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Which best describes the Roman Republic?
Which of the following was NOT true of the Twelve Tables?
If you worked as a woodworker (carpenter), you would most likely be a
How was Julius Caesar viewed by most Roman citizens during his lifetime?
Who was the first Roman emperor?
The language most important to the Romans was
Which adjective best describes the Roman Empire during the Pax Romana?
Why did the Senate assassinate Julius Caesar?
How did Julius Caesar gain control of Rome?
How are the governments of Rome and the United States?
The main problem is Rome was
Roman soldiers were stationed at all borders of the empire to
People had to barter. This reason Rome fell was
Inflation began. This reason for the fall of Rome was
Which of the following was a legal idea we get from Rome
Many other languages came from Latin. One is
Citizens stopped paying taxes. This reason for the fall of Rome is
a person running from the law
the person who committed the crime
a false clue or lead
proof that a suspect was nowhere near the crime
the chance to commit the crime
the suspect had a way to commit the crime
the reason the suspect commits the crime
a guess based on facts
asking questions relating to the crime
the detective or private investigator in the case
The organelles in plants that convert light energy into glucose
A process that breaks down glucose into smaller molecules and produces ATP
A series of chemical reactions that converts the energy in food into ATP
This type of fermentation is carried out by bacteria to make yogurt
Where does glycolosis occur
This type of fermentation is carried out by yeast cells
The second step of cellular respiration occurs in the
Which of the following is not a product of photosynthesis
Which of the following is not a product of cellular respiration
Form of energy needed for photosynthesis
I want to go swimming in . . . .
I have PE in . . .
Most people go to church on
The work week begins on
Hump Day is
the dance
Answers by Educators Question Database
If a force has a negative value, such as 100 N -, that means the force
Which of the following is a vector:
Which has more mass, a 10 N object on the earth or the moon?
Newton's 1st Law is called the Law of .....
Newton's 1st law states that objects at rest will
F = m x a is which of Newon's Laws?
The universal law of gravitation states that gravity depends on ......
Orbital motion is caused by the force of .....
The more mass an object has the greater the ..........
If mass is increased it takes more ______ to make an object accelerate.
What is free fall?
The acceleration due to gravity has a limit of ......
When an large semi truck collides with a mini cooper what will happen?
When I kick a soccer ball, Newton's 3rd law says my foot against the ball is the action force..... What is the reaction force?
Free fall occurs where
Is inertia a force?
Newton's law #2 states that
For every action there is an ..........
Which can exert a force of gravity on you ....
Orbital motion is a result of
Conjugated the ver "Tocar"subject pronouns" ellos"
El mercado Benito Juarez sirve para:
When Bargain you should:
El tenis es____ interesante ____ el beibol
Tienes la pelota? Si, ____
Comes papas fritas? Si, yo____ como
La clase de matematicas empieza en un minuto
Cruza la avenida?
Benito juares es famoso por ser:
Play means in Spanish
Conjugated the verb "Saber"subject pronouns" El"
Conjugated the verb "oir" subject pronouns "el"
conjugated the verb "gustar" suject pronouns "el"
Donde juegas al tenis?
Para jugar al futbol americano necesitas:
conjugate the verb "Acabar de" subject pronouns "yo"
Quien es el latino mas famoso del salon de la fama?
Conjugate the verb "hacer" subject pronouns yo
El yunque es un:
Cuando quieres mandar una carta vas a:
Which inner planet is nicknamed thered planet?
What are Saturns rings composed of?
When hydrogen atoms combine to create helium what is it called?
The type of model where the Earth is the center of our solar system?
How many moons does Saturn have?
What planet here is a gas giant?
How many moons does Earth have?
What is Europa composed of?
Which planet has vast amounts of water on its surface
What are the 4 gas giants?
how many moons does saturn have?
how many moons does earth have?
what is saturns largest moon?
what moon could contain life?
how many moons does uranus have?
how many moons does pluto have?
how many moons does neptune have?
how many moons does jupiter have?
what planet is close to the size one of its moon?
what is the largest moon in the solar system?
How does the sun get it's energy?
Scientists theorize that when our sun runs out of nuclear fuel, it will become a ________
The largest planet is ________.
What is a geocentric model?
What is a heliocentric model?
What is a description of the solar system in which all the planets revolve around the sun ic called a(n)_________.
What part of the sun could you see from Earth?
Which planet is called the 'red planet'?
Saturn's rings are made of_______.
What planet is to the left of Earth?
The unit of work is the
An object at rest may have _____________.
A rollercoaster starts at the top of a hill with 100 J of energy. Halfway down the hill is has 50 J of potential energy and _________ J of kinetic energy.
As a pendulum swings back and forth _________________.
Charles notices a fuzzy outline on his shadow. What is the name of this partial shadow?
Green light mixed with red light gives you what color light?
What particles are found in the nucleus of an atom?
What is the charge on an electron
Different colors of light correspond to different light ____________.
A tennis ball is more easiily seen if its color is _____________.
Sunlight contains all colors of light, but much of it is ________________.
An image of a distant object formed by a single converging lens ____________.
The shortest plane mirror in which you can see your entire image ____________________.
Refraction is the result of _____________.
Compared to air, the speed of light in water is _________________-.
Which of the following is NOT an electromagnetic wave?
The main difference between a radio wave and a light wave is its ________.
Which of these electrtomagnetic waves has the shortest wavelength?
How many beats will be produced when a 400 Hz frequency is played at the same time asa 406 Hz frequency?
A wave has a frequency of 10 Hz. What is its period?
The part of a standing wave that does not move is called a ______________.
Stacy takes a slinky and shakes it from side to side. She has just made a ________.wave
Energy can never be created nor destroyed.
An arrow in a bow has 70 J of potential energy. Assuming no loss of energy due to heat, how much kinetic energy will it have after it has been shot?
The amount of potential energy found in an elevated object is equal to __________.
The unit of power is the _______-
A rotational space station may be made in the future. How many g's will be felt at the center of the station?
Any force that causes an object to move in a circular path is called a _____________-.
Potential energy is the energy an object has because of its ________.
When you whirl a can horizontally above your head on the end of a string, the centripetal force is
Answers by Educators Question Database
What type of environmental issue do the Great Lakes suffer from?
What causes acid rain to occur?
What has been done to solve the problem of acid rain in Canada?
What is the biggest industry of the Canadian Shield?
What environmental issue is a possible concern for the Canadian Shield?
What can be found in the Canadian Shield?
How does the Canadian Shield help the Canadian economy?
How much of Canada is covered with forests?
What is means the process of removing trees?
What country's pollution also impacts Canada the most?
A rhetorical question can be best describe as which of the following?
'America has issues with drugs, poverty, and racism.' This is primarily an example of which rhetorical term?
'Tommy went back home to find his wallet.' Tommy in this sentence would be an example of which grammatical term?
'Jessie went to the store.' The word 'went' is an example of which verb tense?
'While Sally slept in the room, George played the video game.' This sentence is an example of which form of syntax?
What is the difference between tone and mood?
Writing that attempts to tell a story is called:
'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness...' This is an example of which Rhetorical Term?
“My life is my purpose. My life is my goal. My life is my inspiration.” This is an example of the rhetorical term anaphora because
'The clang of the bell still rings in my heart.' This is an example of which literary term?
'I'm so hungry, I could eat a whole buffet.' This is an example of which literary device?
'The wilted willow tree deteriorated as the seasons changed.' The word 'wilted' is an example of which part of speech?
Which one of the following is an example of a metaphor?
Which one of the following is not apart of theme?
'75% of students that attend college take remedial classes their first year, making college worthless.' This is an example of which appeal of argument and why?
A warning is necessary first before the written referral if you tamper with the computer.
No food and/or drinks are allowed in the computer lab.
You will be counted absent if you do not sit in your assigned seat.
Making unnecessary comments is grounds for a referral.
Insubordination means you were tardy.
You must be in your seat and quiet when the bell rings.
You are not to ask your peers questions concerning the assignment.
Copying a document (assignment) from your peer (s) from a CD, jump drive or your file will give you zero points on that assignment.
You are to stay at your computer station until the bell rings or I dismiss class.
You may surf the Internet before you complete your projects.
Your grade will be based on the number of points you receive on your assignments as well as your “classroom behavior.”
On the third referral relating to classroom behavior you will be automatically dropped from the class.
Your grade will be affected if you cut class or are absent frequently.
Absences are based only on unexcused absences.
Showing lack of respect will be grounds for a referral.
When necessary, additional devices and/or equipment can be used in class when completing a class assignment/project.
On a third infraction of using a cell phone. a referral will be sent.
Treating any peer in the classroom inappropriately could be considered bullying.
One of the most important attributes to have is a positive attitude.
Video games and social media are not allowed in class.
How is the primary purpose of the website classified?
Which is an ADVANTAGE of web development standards?
Which authoring language is used in this example? html headtitleJohn’s Website/title/head bodybWelcome to my website!/b/body /html
Suzy uses an open source computer program that allows her to key HTML code and save it so she can publish her website. This computer program is an example of:
What is the purpose of HTML tags?
Which HTML code would result in the words “My Webpage” displaying centered, italicized and red?
html body h4A List:/h4 ol liPresident/li liVice President/li liSecretary/li /ol /body /html. In Figure 3.02A, which will be displayed when the source code is viewed in a browser?
Which is an example of a file that would be saved in the Images folder?
In Figure 3.02B, the code is an example of: Figure 3.02B head style type=text/css p color:green; text-align:center; font-family:verdana;font-size:10px; /style /head
Which improves website accessibility for users with disabilities?
Suzanne visited the W3C website to test her website. This is an example of which step accomplished prior to publishing her website?
In Figure 3.02C, all are true about this home page EXCEPT:
What does URL stand for?
In the URL, which part is the tld (top level domain)?
What does HTML stand for?
Which of the following is a version of HTML that's so new, it's actually still under construction?
Which of the following best describes what you see when you open a Web page in a text editor?
There are certain mandatory tags that every Web page must contain. Which of the following tag pairs are mandatory?
Which of the following is another term for folder?
Which tag within the greater than and less than sign in a page's source code lets the user agent know it has reached the end of the document?
Which integer represents a loss of $10?
Which term goes with the following definition: the size of a number without its sign.
Which symbol should be placed in the blank to make the statement true? -5 ___ -6
What is the sum of 8 and - 3 ?
Which number is between -10 and -5?
Which scenario represents a negative number?
Which quadrant on the coordinate plane only has negative numbers?
Mr. Kraft got a gift card to Texas Roadhouse. He goes there to eat and buys an appetizer for $7.50, a drink for $1.29, an entree for $10.62, and dessert for $2.35. How much money does he have left, if his gift card was worth $30?
Solve I 3 - 5 I
No silly! No need to get out of your seat. You can't see the IMAGINERY LINE that passes through the MIDDLE OF EARTH AND ITS POLES.
Just as a tornado that strikes down in the MIdwest, EARTH IS ALWAYS SPINNING.
Like a family that is always on vacation, Earth is constantly making a TRIP AROUND THE SUN.
In the same way Dorothy followed the Yellow Brick Road, Earth moves a VERY SPECIFIC WAY AROUND THE SUN
Like a orange sign BLOCKING your car on the highway, OBJECTS IN SPACE often get BLOCKED by each other.
It's a stalemate when the FORCES OF EARTH AND MOON square off to CONTROL THE OCEAN WATERS.
At certain times of the lunar cycle, the MOON is becoming BETTER LIT.
At certain times of the Lunar Cycle, the MOON is becoming LESS LIT.
At certain times of the lunar cycle, MORE THAN HALF THE MOON IS COVERED BY LIGHT.
At certain times of the Lunar Cycle, LESS THAN HALF THE MOON IS COVERED BY LIGHT.
A measure of the distance between a line through the middle of a wave and a crest or trough is the _____.
How many times a wave passes a point in a given amount of time is
If the frequency of a wave doubles, what happens to the wavelength?
A distance between two crests or two compressions is
The bending of a wave as they pass from one medium to the next is known as
Objects that do not allow any light to be transmitted are classified as being
What type of wave on the electromagnetic spectrum has the longest wavelength?
What part of the spectrum has the highest frequency?
When waves can pass through a given point or medium it is called
What type of materials allow MOST light waves to be transmitted?
During the creation of a 4th of July slide show, the teacher has asked you to play a song in the background. What special effect is needed?
Jade had determined that the audience for her presentation will need information about joining the American Medical Association. Which step has been completed?
What type of software is used to produce a slide show?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which factor can lead to an increase in ocean water density
Ocean water rotates in this direction in the Northern Hemisphere
This term describes the amount of dissolved salt in seawater
When the Sun, Earth, and Moon are all aligned it is called
As a wave approaches shore its
Earth would experience its heighest high tide during which lunar phases
A drastic change in temperature with depth is called a
The _____is responsible for bringing warm water to Northern Europe resulting in mild winters
Surface waves are created primarily due to
A density current is formed due to
On average, ocean water has a salinity level of
Possible theory that explains how our oceans first developed
Drastic change in salinity with change in depth is called
General movement of ocean water begins at the
The tendency of ocean water and wind to be deflected is due to the
When low tides are higher than normal and high tides are lower than normal, it's a
Dissolved oxygen ______with depth
The Thames river joining Long Island Sound is an example of an
The tides have
Reason we see only one side of the moon is due to
Amy est allee sur The Bat. Elle avait mal a la tГЄte. Ceci est a cause de quoi?
Quand tu jettes quelque chose dans l'air, l'objet bouge dans une forme de:
Ce qui pousse les montagnes russes au milieu d'un chemin circulaire
Quand une montagne russe descend une colline, _________________ augmente.
Au lieu d'utiliser l'electricite, on utilise souvent _____________ pour arreter les mont r.
On les trouve souvent sur des montagnes russes faites d'acier
Un exemple est le centre Rogers
Souvent, ca peut reduire la grandeur d'un objet
Les personnes qui vont sur des montagnes russes montrent un exemple de quoi?
On utilise de l'eau pour ca
What are the 3 states of matter?
A toy house is made of legos and is weighed. It is taken apart and each block weighed separately. If the weight of all the blocks is added, what will it total?
How do you know something is a solid?
Which of these food have been though a chemical change?
Which is NOT a physical property of matter?
The side panel of a car has rusted. What evidence shows that a chemical reaction has taken place?
Five (5) grams of salt are dissolved in 100ml of water to form a saltwater solution. If the solution is left to sit until the water has evaporated away how much salt would you expect to be left in the container?
What is the definition of Weight?
What is the definition of Disolve?
What is the definition of Product?
The Grand Canyon is a result of two forces. What are they?
In the spring, rocks often fall onto mountan roads. Why?
Landscape Arch in Arches National Park had to be closed to visitors hiking near the base. How could an arch become dangerous?
A seismograph is a device used to measure wave movement through Earth's curst. What can it help predict?
Which best completes this chart? 1. Uplift 2. Earthquakes 3.
What is a mesa?
Why would it be helpful to the general public for scientists to predict earthquakes?
Underground salt deposits can be dissoved by ground water and carried away. What may happen next?
How long has it taken the Grand Canyon to form?
It has taken millions of years for the Grand Canyon to build up and break down. Where would the oldest rocks of the canyon most likely be?
This type of matter has indefinite shape and indefinite volume
A mixture which the composition is not uniform throughout, for example pizza, is considered
A substance with a pH value of 3 is considered a
A substance is defined as
Table salt (NaCl) is an example of a
Which form of matter does NOT depend on the shape of its container?
Examples of this group of nutrients are fats and oils
Baking soda and baking powder are leavening agents, and when heated form a ____
A foam is a ____________ suspended in a ________________
A cleaning process that removes color is
What dissolves fats?
A water molecule has an uneven sharing of electrons between the hydrogen atoms and the oxygen atom, because of this, water is ______
What are the negatively charged particles that orbit the nucleus of an atom called?
1cm = ____ mm
The basic unit of length in the metric system is
For an element, the number of electrons equals the number of ________ and the _________ number
Boron has an atomic number of 5 and an atomic mass of 11, how many electrons does it have?
Bromine has an atomic number of 35 and an atomic mass of 80, how many neutrons does it have?
Detergents enable water to mix with
sugar crystals added to a super saturated solution results in
Oven cleaner is considered a
Ingredients of these are not listed on a product label
A substance found in the environment that is normally lacking is a
This is a mild alternative to bleach
Animal waste, plant tissue, gravel, grease and grit are all found in
Bacteria that is naturally found in our intestines, also an indicator for aquatic pollution
What decomposes organic matter in sewage?
DDT was a pesticide that caused bird eggs to be weakened, this demonstrates what concept?
What three elements is hard water composed of?
What are the four blood types?
Ken wanted to make a light bulb glow. Which set of materials would he need?
What will happen if you add more batteries to an electrical circuit containing light bulbs?
Which material acts as a conductor of electricity?
Which statement is the best conclusion to describe the types of materials that carry the flow of electricity?
When preforming an experiment with electricity, which material would act as an insulator?
Two objects have collected static electricity with the same charge. What would the objects do when placed near each other?
Which type of electricity moves along a pathway to turn on a light?
In electricity what is load?
What is a complete circut?
Which form of static electric discharge appears in nature?
In what way will a kitten always be like its parents? The kitten will....
Which trait could be influenced by the environment?
An egg laid by a butterfly turns into a caterpillar. How can an offspring look so different from its parent?
What trait would a dog not have learned/inherited from it's parents?
How should a seller of Cocker-Spaniels make sure every puppy they raise looks like a Cocker Spaniel?
Dogs from Iceland have thick hair. What advantage does that give the dogs?
Which of the following is NOT a way desert animals have adapted to survive in the desert?
Which of these is an example of heredity?
Students were asked to predict the eventual outcome of planting several kernels of multi-colored Indian Corn. Which of the following statements offers the best prediction?
Seeds from the same parent plants were planted in a garden. The average height of these plants was 15cm, but two plants grew twice as tall (30cm). Which sentence explains a logical possibility?
Answers by Educators Question Database
What was a cause/ What were causes of the Spanish American War?
Which war did the Treaty of Paris end in 1898?
What river stage has rapids and waterfalls?
What river stage has wide, flat floodplains?
What river stage do meanders begin in?
Curves in a river are called:
Rivers that are very deep would be:
Rivers created by tectonic force are called:
Rivers with low gradient and erosive power are:
The largest drainage basin in the US is the:
Which is a characteristic of mature rivers?
The Mississippi River is in which river stage?
What mode of transportation do you take to fly somewhere?
What is the highway called that has no speed limit?
If you hear the word 'einsteigen,' it probably means you are supposed to
What does the U stand for in U-bahn
If you want to go somewhere by Fahrrad, how are you going?
A ____ flies a plane
If you hear the phrase 'links abbiegen,' you are probably supposed to...
What do 'gehen' and 'fahren' mean, respectively
When you hear 'zu Fuss,' what does it mean?
When you want to get gas, where do you go?
'Zug' refers to what mode of transportation?
What has lights in rot, gelb, und grün?
How would you say, I am driving to New York
Can you fly on a Zug?
Where does a Boot travel?
The substances that begin a chemical reaction are called _________.
How many atoms of Oxygen are present in the following chemical formula: 2CO2
Which of the following is the general form of a chemical equation?
Which of the following can be changed to balance a chemical equation?
A chemical equation is balanced when the number of each type of __________ is the same on both sides.
Which of the following equations is balanced?
Which of the following describes the law of conservation?
Determine the number of Oxygen atoms in the following chemical formula: Pb(NO3)2
What does the arrow in a chemical equation mean?
Which coefficient will balance the following equation? Zn + HCl --- ___ZnCl2 + H2
The substances produced in a chemical reaction are called ____________.
How many atoms are of Hydrogen are in the following chemical formula? 3Mg(OH)2
This contains all existing matter.
This is a group of billions of stars held in place by the gravity of a black hole.
This is a group of planets and other objects going around a single star.
Which of the following explains what a light year is?
The measurement of the amount of gravity is known as
A giant, burning ball of gases that are located in throughout galaxies and in the center of solar systems
Spherical objects that orbit the sun in nearly circular paths and are large enough to withstand impacts with other objects that enter their orbit.
Rocky objects that orbit the sun between Mars and Jupiter.
Objects that orbit planets.
Objects made of rock, gas, and ice that orbit the sun in very oblong orbits and develop a tail called a coma when they come close to the sun.
Small, rocky objects that enter Earth's atmosphere and burn up before they hit Earth's surface.
a large group or crowd
to deposit in a partly enclosing mass; surround
dark, dim, or gloomy; lacking clarity
small plane used for passenger and small cargo transport
the height of a thing above a reference level
motion of the atmosphere that interrupts the flow of wind
to pound, crush, or grind to a powder or dust
a sudden jarring or jerking, as from a heavy blow
refusing to let go or give up; continual
to baffle, stump, perplex, puzzle, bewilder
Where does food go after it leaves the esophagus?
The large intestines has this, which is helpful for digestion.
What are the finger like projections that line the small intestines and absorb nutrients?
This organs makes bile that is used to break down fats?
This flap of tissue closes over the windpipe and prevents food from going to the lungs.
When you eat foods high in saturated fats and cholesterol, there is a chance the cholesterol can build up where?
This is how your body controls heat and water balance?
This organ is found behind the stomach and produces insulin.
Chewing food is an example of this type of digestion
These fats are unhealthy and are a solid at room temperature.
This is made of mucus and water and is released by glands in the mouth.
What do you call the contractions that push food through the digestive system?
Which organ does food NOT pass through?
Where does chemical and mechanical digestion begin?
What does a group of tissues make?
Where does insulin and bile flow into the digestive system?
Which is the correct path of digestion?
Which of the following does NOT produce a digestive juice?
Where does blood come from?
Which condition occurs when the body does not produce insulin?
Which is a concern related to the production of electricity using nuclear power?
What would be an ideal location for a town to place their new wind farm?
Photovoltaic cells are different from normal electricity production in that they
When we obtain fossil fuels, all of the following are environmental consequences except
Which energy source directly produces electricity
By the end of this century, factories that get their electricity from coal-burning power plants may have to shut down, while factories designed to run on solar power will be able to stay in production. This is because:
What is a disadvantage of hydroelectric power?
In underdeveloped countries, dried animal manure is burned as fuel for heating and cooking. What type of energy is this?
Why are fossil fuels still the primary energy resource worldwide
Which of the following choices includes energy sources that would be non-renewable
What do fossil fuels and biomass have in common
The U.S.A. and other countries are often promoting the conservation of electricity and fossil fuels. Which is an advantage of these conservation efforts
Why don’t people use more renewable energy resources when they know it’s better to do so?
Conservation of our natural resources means that we use only what we need so the resources last into the future. Which of the following does NOT demonstrate conservation?
Which renewable energy source has small power stations that have minimal impact on the environment, but could contain hazardous gasses and minerals that come up from the ground
Which is a problem with using wind turbines to produce energy?
Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel
What is the main difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources
All of the following energy sources are nonrenewable EXCEPT
A teacher asks his students, “What is a negative effect of using fossil fuels?” Which student answered correctly?
Answers by Educators Question Database
What mineral property measures the resistance of a mineral to being scratched?
Which mineral exhibits double refraction and reacts with HCl?
When a mineral breaks along a flat or even surface it displays...
What mineral is a 1 on the Mohs scale?
What is the mineral name for table salt, NaCl?
Which best describes all the characteristics of a mineral?
Quartz (SiO2).... (imagine the 2 is subscripted!) belongs to which mineral group?
Whether a mineral exhibits fracture and cleavage depends upon its.....
Streak is...
What is found in the nucleus of an atom?
Identify: C-C-C-C-C
Identify: C-C-C=C
Identify: C-C-OH
Identify: C-C-C-C-O-C-C-C-C-C
Identify: CH(3)CHClCH(3)
Identify the Hydrocarbon that corresponds with this General Formula: C(n)H(2n-2)
The prefix
Identify: Ch(3)CH(2)NH(2)CH(2)
Identify the amount of hydrogen atoms in: C=C-C-C-C-C
If an organic compund had a Carbon double-bonded to an oxygen, that organic compund would be a:
An auditory learner __________________________.
What kind of learner likes to try things out in a hands-on setting?
S.M.A.R.T. goals are goals that are ____________________________.
Abbreviations are a mnemonic device. They work by:
Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge is an example of a(n):
The percentage of students with learning disablities is:
To reduce nervousness before a test, a student can:
Once the student has the exam paper, a student should:
A good strategy for approaching a multiple choice question is:
What do you do when you listen for empathy?
what does u.f.o stand for
what are the names of the inner planets
which planet did galileo discover
which planet is called the morning star
does anti matter exsit
is there lfe on other planets
was there life before humans
will the universe end
when will the sun die out
what will be the best way to travel across spance in the future
Which cell part plays a role in apoptosis?
Which cell part helps to move chromosomes during mitosis?
Which cell part plays a role in production of ribosomes?
Which cell part acts as the control center of the cell?
Which cell part contains thylakoids and carries out photosynthesis?
Which cell part modifies and packages substances for export out of the cell?
Which cell part burns glucose and stores the energy released as ATP?
Which cell part controls what enters and leaves the cell?
Which cell part plays a role in intracellular transport?
Which cell part is found in both plant and bacterial cells but not animal cells?
DNA and RNA are examples of
Enzymes are usually
Glycogen, starch, and cellulose are examples of
Amino acid subunits are used to build
The polysaccharide used by animal cells to store glucose is
Nucleotide subunits are used to build
The molecule found in cell membranes that help in cell identification is
Hydrophobic macromolecule made mainly of carbon and hydrogen
Macromolecule used for energy that shows a 1 to 2 to 1 ratio of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
Molecule with a polar head and hydrophobic tails used to make cell membranes
zoo-, zoa-
What system of government was used during the Middle Ages
What was the Renaissance?
Who started the Protestant Reformation?
What is an indulgence?
Who/what was in control of the government before the Protestant Reformation?
What is a centeralized government?
What was the main belief of the enlightenment?
What was the Magna Carta?
What started the Puritan Revolution?
What was the Glorious Revolution?
What was the main cause of the French Revolution?
What is a monarchy?
What is a estate?
Which estate was the largest in France?
Which group of people belonged to the First Estate?
What was the bourgeoisie?
What was the Reign of Terror?
Who declared himself the emperor of France?
What was the result of the French Revolution?
What is absolute rule?
All calls must be answered by the _________ ring?
While speaking into the transmitter, the mouth piece should be ______ away from the mouth
The most important aspect of answering the telephone is
If the requested information of the caller is unknown, you would __________
When terminating a telephone call the reception should
When taking a message, the receptionist should always
The receptionist should use ___________ tone of voice when speaking to callers
While speaking to callers, it is important to
The pleasant attitude of the receptionist is perceivable by the caller by doing what?
The first impression of a business is the attitude of the receptionist.
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This is really not a religion. It is a set of guidelines for proper behavior in order for a peaceful society to exist.
Which feature makes up most of the surface of Earth?
Which of the following contains most of the water on Earth?
Which type of water reservoir could always provide freshwater?
 Where would the majority of the freshwater on Earth be found?
Which fact best explains why most evaporation happens in the oceans?
Which is Earth’s largest source of drinkable water?
Which phase change in the atmosphere forms clouds?
One characteristic that is unique to water is that it
What is the primary source of energy that causes evaporation of water from the surface of bodies of water?
Condensation in the water cycle can best be described as the result of water vapor
When moist air comes in contact with a cold surface in the winter, one result can be frost. What has happened to the water vapor in the air to cause frost?
Which of these factors causes water to evaporate the fastest?
As temperatures increase, which process is responsible for increasing the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere?
Water that evaporates from lakes and streams condenses into clouds and later falls as rain. The property of water that is demonstrated is the ability to
Near Earth’s equator, water generally exists naturally in the liquid and gas states. In which other part of Earth is water usually found naturally in only two states?
During an ice age, enormous ice sheets called glaciers increase in size on Earth’s surface, resulting in decreased ocean depths. Due to global cooling, the water cycle is disrupted between which two stages to cause an increase in glacier size?
Which steps in the water cycle most directly cause floods?
Water vapor sometimes condenses into stratus clouds that are in contact with the ground. What forms as a result of this process?
Which factor determines whether precipitation will be in the form of rain or snow?
Which process in the water cycle would be accelerated by an increase in temperature?
agree : disagree
cold : freezing
easy : difficult
argue : squabble
guess : estimate
bottom : top
tired : energetic
huge : gigantic
sink : float
windy : calm
noisy : quiet
unhappy : sad
sad : upset
scared : afraid
awake : asleep
cool : warm
angry : mad
left : right
happy : glad
up : down
Easter Island and the Middle East are similar because____________
The level of wealth available to a person is _________________
What can be the result of irrigation?
Why does the author think it’s important to study Earth’s limited resources?
What makes this book a nonfiction informational book?
Which word means used?
What caused more people to move from farms to cities?
How do scientists think the large stone statues got placed around Easter Island?
Why is educating women the most effective way to reduce birthrates?
After reading this book, what can you conclude about Earth’s growing population?
Which began in Europe in the 18th 19th Centuries, Asia in the 19th Century Africa in the 20th Century? It also lead to population increases in the big cities
What was the 19th 20th century European colonization of Africa Asia?
Which invention had the biggest impact on the Industrial Revolution because it made it cheaper to replace broken parts?
Which was the most important invention during the Industrial Revolution because it replaced human animal power?
What term was used to people producing goods from home
What made it easier cheaper to produce goods?
What was the religious conflict between India Great Britain known as?
What event wanted to rid China of all foreign influence?
What was the conflict between China Britain over the drug trade?
What was the conflict in South Africa between the Dutch, British Zulus?
What opened the door for American trade in China?
What time period made Japan a world power after defeating Russia in a war in 1905?
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4 kilograms = ? grams
5 liters = ? milliliters
150 meters = ? kilometers
200 mg x _______ = 0.2g
500 mL x _______ = 0.5L
1675m x _______ = 1.675km
35cm = ? m
35mm = ? m
35kg = ? g
48hm = ? m
The "Larger-Left Rule" states that the
The "Smaller-Right Rule" states that the
Kilograms are _____ units larger than grams.
Grams are _____ units smaller than hectograms.
Decaliters are _____ units larger than milliliters.
12,000MHz = ______mHz
Nanometers are 9 units _______ one meter.
MegaHertz are 6 units ______ one Hertz.
4 Вµs = _____s
150 million km = ______m (distance to the sun!)
Which of the following is the best definition of the term latitude?
Which of the following has the highest albedo?
Which statement best describes solar radiation on a global scale?
Why does the same amount of incoming solar radiation result in less heating at the poles than it does at Earth's equator?
What eventually happens to the incoming solar radiation that is absorbed by the Earth's land and water?
What is the latitude of the equator?
At which place does sunlight have to travel through the thinnest portion of Earth's atmosphere before reaching Earth's surface?
At which place on Earth would the most sunlight be reflected back to space?
Which location on Earth has a surplus of solar radiation?
Which place on Earth has a deficit of solar radiation?
If your work is the public domain, it means
Each state has its own copyright law
As long as the operator of a fan website for a TV show posts a big disclaimer saying that the site has not been approved by the TV show producers and that it is not being operated for commercial gain, a fan can freely upload to her site any images,
For a work to be protectable under copyright, it must:
You wrote something and you want to send it to a writing contest. How would you copyright it?
Factors in determining whether use of a copyrighted work is a Fair Use include:
Which of the following can be copyrighted?
A kindergarden child's finger painting cannot be copyrighted because
You just read a great story from "A Collection of 2000 Short Stories" and you think it would make a great play. But first you need to get permission from the copyright owner
Fair use is which of the following
The length of an Earth day is determined by the time required for approximately one
To an observer in Buffalo, New York, the North Star, Polaris, is always located above the northern horizon at an altitude of approximately
Which planet is approximately thirty times farther from the Sun than Earth is?
Which object is located at one foci of the elliptical orbit of Mars?
What is the basic difference between ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation?
The apparent daily path of the Sun changes with the seasons because
Summer days in New York State are likely to be hotter than winter days because in summer
Which observation provides the best evidence that Earth rotates?
Which planet has an orbit with an eccentricity most similar to the eccentricity of the Moon’s orbit around Earth?
A cycle of Moon phases can be seen from Earth because the
About how much of Earth's surface is covered by ocean water?
Which process on the early Earth first released most of the water that would eventually make the oceans?
Where does the salt in salty ocean water come from?
What is the number one factor that determines the type of organisms that can live in a body of water?
The earth's oceans contain about _______ percent salt.
How much salt is in freshwater?
Where on Earth is ocean water the most dense?
How does salinity affect ocean water density?
What type of water is most available for human use as drinking water?
How does ocean water temperature affect its movements?
What is the primary culprit behind the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico?
The depletion of which essential element is responsible for the Gulf of Mexico dead zone?
About how much land is drained by the Mississippi River?
How do excess nutrients in the Gulf of Mexico affect phytoplankton?
What factor determines the boundaries of watesheds?
What is hypoxia?
Which process removes oxygen from water in hypoxic zones?
Which of the following would help reduce the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico?
What boundary divides water between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in North America?
Where are dead zones found throughout the world?
A scientist is doing a test to determine the effectiveness of a drug at reducing the number of migraine headaches a person gets in a week. Individuals in Group #1 are given the drug, while the individuals in Group #2 are given a placebo (a pill that
You are testing whether the temperature of a room affects the drying time of paint. At the conclusion of the experiment, you find that a room at 65 degrees will dry paint slower than a room at 80 degrees. Which of the following is your independent
You are testing how temperature of the water affects the time it takes for a bean seed to sprout. The different temperatures used in degrees Celsius are (20, 25, 30, 35). The independent variable for this experiment is .
You are testing how temperature of the water affects the time it takes for a bean seed to sprout. The different temperatures used in degrees Celsius are (20, 25, 30, 35). The dependent variable for this experiment is .
You are testing how temperature of the water affects the time it takes for a bean seed to sprout. Which of the following would be considered a constant?
The one variable that is changed between each of the different experimental groups in an experiment is called the ____________.
The variables in a experiment that are held the same between the different set-ups in the experiment are called ___________-.
An \
A test is done to see which type of battery will power a toy the longest. The independent variable for this experiment would be ____________-.
A test is done to see which type of battery will power a toy the longest. The dependent variable for this experiment would be ____________-.
The title of a table must include
The dependent variable should be listed on the
When the categories on the x-axis can be arranged in any order, a _____ graph should be used to display the data.
The independent variable is found on the ___________ of a single line graph.
When comparing two sets of data, a _____________ graph should be used.
In a double line graph, the independent variable is found ___________.
A pie graph is commonly used to represent data when
When determining the increments to use on the y-axis
Which of the following would not need a unit of measurement?
Which of the following is most related to a quantitative table?
Ozone (O3) is
The good ozone is located in
The bad ozone is located in
The bad ozone is commonly referred to as
Plants begin to exhibit signs of ozone damage when the air concentration of ozone is greater then
The EPA does not recommends any group of people limit their outdoor activities when the ozone is between these levels
When the ozone level is very high, people should
Most ozone damage to plants and humans occurs during which season
The mass of plants showing ozone damage are typically reduced by
Ozone damaged plants will exhibit signs of ozone damage such as
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care for
the words the characters say to each other
words that describe the set and tell the actors how and where to move on the stage
Hints at what may happen in a story’s future
hints from the text that lead you to the correct answer
the series of events in a story
time AND place
one that occurs within in a character
Involves a character who struggle against a force outside him or herself such as nature, physical obstacle, or another character
the reason an author decides to write about a specific topic.
contains a beginning middle and end; includes main characters, conflict, and conflict resolution.
read between the lines
to give deeper meaning to a text
The final outcome of the story
Stage of the plot in which the story begins to draw to a close Comes after the climax and before the resolution
introduces background information about events, settings, characters etc. to the audience or readers.
The point of greatest interest
When did Robert Hooke discover cells?
Who was the first person to use the word CELLS?
What was Robert Hooke looking at when he discovered cells?
Who looked at living plant samples and saw that they were made from cells?
Who looked at animal samples and saw that they were made of cells?
What is NOT part of cell theory?
Who discovered cells come from preexisting cells?
How did the scientist discover cells come from preexisting cells?
Who looked at cork cells?
Who looked at living plant cells?
Who discovered animalcules?
Who discovered that cells come from other living cells?
What are animalcules as we know them today?
Why is Lincoln the puppy so cute?
Who discovered cells in animal samples?
Who looked at cork and saw cells?
Which scientist is NOT involved in cell theory?
What attacked Rose, Jackie, and Mickey when the Doctor was sleeping?
What is Rose's Mom's name?
Acronym used to remember estar
Which of the following is not a use for ser?
Los libros ______________ amarillos.
Los libros _____________ cerca de la tele.
Yo no ________________ de Argentina.
Yo ________________ en la sala de clases.
Tú _________________ el estudiante de Señora Prince-Harvey.
Alejandro y Pepe ______________ altos.
El borrador ________________ delante de la pizarra.
Juan y yo _____________ buenos amigos.
Juan y yo ______________ felices (happy).
_________________ nublado (cloudy).
Mi cumpleaños __________________ el ocho de junio.
_______________ las diez y veinte.
_______________ la una menos diez.
Nosotros ________________ bien hoy.
El estudiante _________________ trabajador.
Los estudiantes _________________ así así.
El pupitre _______________ lejos del escritorio.
Vosotros _______________ regular.
In Hinduism, how a person's good or bad behavior impacts his/her position in life.
Hinduism is a religion which worships many gods. This makes Hinduism a ________ religion.
The Ganges River is important to followers of Hinduism because:
Hinduism originated in the:
Confucianism originated in:
The majority of people in India practice which religion?
The religion of Shintoism is practiced:
Which country in Southern and Eastern Asia has the largest Muslim population?
Reincarnation, a caste system, arranged marriage, and karma are characteristics of which religion?
This religion believes in reincarnation but rejects the caste system.
A person's soul passing through many lives (cycles of birth and rebirth) before reaching enlightenment is:
This is considered the world's oldest living religion:
This is a philosophy based on ancient Chinese teachings:
The Vedas are:
The Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path are most associated with:
Kami are most associated with which religion?
Heiko goes to a local shrine and asks the kami spirits to bless his business. Heiko probably practices:
Which 2 belief systems accept the idea of ancestor (family) spirits that can affect daily life?
Which religion is most widely practiced in Indonesia?
Which religion is monotheistic?
Who is considered the founder of Buddhism?
Chiang always bows to his elders, practices good manners, and studies the teachings found in The Four Books, Five Classics, and The Analects. Chiang practices:
Sunni and Shia are 2 sects of:
What southern and eastern Asia religious founder encourage people to follow the Golden Rule?
Which of the follow is NOT part of Shintoism?
This religion, also from India, developed from the traditions and beliefs of Hinduism:
Originated in India but spread across eastern and southern Asia. Is now the 4th largest religion and is practiced in China, Japan, Thailand, the Koreas, Vietnam, and Nepal:
Originated in what is now Saudi Arabia. This religion is the 2nd largest religion in the world.
Which country has the largest population of Hindus?
Shintoism originated in:
The holy book of Islam:
Which religion is polytheistic?
Ananda prays to several gods for spiritual guidance. Ananda tries to do his job the best he can so that he will be able to move to a higher caste in the next life. Ananda probably practices the religion of:
What does the term Buddha mean?
Answers by Educators Question Database
0.724 km = ________ m
15 cm = _______ mm
27.4 dag = _________ g
0.4385 hL = ________ cL
99 dm = _______ m
0.3349 L = _________ mL
0.000592 kg = _______ mg
309 mL = _________ dL
5291 g = _________ kg
183 hL = ________ L
What is the correct order of prefixes used in the stairs?
What does the abbreviation m stand for?
Which way do you move the decimal when you go up the stairs?
In this problem which way and how many places do you move the decimal...5 mm= ____ cm
In this problem which way and how many places do you move the decimal...5 m= ____ cm
What is the abbreviation for dekagram?
What is the abbreviation for milliliter?
What does the abbreviation hm stand for?
What are the three base units?
What is the acronym to help you remember the order for the step prefixes?
A hypothesis is always made:
Data gathered in an experiment is used to
Scientists do investigations in order to:
Information collected while doing an experiment is placed in:
A scientific experiment or investigation always begins with:
Which of the following is not a hypothesis?
An any experiment or investigation, the one thing that is kept the same on purpose is called:
In any experiment, the one thing that is being measured is called:
After an experiment is finished, the next step is to:
If your hypothesis for an experiment turns out to be wrong, this means that:
382 mL = _________ L
2.2 dm = _______ mm
4.5 m =__________ cm
0.67 L = ____________ mL
303 g = ________ kg
3.7 L = ______________ mL
4.1 g = ___________ mg
211 cm = ___________ m
0.5 kg = _________ mg
17 m = _______ cm
Define mass...
What tool is used to measure mass?
What is the base unit for mass?
Define volume...
What tool is used to measure volume?
What is the base unit for volume?
Define matter...
What temperature scale to we use in science class?
What system of measurement do we use in science class?
What tool is used to measure length?
Convert 789 grams to kilograms.
Sam is going to give the cat its medicine. The bottle says to give the cat 1.5 mL of medicine. Sam only has a device that measures cL. How many cL should Sam give the cat?
How many decimeters are in one meter?
Convert 80 milliliters to liters.
_________ meters = 17 mm
Convert 77 decigrams to milligrams.
Caitlyn is going on a hiking trip. The guide says to bring at least 5000 mL of water. How many liters is that?
How many hectograms in one centigram?
___________ daL = 54 L
Ed's mom told him to buy 26 kilograms of potatoes. The store only sells them in grams. How many grams should he buy?
63 cm _____ 6 m
5 g _______508 mg
1500 mL ___________ 1.5 L
536 cm _________5.36 dm
43 mg _________ 5 g
3.6 m __________ 36 m
2500 m ___________ 2.5 km
102 mg _________ 1.02 g
480 cm __________ 48 dm
1000 m _________10 km
Three children die of child abuse in homes across the United States every...
How many people report child abuse when saved with the actual situation?
What is the single leading casue of death for children ages four and younger?
On average, child abuse is reported somewhere in the U.S. every...
More than 4 in every 10 incidents of domestic violence involves...
40% of teenage girls aged 14-17 report...
Number of high school students who have been or will be involved in abusive relationships.
A leading cause of child abuse and neglect.
Which of the following actions can help stop child abuse and neglect?
One ________ _________ is the key to preventing child abuse and neglect
What is the SI unit for current?
What is the SI unit for potential difference?
Which one is the good conductor of heat?
At what temperature does the water boils?
What is the SI unit for work?
Which one of the following is true?
What is the SI unit for Length?
The stopclock measures time intervals accurate to
The digital stopwatch measures time intervals accurate to
What is the SI unit for time interval?
when organisms of the same kind live together and reproduce in a particular place they form a?
which of the following statements about food chains is correct?
man gets energy from?
living things can be broadly classified into 4 groups. in which groupwould amoebas be correctly classified?
what do paper cups, cotton shirt and rubber tyres have in common?
the various types of plants and animals living together in the ocean form a
which of the following statements about energy is not true?
one of the following activities below does not use the same source of energyas the other three?
which one of the following statements about heat is not true?
how does thick clothing help to keep us warm
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Total number of House of Representatives
The total number of electoral votes possible for the Presidency
The House of Representatives was created by the
This part of Congress is represented by population
The Senate was created by the
This group of people gained the ability to run for office after 1835
This part of Congress is represented equally in each state
The fictional character used to describe North Carolina in the early 19th century
This person was the President that purchased the Louisiana Territory
“We the people” is the beginning of the
move, go, drive
The parties differences are -
Which of the following is an example of a similarity between the major parties?
A candidate for national office offent appeals to the most citizens by -
Third parties differ from the other two main parties because third parties -
The number of electors each state has is -
The requirement for a majority vote to win the electoral college favors a -
Why do candidates target large states?
The President and Vice President are selected by the -
How many electors does Virginia have?
How many electoral votes must a candidate have in order to become the next President of the United States?
'America is becoming less democratic. It is getting more difficult for an average person to run for office. Only rich people can serve in the government.' Which of these statements best explains this opinion?
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