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Which lens is good for very large scenes?
Which lens is good for portraits and sports?
Which lens is good for private detectives?
The Wide-angle lens is good for:
The most popular use for ___ connectivity is wirelessly transferring photos and videos off the camera.
Many camera models can back up straight to _____ services or networked computers.
Some camera models can connect directly to what time of device?
Which of the follows is/are the goal(s) for a camera to connect directly to a mobile devices:
Which company has gone to the extreme and basically created cameras without LCDs?
Sony created the ___ series.
QX Series mean that they are designed to be operated over ____.
Some camera models use Wi-Fi to remotely control the ______ by using your mobile device's display as a viewfinder.
When the ability to use remote display of your mobile device, it can also be used to access your smartphone's __________ for tagging photos with location data.
A digital camera can offer things that your smartphone can't offer. Which of the following is/are feature(s) offered by Digital Cameras?
What is a hostile government takeover by a group of people?
How many countries are in Africa?
What is the main cause of death south of the Sahara?
How do Mandinka people tell their history?
What was the process used by Ancient Egyptians to preserve bodies after death?
What were the leaders of Ancient Egypt called?
A time without food is called a what?
Where are the major rain forests of Africa located?
What is the largest desert in the world?
European colonization of Africa was very beneficial for the economy and resources of Central Africa
1. In Mesopotamia, one of Sumeria’s environmental challenges it had to overcome was
1. In Mesopotamia, one of Sumeria’s environmental challenges it had to overcome was
Prior to living in the city-states, the people of Mesopotamia were
Why were the Egyptians able to build a rich civilization?
The Egyptian farmers were more fortunate than the farmers of Mesopotamia because
What were the name of rulers in Egypt called?
Since the Egyptian ruler was also a religious figure, the Egyptians had which form of government?
The city that dominated early Greece and unified the Greeks in language and religion was
The Greek belief that everyone should strive for excellence in thought and action is called
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Name the 3 states of matter.
What state of matter has a definite shape?
What states of matter take on the shape of the container?
What state of matter will fill a large container even if there is only a small amount?
What is called the change from a liquid to a gas?
What is called the change from a solid to a gas?
Which changes of state involve a removal of heat?
Which is an example of a physical change?
Which terms would describe solids?
Which terms would describe liquids?
Kellogg’s markets most of its cereals toward children. In this case, the children are the
The audience benefits from sponsorships through:
The International Olympic Committee is an example of a(n):
Companies sponsor entities because sponsorships:
The first major league sport sponsored by corporations was the:
The event triangle consists of the:
Sponsorship involves
Since the 1970s sponsorship has grown due to:
A marathon is an example of a(n):
The Carolina Panthers are an example of a(n):
Which one of these is not an input device?
Which one of these is an output device?
Which one of these could be both an input and output device?
Which one of these could be used to input user information into a computer?
Can your body be used as an input device?
Can you move a cursor with youe eyes?
Which device lets you input drawing straight into a graphics package?
Which device can be used as both a visual output device and a hands on input device?
Which device can be used to send an e-mail?
Can your voice be used as an input device?
which one is spelt correctly
which one is spelt correctly
which one is spelt correctly
which one is spelt correctly
which one is spelt correctly
which one is spelt correctly
which one is spelt correctly
which one is spelt correctly
which one is spelt correctly
which one is spelt correctly
The result of an inability to satisfy all of everyone's wants
Physical products businesses produce; tangible items of value
This is the selecting of an item or action from a set of possible alternatives.
In market economies, the reason for increasing, profit, interest, wages, and rent
All of the following are factors of production EXCEPT
Production of a limited variety of products by a business, region, or country
A system in which the basic economic questions are generally answered by the government
Using markets as the primary means of organizing and coordinating production, is what type of system?
A governmental ban on trade with one or more other nations
A business organization that is owned by two or more people
Which components do you need to access the web?
What could you use to hide your IP details from another computer on the web?
What does html stand for?
What would you need to allow others to see your site on the web?
How could you put your website online?
How many blogs are created every second?
What's this Web 2.0 all about?
How do companies use the web?
Which one of these should not be included on a web page?
Which one of these can you not use to create web pages?
The Europeans could no long go through __________________________ so they had to find a new water route to Asia.
A major reason that exploration began was the need to find a new water route to:
This man rounded the tip of Africa and found a new water route to Asia?
This type of company was created so that expensive explorations could be funded. It is a system of investing in explorationa nd trade trips.
THis man, ____________ the Navigator, set up a school for future men who wanted to be explorers!
Magellan was killed on his voage around the world, when he stopped in this country?
Columbus, hoping to find a new route to Asia in the East, decided to sail...
Magellan\'s _______ was the first group of people to sail around the world.
This was one of the major items that Europeans wanted from Asia, it was used in clothing?
This was an ancient Greek device used to find Latitude.
Which of these is not one of Columbus' ships
This device helped navigators find magnetic north.
Which of these is not a major country of explorartion during this time?
In Mercantilism, the goal is to sell more than you buy, this selling is better known as...
In Mercantilism, the goal is to _________________ more than you _________________.
The Europeans wanted to create a system to make money of of exploration, so they created...
This is a person who makes maps.
This is the study and science of map making?
This man reached the tip of Africa for Portugal FIRST!
The other principal of Mercantilism, said that to make cheap goods, countries should posses...
Answers by Educators Question Database
Stalin's attempts to increase Soviet industrial and agricultural output
Both defeated in Russia by climate (winter)
Western military alliance against Soviet Union during the Cold War
• Gorbachev's economic political reform of Soviet Union • led to breakup of Soviet Union
exchange of goods ideas between societies
• time when humans domesticated plants animals • people settled in fertile river valleys to farm • led to early civilizations in river valleys
• Chinese belief system based on filial piety • superior cares for inferior, inferior honors superior • led to social order and civil service exams in China
• started as eastern half of Roman Empire • Justinian Code: written laws • preserved Greek and Roman culture
• traveled across Asia to China • increased interest in China Asia • journals are important primary sources
• disease that killed many • spread from Asia to Europe through trade • caused labor shortages
• rebirth of Greek Roman ideas • secular (worldly, not religious) • focused on individuals
• protest against Catholic corruption call for reforms • Martin Luther's 95 Theses argued against selling indulgences
• trans-Saharan trade • traded salt and gold
When using a utility knife, place a piece of scrap under the object you are cutting in order to _____.
To avoid being thrown off balance when sawing, brace yourself _____.
After lubricating and before using, check a chain fall or come-along to make sure that no lubricant got on the _____.
Because of its stiffness, a folding rule is better than a cloth or steel tape for measuring _____.
in order to transfer a chalk line to a surface, stretch the line tightly and _____.
Screwdrivers should never be used near _____.
a socket is used to_____.
A chisel head should be replaced or repaired if it is shaped like a(n) _____.
Pliers with serrated teeth that grip flat, square, round, or hexagonal objects are called _____ pliers.
A heavy-duty tool used to drive posts or other large stakes is a _____.
The saw used to cut curves quickly in wood, plywood, or wallboard is a _____.
A round-bladed shovel is used to _____.
A metal tool that has a sharpened, beveled edge, and is used to cut and shape wood, stone, or metal is a _____.
The safest kind of utility knife is one with _____.
After using a file, brush the filings from the teeth with a _____.
When using a pick, check to be sure that the head is _____.
Before pulling a nail, be sure that the material holding the nail is _____.
When using prying tools, be sure to _____.
When using a torque wrench to tighten a bolt and ensure that it is properly aligned, you should place one hand on the _____.
Clamps should be discarded when _____.
Never use a circular saw that doesn,t have an upper blade guard because the _____.
Saws with fine blades that are excellent for delicate and intricate cutting are called _____.
A pneumatic drill is used _____.
Some manufacturers suggest that each time you use a pneumatic nailer, the air inlet needs _____.
The angle grinder is used to grind _____.
If a pneumatic nailer is not firing properly, before you attempt repairs you must _____.
A Porta-Power is an example of a(n) _____.
On power tools you should never engage the _____.
To prevent electrical shock, power tools should only be operated with the proper _____.
When using an air wrench, _____.
The adjustable tool rest on a bench grinder should be positioned _____ inch from the wheel.
A power miter saw combines a miter box with a _____.
Before replacing parts such as bits, blades, or discs on any tool, you must _____.
Drill bits are held in place by _____.
The first step when using a pneumatically powered nailer for the first time is to _____.
Before you plug any saw into a power source, make sure the _____.
Keep the drill,s air vent clean with a _____.
When using a power drill, proper ground fault protection will prevent _____.
An example of an AC source of power is _____.
Before you start drilling, make sure the drill bit is _____.
This gives hints or clues to the reader about what is going to happen next in a story.
This is the central or universal message in a story.
This is when the opposite of what you thought was going to happen occurs.
The major events in a story that explain what the story is about.
The words chosen by the author to describe a character, setting and, or event in a story.
A brief summary that explains what the story is about.
The feelings and, or emotions a reader gets while reading a story
The central problem in a story.
The descriptive language that appeals to the readers five senses
The perspective of the author.
Freezing temperatures _____.
Which of the following pieces of canning equipment CANNOT be reused?
What must be removed to stop the spoiling action of microorganisms?
Before drying, vegetables should be _____.
Which type of commercial food preservation exposes food to low-level doses of gamma rays, electron beams, or X rays?
A food additive that prevents color and flavor loss:
Anti-darkening treatment used on some fruits before drying:
Preventing the growth of pathogens in food:
Spreading pathogens from one surface to another:
Sterilization by steam at 212F or higher for at least 15 minutes:
Subject to spoilage:
A process in which an agent causes an organic substance to break down into simpler substances; especially, the anaerobic breakdown of sugar into alcohol.
Growth on damp or decaying matter:
The temperature between 40 - 140F where bacteria can grow and multiply rapidly:
A mnemonic device that is used in the food service industry to describe the 6 favorable conditions required for the growth of foodborne pathogens
Anything that causes disease:
Amount of time a food can be stored and remain fresh:
The idea that the 1st product on the shelf should be the 1st product used:
A fungus that causes fermentation:
A type of food preservation technique that involves sealing food in sterilized, airtight containers:
Which supporting detail supports the following inference: Stan does not like to talk about his illness.
Which supporting detail helps the reader infer the following: My aunt Sarah is completely insane.
Read the supporting detail. What does it help the reader conclude about Freddy's Restaurant? When I walked in the front door, through the cigarette smoke and dirty floor, I noticed dead flies in the window.
What inference can be made from the following: The dog ran up to the car, opened the door, and started the engine.
Which of the following sentences illustrates Bob's ability to read well?
Which detail does not highlight Tom's excitement over the new car?
What inference can be made from the following: Amelia Earhart disappeared while trying to fly around the world. No one knows what happened.
Which supporting detail supports the assumption that Texas expected the defenders of the Alamo to fail?
What conclusion can be drawn from the fact that the Titanic was found in water so deep divers cannot get to the wreck?
Which sentence supports the prediction that school will be let out early today?
A keynote is a number or letter that is used with a leader and arrowhead to identify a specific object; it usually appears in _____.
A dimension is a measurement written as a _____.
To avoid confusion, the letters I, O, and Q and the numbers 1 and 0 are omitted from the _____.
Plans used for work that has to do with construction in or on the earth are called _____ plans.
Gridlines are used to _____.
The identification of lines and other symbols on a construction drawing is called the _____.
Break lines are used to show that _____.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
This man attempted to sail around the world!
This man accidentally discovered the Americas
Columbus was from this country?
Columbus sailed for Ferdinand and Isabella and this country?
This was one of the major items Europe wanted to trade for in Asia, it was used to make foods taste better and to perserve them.
What was a ships Hold for?
Why did they only have fires on the ships in calm weather?
What was the role of the barber on a ship?
What was the ships crows nest for?
What was the ships deck for?
Companies such as GMC and Exxon who join together to create a special deal for customers when both companies are patronized are involved in:
Pepsi is the only official carbonated beverage of the Atlantic Coast Conference. This is a benefit included in the sponsorship agreement known as:
Access to celebrities, luxury boxes and VIP passes are which types of benefits included in the sponsorship agreement?
After making an initial presentation to a potential sponsor you should always:
Roy cold calls retailers within his city asking for the name of the store managers. Roy is attempting to identify the:
National Car Rental offering patrons a discounted weekly rate when using their VISA card is an example of:
NASCAR offering fans a $2 discount on ticket prices with a Coca-Cola product proof of purchase is an example of:
Arriving early, dressing professionally, and giving a firm handshake is done during which phase of the sales process?
Focusing on the sponsors’ benefits and getting the sponsors involved occurs during which phase of the sales process?
Tony is trying to make contact with potential sponsors. He is using a phone book to call businesses. Which method is Tony using?
“This football helmet has extra padding for protection. It also has a very sturdy face mask to provide more protection.” The salesperson is:
For every $1 spent on the sponsorship fee, sponsors should spend how much on leveraging?
Point of purchase displays and discounted tickets with proof of purchase to events are examples of:
Athletic Plus has agreed to sponsor a baseball team. Which clause in the agreement details what the sponsor will be receiving?
One way to identify companies who may be potential sponsors is to:
In closing the deal with the sponsor, the sponsee should:
One step in securing sponsors is to:
A clause in the sponsorship agreement that clearly defines the event is known as the:
In the sponsorship agreement, details regarding what the entity is due are known as:
Signage, entertainment, and merchandise rights are benefits to the sponsor included in the:
After a meeting has been arranged with a potential sponsor, the sponsee should collect:
An experienced salesperson knows that objections may occur:
Listen, acknowledge, restate, and answer are the four steps in:
The length of an agreement and the financial obligation are part of the:
What should the salesperson do to be sure the customer is ready to close the sale?
Luxury boxes, access to celebrities and VIP passes are components of the:
Clauses in the sponsorship agreement include:
The FINAL step in securing a sponsor is to:
The FIRST step in the sales process is:
The final phase in the sales process is:
What type of joint is the shoulder and hip?
What type of joint is the elbow and knee?
What type of joint is the neck and wrist?
How many bones are in the adult human skeleton?
back of thigh
inside of arm
What do red blood cells do?
What do white blood cells do?
What process uses oxygen to release energy from nutrients?
What does the gall bladder do?
AA paid a sponsorship fee of $5K to the athletic association. AA felt it did not need to do anything else. Based on the information given, why could this sponsorship fail?
Rocky’s has not paid the fee to be an official sponsor of the Kentucky Derby. However, it sponsors jockeys, making the public believe they are an officialsponsor. This is:
When a company does not pay the fee to be an official sponsor but uses techniques to make the public believe the company is an official sponsor is called:
Information on the advertising time or space is recorded on a:
Businesses can assess and measure the success of sponsorship by comparing sales:
The first step in assessing and measuring the success of a company’s sponsorship is to:
Measuring the success of a sponsorship can be accomplished by:
Information on advertising prices related to the value of time or space can be found on:
Ambush marketing is also referred to as:
Ambush marketing is also known as
Those who were strengthened and guided by the Holy Spirt
those who continued the apostles\' ministry and were the successors of the apostles
local leaders who work with bishops
those who assisted in the worship and service of the community were called
Rapid acting insulin
Intermediate acting insulin
Onset for rapid acting insulin
Onset for long acting
Onset for short acting
Peak for short acting insulin
Action of biguinides
Action of Sulfonylurea's
The test for checking glucose levels over 8-10 weeks is
Tests that measure glucose bonded to a protien, shows glucose levels over 1-3 weeks
This is the highest court in the land.
The right to hear a case for the first time is called what?
Which court has original jurisdiction over federal cases?
Where does the US and VA courts get their power?
Which VA court has original jurisdiction over Misdemeanors?
What does the Circuit Court have original jurisdiction over?
Which court in the VA court system has a jury?
The power to determine if something goes against the constitution is called what?
Which court case set up the power of Judicial Review for the supreme court?
How many justices are on the US supreme court?
Who is the head of the National Executive Branch?
Who is the head of the State Executive Branch?
All of the following are duties of the executive branch except:
Which of the following is not a role the president uses to exercise his power?
The President is known as the chief citizen.
The executive branch influences public policy by:
The Governor is:
Who is our current President?
What color is the sky?
Choose A
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following is the most important influence on the choice made by voters in presidential elections?
When 18 to 21 year olds received the right to voted in 1971, in the 1972 elections they did which of the following?
Which of the following statements best describes the organization of the two major political parties in the United States?
Considering all elections at all levels of government, which of the following best describes electoral behavior in the United States?
Which of the following statements about Democrats and Republicans is true?
Of the following groups of eligible voters, which is least likely to vote?
Of the following, which best predicts the likelihood that citizens will vote?
Which of the following best explains why delegates to both the Republican and Democratic Conventions in 1996 were much more likely to have college and postgraduate degrees than was the rest of the voting population?
A primary election in which voters are required to identify a party preference before the election and are not allowed to split their ticket is called
When selecting a vice-presidential candidate, a presidential nominee is usually concerned primarily with choosing a running mate who
The primary function of political action committees (PAC’s) is to
Which of the following is a significant trend in the presidential nominating process over the past three decades?
Which of the following is the most important influence on the choice made by voters in presidential elections?
The boundaries of United States congressional districts are usually determined by
Critical elections in the United States typically have occurred
The largest amount of political coverage in newspapers during presidential campaigns is devoted to
Which of the following is the most accurate statement about political parties in the United States?
Which of the following is a result of the electoral college system?
Which of the following is generally true of the gerrymandering of congressional districts?
An electoral system based on single-member districts is usually characterized by
Which of the following is a provision of federal election laws?
The concept of “critical elections” is most closely associated with
Which of the following would result from the direct election of presidential candidates?
All of the following contribute to the success of incumbent members of Congress in election campaigns EXCEPT
The primary election system of selecting presidential candidates has had which of the following effects?
All of following are commonly used by interest groups to influence the political process EXCEPT
A corporate lobbyist would be LEAST likely to have an informal discussion about a pending policy matter with which of the following?
Interest groups and political parties both promote United States democracy by
The activities of the Federal Reserve Board have the most direct influence on
Which of the following is responsible for the preparation of executive spending proposals submitted to Congress?
In United States v. Nixon the Supreme Court rule that
All of the following are formal or informal sources of presidential power EXCEPT
An advantage that bureaucrats in federal government have over the President in the policymaking process is that bureaucrats
In general, independent regulatory commissions are created primary for the purpose of
The usefulness to the President of having cabinet members as political advisors is undermined by the fact that
A President attempting to influence Congress to pass a legislative program might employ all of the following strategies EXCEPT
All of the following powers are granted to the President by the Constitution EXCEPT
Which of the following is articulated in the War Powers Resolution?
Which of the following procedures results in the removal of the President from office?
All of the following have contributed to an increase in presidential power in the post-1945 era EXCEPT
The request of recent Presidents for the line-item veto is a challenge to which of the following principles?
A fundamental source of power for the federal bureaucracy lies in its
In which of the following scenarios would a presidential veto most likely be upheld?
In recent presidential administrations, the principal staff for the President has been made up of members of the
Which of the following is NOT a presidential role authorized by the Constitution?
The President can do which of the following with out seeking the consent of either the House or the Senate?
Which of the following is true about the line-item veto?
In the process and structure of public policy making, “iron triangles” refer to the
Brenda has started a new business. She needs to provide a monthly update to her customers. What is MOST APPROPRIATE?
The location, date, time, and cost are centered on a flyer. This is an example of which design principle?
Your teacher has asked you to cut out the overpowering image located on every page of the newsletter. What design principle is NOT being utilized?
Your teacher has asked you to relocate the picture on page one to page two where it relates to the topic. What design principle was NOT being utilized?
Brenda has started a new business. She needs a way to give her contact information. What is MOST APPROPRIATE?
Brenda has started a new business. She needs a design for the top of her letter. What is MOST APPROPRIATE?
Brenda advertises in magazines that targets college graduates. What is her target audience?
Brenda advertises in magazines that target athletes. What is her target audience?
Your teacher has asked you to change to a yellow text on black background, because your current product is difficult to read. What design principle was NOT being used?
Bill needs to design an invitation to the FBLA Awards Luncheon. What type of computer program would he MOST LIKELY use?
What does RICO mean in English?
What is the stem change that occurs with the verbs PEDIR and SERVIR?
A Carlota ______ ___________ el pastel.
A Jorge y a mi _____ ___________ la salsa picante.
Which verb means TO BRING in Spanish?
What is the present tense YO form of the verb PONER?
How do you say SHE WENT in Spanish?
What does POLLO mean in English?
Translate: He likes rice
Nosotros necesitamos ______ para comer la sopa.
A los chicos _____ ________ la limonada.
How do you say SUGAR in Spanish?
Le damos una buena ______ a la mesera despues de comer.
Yo ______ los platos a la mesa.
What's the proper way to say 584 in Spanish?
All mammals in Antarctica have...
Antarctica is referred to as...
Antartica is in the...
How much of the Earth's fresh water is found in Antarctica?
All of Antarctica is covered in ice. True or False?
The nations who have come together to preserve Antarctica for scientific research came together through the...
Which animal does NOT live in Antarctica?
Who are the only people to LIVE in Antarctica (on a temporary basis)?
Which continent is Antarctica CLOSEST to?
True or False? Parts of Antarctica have only one long night and one long day each year.
Define exasperate
Define homonym
Define compose
Define revert
Define bland
Define escalate
Define sparse
Define nonchalant
Define exult
Define obsolete
• based on Scientific Revolution • use of reason • natural rights (like life liberty) • John Locke • consent of the governed (democracy)
• private ownership of businesses • government stays out of economics • supply and demand determines prices
attempts to remove foreign influence
Japan westernized, industrialized, modernized
• militarism • alliances • imperialism • nationalism
nationalist who westernized, modernized, democratized, secularized Turkey
• nationalist who led Indian independence movement • nonviolence • civil disobedience • boycotts
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the name of the national legislative branch?
What is the name of the state legislative branch?
What are the houses in congress called?
All of the following are powers of the legislative branch EXCEPT:
Congress declares war.
What houses are in the general assembly?
Which of the following are issues in the legislative process at the state level?
The legislative branch collects taxes.
The General Assembly and Congress main function is to?
The head of the schools in a county is called a what?
Who was the author of the play?
In what language was Cyrano de Bergerac written?
Cyrano's stated life goal is what?
Which character in Act I who best illustrates the fleeting nature of fame?
What does Cyrano believe is the main obstacle between him and Roxanne?
What does Cyrano fear?
Cyrano's letter writing while Ragueneau raves over his defeat of the one hundred men illustrates what point?
Cyrano's refusal to respond to Christian's taunts shows he is
The reason Cyrano says he is going to help Christian write to Roxane is
Christian decides to try to speak for himself because
What moves Roxane so deeply in the balcony scene?
What about the teardrop that Christian sees makes him angry?
By the end of Act V, in which Christian dies, which one of the following characters has undergone the greatest change?
Why does Cyrano realize that he cannot tell Roxane of his love?
Roxane's scolding of Cyrano for his tardiness in coming for his weekly visit shows her
Who is the "unwelcome visitor" that made Cyrano late?
What is moral tone?
Which characters are static?
Which event occured first?
What two characteristics are Gascons known for?
Not important
Opposite is the same as
intuition is
a thesis is a
Opposite of sythesize
commemorate is to
Opposite of implied
assumption means
anecdote is
the opposite of invaluable is
Profound is
oblivion means
the opposite of rational
To perplex means to
The opposite of divulge is
the opposite of complex is
a theory is
The opposite of explicit is
a commentary is
what is a memorandum
Someone's viewpoint is
Premise is
Reminisce is
Miscellaneous is
a resolution is
a memoir is
a theory is
A sense of national unity has been difficult to maintain in India because of
Which statement about the problems of Indian independence is a fact rather than an opinion?
One similarity between the pogroms in Russia and the Nazi Holocaust is that both
A long term effect of the Balfour Declaration on the Middle East was the
Kemal Ataturk's efforts to modernize Turkish culture were most strongly opposed by
Mahatma Gandhi and Jomo Kenyatta were similar in that both
The early 20th century Zionist movement calling for the establishment of a Jewish homeland was an example of
Between the late 1800s and the end of WWII, Japan implemented a policy of imperialism because Japan
During WWI, which group of people were victims of genocide?
In the 1920s and 1930s, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk changed the Turkish government by
78% of the air consists of
Carbon in dead organisms decomposes and turns into
On major reservoir of carbon dioxide is the
_______ is where plants turn carbon dioxide into energy rich carbon
The main energy sournce of the water cycle comes from the
Plants give off water into the atmosphere by the process called
The processes of the water cycle are a _________ change
Plants _____ the nitrates
job title
What word describes someone who has much knowledge/expert on the topic
This word describes how others see you
This word means steady, all the time
This word means unpleasant, bad
This word describes the feeling of something heavy weighing on your shoulders
This word means to feel thankful/grateful
This word means to do an activity
This wod means to act out or go against
These words sound the same but have different meanings
These verbs are not made past tense by adding ed
Answers by Educators Question Database
_____________ predicts the cost for producing a job so a quotation can be prepared for the customer.
____________ printing consists of a printing facility owned and operated within a parent company or organization.
_____________ printing consists primarily of small businesses with small offset-press equipment and copiers.
A(n) _________ coordinates the time all jobs wil spend in the prepress, press, and postpress areas.
_________ prepares and controls an offset printing press.
Commercial printing is ranked number ________ in the number of employees.
A resume has three primary uses, which is not one of the uses:
_________ work on the delivery end of the press. Assisting the press operator by removing printed press sheets and stacking them on pallets for transfer to the postpress department.
________ a typed summary of a job applicants education, experience, and previous employment.
_________ devise the best route for a job to move through production.
_______ are entrepreneurs, they are self-starters who organizes and manages a business undertaking, while assuming the risks involved in making a profit.
Always have an up-to-date _____________ and find out as much as you can about the company you are interested in working for.
Printed products are designed and produced to deliver information.
The standard work week is between ________ hours, depending on the type and geographical location of the plant.
_________ receive the customer’s digital files and perform preflight examination for missing fonts or other components. If artwork needs to be scanned and color corrected, it is usually done in the position.
_________ are responsible for the final operations in the manufacture of a printed product. Binding operations include the assembly and fastening of books, magazines, catalogs, business forms, and calendars. Finishing operations including embossing
An industry as large as printing and publishing requires vast amounts of materials, equipment, and services. As a result thousands of people work for organizations serving the printing industry known as ___________.
Which event started when Iraq invaded Kuwait before Kuwait got its freedom back while suffering heavy damage?
Ground Zero was where the twin towers fell in ______
Group responsible for 9/11
The 4th hijacked plane intended for Washington D.C. crashed in _________.
The Taliban supported Al Qaeda in which country
This conflict started because the U.S. thought Hussein was selling WMDs to terrorists. Fighting continued between both sides following Hussein's death.
Primary source for getting information in the 1950s
Originally big simple, but now can do multiple tasks and are much smaller
The _______ Revolution planned to increase food production worldwide.
caused harmful effects to the environment (higher temps, more pollution)
this chemical compound caused pollution from exhaust/emissions
The purpose of the Kyoto Protocol was to ....
(-6) - (-4)
(-5) + 3
(-9) ÷ (-3)
12 - (-8)
-15 - (5)
-8 ÷ 4 * 2
On Tuesday the mailman delivers 3 checks for $5 each and 2 bills for $2 each. If you had a starting balance of $25, what is the ending balance?
If it is -25F in Rantoul and it is 75F in Honolulu, what is the temperature difference between the two cities?
A monkey sits on a limb that is 25 ft above the ground. He swings up 10 ft, climbs up 6 ft more then jumps down 13 ft. How far off the ground is the monkey now?
Mary has $267 in her checking account. She writes checks for $33, $65, and $112. What is the balance in her account now?
comparison between two things using like or as
extreme exaggeration
a comparison without using like or as
giving human characteristics to something that is nonhuman
repetition of similar sounds at the beginning of words
making reference to someone or something famous
the use of the same words or group of words in poetry
a combination of words that have opposite or very different meanings
the use of words that sound more pleasing
You will complete the questions in random order.
Allie’s cell phone dropped into the toilet like a falling star.
The detective listened to her tales with a wooden face.
Her eyes were fireflies.
Charlie gazed hopelessly at the endless pile of bills stretching across the counter.
Money is the only friend that I can count on.
Traci Turnblad tripped over three tough tree trunks.
The senior citizens couples want to spend their golden ages traveling the world.
Peggy heard the last piece of cheesecake in the refrigerator calling her name.
The typical teenage boy’s room is a disaster area.
Toby manipulated the people in his life as though they were chess pieces
au bord
the sea
la plage
a swim suit
a towel
to sun bathe
a pool
to suntan
faire de la planche à voile
to catch
When everyone in the company understands the value of a safe work environment, _____.
Charred sections of a welding hose close to the torch may be caused by _____.
Which of the following must be included with every shipment of a hazardous substance and made available to workers on the job site?
A measure of the probability, consequences, and exposure related to an event is referred to as _____.
Benching systems cannot be used in _____.
The activity that consists of breaking a job into its component tasks and then analyzing each step for potential hazards is called a _____.
When gas welding or burning, welders are required to wear tinted goggles or welding hoods with a filter lens of not less than a _____ shade
The D-ring or support point on a safety harness should be placed _____.
To test the integrity of rubber-insulated gloves, _____.
Compared to direct costs (medical bills) resulting from an accident, studies have shown that indirect costs are _____ direct costs.
A person who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards and has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate such hazards is a _____ person.
Which of the following will NOT protect against brief exposure to dangerous gases or fumes?
CFR 1926 protects a worker's rights by requiring employers to maintain _____ for 30 years after they leave the job.
With every power tool, use an assured ground program or _____.
One aspect of the mission of OSHA is to _____.
What is the best way to protect yourself when working near moving vehicles and equipment?
When stepping off a ladder onto a platform or roof, the top of the ladder should extend above the point where the ladder touches the platform or roof by at least _____.
The highest safe standing level on an extension ladder is the _____ rung from the top.
Which of the following data is included on a material safety data sheet for a hazardous shipment?
29. States and localities have the most discretion in establishing policy when federal funding is derived from
Which of the following actions by the federal government best illustrates the concept of unfunded mandates?
60. Federal benefits that must be funded by Congress and must be paid to all citizens who meet eligibility criteria are called
In the organization of government, the principle of federalism is illustrated best by the
Which of the following statements most accurately compares elections in the United States with those in other Western democracies?
Which of the following were LEAST likely to have been part of the New Deal electoral coalition?
19. Which of the following statements reflects a pluralist theory of American politics?
American political culture is characterized by strong popular support for all of the following EXCEPT
Which of the following is an accurate statement about political participation in the United States today?
During the past forty-five year, all of the following changes in public opinion and political behavior have occurred in the United States EXCEPT
Which of the following generalizations about group voting tendencies is true?
Political socialization is the process by which
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The year the E.U. officially began under the Maastrict Treaty
Number of E.U. member nations?
Currency of most of the E.U. Nations
Tax on imports/exports
This country has applied to the E.U. but not yet approved
The E.U. also made trade easy by fixing weights, measures, and currency also known as
A system of money
The De facto capital city of the E.U.
The E.U. flag is
The formation of the E.U. has
John and Jane wanted to split their bill evenly, which was $8.70, plus 2 sodas for $0.75 each, including tax. If John pays half with a $20 bill, how much change should he receive?
Mr. Hines paid $8.40 for a call. He paid a fee of $1.25 plus $0.55 per minute. Which equation can be used to find x, the length of the call in minutes?
Which of the following numbers is greater than -1.075
Carlos, Jackie, Lester, and Margie ate lunch at a restaurant. The total amount of the bill, including tax and tip, was $44.60. Carlos paid $15.00. Jackie paid 1/4 of the bill, Lester paid 20% of the bill, and Margie paid the rest of the bill. Who pai
The area of a square is 125 square meters. Which best represents the length of a side of the square?
The sun's core temperature reaches close to 2.7 x 10^7 degrees Fahrenheit. Which of the following represents this temperature in standard notation?
A water tank contains 2,500 gallons. A faucet attached to the tank releases water at a constant rate of 5 gallons per minute. If the faucet is left open for 1 hour and no other water is released, which equation can be used to find r, the number of ga
Jodie wants to buy a shirt regularly priced a $20. The shirt is on sale for 15% off the regular price. Which equation can be used to determine s, the sale price of the shirt, not including tax?
On Friday the low temperature is Nome, Alaska, was -12 degrees F, and the high temperature was 23 degrees F. How much warmer was the high temperature than the low temperature?
Tomas will earn $45 for each mile he walks in a charity walkathon. Tomas walks between 8 and 12 miles during the walkathon. Which of the following is a possible amount he will earn for the charity?
What part of the brain controls involuntary actions?
What is the peripheral nervous system?
A interneuron passes an impulse from the sensory to a
What part of the brain interprets input from the senses, controls movement of skeletal muscles, and carries out the complex mental processes?
A bruise injury of the brain is called
A synapse is the space between
What part of the brain carries out learning, remembering, and making judgements?
One function of the nervous system
What part of your brian coordinates the actions of your muscles and helps you keep your balance?
A motor neuron sends an impulse to
What is farsightedness?
In order for a nerve impulse to pass from an axon tip to the next structure, it must cross a space called a
What are the bones of the ear?
What is nearsightedness?
An automatic response of the body that occurs very rapidly
The thick column of nerve tissue that links the brain to most of the nerves in the peripheral nervous system is
What neuron picks up stimuli from the external or internal environment and convert those stimuli to nerve impulse?
The different parts of an neuron include
What part of the central nervous system controls most of the body functions?
The three regions of the brain include the cerebrum, cerebellum, and
The code for a given amino acid consists of ___ bases
What are Watson and Crick known for?
Which of the following shows the correct pairing of bases?
What are the 3 things that make up a nucleotide?
What is the matching strand of DNA if the sequence is TAGTCA?
Rosalind Franklin created images that suggested DNA had a(n) ____shape.
The rungs of the DNA ladder are made of___.
The human body is made of many ______, which are made of amino acids.
What type of mutation? Original DNA: AAACCCGGG Mutated: AAACACGGG
If a mutation occurs in the DNA of ____cells, it can be passed from one generation to the next.
If a base has been added to a sequence of DNA, what type of mutation would it be?
A mutation in DNA could result in
If a mutation occurs in a base sequence of DNA, it might cause a different___to be substituted in a protein.
In a pedigree, a solid square or circle indicates that the person
How many amino acids does the DNA sequence ACCTGACCACTT code for?
What part of the cell makes proteins?
DNA is made up of
Things that can cause damage to DNA are called____.
This is a tool that traces genetic traits through generations of a family
______are made of DNA and protein.
What are words that are made up of two smaller words joined together
Peer pressure means
What is the most likely reasons teens do dangerous things
This word means to need something
This word means between countries
To persuade someone to do something or agree to something means to
Things you need to do something are
Words that come at the beginning of a sentence and are separated by a comma are
board and bored are examples of
to gain something is a
Es una fuerza aplicada sobre una superficie
A mayor fuerza que se aplique sobre un área, ocurre...
¿Cual es la formula para calcular la presión?
¿Que ocurre con la presión si la fuerza ejercida es sobre un área mayor?
La presión hidrostática es generada por..
A mayor profundidad dentro de una columna de agua, la presión es...
la presión en algún punto de la columna de agua dentro de un recipiente depende del volumen que contiene
La presión hidrostática generada por un liquido dentro de un recipiente actúa en todas direcciones...
¿Cuales son las variables que se consideran para calcular la presión hidrostática?
¿Cuales son las unidades de presión hidrostática?
A customer stating a reason, concern, or hesitation for not making a purchase is a(n):
Which of the following would be the most effective way to involve customers in a product demonstration of a golf putter?
Suggestion selling
The first encounter with the customer is called the:
Why is it important to show medium-priced merchandise first?
One rule for closing the sale is when a customer is ready to buy, the sales person should
Vivian is looking at a Faith Hill CD. The salesperson should use which approach when addressing Vivian?
Showing a potential season ticket holder where his seats will be is which step of the selling process?
When there is a wide variety of products available, a salesperson should first show the customer:
“Of the two treadmills you just tried, on which one did you feel more confident running?” is an example of which closing technique?
After-sale activities are important because they:
A salesperson questions the customer, “Would you need a can of balls to go with the new racket you selected?” This is an example of:
When determining the customer’s price-range preference, a sales associate should:
In sports and entertainment marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, and personal selling are also known as:
Sending a follow-up survey to customers to determine their level of satisfaction with their latest purchase is an example of:
Observing, listening, and questioning are part of:
The first step in an effective product presentation is:
To close the sale when a customer needs help deciding, the sales person should:
The LEAST effective sales approach method is the:
A physical action, comment, or question is a:
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a menudo
todos los dias
de vez en cuando
twice a week
una vez al año
tres veces al dia
i play soccer (never)
she is sick( always)
she will love you (always)
i don't go to the gym(always)
how often do you play soccer?
How often do you cook?
ask a question with how often
what is the correct one?
she /cooks/always/meat/
ask a question with how often
Which statement is closest to the philosophy of social darwinism?
Which statement is the best example of cultural diffusion?
What likely effect does the history of slavery have on Brazil?
What was the main reason for the creation of the United Nations?
How did the Black Death (bubonic plague) spread across Europe?
What is the difference between a Communist command economy and a capitalist free market economy?
Which statement best describes a defining characteristic of traditional economies?
How does raising the price of crude oil in global markets affect national economies?
What is one effect of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
In what system does the government control all of the means of production, including private property, and make all decisions on how resources are to be used?
What is the capital of the United Kingdom?
What is the currency of the United Kingdom?
Which verb do we use when we talk about the age?
How many regions are there in the United Kingdom?
What is the name of the Queen of the United Kingdom?
What is the typical English breakfast?
What time do British people have dinner?
What of these monuments are typical British?
Which of the following countries speak English as an official language?
What do English people love drinking?
mezzo piano
a graphic
What is the rage in the next sample 6,3,2,1,2,3,5,8
What are core measures ?
What is a measure of dispersion ?
What measures fashion?
tell me the media between 2 an 4
What is the mode 5,3,2,1,0,0,1,7
What is the median between 1,2,3,4,5
What does 25% mean
What is the mode between 24,25 and 26
The _______________ stage of a fern is a tiny plant that produces eggs and sperm.
Pollen grains collect on the _____________ of a flower, which is often sticky or featehry.
Ferns have an underground stem called a ______________
The center of a flower contains one or more female reproductive structures called
___________ typically absorb water that is close to the soil surface.
Water enters a plant by passing through the _________ of a root and into the ___________
Flowering plants, such as apple trees and daisies,
Dicots always have two
Cycads, conifers, gnetophytes, and ginkgoes are
Plants that have specialized tissues for carrying minerals, water, or food are classified as ________ plants
Which of the following is NOT a true statement about leaves?
What is the function of the sepal?
The _____________ is a waxy layer that coats the surface of stems and leaves.
Woody stems
In a flower, the _________ are the male reproductive structures.
A __________ is a seed leaf found inside a seed.
In a flower, petals function to
Monocots have
A threadlike extension of cells that anchors a moss to its substate is a
A(n)_____________ are responsible for operating a printing company efficiently and profitably.
A(n) _____________ produces the copy or manuscript for the intended product.
Sales representatives and _____________ are links between the customers and the production department.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
.AAC is what type of file?
.AIF is what type of file?
.VOB is what type of file?
Two charges are separated by a certain distance. If the magnitude of each charge is doubled, the force on each charge is
The net charge of a neutral atom
Bring a charged object near a conductor and then momentarily touch the conductor. This demonstrates charge by
A difference between electrical forces and gravitational forces is that electrical forces include
Conservation of charge means that
A positive charge and a negative charge held near each other are released. As they move, the force on each particle
Two charges separated a distance of 1.0 meter exert a 2-N force on each other. If the charges are pushed to a separation of 1/3 meter, the force on each charge will be
Electrical polarization occurs when
A positive ion has
Which is an example of a rational buying motive?
An example of an emotional buying motive is a:
Ticket agents from the Panthers team call season ticket holders to sign up for the new VISA Panthers credit card. This is called:
Cally purchases a New York Knicks jersey from Jim, a sales associate at the team store. This is an example of:
An example of a patronage motive is:
A sales associate recommends purchasing exercise equipment that folds flat and easily stores under a bed. This is an example of:
Alyssa purchases two tickets for her husband to attend the Annual Jazz Festival concert. In this example, Alyssa’s husband is the:
The exchange of goods and services from the producer to the consumer is:
Selling between a manufacturer and a re-seller is:
Direct experience, written publications, other people, and formal training are sources of:
e-, ex-
il-, im-, in-, ir-
an-, anti-
Where is most freshwater located on Earth?
Which describes the hydrosphere?
Which condition in the ocean is most responsible for an increase in the fish population near the surface?
Which pair of organisms represents a connection between aquatic and terrestrial food webs?
Which tool is used to determine precipitation amounts?
Which is evidence that elements can combine to form new compounds?
Which property of metals allows them to be used to make coins that have the same thickness?
Which best describes why metals are used for making pots and pans that are used for cooking?
Which best describes the physical change of an aluminum soda can after it is crushed?
A chemical reaction produces two new substances, and each product has a mass of 25 grams. What was the total mass of the reactants?
Recognizing the difference between right and wrong, then choosing what is right defines:
Organizations must be without blame and hold themselves to high standards when:
What guides how an organization behaves in relationships with others?
What dictates that corporations must be responsible members of society?
Companies need to be active, positive members of:
How an organization behaves in relationships with others is:
Social responsibility dictates that corporations must be:
Where would Tina find regulations regarding co-worker interactions?
The reason the National Hockey League established a code of conduct was to improve:
When companies are active, positive members of the community, they are:
Which factor best explains why some people will react differently than others to the same dose of an antibiotic?
If a farmer decides to have a pesticide-free farm, which is most likely the result of this choice?
Which is the best evidence that two continents were once connected?
What does a scientist most likely consider when studying the relative ages of rock layers in a canyon wall?
Which can most likely be concluded about the top layer of rock seen in an undisturbed cliff wall?
Based on the Law of Superposition, what can be concluded about fossils?
Which statement best describes influenza?
Which process best explains how mountain ranges are worn down over time?
Which organelle stores genetic information?
What is the energy source that an animal cell needs to carry out life processes?
Casey Martin, who is disabled, asked the Professional Golf Association if he could ride in a golf cart instead of walking of the course. This is an issue dealing with the:
Why would someone want to own his or her own logo?
Safe lifting techniques for moving heavy objects such as sporting equipment is a standard to protect employees from being injured on the job. What administration sets this standard
Trademarks and service marks are granted protection through the:
Using another company’s trademark without their permission is wrong because:
Regulating safety and health standards for businesses which protects employees is governed by the:
A university that has a baseball team must have a softball team. The legislation that required universities to provide equal opportunities for both men and women is:
There is a new piece of sports equipment Evie has considered creating and possibly selling. This type of property is considered:
If Mark wants to protect the information he wrote in a book, or a photograph he took, he would obtain a:
The symbol the National Hockey League uses to represent itself as an organization is referred to as a:
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Hace dos semanas is a phrase which implies the...
Cada semana implies the...
What is the name given to any philosophy that emphasizes human welfare and dignity and belief that human intelligence is capable of improving life?
In ancient Chinese cosmology, which of the following is passive, weak, negative, dark, and destructive?
Chung-yung means which of the following?
According to Confucius we become gracious and well-mannered by following which?
Which of the following is the first Noble Truth?
Which of the following is the second Noble Truth?
Which of the following is not part of the Eightfold Path?
Which of the following is the first step on the Buddha's path to enlightenment?
The Buddha rejected both self-indulgence and asceticism, preferring which of the following instead?
Which is NOT one of the 5 relationships according to Confucius?
The outer part of the vegetal cell is:
What part of the cell is responsible for breaking down and digesting things?
Which of the following would you NOT find in a bacterial cell?
Which of the following is found in plant cells, but not animal cells?
What part of the cell makes proteins?
Where are ribosomes usually located in animal and plant cells?
What part of the cell serves to process, package and export proteins?
What cell has cell wall?
The jellylike interior of the cell is called the:
Which organelle produce energy in the cell?
Which of the following was the main teaching of the Sophists?
Which of the following is the belief that knowledge is determined by the observer?
Who said that Man is the measure of all things.
The Socratic problem concerns which of the following?
The Socratic method begins with which of the following assumptions?
What did Socrates say about the unexamined life?
Socrates thought that the first step toward wisdom was which of the following?
According to Socrates, all evil is caused by which of the following?
Socrates used which of the following to communicate on more than one level?
A vital aspect of the Socratic dialectic was which of the following?
Which of the following works is Plato most known for?
Plato's theory of forms was his answer to which of the following?
Which of the following does Plato think changes?
Plato used the concept of a divided line to illustrate which of the following?
In Platonic terms, a thing's _____________ is what makes it what it is
Plato's ____________ illustrates the path from ignorance to enlightenment.
Plato divided the human soul into which three parts?
The Republic concerns the search for which of the following?
Plato's cardinal virtues are which of the following?
From lowest to highest, Plato's levels of awareness are
When a metal cation and the shared electrons that surround it are attracted to each other they form a:
The cations in a metal form a lattice. Select from the words below to describe that metallic bonds that hold the cations and surrounding electrons in place.
Which of the following is an important property of metals?
Which of the following is an important property of metals?
A mixture of two or more elements where at least one is a metal is called a(n):
If 24-carat gold is 100% gold, what is the percentage of gold contained in 18-carat gold?
When a metal such as copper is mixed with gold, the gold becomes:
What two elements do all types of steel contain?
Pure aluminum is not the best material for the body of an airplane because:
What two metals are used to make the alloy brass?
Aristotle founded which school?
Aristotle believed there were how many levels of reality?
According to Aristotle, ____ answers the question 'What is that?'
According to Aristotle, a complete understanding of anything can only come from identifying its four causes. What are the four causes?
Which of the following is the belief of naturalism?
Eudaimonia implies which of the following?
Which of the following is how Plato expressed that wisdom is moderation?
'The happy man that lives well and does well' refers to which of the following?
A person's entelechy is realized when which of the following occurs?
According to Aristotle, moral virtue comes to us as a result of which of the following?
Who was your math teacher this year?
How many students are on team 3?
What other subject is Mr. Cunningham certified to teach?
Where does Ms. Caldwell live?
Where does Mr. Cunningham live?
Where is Mrs. McPhaul moving over the summer?
What subject did Mrs. McPhaul used to teach?
How many weeks are in a school year?
What grade are you going to next year?
What are South Middle School school colors?
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Which of the following is NOT a Teletubbie?
Who lives in a trash can and is always unhappy?
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