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Where does the energy for plants come from?
_____ is chemical energy used by cells.
Plants breathe in _____.
Photosynthesis does NOT occur in _____.
Cellular respiration occurs in _____.
Cells spend most of their life in the _____ stage.
_____ is the stage of the cell cycle in which the nucleus divides.
The first letters of the stages of mitosis in order are:
_____ is used to make gametes such as sperm and eggs.
_____ is characterized by 2 stages and the formation of 4 daughter cells.
Speed can be defined as
Which of the following is an example of distance?
Position can best be described as
Which statement describes the difference between speed and velocity?
The SI unit for speed is
A driver looks at her dashboard and reads that she is traveling at 100 kilometers per hour. What does this measurement represent?
The formula for average speed can best be written as
A baseball travels 150 km/h. What does this measurement represent?
A startled kangaroo can cross a distance of 60 meters in only 4 seconds. What is the speed of the kangaroo?
The top walking speed of a fly is 1 cm/s. How far can a fly on the ceiling travel in 6 seconds?
The payment of payroll increases the __________ of a business.
The amount of money actually received by the employee after all deductions are subtracted is called the _________.
Voluntary deductions include
An employee paid 1 1/2 time the regular wage is paid at the
The overtime rate is generally paid for all hours worked per week over _________.
The total amount earned by the employee in a pay period
The form that employees complete to declare the number of exemptions claimed is
Fixed amount of money paid to an employee each pay period
Amount subtracted from gross earnings
The amount of money paid to employees at a specific rate per hour
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A polygon with sides with the same length
A(n) _________ angle measures exactly 180 degrees.
A(n) ___________ measures exactly 90 degrees.
The sum of the measures of ______________ is 180 degrees.
Angles that share a common vertex, a common side, and do not overlap are called ________.
A(n) ____________ is a figure with three sides and three angles.
A(n) _____________ is the flat surface of a 3-D shape.
A solid with two congruent bases and faces that are parallelograms is called a ___________.
The line segment where two faces meet is called a(n) ___________.
A solid with two circular bases that are congruent and parallel are _________.
A(n) ___________ is a 3-D figure with one base that is a polygon and the rest are triangles.
A solid with one circular base.
The point where the edges intersect is called the __________.
The intersection of a solid and a plane is called a ________.
How many bases make up code for an amino acid?
Genes consist of a string of nucleotides that give the cell information about how to make a specific trait.
Which of these is NOT a genetic mutation?
The shape of DNA is called the
A mutation is a change in the number, type, or order of bases.
DNA is wound around
Rosalind Franklin found that the amount of adenine always equals the amount of thymine in DNA.
A molecule that is present in all living cells and that contains the info that determines traits is called
The amino acids linked together in ribosomes become
There are 5 bases that a nucleotide can have.
A copy of a DNA segment that moves out of the nucleus and into the cytoplasm is called
Which is not something a nucleotide contains?
Adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guano are the 4 bases a nucleotide can have
Besides bases, what does tRNA carry?
Who built a model of DNA?
When humans manipulate genes of another organism, that is called
A cell organelle composed of RNA and protein that produces proteins
Give the complementary sequence to AGTTG
What kind of metamorphism would take place at a mountain range located where two tectonic plates are colliding?
Igneous comes from a Latin word meaning fire.
Light colored, less dense igneous rocks that are rich in elements like aluminum, potassium, silicon, and sodium are called
Rock can be used
Sedimentary rock forms at or near the Earth's surface
If the temperature or pressure of a new environment is different from the one in which a rock forms, the rock will undergo
Rock can be classified by composition and texture
Sedimentary rock that forms from the remains of once-living plants and animals is
Foliated rocks usually contain
Sediment is deposited and cemented together to form igneous rock
Dark colored igneous rocks that are more dense and that are rich in calcium, iron, and magnesium are called
Sedimentary rock that is created when rock or mineral fragments are cemented together are called
Contact metamorphism occurs when pressure builds up and plates collide.
The movement within the Earth's surface that causes rock inside the Earth to be moved to the Earth's surface is called
If magma is allowed to cool slowly, smaller crystals will form.
Sedimentary rock that is formed when minerals crystallize out of a solution and become rock is called
An igneous rock can be changed into a different kind of igneous rock without becoming metamorphic or sedimentary first.
Rock that forms from magma that erupts, or extrudes, onto the Earth's surface is called
When sedimentary rocks record the motion of wind and water waves on lakes, oceans, rivers, and sand dunes, the features are called
The heating of rock by nearby magma that causes the rock to change is called contact metamorphism.
Which of the following is not a factor in becoming money smart
Which of the following is not recommended in the debt snowball method of getting out of debt
Which of the following statements is false?
The following are types of product positioning except
Which of the following is a consequence of overdrawing your checking account
What factors affect a credit score
The average repayment period for a student loan is
Personal financial success is primarily the result of
Individual account information is removed from your credit report seven years after the last activity on the account, except for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which stays on your credit report for
Which of the following best explains why students should learn about personal finance?
Which of the following is not a good option when it comes to paying for your education
Which of the following is not a factor in determining a FICO score
Which of the following is not a recommended step in the Drive Free method of purchasing a car
Four common marketing tactics are
At your age, a fully funded emergency should be
Identify which method companies are using to compete for your money by using a car salesperson
What concept is best explained by the statement money spent here cannot be spent there
Which is true regarding FAFSA
Which of the following is not a reason credit is marketed heavily to consumers in the US
A good used car salesperson will respond to a question about a car color with
The first step in career planning is to
What does work ethic mean?
On average, people with higher education earn ___ income than people with less education.
The college degree that normally takes four years of full time study is called a(n)
The college degree that requires more than four years of full time study is called a(n)
The degree that is earned in two years of full time study, usually at a community college is called a(n)
Education for a specific trade like plumbing or cutting hair is called _____ training.
As computers and other technologies change in the years ahead, employers will want to
The money that is paid to an employee per hour of work is called an hourly _____.
The money that is paid to an employee, but is not based on hours worked is called a person\'s _____.
a samurai was trained to use the bow spear and sword.
Minamoto yoritomo built the early japanese samurai period.
Part of a samurai's training included developing a sixth cents.
A brush block of ink, and paper were tools of a calligrapher.
During a Japanese tea ceremony each guest had to crawl through a doorway to enter the room?
Samurai promised complete alegiance to their daimyo, or warlord.
the practice of Amida Buddhism includes saying a word 70,000 times a day
A samurai's code of bushido means him must be fair, honest, and loyal.
Tomoe Gozen were a famous female samurai warrior during the early samurai time period
The samurai wrote a haiku using its brush and ink stone.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Paid to an employee as a percentage of the employee's sales
Account used to record the total of the employer's payroll taxes
Taxes paid by the employer to provide funds for workers who are temporarily out of work.
Used to record merchandise sold during the period
A ___________ in the post reference column indicates the amount will be posted to two accounts.
A business may allow its customers to return unsatisfactory merchandise for full credit or to keep the merchandise at a lesser price.
Business that sales to retailers
Business that sales to the final user.
A reduction in the sales price of an item that is given for prompt payment
Business that sales to retailers
In electricity, like charges...
In elctricity, opposite charges
If you rub a balloon on your hair on a dry day, the balloon and your hair become ... and are ... to each other.
Neutrons are ... charged.
The SI unit of electric charge is the...
Is magnetite an iron-based material?
Scientists classify materials as either magnetically ... or magnetically ...
How many poles are on a magnet?
When magnets repel or attract each other, it is due to the interaction of their ... ...
If you put two north poles together they will...
The balance of __________ must agree with the balances of all accounts in its related subsidiary ledger.
Items of merchandise a business has in stock
Business that buys goods and then sells those goods to customers for a profit.
Shipping terms specifying that the buyer pays the shipping charge from the supplier's shipping location.
Date on which an invoice must be paid
The cost of shipping charges is debited to the __________ account.
Document that lists the credit terms and the quantity, description, unit price, and total cost of the items shipped to the buyer.
The period of time within which an invoice must be paid in order to receive an amount off the invoice price.
Shipping terms specifying that the supplier pays the shipping cost to the buyer's location.
Merchandise returned by the buyer to the supplier for full credit.
Which of the following would NOT help you remain healthly?
Individuals \
Organisms that cause disease are
Exposure to a weakened of mild form of a pathogen to produce immunity is a(n)...
How do viruses cause damage to organisms?
Immunity is the body\'s ability to...
The molecules on pathogens that enable the immune system to distinguish one kind of pathogen from another are called...
Which illness is always caused by a pathogen?
Viruses are considered non-living because they...
A virus needs energy to
$91 in 14 hours
372 mi in 6 hrs
$13.14 for 12 gal
570 gal in 60
54 cents/ for 4 oz
592 words in 8 min
720 m/day = ____ m/min
1.5 gal/min =_____qt/h
0.85 km/s = _____m/min
20 fl oz/min= _____qt/day
A business receives ___________ when it keeps unsatisfactory merchandise but pays less than its original price.
Used to record a specific kind of business transaction
A special journal in which all transactions involving incoming cash are recorded
A special journal use to record only the sale of merchandise on account
The debit and credit columns of the Trial Balance section of the work sheet must
Affects one temporary account and one permanent account
What are two stockholder's equity accounts?
The ownership of a corporation is represented by shares of
Sarah earns $10 per hour. On week, she worked 45 hours. Her gross earnings were
If the date of an invoice is August 1, the credit terms are 2/10, n/30, and the invoice was received on August 3, the last day the discount can be taken is
Buring coal can cause
What is habitat restoration
Leather Belt
The gradual change from one community to another is
Which of these energy sources is not renewable
An increase in Carbon Dioxide may cause
A major reason species become endangered is
All of the following are fossil fuels...except
Brazil has a large amount of
To where? / Where to?
From where? / Where from?
With who?
How much?
What is the amount that is left after you subtract
What are the numbers you add together to find the whole
The word join means
What is sum
To put together means
It is a fact family when
Tens place means
Tells you how many ones are in a number
A column
Goes across
Please tell me ------- going on the field trip on Thursday.
-------- sweater is on the desk?
Fido, the Taylor ---------- dog, jumped on the dining room table and stole the Thanksgiving turkey.
Brian is the center on the -------- basketball team.
---------- the --------- star player, averaging over 21 points a game.
The ---------- internet connection is so slow, and ---------- taking forever to complete the reasearch for my science project.
The -------- department is on the second floor of Blomingdales.
The look on -------- face was priceless when he realized that the surprise party was for him.
Do you remember which team won last -------- World Series?
You will need to bring at least four -------- supply of food and water on the camping trip.
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Potential energy can be described as
What says (energy can't be created or destroyed, it can only change form)?
In order for work to be done you must have
Kinetic energy
The hot air and smoke from a fire rise up through the chimney
White shirts keep you cooler than black because they reflect more of the sun's rays than black shirts
A metal rod becomes hot when it touches a hot surface
Wearing layers is the best way to keep warm in cold weather
Pushing a wheelbarrow up a ramp requres you to put some of this into the wheelbarrow
The coldest air in a room is closest to the floor
All of the following are examples of the controlling function of management except
Lines of authority
Supply analysis is
A job description should include all of the following information except
All of the following are ways of minimizing problems in repatriation except
The purpose of an informational interview is to
Job creation refers to
Career choice and the availability of different kinds of jobs are affect by several factors including
The experience section of a resume should include all of the following except
The chances of having a successful employment interview are increased if you
Marketing includes each of the following activities, except
A factor that could describe a nation's demographics is
Buying influences, such as hobbies, family activities, interests, and opinions, are called
The marketing of services is usually similar to the marketing of goods except for
An example of a push promotion would be
Companies produce new products for all of the following reasons except
A research method that measures consumer behavior is
A loss leader is
Movement of liquids between two connecting countries would be performed best by
All of the following are examples of a direct distribution channel except
A person or thing who is the main character or hero of the story
The person or thing who is fighting or has conflict with the main character
The person who is telling the story (1st person)
The introduction to the story/novel
the writers clues or hints about what is about to happen in the story
The truning point of a story
The time and place the story takes palce
Tthe part of the story that follows the climax
In a story where an author refers to another piece of literature
putting youself in someone elses palce (feeling what they may feel)
In following a policy of appeasement, what did Britain and France do?
Why were so many Americans Isolationists after WWI?
Great Britain and France finally declared war on Germany immediately following Hitler’s invasion of:
How did the U.S. respond to the acts of aggression by the Axis powers during the 1930’s?
What strategy did the United States use to defeat Japan in the Pacific?
On December 7th 1941, Japan launched a surprise attack on the naval bases at;
The dictator (actual leader) of Japan during WWII was:
On what did the Germany military strategy of blitzkrieg depend?
The actions of which country forced the United States to enter war?
Which of the following statements accurately reflects Roosevelt’s feelings towards joining the war?
In 1939 the United States changed its neutrality laws to allow foreign nations to purchase American goods as long as it paid cash and:
In deciding to use the atomic bomb against Japan, President Truman’s main goal was to;
Which battle marked the turning point in the war in the Pacific?
German difficulties on the Eastern Front centered on:
Leader of Great Britain
Leader of Italy
Leader of the Soviet Union
I saw the SEA.
The names OF THE CITIES were unfamiliar
Without DEATH, humans would be like the gods.
We give help TO THE CITIZENS.
That is PART of the problem.
A crowd OF CITIZENS is gathering outside.
I had seen THE ANIMAL.
There are many fish in THE SEA.
What is another word for a narrative?
When writing a personal narrative, which point of view should you use?
A symbol is...
In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, the mockingbird symbolizes...
Theme is...
Which of the following is a possible theme of a narrative?
A theme in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird is...
What is a contraction?
What is first person point of view?
What is third person point of view?
When you see the pronouns you and your in a narrative, you can assume a narrative is written in...
This narrative is written from what point of view? It was too late when I saw the ice. My car skidded off the road, and I ran into a tree. Luckily, I was not hurt, but my car was totalled.
This narrative is written from what point of view? Jake stared at the camera in the window. He had wanted the new Canon from the first day he spotted it in the window. He just needed to make some extra money.
Which is a contraction for they are.
What is the contraction for it is.
Which part of China includes the western and northern parts of present-day China?
This is one of the most dangerous places to live because of the huge sand dunes and sandstorms. It is one of the harshest places to live and is difficult for travelers to cross.
Why is Inner China a better place to settle than Outer China?
What was a major goal of the clans in the Shang Dynasty?
What very important material did the Shang begin using to make weapons?
Which of the following is not a Chinese Philosophy?
This helped the Han Dynasty expand their empire into current-day Asia, Korea, and Vietnam.
The Han people produced and traded this for the first time.
This was used to preserve meats and vegetables:
All of these are ways Emperor Qin helped China EXCEPT:
The sum of the measures of __________ is 90 degrees.
A(n) ____________measures between 90 and 180 degrees
Synonym for equal and same
A(n) _____________ measures less than 90 degrees.
Opposite angles formed by the intersection of two lines are called __________. They are also congruent.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The war between Spain and England kept
A small, newly built community is a
What caused Roanoke to be called the "lost colony"?
Virginia elected representatives that were able to make their own laws.
Religious freedom was the reason
The plan of government with rules and laws made by the Pilgrims was called
Which list of settlements is in correct order of their settlement?
What is an ally?
What is a marsh?
Colonists are people that
A Koala Bear's hand has a large gap between the first and second finger and his big toe is set at a wide angle to the entire foot. What would these adaptations be used for?
Which of the following is an abiotic factor in a wetland environment?
Which of the following is a biotic factor in a grassland environment?
Algae are the major oxygen producers in a water environment. This is an example of an algae's __________.
Bees help pollinate flowers and help them reproduce. This is an example of the bee's ___________.
The ultimate source of energy for all living things is/are __________.
In any food chain, the total amount of energy always __________.
Ninety-six percent of all living things are made up of the following elements:
Which cellular process is represented by the following: Carbon dioxide + water + sunlight -> food + oxygen gas?
Plants are considered ________ because they can create their own energy by using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.
On December 21 the most direct rays of the sun will be hitting
On June 21 the most direct rays of the sun will be hitting
What season are we having in the Northern Hemisphere when the most direct rays are hitting the hemishere?
In direct sunlight solar energy is
In indirect sunlight solar energy is
How many types of volcano are there?
The sides of a FISSURE volcano are
Dome mountains are shapes like...
The outside layer of the Earth is called
The Richter Scale helps to measure...
The point where the earthquake begins inside the Earth is called the...
A plate is...
A boundary where the plates move away from each other is called...
The supercontinent was called...
Volcanoes and earthquakes usually happen around
Which type of waves help locate the focus of an earthquake...
The supercontinent was called...
The point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus is called...
How many types of mountains are there
The theory that the plates move across the mantle is called
Cinder cone volcanoes...
A CONVERGENT boundary is where
A convergent boundary usually creates
The San Andreas Fault is located in
If we use the units of grams (g.)for mass and cubic centimeters (cm3) for volume, then the units for density will be
What piece of laboratory equipment is best-suited for accurately measuring the volume of a liquid?
You have two plastic graduated cylinders. One contains 40ml of water and the other contains 40ml of alcohol. Which statement is correct?
The formula for finding density is:
You are given a mystery object in science class. Your teacher asks you to determine if your object is more or less dense than water. You place the object in the water and it sinks.
How is mass different than weight?
When a rock is placed into a container of water, the water level rises. Which characteristic of the rock is being measured?
Two blocks of wood are the same size, but one floats and one sinks. This is because they have different
What is the density of water
A cube has a side of 5 cm. It has a mass of 250 grams. The density of the cube is
The layers of the Earth are (in order)
Alfred Wegener proposed the theory of...
Boundaries where 2 plates scrape past each other are called...
There are two types of plates. They are...
The waves of energy from earthquakes are called...
Seismographs record which information about earthquakes...
Composite volcanoes are made up of...
As plates separate, magma rises to fill the gap and this magma hardens, forming new crust. This even occurs at:
Which type of wave moves ONLY through the Earth's crust?
The layer of the Earth that is the only completely liquid layer is the...
If the economy of a country is in a recession with high unemployment what should the fed do?
Which policy takes longer usually to take effect?
If there is a recession which policy should be used?
Which of these is NOT a tool of monetary policy?
The fed controls which policy?
Fiscal and monetary policy are similar because...
Which of these is NOT a goal of the monetary policy?
Fiscal policy theories are based on which famous economist?
Fiscal Policy is controlled by the...
Government bonds are more likely to be used with which policy?
Who was the father of Psychology?
What is the independent variable in an experiment?
What is the dependent variable in an experiment?
Choose the correct order of the steps of the for the scientific method from start to finish.
What is a control group?
What is the experimental group ?
What is a theory?
What is a schema?
What is a stereotype?
What is a hypothesis?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Who was the Secretary of State who helped James Monroe create the Monroe Doctrine?
What famous Native American united many tribes against the Americans in the War of 1812?
Who was the President during the War of 1812?
Who was known as the Liberator and helped many Central and South American countries earn their independence?
Who was chosen by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the Northwest portion of the Louisiana Purchase?
Who created the American System and Missouri Compromise and became known as the King of Compromise?
Who was vice president to both John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson?
Who was a leading Congressman who represented the interests of the Western states?
Who was a Congressman from the South who tried to lead the South in nullifying the Tariff of Abominations during Jackson's presidency?
What Secretary of State helped negotiate the Treaty that made Florida part of the United States?
Who was the 5th President of the United States?
A species changes over time to better survive in environment
Species change over time to be able to survive
When better adapted species survive and reproduce
Preserved remains of an organism that lived in the past
An difference between individuals of the same species
The disappearance of all members of a species
When an organism blends in with the surroundings
When an organism looks like another organism that is more dangerous
The largest population an area can support
Something from prevents the population from growing or causes it to decrease
Approximately how many people have died from Ebola?
About how long has it been since the initial outbreak happened?
In the final paragraph the significance of the phrase (The biggest mistake the world could do right now is blink) most likely means?
From the last section of the article, the sentence: (The interventions that were easy to scale rapidly had a pretty significant impact) the word scale implies or means?
The author's overall purpose of this text is to:
In the article the U.S. military and Pentagon were criticized for
The article identifies the turning point of when the world became involved with the Ebola outbreak when:
The difference between the C.D.C. and the W.H.O. is?
The phrase (Most important, perhaps, Ebola has laid bare the inadequacy of current global mechanisms for detecting outbreaks and quickly mobilizing a response.) tells us that Ebola has taught the world:
The article mentions that (societal dynamics) may have been overlooked. What impact has that had on aid efforts?
A global dependency exists when
All of the following are benefits of international business except
Business activities that occur within one country are called
An example of a trade barrier would be
A cultural factor affecting international business activities would be
International business most commonly affects consumers by creating
Economics is the study of how
After you take action on a choice in the decision-making process, it is important to review the decision because
Private property, profit motive, and a free, competitive marketplace are characteristics of a
The unemployment rate is an indicator of a country's economic situation because
As demand for a product increases, prices tend to
Of the following choices, the one that is not a characteristic of a culture is that it is
High-context communication is typical in
In a culture with strong business and family ties
Member of a society are most likely to have good educational opportunities in
Of the following characteristics, the one that is not characteristic of a democratic system is that
A multinational enterprise is not acting with social responsibility if it
Governments encourage and promote its country's exports primarily because
A tax that can be used as a trade barrier is the
Protectionism occurs when
Transports materials from the digestive and respiratory system to the cells
Chemical Marker on a cell’s surface that indicates whether the cell is foreign or not
Takes blood away from the heart
Protein produced by some white blood cells to attack specific foreign materials
Disease causing agents
Carries blood back to the heart
Outer layer of the skin
Baby gets immunity from mother
Very narrow blood vessels that connect arteries and veins
Inner layer of the skin
When the body can produce its own antibodies
A small amount of weakened pathogen that is introduced into the body
Medicine that blocks growth of bacteria
The two loop system take blood where...
Pathway blood moves through the heart is...
Which of the following is NOT a first line of defense in the body
Which of th following is NOT a nonspecific response
Which of the following are part of the specific response
If the United Sates place a trade embargo on a foreign country,
A method of international business with the lowest risk is
When a movie company allows its cartoon characters to be used on clothing items produced in other countries, it is an example of
Of the following statements, the one that does not describe a multinational company is that
Of the following methods for getting involved in international business, the one with the highest risk is
When goods are exported to another company
Products that do not usually require much modification for foreign customers include
A country with exports of $6 million and other cash coming in of $3 million and imports of $5 million and other cash going out of $3 million has a
A company can have a competitive advantage if it
The exchange rate for a stable country
All of the following are examples of capital projects except
Parties that can appear before the International Court of Justice include
A person who makes duplicate compies of a videotape of a commercial movie and then sells it would be violating a
International treaties and trade agreements may serve all of the following purposes except
All of the following are actions that a participative manager would take except
A mediator does all of the following except
Argo, Inc., is a global corporation with Asian, European, and North American divisions. From this information, you can infer that is is organized by
Span of control refers to the
Leadership can be described as
A manager who usually completes projects by ordering employees to do certain tasks but does not tell the employees how the tasks contribute to the project is
The joule (J) is used to measure
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
It is acceptable behavior to roll around the classroom in your chair
When using the stapler, put your fingers in the areas where the staples come out
always open more than one file drawer at a time
put all trash in the trash can
it is permissible to eat or drink in the classroom
keep all aisles and work areas clean and orderly
wear loose clothing, jewelry, and bracelets when working with equipment
keep talking to a minimum and keep your mind on your work
all equipment should be set firmly on the desk and not allowed to protrude over the edge of the table or desk
if a piece of electrical equipment needs repair, you should fix it
Unmanned submersible tethered to a mother ship and operated by pilots using a joy stick.
A device that allows divers to breathe underwater for long periods of time.
An opening in the sea floor where super-heated water and other material are discharged into the surrounding seawater.
A free-swimming organisms whose movements are independent of the tides, currents, and waves.
A body of water where a river meets the ocean.
Extends from the edge of the continent outward to where the bottom sharply drops off into a steep slope.
Organisms that live on or in the ocean floor.
The first 200 meters (656 feet) of ocean water, which includes the seashore and most of the continental shelf.
The top layer of the ocean where sunlight penetrates.
A living thing that produces its own food within itself, usually by using sunlight energy in photosynthesis
A magnetic field is created by _____?
Magnets have _____? Choose the best answer.
A magnetic field moves from ____ to ____?
In a magnet the electrons are ____?
ELectrons will stay lined up until _____?
If you drop a magnet what will happen to it?
If you put two north ends together, what will happen?
The closer two opposite chargers are brought together, the more they repel each others ______.
When magnets repel or attract each other, it is due to the interaction of their _______.
In a ______ a loop of wire adds to the strength of the magnetic field. Choose the best answer.
If one bulb in a parallel circuit goes out, the other bulbs will _____?
_____ Is when weight and air resistance are easy.
To find pressure you need to divide ____ by _____.
_____ is the path an object took.
_____ stated that energy cannot be created or destroyed.
During a launch, potential energy is transfered to ______. Best answer.
Mechanical energy is _____ plus ______.
Most houses are wired in ______. Choose the best answer.
In a parallel circuit if there are 4 1.5V batteries, what is the total voltage?
In a circuit a _____ slows the flow of electricity.
For work to be done on an object, such as pushing a child on a swing,
When work is being done as a shopping cart is moved through the store, this is also evidence of
When we see work being done, we see evidence of
For a machine to actually do work on an object, the object must
Work is being done on an object in all of the following situations EXCEPT
When force is __________ motion, no work is done.
The SI unit that is used for measuring force on a spring scale is the
All of the following support the fact that work is being done on an object EXCEPT
Allen pushes hard against a heavy box until he is exhausted. What is the reason science says that he has done no work?
What two factors are required for work to be done?
Electric force is created by ____?
Is electricity flowing because of gravity?
Do like charges attract or repel?
Electricity is transfered by ____?
Opposite charges ____?
Who was the first person to realize that lightening was a huge electrical discharge?
Two unlike charges will _____.
Materials that do not transfer charge easily are called _______.
Materials like metal are called _____. Choose the best answer.
A charged particle produces _____ in the space around it.
All of the following are ways that simple machines make work easier EXCEPT
What is the purpose of simple machines?
Some people use a bottle opener when opening a bottled drink because they
Using an inclined plane to do the work of moving the wheelbarrow load up to the next level, rather that lifting the wheelbarrow straight up, Sally was able to use
Which of the following best describes why a person may not be able to lift up a full wheelbarrow by its handles?
Why would Sam use the pulley to lift the heavy load?
A large rock and a long, thick board could be used to construct which simple machine?
Matt uses a ramp to get a box up into his tree house. For th work that he did, what did the ramp decrease?
The pulley on a flagpole makes it easier to raise the flag because
The handle of a nail clipper works as a lever. How does the lever help you?
What do you call a strong magnet that is created when an iron core is inserted into the center of a current-carrying solenoid?
What is a long, wound coil of wire called?
The strength of a ______'s magnetic field can be increased by inserting a rod made of ______.
Galvanometers are devices used to measure current in _____ and voltage in _______.
The Van de Graff generates moving _____?
If two negative charges are placed near each other they will _______.
When a negative charge and a positive charge are near each other they will ______?
The atomic number tells you ____ in an atom.
The atomic mass tells you ______ in an atom.
This property of electrons produce a tiny magnetic field around every electron.
All of the following parts of a bicycle are simple machines EXCEPT
Which simple machines are parts of the wheelbarrow?
Which simple machines are used in the shovel used for digging?
All of the following are examples of simple machine tools EXCEPT
What simple machine is a ladder?
A bolt is a simple machine with threads like a screw. When put together with a nut, you will see another simple machine. What is it?
What simple machine is at the top of the mast of a boat to help pull up the sail?
What type of simple machine is the reel of the fishing pole?
Sam used a screwdriver to pry open a can of paint. He used the screwdriver as which simple machine?
Which of the following is an example of an inclined plane?
Which of the following are the states of matter?
If you are finding the density of a solid cube, what would the units be in your answer?
Which of the following is malleable?
Which element is in the same period as silver, and the same family as lead.
How are the noble gases different from other elements?
Which are not signs of a chemical reaction?
The Octet Rule explains....
The atomic number of an element also tells you...
You can tell the number of electron shells by...
I feel prepared for the test
Answers by Educators Question Database
The President and a mayor are ALIKE because ...
The President and a mayor are ALIKE because ...
The President and a mayor are DIFFERENT because ...
The President and a mayor are DIFFERENT because ...
Taxes are used for ...
The country's capital ...
How many branches does our country's government have?
Which branch of our country's government has two (2) parts?
The Legislative branch is also called the _____________.
The two (2) parts of Congress are ...
Travis is excited about welcoming ten new interns during orientation. Which human resources manager activity did he perform?
Josh conducts orientations to inform new employees about available benefits. Which human resources manager activity does he perform?
Timmy regularly meets with employees to prepare them for job evaluation conferences. Which human resources manager activity is he performing?
Harry checks his electronic calendar for tasks assigned by his boss regularly. He very seldom sees his boss. This is an example of which style of leadership?
Vera accepts input from her employees annually about the upcoming budget. This is an example of which style of leadership?
Vera meets regularly to discuss with all her employees new marketing campaigns. This is an example of which style of leadership?
Keisha allowed her employees to plan the expansion project. This is an example of which style of management?
Tim approves for his employees to attend regional meetings so that he knows exactly when they are off site. This is an example of which style of management?
John is responsible for processing applications submitted by applicants. He is performing which level of management?
Michelle reviewed survey results of a completed project and set goals for the new project. This is an example of which function of management?
Jan coordinated access to open source software, office space, and equipment for her team. This is an example of which function of management?
Jason decided for long-term projects that he would allow employees to give input and for daily routines he would determine the necessary duties. This is an example of which style of management?
Jim solicited feedback from Jack, who is one of his employees, about a new display case. This is an example of which style of management?
Jack and Henry are responsible for 20 people, who report to them directly. They collaborate frequently to make sure they will meet the production goal of the company established by another employee. This is an example of which level of management
All of Josh's employees will be trained on operating the new machines. This is an example of which function of management?
If a problem asks for the acceleration, which of the following would be a correct answer for the units?
Mrs. C is moving the table at the front of the room again. If she is exerting a force of 100 N and it is moving at a constant velocity, what is the kinetic friction?
Kids are building a snowman. The mass of the ball is 40 kg. The static friction is 25 N. The kinetic friction is 12 N. With what force must they push in order to get it to accelerate at 1.0 m/s^2 north?
Which answer would be correct for the total force if it was on a frictionless surface?
When checking the observations on a lab report, one number read 27N and the number next to it read 50 N. The experiment was about static and kinectic friction. Which number represented the static friction and which was the kinetic friction?
There is a new giant slide at Kemah. At the bottom, there is a long, flat stretch for the slider to stop. If you weigh 75 kg and your acceleration is 10 m/s^2 east, what is the kinetic frictional force between you and the slide.
A rain drop with a mass of 0.001 kg is sliding down a piece of playground equipment. Its acceleration is 0.5 m/s^2. Ignoring friction how much force is pulling the drop down the equipment?
Kemah had a sad accident. While The Wipeout was getting ready to slow down to stop, (it was flat) when a car that was traveling backward broke away. Which direction did the cart go?
Mr. Sym was practicing pitching to Mr. Martin for the CA baseball game. Mr. Martin forgot his mit. When Mr. Martin caught the ball, he broke two bones in his hand. What exerted the force on his hand, and which of Newton's laws was responsible?
A stuntman is jumping from the rear of a plane and free falling to the ground. There is a special landing pad designed to stop his fall with no injuries. In order to hit the pad should he jump before it, directly above it, or after it?
Classification systems are used to indicate evolutionary relationships among organisms. Modern classification systems are based upon ___.
Which idea about evolution was held by Darwin but not by Lamarck?
Charles Darwin proposed his theory of evolution based on observations of nature. Which observation that contributed to his theory is illustrated by differences in appearance within populations of organisms? (ex. Patterns of beatles)
Which is the greatest threat to biodiversity?
Which is a conclusion drawn from the observed DNA similarities found between apes and chimpanzees?
Fossils help scientists classify extinct species and determine their relationships to current species. Fossils provide the most information about extinct species' __.
When penicillin was first introduced, it was very effective in destroying most of the bacteria that cause gonorrhea. Today, certain varieties of this bacterium are resistant to penicillin. Which statement best explains the resistant varieties?
In terms of ecological organization, how is an ecosystem different from a population?
In general, which trophic level has the most energy available to it?
The fossil record supports which of the following descriptions of the evolution of life on Earth?
Which level of ecological organization contains all other levels?
Cellular respiration, decomposition, combustion, and photosynthesis are processes that drive which of the following cycles in ecosystems?
If the following organisms were arranged in a food pyramid, which organism would have the least amount of total energy available? shrub, lizard, insect, or coyote?
What will most likely happen if decomposers are removed from the carbon cycle?
Which of the following human activities modify our environment?
A photosynthetic, autotrophic organism that contains a cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, and chloroplasts, most likely belongs to which of the following kingdoms?
An organism that has a cell wall but no nucleus and lives without oxygen in extreme environments most likely belongs to which of the follwing kingdoms?
Organisms in this kingdom are heterotrophic, have a cell wall, cell membrane, and nucleus, but no chloroplasts, and obtain their energy through absorption.
A branching diagram that shows evolutionary relationships among organisms based upon common ancestry and shared characteristics is called a __.
Viruses and living cells have many similarites and differences. Which of the following is an important similarity?
What year was the Hawaiian kingdom overthrown?
Who was the reigning monarch right before Liliʻuokalani?
What did the constitution that Kalākaua was forced to sign at gunpoint become known as?
Where was Liliʻuokalani imprisoned?
Where did Kalākaua die?
What is the name of Kalākaua's wife?
Which Kamehameha was Kauikeaouli?
Which Kamehameha was Lot Kamehameha?
What is the name of Pauahi's father?
Who was Kamehameha to Pauahi?
The Germans enacted a policy of expanding their territory to make room for the superior races
Hitler had creative ways of getting people to obey his orders, regardless of how outrageous they were
How sad it is when people are forcefully removed out of their country
The main German organizations officially agreed to have the Jews sent from Germany to Palestine
How tragic was the massacre of millions of Jews during World War II
These decrees defined all races in Germany as either superior or lesser
Fearing those who threatened his power, Hitler arranged for the murder of the SA generals in this event
The police would show up at the doorsteps of those who broke the laws of Nazi Germany
Shards of glass were all over the streets when Jewish life was raided on this night
These sites served as a holding place for those awaiting death at the hands of the Nazis
The Germans had one last plan to forever exterminate the Jews in Europe
Prior to World War II, Germany and the Soviet Union officially agreed to avoid war with one another
Who was the Native American woman who helped guide Lewis and Clark on their journey to the West?
What famous first lady saved a painting of George Washington from being burned in the White House fire set by the British during the War of 1812?
Which President engaged in a famous fight against the National Bank of the United States and ended up shutting it down?
Who was the Chief Justice who decided many important Supreme Court cases including Marbury vs. Madison to establish judicial review?
Who was the Governor of the Indiana Territory during the War of 1812 and a war general in the War of 1812 whose fame would later help him get elected as President?
Who was chosen by Meriwether Lewis to accompany him on his journey of discovery of the Northwest portion of the Louisiana Purchase?
Who was the 4th President of the United States?
What President is known for using the spoils system?
Who was a famous War Hawk Congressman from the North who fought for Nothern beliefs in Congress?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is a word that tells about an action or existence?
This modifies a verb.
A word that connects individual words or groups of words.
An additional piece of information at the bottom of the page.
A verb that ends in -ing, and acts like a noun.
A list of definitions for key terms used in a book; usually located in the back of the book.
Words above sections of texts that organize information.
A list of topics covered in a book with the page numbers where they can be found.
A verb form with the verb "to" added to it.
A person, place, thing, idea,or animal.
What is the energy transformation that occurs when using gasoline in a lawnmower?
When you eat food, what type of energy is stored in the food and released when you digest it?
________________ causes the turbine within the dam to turn, transforming ___________ into electrical energy.
A toaster changes electrical energy into _____________ energy to toast the bread.
Name the layer of the earth where the convection currents occur.
Which is an example of convection?
In the experiment where we put the penny on the ice cube, we noticed that the ice cube began to melt. Why?
What is an example of conduction?
Which is an example of radiation?
Jon takes a popsicle out of the freezer. How does the thermal energy affect the popsicle?
Words that sound like their meaning; zip, bang
an affix added to the beginning of a root or a base word that makes the word a new word with a new meaning.
Documents created by someone who witnessed or participated in an event (diaries, letters, etc.)
A word that replaces a noun in the sentence.
An article, book, or other source of information an author uses to write about a topic.
A person, place, or thing that performs the action in the sentence.
Words with similar meaning.
Words with opposite meaning.
The sentence that tells the main idea of a paragraph.
The main idea of a composition
Which of the following is a disadvantage of using coal?
Where would be the best place for geologists to find petroleum and natural gas?
Which of the following renewable resource would be best obtained in Houston, TX?
All sources of energy of earth orginally come from which of the following?
Name the fossil fuels.
What is an advantage of natural gas?
What is a disadvantage of natural gas?
Which of the following places would be an area in which we could collect wind energy?
What is an advantage of using renewable resources?
Which of the following are nonrenewable resources?
A hawk in a food chain is a
Algae are the major oxygen producers in a water environment. This is an example of an algae\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s __________.
A grasshopper in a food chain is a:
In a graph that shows a bacterium increasing and then leveling off, what is happening?
The deer in a food chain is:
The following biome is characterized by having evergreen trees, cold winters and grizzly bears.
Plants are considered ________ because they can create their own energy by using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.
The South African Burrowing Bullfrog flattens its body and puffs up when approached by a predator. This is an example of ___________.
The following biome is characterized by having a warm, humid climate and contains the world\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s largest area of biodiversity:
Which of the following is the first stage in a primary succession?
Who created the first movie projector in the United States?
What is the process called of creating many products exactly alike?
Which person wrote many poems during the Harlem Renaissance?
Which amendment to the Constitution ended prohibition?
What American sport grew out of bootlegging?
Which city did Henry Ford build his car empire in?
A time of great African American creativity in arts, literature and music:
Which man invented the radio?
Which famous movie actor of the 20s died suddenly in 1926?
What was added to movies in 1927?
Which system brings in oxygen and removes carbon dioxide?
What three systems rid our bodies of wastes?
What is the function of the large intestine?
Is the heart part of the respiratory system?
What does the endocrine system have to do with homeostasis?
Where does cellular gas exchange happen first?
Name a function of the reproductive system
Which system produces nutrients?
Which system helps in delivering nutrients to cells?
What is a function of the reproductive system?
Which of the following is true about equinoxes?
The forces that create erosion include:
Mountains and plateaus are created by?
Which of the following is the name given to a city's sewer, transportation systems, electricity and housing?
What geographical feature slowed expansionism in the North American colonies in the early 18th century?
GIS stands for ?
What is the study of Geography?
What does a cartographer do?
Complete this analogy. A map is to a globe as a blueprint is to a ?
What is a compass rose?
Speed can be defined as
Which of the following pieces of equipment might be helpful if you wanted to measure acceleration?
In which situation is an object accelerating?
A grasshopper jumps with a speed of 3 m/s from a leaf. It flies through the air for 2 seconds before landing on a fence. How far is the leaf from the fence?
A snowball flies through the air with a speed of 15 m/s. It spends 5s in the air before hitting the ground. Can the snowball have reached the enemy fort 50 meters away?
Which of the following is an example of a measurement of velocity?
Which statement best describes the difference between speed and velocity?
A migrating eagle flies 7.2 km north over 6 hours. What is the velocity of the eagle?
Which of the following is an example of a measurement of acceleration?
Which unit is acceleration measured in?
Which of the following was an early realization that gave rise to Darwin's theory of natural selection?
Farm animals with preferred traits are chosen for breeding. These chosen animals usually produce offspring with these preferred traits. This best illustrates the process of
Lamarck's idea of
Which of the following is an observation made by Darwin that supports his theory of natural selection?
A group of brown moths are attracted to a brown tree. In the spring the tree produces white blossoms. Which adaptation will help the moths?
All of the following adaptations could lead an organism to be successful except
As the finches on the Galapagos Island became more and more varied, whether due to available food sources of geographic isolation, what was occurring?
Which of the following is the most specific group used to classify organisms?
Scientists have hypothesized that oxygen began to build up in the Earth's atmosphere after the development of living things with the ability to
One important feature of modern classification systems is that they
Answers by Educators Question Database
Ella/ vivir
Armando y yo/ leer
Ud./ hablar
Jose y Marta/ escribir
Uds./ leer
Tu/ compartir
When consumers in the United States buy products made in Poland, they are buying imported goods.
Expanded international business activities make different types of jobs available for workers
Culture refers to the type of government of a country
The availability of natural resources affects the economic conditions of a country
An industry that undergoes privatization is changed from private ownership to government ownership
Continually rising prices are one sign of a healthy economy
The first step of the decision making process is to evaluate the alternatives
One aspect of mobility is the willingness to relocate to another location for better employment
The U.S. government restricts the number of textiles that can be imported from China every year. This is an example of an import quota.
Democratic societies do not usually have a market economy
A multinational enterprise in a host country must operate within the host country's economic, social, and legal contraints
An outbreak of civil war within a country is an example of a political risk.
A free-trade agreement between two companies results in increased trade between the countries because barriers to trade are removed.
Multinational companies only pay taxes to the government in their home countries
A trade deficit is created by a favorable balance of payments
When food products are exported, they can usually be standardized for most countries
An unfavorable balance of payments will usually result in a decline in the value of a nation's currency
The International Monetary Fund sets the exchange rate for currencies in different countries
Usually when a country experiences high foreign demand for its products the demand results in a strong currency for the country because its manufacturers want to be paid in their own currency
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) coordinates international treaties to protect patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property
Throughout the world, most legal disputes have to be settled in court.
The autocratic style of management is usually the style employees work best under
Line positions are managerial, but staff positions are not
Most organizations today are tall because so many managers are needed to accomplish complex goals
In an international corporation a parent company provides an organizational structure of local, national, or regional subsidiaries that are usually responsible for decision making and customer service.
An applicant's work record is of little interest during the selection process
Sometimes a less-developed company will benefit from a foreign company that uses the ethnocentric approach
A disadvantage of the polycentric approach to human resource management is the cultural gap between the headquarters and subsidiary managers
The characteristics of a job applicant's family may be an important consideration for a position in a foreign country
Visits to companies can reveal available jobs that are not advertised to the general public.
A passport allows a person to work in another country
Interviewers do not usually want job applicants to ask questions during an interview
The purpose of the follow-up letter after an interview is to resell yourself and stand out in a positive way from others who were interviewed
Most people only have one or two different job in their entire lives
Production is an example of a marketing activity
Automated production systems usually make it more difficult for a company to set up a manufacturing plan in another country
Companies use wholesalers to distribute their products to retailers because wholesalers specialize in transporting, storing, and ordering goods
Publicity is an example of paid promotions
The promotional mix may be different in different countries due to social, legal, and economic environments
A company with several different departments should always organize by function
What is a MAYOR?
What is a TAX?
What is a CAPITAL? (Hint: ending with AL)
What is a GOVERNOR?
What is a CAPITOL? (Hint: ending with OL)
What is a PRESIDENT?
That is the CONGRESS?
What is the SUPREME COURT?
What is a MONUMENT?
Local governments get the money they need to pay for police, fire departments, and schools from...
What TWO people are ELECTED to office?
Washington D.C is our country's...
What are the TWO groups that make up Congress?
Many local governments in the United States are led by a...
All of the below services are provided by a local government EXCEPT...
The mayor and city council are elected by...
The first people to live in the White House were...
In 1783, our country's capital was located in...
There are _________ judges on the Supreme Court.
Tendency for an object to resist changes in motion.
Also known as Law of Inertia
A Push or Pull.
Law based on the equation F = m x a
Unit of Force
Object Changing Position
The greater the force on an object, the greater the _____ of an object.
Scientist that formulated the 3 Laws of Motion
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Equation showing relationship between force, mass and acceleration.
The greater the __ of an object, the smaller the acceleration if a similar force is applied
Trenton is the ___________ of New Jersey.
The ________________ is the government in a community that takes care of things that affect people's everyday lives.
A __________________ lead Rockaway Township.
The ____________ works in the __________ building.
The ________ is the leader of the country.
The ___________ is the leader of a state.
The ___________ is the leader of a town or city.
The branch of the government that makes sure that the laws are fair is the ___________.
The branch of the government that makes sure the laws are followed is the _________.
The branch of the government that makes our laws is the _________.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Irving, Texas is located on what continent?
Which of the following identifies the reason why the Portuguese brought Africans to the colony of Brazil?
Which of the following reasons is why countries in Central America wanted to become independent countries?
If you wanted to study the crime problems of Irving in the last two weeks, which of the following would be your best resource?
What type of map shows countries borders and capitals?
Europe is divided into ?
Communism=Command, Capitalism= ?
Which group is a political and economic alliance in Europe?
In which of the following bodies of water could you find both the Greeks and the Phoenicians?
Which of these countries dominanted a large portion of Eastern Europe after WWII?
What does DNA stand for?
In DNA adenine (A) always pairs with?
In DNA guanine (G) always pairs with?
The shape of DNA is:
Which one of the following is the sugar in DNA?
How many base pairs (nucleotides) are there in DNA?
The sides of the DNA molecule are
If DNA is compacted (smushed) then it is called
DNA gives organisms their:
You got your orginal DNA from:
An ameoba copies itself and one cell becomes two. This is an example of:
A sea star (star fish) gets cut in 3 pieces and 3 new see stars grow. This is an example of:
A hyrda starts growing a new little hydra out of its side that is genetically the same as it. This is an example of:
Regeneration, Cloning, and Budding all rely on what two things:
Why is mitosis important?
Why is meiosis important?
Why would scientists give meiosis a name that means "becoming less"?
What is the end result of mitosis and cell division?
What is the end result of meiosis?
Which of the following is true about sexual reproduction?
The Roman emperor ____ became a Christian and stopped the persecution of Christians in the empire.
A split in a church is called a
A group of traders traveling together for safety
The holy book of Islam
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