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What is the name of the theory that Earth\'s crust and upper mantle are broken into plates that float and move around on the asthenosphere?
What is the name of a large section of Earth's crust and upper mantle that move around on the asthenosphere?
What is the name of the rigid outer layer of Earth that consists of the crust and upper mantle?
What is the name of the layer of Earth on which the tectonic plates float and move around?
What is the name of the process in which heated fluids rise then cool and sink then become heated again and rise, and so on?
What is the name of the largest layer of the Earth that has a thick, syrup-like consistancy?
What is the name of the of the solid, outermost layer of the Earth?
The phase change from a gas to a liquid
The phase change from liquid to gas
The process that releases water vapor from plants
The process of water soaking into the ground
The process of water running downhill over the land.
The process of matter falling down and settling at the bottom of the atmosphere or ocean
The water that is found inside soil and rocks
The source of the energy to run the water cycle
Where does groundwater go?
Most of the water on Earth is found in _____.
Any container that holds water is known as ____.
What term is used to identify drinkable water?
Most of the water on earth is what type of water?
When does the water cycle occur?
Of the following, which is a natural way to clean water?
What is it called when liquid changes to a gas?
What percentage of water on earth is saltwater?
What is it called when water vapor is given off by plants
Where is most of earth's water
What is the term used for water that is sliding over earth's surface?surface?
What percentage of Earth's water is freshwater?
Where was Shakespeare born?
Which of these plays was not written by Shakespeare?
When was William Shakespeare born?
How many plays did Shakespeare write?
What period in English history was it when Shakespeare was alive?
What's the name of the ‘Shakespeare theatre' in London?
Which type of plays did Shakespeare not write?
Who played Romeo in the most recent film version of ‘Romeo and Juliet'?
Who was Shakespeare married to?
When did Shakespeare die?
The higher _________________ or bigger zoom range doesn't make the camera better.
Never look for a camera with the most megapixels or longest _______.
You should make sure the camera fits ________________ in your hand.
When buying a camera lens you probably don't need more than ____.
Resolution is generally referred to in _____________.
Megapixel number tells you how many _______ the uses to produce an image.
Watch out for cheap cameras with _______ resolutions.
Cameras with high resolution usually lack the processing power to deal with _____ images.
A lens of a single focal length is call a ______ lens.
Very flat lens are usually referred to as _____ primes.
Which explanation of the solar system best fits the observations of the planets and how they began orbiting the sun?
Which of the following are found in orbit between Mars and Jupiter?
Which planet is the most massive?
Which of the following is true for both gas planets and terrestrial planets?
Which type of star may turn into a neutron star or a black hole at the end of its life cycle?
Which path is the correct path of light through a reflecting telescope?
Which of the following would you expect to see in the death of a star that is less than 0.5 solar mass?
When a sunlike star’s hydrogen runs out, at first it expands into which of the following?
Which classification describes the Milky Way?
Which of the following describes scientists' best idea about the formation and expansion of the universe?
How do scientists know that the universe is expanding?
During which season and at what latitude does the sun not set?
Cooking in an oven creates ______________ energy.
Before an object moves and/or after it is finished moving it has ____________energy.
___________________energy is used by your body's muscles so you are able to pull an object so that it moves on a flat surface.
________________energy is created when one object strikes another object.
Plugging an object into an outlet creates ____________energy.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The Greeks believed in:
Why did Greeks make the most impressive religious temples?
Were did the eleven most important gods and goddesses live?
The Greeks performed rituals to the gods in hope of what?
What was the oracle?
How would she speak to the priest?
Where was the most famous place a oracle would be?
Who was a role model for young boys?
Rome is located in what country ?
Italy is a what ?
Rome was built by who
Rome overthrew who ?
Julius Caesar was a what
Rome was a Republic for how long ?
Plebians are what ?
The top government officials were who ?
This vocabulary word means to pardon.
This vocabulary word means to help freed slaves by providing schools, food, and shelter
This battle is known as the turning point of the war
This battle had the bloodiest single-day of the war
This vocabulary word refers to the railroad ties that were twisted from the fires built on the tracks
Which of the following was NOT an advantage for the North
Which of the following was NOT an advantage for the South
Who started the Red Cross?
Which battle split the Confederacy at the Mississippi River?
How many votes short were the House of Representatives from convicting Johnson of wrongdoing?
Which factor led to the prosperity and success of the world's early civilizations?
Archaeological studies of the Indus Valley cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro show evidence of
The importance of the Code of Hammurabi, the Twelve Tables, and the Justinian Code is that they
The Byzantine Empire made its most important contributions to late civilizations by
Which situation is considered a cause of the other three?
One reason early civilizations developed in China, Egypt, and Mesopotamia is because
The ideals developed in Athens of Pericles and Republican Rome influenced the development of
Between A.D. 800 and 1600, the West African city of Timbuktu became prosperous with the trading of
The term subsistence farmers refers to people who grow
The Neolithic Revolution was characterized by the
In which region did China's earliest civilizations develop?
How did geography influence the development of ancient Greece?
In China, Confucianism emphasized the idea that
The Eastern Orthodox Church and Cyrillic alphabet originated in the Byzantine Empire. What does this indicate?
One way in which the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire were similar is that both
Which statement explains a cause rather than an effect of the Bantu migration between 500 B.C. and A.D. 1500?
The history of which classical civilization was shaped by the monsoon cycle, the Himalaya Mountains, and the Indus River?
The five relationships taught by Confucius encouraged people to
The Tang dynasty of China, the Gupta Empire of India and the Mali Empire of Africa were similar in that each experienced a period of
One similarity between Japanese Shinoism and African animism is the belief that
How many military districts was the South divided into under the Military Reconstruction Act?
Who was in charge of the military districts in the South?
What was the purpose of the Black Codes?
Which group of people were called scalawags?
Who wanted to use the military strategy known as the defense war of attrition?
Small, fast ships used by the South to get much needed supplies were known as
For Southern states to rejoin the United States, they were required to do all of the following except
On what date did the Civil War begin?
On what date the the Civil War end?
What did the Tenure of Office Act require the President to do?
In which field of study do people learn about the development of early human beings?
Which document is an example of a primary source?
China under the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire were similar in that both grew wealthy because they
Hunting and gathering, subsistence agriculture, and the barter system are characteristics of a
Judaism, Islam, and Christianity share a belief in
Feudalism influenced Europe and Japan by
Hammurabi's code of laws and Qin dynasty legalism are similar in that both promoted the idea that
An important factory that prevented the ancient Greek city-states from uniting to form a single nation was the
Studying oral histories, archaeological evidence, and cultural histories are methods most often used by
When studying ancient civilizations, a geographer would be most interested in looking at
The plan that preserved the balance between slaves and free states in the Senate
Required all people to help catch runaway enslaved people. Could be fined up to $1,000 or be imprisioned for breaking this law.
A network of people that helped runaways (slaves) get to freedom.
War between citizens of the same country.
What was the first territory to shed blood in a civil war over slavery?
What meant that the Constitution protected slavery?
Who led the raid on Harper's Ferry?
A split in the ________ party helped elect Abraham Lincoln to the presidency in 1860.
Which state was the first to secede (withdraw from the Union)?
Who was the first president of the Confederate States of America?
What started the Civil War?
Confederate Capital
Union Capital
What was an advantage of the North?
What was an advantage of the South?
The main goal of the North was to
The main goal of the South was to
Confederate Soldier
Union Soldier
First major battle of the Civil War
Took place on April 6 and lasted 2 days; some of the most bitter and bloody fighting.
Used this battle to take action against slavery
On January 1, 1863, Lincoln signed the
Clara Barton worked with wounded soldiers and founded the
Selection of persons for military service
Stonewall Jackson was a casualty of this battle
Union victories at _________ and _________ were turning points of the war.
On April 9, Lee (South) and his troops surrendered to Grant (North) at
What was NOT a result of the Civil War?
Lincoln was shot at Ford's Theater by __________________.
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What is the transfer of heat by bumping of molecules?
What is the transfer of heat by the flow of unevenly heated material?
What causes Earth's seasons?
What is the natural source of nitrous oxides?
Express conditions are provided for by the parties’ agreement.
A contract comes to an end when both parties fulfill their respective duties by performing the acts they have promised.
A party who substantially performs his or her duties under a con¬tract can enforce the contract against the other party.
Any breach allows the nonbreaching party to sue for damages.
Anticipatory repudiation discharges a contract.
A breach of contract occurs only when a party fails to perform all of his or her duties under a contract.
If no time for performance is stated in a contract, any time is acceptable.
When a contract party alters a written contract, the other party must adapt his or her performance accordingly.
A contract is discharged when a change in the law renders the performance illegal.
A discharge in bankruptcy will ordinarily bar enforcement of most of a debtor’s contracts by creditors.
x^12 / x ^10
m^16 / m^10
n^20 / n^5
y^15 / y^5
z^50 / z^18
p^28 / p^14
m^500 / m^100
x^48 / x^38
x^12 / x^8
y^60 / y^22
Belle enters into a contract to subdivide and sell housing lots in Colin’s hillside field if Dell City annexes the property within the next year. Belle’s duty to perform is
Jen agrees to buy Kev’s Dirt Bike business on the express condition that Valley Credit Union approves the financing. This approval is
Elton and Florida sign a contract by which Elton agrees to deliver and install a utility sink on May 15 in exchange for Florida’s promise to pay the $150 price on May 15. The delivery and installation of the sink and the payment of the price are ex¬a
Real Cheap Painters, Inc., agrees to paint Quint’s house, using a particular brand of “discount” paint. Real Cheap completes the job but uses a dif¬ferent brand of discounted paint. This is most likely
Jane and Kelly want Lucy to replace Kelly as a party to their con¬tract. They can best accomplish this by
Quito contracts with Rewind Graphix, Inc., to pay $5,000 for its work on the animated film “Song.” After Rewind performs, they sign an accord, in which Quito promises to pay $4,000 within ten days instead of $5,000 later. But Quito does not pay. Rewi
Ruth contracts to provide Shelly with fifty hours of telepathic personal coaching. The state legisla¬ture sub¬sequently passes a law making tele¬pathic personal coaching illegal. This law will
What's the official flower of the Kentucky Derby?
A gift of fine china represents what year anniversary?
Do ants sleep?
Ella ___________ a las seis de la mañana
Yo _______________________ en el sofá.
Tú _________________ con una toalla.
Yo me lavo las manos con ________________.
Yo necesito ___________________ para mi pelo.
Él se llama ___________________.
¿A qué hora te acuestas?
Los muchachos se afeitan con ____________________.
Yo __________________________ en la fiesta con mis amigos.
What is the Spanish word for sometimes?
What is the Spanish word for soap?
Ella _______________________ el pelo.
What is the tendency of water molecules to stick to other water molecules called?
What is the tendency of water molecules to stick to molecules of other substances called?
What is an object that has opposite ends, positive/negative or north/south, called?
What is the tendancy for water molecules at the top to hold tightly to one another?
What is the movement upward through a small space against the pull of gravity called?
What is the characteristic of a substance that indicates how easily it heats up or cools down?
What problem is caused by water's ability to dissolve substances?
Why is capillary action important to living things?
In what state does water exist in the atmosphere?
Why is the fact that water heats and cools slowly important to life?
A word that describes a verb, answering how, when, where, or to what extent?
Comparing sets of items based on their relationships
An organizational pattern in which an action occurs and something happens as a result of the action
The way in which a character changes overtime or throughout the course of a fictional story
An organizational pattern in which the similarities and differences are explained
A sentence containing two or more independent clauses joined by a conjunction
A struggle or battle a character experiences in a story
A group of words that further break down the overall idea into smaller sections that relate to the topic
Use a combination of information from the text, other sources, and prior knowledge to answer questions
A group of words at the beginning of a paragraph or chapter that tell the reader what the section is all about
The perspective from which a story is told
Combine ideas in the text with prior knowledge to form inferences in order to answer a question
Progression of events leading to a resolution
Answer a question that is entirely in the reader's mind
Information needed to answer questions right there in the text
Phrases used to add style or bring life to writing
comparing two unlike things by saying one thing is another
A folktale that is considered sacred and that attempts to explain how things came to be
Tells a fictional story that can be based upon facts
Different ways of organizing information based on the author's purpose
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The only landlocked nation of mainland Southeast Asia is....
Which of the following accurately describes the outcome of the Vietnam War?
What caused the division of Korea into two countries?
Which of the following does not form part of Korea's borders?
Most of Japan is
A major effect of Commodore Perry's visit to Japan was...
As a result of the Treaty of Tordesillas
The Cuban Missile Crisis happened as a result of
The Ural Mountains are a
During the Stalin era, Soviet literature was used primarily for
Which of the following was a step that Gorbachev took to help end the Cold War
North Korea's government is
The most important animal in Mongolia is the
More than 50% of China's workers earn a living from
Japan is near one of the world's best
Most of Russia is located
Most of northern Mexico is
South Koreans usually follow the value system of
The Red Guards did all of the following except..
Vietnam's economy is still recovering from
Which of the following is an example of a Mollusk?
Which type of Mollusk is a clam?
Which of the following is a mollusk?
Which statement describes the body of a mollusk?
How do mollusks get oxygen?
Which of the following describes a mollusks circulatory system?
How do most mollusks move?
What type of mollusk is a snail?
What type of mollusk is a squid?
What do squid and octopus use to hide from predators
Vocational rehabilitation services are:
This act was passed in 1967 and prohibits discrimination against people between forty and seventy years of age:
Life roles are:
One condition that can be most dangerous on the job is:
A natural reaction to the demands of daily life is:
You can reap the benefits of exercise by exercising a minimum of:
Which developmental group is mainly concerned with providing for a family?
A law that guarantees financial assistance to workers injured on the job is:
A group of people who are caring for both their parents and their children are called:
Putting important items that need to be done first is referred to as:
According to medical experts, a major cause of stress is:
When a person has a job that is enjoyable, mental health is generally:
The Family Medical Leave Act was designed to cover:
During leisure time, a person might be involved in which activity:
The way a person lives his or her life is known as a:
Getting inadequate rest is related to:
Which contributes to unsafe working conditions?
Workplace safety is primarily the responsibility of the:
According to Erikson, attitudes toward work and personal responsibility are first formed as a/an:
The main reason why most young people seek a first job is:
Why did the United States send troops to Vietnam in the 1960s?
Pacific South America is threatened by
The Amazon River\'s tributaries begin high in the
United States currently has military deployed in these two countries
Japan\'s home islands are
Which of the following is NOT a climate found in Mexico?
The world\'s tallest mountain is
Beijing is
What happened to the Soviet Union in 1991?
Which of the following republics borders the Black Sea?
Most traditional society are
The Code of Hammurabi and the Twelve Tables were designed to
The terms Brahma, dharma, and moksha are most closely associated with which religion
Constantinople became the center of the Byzantine Empire because
One way in which the code of chivalry in Europe and the code of Bushido in Japan were similar is that both codes were intended to
Carefully drawn calligraphy, Zen gardens, and the tea ceremony are examples of
The spread of Islam into the kingdoms of Ghana and Mali resulted from
Which feature would most often be shown on a political map
The geographic isolation of a society most often leads to the
In a traditional economic system, which type of goods are most often produced?
Which quotation from the teachings of Confucius is most similar to the Golden Rule from Judeo-Christian teaching?
The West African kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai experienced economic prosperity because they all
Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo were similar in that both
Which geographic characteristic is shared by both Greece and Japan?
Which geographic feature had the greatest influence on the development of ancient civilizations?
What is one characteristic of a society that practices subsistence agriculture?
What was one cause of the development of many small independent city-states in ancient Greece?
In India, Bangladesh, and much of Southeast Asia, agricultural productivity is most affected by the
Which belief is shared by Hindus and Buddhists?
Some historians suggest that as a result of the Mongol invasions of Russia, the Russian people were
Which statement best describes an impact of geography on the history of the Korean peninsula?
The caste system in India and the feudal system in Europe were similar in that both
Which belief is shared by an African who practices animism and a Japanese person who practices Shinto?
Italy, Korea, Spain and India are similar in that each is considered
According to Buddhist principles, believers can end personal suffering by
Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are similar in that they all ask their followers to
Shintoism and animism share a belief in the importance of
In a comparison of the ancient cities of Athens and Sparta, Sparta placed more emphasis on
After the western Roman Empire fell to Germanic invaders in the 5th century A.D., the eastern part of the empire eventually became known as the
The Age of Pericles in Athens, the Gupta Empire in India, and the Tang dynasty in China all experienced a golden age with
The travels of Marco Polo resulted in the
The wealth and power of Mali's ruler, Mansa Musa were significant because they contributed to the
The Silk Road was important because it allowed for the
Olympic games, the poems of Homer, and Hellenistic culture are associated with which civilization?
The Code of Hammurabi was a major contribution to the development of civilization because it
One effect of rugged, mountainous geography on the civilization of ancient Greece was the development of
Which fact relating to early Japan was a result of the other three?
When Koreans call their land "a shrimp among whales," they are referring to
The Twelve Tables, Justinian's Code, and the English Bill of Rights are similar in that each addresses the issue of
Which social scientists are best known for studying the physical artifacts of a culture?
Answers by Educators Question Database
During which process are sediments transported?
What type of rock with form when granite is changed by heat and pressure?
Marble is an example of _____________ _______________.
What does the word barricade mean?
What does the word exhilarate mean?
What does the word indignant mean?
What does the word tangent mean?
What does the word falter mean?
What does the word momentum mean?
What does the word somber mean?
What does the word foresight mean?
What is an independent clause
What is a dependent clause?
To give up land
Yearly meeting where Mountain Men traded furs.
Self-appointed law enforcer who deals out punishment without a trial. They were common in C
Land purchased by the U.S. in 1853 for $10 million.
Land granted to the United States in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo at the conclusion of the Mexican War.
The belief that the United States had the right and the duty to expand to the Pacific Ocean.
Religious group who were led to Utah by Brigham Young.
Missionaries who went to Oregon
Led settlers from the United States into Texas
Led Mexicans in the attack on the Alamo
Land purchased by the U.S. in 1853 for 10 Million
Commander of the Army of the Republic of Texas
Spanish colonists in California in the 1800'3
People who headed to California in search of gold in 1849
Agreement to share Oregon in 1818
Person who won the election of 1844
Site of famous battle for Texas Independence in 1836
Reasons for decline of Native American population in California
Men who lived off the land and searched for furs out West
Place where Oregon Trail began
This amendment sets up rules for citizenship and protects due process rights from the state governments -
Which of the following is not one of the 5 requirements to be a natural born citizen?
Duty's are things we must do as citizens, what do we call things we should do?
What function of a political party was completed when the Democrats chose Barack Obama to run for president?
Where are all the differences between political party's located?
What do all political party's want to do?
What type of political parties revolve around a political personality and introduce new ideas to the public?
John was reading the newspaper and the article only talked about all the great things the democrats were doing and the bad things republicans were doing. Why should he stop reading this paper?
Alice was arrested after writing an article in the Washington Post criticizing Obama. Which of her first amendment rights were violated?
Respect, honestly, responsibility and self reliance are all -
Which of the following is not a role the mass media plays in elections
How have rising campaign costs affected elections?
Anna is 19 years old, a resident of Virginia, and a naturalized citizen of the United States. Why was she not allowed to vote?
How is the President of the United States chosen?
How are the electoral votes of each state decided?
We the people... is an example of which fundamental principle of democracy?
What type of government does the United States have?
This document listed the grievances against the king, unalienable rights, and broke up with Great Britain-
This document lays out the structure of our current form of government-
A U.S. Senator was arrested for robbing a bank. What fundamental principle of democracy does this illustrate?
What is the first part of the Constitution, which states the 6 goals of the document, called?
The founding fathers did not want the country to split apart like it did during the Civil War. What goal of the preamble illustrates this?
What are the two steps to amend the Constitution, and what article of the Constitution states the process?
Splitting powers between the three branches of government is known as-
What is the main job of the Legislative Branch of the Government?
What is the main job of the Executive Branch of the government?
What is the main job of the judicial branch of government?
When the president vetoes a law, what branches power is he/she checking?
After a bill has been introduced by a member of Congress, where does it go before it is debated?
The AARP goes to COngress and tries to influence laws on behalf of elderly Americans. What is the AARP
When the President introduces a law to Congress, what hat is he wearing?
The United states has two courts, so it has a ___________ court system.
The art of negotiating with other countries.
(“rebirth”) period of renewed interest in art and learning in Europe
Interested in worldly rather than religious matters.
Renaissance movement based on the values of the ancient Greeks and Romans, such as that individuals and human society were important.
Everyday language used in a country or region.
The period from 1350 - 1500 in Europe is called the Renaissance because
The Renaissance was a rebirth of interest in the same subjects the ___________ and __________ had studied.
The Renaissance began in which country?
Who wrote The Prince in 1513?
What did Machiavelli argue in his book The Prince?
How did the Italian city-states become wealthy?
______________, a merchant from the city of Venice, traveled to China and wrote a popular book about his travels.
What two things did the Italians buy and sell to people in Western Europe at very high prices?
___________ was the first Italian city-state to grow wealthy and produce many famous artists.
The Flamingo was the gold coin of Florence that was used to measure the value of other money.
Who was Florence's richest family?
Venice was the wealthiest Italian city-state
Who gained control of the government of Florence in 1434?
Which two things did humanists seek a balance between?
What prevents much of the Sun's energy from reaching Earth's surface?
What does all the water on Earth form?
What do we call the mixture of gases that surrounds the planet?
What percentage of clean dry air is carbon dioxide?
Which atmospheric gas varies from 0 to 4 percent?
Which greenhouse gas is not a normal part of the atmosphere?
Which greenhouse gas is produced naturally by respiraton and volcanic outgassing?
Which greenhouse gas is naturally produced by atmospheric processes?
Which human activity contributes most to increasing carbon dioxide levels?
How have humans affected the level of CFC's?
What is the most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere?
Which of the following is NOT a greenhouse gas?
What is the trapping of heat by certain gases in the atmosphere called?
Which greenhouse gas is most efficient at trapping heat?
Why can light energy easily enter the atmosphere, but it cannot easily escape?
What is the transfer of heat by waves and rays?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The longest physical feature on Earth is the
A seamount is a:
The sloped areas that surround the continents to make a shallow sea are called:
The tides are caused by the pull of the:
A tsunami can be caused by
Where the shore meets the sea is called the
The crack that runs down the center of a mid-ocean ridge is called a
What is the cause of seafloor spreading
Which part of the ocean is farthest from shore?
What is one way that salt gets in the ocean?
What chemical reaction makes biodiesel?
What is a byproduct of producing biodiesel?
What cannot be used to as a biodiesel feedstock?
Up to what biodiesel blend is safety used in diesel engines without modifications?
What typical catalyst is used to make biodiesel?
Pure biodiesel does not emit what pollutant?
Biodiesel does what at cold temperatures?
Washing biodiesel removes what?
What does the XX stand for in the biodiesel blend designation?
Biodiesel is also called what?
The Phoenicians are often referred to as the "carriers of civilization" because they
The exchange of silks and spices and the spread of Buddhism along the Silk Roads are examples of
Which accomplishments are associated with the Gupta Empire?
Kievan Russia adopted the Eastern Orthodox religion, the Cyrillic alphabet, and different styles of art and architecture through contact with
Which statement about the Golden Age of Islam is a fact rather than an opinion?
Which economic activity was the basis for most of the wealth and power of the West African empires of Ghana and Mali?
Which two cultures most influenced the development of early Japan?
One way in which the Magna Carta, the Petition of Right, and the Glorious Revolution are similar is that each
What was an important result of the Neolithic Revolution?
Before the use of the Silk Road, how did geography affect early China?
What do you call the small openings covering a sponges body?
Which of the following organisms is a member of the phylum Porifera?
How do sponges get their food?
What do you call the sharp pointed structures found on some sponges?
Most sponges are hermaphrodites. What does this mean?
What is the simplest group of invertebrates?
How are the larvae of sponges different from adult sponges?
Where do most adult sponges spend their lives?
What do you call an organism that produces both sperm and eggs?
Describe a sponges body.
Which of the following is an example of a coelenterate or cnidarian?
Which of the following is an example of a coelenterate or cnidarian?
Which of the following describes the body of a coelenterate or cnidarian?
What is a nematocyst?
How many body plans are found in the phylum of coelenterates or cnidarians?
What does radial symetry mean?
Which of the following coelenterates has the body form of a polyp?
Which of the following organisms has the medusa body form?
Which of the following are examples of coelenterates or cnidarians?
Which of the following are examples of coelenterates or cnidarians?
The President's role as the head of the armed forces is known as _______
The formal statement of a political party's basic principles
The plan by which a presidential vacancy is filled is known as _________
The speech given by an important party member at the first session of the national convention
the mass of people who actually cast votes in an election are known as _______
The name of the group that makes the formal selection of the President
The President is the nation's _______ , heading a large government organization
Presidential candidates often choose a running mate who can ______ by virtue of certain characteristics.
The ______ is the group of people chosen from each State and the District of Columbia to formally select the President and Vice President.
The basic statement of the party's policies and principles is known as its ______.
As ______, the President is the symbol of all the people of the nation.
A(n) _______ is an international agreement that requires senate approval.
A judicial power of the president to reduce or lesson a sentence is known as a(n) _____
The ___________ outlines the powers of the presidency.
A _____ postpones the execution of a sentence.
A directive made by the President that has the effect of law is called a(n) _____
The Pesident can make a(n) ______ with heads of foreign states without the consent of the Senate
The Presdient can accept anohter country as equal in the family of nations under the power of ______.
______ is the granting of a general pardon to a whole group of law violators.
A President can serve no more the ______ years in office.
Which of these officers follows the Vice President in the line of presidential succession?
The least number of presidential electors a State can have is
The Constitution assigns this formal duty to the Vice President of the United States
Which of the following is NOT a formal qualification for the presidency?
A major flaw of the electoral college system is that
Which has NOT worked to strengthen the powers of the presidency?
After receiving a bill from Congress the President can take any of the follwoing actions EXCEPT
The _____ appoints Cabinet members ______
One way the President exercises legislative power over Congress is by
Within the executive branch of U.S. Government, the title of "department" is reserved for
Which are functions of employees working the the WHite House Office?
Which is NOT one of the principles upon which all bureaucracies are organized?
The phrase the "name game" in relation to the federal bureaucracy suggests that
Which of the following best summarizes the main purpose of the Executive Office of the President?
Some independent agencies are quasi-legislative & quasi-judicial in that they
Which statement about staff and line agencies is true?
The National Security Council's main job is to
The federal employees who work most dierctly with the President are part of the
Two major jobs of Cabinet members are to act as advisors and
What type of dog breed is Ms. Lindgren's new puppy Guage?
A passenger in the rear seat of a car moving at a steady speed is at rest relative to
Which distance can be most accurately measured with a ruler?
A kilometer equals 1000 meters. What does the prefix kilo- mean
A person walks 1 mile every day for exercise, leaving her front porch at 9 AM and returning to her front porch at 9:25AM. What is the total displacement of her daily walk?
Speed in the ratio of the distance an object moves to
Vector addition is used when motion involves
The rate at which velocity changes is called
An object that is accelerating may be
Which example identifies a change in motion that produces acceleration?
Which example describes constant acceleration due ONLY to a change in direction
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In Piaget's four periods of learning, which period comes last?
To what does the term articulation refer?
1. What is the surface area?
2. What is the surface area?
3. What is the surface area?
4. What is the surface area?
5. What is the surface area?
6. What is the surface area?
7. What is the surface area?
8. What is the surface area?
9. What is the surface area?
10. What is the surface area?
A solar eclipse occurs during this phase of the moon.
A lunar eclipse occurs during this phase of the moon.
The dark inner shadow that occurs during an eclipse is called the
The lighter outer shadow that occurs during an eclipse is called the
During a total eclipse, the area that is experiencing the eclipse is located in the
During a partial eclipse, the area that is experiencing the eclipse is located in the
The two types of eclipses are
The partial or total blocking of one object in space by another is called a(n)
During this type of eclipse, Earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon
During this type of eclipse the moon passes directly between Earth and the sun, blocking sunlight from Earth.
This is an inclined plane wrapped around a central cylinder to form a spiral
A lever rotates around a fixed point which is called a
A screwdriver is an example of which simple machine
A rolling pin, a scooter and a pizza slicer are an example of what kind of simple machines
This type of simple machine is thick on one end and tapers to a thin edge at the other end
A rope or chain wrapped around a grooved wheel is called a
A lever rotates around a fixed point which is called the
Which of the following is an example of an inclined plane?
This is a flat, slanted surface
A flag pole is considered what types of simple machines?
Your enemy is your....
Someone who is insane might be considered...
If you are in a book club, you are most likely in a ....
The greek root for law is...
A ________________knows a lot about a particular subject.
the latin root for reason is...
This root means old
Kids who are bad in class are often...
The Nazis felt that they could attack Jews with _______________, because they weren't doing anything wrong.
The opposite of deter is...
Where does the story take place?
Which character is the oldest?
About how old do you think Amy is?
What kind of math does Jake have trouble with?
How are Ben and Jake related?
How does Ben teach Jake to be better at math?
What idea does Amy have to count numbers higher than 10?
What does Jake do that lets his brother know he is feeling down?
What does Jake say that shows us he might still have a problem?
If Jake uses his fingers and his toes, how high could he count?
What is the Copper Belt?
What is Kinshasa?
What is the Kongo Kingdom?
What is Malaria?
What is the Congo River?
What is the Zambezi River?
What is Ivory?
What is a dialect?
What is malnutrition?
What is a canopy?
What is inflation?
Define censure
Define redundant
Define precede
Define correlate
Define infer
Define transient
Define omit
Define differentiate
define analyze
Define asinine
How are the states involved in the amendment process?
People are the source of all government power. Which basic principle of government is represented by this statement?
All of the following are fundamental principles of the American constitutional government EXCEPT -
Which goal of the Constitution is fulfilled if the Governors of Virginia and West Virginia work together to solve common problems?
All of the following freedoms are protected under the 1st Amendment EXCEPT -
In order to become an American citizen, an immigrant must study all of the following subjects EXCEPT -
All of the following are duties EXCEPT -
What amendment extends the due process protection to actions of the state?
Obeying the law, paying taxes, and serving in court are examples of a citizen's --
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the state wherein they reside. This excerpt is from Amendment?
Wivenalyne finds a wallet in the parking lot at school. What should she do to demonstrate the character traits of trustworthiness and honesty?
Gary reminds his mother to buckle her seat belt and not to talk on her cell phone on their morning drive to school. Gary is modeling the character triat of
Neomi gets herself up each morning and fixes her own breakfast. Which personal trait is she most likely demonstrating?
Which example best demonstrates Abraham Lincoln being honest?
Which example best demonstrates William volunteering for his community?
How many ways are there to purpose a constitutional amendment?
The Preamble begins with -
What do you call a document that sets up the current structure of government?
Which of the following is NOT an example of performing a community service?
Joining the League of Women Voters is an example of--
Which of these is an organic sedimentary rock?
What is molten material at Earth's surface called?
Which rock has large mineral grains?
What do igneous rocks form from?
What kind of rock is marble?
What sedimentary rock is found in the Valley and Ridge and is used to make concrete?
Which of the following is an example of clastic sedimentary rocks?
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
5, 2, 7
Which of the following is an echinoderm?
Which of the following describes the body structure of an echinoderm?
Which of the following is NOT an echinoderm?
How does a starfish eat?
What body structure do sea urchins and sand dollars have in common?
What do sea cucumbers do when threatened by a predator?
Sea stars can repair themselves by regrowing body parts. What is this called?
Describe an echinoderm's water vascular system.
Which of the following is an echinoderm?
Which of the following is an echinoderm?
Which phylum of worms have flat bodies?
Which phylum of worms have slender bodies tapered at both ends?
Which phylum of worms has its body divided into segments?
A tape worm is a member of which worm phylum?
Heartworms are members of which worm phylum?
An earthworm and a leech are members of which phylum?
Decribe the circulatory system of an earthworm.
How do earthworms "breathe'?
What helps an earthworm move?
Roundworms are often parasites. What does this mean?
Describe the body structure of an arthropod.
Desribe the body structure of an insect.
How do insects breathe?
Which of the following describes complete metamorphosis?
Which of the following describes incomplete metamorphosis?
Describe the body structure of an arachnid.
How do arachnids breathe?
What is one differnence between millipedes and centipedes?
How do cructaceans breathe?
Which of the following is an insect?
When an individual has a conflict with another employee, what is the best action to take?
Most workers lose a job because of:
Which is the most effective written message?
Which is a characteristic of an effective team leader?
Which is the best course of action to take when there is more work than can be completed in a given time period?
According to the scenario, how should Sarah most effectively express her feelings to Billy?
Which statement about teamwork is TRUE?
Why is the Sandwich Technique effective for providing feedback?
Which statement describes the best way to tell someone that their performance is inadequate?
When feedback is received, one should:
Reading is important in the workplace because of the need to read:
A group of people who work together to set goals, make decisions, solve problems, and put ideas into action is called a:
Which often has the most effect on the understanding of a spoken message?
Anyone who receives feedback should:
When talking on the phone at work, it is acceptable to:
The words TO, FROM, DATE and SUBJECT appear in the heading of a:
When delivering a speech, it is best to focus on the:
Which written document is usually very brief and resembles a memo?
When addressing someone involved in a conflict:
Turning a conflict over to a third party when those involved cannot agree on a solution is:
The United States Constitution corrected a weakness in the Articles of Confederation by
The adoption of the Bill of Rights (1791) addressed the Antifederalist criticism of the new Constitution by
A major criticism of the electoral college is that it
Which action is an example of the unwritten constitution?
Increased immigration from Ireland to the United States during the 1840s was primarily a result of
A major cause of the Monroe Doctrine (1823) was to
In Korematsu v. United States (1944), the Supreme Court said that the removal of Japanese Americans from their homes was constitutional because
The United States found it difficult to remain neutral during the first three years of World War I becuase of its desire to
In the late 1800s, the principles of the Social Darwinism were most consistent with the ideas of
As a result of the Spanish- American War, the United States saw the need to build the Panama Canal because
Tiny hair like projections that increase the surface area of your small intestine are called what?
Water re-absorbtion occurs in which organ?
Chemical digestion on carbohydrates begins by the secretion from what?
This flap of skin and cartilage closes off the trachae during swallowing
Particles of food are moved along the digestive tract due to what muscular movement?
If a person is suffering from diarrhea it is because...
All of these are nutrients except...
This breaks down fats:
Gallstones are usually made of:
The proper organization, from smallest to largest is:
Which genre usually has photographs instead of illustrations?
Which genre usually animals as characters?
Which genre do you read for entertainment?
Which genre usually ends happily ever after?
Which genre is about real people?
Which genre often rhymes?
Which genre can be found on the internet?
Why do we read dictionaries?
Which genre has characters, setting and a problem?
Which genre could you write about yourself?
What does acceleration mean?
Which is a definition for balance?
What is inertia?
What does motion mean?
What is the definition of opposite?
What does resistance mean?
What is a scientist?
Define velocity.
Which city has the best team in the NBA?
Are you going to pass this vocabulary quiz on Friday?
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Which of the following policies would be duplicate coverage for your health insurance policy
Which of the following policies is not a benefit of having a will
For women the _____ is the most important key to financial security
Which of the following statements about disability insurance is false
Which type of insurance should you have
The type of insurance to buy when you are 60 years old is
When it comes to communications with others about money, you should not
Life insurance policy for a specific period of time is called
Which of the following statements regarding marriage and money is FALSE
Which of the following is NOT a true statement about an HSA
Which of the following would not be a huge financial risk and not require insurance if you have a full emergency fund of $500
You are involved in a two-car accident in which you are at fault. The other driver and your insurance covers the medical expenses of the victim. This type of coverage is called
Which of the following is NOT a recommended way to save on your health insurance premium
You should communicate your money goals with your parents and others close to you because
The purpose of insurance is to
When married couples do not share goals and values in how they manage money, which of the following can occur
Which of the following statements about long-term care insurance is false
If you value security you are more likely to
What covers damage to the other car when in an accident
Which of the following statements is FALSE
Since men and women are different who is supposed to do the financial decision making in the marriage
A person becomes self insured when
What is the meaning of the word eavesdrop?
What does the word knoll mean?
What does the word repugnant mean?
What does the word aplomb mean?
What does the word egregious mean?
What does the word restitution mean?
What does the word apprehension mean?
What does the word ember mean?
What does the word infinitesimal mean?
What does the word sabotage mean?
What does convention mean?
What does episode mean?
What does relevant mean?
What does ethics mean?
What does disperse mean?
What does adapt mean?
What does illuminate mean?
What does jargon mean?
What does malleable mean?
What does adversary mean?
What does the word aptitude mean?
What does the word emerge mean?
What does the word scarcity mean?
What does the word engross mean?
What does the word meander mean?
What does the word scurry mean?
What does the word banish mean?
What does the word exasperate mean?
What does the word meticulous mean?
What does the word serenity mean?
Le comptoir de la compagnie aérienne est dans ____ de l'aérogare.
L'avion n'est pas à l'heure. Il a vingt minutes de ____.
Voilà. Notre avion part de la ____ 24.
Tous les passagers passent par ____.
Les passagers mettent leurs ____ dans le coffre à bagages.
Les ____ et les stewards servent le dîner à bord.
Pendant le vol, les passagers ____ une carte de débarquement.
Après le dîner, les stewards ramassent les ____.
Attention! Le pilot fait ____.
À l'aéroport, l'agent ____ les passeports et les billets.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are also known as what?
What was one of the first jobs given to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?
All of the below are members of the first inhabitants of Canada except for which of the below?
What two languages are Canada’s official languages?
What percent of people in Canada speak English?
What percent of people in Canada speak French?
What is the native language of the Inuit.
True or False? Ethnic groups are spread evenly across Canada.
Where do French Canadians tend to settle in Canada?
Where do most Chinese immigrants to Canada tend to settle?
All of these are the three ways to live life in Canada except for which of the bellow?
More than 75% Canadians live in these areas.
People in Canada who live a more traditional life based on farming tend to live where?
People living in tents or igloos, and traveling by dog sled are living which way of life?
True or False? The Inuit live in wooden houses and wear modern clothing.
Canada has _______ land than the US, but _______ people.
What do Canadians fear?
What varies from region to region in Canada?
Canadian have a literacy rate of what percent?
All of these are famous Canadian writers except for who?
T or F: One way of helping a child get ready to read is to read aloud to hime everyday, for example at bedtime.
T or F: One way of encouraging language development is to talk with children about what is happening around them.
What term is used to describe toys and activities that are suitable for a child at a specific age?
What skill improves in toddlers that allows them to pick up small objects using their thumb and forefinger?
What would most likely be a choking hazard for a 2 year old?
If a child wants to improve their gross motor skills, which of these would probably be the most useful?
How might a 3 year old show his hand-eye coordination?
How can a parent encourage a child to dress herself?
WHy should a parent not feed carrots to a one year old?
Which food group contains foods with the most protein?
Which is true concerning toilet training?
Why might a parent choose shoes with Velcro fastners rather than shoelaces?
What does the term autonomy mean?
How might a parent encourage independence in a 3 year old?
How does adult duidance help children with their moral development?
If a toddler is having a temper tantrum at a store because you will not purchase a toy, wha tis the best way to handle it?
A toddler calls any pet he sees a cat. Whcih statement best explains this?
When a child learns to ride a tricycle by watching his older sister, what learning method is he using?
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which statement best describes the relationship between cells, DNA, and proteins?
Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of an extra chromosome in the body cells of humans. This extra chromosome occurs in a gamete as a result of
Genes involved in the production of abnormal red blood cells have an abnormal sequence of
The reason that organisms can NOT produce populations of unlimited size is that
Which statement describing a cause of extinction includes the other three?
In the transfer of energy from the Sun to the ecosystems, which molecule is one of the first to store this energy?
Which statement best describes how a vaccination can help protect the body against disease?
Organisms that are able to manufacture organic nutrients from substances in the abiotic environment are classified as
Which factor would have the greatest effect on the flow of energy into an ecosystem?
Which structures carry out life functions within cells?
These carry blood AWAY from your heart.
The human heart has how many chambers?
These carry oxgenated blood BACK to the heart.
This is the largest artery in your body.
These are what keeps blood flowing in one direction in and out of the heart.
These cells are what attack infection in the body.
Alveoli need to be extremely thin so that...
The voice box is found in the...
What would happen if the trachea became blocked?
Below the trachea, the ___________ form the first branches into the lungs.
Carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body.
Organs that filter blood to remove wastes
Waste liquid containing water, salts and wastes
Excretion is...
If both kidneys fail, what treatment must you undergo?
All of these organs are involved in excretion EXCEPT...
In general, the urinary system benefits the human body the most by...
The functional unit of the kidneys is the
Kidney stones are made of
Bladder infections must be treated by
Which one is NOT a type of muscle?
Tendons connect bone to...
Smooth muscle is...
Muscles ____________ when the nervous systems causes muscle fibers to move
Muscles are
The appendicular skeleton includes
The axial skeleton includes
Where two bones meet
Connective tissue between bones that cushions
This is made in bone marrow
The endocrine system is responsible for
A group of cells that make special chemicals in your body is called:
Insulin is produced in the:
Which hormone allows you to respond to a frightening situation?
This gland is also called the "master gland":
Chemicals produced by endocrine glands are called:
The ________ and the _______ produce hormones that are involved in reproduction.
A disease of the pancreas can be:
If you are feeling sluggish and tired and gain weight easily, you may have
The endocrine system works together with
An example of a pathogen is:
What is NOT a way that pathogens are spread.
What kind of disease is rheumatoid arthritis?
What are the two types of immune response?
Why are white blood cells sent to the part of the body that is infected by pathogens?
AIDS is caused by
All of these are symptoms of inflammation EXCEPT:
These white blood cells engulf or "eat" pathogens
These proteins fight viruses
You can get passive immunity by
A signal that the bladder is full is sent to the central nervous system by
Which of the following is a function of the nervous system
What is the path of a reflex?
Which three human-body systems coordinate to cause an arm to move?
All of the following are parts of a neuron EXCEPT
The central nervous system includes all of the following EXCEPT
The somatic nervous system
The following are ways to view the brain EXCEPT
Two ways drugs can change our brain chemistry are
A blood clot near or in the brain can result in
What layer of the atmosphere contains ozone layer?
Which layer contains most of the pollution?
Which layer contains most of the weather?
What is harmful if found in the troposphere but protects us if found in the stratosphere?
Temperature inversion is when
Standing water releases what type of greenhouse gas?
Which of the following cycles would be most effected by the burning of fossil fuels?
Two main gasses in the Earth's atmosphere are?
Which of the following could cause a decrease in global temperatures?
Atmosphere pressure ______________ with __________________ altitude.
Which type of financial aid must be paid back?
A good source for scholarship information is:
Every postsecondary educational institution requires:
An effective individual career planning program for high school includes:
In North Carolina, a primary source for financial aid information is:
Which high school subjects and occupations are most closely related?
A student who wishes to enroll in a dual enrollment course will be required to take which test?
A four-year career plan developed for use in high school should reflect:
When considering a student for admission, most colleges look at all of the following EXCEPT:
For a student entering the medical field, which career-technical course would be most helpful in high school?
A paid or unpaid, practical, work experience through which a student or graduate gains practical experience under supervision is:
A postsecondary school where a student might receive a bachelor’s degree in a specific discipline is a:
Education and training provided by an employer that usually takes place at a work site is known as:
Career pathways allow a student to:
Skills useful in the workplace are often developed:
Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees are awarded by:
Which is an example of a Career-Technical Student Organization (CTSO)?
The skill that is basic to all studying is:
Volunteer experiences may help a student:
Which is an example of a poor study skill/habit?
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Duplicate coverage or any extra insurance on top of your existing insurance is not necessary
All apartment renters are required to have renters insurance
The lower deductible on your auto insurance, the more expensive your premium will be
In a marriage, you are financially accountable to each other
A written plan gives the single person empowerment, self accountability, and control
Prepaid burial policies are a good idea
When managing money one's value system is of no importance
Broad Collision insurance pays for the damage to your car if you cause an accident
What is a characteristic of an imperialist nation?
Which European country established the largest imperial empire?
Which term describes extreme national pride and the wish to strength the nation?
What happened to China as a result of the Opium Wars?
The following all have to do with what war: Jingoism, Yellow Journalism, USS Maine, Imperialism?
Following the Spanish-American War, how di other countries view the United States?
What did the Sepoy Rebellion symbolize for Britain?
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