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Meaning for: sure to happen
Meaning for: fixed deeply and firmly
Synonym for: Meteoric
Meaning for: a humorous or ridiculous imitation
Meaning for: to triumph over; to succeed
Synonym for: relic
Synonym for: rend
Antonym for: Replenish
Meaning for: to search through
antonym for: skimp
Synonym for: sleuth
Synonym for: vandalism
A compound that produces hydronium ions in solution is classified as
A compound that produces hydroxide ions in solution is classified as
H3O+ is
OH- is
Acids taste
The reaction between an acid and a metal produces a salt and
A acid will turn litmus paper
Bases taste
Bases feel
A base will cause litmus paper to become
When an acid and a base react in a neutralization reaction the products are
HCl is classified as
NaOH is classified as
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following is NOT true concerning hurricanes?
This is the safest place in your home when a tornado warning has been issued
Hurricanes are classified according to intensity using the ____.
The mature stage of a thunderstorm is associated with which of the following?
The greatest number of thunderstorms occur in the ____.
Which of the following is NOT true concerning hail?
The eye of a hurricane has the ____.
Thunderstorms form when warm, humid air rises in a/an ____.
What causes a hurricane to lose energy when it moves onto land?
The center of a tornado is characterized by its ____.
Which of the following is NOT a process that lifts air?
Which air mass is the source of much of the precipitation in the central and eastern United States?
The rain shadow effect is associated with ____.
Which two properties characterize an air mass?
On a weather map, which type of front is shown by a blue line with triangular points on one side?
High-pressure systems are usually associated with which of the following?
Along a front, which type of air is always forced upwards?
When an active cold front overtakes a warm front, ____.
The boundary that separates different air masses is called a/an ____.
Which statement best explains why global warming may lead to an increase in the number and intensity of hurricanes?
Which of the following parameter sets would provide the best replica of an original sound
Effective teamwork demands team members to demonstrate
Interactive training that is delivered via CD ROM is known as
Issues to consider when producing a multimedia project include
What is the process called when a multimedia project is tested by an outside (external) sample target audience before releasing it to the software market
Emphasis is created by
Working as a member of a production team, each member
The analysis phase in creating a multimedia project includes
A working model of the conceptual design for a multimedia project is called
When working in a team environment the graphic designer is responsible for
The team member who should take initiative and be responsible for the success of the multimedia project is?
What is the function of an authoring tool in designing multimedia projects?
Media does not refer to
Computer memory used by software to temporarily store data is?
Music on the Internet
Which of the following is important to be successful in the field of multimedia?
The standard frame rate per second for broadcast video is approximately
In multimedia development, in house (internal) testing is usually done during the
A visual scene-by-scene plan of the multimedia project is a
What should the first step be to obtain help while using a software package?
Files are measured in bytes. Approximately how many bytes does one kilobyte file contain?
Which of the following is not an audio file format?
Which of the following is not considered an occupation in career field multimedia?
All of the following job titles are typically found as a member of a development multimedia team except?
The multimedia team member who oversees the content of a multimedia project is the?
The multimedia team member who develops the interface and navigation tools for a multimedia project is the?
the multimedia team member responsible for the development of all video and audio media pieces for a multimedia project is the?
The multimedia team member responsible for combining all of the media elements into a final project is the?
the multimedia team member responsible for the entire project ?
Employability skills needed by all workers include all of the following except?
Which cloud type looks like cotten balls?
The weight of the air on Earth is called ____.
What is the ultimate energy source for most wind? (Think about this one.)
Which cloud type is best described as sheets or layers that cover much or all of the sky?
Which clouds are often associated with thunder and lightning?
Which of the following occurs when air is compressed?
Which force generates winds?
Which of the following is an example of condensation nuclei?
Compared to clouds, fogs are ____.
Air that has reached its water-vapor capacity is said to be ____.
Which of the following refers to the temperature to which air would have to be cooled to reach saturation?
The change of state from a gas to a liquid is called ____.
Which term describes the conversion of a solid directly to a gas, without passing through the liquid state?
Which biome is characterized by having trees that lose their leaves every year?
The process by which water vapor changes directly to a solid is called ____.
Which of the following can change from one state of matter to another at the temperatures and pressures experienced at Earth's surface?
What is true about relative humidity?
If the water-vapor content of air remains constant, lowering air temperature causes a/an ____.
What is true about warm, saturated air?
What is the relationship between elevation and climate?
Creating a Script is what production stage?
Setup/cleanup is what production stage?
Capture video (Downloading to computer) is what production stage?
Asset management (naming conventions, cataloging, storage, compression) is what production phase?
Budget is what production stage?
Storyboard is what production stage?
Shot plan is what production stage?
Appropriately use video equipment (tripod, mic, lights, etc.)
Demonstrate proper shooting techniques (camera settings, composition, lighting, pov, fov, etc.) is what production stage?
Copyright is what production stage?
What day did the protest start?
Who was the president of Egypt?
What was one of the biggest causes of the Egyptian Revolution 2011?
What Chant did the people yell when Mubarak did his annoucement on tv?
What did President Hosni Mubarak annouce when he appeared on television?
What did Mohamed ElBaradei return to Egypt to do?
One of the CAUSES of the Egyptian Revolution 2011
EFFECTS of the Egyptian Revolution 2011
What day did Egypt shut down th internet?
What day did Mubarak resigns as president and leave Cairo
Organisms that break down dead plants and animals are
This organism cannot make its own food so they have to eat other organisms.
Plants make their own food so they are called
organisms that get energy by eating only animals.
Organisms that get energy by eating only plants.
Organisms that get energy by eating both plants and animals.
The largest population that an environment can support at a given time is called .
A resource that is so scarce that it limits the size of a population.
An organism that kills and eats other organisms
An organism that is killed and eaten by another organism
Answers by Educators Question Database
mmigrants to the United States between 1890 and 1930 most frequently experienced discrimination because
Which is the main way that ethnic groups in the United States have helped to shape the American culture?
The Chinese Exclusion Act, the Gentleman’s Agreement, and the National Origins Act were reactions to earlier United States policies of
In 1892, the United States government opened Ellis Island primarily to
The main objective of the quota system established by the immigration laws of the 1920s was to
During the late 1800s and early 1900s, prejudice against “new” immigrants increased mainly because these immigrants
In the period from 1890 to 1910, most immigrants from eastern and southern Europe settled in large cities of the eastern United States primarily because
Which of the following was NOT a reaction to the social changes of the 1920s?
The 1920s is sometimes referred to as the “roaring twenties” because
During the 1920s the government mostly stuck to a policy
The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s influenced American society by
The 18th amendment is most closely associated with
In the early 1930s, many communities of homeless Americans were referred to as “Hoovervilles” because President Herbert Hoover
One reason the stock market collapsed in October 1929 was that
The most immediate goal of the New Deal programs proposed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt was to
One major criticism of the New Deal was
A major cause of the stock market crash of 1929 was
Which New Deal program still exists today?
Which statement most accurately describes how World War II affected the home front in the United States?
Yesterday, December 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy...President Roosevelt used these words to describe the
What was one way United States participation in World War II affected the American economy?
European Jews and other groups were killed in large numbers by Nazi Germany during World War II. Which term refers to this situation?
During both World War I and World War II, women supported the war effort by
President Harry Truman decided to use the atomic bomb in World War II mainly to
The main reason Japanese Americans were placed in relocation centers during World War II was that they
Which of the following is an example of appeasement?
A valid conclusion based on the internment of Japanese Americans in relocation centers during World War II, is that in wartime
What is the yo form of dormir
What is the meaning of the verb poder
what is a
what is b
what is c
what is d
what is a e
what is g
what is f
what is h
As the Krebs cycle continues, the citric acid is broken down, more carbon dioxide is released, and electrons are transferred to:
What type of mloecule is produced in the last step of the Krebs cycle?
Which molecule accepts acetyl-CoA in the first step of the Krebs cycle?
Which molecule is needed to start the reactions of the Krebs cycle?
For each of the Krebs cycle, how many ATP molecules are produced form the conversion of a ADP molecule?
During the process of glycolysis, 2 molecules of pyruvic acid are produced from 1 molecule of glucose. How many ATP molecules are produced from the 2 molecules of pyruvic acid?
When the electron carrier NAD+ accepts a pair of high-energy electrons along its way through the Krebs cycle, what is it changed into?
When the electron carrier FAD accepts a pair of high-energy electrons along its way through the Krebs cycle, what is it changed into?
Another name for the Krebs cycle is the:
The Krebs cycle takes place in a cell organelle called the:
Congress had to ______ the bill before President Obama could implement it.
A diary kept by a Civil War soldier is an example of a
Immigration resulted in the spread of _____ throughout the center of New York City during the early 1900s
Your social studies textbook is a ______ that can be used to look up information
Oil is an _____ that is lacking and causing gas prices to rise
The internet is a _____ form of communication
People who study _____ can help predict future consumer needs
A tax is placed on any _____ that gets shipped OUT of the United States
The boy went to the STORE to buy milk.
Sarah and Jane PLAYED basketball
TWO birds fell out of their nest and hurt their wing
The robber QUICKLY ran away from the scene of the crime
WE decided to go to dinner at a new restaurant
Opposite of contrast
Opposite of contrast
Opposite of compare
Opposite of compare
Opposite of create
Opposite of create
Opposite of infer
Which word is incorrect? The company's cheif accountant wrote the schedule.
Which word is incorrect? Mr. Santander gave a breif speech before the ceremony.
Which word is incorrect? Breatheing hard, we finally reached the summit.
Which word is incorrect? Chickens and gooses are common fowl.
Which word is incorrect? We changed the subject to avoid having an arguement.
Which word is incorrect? Did you receive the package yet?
Which word is incorrect? Mom and Dad have no tolerance for lazyness.
Which word is incorrect? Spain and Portugal are two countrys I have always wanted to visit.
Which word is incorrect? The new store on the corner will sell computer disks, computers, and stereoes.
Which word is incorrect? My grandmother's recipe calls for a half a clove of garlic and two garden tomatos.
Which word is incorrect? Three small active childs came running out of the house.
Which word is incorrect? We cut several large branchs off the pine tree.
Which word is incorrect? After she ran through the patch of stinging nettles, Alice had itchs up and down her leg.
Which word is incorrect? We were surprised to see two pianoes on the stage instead of only one.
Which word is incorrect? I am very interested in the history of anceint Egypt.
Which word is incorrect? The last thing we want is a disatisfied customer.
Which word is incorrect? The first thing you notice in San Miguel is the friendlyness of the people.
Which word is incorrect? That dinosaur skeleton must have been the bigest thing in the whole musuem.
Which word is incorrect? Aunt Rina has lost weight; she looks much slimer than she has in long time.
Which word is incorrect? Strawberrys are my favorite.
How far do tectonic plates in the lithosphere move each year?
What type of boundary is it when two adjacent tectonic plates move away from each other?
What type of boundary is it when two adjacent tectonic plates move toward each other?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which half-reaction correctly represents a reduction reaction?
Given the reaction: 2Na +2H2O --> 2Na+ + 2OH- + H2. which substance is oxidized?
Which change occures when an Sn^2+ ion is oxidized?
Which equation represents a redox reaction?
In an electrolytic cell, to which electrode will a positive ion migrate and undergo reduction?
In which compound does sulfur have an oxidation number of -2?
In an electrolytic cell, oxidation takes place at the
Which half-reaction correctly represents reduction?
Which redox equation is correctly balanced?
Given the reaction: Ca(s) + Cu^2+(aq) --> Ca^2+(aq) + Cu(s). What is the correct reduction half-reaction?
I was tired of being controlled by my mother, Agrippa, so I killed her.
My nickname means "little boots."
I reduced taxes and started a welfare system for poor children.
I insisted on being called "master and god".
I was the first emperor born outside of Italy.
I completed the work on the Coliseum and opened it with 100 days of games.
I was the butt of my family's jokes...after dinner guests would pelt food at me!
My wife attempted to poison me with mushrooms and later suceeded with a feather.
I captured and destroyed the temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD.
I moved the capital city of Rome to Byzantium.
What is the pathway of energy transfer as a result of feeding patterns of a series of organisms?
What is a diagram that shows the feeding relationships between organisms in an ecosystem?
What is the name of a triangular diagram that shows the loss of energy that happens as energy passes through the ecosystems food chain?
When two or more organisms or populations try to use the same reource at the same time and place?
In a food web or chain the arrow points to
What happens to an ecosystem when a species is introduced or a species disappears?
What kind of bacteria breaks down organic matter and returns it to the environment as carbon dioxide and water?
When is food a limiting factor?
How do most animals get the carbon they need?
Matter moves between the environment and living organisms in _______
Which minority group did Caesar Chavez fight for?
Who benefited from laws like the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of '68 and the Voting Rights Act of \'75?
Which did NOT happen during the ratification process of the Equal Rights Amendment?
Which law did NOT ban discrimination against people with disabilities?
Which group fought for equal opportunities for women?
The National Congress of American Indians fought for
Which of the following was NOT sited by Detroits for contributing to the decline of the city of Detroit in the 1960s?
When was President John F. Kennedy assassinated?
This act banned segregation in public places.
Which of the following was a technique used by Martin Luther King Jr. and his followers to protest segregation?
What is permafrost?
Name three process that release carbon dioxide into the air.
Where does most of the precipitation fall to the Earth?
Choose the example of an abiotic factor changing an environment.
What process causes carbon to become part of living organisms?
How do wetlands replenish groundwater?
What must happen to nitrogen gas before plants can use it?
Why is the speed of water an important abiotic factor in a fresh water ecosystem?
Which of the following is not a type of grassland?
Which biome is the most biologically diverse?
An animal with long ears would most likely live in
What stage comes after pupa?
Which animal does NOT go through metamorphosis?
Which step comes FIRST in the life cycle of a PLANT?
Which metamorphosis has 4 stages?
Newly hatched butterfly larva eat what for their first meal?
An ant goes through a change from egg to a nymph to an adult. What is this change called?
An animal has webbed feet. What does this help them with?
Animals that use mimicry and camoflague use this to help-
Duck migrate for winter. Why?
Which stages of metamorphosis are in complete order?
Which animal goes through metamorphosis?
What is the main job of the larva to do?
What item helps you create a circuit that will light up a lightbulb?
In what unit of measurement does a Triple Beam Balance weigh in?
How many stages does INCOMPLETE metamorphosis have?
An ecosystem consists of what?
A nonliving component in an ecosystem would be-
The definition of mass is -
"g" is known for what?
I announced an end the persecution of Christians in 325AD.
I made christianity the empire's official religion in 380AD.
I crossed the Rubicon River as an act of war when the Senate ordered me to disband my army.
I am credited for founding the city of Rome.
I used Christians as my scapegoat and torutured and killed thousands of them.
I renamed myself the "exalted one".
I was stabbed over 20 times on the floor of the my own friends!
I was accused of killing my best general, Germanicus.
I divided Rome into two empires, one in the east and one in the west.
I instituted Pax Romana.
I was from Virginia and served as the Commander of the Confederacy
I accepted the surrender of the South at Appomattox Courthouse.
I was the first female doctor in the US that started a training program for nurses.
I was the first African American elected to United States Senate
I was a Republican who was elected President in 1876 and I ended Reconstruction in the South.
I was the Northern General that led Union troops from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Savannah, Georgia
I shot and killed Abraham Lincoln
I organized the First Battle of Bull Run for the South and became known as
I was the Northern General who created the idea of the Anaconda Plan
I was fired by President Johnson and caused him to be impeached by the House of Representatives
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which AR battle in SC was between loyalist and patriot colonials?
Which AR battle in SC was the final major battle in the state?
Which King granted a charter to eight supporters for a land they named Carolina?
What name was given to the supporters of the king that received a grant for Carolina?
What other country sent English citizens to settle Carolina?
Why did an initial attempt in 1664 by Englishmen to establish Charles Town in present-day NC fail?
What event(s) allowed a second attempt at establishing Charles Town (in SC) to occur?
Who authored the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina?
What name was given to the system that provided a portion of land in exchange for each paid passage?
Which region was settled as a haven for religious groups persecuted in England?
Where was the initial settlement of Charles Town (SC) located?
Why was Charles Town moved from its original location?
How many countries are there in the United Kingdom?
Which is the capital city of England?
Which are the colours of the Scottish flag?
Which is the symbol of Wales?
Which mythological animal appears in the Welsh flag?
Which of the following countries doesn't belong to the UK?
Who is the patron saint of Scotland?
Which is the symbol of England?
Which is the capital city of Scotland?
What's the name of the United Kingdom's flag?
Which of the following was not a characteristic of the Puritan settlement at Massachusetts Bay?
Which region settled by the English was the most diverse?
What made South Carolina a distinctly southern colony?
Who was the founder of Pennsylvania?
What system was used to encourage migration to the New World?
What nickname did the colony of Pennsylvania acquire due to its economic prosperity?
Which group of religious dissenters believed everyone had an inner light?
What word could be used to describe New England religion?
Where was the first English settlement in the New World?
Where did English Quakers settle?
This feature flows along GA’s eastern border
Gold was found in this area in the early 1800s.
Forts were built here to defend GA’s early settlers.
This area is a wildlife refuge for over 1000 species.
This geographical boundary separates the Coastal E. Appalachian Mtns. Plain from the Piedmont.
This major river provides drinking water and forms part of the state’s western border with Alabama.
In which of Georgia’s regions would tourists least likely go hiking?
Which region attracts people who love to go to the beach?
Georgia, along with the other states of the deep south, has a very warm climate and is, therefore, said to make up part of what?
Why does Georgia have a longer growing season than many northern states?
Who published the anti-slavery newspaper the North Star?
Who was considered a leading conductor of the Underground Railroad?
Who invented the steel plow?
Who was the President of the United States during the Mexican-American War?
Who invented the telegraph?
What women assisted Elizabeth Cady Stanton with the Seneca Fall Convention?
What women fought for women to earn equal pay to men?
What abolitionist published the newspaper the Liberator?
What President acquired the Mexican Cession and the Oregon Territory?
Which of the following was an escaped slave who went on speaking tours across the U.S speaking about abolition?
Who led the common school movement?
Who fought for the rights of prisoners and for better conditions in prisons?
What escaped slave was originally named Isabella Baumfree?
Who was a popular transcendentalist writer who stressed that Americans should follow their own beliefs?
What writer wrote the anti-slavery book Uncle Tom's Cabin?
What Native American leader led the Seminole tribe to successfully fight against America to keep their land in Florida?
Who was a famous preacher who led revivals during the Second Great Awakening?
Who invented the cotton gin?
Who led members of the Mormon religion to Utah in order to find a safe place to practice their religion?
Who invented the commercial steamboat?
Which of the following was a result of the other three?
At the outbreak of W.W.I in 1914, most Americans believed that
A major reason the United States began to seek colonies during the late 1890’s was that the
Many of the changes in the United States position in the world in the early 1900’s were the result of
Which of the following is most responsible for the widespread popularity of the Spanish-American War?
President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points were proposals that he believed would bring about
The term Imperialism means
A primary aim of the United States Open Door Policy was to
Which headline best reflects the idea of Imperialism?
Which of the following best reprsents the reason why the US Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles and membership in the League of Nations
Which of the following population changes occurred during WWI?
Which incidents helped to bring about America’s entrance into WWI
At the beginning of W.W.I, President Woodrow Wilson continued the traditional foreign policy of the United States by
After W.W.I, most Americans wanted the United States to follow a foreign policy of
The role of women changed as a result of World War I mainly because
A monopoly is a business situation in which
Which of the following did NOT contribute to the rise of big business?
Which of the following would probably NOT find in a sweatshop?
Which group would most historians say was most negatively affected by the expansion of the railroad?
Which of the following people created the Standard Oil monopoly?
I remember last which these girls demanded more sanitary conditions...these dead bodies were the answer. The quote above is most likely referring to which event?
One of the effects of the Industrial Revolution was increased urbanization, this means...
What was an immediate economic result of the use of mass-production techniques in American factories?
Andrew Carnegie became famous in American business history for establishing what?
A characteristic of the free-enterprise system is that
In the years immediately following the Civil War, which change was brought about by the Industrial Revolution?
The Knights of Labor, Samuel Gompers, and The American Federation of Labor are most associated with
Which event led to the passage of laws that created safer working conditions?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Where was the first battle of the Civil War?
What was the bloodiest one-day battle of the war?
What city did Sherman burn on his way to Savannah, Georgia?
Where was Abraham Lincoln shot?
Where did the South surrender to the North to end the Civil War?
What was the location of a military prison in the South where poor conditions caused thousands of Union soldiers to die?
What area was first a battlefield and later became a cemetery for both USA and CSA soldiers?
Which Constitutional Amendment gave slaves their freedom?
Which Constitutional Amendment gave black men the right to vote?
Which Constitutional Amendment gave freed slaves citizenship?
An advantage to concession sales is customer convenience. Which example illustrates this?
Which would affect revenue from food & beverage sales?
The Kannapolis Intimidators stadium has rooms with a view of the event that have seating and food & beverage services with a full-service wait staff. These rooms are called:
Which organization includes owners and operators from colleges, universities, racetracks, and convention centers?
Which would be a part of the operating expenses included in operating food and beverage services?
A room with a view of an event that has seating and food & beverage services with a full-service wait staff is a:
What is the reason for developing an on-site merchandising plan?
The primary purpose of having merchandise sold “on-site” is to:
Which would affect revenue from food & beverage sales at an event?
Which would affect revenue from food & beverage sales?
Which would affect revenue from food & beverage sales?
Who is the original person responsible for the selling of hotdogs and sodas at sporting events?
Which would be considered a start-up cost related to the food and beverage industry?
Cinema Grill in Atlanta, Georgia combines dinner and a movie. Cinema Grill is a:
Which is a component of an on-site merchandising plan?
Which is a component of an on-site merchandising plan?
The busiest times for selling merchandise at a concert is/are:
Which color combination attracts the most attention from close-up?
The physical layout of an on-site merchandising plan is:
Which would be considered a high-traffic area?
PROJECTILES include those items that are shot forward such as a cannon shell, bullet, or rocket.
A SLEUTH, such as Sherlock Holmes, can be very helpful in solving crimes.
The girls LANGUIDLY put their jackets on as if they had no energy at all.
The mother was determined to prove her son's innocence; the father was RESOLUTE as well.
The UNSUBSTANTIAL story was as if she were telling a dream.
The diamond ring was RADIANTLY shining on her finger.
We shopped at the EMPORIUM, which is as large as the shopping center, for shampoo.
The SATURATED, dripping dog ran into the house after swimming in the lake.
In the pirate story, there were good guys against the BUCCANEERS.
The sun made the lake water SHIMMER.
What is the number and variety of organisms in a given area during a specific period of time?
What is a habitat?
What is the preservation and wise use of natural resources?
What is an organism that makes a home for itself in a new place outside of its native home?
The process of reusing or recovering useful material is known as_________.
What is biodegradable?
What are alternative energy sources?
Choose the group of alternative energy sources.
How can pollution affect humans?
What is a good use of compost?
What are the three R's of conservation?
Which answer is not a way to protect habitats?
What is a renewable resource?
What is the advantage of driving an electric car?
What is the only substance that is naturally found on earth as a solid, liquid, an gas?
What happens to water as it freezes?
Which one of the answers is not a way to maintain biodiversity
What is an important nutrient to have in the soil?
How can we reduce our need for fossil fuels?
How can people reduce pollution?
Bird winds and bat wings would be considered ___ structures.
If a woman has 4 daughters, 2 stepdaughters, and 5 nieces, what is her reproductive success?
Accoring to Lamarck, if you lost your arm in an accident, how many full arms would your children have?
Which of the following can undergo evolutionary change?
_______ is the cause, and ______ is the effect.
Which individual was an economist that concluded that more offspring are produced than survive?
"The present is the key to the past" is the principle of:
Which of these best describes natural selection?
____ is a measurement of how well your genes are passed on to the next generation.
A change in allele frequencies over time is the definition of:
Which geographic factor was most important to the development of the early river valley civilizations?
Which values are most closely associated with the are most closely associated with the fundamental principles of Buddhism?
A major goal of the Christian Church during the Crusades (1096-1291) was to
An important contribution of the Byzantine Empire to Russia is the establishment in Russia of
The code of Hammurabi is an example of
Which term is used to describe the spread of Buddhism from India through Southeast Asia?
The contributions of the Golden Age of Islamic civilization include
A similarity between the ancient western African kingdoms of Mali, Ghana, and Songhai is that these kingdoms
Which example is a primary source of information for historians?
Why did ancient civilizations develop in valleys of rivers such as the Nile, Indus, Tigris and Euphrates?
What team do JOSH HATE
You made it this far
Answers by Educators Question Database
Who led the Red Scare?
Who wrote Silent Spring?
During the Civil War, which battle forced the South to give up hope up invading the North?
Which country did not accept the aid of the Marshall Plan?
How can you make the magnetic field of an electromagnet stronger?
Which device changes mechanical energy into electrical energy?
What causes an alternating current in a generator?
Energy stored in the bonds between atoms is
What kind of energy is stored in a gas pump?
On a magnet, where is the magnetic field the strongest?
Why does a machine with moving parts give off heat?
What produces an electric current?
What causes Earth to act like a magnet?
Kinetic energy and potential energy are both types of
If you break a bar magnet in half, what happens to the magnetic domain?
When you drop a ball to the floor, what happens to the energy in the ball?
Which agency promotes supply and delivery of reliable, affordable, and environmentally sound energy?
Which agency generates safety policies and regulations for nuclear reactors and materials?
Which act establishes activities for recycling, source reduction, and sustainable agriculture, and helps to promote the conservation of energy, water, and natural resources?
Which agency manages all federal antipollution programs and handles air, solid waste, toxic substances, and pesticides?
Which agency controls the price of natural gas and electricity for interstate business transactions?
Which act established a national policy and goals for the protection, maintenance, and enrichment of the environment?
Which act was created by the US Environmental Protection Agency to authorize the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) to assist in the creations of law to protect the environment?
Which act protects fish, shellfish, and wildlife in rivers, lakes, streams and oceans?
Which act increases clean renewable fuel production, research on greenhouse gas, and improves the government’s energy performance?
Which act was created by the US Environmental Protection Agency to authorize the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) to assist in the creations of law to protect the environment?
Who had preserved Greek and Roman culture throughout the Middle Ages?
Who was a famous scholar of ancient works and encouraged Europeans to search for Latin manuscripts in monasteries?
Who wrote The Divine Comedy, one of the world’s greatest poems, in the vernacular?
What language did Chaucer write The Canterbury Tales in?
Which inventor developed a printing press that used movable type?
The printing press helped to spread the ideas of the Renaissance by printing more books and making them more available.
What were two new techniques used by Renaissance artists to add realism and express drama and emotion.
Who painted The Last Supper?
Who created the statue David?
Which artist painted the School of Athens?
What refers to art from places we know today as Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Netherlands.
Which northern artist was a great oil painter?
What was the northern artist, Albrecht Durer, best known for?
Who was the greatest English writer of the Renaissance?
Which of the following is NOT a type of play that Shakespeare wrote?
Which of the following is NOT a reason why the Renaissance began in Italy.
After the Black Death, Europeans began looking to the future when times seemed better.
Europeans began to stress the importance of the individual during the Renaissance.
People became less secular and more focused on religion during the Renaissance.
James protects his new invention by applying for which type of protection?
A popular company uses the slogan, Just Do It. What term identifies this slogan?
Jon has invented a new traveling aid and wants to start selling it today. But, Jon has not received his paperwork from the government. What words should be placed on all the merchandise?
John Grisham protects the rights to his book, The Firm by filing which document?
Coca Cola and McDonald’s have symbols that identify their products. What term is used to identify their symbols?
After registering a trademark, what symbol should be placed by all protect marks?
NBA and NFL jerseys are sold with a distinctive mark. Which term identifies this mark on the jerseys?
The songwriter has a copyright on her latest hit. The song is known as what type of property?
After video taping an airplane crash, Allen wanted to protect his rights to the video. What type of protection did he apply for?
After finishing his first novel, where will Paul file his application to protect his new book?
this is an organism, virus, or particle that can make you sick
a protein made by B cells that binds to a specific antigen
this is a substance in food that provides energy or helps build body cells and tissues.
the condition of having excess stored fat and weighing more than 20% above the recommended weight range
AIDS is caused by this
The most common STI is
what are the two types categories of exercise?
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of exercise
According to the raw food diet, which is most important when eating healthy?
According to the video we watch called FED UP, which is the most dangerous ingredient in our foods?
As governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton passed a gas and diesel tax that angered many Arkansans.
As governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton housed 18,000 Cuban Refugees at Arkansas State University, which angered many Arkansans.
What is a deficit?
President Clinton got rid of the federal deficit and turned it into a surplus
What was an important piece of legislation that President Clinton pushed through Congress?
The Family Leave Program created by President Clinton allowed workers up to twelve weeks off to deal with family needs.
What scandal was President Clinton involved in that caused Congress to impeach him?
Which of the following was NOT an improvement that Governor Huckabee made to Arkansas?
Beginning in the late 20th century, members of Arkansas's house of representatives are limited to six ten-year terms.
Arkansas's state senate members, the governor, and all other elected officials can only serve two four-year terms.
What was NOT a way that the Arkansas Gazette played a major role in Arkansas history?
Which newspaper was created when the Arkansas Gazette and the Arkansas Democrat merged?
At the beginning of the 21st century, changes were being made in Arkansas in the areas of education, business, population growth, and diversity.
Which of the following was NOT a businesses that triggered an economic boom in the northwest region of the state?
What was the first conflict that the United States got involved with in the Middle East?
After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, how many Arkansas soldiers have been sent to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq?
Whose hands will the future of our state soon be in?
What act placed a tax on paper, such as legal documents and newspapers?
What did colonists organize to respond to the Stamp Act?
Who was a key leader of SC's Sons of Liberty?
What did the SC colony create to govern the colony instead of the royal governor?
Which crop was SC allowed to trade with Britain inspite of the non-exportation agreement?
Who were SC's delegates to the Second Continental Congress?
Which partisan leader never actually fired a weapon?
During which AR battle in SC did partisans and Continentals cooperate to defeat the British?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
what is the bridge the native americans crossed
how many hunters did it take to kill one wooly mammoth
The Aztec moved into the vally of
In the west coast they used what to make a home ^_^
The inca fall to what leader
Spanish defeated the aztecs with
which to cilivations helped form mound building
which rulers set up highly organized goverment
who won the superbowl
who won the ncaa tournament
What was the earliest period of human history called?
how many types of Stone Ages were there?
What were they called?
How long ago did the Stone Age begin?
How did early people find food?
Old Stone Age peopole farmed.
Were Old Stone Age people nomads?
What is a nomad?
What was the first civilization ever known?
What present-day country was Mesopotamia located at?
The culture of ancient Greece was basesd around gods,poetry,art and
Greek people belived gods and goddesses controlled.
Greeks devoled_ that are still used today.
The most important gods lived on Mount
Poetry and fables taught Greeks their
Greeks drama contributes to_ today.
Greeks what showed beauty and harmony?
Pythogras taugt his students
Greeks devoled what thats still used?
Pythagoras was a Geek what?
What time period did the Great Depression begin?
Which year was the worst year of the Great Depression?
One reason Hitler was popular in Germany was because he criticized the...
What was a major reason for the Great Depression?
Hitler was a close ally with which Italian leader?
In March 1939 German forces took over western.....
The Treaty of Versailles kept Germany\'s Military forces....
Americans thought economic growth was the key to world....
Hitler was a _______.
Part of the war was fought in Europe and the other part was fought in ________.
Early peoples who moved frequently as they searched for the food they needed for survival are called
The use of the Silk Road in Asia and caravan routes in northern Africa and SW Asia encouraged
Hieroglyphic and cuneiform systems provided the basis for the development of
One similarity between the Gupta Dynasty in India and the Tang Dynasty in China is that each dynasty
A direct result of the Crusades was that
Which development in Russian history led to the other three?
Which factor contributed to the decline in the power of the European nobles in the late Middle Ages?
One conclusion that can be reached from the evidence about Mansa Musa's rule of Mali is that
One way in which the Eightfold Path and the Five Pillars of Faith are similar is that these rules
Which statement best describes the role of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe during the Middle Ages?
what year did the medival japan start
what was a shogun
why was it hard to farm
what year did the shogun rule
what year did the yayoi begian into clans
what year were plays first preformed
were did japans capital move to in 794 ad
when did the civil war end in japan
when did zen buddism spread in japan
when did the capital get moved
Where is Rome located?
What type of people are rich and wealthy in Rome?
Italy is a __________?
The Romans were a _____________?
How many consouls are elected each year?
Who was the first dictator for life in rome?
Who were the people who worked for a living?
What was the time of peace called in Rome?
When did Julius Ceasar declare himself dictator for life?
what did Cincinnatus become
How long is the Nile River?
Who were mummified once dead?
What was paper made out of?
Who was the first woman ruler of Egypt?
How long did the Hyksos rule Egypt?
What was put in the pyramids after the pharaoh died?
What did the egyptians do to enrich the soil?
What was the writing system called?
what were the pyramids made of?
The Egyptians invented a 365 day calender.
what year did this Opiom war take place?
World War I is diffent then any other war because ______________
What is Nationism?
China and Japan felt precule from witch two country?
what was the nickname for world war I
Which was the first two Courtry in World war II
Where most of Eupore Colonie
Most of the fighting in the World War I
what year in intily join the war
What time did the Qino was power of china
The Romans admired and adapted the ways of this group of people?
Which of these diseases was one of the many reasons why Rome collapsed?
In what year did the Byzantine Empire reach a high point in society?
What made the Byzantine Empire rich?
When Rome began to collapse what increased between the citizens?
What divides the Empire?
Which of the following group of people mad e their staues look perfect?
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Solar energy is _______________ and does not pollute the air.
The more quickly an instrument vibrates the ______________ the sound of pitch it makes.
The _____________ stretched out a rubber band, the higher the pitch of sound you will hear when you pull it to the side and let it go.
When you hold down a rubber band, the highest pitch will be made when the ___________________ and tightest section is plucked.
To create a __________________ sound when plucking a rubber band, stretch the band less before letting it go.
Keeping good records of your sound _____________________ is easy if you listen and then carefully write down what you hear.
Squeezing a spring into a much smaller length before letting it go will _____________ the potential energy of the ball in the pinball machine.
____________________ a cannon ball is launched in the air it has potential energy.
Squeezing a spring less causes a ball to travel a ___________distance when it is launched.
The shorter length a spring is squeezed into, the _____________ the distance a ball will travel when launched.
__________________energy, also known as solar energy, starts the process of photosynthesis in plants.
When comparing two types of energy _______________ the data information.
Flowing water starts as ___________________ energy and can be converted or changed into other forms of energy.
When an object is standing still it is...
Kinetic energy is energy that is
A swinging hammer is a form of
You can tell an object has moved when its ____________________ has changed.
What is needed for a force to be applied to an object?
An example of kinetic energy is
An example of potential energy is
An object that has energy because of its position is said to have
What kind of energy comes from the motion of charged particles?
What kind of energy does a stove give off that causes food to cook?
Something that makes an object start moving, stop moving, speed up, or slow down is a(n)
Which of the following is a definition of energy?
If you lift an object higher, will the object have more energy or less energy
A rainbow is what type of energy
Energy produced by a machine or moving part is
Energy made by moving electrons is...
Energy that can travel through space and be seen by the human eye is ....
An energy that is a transfer of heat through materials is...
Energy you can hear that is produced by vibrating matter is....
Which part of speech is a person, place, thing or idea?
Which of the following words is a preposition?
What does a compound sentence include?
What is it called in which commas separate extra information added to the subject?
What does the prefix uni mean?
Which of the following sentences is in passive voice?
Which of the following words are an interjection?
Which part of speech is the word running in the following sentence: The running water dripped from the faucet.
Which of the sentences are an example of a complex sentence?
Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
What was a common type of protest staged by members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in Little Rock?
Who was a civil rights leader who encouraged others to bring about change without violence?
Which African American woman was the only female allowed to speak at the March on Washington where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech?
What did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 do?
Who led the poultry industry in Arkansas and continued to expand and offer new services to its customers?
______________ stretched from Fort Smith to West Memphis
Interstate 30 ran from ____________________.
Which of the following was NOT a way that interstate highways helped to improve Arkansas?
Has the population of Arkansas been increasing or decreasing since the 1960s?
After 12 years of the Faubus administration, who was the first Republican governor elected in Arkansas since the Reconstruction period?
How did Governor Rockefeller change a number of state agencies, offices, and boards?
Which of the following is NOT something that Governor Rockefeller did during his time in office?
Who was one of the harshest critics of the Vietnam War in Arkansas?
What was a new law that were passed to help make life better for women?
What was a new law that were passed to help make life better for women?
Progress for women in the state also moved forward under the leadership of which governor?
Which town in Arkansas was President Bill Clinton from?
How many Arkansans enlisted in the armed forces during World War II?
Which of the following was NOT one of the two military bases in Arkansas where a number of soldiers received their training?
While many men were fighting in the armes forces, who filled the jobs previously only available to men.
How many defense plants were built across the state during World War II?
Which facility in Jacksonville was the first national defense site in the state?
Goods such as gasoline, meat, coffee, and sugar were carefully __________ so much of it could be sent to those serving overseas.
Buying ___________ was another way people supported the war effort.
What were people encouraged to plant to take care of their own needs for nutritious foods?
Which of the following is NOT where one of the the two Japanese internment camps in Arkansas located?
About 326 men with families in Arkansas's relocation camps served in the armed forces.
Why was Nathan G. Gordon, a World War II veteran and naval pilot from Arkansas, awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor?
Which World War II veteran from Arkansas was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for leading a group of men against nearly 100 Germans, eventually forcing them to retreat?
What did the increased efforts of veterans to improve life in America after WWII become known as?
Which Arkansas veteran and politician became one of the best examples of the G.I. Revolt in Arkansas?
Which of the following was NOT one of the things Sid McMath did to improve the state as governor?
What was one of the most important changes McMath made?
What did Arkansas farmers fill two boxcars with what two crops to send to Europe after the end of World War II?
Who did the United states go to war with in the 1950s?
The United States went to war with South Korea in 1950 because they attacked North Korea and wanted the entire country to be controlled by a Communist government.
Which Arkansas Veteran served in the Korean War and was given the Korean Medal of Honor for.his actions under fire?
¿De qué grado es la función f(x) = x^2 +3x -1?
¿Cuántas raíces tiene la función f(x) = x^3+2x^2-3x+1?
¿Cuál es el dominio de la función f = (2, 5), (3, 7), (4, 9), (5, 11)?
¿Cuál es el recorrido de la función f = (2, 5), (3, 7), (4, 9), (5, 11)?
Dada la función f(x) = x^3+ 2x^2 - 3x + 1 ¿A qué es igual f(2)?
Dadas f(x) = x^2 + 3x - 2 y g(x) = - 4x + 5, ¿A qué es igual 2f + g?
¿Cuál es la ordenada del vértice de la parábola y=-3x^2+34?
¿Cuál es la pendiente de la recta y=5-3x?
¿Cuáles son los puntos de corte de la parábola y=x^2-5x+6 con el eje de abscisas?
La función f(x)=1/x es una función
Which weapon was created by the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos, New Mexico?
This book was written by Upton Sinclair and led to an investigation of the meatpacking industry.
What did Garrison, Douglass, and the Grimke Sisters all have in common?
What court case established 'separate but equal'?
Which war caused the Native American's to leave New England?
What was the first legislative body in the colonies?
Which law prohibited colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains?
This event demonstrated the weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
This Compromise determined a state's representation in Congress.
Which president expanded suffrage to all white males?
Who proposed a march on Washington, D.C. to protest racial discrimination in the military?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What are the four largest islands in Japan?
Where did the Japanese bury their chiefs?
What two religions do the Japanese believe in?
Where did the Emporers power come from?
what is a Samurai?
What wa the gempei?
What is the shoguns job?
What is Rome shaped as?
The _______and the ________changed rome from a village to a city.
How many Punic wars were there?
Rome fought _______over Sicily.
How many of the Punic Wars did Rome win?
What was the name of the classes Rome divided into?
What was Israel's capital?
What did Christians believe in?
What was the name of God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit together?
Which book do Christians read?
What year did Romans take over Judah?
What is a messiah?
How many disciples Jesus have?
Japan is.....
What is the four main largest ISLAND of Japan?
When did 9/11 occur
Around when did Latin America gain their independene
What did latin america depend on in the 1900`s
who was mainly the cause of 9/11
Who was the leader of the al-Quaeda when they excuted the 9/11 attack
When did the Iraq-Usa War begin
What year did south Africa have it's first democratic election
what decade did the global economy occur
In what year did the soviet union break up
When did the us,mexico, and Canada sigh n.a.f.t.a.
Israel was united by King David and .....?
Judah is now called?
Jesus was believed to be the blank of the Jews?
Christians were hated by who?
Romans saw Christians\' blank and becameChrisians too.
What was the \
Christians were willing to die for their religious freedom they are called....
This Country was with Allied States?
What caused the United States to come into the War?
Who was the Dictator of Italy at the time of the War?
Who was FDR?
This Treaty was signed that ended the War?
This city was destroyed by the atomic bomb.
Did the Christians belive in the Romans God
In what year did the Romans mistreat the Christians?
Where does the word trinity come form?
Jesus often used who to present his message?
Who did the Romans force out of Jerusalem?
Who preached Christianity to Ireland
Which was not the names of Trinty
What happened in 1930s?
In world War ll counrties were in teams one group was Axis Power?
What is the Cold War
Who made the New Deal
In World War ll a law was made about neutral country, what was that law?
After World War l even winning nations were unhappy, why was that
Who were the Allies in World War ll?
What happen during the 1950s?
What led to the Cold War
What is a fact about the cold war
The growth of trade led to the exchange of
Africa has a __________ & _______landscape
Africa had to create their own government to hold thier __________ & _________ together
Africa\'s first civilization were
Traditional African religions shared certain what?
Which empire grew rich fron trading salt?
Answers by Educators Question Database
I tell him 'no'
I buy shoes for them
I give money to Pepe
what is the IOP for 'to me'
what is the IOP for 'to us'
what is the IOP for 'to them -feminine'
what is the IOP for 'to him-masculine'
what is the IOP for 'to you'
I want to tell hello to them
She cannot give me the dress
What organelle is the site where the assembly of ribosomes begins?
What organelle stores and transmits genetic information from one generation to the next?
What organelle releases energy from food to run cell processes?
What organelle controls what enters and leaves the nucleus?
What organelle modifies proteins?
What organelle helps move chromosomes around during cell division?
What organelle is larger in plants and helps make the plant rigid
What organelle is found in eukaryotes but not in prokaryotes
What organelles are found in plants but not in animals?
What organelles are found in animals cells but not in plant cells?
What organelle regulates what enters and leaves the cell and separates the cell from its environment?
What organelle attaches lipids and carbohydrates to proteins and packages the finished product?
What organelle maintains the cell's shape and is involved in cell movement?
What organelle controls the cell's activities?
What organelle assembles proteins based on information from the nucleus?
What organelle supports and protects plant cells but not animal cells?
What organelle contains enzymes that are involved in the manufacture of membrane lipids and detoxification of drugs?
What organelle contains enzymes that can break down carbohydrates, lipids and proteins to dispose of waste and worn out organelles?
What organelle is larger in plants; helps support the plant; and stores water, salts, proteins, and carbohydrates?
What organelle uses energy from sunlight to rearrange carbon dioxide and water to make glucose and oxygen?
What is the hypothesis that all continents were once joined in a single large continent that broke apart and slowly moved to their current locations?
What is the name of the ancient continent that was made up of all the continents joined together?
What is the name of the theory that new seafloor is formed when magma is forced to the surface at mid-ocean ridges?
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