic of the counterculture provided the foundation for the various rights movements that followed it?
The women's movement caused
In 1969, American Indians occupied Alcatraz primarily to
Which of the following directly benefited people with disabilities?
Congress responded to the 1962 publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring by
The members of Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) believed
In response to riots over desegregating the University of Mississippi, President Kennedy declared that:
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids discrimination in employment on the basis of
Who was a key leader in the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
What was the theory that if one country fell to communism, so would its closest neighbors?
President Johnson escalated American involvement in Vietnam by
Which of the following best describes the Vietcong's war strategy?
By the end of 1965, most American soldiers in Vietnam
In March 1968, what surprising announcement did President Johnson make to the American people?
What did the Pentagon Papers reveal?
Ultimately, the end of the Vietnam War resulted in:
President Nixon believed that normalizing relations with China would
The Watergate Scandal was the ...
What was the Strategic Defense Initiative?
In the Iran-Contra affair, the Reagan administration
Mikor publikálta Neumann Janos a rola elnevezett Neumann-elveket?
Melyik nem tartozik a Neumann-elvek koze?
Melyik allitas IGAZ az alaplapra?
Melyik NEM sorolhato a CPU feladatai koze?
A felsoroltak kozul melyik nem alaplap gyarto?
Mit nevezunk mukodesi frekvencianak?
Melyik nem része a CPU-nak?
Mit jelent a ROM mozaikszo?
Mi a kulonbseg az EPROM es EEPROM kozott?
Melyik kifejezes NEM kapcsolodik a CACHE-hez?
I had to restrain the wild dog that was trying to jump the fence. Use context clues to determine the meaning of the word "restrain" as it is used in this sentence.
When Sally had the stomach flu, she expelled all of the food she had eaten. Using context clues, what is the meaning of the word “expelled” in this sentence?
Tamara was happy to see a berry bush in the backyard of her new house, but disappointed to learn that the berries weren't edible. Use context clues to determine the meaning of "edi
The wild storm sent a surge of water rushing onto the beach. Use context clues to determine the meaning of the word “surge” as it is used in
The old house in the woods had many rustic features in it. Use context clues to determine the meaning of the word "rustic" as it is used in
The snake recoiled when the man grabbed for it. Use context clues to determine the meaning of the word "recoiled" as it is used in
Laura found her best friend to be very amiable when they had fun together. Using context clues, what is the meaning of the word “amiable” in this sentence?
The static car began to rust and grow dirty in the driveway. Use context clues to determine the meaning of the word "static" as it is used in
Throwing rocks at other students made Larry very detestable. Using context clues, what is the meaning of the word “detestable” in this
The pirates came to pillage the town, taking gold and jewels. Use context clues to determine the meaning of the word "pillage" in this sentence
A report about the economy says that companies are having high production and adding new jobs. Also, wages and the GDP are increasing. Which phase of the business cylce is this
A report about the economy includes that more companies are experiencing less production and reducing the number of employees. Which phase of the business cycle is this
Mary has saved $43,000 in her bank. She knows that saving money will provide funds for others to borrow. This would be useful to measure which economic activities?
A local department store reports to the state commerce office its total sales each month. This information would be useful for which measurement of economic activity?
A company purchased a wrapping machine that wraps a pallet of boxes in 30 seconds. To complete the same task manually, it would take 3 minutes. Which econonomic activity is this?
With decreased enrollment in a school system, less teachers are needed. Therefore 100 teachers are released from their jobs. This measures which economic activities?
In a hypothetical economy, only 40 people were included and 15 pizzas were produced last year at $17 dollars each. This information measures which economic activity?
When a government agency reports annually the total amount spent to pay employees, this information is useful for which measurement of economic activities?
If an economist researches annually the total value of homes built, this information would be useful for which measurement of economic activities?
Depression, Prosperity, Recession, and Recovery describe what?
An organization assisted two countries on settling a trade disagreement on the amount of bananas to be traded. This is an example of help provided by which organization?
An organization assisted two countries on settling a trade disagreement on tariffs. This action is an example of assistance provided by which international trade organization?
A convenience store gave the rights to a company in Mexico to sell its products and services. This is an example of which global marketplace main entry mode?
Several Prime Ministers of East African countries are negotiating the trade of products throughout the Eastern region. This is an example of which international trade?
North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA) eliminates tariffs and embargoes among its members while trading goods/services. This is an example of which encouragement of trade?
Due to the high volume of travelers visiting the United Kingdom, the country has set up duty-free shops in highly visited areas. This is an example of which international trade?
Syria is banned from selling products within other countries. This is an example of which international trade barrier?
Cuba bans American products to be sold within its country. This is an example of which international trade barrier?
India limits the amount of imported wheat products to protect its own industry. This is an example of which international trade barrier?
While in Japan, Shari adjusted her gift-giving practices to accommodate her Japanese business-partners. Which main factor of the international business environment did She consider
Before arriving in other countries to negotiate contracts for a company in the US, Stacy learns about business behavior of the other countries.This demonstrates
Laos has limited infrastructure that hurts international businesses to conduct transaction. This country depends on the agriculture. Which main factor is this?
The government of the US lets consumers make decisions about goods and services consumed. Which main factor of the international business environment is this?
India’s terrain allows for its major production of rice, cotton, and wheat. Which main factor of the international business environment is this information about India classified?
If China has rising interest rates and inflation occurring across the country, this is an example of which factor that influences international currency exchange?
If a country is in a civil war and its government changes abruptly, this is an example of which factor that influences international currency exchange?
Which statement is true about balance of payment?
Alaska produces more salmon by the pound than any other state that exports salmon. This is an example of what type of ADVANTAGE?
United States has become globally known for its production of wheat more resourcefully. It can produce the product with less human resources. This is what type of ADVANTAGE?
Aruba is globally known for its white beaches. It is visited by many people from other countries to enjoy its beaches for a reasonable cost. This is what ADVANTAGE?
The changing of liquid to water vapor
The changing of water vapor to a liquid
Forms of water vapor that are heavy enough to fall to the Earth's surface such as rain, snow, sleet, hail, and fog
Water that flows on the surface or through the ground into streams, rivers, lakes and oceans
The process by which water seeps into the soil
The bodies of salt water that cover nearly three fourths of the surface of the earth
The evaporation of water from the leaves of plants
The process through which water moves between the oceans, sky and land.
Clouds are formed by:
The _______ drives the water cycle!
Extrmely hot and dry
An antonym for gushed
A scene or view
Very dry or thirsty
The literal meaning of a word
Synonym for brimming
Very thin or skinny
Rough and twisted looking
Forward moving or improvement
The positive or negative feeling associated with a word
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Terminal Velocity
Centripetal Force
the law of universal gravitation
A gear is
A mechanism is defined as
Mechanical advantage is
A gear train is
Hand tool is defined as
A simple machine is
Gears can accomplish which of the following?
A ball is rolling in a straight line over the hardwood floor of a hallway. Suddenly the ball is struck from the right by a running cat. The ball is now rolling left. This is an example of which of Newton's laws of motion in action?
Friction causes heat. What else does it cause?
How has the evolution of vascular systems in plants helped increase the number of woody plants?
Which of the following plants is a pteridophyte?
Due to natural selection, which type of seed is MOST adapted to hot regions with low precipitation?
Some plants produce fruit. What is the primary function of the fruit?
What will happen if the vascular tissue of a plant does not form?
Which statement explains the alternation of generations in plants?
Why is phototropism an adaptation that is necessary for plant survival?
Why is gravitropism a crucial plant adaptation?
Evolution has diversified certain plants, enabling them to survive in particular biomes. Which plants are MOST LIKELY to survive in the tundra biome?
Which type of leaf is BEST adapted for survival in high altitudes and cold regions?
What is the full name of a CD?
Is a monitor an input or output device?
What device detects movement using the reflection of a beam of light.
Where would you plug a USB into a computer?
Input device that can sense touch on a monitor
What type of storage media can be damaged by magnets?
Where can you install an OS or application program?
Where are computer applications temporarily stored for easy access by the microprocessor?
Displaying sums on a screen is an example of what?
Typing numbers into a spreadsheet is an example of what?
Using formulas to find the sum of numbers is an example of what?
Increasing computer performance will be achieved by increasing the memory of which of the following?
A storage medium made up of a disk of thin and flexible magnetic storage
Is RAM volatile?
Is a hard drive volatile?
Gravity provides the acceleration of a falling object's force. Around the Earth, this acceleration is constant. What is it?
When turning a wheel that is attached to an axle, which of the following happens?
Which of the following shows the work output of an ideal mechanism?
The formula W = (mass x 9.8 m/second squared)d would be used when attempting to find which of the following
What is the unit of measurement for work?
How is the work a mechanism loses to friction calculated?
Which of the following describes how mechanical advantage can change the initial force put into a tool.
Calculate the mechanical advantage of a wheel and axle with the following attributes. Radius of wheel = 3 cm and radius of axle = 0.3 cm
Which of the following terms describes the distance between a screw's threads?
A pulley system is made up of two pulleys and four sections of rope that are acting on the load. What is the mechanical advantage of such a pulley system?
Chemical Energy is stored in:
Kinetic Energy is:
A lightbulb converts Electrical Energy to
A Speaker converts Electrical Energy to _____________ then to Sound Energy
A person on a Bicycle is converting Chemical Energy to:
An object that is moving has what type of energy?
Batteries have what kind of energy?
Electrical Energy is the:
Mechanical Energy is the sum of ______________ and Kinetic Energy
Another word for Electromagnetic Energy is
Energy conversion is
Conservation of energy is:
Electromagnetic waves:
Sound waves:
Heat transfer by touching is called:
Heat transfer though waves is called:
Heat transfer through the movement of fluids (air is a fluid) is called:
Warm air rising as cold air falls is an example of
The heat from the sun reaches us in the form of:
If you stick a metal spoon into a bowl of warm soup, the spoon gets warm. This is an example of:
Homozygous literally means
Heterozygous literally means
A dominant allele is represented by
A recessive allele is represented by
What would the GENOTYPE of a Homozygous Dominant individual be?
What is the GENOTYPE of a Homozygous Recessive Individual
An example of Genotype is
An example of Phenotype is
A dominant allele
Homo- means
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Mary owns stock for several companies, which she plans to pass ownership to her grandchildren. She chose this form of ownership over sole proprietorship because of the ADVANTAGE of
Todd prefers business ownership that will not require his attention to daily activities. He chose this form of ownership over sole proprietorship because of
Tami prefers working alone in her auto body shop and being in control of the daily activities. This type of business ownership ADVANTAGE over corporation is:
Tami wants to invest money in shares of stock. She would have to pay taxes on her earnings twice. Which is an ADVANTAGE of a sole proprietorship over a corporation?
Tami opened an auto body shop after repairing a couple of cars to the high satisfaction of customers. She has experienced which ADVANTAGE over a corporation?
Several small businesses that sell organic foods have joined together to increase their chances to pay lower prices for inventory. This is an example of what type of business?
Hank has ownership, even without liability over his initial investment, along with George for a local business. This is an example of what type of business ownership?
Carlos ignores minor decisions in his business even though his name is on the sign as one of the owners. This is an example of what type of business ownership?
Jane’s corporation has become so popular that she has decided to allow other businesses to sell her products. This is an example of what type of business?
Even though a company may sell shares of stock, it relies on a central body of people for financial directions. This is an example of what type of business?
What is heat?
What is precipitation?
What is wind?
What is snow?
What is rain?
What is air pressure?
What is temperature?
Where is air pressure the highest?
Where is air pressure lowest?
Which step is not part of the water cycle?
A figure of speech that directly compares two different things
Giving human traits to non human objects
A literary figure of speech that uses visual image.
The naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation.
The repetition of vowel sounds to create internal rhyming.
The repetition of the same sound two or more times.
The repeating of the first sound is
Sally sells seashells
The Whistling Wind in the Trees
Which of these is a list of the type and number of items a business has on hand for sale?
Which of these is a list of all items of value owned by a business?
Which of these refers to the electronic transfer of net pay into an employee's account?
Financial records are generally kept and updated using
Bills that a company plans to pay within a year are called
The best source of information when preparing a budget is
This ratio shows the rate of return on the money invested in a company.
Which two financial records are important for staying out of legal trouble?
This ratio tells whether a company can pay its bills as they come due.
Records that contain information on employees, their pay and compensation and benefits
to make up; to falsify
squeal; squeak
to rot; to ulcerate
invention; fabrication
blatant; noticeable
disrespectful; brash
patience; tolerance
to lock out; to shut out
insignificant; trivial
thrifty; sparing
The demand for a particular job
a series of related jobs built on a foundation of interest, knowledge, training and experience
the way you use your time, resources, and energy
the ways in which a group produces, distributes and consumes goods and services
working at home using a computer, fax and telephone
the ways in which the world's economies are linked
an organized group that sets goals, makes decisions, and implements action within a company
practice in which a business hires other companies and individuals to produce goods or services
If you are a good problem solver and can come up with creative solutions to problems, you have strong
A large farm implement company that hires another company to produce and distribute its lawn tractors is practicing
Most new jobs in 2012 will be in the .....
How many jobs does the average American have?
You spend more than ____________ hours per year working
The global economy ....
Advances in _______________ are constantly changing how people work.
Working in a series of jobs with increasing responsibility is an example of a/n _______.
The main reasons people work are money, to be with others and _________
Working from home is an example of
Companies that produce things such as CDs, cars, etc. are called
Colleges, hospitals and travel agencies are examples of _________________ industries.
What is health?
What are the aspects of Health?
What traits influence your personality?
Which of the following is NOT a way to boost your self-esteem?
How much you respect yourself and like yourself is what?
Love, guild, and shame are what kind of emotions?
A way of dealing with an uncomfortable or unbearable feeling or situation is what?
What are two harmful ways of coping?
Emotions that are expressed by people in all cultures is what?
What is your reaction to a situation that involves your mind, body, and behavior?
State of Matter
3 state of mater
Physical Change
Example of a solid
Examples of a liquid
Example of a physical change
Examples of a gas
Chemical Change
Example of a chemical Change
State of Matter
4 changes that make new matter
3 state of Matter
Examples of a liquid
examples of a gas
Example of a physical change
How old is Rena?
How old is Spencer?
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When soil is fully saturated, excess water will flow over the land. This is called
Heat is
Which of these describes the Sun's role in the water cycle?
Clouds form when water changes from a
Which pairing is incorrect?
Which of these is not part of the water cycle?
Which is the correct spelling of the CSS property for aligning text within an element?
Which style of align creates a paragraph where both the left and right edges of a multiline paragraph are smooth, not ragged
What do the tags style type=text/css.../style define in a Web page?
Which of the following would be the correct syntax for making the background color of a page silver
You're experimenting with colors in a Web page. When you look in the browser, you see that all of the text has disappeared. What's the most likely cause?
In Web development, we use HTML to describe structure. What language do we use for presentation?
What do you call tags that aren't paired with a closing tag?
The original HTML had its roots in SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language). What language
Like most things in high tech, HTML has evolved over the years. The W3C has deprecated some of the tags and attributes from the original HTML language. Which of the following best describes the meaning of the term deprecated in this context?
1. Only one of the tags below has all of the tags in the right order for proper nesting. Which one is it?
Lives in India would be saved if they stopped burning ________?
________ has barely any control on pollution.
There are ______ amount of deaths from emissions that are hurting the carbon cycle in India.
India pollutes the nitrogen cycle when spraying ______ on their crops.
_______ affects the carbon cycle and kills around 120,000 people a year in India.
Ethiopia has many problems with ________ that affects the water cycle.
Ethiopia burns a lot of _______ when making products in the country that affects the carbon cycle.
Polluted water in Etiopia affects the hydrogen cycle and has _________ in it.
Ethiopia takes a lot of dissolved oxygen out of the water affecting the nitrogen cycle when they are making ________.
What country makes a lot of coffee and pollutes the nitrogen cycle while doing it?
What new army base opened in Columbia during WWI?
What does the following statement mean? “Jim Crow flew to Europe during WWI.”
What happened to the Cotton Prices during WW1
Whats a reason why the US entered WW1
Why were the 1920s called the “Roaring 20s?”
Which is not an Invention of the 1920's
Who are Flappers?
Native Americans live in what and near what?
African Americans Leaving for Factory jobs is an example of the...
What did the 18th amendment do?
Automobiles led to what industry
Whats the Acronym for the cause of WW1
What is Not Patriotism?
Hamburg SC was Changed to....
Crustaceans have an exoskeleton made of
What two body part divisions do crustaceans have?
Crustaceans have
What type of circulatory system do crustaceans have?
What is the upper portion of a crustaceans exoskeleton called?
How do crustaceans grow?
What are the modified appendages on the underside of a crustacean's abdomen called?
The respiratory organs of aquatic crustaceans are
The first pair of walking legs of a crustacean are modified into
The anterior gastric mill of a crustacean functions to
Which of the following is the same as x^2 +2x+1
What is the domain of the following set of oreder pairs? (2,3), (9,10), (-3,4), (5, 7)
What is the slope in the following equation y= 5 - 3x
Which of the following is the same as the equation x^2-2x-15
What is the vertex of the graph of the quadratic equation f(x) =x^2 +6x+10?
What is the parent function of y=5-3x
What is the answer to the following problem (x+3)(x-1)?
A zero is ...
We are the Reagan
Solve for x: 4x+5= -10
this sweater
those jeans over there
these skirts
that T-shirt
That hat over there
Those dresses
That towel
the jewelery over there
This tie
That sock over there
This taco
those pizzas
these books
that dog
Those cats
Different form of a gene
Set of information that controls the trait
Physical characteristic that is passed from parent to offspring
The study of how traits are passed from parents to offspring
allele that is strong and will show up when present
weak and will only show up when dominant allele is not present
the genetic makeup or the letters of a Punnett Square
physical characteristics of the organism
humans selecting organisms to breed for desired traits
two organisms that are genetically identical
Acceleration is
A fulcrum is
Force is defined as
Inertia is defined as
Static friction is defined as
Momentum is defined as
Work occurs when
Velocity is defined as
A machine is defined as
Mass is
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Things that are either cash or can be easily sold for cash.
All money a business has coming in.
Differences between what a budget predicts and what really happens
The first step if discrepancies are discovered is to
Which of these is most likely to be a fixed asset?
Which of these is most likely to be a current asset?
Which of these is a list of companies from whom credit purchases were made?
Which of these is a list of customers to whom credit sales were made?
Who is generally responsible for the financial health of a company?
Social Security and Medicare together are known as
Which of these is like a credit rating and tells you how much a business relies on borrowed money?
Which of these is almost always on an earnings report?
Which of these is the best source of budget information for an existing company?
The costs associated with operating a business
Which of these are the first and last steps in the budgeting process?
Which of these is a snapshot of the big picture of a company and includes all assets, liabilities and owner's equity?
Which of these is the basic financial equation?
Which of these is the balance of the balance sheet?
The amount of money a company owes
Which of these is a common payroll deduction?
Anything that has mass and takes up space is called
Table salt and water are examples of
The ability to do work or cause change describes
How would you calculate the density of an object?
In the laboratory, volumes of liquid are usually measured with a(n)
The change in which ice absorbs energy and melts is a(n)
All elements are made of basic particles called
Fireworks exploding in the sky and giving off light are an example of a(n)
One example of a chemical change is
One example of a physical change is
An example of secondary evidence is:
An example of primary evidence is:
If your castle was built in 1000 BC, how old would it be in 2003?
In what century is 1268?
Which date occurred first, 1890 BC or 1458 BC?
Someone who makes decisions based on opinions is being:
Someone who is able to see all sides of an issue and base decisions on fact is being:
The study of people and their culture is known as:
The order in which events happened:
Many struggles that African nations currently face are a result of:
Amount of salt dissolved in water
Sound navigation ranging is...
Water on Earth is found naturally as a solid, a liquid, and a gas. Where is MOST of the solid water on Earth?
Which contains the greatest amount of Earth's freshwater?
Only 3% of the water on Earth is freshwater. About 60% of that water is not available for man's use. Why is this?
Which two physical changes are essential processes in the water cycle?
Ridges, tectonic plate boundaries, and hydrothermal vents are physical features found on our planet. Where are these features found MOST OFTEN?
Tropical seas have a high rate of evaporation. Because of this, the water in tropical seas will have higher:
Oceans contain many dissolved elements like calcium, sodium, and chlorine and these elements plus others combine to form the salts in the oceans. Which of the following sources
During the water cycle, when water vapor changes to liquid water, it is called
These are states of matter
In physical science, mass is
A molecule is
the measure of the pull of gravity on an object is
Our first physical science lab included investigation of sugar, we used our
Matter is everywhere.
When we describe how matter looks, its size, shape, texture, or odor, we are describing its
Atoms are the building blocks of matter.
An atom is
Which of these is a true statement?
Which one of the following is NOT a simple machine?
Which description does the phrase
Why are all machines NOT 100% efficient?
What makes simple machines useful for people without enough strength to complete a task?
How can the mechanical advantage of an inclined plane be expressed as a ratio?
Wedges are used to ____________ things.
Which of these items is NOT a wedge?
What form of simple machine is a hammer?
A screw is most closely related to a _____________.
When using a lever, what is the input force called?
In what order do the effort, fulcrum, and resistance appear on a second class lever?
Which of the following would increase the output force of a lever?
Which of the following is NOT a type of pulley system?
Why can a larger steering wheel be easier to use than a smaller steering wheel?
Which kind of simple machine is NOT part of a bicycle?
What type of machine is a pair of scissors?
Which two simple machines are part of an axe?
A spindle connects two wheels with fixed axles by a fan belt. If the effort wheel is larger than the resistance wheel, which axle will turn faster?
What is the advantage of adding more pulleys to a system of pulleys?
______________ can come from any machine that helps you do work.
Which example will give you more force to do more work?
An inclined plane allows you to do ______________ work with_____________ force.
Using an incline plane, what happens to the amount of work that has to be done?
What type of ramp would a person use if they wanted to use the least amount of force to get to the top?
Which is an example of a wedge?
What is the purpose of using a wedge?
What type of machine includes inclined plane that is wrapped around a central core?
Which is a function of a screw?
If the resistance is between the effort and fulcrum, what class of lever will you have?
What type of simple machine will allow you to change the direction of the resistance?
Scott is 6 feet tall and casts a shadow 15 feet long. At the same time, a tree casts a shadow 120 feet long. How tall is the tree?
A 20-foot flagpole casts a shadow 32 feet long. The girl is 5 feet tall. How long is her shadow?
A drawing is 10 in. and the actual measurement is 20 ft. What is the scale?
A model of a planned baseball stadium is 2 ft wide. The actual stadium will be 200 yd wide. What is the scale?
On a road map of New York, the distance from New York City to Albany is 3 inches. What is the actual distance between the cities if the map scale is 1 inch = 50 miles?
The distance from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., is 6.8 centimeters. What is the actual distance between the cities if the map scale is 2 centimeters: 40 miles?
The distance between 2 cities on a map is 4.5 centimeters. The scale on the map is 1 cm to 40 miles. What is the actual distance between the two cities?
On a road map, the distance between 2 cities is 2.5 inches. The map scale is 1 inch to 30 miles. What is the actual distance between the cities?
On the model, the court is 6 inches wide and 13 inches long. An official tennis court is 36 feet wide. What is the length of a tennis court?
The official size of a basketball court in the NBA is 94 feet by 50 feet. The basketball court in the school gym is 47 feet long. How wide must it be to be similar to an NBA court?
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How did Congressional Reconstruction differ from Presidential Reconstruction?
The Civil War failed to achieve
Why might the passage of the 15th Amendment have angered women like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton?
What is the strongest expression of the significance of the Radical Republicans taking over Reconstruction?
Which best represents an example of Southern Democrats opposition to Reconstruction?
Reconstruction ended predominantly for what reason?
A Northerner who came to the South during Reconstruction and was often there purely to exploit the South's misfortune for personal gain was called what?
What effect did the system of sharecropping have on the South after the Civil War?
Which of the following freed all slaves?
How were former slaves kept from voting but it still allowed poor whites to vote?
Invented by Eli Whitney, this machine made separating seeds from cotton easier and increased the need for slaves
Strategy used by the Union to prevent shipping in the Confederate States.
The first battle of the Civil War.
The first capture of a Confederate Arsenal by the Union army happened at this port.
A Confederate submarine that sank a Union Ship
He was a slave who escaped the Confederate Army and sailed into Union blockade lines.
A Confederate fort in which an all black Union regiment lead a charge.
Led a campaign, called march to the sea, to destroy the south and force them to surrender
prompted South Carolina to secede from the Union
Demanded the freedom of all slaves in the seceding states
A war strategy focusing on civilians and resources
1st all Black Union Soldiers
Served as drummers and flag bearers during the war
Took on non-traditional roles back home on the plantations and farms
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