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Encouraged learning through play and is known as the Father of Kindergarten.
Believed that young children self-educate within a prepared educational environment in an individualized manner.
Reformer of the Progressive Era who encouraged child-centered curriculum and child-centered schools focusing on daily life activities.
Operated by women who, for a modest fee, gave boys and girls lessons in spelling and reading.
Fluffy, our pet rhino, was not very fluffy.
There is a pigeon on my head.
My tuna and chocolate chip ice cream smells funny.
We are aliens from the planet Zurkledurk.
My great grandpa makes a fantastic pizza pancake!
My brothers were in the movie "Garfield".
Your macaroni and glue artwork looks great!
We jumped to the moon, got cold, and then went back home.
She is a rock star in most of France and parts of the Sudan.
For the time, this book on raising unruly monsters will have to do.
The boys on the farm went to the pig pen.
Our ice-cream melted by two o'clock this afternoon.
We rode all the rides at Six Flags.
Henderson, Kentucky has much to offer people that like sunshine.
There is a worm in my apple, I think.
The class was terrified when the monster walked into the room.
In the dream I had, fifteen iguanas were attacking my best friends.
The boat headed for Spain turned around for some mysterious reason.
When asked a question, the silly professor just sang a song.
In a market on the moon, all produce is half off.
What point of view is this passage? She walked into the empty house and heard lots of noises.
What point of view is this passage? First, you collect all of the ingredients. Then, you...
What point of view is this passage? I was there when it happened. I told myself to be brave.
What point of view is this passage? You will have to decide who you are going to believe.
What point of view is this passage? It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.
What point of view is this passage? Elementary, my dear Watson!
What point of view is this passage? These two very old people are the father and mother of Mr. Bucket.
What point of view is this passage? If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book.
What point of view is this passage? I gulped deep lungfuls of air. My brain was on hyperdrive.
What point of view is this passage? On silver-winged magic sandals, Artemis zoomed through the Forest of the Beasts, her feet gliding just inches above the ground.
Which point of view? The people from the land of Sparks were hard workers.
Which point of view? When I looked down at my hands, I realized that my life would never be the same.
Which point of view? They were feeling remorse for what they had done.
Which point of view? Sam was tired from the race. The other racers were still running.
Which point of view? The crowd was gathering for the big game. Troy was trying to get his head into the game.
Which point of view? Our family will be leaving shortly.
Which point of view? She is the judge and the jury. Without her vote no one gets their way.
Which point of view? I hope that this story doesn't scare my little sister.
Which point of view? She was depressed. Nothing seemed to be going her way.
Which point of view? Mike thought he was Matt's best friend. Matt did not have the same opinion.
Which is not a characteristic of a physical good?
Which statement is FALSE?
Which is not a factor to consider when pricing a product?
What is the function of packaging for television?
Air tickets: Economy class, business class and first class. What type of pricing technique is this?
Temporarily pricing below listed price. What type of pricing technique is this?
Which is not part of a marketing process?
Which is not part of 4Ps?
Sponsorship and corporate magazines are examples of ___________________ ?
Which is not the factor to consider when choosing a place for business?
Which business is a goods-producing type of business?
What type of business resource is sales assistant to the business?
What is trade credit from suppliers?
What type of business resource is office buildings to the business?
Businesses are affected by how well the economy is doing. What factor of business environment is this?
New computer softwares had been developed to help improve business. What factor of business environment is this?
Financial crisis in the United States had affected the world's import and export. What factor of business environment is this?
Which business is a direct competitor of 7-Eleven convenience store?
Japan's government had banned the import of chicken from China. What factor of business environment is this?
David is the owner of the shoe factory. What type of business resource is he to the business?
Which of the following is not a retailing method?
Which type of retail store sells a specific range of products and related items?
Hypermarket combines the features of ________________, ______________ and ____________ stores.
What is not part of the exterior of the store?
Which is not part of the store interior?
What is cross-presentation?
Which feature is not a feature of a specialty store?
Which is not a feature of a convenience store?
Which is not a feature of a department store?
Which is not a feature of a supermarket?
What is hospitality?
What is a concierge?
John would like to plan a romantic celebration with his wife for their wedding anniversary overseas. Which type of accommodations will you recommend?
Mr Tan and family would like to stay for 1 month in Thailand for holidays.They would like to cook their own meals. Which accommodation will you recommend?
Which of the following job role is not front-of-the-house functions?
Which of the following job role is back-of-the-house functions?
Peter would like to chill out with friends and have some light snacks. Which type of F&B outlet will you recommend?
Which is not a feature of a fine dining restaurant?
Tom would like to hold a birthday celebration for his 3 years old son. Which F&B outlet will be suitable for him?
Which is not a feature of a hostel?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Most of the population in the region of East Asia resides in the
The government was ruled by
A commonality that marks “East Asian” civilization would be
Yo quiero que ustedes COMPRAR una casa.
Esperamos que tú VENIR a la fiesta.
El maestro insiste en que los alumnos PRACTICAR cada día.
El padre manda que el niño no GRITAR.
Las señoritas prefieren que los chicos CONDUCIR autos nuevos.
Yo recomiendo que tú LEER el libro.
El padre prohibe que su hija SALIR con el chico.
Es aconsejable que usted DORMIR ocho horas cada noche.
Él quiere que yo ESCRIBIR una carta.
Los chicos esperan que las chicas LLEGAR temprano a la fiesta.
El profesor manda que los alumnos no HABLAR en clase.
Recomendamos que usted HACER ejercicios.
El hombre ruega que la mujer no CANTAR .
la clase de arte
la biblioteca
la clase de religión
la clase de lectura
la clase de matemáticas
la clase de ciencas sociales
la clase de música
la clase de inglés
el almuerzo
el recreo
Saddham Hussein was the dictator of _________ who invaded Kuwait during the First Gulf War
Leader of the terrorist group Al Qaeda
Where did Flight 93 (4th hijacked plane) crash on September 11, 2001?
The area where the twin towers collapsed in NYC
The U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003 because of they suspected Hussein had WMDs.
What is suffrage
TThe _________ Revolution was where there was an emphasis on growing food.
These have consistently damaged the Ozone Layer
The Commonwealth of Independent States was a loose organization of 15 countries that were part of
________ Therapy was Russia's attempt to change their economy from socialist to capitalist.
Region in Russia where there is a Civil War today, declared itself independent in the 1990s
Ethnic Cleansing, the persecution and killing of minority groups in ________ happened in the late 1990s.
Group of Countries in Europe sharing a common goal.
Largest Free Trade Zone in the world
Mohandas Gandhi led the the nonviolent resistance movement in ___________.
Region of conflict between India Pakistan
The Mau Mau were a group in _________ that used guerilla tactics against the British.
Apartheid was legalized segregation in _______________.
President of South Africa who freed Nelson Mandela from 30 years in Prison
Who invented a new technology that would send electronic messages through a wire over long distances?
Which of the following is true about the Industrial Revolution?
Who was a prominent business man that became very powerful during the Industrial Revolution?
What was eventually developed to protect workers and their working conditions?
What was a time in America (in the world as well) when inventions and innovations brought great change?
Which President set a policy to remove Indians from the lands, which was then backed up by the congress with the Indian Removal Act?
Which Native American group had adopted many European and American ways, even establishing a governing system and a constitution?
Which of the following happened to the Cherokee during the roundup and transport to Indian Territory?
What resource was found on Cherokee land that caused the state of Georgia to give lotteries to white citizens for Cherokee land?
Which of the following is true about the Supreme Court's decision regarding the Cherokee and their removal?
Which of the following was a Native American tribe that was settled between the Mississippi River and the original thirteen states.
What did many Cherokee decide to do after the government ignored the decision?
Which of the following is an idea that the U.S. was destined to extend its borders from coast to coast?
What is a reason that Thomas Jefferson had hoped to expand the territory of the United States?
Who was given the task of designing the new capital in Washington, DC?
Which of the following was a consequence of western migration?
During the 19th century, which way was the American population moving?
Which of the following is true about Thomas Jefferson's purchase of the Louisiana Territory?
Which of the following had to improve to accommodate for a larger U.S. territory?
Which invention exposed the problems of child labor during the Industrial Revolution and led to laws requiring children to be in school?
Which of the following nominates or appoints federal judges?
Which of the following approves or confirms federal judges?
What is the main job of Congress?
_______________ is divided into the House of Representatives and the Senate?
What is the main job of the President?
The judicial branch is responsible for making sure laws _______.
Which branch of government can declare war?
What is the name of the highest court in the nation?
Which branch of government can veto a bill?
Dividing power between the branches of government is known as _____.
The President creates a budget but Congress must approve his budget. This is an example of _____.
Which of the following does NOT help the President carry out laws?
Which document is known as the supreme law of the nation?
Makes up the highest percentage of the atmosphere.
The atmosphere is divided into how many layers?
Pressure ______________ as you go higher in the atmosphere, while temperature _____________.
Weather is
The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere is the
True or False: Seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are the same as seasons in the Northern Hemisphere.
Which of the following is NOT a way in which energy is transferred as heat?
Winds are created by unequal heating of the Earth’s surface.
The number of hours of daylight that the Northern Hemisphere receives on an equinox.
It is colder on cloudy nights than nights that are not cloudy.
The process of water changing from a gas to a liquid.
At what percentage does humidity need to be for rain to occur.
True or False: Many of the rainiest places on Earth are found far from mountains.
When air rises in the atmosphere, what 2 things will happen to it?
True or False: Clouds are formed by the rapid downward movement of air.
Which of the following is a way in which air is lifted in the atmosphere?
All of the following are one of the 3 basic forms of clouds EXCEPT?
True or False: Continental air masses form over land.
In order for clouds to form _________________ must occur in the atmosphere.
Immense body of air characterized by similar temperatures and amounts of moisture.
True or False: Cold fronts move very slowly.
In which region of the United States do most tornadoes occur?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is tourism?
Jane and sisters are travelling to South Korea to watch the World Cup. What type of tourists are they?
Ms Lee is travelling from Singapore to United States. She will transit at Hong Kong for 3 hours. What type of tourists is she?
Dr. Gibson is coming to Singapore to attend a medical research conference. What type of tourist is he?
A brochure contains many dfferent types of information. Which of the following information is not found in a brochure?
Which is not part of 'MICE' ?
Pamela is going to South Korea for plastic surgery. Which type of tourist is she?
What are the 3 factors to consider when planning an itinerary?
A tour from Thailand would like to experience the cultural sites of Singapore. Which place of interests will you recommend?
Tim and his group of friends are from New Zealand. They are young and would like to have some fun at night. Which place of interests will you recommend?
For the set of data 12, 13, 15, 15, 16, 19 determine the mean.
For the set of data 12, 13, 15, 15, 16, 19 determine the mode.
For the set of data 12, 13, 15, 15, 16, 19 determine the median.
For the set of data 12, 13, 15, 15, 16, 19 determine the range.
For the set of data 12, 13, 15, 15, 16, 19 determine the midrange.
For the set of data 12, 13, 15, 15, 16, 19 determine the midrange.
The average age of students at Tri-County Community College is normally distributed with a mean of 22.1 and a standard deviation of 2.3. What percent of students are between 20 and
The average age of students at Tri-County Community College is normally distributed with a mean of 22.1 and a standard deviation of 2.3. What percent of students are older than 23?
The average age of students at Tri-County Community College is normally distributed with a mean of 22.1 and a standard deviation of 2.3. What percent of students are older than 20.
The average age of students at Tri-County Community College is normally distributed with a mean of 22.1 and a standard deviation of 2.3. What percent of students are younger than 25.5?
What is the correct order of the Renal Tubules?
Hydrogen ions are transferred from blood back into nephron during which of the following processes?
Cystitis is
Passage of urine from body is called
Prostate enlargement can cause which of the following?
Give the correct order
Where does peristalsis occur?
Filtration can be compared to what?
Aldosterone does what to water reabsorption?
Which is not true about ADH?
David is setting up the wireless router for his complex.The residents have older devices and he wants to pick a protocol that will work for most of them. What should he choose?
What alter-ego is sometimes in the room?
What exactly is a warm transfer?
Who makes the BEST pizza ever?!!
If your customer is having trouble with the Facebook app that they just installed, what is an effective troubleshooting step?
If a customer calls in and wants to speak to your supervisor, who would you give the call to?
Melissa turned on Bluetooth while she was messing around with the iPhone 4. Now she wants to turn it off. What would you tell Melissa to do?
Which KBase article describes the correct way to completely remove iTunes on a Windows XP computer?
What major event is so happening this weekend?
Who's ready to go home?
*FREEBIE* How can a customer set up a MobileMe account on a device?
When it comes to controlling balance in a call, what two things do we need to be mindful of?
Roro took pictures of the crisp, mountain air using his iPhone4s and now wants to put them on his Windows 7 computer. How does he do this?
Val is trying to import photos from her iPhone4 into her XP computer but AutoPlay isn't opening. Why won't her Chris Brown photos transfer?
David calls in because his Dr.Dre headphones are not working with his iPhone4. What should be your first troubleshooting step?
If you are on your iPhone4 and you are looking at a page that uses frames, what's the best thing to do to make it work?
What type of account will let Chris send calendar invitations from his iPhone4?
Pierre is trying to send an email from his iPhone to a woman he just met asking her out for coffee, but his email cannot be sent. What should Pierre do?
To create a lasting impression with a customer, what percentage do we want to hit for VSAT on the floor?
Candice is restoring her iPhone4 because someone was looking up some nasty things on the inter-to-the-net. While restoring she got Error 11333. What should you do first?
While recording a rap beat, Pablo deleted some programs from his Windows computer. Now iTunes doesnt recognize his iPhone. What should he do?
Who brought us bagels, cream cheese and juice this morning?
Arthur wants to buy an Oakland Raiders wallpaper for his iPhone from the iTunes Store since its $.10. The credit card on his account in iTunes has expired and he's not near his computer. What can Arthur do?
Rudy could not recall his PIN code to unlock his iPhone, so he couldn't call out sick. Then he entered the PUK code wrong too many times and is locked out. What should Rudy do now?
Blabby McBlabb calls in and wants to know the frequency response on his iPhone 4 as well as the audio and video formats it supports. Do you...
What 3 wireless carriers are we as Tier 1 advisors allowed to connect a customer with?
What is the #1 paid app for the iPhone in ITunes?
When will you get your production schedules?
What is the toll free number for AT&T?
How would you know you've completed the Resolve phase of the PAIR process?
Selecting varied methods and materials to teach based on individual abilities which can often be determined through self-assessment procedures.
Can provide special needs students with academic and social benefits by setting higher expectations and allowing peer motivation.
Classification not based on one single criteria but may include high achievement, strong task commitment, creativity, flexibility, curiosity, and sensitivity to detail.
Pretesting students to eliminate instruction and practice on knowledge already possessed to allow time to expand knowledge and provide enrichment.
Instruction that promotes the development of higher-level thinking skills.
Evidence of a severe discrepancy between ability and achievement.
Identifies student's strengths and weaknesses to assist in providing appropriate instruction.
To provide support for a student, sometimes one-on-one guidance, to help the student succeed on a given task with the hope that the skills acquired would become generalized.
School children have the capacity to learn from their experiences.
During early childhood education, this activity can provide a thumbnail history of the students' neighborhood and community.
The physical process addressing plate tectonics, erosion, and soil formation.
The physical process addressing the circulation of the oceans and the hydrologic cycle.
The physical process addressing plant and animal communities and ecosystems.
Focuses on rights of free speech, beliefs, physical needs, and respect for all humans.
Provides a role model for students and encourages sharing ideas, valuing diversity, and cooperation.
Accompanies freedom and requires personal skills including communicating and adjusting one's behavior.
Students identify situations and take action which serves the community.
Provides examples of role models and opportunities for students to learn how one person can make a difference.
Provides students' experiences and clarification of personal morals, ethics, virtues, and values.
Teaches rights and obligations of students including justice, equality, authority, participation, truth, and patriotism.
The study of controversial issues and changing interpretations of the past as well as the chronology of events.
Teaching approach in which students grapple with significant problems by forming hypotheses and gathering data.
Provides information which allows students to construct their own meanings about history without interpretation and bias of historians and other authors.
May contain primary source documents and/or artifacts, relics, literature, and other activities related to a person or event.
Original or reproduction of items used by people from another time period to help pique student interest.
Includes accurate facts and descriptions to help students picture life during another time period.
A decision-making process in which a student would weigh the benefits and costs of certain personal choices.
The sum total of goods available in the country.
A rise in price usually related to a loss in the value of the currency.
Economic condition in which employment, business, and stock market values severely decline.
We got to the movies very quickly.
Over there is where I thought I left my clown shoes.
We will play Power Rangers tomorrow.
Superman swiftly flew to the disaster and saved the day!
He walked very strangely to the upside down building.
We watched the monkeys play inside their cage.
My grandpa grumpily passed the cheese casserole.
There was a fly anxiously flying around my mashed potatoes.
Today we went to the goldfish farm.
Only the strongest can easily manage the Obstacle Course of Doom!
Answers by Educators Question Database
The two Mesoamerican cultures that relied upon the use of a calendar system were the
The Mesoamerican culture that disappeared mysteriously between 400 B.C. and 200 B.C. was the
Which of the following civilizations inhabited modern day Mexico and Central America?
Ich bin erst eine Woche hier und ich habe ziemlich viel.....
Ich habe viele Mitschüler......
Gestern Nachmittag bin ich zu Hause......
Gestern war ich beim Bäcker und ..............
Ich bekomme......
Zuerst gehe ich zum Metzger weil
Ich gehe in den Supermarkt....
Um elf muss ich noch ins Kaufhaus.....
Ich kann nicht zur Party kommen...
Kannst du zu meiner Fete kommen?
Something that affects some thing else (e.g., cold weather causes birds to migrate)
The purpose or job of something
When an object moves around another object (clue: the earth revolves around the sun)
Solar, light, heat, electrical, sound, mechanical (movement), chemical (food, battery, fuel) are examples of these
The name for animals that are eaten by other animals
To adjust to new conditions
The definition for when energy is changed from one form to another. Example: chemical (battery) to electricity to light and heat (flashlight)
Characteristics that can only be passed onto offspring from parents (e.g. your eye color, an animal's fur color, freckles)
To scatter in different directions
The stages a living thing goes through during its life (e.g., seed - sapling - tree or egg - larva - pupa - adult)
This shows the flow of energy in a community. (Clue: energy begins with the sun and producers - plants)
Animals that eat other animals are called
Substances in food that living things use for energy, growth, and life are called
The spin of an object around its own axis. (Clue: because the earth does this, we have night and day)
A description that helps to explain or identify something
What did China invent?
What number is considered unlucky?
Who was the first emperor
How did
why did he
How was it built
what is the favorite?
What´s the name of the science that study and practice of making maps
All the maps have the following characteristics
Which type of map projection is best for a map f the whole world
what´s the meaning of GPS
what´s a Key on a map
there are three types of scales
There are many kinds of map
A scale is
The earth is divided into
what´s the name of the year that has 29 days on february
Camouflage is an example of
Change over many generations is a result of
High biodiversity means an ecosystem has many food sources to chose from (many organisms and many kinds of organisms). When biodiversity is low, animals migrate until
Wild wolves mate through natural selection. But when an owner picks their pet dog's mate, it is
All ecosystems must have plants. Plants change solar energy to chemical energy while making sugar during the day. Energy flows through an ecosystem in this order:
Deserts have phototropic (bends toward light) plants with waxy leaves, and
When eating germs, the body will maintain homeostasis by vomiting. When germs cause an infection, the body's response is
Mouth or teeth shape is an adaptation which is the result of
a hydra growing a bud is
In genotype Bb, the offspring will show
Genes determine
Sexual reproduction (sperm fertilizes egg) results in children that resemble their parents, but are not identical to them. Sexual reproduction
A stripe on a chromosome
The cell part that governs inherited traits is the
The roots of trees
A ____ makes changes that allow other organisms to colonize in a developing ecosystem
The main components of the nitrogen cycle
During a strong thunderstorm, a small area of vegetation (plants) was destroyed. The cause was most likely
Adaptations are the result of natural selection. Xylem tissue transports water in plants. A small finch's long, skinny beak is best for
When making patterns. Which measurement is the weist?
Can you define TRACING WHEELS?
Wich is the length of a skirt?
Can you define SQUARE RULER?
Can you define HEM LINE.
Can you define DUMMY
Define theHIP DROP
Which region is China’s land-forms and climate most similar to?
What are the two major regions in East Asia?
What are the four major physical barriers?
The Heartland consists of what areas of China?
The beliefs that heaven grants a ruler the right to rule is
Land mass that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
Said to be older than the nation-states it subsumes
Climate consists primarily of hot summers, cold winters
Climate consists primarily of a mild, humid climate good for farming
Which is not a country of East Asia
The primary reason for a countries boarders are
Another name for Tibet is
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Where can you find a complete list of function hot keys?
A yellow field means:
A grayed out menu option or button indicates:
What is the proper way to log out of IRIS?
You may change your password by using:
Where would you indicate if the patient is insulin treated?
What form do you create your top ten list on?
What are the only two disposition codes we utilize at this time?
In IRIS what does "LOV" stand for?
What does DFF stand for?
Which is an example of a domain?
What is one way to tell if a web site is reliable?
What is most important to be able to find on a web site that you are using for research?
If you have been told that you are not allowed to use web sites as a source for your research, why do you think that is?
If you are told that you can't use web sites as a source for your paper what does this eliminate?
Why can't we use Google to find all of our resources?
WWhich is the best way to enter a Boolean search, when using Google, if your topic is: Does TV cause violence in teens?
If you are unable to locate an author what other type of information should you look for?
Select one way in which you can identify whether the author of a web page is credible or reliable?
What type of web sites should you be looking for when doing research for your courses?
Non-intended instruction which is positive or negative that affects students success.
Directed by state content standards, goals, guidelines, and adopted textbooks.
Information not taught in schools that could benefit students such as critical thinking and career skills.
Instruction integrates reading, writing, speaking, and listening and stresses meaning and context.
Integrates all reading instruction approaches to meet individual students' needs and promotes comprehension using daily life events.
Effective for teaching basic skills using teacher directed instruction.
Broad learning goals assessed through culminating projects or demonstrations.
Non-directed instruction in which students experiment to gain knowledge through discovery and the ability to draw conclusions.
Instruction in which students work together in groups of 2 or more with shared responsibilities.
Providing games and activities requiring student interaction to reinforce knowledge and encourage student reflection.
Ambiguity in professional organizations
What does Rick Phillips, Director of Public Relations at Simplot, believe?
What is the object of most business and professional communication?
What is an important element of empathic listening?
You asked for help to learn a new work procedure, but your manager ignored you.
Since we think faster than others talk...
Which of the following is a characteristic of leaders?
Teams are different from groups in what way?
In team building Identification is
Which of the following is true about being a competent team member?
What is the water portion of the planet?
What is the name for earth's gaseous 'envelope'?
What is term for all the life forms upon the earth?
The sphere that is composed of all the solid ground.
Geology is the study of
Meteorology is the study of
Oceanography is the study of the
Astronomy is the study of
Latitude lines run
Longitude lines run
Maria counted the seashells that her family collected on the beach. Her bucket contained 276 shells. Tony's bucket had 307 shells. How many shells did Maria count?
Cy-Fair Middle School collected 1,138 soup labels for its fundraiser in the fall. They then collected 973 labels in the Spring. How many total labels did they collect?
The local bakery spent $356 on electricity during the month of August. They also spent $156 on water and $215 on gas. How much was their total utility expense in August?
Marty made $417 during January at his extra job. He earned $337 in February and $233 during March at his extra job. How much extra money did he earn during these 3 months?
Sharon collected 1,133 coins at the fundraiser for band camp while Marcus collected 1,047 coins. How many more coins did Sharon collect than Marcus?
Christina has 1,274 baseball cards to put in binders. So far she has put 659 of them in binders. How many of her baseball cards are not in binders?
Larry's Landscaping Company ordered 1,200 bags of mulch to use during the spring. So far, the company has used 968 bags of the mulch. How many bags are still left?
In 2003, the population of Texas was over 22 million. The population of the U.S. was just over 290 million. About how many millions of people did not live in Texas in 2003?
Mr. Baker is the principal of a new middle school. Monday and Tuesday had 376 and 450 students register. If they expect 1500 students, how many more students need to register?
Pam's checking account had a balance of $5,903 on August 1st. During the month, she wrote two checks for $230 and $1,909. What was Pam's account balance at the end of August?
According to the new common core, what are the three types of writing?
How can the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation help with common core?
How many states are involved in common core?
What is the website called to help with common core?
What does the acronym RL stand for?
In the Common Core Handbook, what is in Appendix A?
In the Common Core Handbook, what is in Appendix B?
In the Common Core Handbook what is in Appendix C?
What was the previous term used by the State Core Curriculum for argument/opinion?
Who's job is it to teach reading and writing?
Find the verb in this sentence: I drove my bicycle down the bumpy road.
Find the adjective in this sentence: The zookeper threw a banana at the angry monkeys.
Find the pronoun in this sentence: Lebron James made all of his shots last night.
Find the noun in this sentence: The silly clown danced and sang.
Find the adjective in this sentence: The old woman gave a blanket to the child.
Find the verb in this sentence: Ten angry birds flew at the evil pigs.
Find the pronoun in this sentence: I forgot to do the homework last night!
Find the adverb in this sentence: The tiger roared loudly at the zookeeper.
FInd the adverb in this sentence: I ran quickly to get to my next class.
Find the verb in this sentence: He was only two years old.
When a measurement appears to land directly on a graduate or subgraduate, the uncertain digit should be recorded as ______.
When recording a measurement, you should always record all certain digits, plus ________.
Matter is ______.
Accuracy is_______.
The meniscus should be read ______.
Precision is_______.
The amount of water displaced by an object is equal to the object's ______.
What should you use to align the pointer on a triple beam balance with zero?
The meniscus is _________.
The water displacement method should be used to determine ______.
The study of earth
The directions north, east, south, and west.
The distance north or south of Earth's Equator, measured in units called degrees.
The distance east or west of the Prime Meridian, measured in degrees.
A half of Earth
A line of latitude
A line of longitude
The Fives Themes of Geography are: location. movement, human-environment interaction, regions and
The lines of latitude are _________ circles around the globe
Lines of __________ run north and south.
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como se dice expensive?
como se dice receipt?
como se dice how much does it cost?
como se dice hat?
como se dice t-shirt?
como se dice shorts?
como se dice sandals?
como se dice sweater?
como se dice stripes?
como se dice polk-dots?
como se dice candy store?
como se dice toy store?
como se dice mall?
José usa la cámara digital para___________.
Yo hablo con mis amigos que están en Colombia usando ________.
Cuando yo estoy ____________navego por Internet.
Luisa ve fotos de sus amigos que están en _________de la computadora.
Mario hace clic con ______________.
A mis amigos y yo nos gusta ______________por Internet.
___________fue lunes y hoy es fue miércoles.
Primero, yo hago clic con el ratón._____________miro las fotos de mi familia en Facebook.
_______________ganó mi equipo de voleibol. Estoy muy feliz. Ahora somos los campeones.
______________un disco compacto.
with strained or eager attention
forced to move out
an area of skin that is hard from pressure
wetness caused by water
a hostile challenge
committ to memory or learn by heart
prevent food from rotting
dried out by heat
liquid running or flowing from a container
unnatural in shape or size
The sun heats the water from rivers, lakes, and ponds. Then the water changes into ___________
What is the largest planet in the Solar System?
In what season will animals shed their winter coats to prepare for warmer weather?
Which animal group has hair or fur on their bodies?
A grizzly bear that eats fish and fruit is an example of a(n) _____________.
The planets travel around the sun in a(n) ___________________ orbit.
Which of the following is NOT a physical property of an object?
Which is an example of a positive change to a habitat?
Metamorphosis is when an animal goes through changes and looks different as an adult than it did when it was younger. Which animal pair is an example of this life cycle?
Earth is the ______________planet from the sun.
A truck uses _______________ to move easier.
A group of organisms of the same kind that live in the same place is a -
In a rainforest habitat, the weather will be ________________.
How long does it take the Earth to revolve around the sun?
During a new moon, we see ___________ of the moon.
It takes 24 hours for _____________.
In what order would wheat become a loaf of bread on the store shelf?
Some animals must change their environment during the winter because it is cold. Which example is the change of environment that occurs during migration?
How can people help protect the natural resources?
The condition of the air outdoors at a certain time of day is known as
Who made our country's first flag?
Our first flag had _________ stars.
William Penn named Pennsylvania after who?
Harriet Tubman helped slaves escape the south using what?
What is a civil war?
Who was our 15th president?
Ben Franklin made all the following except what?
Ben Franklin planned all of the following except what?
William Penn founded what city?
Pennsylvania means what?
Julius Caesar came to power in Rome
The golden age was the period of time when the Greeks reached new heights of
The Roman Republic became the Roman Empire when
Many empires collapse due to these two general factors:
Which group had full political rights in Athens?
The central idea of the polis was based on
Which was NOT a cause of the Roman Empire’s decline?
One reason Roman leaders finally accepted Christianity is because the
Christianity gained popularity in the Roman Empire because
If a law professor is using a question and answer method to teach his students about court cases, he would be using which of the following?
Aristotle wanted to reduce government corruption
What was Paul’s contribution to the Roman Empire?
Why was the development of the polis important in ancient Greece?
The Greeks’ conquests under Alexander the Great mixed Asian and Mediterranean cultures to create a way of life that became known as
An immediate result of the fall of the Roman Empire in the West was:
Which activity was most important to the Spartans?
Art in the Greek golden age expressed all of the following values EXCEPT
Which ancient civilization established the basis of western democracy?
The Roman Twelve Tables can best be compared to:
Alexander the Great’s conquests of Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt, and Persia led to the
A set of related parts; Together, they form a whole, designed to accomplish some purpose
Something put into a system, such as resources, in order to achieve a result
The study of the natural world through observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanations
The results of the operation of any system; includes the finished product
Using all (or a portion) of the information from the output of a system to control the inputs or processes, or to modify the output
Which of the following is not an example of an input
_________ is most useful when each facet of its creative design is carefully considered such as its inputs, process, output, and feedback
Nothing is free so you need money to build a system. Money is an example of
troubleshooting is an example of
a finished cake is an example of
The two most advanced Native American civilizations were the
The Mesoamerican culture that was dominated by the military was the
The Yucatan peninsula culture that developed the only complete writing system in early America was the
Mayan religion was closely connected to
Which of the following did NOT contribute to the decline of the Mayan culture?
The Mesoamerican culture whose language continues to be spoken by millions of people in South America was
The evidence found at the Mesoamerican sites of Tenochtitlan and Machu Picchu suggests that these societies
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Approved eye protection devices (such as
If you do not understand a direction or part of a lab procedure, you should
After completing an experiment, all chemical wastes should be
When you finish working with chemicals, biological specimens, and other lab substances, always
When handling animals, students should
When using a razor blade or scalpel, always cut material
All chemicals in the lab(inlcuding foodstuffs and store-brought chemicals should be treated as if they could be hazardous
Laboratory work maybe started immediately upon entering the lab even if the teacher is not yet present
Never remove chemicals, specimens, or other equipment from the laboratory
All unauthorized experiments are prohibited
Who were the first people to record health records?
Which group of ancient civilizations is responsible for the development of sanitation systems by building sewers
In Ancient times the common belief was that illness and disease was caused by
Who is called the \\
Who developed a vaccine to prevent smallpox
Who was the first female physician in the United States
In what era did formal training for nurses begin?
What was the life span for a person living in the Renaissance (AD1350-AD 1650)
What was the lifespan for the person living in the 19th century?
what is the life span for a person living in the 20th century
The Declaration of Independence was based on the ideas of the
According to the Declaration of Independence, governments are established to
The primary purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to
The principles of government that Thomas Jefferson included in the Declaration of Independence were most influenced by
In writing the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson was influenced most by John Locke's idea of
One of the principles stated in the Declaration of Independence is that government should
Which document included John Locke's idea that people have the right to overthrow an oppressive government?
The Declaration of Independence has had a major influence on peoples throughout the world because it
A major argument for American independence found in the Declaration of Independence was that the British
John Locke's theory of natural rights, as reflected in the Declaration of Independence, states that
Choose the correctly quoted sentence.
Choose the correctly quoted sentence.
Choose the correctly quoted sentence.
Choose the correctly quoted sentence.
Choose the correctly quoted sentence.
Choose the correctly quoted sentence.
Choose the correctly quoted sentence.
Choose the correctly quoted sentence.
Choose the correctly quoted sentence.
Choose the correctly quoted sentence.
What is the opposite of -9?
What is the opposite of 1/8?
The opposite of n is 6. What is the value of n?
A company has a net loss of $29.35. How much profit do they have to make to break even?
Which pair of numbers does NOT have a sum of 0?
What is the absolute value of -2?
What is the absolute value of 1/9?
What is the only number that does not have an opposite?
How far apart are -15 and 30 on a number line?
How far apart are -8 and -2 on the number line?
The first step in using a fire extinguisher is to __________.
The red section of the hazard warning label describes ________ hazards.
The blue section of the hazard warning label describes ________ hazards.
The yellow section of the hazard warning label describes ________ hazards.
The white section of the hazard warning label describes ________ hazards.
When using the eyewash station, student should flush their eyes with water for at least _______ minutes.
Students should NEVER do which of the following in the lab
The skull and crossbones hazard symbol indicates that the chemical is _________.
The hazard that shows a test tube spilling chemical and damaging property indicates that the chemical is ________.
Students use chemicals with hazard ratings of _______ or less.
When do you have to delete a verse on an order (for IRIS or RxExpress)?
What is the definition of a Ship Set?
Which tab in the Sales Order Form would you select to change the shipping method to 2-3 days ground?
Which action would you select from the list of values (LOV) to locate an order's tracking number?
What action button is the equivalent to the END key in RxExpress?
How many items can refill from the RxHistory tab at one time?
What status does a line item have to be so it can be successfully cancelled?
What manual hold is the equivalent of routing an order to an RPH Cell in RxExpress for QA?
When a line is in an Entered status and you need to remove it from the Sales Order Form what icon would you use ?
If you need to expedite an order in fulfillment which status would hinder them from completing your request?
This climate has year around rainfall and the typical vegetation is tropical rainforest.
This climate is drier, the summers are cool and the winters are cold; the vegetation is forested.
This climate has two seasons; a rainy season and a dry season; the vegeatation is grasslands and scattered trees.
This climate gets less rainfall but if falls mainly in the winters, it generally has a hot summer: and it has it own vegetation.
This climate is bitterly cold all year, the area is covered with ice and no vegetation because it can not grow there.
This climate gets plenty of rain which usually falls in the summer, has a mild winterand the vegetation is forest
This climate has very hot summers, generally mild winters, gets very little rain, the vegetation is little to none.
This climate has summer temperatures that are moderate to hot, but winters can be very cold, the vegetation are grasslands and forests.
This climate has a cold climate, short cool summers, very long cold winters and the vegetation is low-lying.
This climate has very hot summers, generally mild winters, a little more rain and the vegetation is shrubs and grasses.
Calculate 4a, when a = 10
Calculate a + 17, when a = 5
Calculate 3a + 3, for a = 5
Calculate 8n, if n = 22
m = 5, what is m - 3?
What is 2a + a, when a = 3?
What is a + a + a?
What is the fourth step when giving a presentation?
An even number is...
Examples of odd numbers are...
The path one body makes as it circles around another
A complete turn
circular motion
An imaginary line through the Earth between the North and south poles around which Earth turns
The sphere of very hot metal at the center of Earth.
A huge block of Earth\'s crust.
A process that breaks rocks down into small pieces.
The thick layer around the Earth\'s core.
The removal of small pieces of rock by water, ice, or wind.
The thin, rocky layer on Earth's surface.
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5 x 5 =
2 x 7
3 x 3
8 x 8 =
7 x 7
3 x 8 =
7 x 5 =
4 x 4 =
9 x 9
5 x 2 =
In science the m means
1 + 1 =
Stops signs are usually what color?
An object that has 3 sides is called a
In the US, there are how many states?
The 4 compass directions are: North, South, East and
These animals can fly
This president is on the US dollar bill
People usually have this many feet
Which of the following is NOT one of hte four major regions of the brain?
The largest region of the brain is the
The elevated ridges of tissue on the cerebrum are called
The shallow groves of tissue on the cerebrum
Which of the following is NOT a lobe of the cerebrum?
The cerebral hemispheres are separated by a deep fissure called the
The grove that separates the temporal lobe from the other lobes is the
The lobe of the cerebrum that aids in hearing is the
The specialized area found on the left side of the brain that gives us our ability to speak is known as the
The cell bodies of neurons that are found on the outermost part of the cerebrum are collectively known as
The fiver that connects the hemispheres and allows them to communicate with one another is the
Which of the following is NOT a region of the interbrain?
The region of the diencephalon that plays a role in water balance and metabolism is the
The brain stem is approximately
The region of the diencephalon that is a relay station for the information that is heading toward the sensory area of the parietal lobe is the
The medulla oblongata is partially responsible for
The tiny canal that travels through the midbrain is called the
The cerebellum is responsible for all of the following EXCEPT
The lobe of the cerebrum that is responsible for thinking, planning, and creating is the
The raised ridge found in the frontal lobe that is just before the central gyrus is known as the
Identify the functional area of business responsible for making the goods
Raw materials would be considered as
This is is the production method used for unique customer orders
This is is the production method used for vast amounts of identical products
This is is the production method used for making the same product but in small amounts eg scones
Identify the production method to make designer dresses
Identify the production method to produce eg Mackies different flavours of ice cream
Identify the production method used to make Tunnocks teacakes
Identify the production method that is labour intensive - relies on employees to produce goods
Identify the production process that is capital intensive, that is, it relies on machinery to make the goods.
Which of these best describes a chemical change that happened to an iron rod?
What must happen to a liquid before it can become a gas?
Which of these is not a physical property?
Thermal energy can be transferred through empty space by
Which of these is an example of kinetic energy?
Juanita noticed droplets of water on a spider web one morning. She saw on the morning news that it was cool and dry the night before. Which best describes Juanita's observation?
Which best describes what happens to the particles in a substance as the substance condenses?
Which of these is an example of only potential energy?
Which best describes kinetic energy?
Which is not a method of heat transfer?
Which of the following decreases the rate at which a substance melts?
Jay saw a muddy puddle in the street in the morning. By two 2:00, the puddle had disappeared. Which is the best inference about what happened?
Which of these is not a physical property?
Which of the following is an example of a chemical property?
Which of the following is correct?
Jim has a sample of matter for which he wants to determine the chemical properties. What is the best experiment he can do to answer his question?
A puddle forms after a rainstorm. What happens to the puddle after the Sun heats Earth?
How are freezing and condensation alike?
Which of the following will increase the rate at which a substance melts?
What causes the particles of a substance to evaporate?
Cold, dry air affecting the northern United States in winter often comes from_____________ air masses
What kind of weather would a continental tropical air mass that formed over northern Mexico bring to southwestern United States?
In the continental United States, air masses are commonly moved by jet streams and the
The prevailing westerlies, the major wind belts over the continental United States, generally push air masses from
When a rapidly moving cold air mass overtakes a slow-moving warm air mass, the result is a(n)
When a warm air mass and a cold air mass meet and neither can move the other, the result is a(n)
When a warm air mass overtakes a cold air mass, it forms a(n)
A major difference between cyclones and anticyclones is
WEather associated with an anticyclone is generally
From the center of a HIGH or _____________, winds spiral outward toward areas of lower pressure.
A(n) ________ front is a fast-moving front that often brings thunderstorms followed by clear skies.
Where a warm air mass is caught between 2 cooler air masses,a(n) _______ front occurs.
A(n) _____ front may bring many days of rain because neither air mass can move the other.
Cold, dry ______________ air masses blow into the United States from central Canada.
A(n) _________ air mass can bring thunderstorms to the United States in summer.
Como se dice shirt?
Como se dice pants?
Como se dice shoes?
como se dice skirt?
como se dice dress?
como se dice store?
como se dice change?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The average weather over many years.
How hot or cold the air is.
The condidtion of the air and sky from day to day.
An intense wind and rain storm that forms over oceans in the tropics.
The layer formed by the uppermost branches of a rain forest.
A parklike combination of grasslands and scattered trees.
Trees that lose their leaves seasonally.
An area of cold climate and low-lying vegetation.
Vegetation that needs little water.
Trees that produce cones to carry seeds.
The causes of weathering are
One reason the Earth does not overheat is because of
Which of the factors below influences the climate of an area.
Vertical climate zones are found
Plateaus, plains and mountains are examples of
During the year the amount of heat that the Northern and Southern hemispheres receive depends on
Earth travels completely around the sun every
In the rainforest thousands of kinds of plants grow because there is a good supply
One result of the Earth's tilt is that Earth has
Most of the Earth's surface is covered by
The sun is important to the Earth because
As huge pieces of the Earth's crust move the Earth's surface
What percent of the water on Earth is fresh water?
The vegetation in a humid continental climate mainly includes
If wind and water did not work together the Earth would
Rainforest have a great deal of vegetation because there is
Moderate climates are found
The climate on Earth is affected by latitude, landforms, and a combination of
Continents move by
Ocean currents follow regular patterns related to
Someone in the town helps others.
Goats on a farm need food.
People in need ask for help.
A busy carpenter needs tools.
Everyone in the world needs something.
Many people buy beautiful carpets at the museum.
Farmers bring goats to the market too.
The vegetables in the stalls look delicious.
Everything happens at the town market.
Every town needs helpers.
Has no actual size, used to represent an object or location in space.
Set of all points, boundless and three dimensional
Set of points or lines that do not lie in the same plane
Two coplanar lines that do not intersect
Has no thickness, width, or depth, used to represent a flat surface that extends indefinitely in all directions
Set of points, that all lie on the same line.
Postulate that states that points on a line can be paired with real numbers.
Postulate that states that is B is between A and C, then AB + BC = AC.
The three undefined terms of geometry are
Number of points that you have to have to make a line
In order to be considered a mineral, the substance must be...
Moh’s scale of hardness
Lil' Wayne just received a shiny new necklace with a big dollar sign on it for his birthday. What would be the best way for Lil' to find out if the necklace is pure gold or fake?
Which of the following properties refers to the colored powder resulting from rubbing a mineral against a harder surface?
A mineral is inorganic, which means it contains...
Identification of minerals is based primarily on its ____ properties
The color of a mineral...
When geologists say that a mineral always contains certain elements in definite proportions, they mean that the mineral
You are testing a mineral to see how easily it scratches...what are property are you testing?
The physical properties of minerals result from their...
Common physical properties of minerals include all of the following except __________.
Talc is the softest mineral. The scale used to test hardness of minerals for identification is:
Streak measures the color of a mineral's __________.
An inorganic crystalline solid is formed in a lab. Why is it not a mineral?
Which of the following is an example of a mineral?
Because minerals do not come from once-living materials, they are said to be ___.
Water is not a mineral because...
Why would ice be considered a mineral if water is not?
It's the true color of the mineral in its powdered form...
A substance made up of atoms of two or more different elements joined by chemical bonds.
Patinar - tu
tocar la guitarra - Joel
Felipe y yo - trabajar
Maria y tu - viajar
cantar - Maria y Pablo
Jorge y Maria - estduiar
Profesora - hablar
Sr y Sra Martinez - caminar
Pablo y yo - dibujar
Jorge y Miguel pintar
¿Como estás?
¿De donde eres?
¿Como te llamas?
Como se dice en ingles - ¿y usted?
Como se dice
Como se dice
Como se dice
What is NOT a way to say goodbye en espanol?
What is a way to be respectful in spanish?
Como se dice
Answers by Educators Question Database
Me _____________los brazos.
Anoche, Gustavo_______________una milla en la piscina.
Ayer, Miriam y yo __________dos horas en la fiesta.
Anoche, mi familia y yo __________en el parque.
¿Ustedes _______________con mis amigos?
Finalmente, Mario y Marta _______________a escribir la carta.
Yo _________con mis padres.
Ayer, Yo te______________por todo el almacén.
Anoche, mi clase ______________a las nueve de la noche.
Yo me _____________ayer.
To evaluate your product --
Focus groups are a useful tool in market research. A focus group is usually composed of:
The five steps in project creation in order are
In multimedia development, in-house testing is usually done during
A working model of the conceptual design for a multimedia project is called
A scene-by-scene plan of the multimedia project is a
The function of a first depth prototype in the development of a multimedia project serves to:
What should be conducted to determine common characteristics such as age, gender, experience, ethnic and culture background among the target audience?
In instructional design what is the gap between where the learner is and where he is expected to be.
A visual document depicting the style layout, actions, navigation, and interactivity of individual screens in a multimedia course is called a:
The ADDIE model is a typical instructional design model. The letters in the ADDIE model stand for:
What is the preliminary version of your multimedia project that a SME or client can review?
Which version of your multimedia project is tested by a sample target audience before releasing it to the software market?
In planning the targeted audience for your multimedia project on photography, which of the following questions would you least likely ask your participants?:
Planning the flow and design of a multimedia project called:
One important member of the multimedia planning team is the SME. This person’s job is to:
Which area usually takes the longest in the production of a multimedia project?
The member of a multimedia development team who knows a subject area intimately and helps find and select materials to include in the product is called:
A working model of the conceptual design for a multimedia project is called:
Storyboards are part of
long life
average number of years a group of people are expected to live
age that is based on the expected roles a person takes on at a specific point in life
the potential oldest age a person can reach
the age of your bodily systems and functions
slowing down or reversing the aging process to maximize life span
a dr who deals with non-medical problems of the elderly
the number of years that a person has lived
the study of aging and the elderly
the study of death and dying
type of death where there is a loss of a heartbeat and breathing
type of death: brain activity has stopped
type of death: when cells die at a different rate
a brain imaging that records the waves of brain activity
Age at which death is seen as permenant
Which is not a factor that determines our attitude about death?
Which is not a stage of accepting death?
What is the leading cause of death in the US today?
Who is considered the pioneer in the study of death and dying?
Which is NOT a condition needed to determine death?
Ayer yo _____________un libro por primera vez.
¿Ana, tú le ____________una carta a tu amiga?
La semana pasada, Lola y Valeria ______________las fotos de la fiesta.
¿Usted le ____________la computadora a mi hijo?
Mi familia y yo ___________a un restaurante argentino.
Anoche, nosotros __________________el partico de voleibol.
Ayer, vosotras _____________tacos.
Tú ___________a la una de la tarde y __________a las cuatro de la tarde.
Por fin, ayer ellos _________________a quemar discos compactos.
Yo _____________mi regalo de cumpleaños.
I should
you have to sweep
It's his turn to dust.
Please clean the bathroom sink.
Mercedes is in the garden.
The house is pretty.
We have to feed the dog.
It's your turn to organize the bedroom.
Do the favor of washing the dishes.
Mom is preparing dinner.
They have to drive.
We should eat.
I have to wash the clothes.
It's necessary to take out the trash.
The plant is on the TV set.
I am short.
The concert is tomorrow.
The book is on the chair.
You are from Mexico.
It's necessary to cut the grass.
The key difference between Buddhism in China and India is that
The Chinese dynasty that is responsible for the creation of the civil service system was the
Why has the period of Gupta rule been called a golden age in India’s history?
The belief that people required harsh laws to control them was part of the Chinese philosophy of
Humbleness, thoughtfulness, and withdrawal from the world to contemplate nature are all teachings of
The founder of Buddhism who became known as the “Buddha” or “The Enlightened One” was
The collection of explanations and teachings that became the basis for the Hindu religion are called the
One of the most significant contributions of the Mauryan Empire in Ancient India was
Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro are examples of:
The ultimate goal of the Hindus is to ___________.
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