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Meagan ran a 10 km race. How many meters was that?
Sue fed her dog 8 oz. of food on Monday, 14 oz. on Tuesday, and 12 oz. on Wednesday. What was the total amount of food given to her dog?
In order to be passed to offspring, what type of cell must a mutation be in?
In fruit flies, the gene for red eyes (R) is dominant and the gene for sepia eyes (r) is recessive. What are the possible combinations of genes in the offspring of two red-eyed heterozygous flies (Rr)?
A human zygote, like most other human cells, contains 46 chromosomes. How many chromosomes does a zygote receive from the mother?
Which of the following best describes the formation of a zygote?
Two spotted leopards produce a litter of four cubs. Three of the cubs are spotted and one is solid black. The black coat is probably what type of trait?
An X-linked recessive gene results in color blindness in humans. A woman with normal color vision whose father was color-blind marries a color-blind man. What is the percentage chance that their son will be color-blind?
Which of these best explains the pattern of inheritance for the red-green colorblindness trait?
In a pedigree, how will you know if someone is affected by the trait studied?
A man with colorblindness married a woman who is not a carrier of red-green colorblindness. If they have a female child, what is the chance that she will be born with red-green colorblindness?
Hemophilia A, a blood disorder, is inherited in a similar way to red-green colorblindness. Therefore, hemophilia most often results when the affected gene is passed from
Which of these combinations results in the expression of a recessive trait?
In humans, the trait for not having a hitchhiker’s thumb (H) is dominant and having a hitchhiker’s thumb (h) is recessive. A family has 12 children. Eight of the children have no hitchhiker’s thumb. Four of the children have a hitchhiker’s thumb. Wha
Mrs. Stefano has freckles (rr) but her husband, George, does not (RR). Which of these is the predicted ratio of children with no freckles to the children with freckles?
In pigeons, the allele B produces ash-red feathers. The allele b produces blue feathers. The B allele is dominant to the b allele. A pigeon with genotype Bb is crossed with a pigeon with genotype bb. What percent of the offspring are expected to have
In tobacco, if the diploid number of chromosomes is 48, how many chromosomes will be found in a pollen grain, or gamete?
What is one role of transfer RNA in the cell?
Which two structures of a frog would most likely have the same chromosome number?
A scientist crossed a tall pea plant that produces smooth pea pods with a tall pea plant that produces wrinkled pea pods. All of the four hundred offspring produced were tall and produced smooth pea pods. Which response below explains these results?
A healthy individual is a carrier of a lethal allele but is unaffected by it. What is the probable genotype of this individual?
Why is the particular sequence of bases in a segment of DNA important to cells?
India ranks in the bottom 25% in the world for Gross Domestic Product per capita. Which of these statistics BEST describes why this might be the case?
Why would a country want to erect trade barriers such as tariffs or quotas?
• One country has a more market-oriented sytem while the other country has a closed economic system • Both countries have powerful militaries
Which answers BEST supports the statement that India is a federal republic?
Which answer BEST supports the statement, China's government can be considered an Oligarchy?
Which of these BEST sums up the overall goal of the Cultural Revolution in China?
“A youth is to be regarded with respect. How do we know that his future will not be equal to our present? If he reach the age of forty or fifty, and has not made himself heard of, then indeed he will not be worth being regarded with respect.”
Which of these cities would be found in the most densely populated area on northern section of the map?
Which of these is MOST impacted by the construction of the Three Gorges Dam?
The Indus Valley has a large fertile plain which has contributed to the large population growth in which of these South Asian countries?
Which amino acid would be transferred to the position of codon CAC?
A scientist puts nucleotide chains of UUUUUU in a test tube under conditions allowing protein synthesis. Soon the test tube is full of polypeptide chains composed of only the amino acid phenylalanine. What does this experiment indicate?
If a segment of DNA is TAC GAT TAG, the complementary mRNA strand that results from this segment will be
Genetic information usually flows in one specific direction. Which of the following best represents this flow?
Crossing over results in which of these?
Which of the following best describes the result of a mutation in an organism’s DNA?
For a long time, penicillin was given to people to kill the bacteria which caused ear infections. Lately, some ear infections are not cured by penicillin. Which is the best explanation for this?
Genetic mutations are harmful or beneficial changes that occur in an individual’s
Harmful genetic mutations that occur in an individual’s somatic cells will
Genetic engineering to create biomedical products that benefit society often involves the use of recombinant DNA technology. Recombinant DNA is DNA that has
DNA manipulation is used to produce beneficial products, such as human insulin. Strands labeled A and C are both part of the same individual's DNA. When DNA fragment B is inserted in between fragments A and C, the resulting DNA is know
Apomixis is a type of asexual reproduction in which adult plants grow directly from egg cells. Which of these does not occur during apomixis?
Which of these make up the primary link between a gene and the expression of a trait?
Which of these does NOT occur during meiosis?
One kind of chromosomal mutation can occur during meiosis when a pair of chromosomes that carry genes for the same trait fail to separate. Which of these represents the sex chromosomes of a male organism when this type of chromosomal mutation has occ
Original strand--ATT CAG. New strand--UAA GUC. This new strand will most likely be used for
Which of these is an example of a heterozygous genotype?
Normal thymine (T) is found in the old strand. It is replaced by an abnormal molecule (T*) in the new strand. The abnormal molecule (T*) binds to guanine (G) instead of binding to adenine (A). This is an example of
The genetic information for making a protein must move from the nucleus to the cytoplasm. Which of these moves this information to the cytoplasm?
Identify leaf A is on the board.
Identify leaf B is on the board.
Identify leaf C is on the board.
All of the following are found in the early stages primary succession except
Control burns are beneficial for all of the following reasons except
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The number of births in a population in a certain amount of time.
The number of deaths in a population in a certain amount of time
Moving into a population.
Leaving a population.
The number of individuals in an area of a specific size.
An environmental factor that causes a population to decrease.
The largest population that an area can support.
A process by which characteristics that make an individual better suited to its environment become more common in a species.
A behavior or physical characteristic that allows an organism to live successfully in its environment.
The role of an organism in its habitat, or how it makes a living.
The struggle between organisms to survive as they attempts to use the same limited resource.
An interaction in which one organism kills another for food.
The organism that does the killing in a predation interaction.
An organism that is killed and eaten by another organism.
A close relationship between two species that benefits at least one of the species.
A relationship between two species in which both species benefits.
A relationship between two species in which one species benefits and the other is neither helped nor harmed.
A relationship in which one organism lives on or in a host and harms it.
The organism that benefits by living on or in a host in a parasitism interaction.
The organism that a parasite lives in or on in a parasitism interaction.
Age range, gender, and education level are all characteristics of:
A diagram of geometric shapes connected by lines that shows the hierarchy structure of a website:
Outline of the general purpose of the site, including but not limited to selling a product, promoting an event, providing information, and increasing brand recognition
Barebones page mockups that include placeholder boxes with text to indicate where items will go on the page:
Why is it important to define your site?
What is the context menu that contains page properties?
There is a built-in spell-checker in Dreamweaver
What panel allows you to change text from a paragrph format to the Heading 1 format?
What symbol appears next to the file name when a page has been edited but not yet saved?
Links that contain the entire URL of a page that you are linking to, such as are:
A style sheet that is created as a separate file, then attached to one or more HTML files is:
The CSS selector that changes the appearance of all HTML tags, such as all of p tags
The CSS selector that can be applied to any tag, and used multiple times on a page:
The CSS selector that can be applied to one object on a page:
CSS rules cannot be edited once created
The tag used to create a block in a Web page to hold content (helps build layout structure):
What type of div can be set to a specific location on a page?
The type of graphic that supports millions of colors, but is large in file size, and is typically reserved for photographic images:
The type of graphic that supports only 256 colors, but allows for transparency, and is typically used for small graphics such as clipart:
An image can be edited in ways such as cropping, brightness, and contrast in Dreamweaver directly.
The text that is added to an image to help assisstive devices read what the image content contains, as well as gives a description of the image if it doesn't load properly.
The object used to create a link on top of an image:
The part of a table that crosses horizontally
The part of a table that crosses vertically
The intersection of a column and row, where you input data
Two cells in a table cannot be merged together in one.
The part of the Dreamweaver screen at the top that by default says
The part of the Dreamweaver screen on the right side that has CSS Styles and Files
The part of the Dreamweaver screen where you create your page (type in information, put in pictures, etc.)
The part of the Dreamweaver screen located at the bottom, where you can change the Format, Class, Hyperlinks, etc.
Which candy do you think was the most profitable for Milton Hershey?
Why do you think that most of Hersheys money came from chocolate?
Which word is the synonym of confectionary?
Which word is a synonym of creditor?
Why do you think Milton sold his first successful business?
Why do you think the author wrote this passage?
Why do you think Hershey built his factory near dairy farms?
What did the US government do after Hershey developed a chocolate bar for soldiers?
When was Hershey born?
Who suggested that Milton enter the candy business?
In an experiment there should be only one
Which is not an observation?
Quantitative or Qualitative? There are 10 blue birds.
Quantitative or Qualitative? There are blue birds, red birds, and yellow birds.
In a scientific experiment, how many independent variables should be tested at the same time?
A student designed an experiment to test the effect of temperature on bacterial growth. He grew three identical cultures of E.coli in three identical incubators at different temperatures. What is the independent variable in this experiment?
How would scientists show a comparison between variables?
Three students measured the height of a lab table, each using a different meter stick. One student reported a height of 98cm, another reported a height of 99 cm and the last student reported a height of 56cm. What was probably the problem?
Quantitative or Qualitative? Rainbows are more beautiful after fall rainstorms than spring rainstorms.
Quantitative or Qualitative? There are 10 fuzzy puppies.
One of the main differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells is that
Which of the following organisms does not have a cell wall?
What does it mean to be a permeable membrane?
The Golgi apparatus is like UPS! In the cell, part of the Golgi apparatus will pinch off and move away. Why does it do this?
Muscles need to have energy. Muscle cells probably have a high number of
Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are often considered opposite reactions. Why?
What BEST describes the DNA in two daughter bacteria cells?
What is most likely the outcome for a cell that is not allowed to divide?
In fruit flies long wings (W) are dominant to short wings (w). What is the phenotype of a Ww parent?
Guinea pigs can have brown or white fur. The allele for brown is dominant (B) to the allele for white (b). What would be the genotype of a guinea pig with white fur?
Chance needs to record data that will show the change in temperature over a two-week period of time. Which software will he need to use to create his graph?
Which is NOT used in a spreadsheet application?
To create a chart of business expenses, what software would be used?
What could your local tax office use a spreadsheet for?
What is one advantage of a spreadsheet program?
What is a business use of spreadsheet software?
An advantage of a spreadsheet is the speed of accomplishing what?
What could your school secretary use a spreadsheet to do?
Victoria needs to enter inventory data into the computer so that she might track purchasing trends. Which application software would BEST meet her needs?
Your teacher has given you all of your grades for the grading period. What is the FASTEST way to calculate your current average?
Extreme exaggeration
The cat's pajamas is an example of
Which of these two types of figurative language are sound devices?
The road was a silk ribbon winding over the hills is an example of
Perfectly shaped peppermint patties lay on the pink cloth.
Telling someone the test was a piece of cake is using
Giving human characteristics to non-human forms
Crash, bang, boom, tick-tock, ring, zip and pow are all examples of
If you hear the wind whispering to you, then you are using
I am so hungry I could eat a horse is both hyperbole and
Answers by Educators Question Database
Economic need generally is sufficient to constitute duress.
A contract written exclusively by one party and presented to the other party on a take-it-or-leave-it basis is an adhesion contract.
ill and Karl contract for the sale of Jill’s horse for $1,000. Unknown to either party, the horse has died. Karl is
Moore Properties Inc. offers to sell land for $112,000. A customer agrees to buy the land at that price, but discovers the price should have been $121,000. Moore's misstatement of the price is:
Crosscreek County and Bridgework Corporation enter into a construction contract that includes mathematical specifications. Later Crosscreek, whose engineer, Damon, compiled the specs, learns that some of the dollar figures are incorrect. Bridgework r
Sylvia creates a profile for Today’s Date, Inc., an online dating service. She exaggerates her appealing features and posts a photo of her friend Uva, whom Sylvia thinks is prettier. Enticed by the profile, Van subscribes to the service so that he ca
May is a stockbroker. Due to May’s statements, Nora believes that the price of OK Goods, Inc. (OKGI), a widely traded stock, is going to in¬crease sub¬stantially. Nora buys 500 shares of OKGI at $10 per share, but the price soon drops to $2. Nora can
Gina induces Hu to enter into a contract for the purchase of a condominium about which Gina knowingly misrepresents a number of material features. When Hu discovers the truth, Hu can
Bret is convicted of arson for burning down his warehouse to collect the in-surance. On an application for insurance from Cover-All Insurance Company on a new building, in answer to a question about prior convictions, Bret does not disclose his convi
Nero makes an honest but erroneous statement that misrepresents a material fact in a contractual transaction with Odell. Nero is guilty of
Cartier, an accountant, convinces his client Bianca to sign a contract to invest her savings in a nonexistent social-networking Web site. When Bianca learns the truth, she can
Gary threatens physical harm to force Hugh to sell his business, Imports from Asia, Inc., to Gary for a below-market price. This is
Sam uses duress to force Tanya to agree to pay him for protecting her re¬tail store—Tanya’s Trends—against vandalism and destruction. Tanya may
He said independence was worth fighting for. He said, give me liberty or give me death.
He saved Jamestowne by making everyone work
He founded the colony of Georgia as a place for debtors.
He founded the colony of Maryland as a refuge for Catholics.
Navtive American that taught the Pilgrims to plant, fish, and hunt.
He founded Rhode Island for religious freedom.
A Quaker that founded Pennsylvania for a refuge for religious freedom.
He brought tobacco to Jamestowne.
Founded Massachusetts Bay Colony for religious freedom, but they did not welcome people who didn't share their beliefs.
They were also known as Seperatists.
French noble who fought alongside the Americans in the Revolutionary War.
German soldiers paid to fight with the British.
His plan to unite the colonies was called the Albany Plan.
Wanted women to be included in equal rights.
He was the leader of the Continental Army and President of the Constitutional Convention.
He warned the Patriots the British were marching to Concord.
One of the first colonists to speak out about the new taxes by writing plays, poems, and articles making fun of the British.
Argued for stronger state rights
His notes helped historians know what occurred at the Constitutional Convention.
The main author of the Declaration of Independence.
Study of the universe
A device that collects light
A property of waves that bend waves as they go through a substance
A property of waves that bounce waves off a substance
These types of materials do not allow any light to pass through
These types of materials allow light to pass through, but the image is not clear
These types of materials allow light to pass through and the image is clear
The distance from one peak to the next on a wave is called
The number of waves that pass through any point in a second is called the wave's
Waves in the order of their wavelengths is the
A telescope that uses mirror and a lens
A telescope that uses lenses
To travel in space, you would need to bring
The first artificial satelitte in space
The imaginary line that goes through the North Pole to the South Pole
The scientist that found evidence of Earth's rotation
One complete spin on Earth's axis is
A plave where a new day begins
One complete orbit around the Sun by Earth
The energy source for the water cycle
Jason's Deli hires Sam as a consultant to improve the menu. The CEO assigns the VP of Marketing to assist the consultant. In this scenario, the VP of Marketing is the:
Becca is 16 years old and her employer wants her to use the slicer and the cardboard compactor in the deli. Which act is this company violating?
Ted is a chef. He slipped and fell in the kitchen at work breaking his leg. What benefit should Ted receive?
Jason's Deli hires Sam as a consultant to improve the menu. The CEO assigns the VP of Marketing to assist the consultant. In this scenario, Jason's Deli is the:
Ted worked at a factory that was destroyed by fire. What benefit should Ted receive?
Robert was fired from his manufacturing job without cause. Which benefit is Robert entitled to receive from this situation?
. Roger was discharged from his job without cause. The employer has the right terminate his employment without cause under which law?
Shirley was laid off by her employer. What benefit is she entitled to receive?
Wanda’s employer wants to pay her less than the minimum wage. Which law would Wanda use to protect her current wages from being changed?
Sally is in a serious accident. She is paralyzed from the waist down but can still perform her job with a reasonable accommodation. What protects her from losing her job and requires her company to provide the accommodations to perform her job?
. Megan recently applied for a position at a store in the mall. She has a prosthetic arm. The employer refused to hire her for a sales position. Which act is this company violating?
. Fred has worked for his employer for 12 years. His mother was diagnosed with cancer. Fred requested time off to care for his mother. His employer refused. Which act is this company violating?
Fred represented Harold in a real estate transaction when Harold sold his property to Nancy. In SCENARIO 3.02B, what type of trust does Harold expect of Fred?
Fred represented Harold in a real estate transaction when Harold sold his property to Nancy. In SCENARIO 3.02B, who is the agent?
Which duty expects employers to properly maintain a healthy work environment?
Jack asked Tammy to sell his car while he was on vacation. Tammy agreed to become Jack's agent. They had a voluntary, consensual relationship. Tammy DID NOT receive pay for the service. What type of Agent is Tammy?
Fred represented Harold in a real estate transaction when Harold sold his property to Nancy. In SCENARIO 3.02B, what type of agency exists?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What are goods?
A consumer is
An income is
What is a service?
A volunteer is
Which answer is a want?
Taxes people pay to their communities may help
An example of a producer is
What is a budget?
Which answer is a need?
The physical development of a country
The difference between wants and needs and available resources
A system which a country's government makes all economic decisions
The output per worker hour that is measured over a defined period of time
Rising Prices
Exchange of goods and services among nations
The difference in value between exports and import
The commercial exchange between nations that is conducted on free market principles with out any regulations
Total ban on specific goods coming into or leaving a country
Large corporations that have operations in several countries
What is the output per worker hour that is measured over a defined period of time?
What refers to rising prices?
What is the total value of goods and services produced by a nation?
What is the correct order of the business cycle?
What a consumer's biggest fear during a recession?
What is the exchange of goods and services among nations?
What are goods and services purchased from other countries?
What is a tax on imports?
What is a business enterprise that a domestic company and a foreign company undertake together?
What is a company's use of an exsisting product or promotion from which changes are made?
what is international trade
What are the three main types of trade barriers???
Which of the following countries is not socialist?
Which of the following is NOT a factor of production
What are three questions nations ask to define their economic system?
Who decides what should be produced in a command economy?
A period of prolonged recession
A tax on imports
GATT, NAFTA, and the EU are examples of?
Large corporations that have operations in several countries :)
In a Market Economy there is no goveremnt Involment?
In a traditional Economy why, how and Whom are the three basic questions?
Whats a Capitalism Country?
___________ are goods and services purchased from other countries.
What does NAFTA stand for?
The part of a company that deals with employees; might hire people and keep records
A form used in making a request to be hired
Someone who is in charge of others; a boss
Information about you; including personal, career and educational information, and references
A 9 digit number used to identify people for government purposes related to taxes, unemployment, etc
Not Applicable; used on a job application in a section that does not apply to you
The city and state where a person was born
Your name, address, phone number and e-mail
A job you have had or a skill you developed
What you hope to become or achieve in your job in the future
Condensation is
A physical change is
A chemical change is
A liquid
Sedimentary Rock
Metamorphic Rock is
Igneous Rock is
Potential energy is
A wedge is a
Kinetic energy is
Cloning results in 2 organisms that are
No 2 people have the same DNA, except for
Sex linked genes are genes on
Genetic disorders are caused by
Which genetic disorder causes the body to produce thick mucus in the lungs and intestines?
What is a karyotype?
What combination of sex chromosomes results in a male human being?
What is the function of DNA in a cell?
What procedure helps doctors diagnose a genetic disorder before a baby is born?
How can genetic counselors predict genetic disorders?
The process of the cell cycle where the nucleus divides to create two identical nuclei is called __________.
During prophase, the two centrioles __________.
Which of these is the part of the cell that contains hereditary material?
The final step in the mitosis process for animal cells is _________.
In asexual reproduction, offspring are produced _________.
A sea star has one of its arms break off. That arm grows into its own separate organism through __________.
Hydra reproduce through __________, where the offspring grows from the body of the parent organism.
Which of these is part of asexual reproduction?
The cell that is formed when fertilization occurs is called __________.
How many chromosomes are in a human kidney cell?
Of the two types of cells made by the human body, the majority of those cells are __________.
How many chromosomes are in human sex cells?
A male tiger contributes sperm to a females tiger's egg to produce a zygote. The process that produces haploid sex cells is __________.
The process of meiosis ensures that organisms will have __________.
Suppose an animal with 38 diploid chromosomes is able to produce offspring with an animal that has 60 diploid chromosomes. How many diploid number of chromosomes would the offsprin
If a diploid tomato cell has 24 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will the tomato's sex cells have?
Which of these is a part of sexual reproduction?
Which of these is a possible outcome of a mistake in meiosis?
DNA code is __________ before being passed to new cells.
The four nitrogen bases that are found in DNA are adenine, guanine, thymine, and _________.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which mineral is found in the sedimentary rock limestone? It fizzes and weathers when weak acids come in contact with it.
Ignous rocks such a granite have larger mineral grains. How did it most likely form?
Buried rock is exposed at Earth's surface by the combination of which tow processes?
The waves at the beach continuously crash against rocks weathering it into
Rocks in which the composition and texture of the rock have been changed by heat and pressure are called_____. Examples include limestone with seashells transforming into the sparkling marble.
Which of the following is one way to conserve water?
Which of the following is a nonrenewable resource?
To determine the time value of depositing $100 in a savings account, a person needs to know the interest rate and
The amount a lender charges to borrow money is called the:
Interest earned on interest is known as:
Lamar believes that interest rates are going to fall in the near future and remain low for a considerable period of time. She should invest in:
Which type of financial institution usually pays the highest rate of interest on savings account balances?
What should a person do when he believes he is being charged too high a rate of interest for a loan by a lending institution?
The information that a lender must disclose to consumers applying for a cash loan is
Money received today is worth more than the same amount of money received sometime in the future is:
If a person has $1,000 in a savings account and earns $20 a year in interest on that account, the rate of return on the money is close to
The cost to use someone else's money for a period of time is called the:
The Rule of 72 is an easy way to:
Приблизително колко години пр. Хр. започва античната епоха?
Коя древна страна за пръв път използва корабни платна?
На мястото на кой днешен български град се е намирало античното селище Скаптопара?
Коя известна сграда се смята за шедьовър на древногръцката архитектура?
Периодът на Тъмните векове в историята на Древна Елада започва с нашествието на:
Преселението на ахейци в Мала Азия през 12. хил.пр.Хр. е известно като:
Причина за избухването на Троянската война била:
Откривателят на Лъвската порта в Микена е :
Най-голямото златно тракийско съкровище е:
През кой век пр. Хр. хората се научили да добиват и обработват металите мед и злато:
Кой е легендарния основател на града Рим(Roma) :
Преобладаващите становища за прародината на България е, че тя се е намирала в кой континент :
What do the Texas and US Congress have in common?
Which of the following is an IMPLIED power of Congress?
Which of the following implied powers is needed to carry out the expressed power to regulate interstate trade?
Which of the following is NOT a category of congressional powers used by the National Government?
Why does Congress divide up into committees?
What is the purpose of a filibuster?
What is the purpose of a Conference Committee?
Which of the following is NOT a power of the Senate?
A document that requires you to testify before a court is called a
Why does Congress have the Elastic Clause?
How does the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution limit the power of the federal government?
The right to bear arms is guaranteed by what amendment?
For government officials to search a person’s house, papers, or effects, they must have a valid ____.
Composed of Ten Amendments
Under the separation of powers specified by the U.S. Constitution, the national government is divided into the legislative, judicial, and ____ branches.
The 5th amendment says you can't be accussed of the same crime twice this is called what?
The Constitution gives the federal government the necessary power to protect itself against rebellions or attacks. Article IV give the national government the power to maintain a __________.
In addition to prohibiting excessive bail and fines, what other protection does the Eighth Amendment provide?
In President Washington's famous Farewell Address, he warned the American people against permanent alliances, sectionalism, and political parties. Why did President Washington warn the American people against political parties?
President Washington named 4 people to his cabinet. Alexander Hamilton was appointed as the __________.
The _____________ wanted a strong national government and believed that there should be a loose interpretation of the Constitution.
The ___________________ wanted strong state governments and believed in a strict interpretation of the Constitution.
How did the 12th amendment change elections?
Before he left office, President Adams appointed some judges to the Supreme Court at the last minute. These appointment papers were not delivered in time and someone sued to become a judge. This Supreme Court case is known as _________.
Hamilton’s Financial Plan included creating a _______________ ____________.
What produces hydronium (H3O+) ions when dissolved in water?
What is neutralization?
What is pH?
A substance that chages color with an acid or a base is....
What produces hydroxide (OH-) ions when dissolved in water?
The amount of solute dissolved in solvent is called...
Which is NOT a property of an acid?
A_________ is a proton acceptor
What does a buffer do?
Which is NOT a property of a base?
acid rain is rain that has a pH of.....
A chemical with a pH of 6 is a....
What two acids are responsible for acid rain?
An example of dry deposition is...
an example of wet deposition is....
What is a chemical produced by the burning of coal?
Which is NOT an acid?
Which is NOT a base?
HCl is a.....
NaOH is a......
A strong acid would have a pH of.....
A weak base would have a pH of.....
If you mix NaOH (sodium hydroxide) and HCl (hydrochloric acid) together you would get....
What ion is present in all acids?
What ion is present in all bases?
Why is water neutral?
If you need to know the pH of an unknown chemical what do you do?
what does pH stand for?
why is the 'H' is pH capitol?
an indicator will....
Amonia, bleach and drain cleaner are....
most fruits are....
Acid rain is caused by.....
a compound with a pH of 7 is....
a compound with a pH of 8 is....
NaCl is a....
KOH is a...
CaCl2 is a.....
H2SO4 is a.....
HBr is a.....
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What's the difference between lava & magma?
A rock formed when melted rock material from inside Earth cools is:
A rock formed when sediments are cemented together
A rock formed from other rocks
Sandstone and Comglomerates where the sediments have been cemented together becuase of the weight of the layer above are:
Halite is formed when the ocean evaporates and layers of salt are left behind, it's an example of a:
A rock that forms from lava cooling such as obsidian is a
A rock that is made out of dead animals and plants like coal is a type of
What two forces can create a metamorphic rock
If you have a rock that has layers with visible bands of minerals like gneiss and phylitte it is:
A vertebrate is an animal that
An Invertebrate is an animal that
All plants make their own food through a process called
Which is the producer in the foodchain?
Organisms that get energy by feeding on dead materials and wastes are called
Producers are
Which is not true?
Which is not true about mammals
Which is true about amphibians.
Which is not true?
Which of the following layers of the Earth is the most dense?
Which of the following layers of the Earth is the least dense?
Which of the following layers of the earth is a liquid?
Which of the following layers of the Earth is the thinnest?
The core is made up of what kind of rocks?
The Earth forms layers based on what?
Which layer of the Earth is broken into tectonic plates?
What is the correct order of the layers of the Earth from MOST DENSE to LEAST DENSE?
Which layer of the Earth is the thickest?
What causes volcanoes and earthquakes to happen?
Un cheval raconte sa vie a la premiere personne comme s'il ____________
Ses premiers souvenirs remontent aux jours avec_________________.
La personne qui a achete Joey est ____________________.
Albert et Joey______________________ a la ferme.
Joey apprend a ____________ a la ferme.
La guerre est declairee contre____________________
Le pere d'Albert vend Joey a l'armee____________________
Quand Albert arrive, c'est trop tard, le cheval est__________________
Albert ne s'engage pas dans l'armee parce qu'il est trop__________________
Joey appartient a l'armee et suit son entrainement pour devenir cheval de/d'____________
A synonym for sullen is
When a person is slinking, he is
If somebody is wicked, he acts
If an animal is beetling
Din is a synonym for
A treachery is
To wander is
To strand is
An accomplished person is
To whimper is
What is the life cycle of plants?
What is the life cycle of animals?
What is the life cycle of a frog?
What is the life cycle of a butterfly?
What are an animal\'s basic needs?
What basic need does a long neck on a giraffe fulfill?
Which plant structure helps the plant gather water and nutrients from the ground?
What plant structure collects energy from the sun?
An elephant\'s ears help which basic need?
Which of the following characteristics would best help a mammal survive during an extremely cold winter?
Earth, Mars, Mercury, and Venus are known as the
Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter are known as the
Which planets are mostly composed of gases?
Which planets are mostly composed of rocky materials?
The terrestrial planets and giant planets are separated by the
Comets with a long-period originate in the
Short-period comets originate in the
A falling or shooting star is really a
When a meteoroid strikes the Earth it is called a
Which planet is largest?
Joey fait ___________________ de Topthorn.
Les deux chevaux embarquent sur_____________________pour la France.
___________gronde, ______________________ tirent.
Nicholls est ______________ lors du premier assaut.
Warren n'est pas un bon_________ mais il prend___________ de Joey.
Les mitrailleuses et les barbeles____________________un grand nombre de chevaux.
Warren et Stewart sont faits___________ par les ______________allemands.
Joey et Topthorn sont confiers a un_______et son/sa _______qui habitent un(e)_________ en France.
Leur ____________etait ravagee par la guerre.
Pendant un temps, les deux chevaux redeviennent des ____________________.
Joey et Topthorn connaissent la vie du front - la________nourriture, le/l'_______ et la/l'_______.
Un vieux soldat allemand, Freidrich, __________ la guerre.
Joey passe la nuit a cote des____________ de Topthorn et Friedrich.
Joey se trouve sur le _________________entre les tranchees et les barbeles.
Le ______________ de Joey va etre tire a pile ou face.
On emmene Joey dans un ___________________ __________________.
Joey reconnait _______________ et il attrape le _____________________.
Joey risque d'etre achete par un__________________
Emilie est morte de ________________
Joey revient a la/l' ____________ avec____________pour __________________.
The Treasury of Atreus is an example of a(n):
Minoan columns are distinquished by
It has been suggested that the fresco "La Parisienne" may represent a:
The Lion Gate is the gateway to:
The Kamares style of Minoan pottery exhibited:
Minoans coated the fabric of their rubble walls with a fine white lime plaster that required rapid execution and great skill. Which painting method would allow for this method?
"Spring" (fresco) is the first pure landscape. Which of the following best defines this landscape?
Which explanation best defines the relevance of archaeology to Art History?
Cycladic figures having the same form took on diferent meanings in different contexts. What accounts for this?
The funerary practice of the Mycenaeans, covering the faces of the dead with gold masks, recalls what other culture?
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Which of the following are Romance languages?
How are Italy and Germany different in relation to land usage?
How are the UK and Russia different in relation to climate?
Romance languages
Germanic Languages
Trade: (Great for trade, excellent highway system, use Rhine River)
Language of UK
Trade: (Bad for trade, frozen water, use trains mostly)
Trade: Great for trade (North Sea, English Channel, Atlantic Ocean)
Currency of Italy
What does arable land mean?
Which is the largest country in the world?
Which condition keeps Russia's natural resources from being used?
What has helped Italian merchants become successful traders?
Who is the creator of Christianity?
What is the Holy book of Judaism?
In which form of government would the FEWEST number of people be involved in making the rule of law?
Which are examples of Romance languages?
Which best describes the rights of the citizens in Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom.
A difference between Italy and Germany is that Germany:
How do the ports of Russia and the United Kingdom differ?
Which country located in southern Europe and is a peninsula extending into the Mediteranean Sea?
What causes the United Kingdom to have an unusally mild climate?
What type of government exists in Brazil and Mexico?
A similarity between countries in Europe, Latin America, and Canada is that people tend to live in is
The MPs choose a leader from among themselves called _________.
The average number of people living in a square mile is
What are the two predominant forms of democratic government?
The ________ is teh symbolic leader of the country.
Which is the strongest branch of government in the United Kingdom?
In a parliamentary system, citizens elect members of parliament called
The __________ heads the military, enforces laws, and keeps the country running day to day.
The subatomic particle that moves around the nucleus is called a (an)
Which subatomic particles make up the nucleus of an atom?
The atomic number of an atom is equal to the number of
All nonmetals are found
An atom that has lost or gained an electron is called a (an)
If a regular element has 8 protons it should have
The first letter of a chemical symbol is written
Atoms of the same element that have a different number of neutrons and a different atomic mas are called
If an atom has an atomic mass of 10.81 and its atomic number is 5, how many neutrons does it have?
If an atom has an atomic number of 7 and has 7 neutrons. What is it's atomic mass?
Which of the following is NOT a way to conserve soil?
Which type of fuel forms when pressure and heat cause changes in the remains of swamp plants?
Which of the following statements about all fossil fuels is true?
Fossil Fuels are
Which of the following provides evidence that the ground was once covered by oceans??
How do mid-ocean ridges support both the idea of continental drift and the theory of plate tectonics?
Sea-floor spreading occurs at which of the following types of tectonic boundaries?
The Appalachian Mountains and the Himalaya Mountains were both formed by folding as two plates collided. The Himalayas are pointed and the Appalachians are rounded off at the tops. Which is younger and still growing?
The Nazca and South American plate are pushing together. The Nazca plate is being subducted forming
Earthquakes occur along
What is heat?
What is temperature?
What is the Law of conservation of energy?
What is an endothermic reaction?
What would an exothermic reaction feel like?
What is heat capacity?
What happens to temperature during a change of state?
What is the activated complex?
How does a catalyst affect the rate of reaction?
When a reaction is at equilibrium what happens when more reactant is added?
The question being investigated by the experiment
The collecting of information about a particular subject
A factor in an experiment
The practical use for the information gained from the experiment
To examine carefully and in detail so as to identify causes, key factors, possible results
To make a conclusion based on reasoning and observation
To form an idea as a result of the data
The steps used to test a hypothesis
A particular sample that is treated the same as all the rest of the samples except that it is not exposed to the independent variable
The part of the scientific method where the researcher summarizes his or her findings
To group information into categories
A systemic error in the method of the experiment which leads to incorrect results
To notice similarities and differences
The factor being measured in an experiment. The thing which changes as a result of a change in the independent variable
A detailed series of steps to follow to perform an experiment
An underground surge in magma causes a sudden and significant increase in the ground temperature of a glacier-covered volcano. This will most likely result in
Water chemically breaks down rocks because
The component of soil that is made up of organic material is dark and is called
Which of the following areas would most likely experience the most weathering?
Which of the following statements describes how a rock changes after it is in a riverbed for a long time?
Why does air chemically weather rock?
Which human activities can help prevent soil erosion?
Mechanical weathering can cause cracks in rocks in Georgia's northern mountains to widen. How did the cracks most likely form?
A delta is where a river empties into the sea and dumps its load of silt. A famous delta is found in Mississippi. The process of dumping silt is called
Sediment falls to the bottom of the ocean over a long period of time forming layers (stratification). The layers compact and cement into rock that contains seashells. What kind of rock has formed?
In the water cycle, the sun's energy causes
Which of the the following landforms results from river and stream erosion
The water cycle involves energy changes and the continuous movement of water between Earth and its atmosphere. Condensation primarily takes place
Streams and rivers deposit sediment at the end forming deltas and
There are more than 500 caves in Georgia, many of them in the far northwestern counties of Dade and Walker. How do caves form in existing layers of limestone?
On a geology research trip, you notice a U-shaped valley. There are deep scratchs along the valley walls. What most likely formed this valley?
On a geology research trip, you find another valley that is V-shaped. What most likely formed this valley?
On a geology research trip, you find mushroom shaped rocks. They have umbrella shaped tops, but are thinner at the bottom. What most likely formed the mushroom shaped rocks?
Jekyll Island and Cumberland Island are two of a series of barrier islands that are located along Georgia's Atlantic coastline. Along these islands, the beaches that face east tend to erode away, and south-facing shorelines tend to grow. Why?
An astronaut viewed Earth from space. Which of the following did she observe?
Which of the following substances is a mineral?
Minerals that contain one or more elements combined with silicon and oxygen are called silicates and are commonly found in the
Which mineral can be identified by its salty taste?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
He exactly described the symtomps of burnout
Cause : to be more confident- Result succeed in your work
In his speech, the President has mentioned crunch times for the country
Result To not get a spoofing- Cause -to know well the manufacturer
The investors are going to recalculate the capital asset
Result The grantor to want- to sell his shares- Cause to have to lower the price
The director may audit the outstanding debts
They must have made the company liable for the damages
Cause to limit their unnecesary expenditure- Result to solve their cash-flow problem
The manager had pointed Denisse as the top-selling before she left the company
A good example of a building in the Ionic style is the _____________.
A standing nude figure of a young man is known in Greek ar as which of the following?
Who was the politician most responsible for he re-building of the Athenian Acropolis in the 5th Century BCE?
The chryselephantine statue of Athena Parthenos stands fully armed. What other warfare symbol accompanies the Athena Parthenos?
The earliest known example of the use of contrapposto is the sculpture known as the ____________.
How does the warrior sculpture, Riace Bronze demonstrate natural motion in space?
When compared to the Classical style, Greek Hellenistic ar could be characterized as:
How does the figure of the calf-bearer differ from earlier Greek statues as well as Egyptian and Near Eastern statues?
Black-figure ceramics would most likely be found in conjunction with the art of which of hte following periods?
Early Archaic monumental stone statues followed Egyptian style very closely. This style can be described as __________________.
She is thirsty
We are in a hurry
They have a lot of papel
We come to school at 8:00
I come to math class
Mi profesora _____________ a la clase de español.
Jorge y yo __________ la clase de inglés a las dos.
Maria y Jorge ____________ sed
Pablo y yo ____________ a la escuela a las siete y media.
Dora _______ que ir a la clase de ciencias
Actual remains of a dead animal is?
Fossils are most likely to be found in this type of rock.
Dinosour footprints are this type of fossil.
When you can only find a type of animal in the fossil recored the animal is said to be?
A scientist who studies fossils is called a?
This type of dating used isotopes to determine age of a rock.
Fossils are ?
Dating rocks by which is oldest or youngest is called?
This is a video game and how long it takes and isotope to decay to half its amount.
Seeing how a life form changes through time is the science of?
A female figure used as an architectural support was known as a:
The Orientalizing period of art is so named because of the exposure of early Greeks to the art of ________________ and _________________.
Composite monsters were popular in other ancient cultures; however, which of the following was a purely Greek invention?
The subject matter of the drinking cup by Onesimos would never have been portrayed publicly in monumental painting or sculpture. What fact about this work supports this statement?
Pericles stated, "For we are... simple in our tastes, and we cultivate the mind without loss of maniless..." this statement could also refer to which of the following?
Unlike their counterparts in the near East, Greek gods assumed human form. Which of the following is another characteristic of the Greek gods?
Later Greeks calculated their chronology from this event and despite rivalries and differences; from then on all Greeks regarded themselves as citizens of Hellas.
What structure from the Athenian Acropolis has four sides of very different character with each side resting on different character with each side resitng on different ground level
What event is chronicled on the frieze fo the Temple of Athena Nike detailing victory over the Persians?
The Peloponnesian War began in 431 BCE and ended in 404 BCE with the complete defeat of ___________.
He needed agility and coordination
They were taking photos of Pompeii
I ate close to the Villa of the Misteries
The Volcano destroyed Pompeii
The lion tamer tamed wild animals
She was buying cotton candy
Thomas and I were cleaning thet tent
John sang a sad song
They chose the comedy
Peter was writing a book
What cell organelle makes proteins?
What cell organelle provides energy for the cell?
What cell part allows substances like ribosomes out of the nucleus?
What cell part is DNA and protein combined?
What cell part has enzymes to destroy old cell parts?
What cell part is naturally green and makes energy for plant cells?
What cell part is larger in plant cells than in animal cells?
What cell part is used in cell division?
Which of the following parts is part of the cell structure?
Which of the following parts of a cell store things like water or waste?
The part of a cell that forms a sac to carry things across the cell membrane.
A supportive part of a plant cell that has cellulose.
What cell part allows certain things into and out of the cell?
What cell part is in the nucleus and makes ribosomes?
What cell part is a double membrane that surrounds the nucleolus and chromatin?
What cell part is not found in prokaryotic cells?
What cell part is found on some cells to help them move?
What cell part is considered the brain of the cell?
What cell part has folds called cristae inside it where chemical reactions occur?
What cell part acts like a conveyor belt in making proteins?
if 15% of a $1256.10 monthly net income is allotted for clothing, how much money is allotted for clothing in one year?
what percent of $1256.10 is budgeted for entertainment and miscellaneous if $200 is allotted?
how much of a $2376.80 monthly net income is allotted for food if 23% is allotted?
what is the amount saved on pants that were regularly $49.00 and are now on sale for $42.00?
how much is saved on a pair of athletic shoes that are discounted 30% if the are regularly $110.00?
if you put a $160 coat on layaway and make a 25% deposit, what is the balance owed?
a card store buys boxes of candy for $5.50 and puts a $4.49 markup on each box. What is the percentage markup on COST?
a card store buys boxes of candy for $5.50 and puts a $4.49 markup on each box. What is the percentage markup on RETAIL?
a calculator costs $3.50 and the markup is $1.49, what is its retail price?
a DVD retail for $29.99, and its markup is $10.04, what is it's cost?
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A benefit of putting your money in the bank, this gives you easy access to cash and is tied to your checking account
Primary way banks make a profit, usually by applying this to loans
Legal process in which a person can not pay debts, resulting in the liquidation of assets and proceeds sold to creditors
An increase in prices and fall in the purchasing power of money
This is a card that allows you to take out a loan, which you must pay back with interest.
One of the 5 C's that has to do with the size of the loan
The money, property, or other valuables which together represent the wealth of a business or individual.
The monthly repayment, often an even precentage of principal plus interest that must be repaid on a loan
Period of time in which a loan must be repaid
One of the 5 C's that deals with the strength of the economy at the time the loan is given
What does the license grant portion of the license agreement specify?
When an event planner seeks celebrity endorsements for an upcoming event, s/he should make sure they are credible and
The selection of a particular entertainer to endorse a new product should be directly linked to the company's
What does trade dress protect?
Professional sport franchises' marks are considered service marks because of
What should every sport organization do before registering a trademark?
What portion of the license agreement specifies the exact begin and end dates of the contract?
One of the benefits to a business of using an advertising agency is that the
A characteristic of a full-service advertising agency is that it contains a
The main characteristic of a full-service advertising agency is that it
Which of the following is a factor that businesses often consider when selecting advertising agencies
One reason why many businesses contract with advertising agencies is to obtain
Many businesses coordinate a wide variety of promotional activities such as advertising, special events, and displays in order to
A business coordinates its advertising, visual merchandising, and special events in order to
Which of the following might a business lose if it fails to inform its employees about the goods and services being promoted:
In which of the following situations might a business decide to increase the percent of net sales that it allocates to its promotional budget
Which of the following is an example of coordinating promotional activities:
A guideline to follow when preparing promotional budgets is to keep them flexible because they are
A business that uses advertised specials to attract customer interest should use displays to __________ that interest.
What is the primary factor that marketers must consider when allocating funds to the promotional budget?
Define antagonist
Define haughty
Define orator
Define ostentaious
Define procrastinate
Define spurious
Define venerable
Define tenacious
Define circuitous
Define benevolent
Estimate the product: 9.87 × 12
1.57 × 6.6
0.6 × 5.4
0.7 × 0.2
0.08 × 0.09
0.26 × 0.03
0.04 × 0.6
0.52 × 0.03
4.5 × 0.7
12.3 × 5.4
Estimate the product: 4.79 × 14
0.1 × 0.7
0.75 × 0.02
How do yoy say 'grooming' in Spanish?
How do you say 'water' in Spanish?
How do you say 'toothbrush' in Spanish?
How do you say 'soap' in Spanish?
How do you say 'teeth' in Spanish?
How do you say 'hands' in Spanish?
How do you say 'head' in Spanish?
How do you say 'feet' in Spanish?
How do you say 'legs' in Spanish?
How do you say 'shoulder' in Spanish?
“Génial” veut dire
2. Rire est le contraire de
3. Une fauteuil est
4. Molière est ___ français.
5. Tous les comédiens sont excellents. Toute la ___ est excellent.
6. Which one doesn't belong?
7. Which one doesn't belong?
8. Which one doesn't belong?
9. Which one doesn't belong?
10. Which one doesn’t belong?
The process where plants make their own food is called?
The organelle in the cell that makes ATP is the
The organelle in a plant that uses the sun's energy to make sugar is the
In a chemical reaction, the starting materials are called the
The process that releases the energy that is stored in food is
The energy molecule used by the cell is
The green pigment that isu used to capture sunlight is
Which of the following is needed for photosythesis to take place?
What gas is released as a result of photosythesis?
Where does photosythesis take place inside the cell?
Cellular respiration makes in the cells of all living things.
Which of the following are needed for cellular respiration to take place?
Where in the cell does respiration take place?
What gas is released as a result of cellular respiration? (we breathe this out)
The equations for photsythesis and respiration are?
Which is the Age of Mammals
During which era did humans appear?
Which era had a very warm climate?
Which time had the super super continent called Pangea?
Which is known as the Age of Reptiles
What are the dates of the Mesozoic
What are the dates of Cenozoic
Which era had the first birds, mammals, deciduous trees, and flowering plants
During which time period did the Rocky and Andes Mountains form?
In order for a living thing to survive from one time to the next it must _____________.
A species that does not evolve or change usually becomes __________.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Se hace una figura ocho en el invierno
Se monta en caballo
Se juega en el gimnasio con 2 personas en el invierno
Se necesita ser muy flexible con tus musculos
Se nada en la piscina
Se corre mucho o poco en este deporte
Se toca la trumpeta y la flauta
Se habla en el debate
Se esquia en el agua
Tienes que caminar y trae tu mochila de los palos de golf
Finally Bill asked his mother. “How much money does a married couple need to live on their own?” His mother gave him this “rule of thumb” What is the rule of thumb?
The average family pays at least one week’s income per month for rent.
Creating a budget for the first time is difficult. Who can help you create a budget?
You should create a budget to pay for you bills –not pay your bills with credit.
A budget could include the following areas: housing, utilities, food, transportation, household and personal needs, health care, clothing, savings, recreation and big items for the
Many families have other costs included into their budgets: life insurance, health insurance, gifts, church and charities, education, union dues, and others.
An example of what would be included in a clothing budget is
An example of what would be included in a health care budget is
An example of what would be included in a housing budget is
An example of what would be included in a utilities budget is
An example of what would be included in a food budget is
An example of what would be included in a household personal needs is .
An example of what would be included in a savings budget is
An example of what would be included in a recreation budget is
An example of what would be included in a big item for the home is
Pet care could go in its own separate place on your budget or under health care.
As you marry and have children your budget will change.
50% off is a better deal than 60% off in savings.
75% off is a better deal than 50% off in savings.
Items that you use to keep your body clean or make it look better. These items belong under ‘personal needs’ in the budget.
How do you spell this word correctly?
How do you spell this word correctly?
How do you spell this word correctly?
How do you spell this word correctly?
How do you spell this word correctly?
How do you spell this word correctly?
How do you spell this word correctly?
How do you spell this word correctly?
How do you spell this word correctly?
How do you spell this word correctly?
A muscle cell would mostly likely have the greatest number of...?
Which organelle produces proteins in the cell?
Which organelle captures sunlight and turns it into energy?
Which cell part allows nutrients to pass into the cell?
Which is the control center of the cell?
Which organelle transports substances around the cell?
Which organelle packages and sends material to other parts of the cell or outside of the cell?
Which cell part determines what traits a living thing will have?
In a plant cell, which part protects and supports the cell?
In which organelle does the process of cellular respiration occur?
In order to carry out the functions of life, organisms must...
The cell theory was developed by which scientists?
Which of the following is NOT a part of the Cell Theory?
The smallest living organism...
Which type of organisms carries our all the functions of life
Which of the following is multicellular?
A characteristic that all living things have in common is...
The cells within a multicellular organism that carry out different tasks are called...
What is the BEST explanation for why unicellular organisms do not need a circulatory system?
Which of the following statements is a part of the cell theory?
1 + 1 =
5 + 3 =
2 + 4 =
1 + 3 =
6 + 1 =
1 + 9 =
4 + 5 =
8 + 0 =
3 + 7 =
2 + 6 =
Molly, and John went to Kingston. What is the noun(s)
What is a Predicate?
Once again, the colorfull Peacock spread it's feathers, trying to flirt with the other peacock. What is the adverb?
She could see beyond the trees. What is the preposition
Lilly ran across the street to meet up with her brother. Which is the verb?
What is a sentence?
"BANG" The crazy dog bumped into a wall. What is the interjection?
The blue bird flew into the sky. Which is the adjective?
Latiff said "She, she stole your watch!" Which is the Pronoun?
She and Tony ran the mile. Which is the conjunction?
Animals that are in danger of dying out in the world
Animals that eat only plants
A soft sound made by a zebra to find another zebra in a group
A female zebra Foal
A male zebra Foal
A baby zebra
A group of zebras living together
The natural place where a zebra lives
Lack of water
What are the four nitrogenous bases for RNA?
Which of the following is not an RNA?
How many strands is a DNA strand made of?
What is the shape of a DNA strand?
Where does RNA transcription take place?
What are the two process called in Protein Synthesis?
What is the process called when DNA duplicates itself?
Which part is not one of the three parts to a DNA nucleotide?
What are the four nitrogenous bases for a DNA strand?
What RNA strand reads the codon?
Answers by Educators Question Database
The cat belongs to _________?
____________ gave you a lecture on manners?
Bubba gave his pencil to _________?
__________ do you think committed the crime?
Bob sang a song for ____________?
A feature of an experiment that does not change
The measurements or facts which are recorded as the experiment progresses
To look at or observe something closely
An educated guess about what the answer to the problem or research question will be
To name or recognize something based on its properties
The factor of the experiment which is being changed
To determine the extent, quantity, or dimensions of something
To use your senses to gather information about an object or event
To make an educated guess about a future event based on information about similar events in the past
A detailed series of steps to follow to perform an experiment
To make a list of data and information for later use
A method of research in which a problem is identified, a hypothesis is formulated and then tested resulting in conclusions being drawn
A record of observations, research, and other information related to the experiment
Supplies and equipment required for the experiment
A statement which broadly explains or interprets the data
You should be able to PREDICT what these questions will be about. Using your knowledge of the prefix PRE and the root word DICT, what is the meaning of PREDICT?
The plumber said that there was a RUPTURE in the pipes. Using your knowledge of the root word RUPT, what does RUPTURE mean in this sentence?
Using your knowledge of the prefix IN, the root word AUD, and the suffix IBLE, what does INAUDIBLE mean in the following sentence. The whistle was INAUDIBLE to the woman.
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