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Answers by Educators Question Database
The bouncing back of light rays
The flow of electricity
To soak up
The back and forth motion of molecules to make sound
A substance made to refract light (such as glass or plastic)
Why is 1607 significant?
What year did the Pilgrims and strangers sign the Mayflower Compact?
When was the Declaration of Independence signed?
When did the delegates meet to fix the Articles of Confederation and make a new Constitution?
What important event doubled the size of the USA in 1803?
What event happened from 1861-1865?
Which conflict was fought over the Ohio River Valley territories?
Which war ended with the USA gaining new land such as New Mexico and California?
Which war happened because of impressment?
Which war was fought for independence from the Mother Country?
A push or a pull
The course along which something moves
Force created when 2 objects rub together and causes resistance
An objects location
Object at rest stays at rest until acted upon by another force, object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by another force
To speed up
A force created by a magnet
Length of travel by an object
The pull of the Earth
To come together
To push away
The process of changing the shape of a protein molecule without breaking its peptide bonds:
This element sets proteins apart from other nutrients:
Very large proteins that weaken or destroy foreign substances in the body:
Egg white that contains the majority of the protein from an egg:
A protein that contains all 9 essential amino acids; mostly from animal sources:
A protein that is lacking one or more essential amino acids; generally includes your plant sources:
Changing a liquid into a soft, semisolid clot or solid mass:
Air bubbles incorporated and trapped in a protein film by whipping:
To break a protein down into amino acids, your body uses ____ to do this job.
Amino acids that the body needs but cannot make; you must get these amino acids in your diet:
How many calories are there in each gram of protein?
A large molecule that contains many atoms:
Twisted, rope-like structure that keeps the egg yolk centered:
A single protein molecule containing ten or more amino acids linked in peptide chains:
Bonds that hold amino acids together:
Protein molecules that have a structure that can be compared to a ball of steel wool; an example includes hemoglobin:
Protein molecules that form rope-like fibers; examples include collagen and elastin:
The building blocks of protein:
An elastic substance formed by mixing water with the proteins found in wheat:
A protein's _______ determines its function.
Spanish soldier explorers are...
Why did Columbus prevent his soldiers from trading items of little value with Native Americans
What were the things as they possessed in abundance which Columbus mentions?
Europeans wanted to find a water route to Asia because
Which advancement made by the Greeks did the Europeans adopt for overseas exploration?
Who first tried to help the Europeans to find a water route to Asia?
Which of the following helped Europeans the most in conquering Native Americans?
Europeans used enslaved Africans to
The key idea behind the concept of mercantilism is that countries
Which of the following did Pizarro not gain from the Inca
Two closely related species of squirrels live on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon. The differences between these squirrels are the result of
What type of evolutionary evidence do fossils provide?
Which of the following is NOT direct evidence for evolution?
Which pair of structures below is NOT homologous?
Which statement below is TRUE?
An example of a vestigial structure in humans is the
FIsh and whales are not closely related. The similarities in their structure are the result of
Which scientist created the theory of evolution by natural selection?
Farmers use the best livestock for breeding. This is an example of
DNA and RNA provide evidence of evolution because
The woodpecker finch has a small, slender beak; the large ground finch has a large, wide beak. What process produced these two types of beak?
The large ground finch obtains food by cracking seeds. Its short, strong beak is an example of
intermediate fossils are important to evolution because they show
What is a print or remains of a plant or animal that lived long ago?
What do you call scientists who study fossils?
When a fossil of a lizard is formed, what happens after the lizard dies?
What do you call a plant or animal that no longer lives on Earth?
What do you call animals that lived long ago and are now extinct?
A dinosaur had a small head, small mouth, and flat teeth. What did this plant eat?
A dinosaur had a big mouth and sharp teeth. What did this plant eat?
Which dinosaur had three horns on its head?
What does an Archaeopteryx look like?
Which of the following is an extinct plant that looks like a tree?
What natural resource do people drink and use to clean and cook?
What can people do to help the animals that lived where the homes in the picture were built?
What are all rocks made of?
What kinds of things are added to land, water, and air when pollution happens?
Long ago a leaf fell to the bottom of a lake. Mud and sand covered the leaf. The mud and sand changed into rock after many years. What did the leaf become?
What type of organisms creates its own food using the sun?
What type of organisms eats other organisms?
What type of organisms eats all the dead stuff and turns it back into soil?
What causes plant / producer cells to appear green?
Which of the following IS NOT considered a Decomposer?
Which of the following IS NOT considered a Consumer
What color are producer cells?
The Angle at Which light Strikes the surface is known as the
The Angle at which the light bounces off of a surface is known as the
What is the simplest and smallest living things on the planet?
Adenine pairs with
Guanine pairs with
Thymine pairs with
The three parts of a nucleotide are
The backbone or sides of the DNA strand are
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following statements best explains the relationship between climate and vegetation?
Which of the following BEST completes this sentence? The Rocky Mountains, the Interior Plains, the Nile Valley, and the Coastal Lowlands have unifying characteristics such as
For whom are geographic information systems useful?
What does a geographer determine with a compass?
When geographers examine the human physical features at a specific location, they are studying
In one place, it is hot and sunny one day, and cold and cloudy the next day. The people in that place experienced a change in
What kinds of plants grow in the ice pack and pack ice vegetation regions?
What is the absolute location?
Mountains, plateaus, and plains are types of
The sphere of very hot metal at the center of Earth is called the
How old was Amelia when she wrote her first novel?
How does Amelia start?
What is the meaning of the word scanty?
Where is Amelia's writing space?
Does Amelia think that reading helps writing?
Which word best describes Amelia?
When Amelia saw her first book in print, she was
Which sentence supports the idea that reading helps writing?
Which advice would Amelia most likely give someone?
This interview would be most valuable to someone who?
Which part of the map do you need to use to find out how many miles lie between Lake Zumpango and the center of Mexico City
Earth makes one complete rotation on its axis every
All maps include some distoration or
The most accurate way to show Earth\\\\\\\'s continents and bodies of water is with a
In summer, a region near an ocean or lake is usually
Which of the following lists the themes used to organize information about Earth and its people?
Above Earth\\\\\\\'s surface is the atmosphere, a
The illustration shows the movement of Earth around the sun. What is the season in the Northern Hemisphere when the sun\\\\\\\'s direct rays are over the Tropic of Cancer.
When the Northern Hemisphere is titled away from the sun, the Southern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun. This explains why the Northern Hemisphere has winter while the Southern
According to the global grid, on what continent would you find the address 40degress N , 100 degress E?
The way multiple lines of text line up along the left, right, or both margins.
A word processing feature used to arrange items in a list with each item beginning with a bullet or a number.
A specific design for a collection of letters, numbers, and symbols.
This allows you to type information above the top margin of each page of a document.
When 1 blank line is left between lines of text; also when you strike the Enter key 2 times.
This provides you with a menu of options to use when creating a document.
The alignment of text along the left margin, leaving a jagged right margin.
These allow you to scroll throughout a document that is too long to fit on one screen.
When text is centered between the top and bottom margin, commonly ussed when creating invitations, announcements, and title pages.
The word processing feature that allows you to find words with similar meanings (synonyms) for the text within a document.
Madeleine Bordallo is Guam's ___________ to the U.S. House of Representatives.
I'm going to be __________. I don't like your shirt.
F. Scott Fitzgerald called the new _______ the Jazz Age. It lasted through the 1930s.
To be _______, this food is terrible.
Who is our team's __________ for class president?
The Cenozoic ______ began 70 million years ago. It is our current geological time period.
Which is correct?
Which of the following is correct?
Which of the folllowing is correct?
Her dreams were not realized. They were still ______ in her mind.
Simplify √50
3 √12 × √6
3 √6 − 4 √6
−9 √15 + 10 √15
2 √6 + 3 √54
Reduce to lowest terms √72/3
√6 × √6
Reduce to lowest terms √22/2
√4 / √36
√4 /4√5
The highest point of reader interest.
How problems and events are solved
Problem(s) for character(s)
Events leading to the climax
Events leading to the solution
A chart that helps to organize the events of a story.
Establishes the setting and characters
A type of connection you make between one book and another book
A type of connection you make between a book and your own experiences
A type of connection you make between a book and something out in the world
The Christian Faith is unique in its proclamation of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
It is within the capacity of human reason to fully understand the Blessed Trinity using deductive reasoning.
God chose Israel for a unique and special role to reveal his plan of salvation.
Abraham was instrumental to the development of Judaism, the Hebrew religion.
When Moses asked God \
Perfect, Pure Spirit, Immutable, Eternal, Omnibenevolent and Omniscient are some attributes of God.
The Blessed Trinity is the greatest of all revealed mysteries and, consequently, the most important truth of the Faith.
In Genesis, God said, \
The word \
In the Incarnation, God fully revealed himself, revealing he is a Trinity of Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Which detail best shows that the story is a legend?
Mulan was sorrowful. Sorrowful means...
The author used the words, Click-clack! Click-clack! to-
Which event led to solving Mulan’s problem?
Someone who is frail is-
The river is crying, because-
Mulan’s decision to fight best shows that she was-
Mulan’s purpose for fighting in the battle was to-
The soldiers were astonished because-
The people sang songs about Mulan because-
How many Design Principles are there in business publications?
This is used to demonstrate a relationship or lack of a relationship between elements. Ex: You must put captions (text) next to the related photograph.
This is the Justification of the elements.
A planned combination of elements such as a combination of font styles & sizes.
An example of this is using black font on a light pink colored page.
The blank or negative space on a page.
A one-page document used by a business or individual to advertise or provide information about a one-time upcoming event.
Used to provide information, educate, or advertise a specific topic or product.
A publication created by a business or individual that is distributed on a regular basis---weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
After you determine the purpose of the presentation method, this would be the next step.
Answers by Educators Question Database
The scattered remains of something destroyed
Dropping of sediment
The surface of a dry region where the small, loose sediment has been eroded, leaving a hard packed surface
A land form created when sediments are deposited
Pieces of rock
Natural featueres of the landscaped formed by wind, water, and/or glaciers
A rock formation with a tall, thin, vertical rock supporting a larger, flat rock. It resembles a toadstool
A landform with steep sides carved when a fast moving river erodes the sediment from a dry region
Landform created when wind erodes a rock leaving a hole
A landform created by a flowing river.
A landform created by a glacier moving downhill
The large mound of sediment bulldozed to the side and in front of Glaciers
Landform created when the wind moves and deposits and into piles
A type of weathering caused by the wind. Particles of sand are carried by the wind, strike a rock, and chip away at the surface. It works like sandpaper
A mass of ice that stays frozen throughout the year and moves downhill
Which treaty ended the US/Mexico war?
The land that the United States purchased from Mexico after the US/Mexico war.
Why did South Carolina threaten to secede from the United States during Jackson's presidency?
Who reformed prison and mental health
The election of Hiram Rhodes Revels was significant because he was the 1st African American to
How did the War of 1812 affect the US economy?
What was one major effect of the Erie Canal?
Supreme Court ruled Georgia could not remove the Cherokee living in the state. Andrew Jackson responded by
German immigrants came because they wanted
Which of the following states was gained through the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo?
The head and trunk of crustaceans from their
During the process of incomplete metamorphosis, a young insect looks like a
Crustaceans have mouths composed of a pair of
Which of the following is a chelicerate? A. Butterfly, B. Spider, C. Millipede, D. Trilobite
Which group of arthropods traps and kills its prey with silk and venom?
In an arthropod's open circulatory system, blood is pushed...
A caterpillar belong to the:
Adaptations that conserve water have allowed some arthropods to
The part of a crab or lobster that covers and protects the gills are called the...
Trilobites are a group of arthropods that are:
An animal that has 8 legs, fang-like appendages and the ability to produce silk is a(n):
How many distinct body sections do crustaceans have?
Spiracles, book lungs and trachaea help arthropods:
In social insects certain groups of individuals will perform certain tasks. These roles in the society are known as...
Which of the following are the most commonly known myriapods?
Which part of a lobster helps with swimming and reproduction?
A grasshopper belong to the insect order:
Barnacles, Isopods and Tongue worms are all examples of:
The entire surface of an arthropod's body is covered by a protective:
Insect wings are extensions of the :
What is the most effective type of application to enter data, build a graph,and/or create a chart?
Which type of program should be used for sharing data over a long period of time with multiple users?
Which spreadsheet feature would you use to identify the different sections of a pie chart?
To create a personal budget, which is the most appropriate application to be use?
Which of the following is a file extension for a spreadsheet file?
What do schools use to keep track of students' academic records?
In a database, information entered for each entry is called a ________.
In a database, you can sort records based on the different column headings which are called
After setting up records in a database, which of the following functions can be performed?
In a spreadsheet formula, which symbol is used to divide?
A formula in the spreadsheet should always start with
In a spreadsheet formula, which symbol is used to multiply?
Which of these would add up the numbers from A1 to A60
What is the name of the area within a worksheet that is current, or ready to receive information?
How are rows designated?
What is the name given to the intersection of a row and a column in a spreadsheet?
What is the name given to the bar that allows you to enter values and perform calculations in a spreadsheet?
Which direction do columns run in a spreadsheet?
Lists the address of the active cell:
If A1 = 7, B2 = 5, I want to multiply these two cells and show output in B6. Which formula should I use?
Me queda bien.
Les quedan mal.
Esta camisa me queda grande.
Esa blusa le queda pequeña.
ciento dos
tres millones, quinientos veinte mil, trescientos doce
Las botas cuestan setenta dólares.
The ability to do work
A substance that does not let any light go through
Energy created from the vibrations of molecules. It is also called heat energy.
A substance that lets some light to pass through
Energy created when objects are in motion
A substance that lets all light pass through
Energy created when atoms pass along electrons
To go through a medium
A type of radiant energy that can be seen with the eyes
The bending of light rays
A triangular shaped glass that separates white light into the spectrum of colors
A type of material that does NOT allow energy to pass through it
A complete path that electricity can flow through
A type of material that allows energy to pass through it
A circuit where the path has been interrupted
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Continental crust beneath mountains can be up to ___ kilometers thick
How thick is the oceanic crust?
The partially molten layer beneath the lithosphere is called the ______.
Which of the following statements about the Earth's core is true?
What element makes up most of the Earth's core?
Heat is transfered in the mantle mainly by
Which of the following statements is true about continental crust
Scientists know about earth's interior mainly because
The Earth has its own magnetic field thanks to the:
The lithoshere includes the crust and top portion of the
Alfred Wegener called the supercontinent
Most geologists rejected Alfred Wegener’s idea of continental drift because
Which of the following was not used by Wegener as evidence of continental drift?
The slow movement of land over the earth's surface called?
Evidence that supports the theory of continental drift has been provided by
Continental crust is
Ocean crust is made up mainly of
How does the Mesosaurus fossil evidence support the continental drift theory?
Who first proposed the theory of continental drift?
What evidence proved that South America, Africa, India, and Australia were once covered by glaciers?
The type of tectonic plate boundary involving a collision between two tectonic plates is
Continental mountain ranges are usually associated with
Which layer of the Earth is made up of tectonic plates?
Movement of of Earth's tectonic plates is caused by:
The process by which the ocean floor sinks beneath a deep-ocean trench and back into the mantle is known as
A rift valley forms where two plates
Most earthquakes occur along or near the edges of the Earth's
The theory of states that new ocean crust is formed at ocean ridges and destoyed at deep-sea trenches.
What is most likely to happen at a divergent boundary?
Which feature is associated with a continental-continental plate boundary?
Recite a poem.
Review a work of art in terms of form, color and texture.
Construct a model to demonstrate how a pulley system works.
Retell the story in your own words.
Invent a machine to do a specific task
Make a time line of events
Design a record, book or magazine cover for....
Conduct a debate about an issue of speical interest
Write a biography of a person studied
Make up a game about the topic covered.
Aggressive: Where are you going?
Questioning; Where are you going?
Positive; One day you will make it.
Sarcastic; You look so nice
Argumentative; Not like that, like this!
Unsure; Do you want my help?
Really thankful; Thanks so much for your help.
Sad; I don't think I will ever get there.
Frustration; When will I be finished?
Maccy D Style; Have a nice Day!
The brain and the spinal cord comprise the
Messages move to and from the brain along thin cells called
The space between neurons is the
The nerves that brance beyond the spinal cord are the
Voluntary movements are controlled by the
The ______ can excite a neuron or stop it from transmitting.
One's heartbeat is controlled by the
All of these are part of the central nervous system except
Which of these is not a basic part of a neuron?
Which of these is not an involuntary reflex?
The raio of the change in y-values to the change in x-values is called:
A horizontal line has a slope with a value that is:
Standard form for a linear equation is:
The place where the linear function crosses the x-axis is:
In the linear equation Ax+By=C:
In the equation y=mx+b, the variables that represent constants are:
If a line has an undefined slope:
To place the equation 6y = -2x + 5 into standard form, you would:
If a line has a slope of -2, the line would be:
In the equation y= 3x+5, the y-intercept is:
Which can be folded and carried around?
Which shows the real shape of the oceans and continents?
Which can be used to show how the Earth rotates?
Which can show a more detailed close up of a small area?
Which would be the best to use if you wanted to find the ocean west of North America?
Which would be the best to use if you wanted to find a city in Virginia?
Which would be the best to use if you wanted to find the capital of Tennessee?
Which would be the best to use if you wanted to find location of Africa?
Which would be the best to use if you wanted to find the distance between states?
Which would be the best to use if you wanted to find the rivers in Virginia?
Process utilized to solve problems and answer questions.
What do people do to come up with questions/problems to solve?
What is a qualitative observation?
What is a quantitative observation?
What is an inference?
Must scientists follow each step of the scientific method in order?
What are the parts of a hypothesis?
What is an independent variable?
What is a dependent variable?
What is used to analyze results from experiments?
Which crop saved Jamestown?
What is a representative government?
Which two European countries fought for control of North America in the 1600s and 1700s?
What is a constitution?
Most enslaved Africans in North America lived and worked
The French in colonial North America were mostly involved in
A person who agreed to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America is called
This source can be a person with direct knowledge of a situation, or a document created by such a person.
Why were new colonies created?
What did Anne Hutchinson do?
Answers by Educators Question Database
What type of economic system has individuals, businesses, and the government as the economic decision makers?
The most common economic system today is -
A change in a kind of organism over time
A well-tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations
Selection by humans for breeding of useful traits from the natural variation among different organisms
The ability of an organism to survive and reproduce in its environment
The inherited characteristic that increases an organism's chance of survival
The structures that have different mature forms in different organisms but develop from the same embryonic tissues
An organ that serves no useful function in an organism; remain of ancestor.
The process by which unrelated organisms independently evolve similarities when adapting to similar environments
The preserved remains or evidence of an ancient organism
process by which individuals that are better suited to their environment survive and reproduce most successfully.
Species splits into two or more descendant species, resulting in once similar or related species to become more and more dissimilar.
The process by which two species evolve in response to changes in each other.
A trait or an organ that appears similar in two unrelated organisms.
The differences among individuals of a species.
The principle that all living things have a common ancestor.
A loose collection of ice, dust and small rocky particles, typically with a long, narrow orbit of the sun
the fuzzy outer layer of a comet
the solid inner core of a comet
a doughnut-shaped region that stretches from around Pluto's orbit to about 100 times Earth's distance from the sun
a spherical region of comets that surrounds the solar system
rocky objects revolving around the sun that are too small and numerous to be considered planets
the region of the solar system between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter, where many asteroids are found
A chunk of rock or dust in space
a streak of light in the sky produced by the burning of a meteoroid in Earth's atmosphere
a meteoroid that passes through the atmosphere and hits Earth's surface
life that exists other than that on Earth
How do you say 'manners' in Spanish?
How do you say 'dinner' in Spanish?
How do you say 'hands' in Spanish?
How do you say 'soap' in Spanish?
How do you say 'towel' in Spanish?
How do you say 'water' in Spanish?
How do you say 'napkin' in Spanish?
How do you say 'fork' in Spanish?
How do you say 'mouth' in Spanish?
How do you say 'let's eat' in Spanish?
The average of all weather conditions through all season over a period of time.
Water that returns to the ocean
The atmospheric conditions that occurred very recently or are currently happening.
The process in which plants give off water through their stomata
Instrument used to measure the amount of rain received.
The process by which a liquid changes into a gas.
The amount of water in the air
Any form of water that falls from clouds
The weight of air. Cold air is denser and heavier than warm air
The process by which a gas changes back into a liquid
The layer of air that surrounds Earth
The continuous movement of water
The items that are used in making goods and services are called -
Natural, human, capital, and entrepreneurship are types of -
The BASIC economic problem facing everyone is -
Since there are not enough resources to satisfy all the wants at the same time, we have to -
The inability to satisfy all the wants at the same time is known as -
Carlos could have bought a computer games or go see to movies. Since he didn't have enough money to do both, he decided to go to the movies. What is his opportunity cost?
Buy One, Get 50% Off is an example of an -
The amount of money exchanged for a good or service is called -
What determines who will acquire a good or service?
True/False: To determine the price on a supply and demand graph, all you have to do is see where the supply and demand lines meet.
If you want to get rid of a product and prevent a total loss, you should -
The price of a product will increase if -
What determines what should be PRODUCED or MADE?
What is one factor that determines if a person will purchase and consume a product?
A type of government characterized by the absence of social classes, money, and the state. Everyone is equal
The first Communist nation
Stalin’s Five-Year Plans and his decision to form collectives are examples of
Which is an accurate statement about the Soviet economy under the leadership of Joseph Stalin?
Which is generally a characteristic of a communist economy?
One action taken by both V.I. Lenin and Joseph Stalin was
Which statement best describes the political situation in the Soviet Union immediately after Lenin’s death in 1924?
Josef Stalin’s leadership of the Soviet Union can best be characterized as a period of
Which characteristic was common to both Russia under the Czars and the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin?
Which slogan expressed the ideals of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917?
What event upset Russian peasants in 1905?
The result of the Japanese-Russo War was
The main incentive in a capitalist society is
What is the main difference between Lenin and Stalin's main goals?
Stalin's leadership type is best described as
Referring to the sun
Moon phase when more than half the moon can be seen
Darker, cooler areas on the Sun's surface
Moon phase when less that half the moon can be seen
Pull of one body on another: it keeps the planets in orbit around the sun.
Appearance of the moon due to the reflection and place of its orbit
Referring to the Moon
Imaginary line a planet spins on. It passes through the poles
A bowl-shaped impression made by a meteorite on a planet or moon
The rise and fall of the oceans-caused by the pull of the Moon's gravity.
The principal that explains why objects in motion stay in motion
Time of the year with similar temperatures due to amount of direct sunlight
A rock from space that impacts a planet or natural satellite
The path that an object makes around another object
An object that orbits a planet
The circular movement of one object around another object.
To spin on an axis.
A rock from space that burns up in a planet's atmosphere. A.K.A. a falling star
The breaking up of rock into sediment
Water seeps into a crack in the rock. The freezing and thawing will weaken the sides and eventually beak it. Also called Frost Action
The moving of sediment
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The House of Burgesses was an example of
What kind of religious policy did the colony of Pennsylvania have?
Who maintained the friendliest relations with the Native Americans by being business partners?
This is the theory that a nation's power depends on its wealth.
Why did the English and French go to war?
What did the English get for winning the French and Indian War?
This document was drawn up by the Plymouth Pilgrims to ensure loyalty and order.
This was the shipping of enslaved Africans to the West Indies.
After the Europeans arrived, what did thousands of Native Americans die from?
Who had the right to vote in colonial legislatures?
What is a scientific law?
What is a disadvantage to using a scientific model?
What are the types of model used in science?
What type of model is a map of Nashua?
Does the scientific process have to be followed in order?
What is a scientific theory?
What is mass?
When using a triple beam balance, you must first do this?
What system of measurement is used by scientists?
How would you find the volume of a tissue box?
The sphere that consists of soil, sand, rocks and all structures comprising the land is the
The sphere that consists of all things living is the
The sphere that contains all the water on earth in all phases is the
The sphere that contains all the gases (air) that envelope the earth is the
When carbon dioxide dissolves from the air into the ocean -the interaction is between
When nitrogen is returned to the soil when dead plants decompose - the interaction is between
A biogeochemical cycle or a volcano eruption are know as
The Earth is composed of a complex set of cycles, parts and processes that all work together as a
It is beneficial to understand Earth Science because
All biogeochemical cycles have interactions
Energy from the sun reaches the Earth in the form of:
Heat and light are produced on and in the sun through:
Waves are produced by:
Waves are everywhere and have the following properties in common:
A wave with high frequency is characterized by a:
If bats can detect prey by detecting heat through their noses. What type of electromagnetic energy do they detect?
Microwaves have longer wavelengths than visible light waves. This means that
Molecules in a solid:
When water evaporates, taking on heat energy , the molecules
When transmitted light is bent, it is said to be
tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, / time, time, time, / Bells, bells, bells
Hear the mellow wedding bells
Oh, from out the sounding cells, / What a gush of euphony voluminously wells! / How it swells! / How it dwells / On the Future! - how it tells
To the swinging and the ringing . . . . . . .To the rhyming and the chiming of the bells!
What a tale of terror, now, their turbulency tells!
How they clang, and clash and roar!
How the danger sinks and swells, / By the sinking or the swelling in the anger of the
To the moaning and the groaning of the bells
From the molten - golden notes,
An ODE is
Singing storytellers
Members of nobility or the upper class
Person who siezed power and established one man rule
Art of public speaking
form of govenment in which a small group hold power
form of government in which the citizens hold the power
Plan of government
City state in ancient Greec
Complex confusing series of mazes
Soldier who serves a foreign country for pay
Tectonic plates interact at places called plate
Subduction zones occur where-
When an oceanic plate confronts a continental plate a subduction zone may be created. What statement best explains the term
What is a transform boundary?
How can Earth's plates move?
A divergent boundary is a boundary between two plates that __________.
Most geologists think that the movement of Earth’s plates is caused by
To study Earth’s interior, geologists often rely on indirect methods, such as evidence from fossils.
Oceanic crust near the mid-ocean ridge is younger than oceanic crust farther away from the ridge.
Mantle material rises in convection currents because heated materials become more dense.
Lindy is planning to build a model of a train using a scale of 2 inches = 25 feet. The train is 60 feet long, what is the length (in.) that Lindy should build the model?
What is 2.08 * 10.2
What is 1/2 * 3/4
1/2 + 1 3/4 + 2/8
What is 1/2 * 3/4
What is 1/4 + 4/6
3/4 - 1/2
2.00 + .087
2.098 / 2.12
45.09 * 1.2
1.2 / 3.89
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I explored the southwestern regions of the United States and discovered that it was a desert.
When we began moving west, whose land did the settlers take?
I bought the Louisiana Purchase from France for $15 million.
There is a mountain peak named after me in Colorado to honor the land I settled in the west.
My major trail was called the Wilderness Trail.
In what city did the journey West begin for many settlers?
I was Lewis and Clark's guide through the Louisiana Purchase.
We looked for a continuous water supply route connecting northeast to the northwest.
Why were our expeditions important to the Americans?
I made treaties with the Native Americans.
I brought back information about the Native Americans in the west region.
I established the first United States settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains.
What did the Westward Explorers do to help the growth of America?
On the map, which trail was the longest?
Who started the Santa Fe Trail as a trading route for the Americans?
_________________________ is the rigid structure that provides extra support for a cell and gives the cell shape.
In eukaryotic cells, this organelle is the site of cellular respiration, which makes energy.
The differences between a plant and animal cell include:
An organism made up of cells that have a nucleus enclosed by a membrane is called a ___________________.
An organism that consists of a single cell that does not have a nucleus is called a ____________________.
_____________________ is the organelle that stores food, water, and waste for the cell.
The ___________ is the smallest unit of that can perform all life processes.
The _________________________ is the site of photosynthesis, which converts carbon dioxide and water into sugar, oxygen, and water.
Which of the following organelles is a thin phospholipid bilayer that covers the cell's surface and is a barrier between the inside of the cell and the cell's environment?
The gel-like contents of the cell that holds the organelles is called ________________________.
One of the small bodies within a cell's cytoplasm that are specialized to perform a specific function is called a(n) ________________________________.
In a eukaryotic cell, a membrane bound organelle that contains the cell's DNA and has a role in cell processes like growth, metabolism, and reproduction is a(n) ___________________________.
One difference between plant and animal cells is that _____________________.
The law of superposition state that, in horizontal layers of sedimentary rock,
Decomposers are the soil organisms that
When a jellyfish paralyzes a tiny fish with its poisonous tentacles, the fish is the
During an experiment, if you purposely change the temperature to test a hypothesis, the temperature is called the
If a ferret eats a mouse that eats grass, the ferret is a
Explaining or interpreting the things you observe based on reasoning from what you already know is called
Because atoms are so small,
Fossil fuels are considered nonrenewable because they
A material is said to be ductile if it
Pure water is neutral, meaning it is neither an acid nor a base. Pure water has a pH of
How would a hot and wet climate affect the rate of weathering?
The three major fossil fuels are coal, oil and
Which part of the atom move around the nucleus?
Which of the following is a biotic factor in the prairie ecosystem?
When scientists put things into catergories or group together items that are alike in some way, they are
The elements in a column of the periodic table
When scientists create a representation of a complex process, they are
From an element's location in the periodic table, you can predict
The behaviors and physical characteistics of species that allow them to live successfully in their environment are called
Observations that deal with number or amount are called
The layer of gases that surrounds the Earth is called:
The process by which gases hold heat in the atmosphere is called:
Why has weather forecasting improved over the last 100 years
Hurricanes typically form over
Cool air, in a house, tends to
One thing people in the United States could do to reduce air pollution is
Heat transfer between two substances that are in contact is called
Heat from the sun reaches you by
The two most abundant (most common) gases in the atmosphere are
Earth's atmosphere is important to living things because it
Most air pollution comes from
In a series circuit with three bulbs,
Which type of material would lightning most easily flow through
If the coast guard warns of a giant wave of water approaching the shore as a result of a major earthquake, they are warning of
What is name of the Earth tremors that can cause damage days or months after a large earthquake?
Water vapor is water in the form of
An example of an insulator is
An electric current will always follow
Scientists who study weather and try to predict it are called
The ozone layer protects living things on Earth from
automatic nervous system
sense organ
voluntary nervous system
spinal cord
brain stem
Identify the name of a stable intensity
Identify the name of a variable intensity
Quality indicating whether a sound is loud or soft
Word indicating the general intensity of a musical composition
An indication in music dynamics
Dynamic volumen marking indicating a gradual increase in intensity
Gradually getting softer
Getting louder and then getting softer
Which one indicate a gradual dynamic p – ff pp – ff mf – f p - fff
La danza de la Molinera´s composer
Career planning should begin with -
Employers seek employees who -
If a person, wants to make a higher income, he/she should -
One important influence of new technology in the workplace is the -
Banks, savings and loans, and credit unions are -
Private financial institutions encourage saving and investing by paying -
Private financial institutions make loans available to borrowers by using -
In order to be financially responsible, a person should -
The type of economy a country has is determined by -
How does a free market economy determine what will be produced?
How does a traditional economy determine for whom goods and services are produced?
Government control of property and resources and lack of consumer choice describes which type of economic system?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is two more than the square of 15?
Simplify: 3+8*2-5
Simplify: 7 +8*9 - 5*4 - 19*3 - 9 + 7
What is two times more than five less of eight times three
Question 5
Question 6
Question 7
Question 8
Question 9
Question 10
What is the GCF of 12 and 24?
What is the GCF of 3 and 9?
What is the LCM of 6 and 30?
What is the LCM of 6 and 15
What is the LCM of 5 and 15?
What is the GCF of 3 and 30
What is the GCF of 28, 49, 35?
What is the GCF of 9, 18, 36?
What is the LCM of 7, 14, 56?
What is the LCM of 5 and 45
Convert .5 to fraction form, then to percent form
What is .125 in fraction form. What percent does this represent?
If you ran 2/5 of the race. What percent did you complete
If I eat three-fourths of a pizza, what percentage do I have left?
Fifty-five percent of students have a facebook account. What percent doesn't?
How do you change .10 to a fraction?
What is my last name?
What is 1/2 plus 3/4
What is 3/4 minuz 3/4?
What is the name of this school?
Convert .1 to a percent
Convert 0.6 to a fraction
Convert 0.918 to a percent
Convert 25% to a decimal
Convert 7.5 to a percent
What direction do I move the decimal to turn the number into a percent?
What does the sign % mean?
Convert .5 to a percent
Covert 125% to a decimal
Are you ready to be done with this test.
55 + 55
35 - 25
Add 2 dimes and 2 nickels*
57 + 30
95 - 32
This week Michael ate 2 3/5 apples, Asia ate 1.2 oranges, and Melissa ate 40% of her banana. Who ate the most fruit?
This week Michael ate 2 3/5 apples, Asia ate 1.2 oranges, and Melissa ate 40% of her banana. Who least amount of fruit?
This week Michael ate 2 3/5 apples, Asia ate 1.2 oranges, and Melissa ate 40% of her banana. How much did they eat all together?
This week Michael ate 2 3/5 apples, Asia ate 1.2 oranges, and Melissa ate 40% of her banana. How much fruit will be eaten after 4 weeks if they each eat the same amount of fruit ea
This week Michael ate 2 3/5 apples, Asia ate 1.2 oranges, and Melissa ate 40% of her banana. What is the difference in the amount of fruit eaten by Melissa and Michael?
This week Michael ate 2 3/5 apples, Asia ate 1.2 oranges, and Melissa ate 40% of her banana. Eating the same amount of fruit each week, in how many weeks will they have eaten 21?
This week Michael ate 2 3/5 apples, Asia ate 1.2 oranges, and Melissa ate 40% of her banana. Who ate the same as 1 1/5 fruit?
This week Michael ate 2 3/5 apples, Asia ate 1.2 oranges, and Melissa ate 40% of her banana. Who ate the same as 2/5 fruit?
This week Michael ate 2 3/5 apples, Asia ate 1.2 oranges, and Melissa ate 40% of her banana. Who ate the same as 2.6 fruit?
This week Michael ate 2 3/5 apples, Asia ate 1.2 oranges, and Melissa ate 40% of her banana. Which two ate 3 fruit together?
What is a civil law?
What is criminal law?
What is a tort?
What is malpractice?
What is the legal name for an attempt to harm a patient if he will not stay out of another patient\\\\\\\'s room?
What might have happened to Mrs. Jones if she is suing for battery?
Jane is upset that the nurse gave her a lecture then let her have her bed rails down anyway. What happened?
Joe arrived at the nursing home to visit his elderly friend Rick. He noticed ties holding Rick into his wheel chair but no other residents were. What might be going on?
The CNA is overheard swearing at an incontinent patient when she is cleaning her up.
The med tech tells Katie not to give Mrs. Johnson her breakfast until she agrees to take her meds. Why does Katie refuse to follow this?
Which would you use to determine the mass of an object?
A student lifts two soup cans that are the same size. He says that one is heavier than the other. What do you know about the heavier can?
Which would you use to find the volume of a rectangular cube?
A rock is dropped into a graduated cylinder containing 40 mL of water. The new volume is 47 mL. What is the volume of the rock?
Why does the egg sink in fresh water? The egg is
Why is it easier to float on the Great Salt Lake than a fresh water lake? Your body is
Why does ice float on water?
Which is the correct formula for density?
If the mass of a cube were 48 g, and its volume 24 cm3, what would its density be?
90 mL of salt water has a mass of 120 g. What is the density of the salt water?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which object transfers electrical energy to mechanical energy and heat?
How does energy transfer when a lamp is turned on?
Which makes the metal spoon appear broken when placed in a clear glass of water?
Why does a student see her image in a glass window on a sunny day?
What can happen when light strikes a surface?
What happens when light bends as it travels through two different substances?
If a rock is thrown in a pond, what happens to the kinetic energy of the rock?
What produces waves?
Mechanical waves travel fastest through which medium?
Which is NOT an example of waves traveling different speeds through different materials?
What happens to light traveling through a pair of eye glasses?
In what direction does heat transfer occur?
What determines the color of an opaque object?
Describe the transfer of energy that takes place when a radio is playing music.
Policy of glorifying power and keeping an army ready for war.
What region was referred to as the powder keg of Europe?
The Schlieffen Plan can be summarized:
Which nation's actions caused the U.S. to enter the war?
Devoting all of a nations resources to the war effort is referred to as
What action on November 11, 1918, brought WWI to an end?
What were the 14 points?
Which countries made up Europe's Great Powers
Why did Bismarck ( Germany) seek alliances that later became the Triple Alliance?
Which was the goal of the Gallipoli campaign
How did the Treaty of Versailles affect postwar Germany?
What event ignited the Great War?
What was significant in the Allied victory at the First Battle of the Marne?
What was trench warfare intended to accomplish?
What impact did the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk have on Germany
Energy from the sun comes from fusion. What happens during that reaction?
Which star is closest to earth?
What is the innermost layer of the sun’s atmosphere called?
Using special equipment, which layer of the sun’s atmosphere is visible during a total solar eclipse?
When the moon is waning, what do we see?
What is a spring tide?
At certain times during each month, the moon is entirely invisible from earth, even on a clear night. Which phase of the moon is this?
Planets form from which of the following?
The nebular hypothesis explains the formation of which of the following?
Where are most of the asteroids in the solar system found?
The Wright Brothers contribution to U.S. society was in the field of:
Americans found it easier to communicate long distance because of the invention of the:
The Mount Rushmore monument in South Dakota is significant because:
The U.S. holiday that celebrates workers is:
Immigrants came to the U.S. in the 19th century because of the many job opportunities. There was also a non-job opportunity - free:
Mass production of cars and other products came about because of the following innovation:
Which of the following ways to make a living was NOT a common one for immigrants to America during the 1800-1900s:
When the population of the U.S. grew rapidly in the early 1900s, the increased population caused:
When the supply of electronic products decreases, consumers:
The woman who founded Hull House in Chicago to help homeless people and immigrants was:
The free enterprise system helped 19th century American businesses to:
The Constitution had to be accepted, or _________ by at least 9 states.
_________ was our first government after the Revolutionary War. It didn't have the power to tax or enforce the laws. There was no army or court system under this government.
_________ said that the colonists could not settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. Britain recognized the Indian's right to settle that land.
The ____________ is responsible for making laws.
The ____________ is responsible for interpreting the laws.
The ____________ is responsible for enforcing the laws.
___________________ required colonists to allow British soldiers to live in their homes to save money for the British government and to control colonists.
_____________ were in support of the new Constitution.
____________ had to be convinced that a strong central government would not take away the peoples' rights.
In December 1791, the first 10 amendments to the Constitution were added and these were known as the ________________
___________________ gave each state one vote by representaion.
Thomas Paine attacked King George III and called for a revolution to make the colonies independent, in a widely read pamphlet
_______________ counted five slaves as three free people.
___________ explained how a territory could become a state and made slavery against the law.
A tax that not only taxed sugar, but many imported goods such as coffee and cloth was started by the _________________
At the ____________ delegates met in Philadelphia to discuss how to change the Articles of Confederation.
On July 4, 1776, members of the Continental Congress believed the colonist had the right to break away from Great Britain and become a free nation . This document, ________, describes charges against King George and declares the colonies independent.
_______________ suggested by Roger Sherman that said Congress should be divided into 2 parts, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
Each state has ____ Senators.
How many representatives each state can send to the House of Representatives is
King George III ordered a _____________ which put a tax on paper goods, to help pay for the French and Indian War.
The _______________ were passed by the British Parliament, which restricted the rights of citizens of Boston.
___________ was to separate the government into three parts.
On September 17, 1787, the writers of the _____________ set up a fairer form of government and to secure peace and freedom, to set up the 3 branches of government, and note the responsibilities of the state and federal government.
The _____________ is the introductory paragraph of the Constitution that lists the goals for the country.
What is the transfer of energy in the form of rays or waves?
What is the transfer of heat by the flow of heat through an object?
In general, atmospheric pressure is greatest near Earth's surface and _____ as you move upward away from sea level.
What is the source of all energy in our atmosphere?
Which layer of the atmosphere blends into outer space?
Temperatures in the thermosphere and exosphere are _______.
Which accurately explains the number of molecules of air at high elevations where air pressure is less.
Which layer of the atmosphere is nearest to Earth's surface?
IF the ozone layer disappeared what would happen to the amount of ultraviolet radiation life on Earth would be exposed to?
The process of water vapor (gas) changing to a liquid is called what?
Air pressure is greatest where there are more molecules of air pushing down from above. Where would this most likely happen?
When water droplets in a cloud combine, become heavy, and fall to the ground as rain , snow, sleet, or hail are all examples of what?
What is a violent, whirling wind that moves in a narrow path over land?
Low, layered gray clouds that produce light precipitation are what type of clouds?
The boundary between cold and warm air masses is called what?
The most powerful severe storm is a __________.
Earth's atmosphere is warmed by the greenhouse effect because heat radiated from Earth's surface is _________ by gasses in the atmosphere.
A person who studies and forecasts the weather using data gathered from many sources is a what?
Fog is what type of cloud that forms near the ground?
What can be produced by thunderstorms?
What was one reason pioneers started to move west?
I made westward trails through the Appalachian Mountains.
What did the Americans call the idea that is was their God-given right to claim and settle lands from coast to coast?
I was sent by Thomas Jefferson to explore the westward lands.
Which of the following were economic reasons for moving west?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
For years, people have given names to their pets. (What is the verb phrase?)
Our dog is named Groucho. (What is the verb phrase?)
Pets can perform wonderful tricks. (What is the verb phrase?)
The Willow Equine Rescue Barn has been helping horses in need. (main, or action, verb)
Some of the horses there are suffering from injuries. (main, or action, verb)
A few were mistreated by their owners. (main, or action, verb)
Horses should be provided with the right food. (helping verb)
This horse will need medicine, care, and the right diet. (helping verb)
They can brush the horses' coats. (helping verb)
A veterinarian is examining the new arrivals. (helping verb)
can help
have lost
have been building
Tim is a social worker and earns a good salary with benefits. He has to get continuing education each year. He often has to take work home to keep up with his caseload.
John is getting ready to fill out a job application. What does he need in order to start.
Patsy has an interview for a receptionist\'s position. What should Patsy wear?
Jane arrived 15 minutes early for her interview at the hospital and entered the waiting room. What shouid Jane do?
Matt has an interview for an accounting postition. What should Matt wear?
Nick is wearing a professional suit, tie, and shoes to make a good first impression in a job ionterview. He wants to wear a new fragrance he just purchased. What should Nick do?
Mark wants to thank his interviewer and make the best impression possible after his interveiw. What should he do?
Which illustrates a recommended strategy for a junior in high school to locate job openings?
Molly ioncluded in her resume, her work expierences, honors and awards. She also needs to include:
Mattie is ready to start filling out job applications. What should Maddie do first?
Spartan society was notable for
All of the following are characteristics of Greek religion EXCEPT
The public square where meetings took place in Greek city-states was called the
Athens was defeated during the Peloponnesian War by an alliance led by the
Most Greek goods were transported by
Hellenic traditions and stories were recorded in epic poems by
Solon promoted the growth of Athens by
The period from 461 BC to 429 BC is called the Golden Age of Athens because
Despite Greece's mild climate, transportation and communication were difficult because
Word such as police and politics derive from the Greek word polis meaning
What muscle allows you to raise your arm to ask a question?
Which is your calf muscle? (hint: where you get charlie horses)
Which is the longest muscle?
What muscle helps you to hold up your head?
What muscles do you work when you do sit ups or crunches?
What muscle allows you to chew?
what muscle is called your chest muscle?
What muscle runs along your tibia bone?
what muscle is on the back of the humerus?
which muscle is the muscle you primarily sit on?
Which term means military formation in which foot soldiers stood with shields overlapped
Which terms means a solier who serves a foreign country for pay
Which term is a gathering of men with eating, drinking and entertainment
Citizen of democratic Athens favored lotteries over elections because
A major factor in Greece's victories in the Persian Wars was
The "Dark Age" refers to the period after the fall of
This was known as an anti-Persian alliance
The place where most of the ancient Olympic champions would come from
Location of Athens
Greek hiding place during the Trojan War
The name of the Greek city-state in Asia Minor
The name of the head Greek god
The name of the site of the Minoan civilization
The name for a hill in the center of a Greek city
Man who tried and failed to defeat the Athenians at Marathon
Group who paid for the Spartan navy during the Peloponnesian War
Name of the legendary blind poet
Site of a devastating defeat for the Persian army
Sparta was considered an
Athens was considered a
I want to get some ice cream.
Do you know what type of sentence I am?
Answer the question.
I can't believe you got it right!
I want you to get this answer right.
What happened to the car?
Pick up that pencil.
What happened!
My favorite ice cream is chocolate.
Close the door.
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