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What was the goal of the Boxer Rebellion?
What nation did Japan defeat in the war in 1905?
Why did the European powers need to imperialize Asia and Africa?
What was European colonial rule like, in general?
The Berlin Conference was a European plan to do what?
During the 1800s, Japan changed mostly due to what?
Which of the following is not an example of heat transfer
Heat we feel from the sun is an example of
conduction is the transfer of heat by
convection is the heat transfer by
radiation is the heat transfer by
The heat you feel when you put your hands above a fire is an example of
the heat transfer that happens in a hot air balloon is an example of
A spoon becoming hot after leaving it in hot chocolate is an example of
a snowball melting in your hand is an example of
warm air rising and cold air sinking is an example of
the kind of heat transfer that happens while baking
the heat you feel when you touch a hot stove is an example of
the heat transfer that occurs when heating a swimming pool
using a heated blanket to become warm is an example of
the heat transfer inside a boiling pot of water is an example of
When a toddler walks, he is exhibiting a fine motor skill.
When you learn how to perform a physical skill, such as hitting a baseball, this is likely to become a permanent memory that you will not forget over the years.
Another word for night terrrors is nightmares.
When a toddler walks by hanging on to pieces of furniture such as coffee tables and chairs, the child is said to be cruising.
It is important to model good eating habits.
Children grow more quickly from ages 1-3 than they did in the first year of life.
When Molly and Maddie have a tea party in which they serve one another, they are engaging in parallel play.
In healthy relationshps, children seek the approval of their parents.
Most children become self-centered at about 2 and a half years old.
A child who understands how other people feel has empathy.
Many 3 year olds are eager to help their parents
2 and a half years old do best if they have the structure of a daily routine.
Children typically do not develop specific emotions, such as anger, until about age 3.
Children are more likely to express anger when they are tired or hungry.
If a child has begun experiencing separation anxiety, parents should avoid leaving him with others until he outgrows this stage.
Being in a stimulating environment helps children to learn.
As children mature, their ability to concentrate on a single task and block out other sensory information improves.
As toddlers begin to develop long-term memories, they are able to remember observations, such as whether they like cats.
Children typically begin putting together 2 or 3 word sentences at about 1 year of age.
Household items such as wooden spoons are often favorite toys for 1 year olds.
24 + p = 54
w - 16 = 28
q + 166 = 300
14.2 = t - 5.4
4x = 24
3e = 15
e/5 = 15
v/4 = 20
Janet runs 5 miles more per week than her sister Pam. If Janet runs 17 miles per week, which equation could be used to find the number of miles Pam runs each week?
Hugh bought 2 bottles of water. If the total cost of the water was $4.50, which equation could be used to find the cost of each bottle of water?
wetness in the atmosphere
with great urgency
to make someone believe
move restlessly
move faster
order and planning
feeling dissatisfied
airing out
During the Scientific Revolution the heliocentric view of the universe was first proposed by ____ .
What is Issac Newton is best known for?
Why was Galileo imprisoned for his scientific teachings?
All of the following fueled French desires to revolt against the monarch except the ____ .
Which of the following was an underlying cause of the French Revolution?
Which of the following groups believed that the means of production should be owned by society as a whole?
Who made up the Third Estate
Which country's revolution started as a slavee revolt?
Who is known as the leader of the revolutions in South America?
What industry began the Industrial Revolution?
Which term means making a large number of an item?
What was the goal of an Italian Nationalist?
How did most people work before the Industrial Revolution?
Before the French Revolution, France had which type of government?
Which of the following men gave the speech that started the Mexican Revolution?
By the end of the British Industrial Revolution, which industry replaced farming as a top industry?
Due to the harsh living and working conditions that developed during the Industrial Revolution, what occurred?
What was Napoleon's goal for the Napoleonic Wars?
Which of the following can be not likely lead to reduced insurance rates
Which of the following can be a challenge when managing money on your own as a young single adult
Which of the following is true
Which of the following is not a recommended way of lowering your car insurance premiums
The number one cause of divorce in America is
The amount of life insurance you should have is __ times your income
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the formula for diphosphorous pentoxide?
How many bonds in N2?
Calcium Oxide is a(n) _____ compound and the formula is _____.
Elements from opposite sides of the periodic table form _____.
Based on the octet rule, phosphorus most likely forms a _____ ion.
Atoms take part in bond formation to _____.
What is the name of the compound formed by zinc ions and fluoride ions?
Compounds that have the same number of positive and negative charges are _____.
The correct Lewis structure for a Group 18 atom has _____.
What is the formula for the compound formed by tin(IV) and the chromate ion?
Most role models are known for their honesty, integrity, and fairness. These personal traits are considered part of:
Having the confidence to stand up for your rights, beliefs and ideas is important in the competitive sports marketing profession. This essential trait is:
Since preparing for the arts festival involved completing numerous tasks and the deadline was in two weeks, the coordinator needed which essential personal trait?
Greg knows he is an excellent organizer and motivator. He realizes his weaknesses include being inflexible and unable to easily adapt. Greg has developed:
Jon learned to stand up for his ideas at the creative team brainstorming sessions. Which personal trait had Jon developed?
Getting along with co-workers is important to productivity and morale. This concept is known as:
Employees today value an employee’s ability to work with others to achieve a common goal. This concept is known as:
An interpersonal relationship trait that involves being approachable and getting along well with other is:
As a salesperson, Melanie has a reputation for being honest and fair with her clients. Melanie is known for which personal trait?
Being able to recognize one’s own strengths and weaknesses is very important in a work environment. This personal trait is known as:
A client is started on TPN for chronic pancreatitis. The most important assessments for the nurse to make 24 hours later are
A client with renal calculus has a Foley catheter and an IV of NS at 150ml/hr. Which of the following findings warrants immediate reporting?
A client had a Whipple procedure 3 days ago. Which of the following assessments is most important for the nurse to follow up?
A client is taking acetaminophen on a consistent basis. Which of the following client findings indicates possible acetaminophen toxicity?
A client is to start taking bromocriptine (Parlodel) for management of Parkinson\\\'s disease. Which of the following instructions will help manage common side effects?
Which of the following assessment data is most important for a nurse to report to the primary care provider?
A nurse is assisting a primary care provider with removal of a chest tube. The nurse should instruct the client to
A nurse is caring for a client following a bronchoscopy. Which of the following client findings should the nurse report immediately?
Airway depth for oropharyngeal suctioning is measured by
Which of the following terms describes wound drainage that is thick and yellow?
Odysseus manages to stay away from Polyphemus' brothers by stating what name?
How does Polyphemus almost sink Odyddeus' ship?
Why is the whirlpool really dangerous?
The men Odysseus sends to meet the Lotus Eaters all eat lotus flowers. They what happens?
Why does Odysseus blind the Cyclops Polyphemus rather than kill him?
How does Odysseus save his crew from the Sirens' songs?
What difficult ttask does Penelope propose for the suitors?
Hwo does Odysseus prove his identity to Penelope?
Adversities are what?
What does ardor mean?
fellow student
younger brother
Ken is involved in many charitable activities in the community. Where should this information be included on his resume?
The information that should be provided for each reference includes name, title, position held, name and location of business, fax, e-mail and:
Mallory researched the business and its products/services prior to her job interview. This is considered a:
Which of the following is appropriate body language in a job interview?
Being able to think of new ways to solve old problems requires:
A growing trend for employers planning to add staff is to use:
Which of the following contacts should Robert approach about providing a recommendation?
Prior to the interview, it is important to:
Company personnel offices, newspaper ads and temporary employment agencies are sources of:
Which section of a resume includes the applicant’s volunteer work, related job experience, and responsibilities?
year of age
not at all
elder brother
fellow students
two(before measure word)
not have
one gold fish
come in please
how many
how about you
writing brush
to have
this year
elder sister
one horse
Answers by Educators Question Database
What are the three main types of clouds?
What is an instrument that is used for measuring wind force and velocity called?
What is a balance that measures weight (in Newtons) by the tension on a spring called?
What does abiotic mean?
What does biotic mean?
If something adapts, it...
In the food chain, what three types of organisms could be found?
What are the three states of matter?
When a plant germinates, it
What does guitar mean
What is the plural form
The 5 oceans of the world are:
The main mineral dissolved in seawater is:
The ____ winds allowed trade routes to be established in the Indian Ocean
There is more oxygen in the ocean near the surface because of
The three main ways the ocean moves are
Cold water is more ____ than warm water so it sinks
Land near cold water currents tends to have weather that is
A body of warm water in the Pacific Ocean that greatly affects weather is
The highest point of a wave is the
The lowest point of a wave is the
Water molecules are moved hundreds of miles across the ocean by waves
Tides are a result of the gravitational pull of the moon
A rip current can pull a swimmer far out to sea
What field of science began with the Challenger Expedition in 1872
Which is NOT a method of desalination?
Where are the majority of desalination plants located?
Major surface currents combine to form the 5 major circulations
Surface currents and prevailing winds rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere due to this:
What scale is used to describe wind and waves in the open ocean?
What is a whirlpool caused by changing tides called?
Caleb’s character is revealed mainly through
The setting contributes to the plot by adding an element of
Read these sentences from the passage: “I should never have joined the stupid Outdoors Club. That was another one of your brilliant ideas.” What type of irony, if any, do these lines contain?
At what point of the passage does Jack admit that he’s getting nervous, too?
The author’s tone helps to create a mood that is
Which sentence from the passage contains an allusion?
Read this sentence from the passage. She recalled one of Caesar’s memorable lines from the play: “Cowards die many times before their deaths.” Which literary element is in the sentence above?
This passage is written from which point of view?
“Promotion” is a story about a shy woman who is reluctant to speak in public. When her success at work earns her a promotion, she is required to address a large group of people. With her stomach in knots, she somehow manages to get through her speech
If the events in this passage were described by Amanda’s cousin Lauren in a letter to a friend, what would most likely be different?
Which phrase from the passage suggests a historical context?
Read this sentence from the passage. After all, she’d been mountain biking and skateboarding since she was old enough to walk. This sentence contains an example of
Do the male and female reproductive systems work the same way?
What is the female reproductive cell called?
Where are the eggs stored in a female's body?
What is the name of the tube through which an egg travels when it leaves the ovaries?
The cycle during which an egg leaves the ovaries, travels to the uterus and then exis the body is called:
What is the lining of the uterus called?
Why does the endometrium thicken during the menstrual cycle?
What happens if a girl becomes pregnant?
What causes a woman to have her period?
Do all girls start having their periods at the same age?
Choose the correct spelling of the given word.
Choose the correct spelling of the given word.
Choose the correct spelling of the given word.
Choose the correct spelling of the given word.
Choose the correct spelling of the given word.
Choose the correct spelling of the given word.
Choose the correct spelling of the given word.
Choose the correct spelling of the given word.
Choose the correct spelling of the given word.
Choose the correct spelling of the given word.
Choose the correct spelling of the given word.
I was born in Spain
Martha plays tennis at the week-end
I often go on foot
Charles and Margaret are reading in the living room
Yes, we have got some oranges in the fridge
Yes, Mark is coming with us
These children can play some instruments
She can run very quickly
No, I don't often have eggs for breakfast
I go swimming twice a week
Good identity theft protection includes restoration services
If money fights are a problem in a marriage, then money management provides an opportunity to improve a marriage
Cash value life insurance is more expensive than term life insurance
The purpose of insurance is to increase your investments
The state of Texas requires every driver to have liability coverage on their auto insurance
You should never have both cash value and term life insurance
Communication, teamwork, and consistency are all important elements in handling family finances
Following the Five Foundations will help you to one day become self-insured
Any insurance with cash value or that combines insurance with investments is a bad idea
It is a good idea to get duplicate coverage for any type of insurance policy
Nerds don't like to deal with money and free spirits are more responsible with their money
Renter's insurance covers your loss due to smoke damage
Renter's insurance is not necessary if you don't have a lot of expensive things
The goal in communicating with your parents about money is to become responsible and independent with the money you have
Other than Collision coverage takes care of damage to your car that is not caused by a collision
Disability insurance offered through your employer is usually the most expensive coverage
You should buy identity theft protection that only provides credit report monitoring
Your health insurance will pay all your medical bills
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Haploid cells are produced by what process?
Which is a form of stored food in a seed?
Which list shows the correct order of events of plant reproduction?
Which list shows the three parts of a pistil
Which of the following is not necessary for pollination?
How are flowers that lack showy petals, nectar, and odors likely pollinated?
What is a reproductive organ found on some plants?
What contains the male gametes of a flower?
What is the female reporductive part of a flower?
What is the tube that grows down the style and into the ovary?
What is the saclike structure thatproduces pollen?
What is the tip of the pistil that receives the pollen?
What is a mature ovule containing an embryo plant?
What is attached to the anther?
What is the stalk between ovary and stigma?
What do you call organisms that have 2 of every chromosome?
What is a sugary liquid that attracts pollinators?
Which form of reproduction provides little genetic variaton?
Who works with growing, harvesting, processing, or shipping vegetable, fruits, flowers, or ornamental plants?
What are the leaflike structures at the base of a flower called?
Martin Luther's posting of the 95 Theses is considered to be a turning point in history because
In the 1600s, the interest of Europeans in Africa was based mainly on Europe's need to
In Spain, an effect of the Inquisition during the 16th century was to
Throughout much of history, both China and Japan held a common view that other nations were
The economic policy of mercantilism first developed during the
Which factor was common to the societies in ancient Athens and in Renaissance Italy?
Which term is used to describe the spread of Buddhism from India through Southeast Asia?
Which statement concerning the Renaissance in Europe is based on opinion rather than on fact?
The Magna Carta, the Glorious Revolution, and the writings of John Locke all contributed to Great Britain's development of
The printing press, the astrolabe, and the Mercator projection were technological advances that contributed to the
A major goal of the Counter Reformation was to
During the 1400s, the cities of Venice, Constantinope, and Canton achieved prominence because their
The term mercantilism is defined as an economic system in which
A major reason for the end of the Aztec Empire was
Which statement explains the long-term significance of the travels of Christopher Columbus?
The histories of the serfs in medieval Europe, the harijans in traditional India, and the native population in colonial Latin America are similar in that each group
Which geographic characteristic has had a similar influence on Turkey, Egypt, and Panama?
One way in which the writers of the Renaissance were influenced by the writers of ancient Greece was that the Renaissance writers
Which philosopher would most likely agree with this statement:...and in the actions of men, and especially of princes,...the end justifies the means
The purpose of the encomienda system in Latin America was to
The use of terrace farming by the Inca and Japanese cultures is an example of
The Aztec, Inca, and Maya civilizations all achieved great progress in developing
Which development led to the shortages of labor in 14th century Europe and in 16th and 17th century North and South America
The Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights are similar in that they both
Under the policy of mercantilism, colonial powers considered their colonies to be
One similarity between the social patterns in medieval Europe and those in colonail Latin America is that both societies
In western Europe, a long-term effect of the invention of Gutenberg's printing press was that the
Which statement about the Columbian exchange is a fact rather than an opinion?
Zheng He contributed to the prosperity of China under the Ming dynasty by
The lasting result of colonial rule in many Latin American nations has been the
Why does the stamen retain pollen?
Which of these is a type of asexual reproduction?
Gametes are
Which usually produces more pollen?
What does the zygote develop into after fertilization?
An acorn is a
What can survive being eaten by animals
Planting potato "eyes" is a form of what?
What product was inspired by the cockleburr?
Which part of the flower will become the fruit?
Inca terrace farming and Aztec floating gardens are examples of
Which statement best illustrates the concept of European mercantilism during the Age of Exploration?
The primary goal of most of Europe's absolute monarch's was to
Which statement about the encomienda system during the 16th and 17th centuries is accurate?
The journals of early travelers such as Ibn Battuta, Zheng He, and Mansa Musa are examples of
The introduction of banking, letters of credit, joint stock companies, and guilds contributed to the start of the
The fall of the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Turks (1453) prompted Spain and Portugal to
One similarity of the Aztec, Maya, and Inca empires is that they
Which statement explains why the Renaissance began in Italy?
Niccolo Machiavelli in The Prince and Thomas Hobbes in Leviathan both advocated that a ruler should
can, may
to like
to look, to see
same class
not at all, you're welcome
ice cream
that's enough
New Zealand
dish, vegetable
prawn crackers
That's great!
fried rice
to drink
to drink
to go to school
Answers by Educators Question Database
Choose the 3 MAIN factors causing the weather and climate in Seattle, Washington to be different from Phoenix, Arizona.
What type of weather would you expect at a low pressure system?
What type of weather would you expect at a high pressure system?
What type of weather do you need at a cold front?
What type of weather do you expect at a warm front?
What is freezing rain?
What is rain?
What is hail?
What is sleet?
What is snow?
What does a cumulus cloud look like and what type of weather would you expect?
What does a stratus cloud look like and what type of weather would you expect?
What does a cirrus cloud look like and what type of weather would you expect?
List the 4 factors that affect climate.
When does a sea breeze occur?
When does a land breeze occur?
A group of interrelated components designed collectively to achieve a common goal
the parameters placed on the development of a product or system
the desired features of a product or system
the limitations of a design
making the product as functional as it can be, given the criteria and constraints
a choice of one quality over another
a sequence of actions used to combine resources in order to produce and output
the mechanism or activities that use information to cause systems to change
Controls can be
Controls are the essential ingredient in what type of system
In a system, if one part fails...
When a type of pigeon is hunted almost to extinction, the resulting survivors form a population. This population is less genetically diverse that the original population. This is an example of
The Founder’s Effect can be characterized by which of the following?
Mutations are
Genetic drift can be defined as
Two male seals want to mate with a female seal. The male seals challenge each other to a fight. These fights can be very vicious and males often have scars on their necks form these fights. What type of sexual selection is being displayed?
A bowerbird male builds a structure and decorates it with sticks and blue colored objects in an attempt to attract a mate.
What mathematical model do scientists use to determine that a population is changing?
Which of the following statements regarding the founder effect is false?
The ______________is the set of all genes, or genetic information, in any population.
A type of gene flow when new alleles or genes enter into a population is called:
Under which of the following systems of government do citizens enjoy the most protections and freedoms?
Which of the following events or practices in history was inspired by writers and philosophers of the Enlightement?
Which statement below describes the main purpose of a constitution?
What changes in government did the Enlightenment inspire?
What was the outcome of the Glorious Revolution?
Privileges of nobles, only common people paying taxes, and the church controlling much of the country's land, were all factors leading to a revolution in which country?
Which term of government describes having a congress made up of two house?
Which of the following describes a constitutional monarchy?
Which of the following is a philsophy of John Locke?
During the 1600s and 1700s, most of Europe was ruled by unlimited governments. Which of the following is an example of an unlimited government?
Absolute monarchs believed they were given the right to rule by what idea?
During the Enlightment, many people placed their faith in finding answers using what?
In a democracy, a constitution draws its power from ____ .
VOY A PAGAR EN ------.
COMO VA A ----- (TO PAY) ?
Natural selection is the process in which organisms with favorable traits survive and are able to reproduce to pass those favorable traits to offspring. Which statement best describes the type of reproduction that favors natural selection?
What is a major cause of variation within a species?
Which of the following traits is most influenced by the environment?
What is the organelle found in the center of an eukaryotic cell?
The ability to roll your tongue is an inherited trait. There are more people who can roll their tongue than people who can't roll their tongues. Which of the following could be a correct assumption to explain this?
An offspring inherited a dominant allele from one parent and a recessive trait from the other parent for the same trait. Which of the following is a possible explanation for what will be exhibited by the offspring for that trait?
Sexual reproduction-
In sexual reproduction, how many genes does an offspring receive for each trait?
Flowers and animals reproduce by-
Amoebas( one cell organisms) and hydras reproduce by-
The work of Gregor Mendel was based on his discovery that heredity information for two different forms of a trait can coexist in one individual. He recognized that one form of the trait masks the expression of the other. This is -
Heredity is defined as the passage of genetic instructions from one generation to the next. Which of the following is NOT an example of these genetic instructions in humans?
Where is the genetic material located inside of an eukaryotic cell?
Hydra reproduce by a process known as budding. This process is the formation of a new individual that is a clone of the parent. This type of reproduction is-
What would be a possible disadvantage of asexual reproduction?
In human eye color, brown(B) is dominant over blue(b). A male with blue eyes produces offspring with a female with brown eyes. Which of the following represents possible parent genotypes for eye color?
In human eye color, brown(B) is dominant over blue(b). A male with blue eyes produces offspring with a female with brown eyes. What is NOT a possible genotype for eye color for the offspring?
In human hair color, black(H) is dominant over blonde(h). The genotypes for two parents are: Father:hh and Mother:Hh Which of the following correctly represents the possible genotypes for the offspring?
The most appropriate tool for analyzing the organization of genetic material inside of an eukaryotic cell is a -
Does a person's MASS change on the moon?
Does a person's WEIGHT change on the moon?
Which of our body's defenses gets damaged most frequently?
Which of the following is an example of an inherited trait?
Which of the following is an example of something that is acquired or learned after birth?
Which of the following is an example of an inherited trait?
What is it called when water, wind, and/or ice cause changes in the Earth's surface?
Which of the following is an example of a renewable resource?
Which of the following is NOT a renewable resource?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the main purpose of studying the sixteen career clusters?
A TV announcer is a job in which career cluster?
Careers in which career cluster are highly technical and require firm backgrounds in math and science?
A book that describes various careers and the future for those careers:
Plagiarism is
A school counselor or Career Development Coordinator (CDC) can assist students in their career planning by:
A book that describes thousands of jobs in regards to duties and work characteristics is the
The book that lists twelve main interest areas and careers that suit people with those interests is:
Which North Carolina resource will help you match your interests with possible occupations?
One way to research careers informally is to:
Major classification systems for occupations include all of the following EXCEPT:
Two Internet resources with specific North Carolina career information include:
A North Carolina resource for career information is:
What might help students choose a nontraditional class?
Which factor(s) might most positively influence the success of an entrepreneur?
Which of the following should be included as part of the career information on a career profile?
Which is NOT a factor to consider in evaluating career options?
What is a characteristic of an entrepreneur?
Women make up more than half of the workforce in which industry?
Occupations in which either gender comprises 25 percent or less of the workforce are:
Which one of the following networks was invented first?
Which one of the following descriptions best fits the design of the Internet?
Text that has been linked, such that when you click the text, your trigger the link, is called:
An IP address consists of how many numbers that are separated by periods?
Prior to 1998, the responsibility for managing the domain name system (DNS) was vested in an organization called
In 1998, the responsibility for managing the domain name system (DNS) was transferred to an organization called
The barriers faced by the unconnected are known as
Web sites beyond the public’s reach that require a password in order to obtain access are called
It is unethical to do this on the web.
Wi-Fi access points that offer free wireless Internet access are called
How has the global economy affected employees in the United States
Of the jobs in the 21st century, what percent will require technical skills acquired at the bachelor’s level or above?
Government resources are used to develop statistics reflecting state and regional occupational data also known as:
Labor marker trends for the 21st century predict that the greatest number of workers will need to have which level of education?
Lifelong learning is:
An increase in the number of dual income families has created an increase in the area of:
A factor that workers should consider as they make geographic moves is:
Jobs in the future will increasingly involve more:
Which of the following would NOT have been a concern for workers in the 1950s?
Private ownership, profit motive, competition, and freedom of choice are characteristics of a:
Software applications programmed to act as intelligent agents that go out on the network to find or do things for you are called
Which of these Internet connections has the most bandwidth?
A live broadcast over the internet is a ...
A malicious application that masquerades as a desired object that you download knowingly to your computer is called a:
Java applications that can be transmitted over the Internet as part of a Web page are called:
Into which zone do you place Web sites that you believe could cause damage to your computer or your data?
Which of the following is a metasearch engine?
An audio file format that tells your computer’s sound chip when to turn notes on and off.
Which of the following was a hoax?
Which of the following file types, upon simple opening, cannot by itself infect your computer with a virus?
to hold, to take
to run
(the) most; -est
to go
is it ok?
not at all(when praised)
little girl
last name
to know
full name
one person
one dog
Charlie works in a factory where the guys are
What is the mouse's name?
What is another name for the inkblot test?
Charlie gets an operation and becomes more and more
Why does Charlie quit the factory?
When the boy drop the dishes in the diner, Charlie
As a genius, Charlie has trouble doing this with Miss K
Charlie decides to do research in
As Charlie's inteligence increases so do his feelings about
As Charlie's inteligence worsens, he wants to move to
What did Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels believe would be the result when communism finally emerged as the dominant political and economic system?
Which statement best describes the effects of the works of Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton and Rene Descartes?
A major concept promoted by philosophers of the Enlightenment was the need for
The French people supported Napoleon Bonaparte because they hoped he would
Which revolution inspired Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels to express their ideas in The Communist Manifesto
A major goal of the Congress of Vienna was to
The main cause of the mass starvation in Ireland during the 19th century was the
The economic theory of laissez-faire capitalism proposed that
The influence of geographic factors in England was most evident in the development of
The Enlightenment philosophers believed that the power of government is derived from
Answers by Educators Question Database
What was the cause of the Whiskey Rebellion?
Why did President Washington order the army to end the Whiskey Rebellion
What advice did President Washington give to Americans in his Farewell Address?
Why did most republicans support the French Revolution?
Which of these was one of the waysRepublicans viewed the Alien and Sedition Acts?
Which of these events led to the addition of the 12th Amendment to the Constitution?
Following the American Revolution, what did Congress fear about a strong central government?
Which was one weakness of the Articles of Confederation
Why is Shays's Rebellion an important event in US History
What was the original purpose of the convention in May 1787
What did the Great Compromise decide?
Which of the following is affected by state population
Which of these describes a federal system of government?
How did the American Revolution impact other parts of the world
Which of the following characteristics describes a Federalist
Which of the following characteristics describes a Republican
Why is the mesosphere colder than the troposphere?
Why would the Environmental Protection Agency seek to monitor atmospheric pollution and air quality?
The theory of global warming is based on the increase of what atmospheric gas?
The burning of fossil fuels has been attributed to the accumulation of greenhouse gases and rising global temperatures. Which best explains this?
Which part of the atmosphere transmits radio waves, making it possible for us to listen to live radio music?
Which is used in the classification of the layers of the atmosphere?
Certain substances are classified as water pollutants, others as air pollutants, and still others as land pollutants. Which of the following pollutes all three parts of our environment?
Why does most of the rain that falls come from the ocean?
The jet-stream lies between which two layers of the Earth’s atmosphere?
Which best explains the Earth’s greenhouse effect?
Which layer of the atmosphere is an airplane in when it his cursing at 40,000 feet in the air
What weather conditions will most likely occur when there is a drop in barometric pressure?
Why does the troposphere experience the greatest amount of atmospheric pressure compared to the other layers?
The air around a high pressure area circulates
In which part of the atmosphere do satellites orbit making it possible for us to watch live television?
In which layer of the atmosphere does weather occur?
Which best explains why photochemical smog is a bigger problem in large cities?
How much of the world’s current levels of acid rain originates in human actions such as the burning of fossil fuels?
The ozone layer in the stratosphere protects our planets and its inhabitants from:
Which of the following contribute to global warming by trapping heat near the Earth’s surface?
Why does air pressure decrease from the troposphere to the exosphere?
What occurs within a high pressure system?
The temperature of City X has decreased by 20 degrees and clouds have formed causing rain and thunderstorms. What has most likely occurred in City X?
How does the convection of air produce thunderstorms?
Which best explains how the Coriolis effect influences weather conditions?
Why does a sea breeze blow from the ocean towards the shore?
How does the temperature of the stratosphere compare to the mesosphere?
At which of the following temperatures could air hold the greatest amount of water vapor?
Which term is given to describe the lines joining places that have the same temperature on a weather map?
A rapidly moving cold air mass meets a slowly moving warm air mass and forms a front. What will most likely occur at this front?
Where are the strongest winds normally observed on a weather map?
How do a paramecium and an amoeba obtain food to live?
How do euglena, paramecium, amoeba, and volvox compare?
Which organelle is found in both plant and animal cells and is used to transfer energy?
The cell membrane is unable to work properly. How could this affect plant and animal cells?
Which characteristics do volvox and euglena share?
How do materials move in and out of plant cells and animal cells?
Which of the following is organized from simplest to most complex?
How are plant and animal cells similar?
Information about the heredity of a cell is stored in which organelle?
Why would the offspring resulting from fertilization have more differences than the offspring resulting from budding?
Which term is given to the outward appearance of a particular trait in an organism
A Father has Freckles due to being homozygous dominant FF. His children also have freckles but are heterozygous dominant for the trait. What is the unknown genotype and phenotype for the mother?
Sarah’s family has a long history of people who developed diabetes. Which change should she make to try and prevent becoming diabetic?
John wants to build a racetrack that will allow his toy cars to travel fast when force is applied. Which material should he use?
A magnet is placed near a pile of steel paper clips. Which will most likely occur?
As a roller coaster car travels down a hill, which type of change in energy allows it to speed up?
Which form of energy does a car's engine convert into mechanical energy?
Which type of energy is changed by plants into chemical energy?
A dog runs for two seconds without stopping. After 1 second, the dog travels 6 meters. By the end of the next second, the dog has traveled an additional four meters. Which best describes the motion of the dog during the two seconds?
Describe the energy transformation that occurs as a force acts on a mass at point A and causes it move to point B.
A boy is trying to walk his dog West. However, the dog resists the force applied by the boy and instead moves East. Which of the following best describes the forces in this situation?
An airplane flies in a straight line between two cities that are separated by 840 kilometers. If it takes 4 hours for the airplane to take the trip, what is its average speed?
A student is organizing a room. She moves a box from the floor to a shelf. She wants to estimate the amount of potential energy the box has on the shelf. What information does she need?
When does an object that is thrown up in motion have the least kinetic energy?
Where does one look on a graph to find when an object has the greatest average speed
How can simple machines makes work easier?
Which simple machine increases the distance over which a load travels in order to reduce the needed force?
Which simple machines are used to form a wheelbarrow?
Which simple machine would be the most efficient for lifting an object 30 m off the ground?
Atmospheric conditions at a particular time and place describe the...
Extreme weather conditions, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, often follow...
Choose the answer that best describes weather and climate.
As the atmospheric gases move around the Earth, they
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
-5 + -8
-9 - 3
-5 - (-4)
y + 8 = 14
y - 4 = 16
y - (-5)= 10
What was the 13th Amendment?
What was the 14th Amendment?
What was the 15th Amendment?
Why did John Wilkes Booth shoot Lincoln?
What was the purpose of the Ku Klux Klan?
What were the Black Codes?
Why was Andrew Johnson impeached?
Who were the carpetbaggers?
All of these are examples of Black Codes except:
What did the Radical Republicans want to do to the South?
What was the Tenure of Office Act?
What was the time period right after the Civil War called?
Why did the South have more problems after the war?
What was a poll tax?
The 14th Amendment guarantees to all Americans, regardless of race
To many freed men and women, what reestablished slavery in disguise?
To all white Southerners, except Confederate leaders, Lincoln offered
The most common form of farm work for freed individuals was
When President Andrew Johnson vilated the Tenure of Office Act, the House of Representatives voted to
What type of society did Southern states form by passing the Jim Crow laws?
When is Justin Biebers birthday?
How old is Justin Bieber?
What is Justin Biebers favorite color?
Who is Justin Biebers best friend?
What time was Justin Bieber born?
What is Justin Biebers moms name?
What color is Justin Biebers eyes?
What is Justin Biebers life-story movie called?
What is Justin Biebers managers name?
Where did Justin Bieber grow up?
A herd of deer grazing along a road suddenly run off into the woods. Which is the most likely stimulus for their behavior?
A nutcracker used two rigid arms to crack open nuts between them. What kind of simple machine is used in a nutcracker?
A fetus is a developing baby in the womb of the female. Where do egg and sperm combine ?
Crossing horses with exceptional speed, breeders can produce purebred (same allele gene) horses that can run very fast is an example of ________.
Light-gray peppered moths are easy to see on a dark background, while black moths can be seen on a light background. Suppose all the buildings and trees in an area were black. Wh
Finches (birds) that ate insects had sharp, needlelike beaks. Finches that ate seeds had strong, wide beaks. A characteristic that helps an organism survive in its environment an
Which of the following setups would make it easiest to lift a load?
The Venus flytrap is a plant that can obtain nutrition by digesting insects. When an insect lands on the plant, its leaves snap shut to trap the insect inside. The stimulus the l
During exercise, you sweat heavily, releasing a lot of water from your body.
Which is an example of a response that is triggered by an internal stimulus
What effect does a family’s history of jobs/careers have on a student’s career choices?
The best way to approach your career choice is to:
When faced with many possible career choices, a student should:
In the decision-making process, what should be done when having trouble thinking of possible alternatives?
A person can judge the success of a decision by asking:
In which step of the decision-making process does a person commit to making the decision work?
Using a hunch to help make a decision is an example of:
After identifying interests, skills, and abilities, it is necessary to:
In the decision-making process, a trade-off is:
In decision-making, determine needs, analyze personal resources, then:
Which is NOT a major factor to consider in setting career goals?
Which is a long-term stepping-stone goal?
“I want to be a lawyer” is a goal in which domain?
When a student says, “I plan to make an A on Friday’s math test,” this is an example of a:
Stating a goal in concrete terms is making sure that it is:
Wanting to live near the ocean someday is an example of which type of goal?
Which is NOT a major factor is setting career goals?
The final result that needs to be arrived at in the process of career planning is called the:
Which is a medium-term stepping-stone goal?
Which is usually the immediate goal?
Why is a career pathway an important component of an individual career plan?
Why is it important to consider entry-level work experiences as part of the individual career plan?
Formal assessments are a critical component of the individual career plan because they:
All are important reasons to consider extracurricular/ CTSO activities as part of the individual career plan EXCEPT:
A tentative goal for post-secondary career/education plans ensures that:
Having a written career plan can help assure that:
In career planning, which course of study prepares students for the LEAST number of post-secondary opportunities?
A student who is pursuing a career goal to work in communications should plan for a number of courses in:
Having a written career plan:
Prior to completing a high school four-year plan, students would do all EXCEPT:
The process of digestion begins in your ______.
The major job of the ____ is to absorb water from undigested food.
The tube between the mouth and the stomach is the
The major organ of the excretory system is____.
The ____ fight bacteria and viruses.
Blood that is carrying oxygen is said to be
The right ventricle pumps blood to the
How do pairs of skeletal muscles work together?
The pigment melanin in the skin functions to
What is the function of the adrenal glands?
The amount of salary or wages earned for a certain period of time before deductions are withheld is:
A career portfolio is helpful in a job interview because it:
When deciding what to wear to an interview, wear clothes that would be:
Most fired workers lose their jobs because of
Which response would indicate that the job applicant being interviewed possesses technology, resource, information skills?
Which response would indicate that the job applicant being interviewed possesses critical thinking skills?
Which of the following is NOT evidence of dependability?
Which of the following is a common reason people get fired?
During a job interview, questions will be asked to:
The main reason for a cover letter is to:
Answers by Educators Question Database
3/4 is a ...
0.5 is a ...
square root of 2 is a ...
98 isn't a ...
0 is a ...
8/2 is a ...
5/3 is a ...
250 is a ...
Any time an energy transformation occurs, _____ energy is released.
Light energy is an example of what form of energy?
Kinetic energy is
All negative charges of an atom are located
The particles of an atom that have charges are
The law of electrostatics states
A neutrally charged object can be statically charged by which of the following processes?
What is the purpose of an electrical circuit?
Which of the following is a resistor in an electrical circuit?
If another light bulb is added to a series circuit,
Which type of electrical circuitry would be best for wiring a home?
If a light bulb is removed from a parallel circuit
Which of the following factors influences the strength of an electromagnet?
Which of the following statements best describes magnetic field strength in electromagnets?
In an electric motor the energy transformation that occurs is
Electricity is the flow of
The north poles of two magnets _____ each other.
In a magnet, all the domains of a substance are aligned in the opposite direction.
A compass needle always points south because of the Earth's magnetic field.
What is a pathway for the flow of electricity?
How many sections should an essay contain? (APA 6)
What is the first section of an essay? (APA 6)
What line spacing should your essay have? (APA 6)
What font is used for essays? (APA 6)
What is the font point size? (APA 6)
What are the components of the title page? (APA 6)
The page header format is __________________. (APA 6)
How many characters should an abstract have? (APA 6)
Proper nouns should always be __________. (APA 6)
In-text citations are required for _______. (APA 6)
_____ cannot be created.
_____ is the ability to do work.
______ energy s the energy of vibrating objects.
A car converts the chemical energy of gasoline into what 2 different forms of energy? Remember the thermal energy is heat energy.
A fan converts electrical energy into what type of energy?
A light bulb converts electrical energy into what 2 different forms of energy? Remember that thermal energy is heat energy.
A moving car is an example of _____ energy. Remember that thermal energy is heat energy.
A rushing river is an example of _____ energy. Remember that thermal energy is the same as heat energy.
A solar panel converts light energy into what type of energy?
A windmill converts what type of energy into electrical energy? Remember that thermal energy is heat energy.
Another name for heat energy is _______ energy.
The energy inside of food is an example of _____ energy.
The energy that travels in invisible waves like microwaves, x-rays, and light is called _____.
What is the name for energy has been stored up?
What is the name for energy that comes from moving electric charges?
What is the name for energy that is stored inside of atoms?
What is the name for the energy of motion?
When something is very high up it has _____ energy.
When you hold down a spring it is an example of ____ energy.
You cannot destroy _____ .
What is a person who uses money to purcahse goods or services called?
Carpenters who build homes are an example of ................
A compass is ............
Food, shelter, and clothing are our _______________.
Weather in an area over a long period of time is called........
North, east, south, and west are ........
Our sixteenth president wrote the Emancipation Proclamation that freed slaves. Who was he?
Which of these would be from a time in the past?
What is a model of the Earth called?
Which of these is a book of maps?
An important feature of Standard 3 is reflection in which you consider an important lesson learned or an insight.
The tone of a narrative can vary depending upon the word choice of the writer.
The narrative relies heavily on facts and statistics.
Vivid imagery helps capture the reader’s attention; creating suspense keeps it.
A personal narrative contains many of the same elements as a fictional, short story.
Narrative writing often uses unimportant information to meet the expected word count set by the teacher.
Using your powers of observation is helpful in this type of writing.
It is important to engage the reader at the beginning of your essay by setting out a problem, situation, or observation.
Narratives are only used for creative writing assignments.
Written narratives are always true.
Neptune's atmoshere is mostly made of ...
What is the speed of winds on Neptune?
How many moons has Jupiter got?
When did the astronomers decide that Pluto is a dwarf planet?
What do you call a cloud of space dust?
It isn't an animal, but it's got a tail.
When is it dark during the day?
The smallest planet in the Solar System is called ...
An invisible object in space formed when a massive star collapses is called...
A space rock that becomes so hot it glows when it passes into Earth's atmosphere is called ...
If two organisms belong to the same taxonomic group, they are related. Similarity at which of these levels indicates the closest relationship?
Genome maps provide the DNA sequences of chromosomes. Some scientists have compared the genome maps of a hedgehog and a sloth. What do these genome maps allow the scientists to determine?
Which condition is essential for natural selection to result in a new species?
A native species and a non-native species are competing for resources within the same ecosystem. The non-native species is more likely to survive than the native species in which of the following situations?
Multicellular eukaryotes that are usually mobile and obtain food from other organisms probably belong to the kingdom
Members of the kingdom animalia are best described as -
Which is a characteristic of members of the plant kingdom that distinguishes them from members of the animal kingdom?
Odontomaehus bauri is a species of ant that has a trap jaw. This jaw system evolved from basic mouth parts that all ants have, but the jaw is longer, the joint is a different shape, and the muscles are larger. What explains this evolution?
A population of termites begins with dark and bright members. After several generations, the population consists almost entirely of dark members because the brightly colored termites are easier for predators to see. This demonstrates
Which of these best illustrates natural selection?
1) All of these were part of the President Washington’s cabinet except the
What is an excise tax?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Private employment agencies
Which should NOT be included in the conclusion of the cover letter/letter of application?
Psychological tests are given to:
If you don’t understand a question an interviewer asks:
A document containing appropriate and important facts about a person who is applying for a job is a:
A candidate with little work experience will need to focus attention on which section of the resume?
Answering questions about qualifications objectively and openly during an interview can demonstrate a candidate’s:
If the interviewer asks about the ability to work with others, he/she is referring to which SCANS skill?
The first step in creating a network is to build a/an:
Which is NOT an employee benefit?
The attribute of personal ethics can be documented in a career portfolio through including any of the following documents EXCEPT:
Which is NOT a purpose of a portfolio?
Which document should an individual aspiring to work with children include in his/her portfolio?
In an interview, a portfolio will help you present a:
Which statement regarding portfolios is FALSE?
Which statement regarding portfolios is FALSE?
Which document should an individual aspiring to work in the medical field include in his/her portfolio?
Why is a portfolio a worthwhile investment of time?
The attribute of responsibility can be effectively documented in a career portfolio through including any of the following documents EXCEPT:
Which statement regarding portfolios is FALSE?
Ich ________ den Mantel.
Du ___________morgen einen Rock kaufen.
Er ________________ Obst und Gemüse gern.
Ich ____________ Kartoffelsalat nicht.
Wir _________________ die Antwort nicht.
Martin ____________ gern Bücher.
____________ er den Anzug zur Party?
_____________ ihr morgen kommen?
Wann ______________ ihr morgen Zeit?
______________ du gern fern?
Sabine und Olaf ___________ morgen nicht fernsehen.
Seine Eltern _____________ kein Obst im Haus.
Meine Familie ___________ nicht zu Hause.
Wann ____________ Frau Meier nach Hause?
Ich _____________dir mein Buch.
________________ ihr diesen Mann?
Ihr _____________ zu laut!
___________ er heute einkaufen?
Du ___________ heute zu Hause bleiben.
Meine Oma ____________ mir immer etwas Geld.
A major problem with depending on fossil fuels as primary energy sources is that they are...
Which of these is the best indication of the relative age of a rock layer?
Which mineral is easily identified by smell?
Scientists use the rock cycle to describe the processes by which...
The Earth's mantle is made up of very hot material that rises to the top of the mantle, cools, then sinks, reheats, and rises again, constantly repeating the cycle. This action, wh
Barrier islands protect inland shores from the surf, especially during storms. yet the islands themselves are not permanent. Why aren't the islands permanent?
In which type of rock are fossils most likely to be found?
Which of the following natural resources makes the largest contribution to Virginia's economy?
While on vacation, a student visits the area around a volcano that has recently erupted. The student can expect to find samples of...
Most modern geologists have argued that a global catastrophe may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. According to these scientists, what was this catastrophe?
In a fish tank, which organism would produce oxygen?
An organism that eats only meat is called a
An organism that eats both plants and meat is
In a food chain involving a fox and a rabbit, the fox would be considered a
In a food chain involving a fox and a rabbit, the rabbit would be considered a
Plants are considered ______________ because they make their own food.
The classification of living things starts with _________ and ends with ________
Animal are classified according to
An animal that experiences ________________, changes into something different
The main difference between living and nonliving things is that living things have
words are spoken by a character in a play to the audience but are not supposed to be heard by other characters
the humorous play on the multiple meanings of words or words that sound alike but have different meanings
A speech in a play by a character alone on the stage.
a type of drama in which a tragic hero suffers a lose usually due to a tragic (or fatal) flaw; it ends unhappily
where a character says one thing but really means something different
A comparison between essentially unlike things without an explicitly comparative word such as like or as.
hint to what is to come in the action of the play or story.
The running over of a sentence or thought into the next without a pause at the end of the line; a run-on line.
A pair of rhymed lines that may or may not constitute a separate stanza in a poem.
character who is used to contrast another character in the play or story.
Why didn't Aaron Burr become the 3rd president?
The Louisiana Territory was purchased by _______________, from _________________.
Which Native American helped explore the Louisiana Territory and has their image on U.S. currency?
Who was commissioned by the President to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Territory?
Whose brother thought that his people could triumph over white soldiers because the Creator would make bullets bounce off their bodies?
The basis for the ___________________ was written during the War of 1812, by Francis Scott Key.
The War of 1812 is sometimes called the second war for independence because...
Impressment is
Henry Clay's __________________ was a three part plan to make the United States economically self-sufficient.
he _____________________ said that the Americas were closed to further colonization
Which was NOT a reason that Americans traveled west?
Mountain Men moved west
Mormons moved west
Land speculators moved west
Identify Trail A
Identify Trail B
Identify trail C
49ers moved west
Jacksonian Democracy is
What was the name for the journey made by the Cherokee after they were removed from their lands by force?
The extension in the web address www.wordsofworth.exe is an example of a/an
The extension in the web address is an example of a/an
Obtaining 12% of the images from a website and using them in a class presentation is in violation of which Fair Use key questions?
What is the effect of adding more related words to a search string?
Which search tool should Joe use to find educational research related specifically to North Carolina birds?
Which search tool will provide the highest volume of results for a travel agent who is searching online airline reservations?
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