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Which of the following is the primary reson that politican candidates have to sepnd more time fundraising?
Rising campaing costs have resulted in
Comparing tools made of stone, iron, and bronze: place them in the correct order from least to most durable.
Today, the development of tools and machines is based on scientific knowledge and engineering design, however early in the history of technology, the development of tools and machines was based on __________________.
Which of the following is an impact technology has had on our society?
What is the most significant result based on the development of windmills and waterwheels?
Information Age devices are used to process and exchange information. Which of the following does this as its primary function?
Specific, goal-directed research conducted by a company to design new innovations is called _________.
Research and Development is used for the following purposes
Which of the following contributes to the success or failure of a product?
______________ is when a designer must make a choice between positive and negative impacts for a product.
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are so closely related that progress in one area often _________________.
The rate of technological development is __________.
A new and useful tool or process is called an __________?
______________ is a series of refinements to an original idea or product.
What event from the early 1900s had the most significant impact on the development of technology?
Most development of technologies these days is driven by ________.
_________________ allow companies and individuals to protect their product designs from being copied and produced without their permission.
move, go, drive
calm, peace
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Safety is the responsibility of ____________.
Students should wear goggles when using _______________.
Goggle use is _______________.
When a fire hazard symbol is shown, you should ______________.
When there is an electrical hazard symbol present you should ____________.
Eating is permitted during a lab ________________.
When there is a corrosive hazard symbol present you should _________________.
Horseplay, jokes, and pranks are not appropriate in a science classroom.
Students should not touch any equipment or supplies until instructed to do so by the teacher.
Students should immediately notify ______________________ of any emergency.
Organic chemistry is the study of
Analytical chemistry is the study of
Biochemistry is the study of
Properties that depend on the amount of matter present are called
Where are metals located on the periodic table?
Horizontal rows on the periodic table are called
Where are noble gases located on the periodic table?
When research is carried out to solve a particular problem it is called
Identify the element found in period 6 group 5
Calcium (Ca) would be classified as a
What is the type of cell that lacks a nucleus?
What is the function of the nucleus in the cell?
What organelle provides energy for the cell by breaking down food?
What structure provides support for the cell and helps in maintaining homeostasis?
Which type of cell is larger in size?
What is the organelle that captures sunlight and converts it to a form of food?
Which of the following organelles helps in the synthesis of proteins?
Which of the following is made of prokaryotic cells?
What is the jelly like fluid that suspends organelles in the cell?
Which of the following would not have a cell wall?
Water in the atmosphere that falls to the earth as rain, snow, sleet or hail
Water in a gas state is called...
A mass of tiny droplets of water that have condensed in the atmosphere
The process of adding heat energy to water and it changing from a solid to a liquid.
The blanket of gases that surround Earth.
The process of removing heat energy from water and it changing from a liquid to a solid.
The continuous, never-ending movement of water through the Earth's surface and the air.
The process in which water particles change from a gas to a liquid
Water stored in cracks of underground rocks.
The process in which water particles heat up and change from a liquid to a gas
What is the solar system?
The lithosphere is...
When Earth revolves, it is...
Earth has day and night because...
Who is the scientist credited with explaining the laws of gravity?
The rocky surface on the top of the lithosphere is called the...
Objects that travel around a star in an orbit are called...
When Earth takes a set path around a star, the sun, it is called a(n)...
All of Earth's lakes, streams, oceans, and ice are called the...
The tendency of an object to continue moving in a straight line is called...
Why do rainforest trees send out roots far away from the trunk?
What is the primary diet of howler monkeys?
What type of relationship do trap-jar ants have with the orange Costus flower?
Why does the poison dart frog have bright colors?
What is one reason the ladybug-tree seeds might be colored bright red?
What is the primary food choice of the tent-making bats?
Why do scientists think the peanut-head bug has such an oddly shaped body?
Which animal, when all of them are put together, has more biomass than any other animal in the rainforest?
What is the biggest problem faced by the people that live in rainforests?
What is the current biggest threat to rainforest biodiversity?
Which environmental factor is most responsible for distinguishing grasslands from forests and deserts?
How did the Homestead Act impact the orginial grasslands of the western US?
Which of the following is the best definition of rangeland?
How does moderate grazing affect a grassland?
How do black footed ferrets use prairie dogs?
Why were many prairie dogs once killed by ranchers and their presence still controversial today?
Which of the following was a contributing cause to the Dust Bowl storms?
Which of the following best describes natural, unplowed grassland soil?
Which invention enabled early settlers to convert grassland to farmland?
Which of the following best desribes how grassland grasses grow?
Which of Earth's shperes includes the oceans,groundwater, lakes, and glaciers?
What layer of Earth's geosphere is below the upper mantle?
What are two sources of energy for the Earh system?
Resources that can be replenished over a relatively short time span are called
Which of the following is NOT an example of a renewable resource?
Earth's four major spheres
Which two are map projections that are a flat representation of Earth that shows directions accurately, but distorts sizes and distances.
A system is
Earth's weather and ocean circulation are powered by energy from the
A resource that can be replenished in a relatively short time span
Which is a color word?
Which is the number word?
Which number word shows the amount that is less than one?
Which of the following is NOT a color word?
Which of the following is a synonym for
Which of the following means 'all of us'?
Which of the following color words starts with a vowel?
Which of the following words does NOT have the long e sound?
Which of the following words fits in the sentence: The frog is _________.
Which tells the name of the number that is greater than 6 and less than 8?
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Star of David
Star and Crescent
Minister or Pastor
5 Pillars
Bar Mitzvah
Day of Worship is Sunday
Day of Worship is Friday
Day of Worship is Saturday
True or false: the pattern for a major scale is * W W h W W W h *
True or false: a whole step is exactly DOUBLE the size of a half step
True or false: a whole step ALWAYS goes from one white key to another white key.
When a sharp ( # ) is beside a note, it means...
If Miss Ready is trying to take a whole step UP from G, where will she land?
If Miss Ready is playing E on the piano and wants to go up to F, she will be going up by one ______ step.
Mackenzie is playing the piano. Her music says to go from F# to E. If she does this, she will be travelling down by a _______ step.
True or false: B to C is a half step.
A scale has ____ notes in it:
Is it possible for a half step to go between two notes that are white on the piano?
What note is a half step down from G flat?
True or false: * W h W W W W h W * is the pattern for a major scale
True or false: the musical alphabet only goes to the letter G and then it re-starts at A.
Christian is writing a scale. He uses the note G, which is the last note in the musical alphabet, but he is note done writing his scale! What letter will he use next to continue writing his scale?
Mr. Plourde is trying to help a student write out a scale but he has forgotten one of the steps in the pattern! Can you help him fill in the blank? * Whole _______ Half Whole Whole Whole Half *
What does a *whole step* or a *half step* represent?
There are ___ lines in the bass clef:
The clef on TOP of the Grand Staff is called the _____ clef:
The clef on the BOTTOM of the Grand Staff is called the ______ clef:
To vote in Virginia, you must -
All of the following are qualifications to register to vote in Virginia EXCEPT -
One place to obtain a voter registration application form is a -
I can register to vote -
Registration closes -
Apathy means -
Which statement is true?
A greater percentage of voters participate in -
'Holmes and Taylor to Run for Governor!' This headline illustrates which role the media plays during an election?
By broadcasting different points of view, mass media -
One way citizens can evaluation campaign information is -
'A recent publich-opinion poll incidates over 90% of the people favor Ed Jones for President. Where do you stand?' This is an example of -
'I remember those Depression days when my poor father couldn't find work. I remember going to bed with an empty stomach.' This an example of -
Political parties offer a away for -
Political parties try to influence the government by -
'Republican Party Selects Romney as Their Candidate!' Which role is the Republica Party completing in this headline?
What kind of party system characterizes the American political system?
The outermost layer of the geosphere. This includes the crust and upper mantle. This is made up of several different plates, which slowly move across Earth's surface
Includes the physical elements of the Earth's surface, crust and interior. Examples are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Includes any part of the Earth where there are living organisms.
Includes all of the water on or near Earth's surface. This could be water vapor, solid water, and liquid water.
Includes only the frozen portion of the hydrosphere. This would involve the movement of glaciers, ice flow and snow fall.
This is a natural warming of the Earth's surface and lower atmosphere. This is important to support life on Earth. Without this Earth could not support life as we know it.
The most abundant of these would be carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane. They trap and hold heat in the atmosphere.
This is a thin, gaseous layer of molecules surrounding the solid surface of the planet. It is held in place by gravity.
These are the 4 main interacting systems found here on Earth. Matter is recycled continually through these systems on Earth.
The atmospheric layer closest to the Earth's surface. This is the layer where we live, clouds form and weather occurs.
The force exerted by the weight of the air above the surface. This force is created by the molecules in the air.
This is the layer of the atmosphere directly above the troposphere. It is cold and dry in this layer. This is where you find the ozone layer, which protects us from UV rays from the sun.
This is the layer directly above the stratosphere. This is the coldest layer of the atmosphere. This layer gives us protection from meteoroids.
This is the uppermost layer of the atmosphere. This is where satellites orbit.
This is the layer directly above the mesosphere. Even though the air is very thin it is very hot here.
Distance above sea level. As altitude increases air pressure decreases.
This document was very weak and incapable of dealing with major problems.
This group of people liked the Constitution at the end of the Constitutional Convention and wrote a series of essay to convince others to ratify the Constitution.
One of the few strengths of the Articles of Confederation this law prevented slavery in new territory and outlined how new states would be added to the Union.
This Compromise created a bicameral legislative branch .
This was added to the Constitution to please the Anti-Federalists and to prevent the government from having too much power over individuals.
The name of the “chapters” in the Constitution are called
The first article of the constitution pertains with this branch of government.
Which compromise determined how slaves would be counted towards population.
When one branch of government prevents another branch of government from abusing its power this is called which principle of the constitution.
The principle of the constitution that allows the people to rule the way they want.
The branch of government that consists of the Supreme Court and smaller state court systems.
The name of the process that occurs every 10 years to determine population in each state
The year that the Louisiana Purchase occurred.
The year that North Carolina made major changes to the state constitution.
Thomas Jefferson wanted to purchase the Louisiana Territory because it would give him greater access over the Mississippi River and the port in what city?
The belief that Americans had that they should move westward and control the land all the way to the Pacific Ocean.
This person was actively engaged in creating change in North Carolina including deepening rivers and creating public schools through the use of a literary fund.
How many total amendments are there to the United States Constitution
“We the people” is the beginning of the
The term for “kidnapping” which was often done to American citizens by the British prior to the War of 1812.
What do machines do?
Pulling down on a rope to hoist a sail on a sailboat is an example of a machine
The mechanical advantage of a machine is the number of times a machine increases
Without friction there would be
An ideal machine would have an efficiency of
A ramp is an example of a simple machine called a(an)
TThe ideal mechanical advantage for an inclined plane is equal to the length of the incline divided by the
Which of these is an example of a third-class lever?
A machine that utilizes two or more simple machines is called a
One example of a compound machine is a
This event caused a sense of patriotism amongst Americans and inspired our national anthem.
The name of the rebellion that prompted delegates to rewrite the Articles of Confederation
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How much energy is lost between levels of a food pyramid?
Why are there usually only 4 or 5 links in a food chain?
Living things that convert the sun's energy into chemical energy for other organisms are called:
Which one of the following ecological roles is the most numerous in an ecosystem?
What is an environment's carrying capacity?
What is the role of bacteria in the nitrogen cycle?
Burning of fossil fuels has led to...
Abiotic factors include:
Biotic factors are defined as:
Examples of biotic factors include...
Name the 3 types of rocks
Which rock type is made from heating and cooling?
When granite has heat and pressure applied to it, it forms what?
What type of rock is made from the cementing and compactation of sediment?
When heat and pressure is applied to a rock it will turn into this type of rock
Igneous rocks that haev largecyrstals are called
When preforming a streak test you must use what?
The way light reflects off of a rock is called its what?
Which of teh following is not a special property?
When a mineral splits on flat even surfaces it is called
What pH value would be closest to acid mine drainage?
What is the highwall?
What often happens to solid mine wastes that are carried off by runoff?
What is a gob pile?
What is a mine portal?
Why are mine portals dangerous if left abandoned?
Which of the following is an example of subsidence?
How should a vertical shaft be treated after a mine is abandoned?
In what type of mine would a underground fire be most likely?
What are hazardous water bodies at an abandoned mine site usually associated with?
Temperatures are similar all year; very humid; great variety of organisms; hot and wet
Seasons are different; summers are very hot; dry year around
Seasons are different; summers are warm; not enough water for trees
Temperatures are similar all year; wet and dry seasons; great variety of organisms
Warm year round with some water, dominant plant is grass
Snow in winter; rain in summer; evergreen trees; often in high altitudes
Permafrost prevents roots of trees from growing; short growing season; only small plants
Less than 2% of earth; not salty; can be standing or flowing
Largest biome; photic and aphotic zones; home of coral reefs
Seasons are different; trees lose leaves in cold; may have some coniferous trees
What is the lithosphere
The beginning point of an earthquake is its
A volcano that has a bowl like crater at its top and only one main vent is a
A volcano that has erupted in the past and is expected to erupt again is
Scientists who study the movements of the earth are called
The idea that the earth's crust is made up of moving plates is the theory of
Breaks in the earth's surface along which rocks can move are
An earthquakes magnitude can be measured by
An avalanche of red-hot dust and gases emited by a volcano is a(an)
A large, gradually sloping volcano resembling an upside-down bowl is a
Water that returns to the ocean in the form of rain, sleet, or snow is called. . .
Another term for the water cycle is. . .
The dispersion of water into the atmosphere in the form of water vapor is called. . .
The evaporation of water from plants is called
Lakes, ponds, and oceans are examples of
An empty space, filled with air, between soil mineral particles. . .
The final part of the water cycle. It does not evaporate or run off.
This type of irrigation invovles applying water over the top of the crops
This type of irrigation consists of water supply pipes with lateral tubes going to individual plants
The term that refers to producing electricity from water driven turbine engines
Los tres tipos de rocas son:
Las rocas igneas forman:
Un ejemplo de una roca sedimentaria es:
Las rocas sedimentarias forman:
Las rocas____________ forman muy adentro de tierra y cambian debido al calor y la presion.
Lava adentro de un volcan se llama:
El continente gigante que habia hace milliones de anos se llama:
Las tres capas de la tierra se llama:
La litosfera incluya:
La definicion de erosion es:
Which of the following is NOT an observation?
Which of the following is an example of a quantitative observation?
Which of the following is an inference about a coin?
The international units of measurement used by scientists around the world is called the
Which metric unit would you use to measure the distance a paper airplane can fly?
Which tool would you use to measure the mass of a pencil?
A dicotomous key is
Which of the following is the most important characteristic of a rubber glove during a scientic experiment?
Which unit would be used to measure the amount of water that fit onto the penny in our "Penny Drops" lab?
You look out of your window and see two men carrying a TV set away from your neighbor's house. Which is an inference based on this observation?
Which of the following best explains how safety goggles protect the eyes?
Which of the following gives the best definition for a safe experiment?
Which is NOT an observation?
Which of the following is an example of an inference?
Which metric unit would you use to measure the distance from our school to downtown Greenville?
Which metric unit would be used to measure the amount of cough syrup in one dose?
Which metric unit would be used to measure your mass?
Which tool could be used to find to volume of a liquid?
Which tool could be used to find the mass of an apple?
Which best describes how to find the volume of a marble using water displacement?
The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the site of
Which type of fault is shown in the diagram?
Which type of fault is shown in the diagram?
Which type of fault is shown in the diagram?
The diagram represents the process that forms
Earth's rocky upper layer is divided into large moving parts called
An earthquake is most likely to affect a forest ecosystem by
In the process called seafloor spreading, the plates below an ocean basin pull apart and
Compared with oceanic crust, continental crust is
The area surrounding Earth made up of all the living things is called the
Answers by Educators Question Database
_______________needs are tied to marketing of products and can determine the success or failure of a product.
Personal choice, preferences of materials, colors, etc. all influence the selection of ___________ to buy.
Compiled results of the completed survey.
Many surveys are administered to a smaller group of the population that the survey would like to measure that is selected randomly to achieve a certain number.
If a survey was mailed to 10 people, and only 8 of those people sent it back complete, the ________ would be 8
A small pictorial representation of an idea for a completed project. They are often completed in multiples during brainstorming.
The purpose of the ____________ is to serve as a documentation of the process of attempting to address a problem
Taking non-functional or non-useful products or waste materials and making them into a new useful product.
Reasons for ________ may include reducing the cost of waste disposal, to reduce impact on the environment or to regain a deposit.
How many types of plastic are currently produced?
The collection, transport, processing and disposal of unwanted or refuse materials.
Why is it important to consider waste management in our society?
A technological __________ exists when a decision has to be made between a business or production concern and an environmental or ethical concern.
What types of trade-offs might exist between technology and the environment?
Subsystems interact to form a ______ system.
The direct effect that one component or subsystem has on another system.
When a component, system or subsystem malfunctions, it is no longer working properly or as it should.
A machine that is capable of doing the work of a person, controlled by programming or hardware to complete a specific task , often one that is repetitive, difficult or dangerous for a person.
Referring to the continued customer service after a sale, such as visiting a home to repair a malfunctioning appliance.
A smaller system that is part of larger system, such as a braking system being part of the larger system of a car.
The process of finding problems or malfunctions within a system and correcting them to restore system functionality.
A storage facility for goods and services, a central location for shipping.
A written guarantee or promise from the manufacturer to the consumer to repair or replace a product if it proves to be faulty.
When a product or system is changed or innovated to meet a new purpose, it is adapted.
A product that is no longer in use, old-fashioned or out of date. It is important to note that the product can be functional, but it becomes unfashionable or unusable due to product needs.
A test of an idea, demonstrated by a completed prototype, showing how an object or system will function.
The original model of a product or system, used to plan production and troubleshoot problems.
after which event did Jesus retreat to the wilderness to fast?
how long did Jesus fast?
Satan used the term IT IS WRITTEN when tempting Jesus
how should we react to temptation?
how many temptations did Satan use on Jesus?
Jesus was tempted by Satan to give everything up for bread. Who was tempted to give up everything he had for a bowl of lentils?
Jesus wanted to sin in the wilderness but resisted the temptation
Which verse proves that Satan tried to tempt Jesus to sin, but that Jesus didn't have an inward TEMPTATION to sin?
James 4:7 - Resist the devil and _________________________
Jesus said we should _________________ when we fast
why should we fast?
what did Jesus show when He resisted the temptation of the devil?
A drawing that represents a person, place, object or system and is proportional to the original item.
The most current, highest level of development in a product service or system now.
The integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in teaching and learning.
A manufacturing procedure that allows a designer to develop and program a piece of equipment to complete parts using the computer to control the machine components.
Occurs when a component or system is not functional, is worn out or used up.
__________ information comes from a variety of sources and is used maintain systems and understand how they work.
There are many forms of technical ___________, including manuals, websites and experienced people.
Technical information contains data on how a _________ operates and how to maintain it.
Clarity, explanations of technical terms, accuracy, not skipping steps, visual references such as pictures or drawings, additional resources such as rotatable online images, etc.
Something that is detailed or complicated, something with many components or steps
3. The national government of Uganda has supreme political authority in the country, with the local governments having limited power. This type of system is known as a
In the country of Lesotho a king is the head of state but a prime minister holds governmental power. This is an example of what form of government?
Most countries in Africa have a government with a strong central authority. Local governments- like cities, counties, states, or provinces- have only the powers given to them by the central government.
11. At one time the union of African States (1961-1963) was considered a confederation. Which choice listed describes the distribution of power in the Union of African States?
15. From 1948 to 1994, South Africa existed under a system of apartheid. Voting was limited to white South African citizens.
18. Which type of government consists of a single, self-appointed ruler who holds political control over an entire country?
19. How is it that a parliamentary democracy can function with only two separate branches of government?
20. The primary difference between presidential and parliamentary governmental systems is that in a parliamentary system the chief executive is chosen by the
1. From 1948 until the mid 1990s, this nation was fully segregated in terms of education, medical care, and access to all other public facilities
2. Although this nation has made great progress in protecting the personal freedoms of its citizens since apartheid ended here in 1994, many people still live in poverty and the nation is faced with crime, corruption, and an HIV/AIDS epidemic.
5. Because of political instability, corruption, and human rights violations, United Nations peacekeeping forces would MOST LIKELY be found in which country?
6. The government of Kenya and South Africa could BOTH be described as (SS7CG2a)
8. When comparing the governments of Kenya and Sudan, which is correct concerning the role of the citizen?
when pigs fly
when birds fly
9. The degree of wealth and material comfort available to a person or community.
10. In Kenya, the literacy rate for males is 90.6% while the rate for girls is 79.7%. In Sudan, 71.8% of males are considered literate as opposed to 50.5% of the female population.
12. In 2008 the number of new cases of HIV infection in Africa slowly declined, though the total number of people living with HIV and AIDS increased slightly. Why might this situation exist?
13. Many countries and groups around the world are willing to contribute to help reduce famine in Africa. What problem in Africa makes it difficult to get these contributions to the citizens of African countries?
14. From 2003 to 2008, literacy rates in Sudan averaged 85% for male students and 71% for female students. In Kenya, the literacy rate for males was 80% and 81% for females.
Using this chart, which country is MOST likely to have the highest standard of living?
What conclusion can be drawn about the health care in Sudan and Kenya?
21. Famine can lead to death and malnutrition. Which area of Africa is more likely to be affected by this deadly health issue?
22. Which strategy would help in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS?
23. How do political conflicts sometimes lead to famine?
Who is the person in charge of all aspects of a production?
Polishing rehearsal
what your character wants to do to or get from others ('I want to...)
theatre jargon for rehearsing without scripts.
Dress rehearsal
Reading rehearsal
the rehearsal in which lighting, scenery, and props are used to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
the rehearsal in which words and action are combined.
the person in charge of all aspects of production.
Blocking rehearsal
what is happening or going on surrounding the story that affects it
Answers by Educators Question Database
Passing of traits from one generation to another
more than one set of genes controls a trait
inserting DNA into bacteria
both alleles are expressed in offspring
Study of inheritance
physical appearance resulting from genotype
an allele inherited on a sex chromosome
a normal allele is placed into a virus
a trait that is hidden
genetic make up of an organism
The chance that an event will take palce
Genetic engineering has already helped people by
In a Punnett square, a capital letter (S) stands for a _________ allele.
Color blindness is an expmaple of
The combination Mm represents a ______________ genotype
An allele carried on a Y chromosome will affect
A chromosome disorder occurs when
blood type in humans is an example of
What must be true of a person with cystic fibrosis?
A pure bred red-flowering plant and a pure bred white-flowering plant cross. The offspring produce pink flowers. What pattern of inheritance is this?
In an experiment the factor that is kept the same is known as the
Which of the following is not an example of a hypothesis
What is known as information collect while doing an experiment?
After an experiment is finished the next step is to
The factor which is measured in an experiment is known as the
The reason that scientists perform experiments is...
An experiment was done to test the if fish are more active in warm or cold water. What is the Ind. Variable?
Researcher tested if allergy medicine was more effective against pollen or mold by counting the number of times a person sneezed. What is the Dep. Variable?
What would you do if the results of your experiment did not agree with your hypothesis?
A hypothesis is also know as a(n)
Releasing energy from food
plant processes using light energy to produce food
plant hormone that moves to shaded side of stem
anything in environment affecting the behavior of an organism
plants that flower over a wide range of night lengths
reponse of a plant to a stimulus
plants requiring long nights to flower
Flowering response of a plant to change in length of light and dark in a day
Most water enters through the _______________ and then moves up through the plant.
The outer layer of a leaf
Most carbon dioxide enters plants through stomata on the
____________ causes fruit to ripen
Light energy for the plant to use in making its food is trapped by
The plant hormone that causes stomata to close and helps plants respond to water loss is
Plants that require short nights to flower are called ____________ plants
Light, _____________, and carbon dioxide all affect the opening and closing of stomata.
The autumn colors of tree leaves are due to _____________ in the leaves.
The type of growth response having to do with light is called_________
Which of the following describes the function of the chloroplast in plant cells?
What does the outer layer of the leaf do.
Proteins are made up of
Which of the following is not one of the 4 macromolecules?
Glycogen, cellulose, and starch are all __________________.
Macromolecule that can act as enzymes are ______________________.
Hemoglobin is a ___________________________ found in red blood cells.
Carbohydrates are a group of comounds made of
DNA is a
When you eat mashed potatoes or french fries, you are eating a plant's stored
Before stored energy can be used by cells, the energy in carbohydrates and fat must first be transferred to
The transmission of characteristics from parent to offspring is
The Ocean influences
Which is not a way Humans influence the ocean
What is another name for Oceanography
Wnat are the four main branches of oceanography?
kinetic energy
potential energy
The first law of thermodynamics is
The second law of thermodynamics is
Metabolism is
A change in an organism's environment that affects the organism's activities is a
Maintaining a body temperature of 98 degrees and a stable amount of sugar in your blood are both examples of
Most plants are
Fungus is an example of a
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that all living things share?
The development of an embryonic stem cell into a nerve, muscle, skin, or blood cell is called __________.
Growing a new plant by breaking off a piece of an existing plant and sprouting it, is an example of _______________ reproduction.
A __________________________ is a membrane-covered structure that contains all of the materials necessary for life.
A sum of all the chemical processes that take place inside an organism is known as
Which statement best describes how decomposers get the food they need to survive?
Organic Chemistry
Which is a carbohydrate
Which is a protein
Which is a lipid
organism whose body temperature is the same as the temperature of the environment
organism that is able to partially regulate body temperature
organism is able to regulate body temperature
a species is
The three domains of life are
Humans are classified in what Phylum
A equatorial weather cell
a midlatitude weather cell
another term for flowing air is
Ocean Loop/Gyre is
The gulfstream originates at
wind is named for
the angle of the sun is most direct at
weather cells do not
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Technology is closely linked to creativity, which has resulted in
__________ of any part of a system may affect the function and quality of the system.
__________ are the parameters placed on the development of a product or system.
Design is a creative planning process that leads to useful _______ and _________.
Requirements for a design are made up of ________ and ________
________ involves a set of steps, which can be performed in different sequences and repeated as needed
___________ is a group problem-solving design process in which each person in the group presents his or her ideas in an open forum
___________ is the process of modifying an existing product or system to improve it.
When changes to taxes and spending occur in the economy without explicit action by the Federal government, such policy is:
Discretionary fiscal policy refers to:
Fiscal policy refers to the:
Which are contractionary fiscal policies?
Expansionary fiscal policy is so named because it:
Contractionary fiscal policy is so named because it:
In an aggregate demand and aggregate supply graph, an expansionary fiscal policy can be illustrated by a:
Which combination of fiscal policy actions would be most stimulative for an economy in a deep recession?
As the economy declines, the collection of personal income tax revenues automatically falls. This relationship best describes how the progressive income tax system:
Which is an example of an automatic stabilizer? As real GDP decreases, income tax revenues:
Automatic stabilizers smooth fluctuations in the economy because they produce changes in government's deficit that:
One advantage of automatic fiscal policy over discretionary fiscal policy is that automatic fiscal policy:
Which is regarded as an automatic stabilizer in the economy?
One timing problem with fiscal policy to counter a recession is a recognition lag that occurs between the:
One timing problem with fiscal policy to counter a recession is an administrative lag that occurs between the:
The crowding-out effect works through interest rates to:
A Federal budget deficit exists when:
A budget surplus means that:
A person states that: A large public debt will bankrupt the United States government. An economist is likely to respond:
Which is an important consequence of the public debt of the United States?
2/13 + 6/13
1/5 + 2/5
6/10 + 1/10
1/4 + 2/4
2/9 + 3/9
5/7 - 3/7
10/11 - 5/11
9/14 - 6/14
5/6 - 4/6
11/17 - 4/17
1/8 + 5/8
1/15 + 2/15
1/6 + 2/6
4/9 + 2/9
2/12 + 4/12
5/10 - 1/10
5/12 - 3/12
4/8 - 2/8
15/25 - 5/25
25/30 - 9/30
The dog runs and caught the ball.
She called and makes an appointment.
The cat stretched and purrs.
She studied so she passes the test.
He knows his verbs and it showed.
The snake hissed and slithers away.
Turkeys ran and hide in the trees.
He climbed the tree and throws pine cones at people.
I sit and waited patiently.
The hunter shoots and missed.
7/10 + 1/4
5/14 + 3/7
1/9 + 5/6
12/21 + 1/3
1/8 + 3/10
3/4 - 1/6
1/6 - 1/8
8/15 -1/10
4/9 - 1/6
7/12 - 1/9
The Lenape came to New Jersey________
The Lenape lived in family groups called ________________.
The Lenape's three family groups were the _____________.
Lenape men ________________ .
Lenape women and girls ____________ .
Lenape women and children ________________ .
The Lenape slash and burn method of farming included all of the below tasks EXCEPT _________ .
Lenape clothing and appearance included all of the below EXCEPT ________ .
One reason the Lenape left New Jersey is because Europeans came and spread diseases.
One reason the Lenape left New Jersey is that although there was enough room for the Europeans and the Lenape, the Lenape didn't like the New Jersey area anymore.
Who produced the first X-ray pictures of DNA?
Which of these is smallest?
Where are chromosomes found?
Which two scientists discovered the shape of DNA?
What shape is DNA?
Which scientist did not win the Nobel prize for their work on DNA?
How many chromosomes do normal body cells have?
How many chromosomes do sperm and eggs have?
What is the definition of a gene?
How many genes do we have?
Technology can be both
____________ can often create demand for a product by bringing it onto the market and advertising it
The management of waste produced by technological systems is an important _______issue.
Decisions to develop and use technologies often put environmental and economic concerns in direct ____________ with one another.
Social and cultural priorities and values are reflected in technological ____________.
No matter who does science and mathematics or invents things, or when or where they do it, the knowledge and technology that result can eventually become available to __________ in the world
Important contributions to the advancement of science, mathematics, and technology have been made by different kinds of ________, in different ________, at different _______
All technologies have effects other than those intended by the design, some of which may have been __________ and some not.
Design constraints include
_____________ of technologies may turn out to be unacceptable to some of the population and therefore lead to conflict between groups.
Economical means
_________ needs and interests in technological devices reflect social and cultural priorities.
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A statement that supports or refutes your hypothesis
Factors in an experiemnt that have the ability to differ
The setup in an experiment that you are testing in which you expect to see a change
Which of the following is a way to make an experiment more reliable?
Factors in an experiment that remain the same among the control and experimental group
Which is not a hypotheses?
Which of the following is necessary for a controlled experiment?
A well supported idea that has been supported by many scientists over a long period of time, but is not proven
The factor in an experiemnt that differs between the control and experimental group
The setup that is used for comparison and no change is expected to happen
A statement that makes an educated guess as to the answer of a Testable Question.
The variable or factor in an experiment that is changed on purpose by the scientist.
Variable or factor in an experiemnt that is changed by the Independent Variable, is measured and becomes your data.
The process of understanding the natural world around us.
Step by step procedures for problem solving.
The variables or factors in an experiment that must stay the same.
Standard used for comparing other experiments
A written question that can be answered using the Scientific Method.
Which of the following is the proper format for a Testable Question?
Which of the following is a properly formatted Hypothesis?
Subatomic particles include
Uncharged neutral particles found in the nucleus are called
The center of an atom is called
Which of the following statements is false?
What type of particle has a negative charge?
The nucleus of most atoms consist of
What subatomic particle in the nucleus of an atom has a positive (+) charge?
Accrding to the modern atomic theory, where are electrons most likely found?
In order for most forms of atoms to be stable (neutral) ...
The following is NOT a characteristic of an electron:
Living things do all of the following except
What is the basis of the metric measurement system?
Which of the following correctly sequences the steps of the scientific method?
Cougars are predators that often eat weakened or diseased animals. This is a description of the ____ of cougars.
What is “soil type” to an earthworm?
Which of the following would be the easiest way to diagram predatory and parasitic relationships between several species?
Which process describes nitrogen fixation?
What single feature is primarily responsible for the variation of climate in different parts of the world?
Compare primary and secondary succession. What is the distinction between them?
Which characteristic is typical of a k-strategist?
What are the horizontal rows on the Periodic Table called?
What are the verticle rows of the Periodic Table called?
How are elements arranged on the Periodic Table?
Elements in the same groups have
What is the Atomic Number of Carbon
Which of the following is true about Lithium (symbol of Li on the Periodic Table)?
Which of the following is true?
Hydrogen ( H on the Periodic Table) is a
How many elements can be found in Group 2 ?
How many elements are in Period 3 ?
In the beginning of the book, why is there snoring during Officer Buckle's speech?
What does the word commands mean?
Why does Officer Buckle think children are cheering for him?
Why does Officer Buckle's phone start ringing so much?
What genre is this book?
How does Officer Buckle learn about what Gloria really does at his speeches?
How does Officer Buckle feel after he sees the news?
What does Gloria do without Officer Buckle?
When does Officer Buckle begin giving speeches again?
What is the best tip that Officer Buckle gives?
What is the transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves?
What is the transfer of thermal energy through a material?
What is the transfer of thermal energy by circulation or movement of a liquid or a gas?
What amount of the suns energy reaches Earth?
What is the process of the warming of the Earth due to gases absorbing and reradiating thermal energy?
A gradual increase in the average global temperature is:
Energy received from the sun must equal the amount of energy returned to space describes this:
An ice cube melting on a hot sidewalk is an example of:
When warm air rises this is occurring:
A convection current occurs when warm air rises and:
Which of the following ecosystems can be found in Missouri?
______________ is an ecosystem in which trees are the major plant life form.
In which ecosystem can you find deer, bears, and hawks?
__________ is an ecosystem that has wide, windy stretches of flat rolling land with many different grasses.
Which water ecosystems can be found in Missouri?
In which ecosystem can cows, horses, snakes, and mice be found?
Which of the following ecosystems need rain?
What do all ecosystems have incommon?
In which ecosystem can you find algae, lily pads and cattails?
How do animals interact with more than one ecosystem?
How many parts are there to the cell theory?
What is a cell organelle?
What is a prokaryotic Cell
This organelle synthesizes proteins
What is a Eukaryotic Cell?
What is homeostasis?
What is the control center of the cell?
This organelle is only found in a plant cell
What is metabolism
This controls what exits and enters the cell
What is a theory?
What is a hypothesis?
What is the first step in the scientific method?
What is the purpose of an experiemnt?
What is the metric system based on?
What does kilo mean?
One cubic centimeter equals
These are observations
What are ethis in science
What is a variable
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Once you are married, your family income will usually:
Taxes are _______.
It is impossible to lower your taxes.
Income that you have left over after taxes, bills, and other necessary expenses is called _____ income
A benefit of paying with cash is
Whenever you use your credit card; you will have to pay _____ along with the cash you borrowed.
When writing the amount of a check; you should always start from the far left because...
Balancing your checkbook is important because...
Purchasing a home is usually the biggest single purchase a person will ever make.
A loan for a home is called a
Leasing a vehicle means
Owning a vehicle will give you lower monthly payments than leasing one.
Which is most accurate when describing U.S. saving habits
What does open-end credit mean?
Having a strong credit rating will cost you more in the long run
The three levels of a product include
If the product life cycle is moving downward; the product is
The core benefits of shoes is what?
An ACTUAL benefit of a Ford pickup is?
The product life cycle goal of any company is:
Pricing strategy that makes a product seem higher in quality than it actually is
The pricing matrix uses a graph to match items based on quality and price. Companies who lower their price below retail value for high quality products using...
A toothbrush will most likely be
Apple's use of ipods, iphones, ipad mini, and all of their different products is using which form of marketing?
Planning for your future will save you...
A four-year degree is a
On the TedED video we watched; how many internal skills do we have?
The website we use breaks your career paths into what?
Like Mr. Voeller said daily: my goal isn't to help you find the right job....
New products and systems that have been developed to solve___________.
Important contributions to the advancement of science, mathematics, and technology have been made by different kinds of ______, in different _________, and at different________.
No matter who does science and mathematics or invents things, or when or where they do it, the knowledge and technology that result can eventually become available to _________ in the world.
Engineers, architects, and others who engage in design and technology use scientific knowledge to solve _________________.
_________ fail because they have faulty or poorly matched parts, are used in ways that exceed what was intended by the design, or were poorly designed to begin with.
The choice of materials for a job depends on their _________.
The development of technology is a human activity and is the result of _______________and the ability to be creative.
Some technological problems are best solved through ______________.
Which of the following is NOT a core concept of technology?
Technology systems include:
The parameters placed on the development of a product or system are called:
A subsystem is:
A closed loop system:
The Design Process includes:
Malfunctions in a part of a system:
Rube Goldberg was not
Rube Goldberg became famous.
Rube Goldberg is best known for ___________________.
Work equals
The aggregate demand curve is the relationship between the:
The labels for the axes of the aggregate demand graph should be:
A decline in the quantity of real output demanded along the aggregate demand curve is a result of a(n):
An increase in aggregate demand is most likely to be caused by a decrease in:
Which set of events would most likely decrease aggregate demand?
An increase in government spending will cause a(n):
An aggregate supply curve represents the relationship between the:
The labels for the axes of an aggregate supply curve should be:
An increase in productivity will:
If the prices of imported resources increase, then this event would most likely:
If Congress raised taxes on businesses, this action would:
The long-run aggregate supply curve is:
The vertical slope of the long-run aggregate supply curve is based on the assumption that:
Cost-push inflation occurs because of a:
Wage contracts, efficiency wages, and the minimum wage are explanations for why:
The magnification of small changes in spending into larger changes in output and income is produced by:
A decrease in net exports will cause a(n):
An aggregate supply curve shows the:
Which would be one of the factors that increase aggregate demand?
Mechanical Advantage equals
MA is ______________________.
MA equals
The greater the ________________, the easier it is to do the work.
How much force must be exerted on a 15-gram ball that is sitting on the end of a lever that is 10 cm from the fulcrum? The distance from the fulcrum to the force is 20 cm.
When using he Engineering Design Process to solve a design problem, _________ is one of the first steps in solving the challenge.
When using the Engineering Design Process to solve a design problem, _________ is one of the last steps in solving the challenge.
When using the Engineering Design Process to solve a design problem, _________ involves selecting a promising solution based on a thorough analysis of criteria and constraints.
Creativity is defined as the _________ to create.
Technology is defined as the practical application of __________________ especially in a particular area such as engineering or medical technology.
Inventions and Innovations are developed to satisfy a ___________or want.
Many inventions or innovations require creativity. Corporations can often create demand for a product by bringing it onto the market and __________ it.
Technological ideas are sometimes protected through the process of __________.
Criteria and _________ establish the requirements of the design.
Every problem is unique, and engineers and designers may choose to approach the design process in____________ ways.
Brainstorming is a group problem-solving process in an open forum without ______________.
The use of symbols, measurement, and drawings provides a __________ language to express ideas.
Agricultural is
Biotechnology is
Research and Development (RD)
The use of symbols, measurements, and drawings promotes clear communication by providing a ______________ to express ideas
______________ have become invaluable in science, mathematics and technology because they speed up and extend people's ability to collect, store, compile, and analyze data
Advances in _______________ processes can reduce cost and improve products.
__________, including the use of robots, has changed the nature of work in most fields, including manufacturing.
Computer ___________ are used to store and retrieve information.
_______________ are ways to express ideas.
_____________ is closely linked to creativity.
______________ has resulted in innovations to technology.
_______ is a creative planning process
Mathematical knowledge and appropriate strategies are used in solving a ______________.
New products and systems can be developed to solve problems or to help to do things that could not be done without the help of
The development of technology is a human activity and is the result of individual or collective needs and the ability to be
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What is an event?
What is density?
What does extrapolate mean?
What is a cyclic change?
What is hydrology?
What is a noncyclic change?
This variable goes on the X axis
Thei sthe study of the earth
This is what makes pollution dangerous
What is dynamic equilibrium
The correct order of mitosis steps is
Which of the following organisms would not require reproduction from male and female parent cells?
Organisms continue their species through asexual and/or sexual reproduction. Which of the following is true for both asexual and sexual reproduction?
A starfish loses one of his arms, it regrows the missing arm this is and example of
Which of the following is an example of asexual reproduction?
In DNA what bases correctly line up
structure in a cell's nucleus that contains hereditary material
section of DNA on a chromosome that contains instructions for making specific proteins
The backbone of DNA is made of
A mutation can be
125 millimeters is equal to how many decimeters?
Which of the following is an inference?
What is the difference between velocity and speed?
2.35 kg is equal to how many cg?
The speed of an object at a specific point in its journey is called
A rocket sled accelerates from 10 m/sec to 50 m/sec in 2 seconds. What is the acceleration of the sled?
In 0.5 hours, a bicyclist traveled 20 kilometers. What was the bicyclist’s average speed?
What does the slope on a position vs time graph represent?
What does a horizantal line on a velocity vs time graph mean?
A plane is traveling at a speed of 200 m/s for 10 hours, how far did it travel?
This is replacing the Lock and Key Model theory for enzyme/substrate specificity
This occurs when the enzyme has more than one active site
This involves an enzyme with two active sites, one for substrate, one for inhibitor
This involves 2 different substrates resemble each other and the same active site for the enzyme
These are organic compounds with the same chemical formula but different structural formulas
These serve as coenzymes (They assist enzymes)
These serve as cofactors (They assist enzymes)
This results when there is a change in the number of protons
This results when there is a change in the number of electrons
This results when there is a change in the number of neutrons
This type of bond is the sharing of electrons
This bond involves attractions between opposite electrical charges
This is the tendency of an atom to attract shared electrons within a chemical bond
This is the enery needed for a chemical reaction to occur
This reaction involves the release of energy
This reaction involves the addition of energy
This is an organic compound containing -COOR where R represents stable arrangement of C and H atoms
The amount of energy needed to heat up and cool down a substance
This is a positively charged ion
This is a negatively charged ion
This organic compound is formed when glycerol combines with three fatty acids
This forms when two simple sugars combine
This substance repels water
This a compound formed by many repeating units
This process requires the addition of water to make smaller compounds form larger ones
This is formed as a result of the dehydration synthesis of 2 amino acids subunits
These serve as structural units in cell mebranes and as hormones
This organic copound provides NITROGEN to the body
This nucleic acid is double stranded
Three fatty acids combine with this to form triglyceride in animals
Which characteristic of civilization involves a place that is a center of trade.
Government, economy and religion are examples of which characteristic of civilization?
Which characteristic of civilization includes inventions that make people's lives easier?
Keeping track of taxes and laws are examples of which characteristic of civilization?
Food surpluses allowed for this characteristic of civilization:
Art, music, and dance are examples of this cultutral necessity.
Families and tribes are examples of this cultutral necessity.
A hunter showing a child the best place to find deer is an example of which cultutral necessity.
Hunters, farmers and firefighters are examples of which cultutral necessity?
A chief punishing a thief is an example of which cultutral necessity?
The second smallest group into which scientists classify living things is known as a(n)
The kingdom whose living things have many cells and absorb food from other living things or dead things such as logs is known as
The __________ kingdom consists of one-celled living things with no nucleus.
The three groups of invertebrates are
Mammals, reptiles, _____________, birds, and fish are all groups of vertebrates.
Vascular plants have tubes. Where are these tubes located?
Which of the following is NOT a vascular plant?
How does water travel in a nonvascular plant?
_________, such as a snake, are vertebrates with dry, scaly skin.
All of the following are fungi, EXCEPT
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I am made of lines and stanzas. I am....
I have a script and a cast. I am meant to be performed. I am....
The part of a script that has directions on how the actor should speak or move is called...
You are reading a folktale called Wiley and the Hairy Man. You are reading....
You create a piece of writing that has rhythm, but it doesn't rhyme. You have written...
You have a paper which tells a story through the SPOKEN dialogue of the characters. You have .....
You are reading your Science book. You are reading
You are singing the words to a song. The words are more like...
What has a title, a cast, and stage directions?
A set of written lines make a....
a society in which, agriculture, trade, art, science, and government are highly developed
skilled in dealing with difficult situations
shaped or molded
people or things that cause pain
to think about and plan carefully
to improve, develop, or make something better
difficult to understand or do
a lack of supply
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word resourceful?
Which of the following is an example of a civilization?
What is it when water is heated up and turns into a gas?
How does temperature affect states of matter?
What is it when butter is heated up and it turns into a liquid?
Why is lemonade an example of a mixture?
What is the change in matter when a liquid changes to a solid?
Why is chicken noodle soup considered a mixture?
What is a property?
What are the 3 forms of matter?
Why are frogs, basketballs, and cars examples of matter?
Examples of properties are:
What is matter?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 [13] 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369