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This is the force that moves soil down a slope
The greater this is, the greater gravity will affect weathered rock or soil
The down slope movement of rock, regolith, and soil under the direct influence of gravity
This type of weathering breaks rock into smaller pieces without changing it chemically
Factors that affect this include climate, slope, and type of vegetation
This is a type of chemical weathering that affects the iron in rocks that contain silicate minerals
This is soil that develops on top of bedrock
This is the exposed, crescent shaped ruptured surface at the head of a slump
This is a block of unconsolidated regolith that slides downhill along a curved surface
This is the slow, downslope flow of water saturated material in permafrost areas
This is composed of mineral matter, water, air, and organic matter
Soil profiles are divided into different zones or layers called this
This is used to determine the percentages of sand, silt and clay in a soil
This includes all soil horizons above the C-horizon
A pheromone is a type of
A snail will withdraw into its snail if it is prodded with a sharp object. In this behavior, prodding is the ______ and the snail's withdrawal is the response.
If a dog learns to ignore vehicles that drive past its house without stopping, the dog's behavior has probably been altered through the type of learning known as ____.
When an animal associates a stimulus with a reward or punishment, it learns by the process known as _______.
If an animal produces a sound and another animal obtains information by hearing the sound, the two animals are engaging in a form of _____.
The Russian scientist named ______ studied conditioning in dogs.
The most complicated form of learning is _______ learning.
When competing for a territory, animals may show ____ to gain control over each other.
Only humans are known to use ______, a complex system of communication that uses sounds, symbols, and gestures according to a set of rules.
Give the general name for seasonal behavior cycles and the general name for daily behavioral cycles.
Blues Music developed in the _________
It is sometimes hard to understand the words in blues music because it is about __________ rather than clarity.
Blues music emerged after what major historic event?
Robert Johnson is sometimes referred to as the _________
Robert Johnson was so good at the guitar, it was rumored that he made a deal with ___________ in exchange for his abilities.
Which famous blues musician helped make blues music commercially available so that people could buy it?
_____________ guitar is a method of playing guitar where you move smoothly from one note to another by using a plastic/glass tube on your finger.
Muddy Waters was famous in America and England. Which British rock band got their name from one of his songs?
B.B. King was famous for using __________ in his solos. This is where you pull the string to change the pitch.
Stevie Ray Vaughn combined blues music with
Blues music had an influence on which of the following types of music?
What famous scientist made the first recording of blues music?
In 1920, Mamie Smith released the first commercially available blues recording. It was of a song called _____________
What is the pattern/form of the lyrics in most blues songs?
Instrumental music what is called ___________ - these are notes that are slightly lower in pitch.
Which of the following is NOT a note in the blues scale?
What three chords are used for the 12-bar blues pattern?
What is the order of the lines of the TREBLE clef?
What is the order of the spaces of the BASS Clef?
Which accidental looks like a hashtag (#)?
a share of ownership in a company that can be bought and sold
a place where stocks are bought and sold
the 1930s economic crisis that began with the stock market crash of 1929 and left many people jobless and homeless
the period from 1920 to 1933, when the manufacture, transport, and sale of alcohol was illegal
a legal process in which a money lender, such as a bank, takes ownership of a property because the borrower fails to make payments for the property to the lender
aid in the form of money or necessities for people experiencing financial hardship
the federal programs developed during Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency to improve the economy and provide public relief
who borrowed $6,000 and started buying up small companies that sold gas, electricity, and then sold stock
In what year did the stock market crash?
Which of the following is a famous jazz musician from Minnesota?
How did the New Deal help Americans?
Why did President Roosevelt come up with the New Deal?
Which New Deal program was set up to raise prices for farm goods and provide relief for farmers.
Which New Deal program was set up to encourage farmers to join cooperatives that would help bring electricity to farms?
Which New Deal program ended the policy of allotment and enabled tribes to create independent tribal governments?
Which New Deal program provided money to put people to work doing public projects such as repairing schools, imporving roads and building ball fields??
Which New Deal program planted trees, fought forest fires, and built roads?
What part of the plot is the high point or turning point of the story?
In what part of the plot line do we meet the characters and find out the setting?
In what part of the plot do we learn what the main problem of the story is?
In what part of the book do we learn what happens to the characters after the problem is resolved.
In what part of the plot line is the problem solved?
What type of characterization tells what a character SAYS?
What type of characterization tells how a character ACTS?
What type of characterization tells what a character LOOKS LIKE?
What type of characterization tells how a character FEELS INSIDE?
What type of characterization what how OTHER CHARACTERS THINK about the protagonist?
Read the following lines from the Odyssey: In the next land we found were Cyclopes, giants, louts, without a law to bless them. By implication, what cultural value in ancient Greece is Odysseus emphasizing in this passage?
Why does Odysseus blind the Cyclops rather than kill him when the giant is asleep?
Read the following lines from the Odyssey:            Men hold me formidable for guile in peace and war: this fame has gone abroad to the sky's rim. What quality of the epic hero does Odysseus emphasize in this passage?
Which word best completes the following sentence? Despite Calypso's ____ for him, Odysseus insists on returning to Ithaca.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The use of a word whose sound imitates or suggests its meaning.
The repetition of the initial consonant sound at the beginning of words.
Giving human-like qualities to non-living objects or animals.
Language that appeals to the five senses.
When a rhyme occurs within a line of poetry.
The pattern of rhymes in a poem. (ABAB)
The comparison of two unlike things--stating that one thing is another with using "like" or "as."
The comparison of two unlike things while using "like" or "as."
A "paragraph" in a poem.
The feeling conveyed in a poem.
In which situation is an object NOT at equilibrium?
Which would you expect to have the greatest amount of friction
When would a person most likely want INCREASED friction?
When would a person MOST LIKELY use a lubricant?
Why are people advised to drive more slowly when it is raining?
The same force is used to push two boxes across a floor. The mass of Box P is double the mass of Box Q. What is the relationship between the acceleration of the two boxes?
A soccer ball is rolled across four different surfaces with the same force. Which surface will SLOW the movement of the soccer ball the most?
What happens if balanced forces are applied to a moving object?
Which surface produces the LEAST amount of friction?
Two teams are playing tug-of-war. How can Team A win the tug-of-war game?
What is a genome?
Which of the following statements about genes is incorrect?
Asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction are different in that
How do the two members of a pair of homologous chromosomes differ from each other?
What is a karyotype?
By examining a karyotype, it is possible to determine
At which stage of mitosis are chromosomes photographed in the preparation of a karyotype?
The human X and Y chromosomes are
If the liver cells of an animal have 24 chromosomes, how many chromosomes do its sperm cells have?
Which of the following is true of a species that has a chromosome number of 2n = 16?
In areas where the lithosphere is being pulled apart, the crust
When two plates carrying continental crust collide, the rock of the continents
The movement of huge blocks of rock along a fault can produce
Volcanoes in the Ring of Fire are supplied with magma rising from
Before magma erupts it collects under a volcano in a
The explosiveness of a volcanic eruption depends mostly on the_____ of the magma.
The type of magma erupting from a volcano determines the volcano's
Volcanic ash can be carried thousands of kilometers from an eruption by
In a volcanic region, water moving through the ground gets__by magma or hot rock.
Pyroclastic flow is made of all except
The gas that makes up the largest percentage of the atmosphere's substance is
Which of the cycles involves oxygen gas?
What process moves energy from Earth's surface to high in the troposphere?
What keeps Earth's surface warm?
Which gas absorbs ultraviolet radiation?
Which type of pollution includes harmful droplets?
All weather occurs in the
Infrared radiation
Ultraviolet radiation
Smog is caused by
The metric mass of a watermelon:
The metric capacity of a baby pool:
The metric capacity of a soda bottle:
The metric mass of a cookie crumb:
The metric mass of a cow:
The metric capacity of a large can of paint:
The metric mass of a dime:
The metric mass of an adult bike:
The metric capacity of an eraser:
The metric capacity of a teacup:
Electric Field lines
Electric Field lines indicate
Potential differences cause
the resistance of an insulator is
positive charges ____________ one another
The electric force between two objects ___ when the distance between them decreases
which of the following is a negatively charge particle
electric field lines show strength and ___ of an electric field
_____ is the opposition posed by a material to the flow of current
a circuit breaker acts as a switch creating a ___ circuit when the current is too high
How many different colors are appropriate to use in a presentation?
What colors are hard for color blind people to see together?
All these colors are not to be used in a presentation EXCEPT
How many different transitions are appropriate to use for an entire presentation
According to the 6 by 6 rule which of the following is an acceptable phrase to use in a slide?
When deciding on slide transitions, effects, and colors in a presentation it is always important to stay
There should be no more than 6 words in a bullet and no more than 6 bullets on a slide is the definition for which rule
What color should you use instead of bright red?
How many words does the 6X6 rule allow you to use on a slide?
It is always best to keep a presentation as _____________ as possible
Gregor Mendel used pea plants to study
Offspring that result from crosses between parents with different traits
Gregor Mendel removed the male parts from the flowers of some plants in order to
The chemical factors that determine traits are called
Gregor Mendel concluded that traits are
When Gregor Mendel crossed a tall plant with a short plant, the F1 plants inherited
The principle of dominance states that
When Gregor Mendel crossed true-breeding tall plants with true-breeding short plants, all the offspring were
If a pea plant has a recessive allele for green peas, it will produce
A tall plant is crossed with a short plant. If the tall F1 pea plants are allowed to self-pollinate,
There is a repulsive force between two charged objects when
Batteries typically have
there is an attractive force between two charge objects when
when there is an equal amount of positive and negative charges on an object, the object is
Potential difference is measured in
current is the rate at which charges move through a
What happens to the resistance of a super conductor when its temperature drops belwo the critical temperature
what happens to the overal resistance of a circuit when too many appliances are connected across a 120V outlet
a material that allows electric charges to move easily
a circuit in which two are more paths are connected to the voltage source
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It is generally rude to use your phone at the dinner table.
Prevention of many food borne illnesses is to wash your hands.
Manners refer to social behavior.
MyPlate illustrates the five food groups that are building blocks for a healthy diet.
Toasters brown and crisp slices of bread.
11. Table etiquette is a set of guidelines to follow when socializing with others.
12When treating falls, try to help the person up and check to see if they are ok.
To help prevent salmonella, do not eat raw eggs.
Your body does not need nutrients to help you grow and to repair itself
To prevent shock do not put aluminum foil in the microwave.
If a knife falls from your hand, it is okay to try to catch it.
Tie your hair back when cooking food.
The hepatitis A virus can be prevented through getting vaccinated.
There are 7 essential nutrients
Popcorn is considered a grain.
The function(s) of fat is to:
You can smother fires in the kitchen by smothering it with
The danger zone for bacteria to live in food is between:
You can’t afford the restaurant unless you can afford the minimum:
The purpose of a refrigerator is to:
The best way(s) to thaw frozen foods are:
When dealing with appliances, make sure hands are:
Food processors:
When waiting on your meal to be served to you…
Slow cookers:
Moist heat cooking methods are:
A person should always practice good manners because:
Dry heat cooking methods are:
Frying foods involves cooking with:
A way to prevent choking is to:
To prevent food borne illnesses:
Before the meal begins:
The best way to avoid a nutrient deficiency is to:
It is recommended that teens drink how many glasses of water each day?
Moist heating uses this type of cooking method.
Which Articles created the Legislative Branch?
Which Article created the Judicial Branch?
Which Article created the Executive Branch?
Which Article explains the ratification of the US Constitution?
Which Article gives Power to the States?
Which Article contains the Supremacy Clause?
Which Article allows for Amending the US Constitution?
Which Article allows our Gov't to create laws?
Which Article contains the office of President?
Which Article lets Congress vote 2/3 of Congress and 3/4 of states to change the US Constitution?
Which Article says the US Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land?
Which Article created the Supreme Court?
Which Article lets our Gov't enforce laws?
Which Article lets our Gov't define the laws...make sure they are Constitutional?
If you thaw frozen meat and using cold water, you should:
Food borne illnesses common sources are:
A treatment to choking is:
After the meal,
Saturated fats are:
Tonya finished washing her hands and went immediately back to chopping the vegetables. Since her hands were wet, she dropped the knife and tried her best to keep it from cutting her foot or hitting the floor.
Robert had only put the roast in the oven for about 5 minutes and decided to take it out quickly with his hands to finish seasoning it.
Justin immediately stopped what he was doing to clean up a spill on the floor.
Jamie wanted to taste her mix real quick to see if it needed any more seasoning, but suddenly had to sneeze. After wiping her hands on her apron, she stuck her finger in the bowl to taste it and sure enough, it needed more salt.
Chris made sure to unplug all appliances before starting to wash dishes.
Quiero _________de comer.
No quiero _____________de comer.
No hay ___________ en casa.
No cononzco a ______________persona entiende a la maestra de español.
No me gusta practicar ___________ instrumento.
No me gusta____el uno ____el otro
No quiere comprar ________bicicleta.
No yo no comí y Raúl _______ comió.
Que bueno, tu____________recibes un regalo en tu cumpleaños.
Debe ser ______________muy alto para tocar la canasta de baloncesto.
o. . .o
más tarde
por fin
ni. . .ni
SIEMPRE is the opposite of ________.
TAMBIÉN is the opposite of ________.
ALGO is the opposite of ________.
ALGUIEN is the opposite of ________.
NI. . .NI is the opposite of ________.
ALGÚN is the opposite of ________.
In an experiment to decide which wind turbine blade length creates the most electricity, the independent variable is...
In an experiment to decide which wind turbine blade length creates the most electricity, the dependent variable is...
In an experiment to decide which wind turbine blade length creates the most electricity, important constants include...
In an oceanic food web, producers and consumers include...
Which of the following causes the greatest loss of biodiversity?
Tick birds eat the ticks from rhinos. This is an example of
Birds build nests in trees. Trees are unharmed. Which of the following describes this interaction?
Which of the following statements are true?
The term acid precipitation refers to precipitation that is
What are bats important and why are they endangered?
the 20% of 100 is
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
the north pole of one magnet will be attracted to
magnetic force
pushing a loop of wire through a magnetic field requires work. The greater the magnetic field
generators convert
when a wire is moving parallel to a magnetic field
the north poles of two different magnets will ____ one another
earth's magnetic field lines run from
a device that produces a magnetic field by wrapping a wire into a coil is a
increasing the number of coils in a solenoid or an electromagnet results in a _____ magnetic field
a solenoid with a soft iron core is called
if a loop of wire moves in and out of a magnetic field____ is produced
a ______ transofrmer is used near homes to achieve a voltage of120V
the magnetism of a piece of magnetized iron can be weakened by
what instrument is used to trace the direction of a magnetic field
what material was used to make the first compass
magnetic fields are produced by
groups of atoms that align to form small, magnetized regions in a material are
An example of naturally occurring magnetic rock is
when the loop of wire in an AC generator rotates halfway
a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
Great Britain, Soviet Union, China, and the U.S.
Germany's fascist party, the National Socialists
period of economic decline
preserving peace by meeting the demands of an aggressor
Germany, Italy, and Japan
launching attacks on other countries
armed forces organization for women
to attach
a person who left his or her homeland for safety
What is a mature female cattle known as?
What is a barrow?
The offspring of a sheep is?
The agriculture products from goats are?
A mature female sheep is?
A Capon is a part of which livestock group?
What is a young female swine known as?
What is the offspring/young of poultry known as?
A Bull is a?
A mature male sheep is a?
Define: Fish
An example of a fish is:
Capturing wild or shellfish including commercial and sport fishing is:
An area where freshwater and saltwater meet is known as:
An aquatic arthropod with modified appendages is known as a:
An example of a shellfish is:
This form of aquaculture includes cultivation, propogation and marketing;
What is the definition of aquaculture?
What are the reasons for using aquatic plants to benefit humans?
Which is an example of an area of saltwater?
A mature female swine is known as:
A mature male swine is known as:
What is a wether?
The agriculture products from swine are?
A Heifer is a young female cattle that:
A castrated male cattle is known as:
The black and white spotted cow on the back of Ms. Shivar's door is what breed:
A young female sheep is known as:
A castrated male poultry is known as:
A mature male goat is known as:
This method is commonly used when livestock is hard to breed artificially:
This method requires specific equipment and has less physical wear on the livestock:
An animal in the earliest stages of its development in the egg:
Cloning is:
When cloning an animal, the embryo is place in a:
What animal species is artificial insemination used in the most?
If your brother owns a bull that lives in China and you want to breed him to your cow, what method is best?
If you want an exact copy of your prized Boar, what method would be best to use?
Which method usually requires the help of a veterinarian?
This method is commonly use when you want to produce a large number of offspring from one superior female:
A place, employment, status or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted, or specialized market.
USDA has official evaluated a meat product for class, grade, or other quality characteristics.
Allowed to range and forage with relative freedom
Food produced without employment of chemicals, fertilizers, growth hormones, etc.
A product containing no artificial ingredients or added color and is minimally processed.
All meat available in a grocery store is what?
An example of a free range product is:
An example of an organic product is:
Kashi is a food company that promotes:
A cow is grown for human consumption an is never given growth hormones or antibiotics. She would be considered what?
5 + 3 =
2 + 5 =
4 + 5 =
5 + 5 =
5 + 0 =
5 + 1 =
3 + 5 =
5 + 4 =
1 + 5 =
5 + 2 =
A change in position
Measures how fast position changes
Measures how fast velocity changes
___________ change the motion of objects in predictable ways
What determines acceleration
If the force acting upon and object is increased, what happens to the objects acceleration?
If a 10 N force accelerates and object 5 m/s/s how massive is the object?
An action force and its reaction force are
Objects at rest remain at rest, and objects in motion remain in motion with the same velocity, unless
Which one of these is not true about momentum
Answers by Educators Question Database
-4 * 5 =
-8 * 9 =
-7 * (-3) =
4 * (-9) =
56 ÷ (-8) =
-48 ÷ (-6) =
-24 ÷ 12 =
-60 ÷ (-5) =
81 ÷ (-9) =
Find the mean: 31, 3, 11, 31, 14
Find the median: 31, 3, 14, 31, 11
Find the mode: 31, 3, 11, 31, 14
Find the mean: 95, 18, 51, 1, 22, 5
Find the median: 95, 18, 51, 1, 22, 5
Find the mean: 14, 22, 15, 7, 14, 0, 12
Find the median: 14, 22, 15, 7, 14, 0, 12
Find the mode: 14, 22, 15, 7, 14, 0, 12
Find the mean: 67, 103, 94, 65, 18, 114, 94, 63, 94, 27
Find the median: 67, 103, 94, 65, 18, 114, 94, 63, 94, 27
To make sure that all tasks have been completed and an event is ready for attendees, sport/event marketers might refer to their
One way to verify that a complex arena event is well prepared and ready for spectators is by
When the Green Company selected its target market, it decided to ignore the segment differences and generate appeal with one offer. The company is using __________ marketing.
Entertainment marketers should identify their target markets after they have carefully examined
What is one question that a business must answer when identifying a potentially profitable target market?
One aspect of identifying a segment of a sport/event target market involves identifying the
Which of the following situations is an example of a business using niche marketing:
Which of the following statements is true regarding niche marketing:
Which of the following factors should event marketers consider when identifying target markets for specific events:
When a business selects a target market, the most useful or desirable market segments to the business are those that are measurable and
How do we say TIME in Latin?
How do we say HELP in Latin?
How do we say RUMBLE in Latin?
How do we say ROOM in Latin?
How do we say TRACK or FOOTPRINT in Latin?
How do we say NAME in Latin?
How do we say STICK in Latin?
How do we say JOURNEY in Latin?
How do we say DANGER in Latin?
How do we say WAGON in Latin?
Which has higher levels of fat?
What are giblets?
Where should you store meat in the refrigerator?
Where should the thermometer be placed in the meat and away from what two things?
What are some difference between finfish and shellfish
How has the way we raise pigs changed since the 1970's?
What is/are a reason why we would buy a pre-cut up chicken
what is/are a reason why we would buy a whole chicken
What is the difference between the T-bone and porterhouse steak
Areas of the animals that move a lot (locomotion meats) are best cooked with dry heat.
Foods that are very common in the Pacific Coast, Hawaiian Islands, and in New England are:
Foods that are very common in the West and Southwest are:
The area that is know for their creole cuisine, deep frying , soul food, and buttermilk biscuits is the:
Wisconsin is part of what section of the USA
Alaska is part of what section of the USA
One of the following was not given in class as a reason why people left their homelands to move to the new world
What is the main nutrient found in beef?
What are the three grades of beef?
Which grade of meat has the least amount of marbling?
Why are locomotion meats tough?
What temperature should a medium steak be cooked to
How can I produce tenderness in less tender cuts of meat?
under cooked ground beef can specifically result in what bacteria
What is the internal temperature that non-ground pork needs to be?
Which has a higher level of fat in poultry; white or dark meat
Dark meat of flightless birds includes which areas of the bird
the internal temperature of a chicken breast should be cooked to what temperature
Which category are clams, oysters, scallops, squid, and octopus in?
What is one way to know that shellfish are fresh?
which fish category are trout, mackerel, and salmon in?
All of the following are mass movements except....
The process that wears away surface materials and moves them from one place to another.
A Dune is formed when wind blows sediments against and obstacle and deposits it.
The gouging of bedrock by rock fragments embedded in a glacier.
Till and outwash are both deposits from wind.
Leaning poles indicate what type of mass movement?
When underlying material is weakened and can no longer support materials on top of it.
A moraine occurs when a glacier stops moving forward and deposits material in front of it.
The process by which a glacier loosens and moves rock.
Sediments like sand, rocks, boulders and clay are examples of till.
When a river empties in to a lake or ocean.
Goundwater travels through ____________in sediments.
Which one is NOT an effect of erosion by gravity?
Which one is NOT an effect of glacial erosion.
Which one is not an effect of wind erosion.
What is not one of the factors that affect runoff.
If you want to separate iron fillings from sand, you use a?
The process used to separate heterogeneous mixtures of solids and liquids is called ?
The name of a separation technique that uses the boiling points of various substances to separate mixtures is?
The formation of pure solid particles of a substance from a solution is called?
An element is made of only one type of atom?
A mixture is made of different atoms that are chemically joined?
A compound is made of different atoms that are not chemically joined?
An atom is the smallest particle?
The steam cools and condenses to liquid water?
The water begins to evaporate into steam at a temperature below 90 ºC?
When treating a minor burn, run under cool water.
During the meal, pass food to the left.
A tip for preventing cuts, you should keep knives dull.
Carbohydrates provide the body with most of its energy
Nutrient deficiency occurs when your body gets enough nutrients.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Wanneer begint de Sjabbat?
Wat is Hamotsi?
Sjabbat eindigt als er ...hoeveel sterren aan de hemel staan?
Wat is een siddoer?
Wat zijn tsitsit?
Op welke leeftijd wordt een Joods meisje Bat Mitswa?
Op welke leeftijd wordt een Joodse jongen Bar Mitswa?
Hoe noem je de kast in de synagoge waar de Torarol in staat?
Wat dragen Joodse mannen op hun hoofd?
Wat wenst men elkaar op Sjabbat?
What doubled the size of the US
Which of the following countries did not claim the Oregon Country?
From what country did the US gain Florida?
Who were the mountain men?
Which of the following rules was not a part of the agreement between the Texans and the Mexican Government?
Who was the leader of the Texan Army?
Which line of latitude did the US agree would be the northern boundary of the Oregon Country?
Who was the leader of the Mexican Government?
What ended the Mexican War?
Which trail helped people move to Utah?
Another name for the Earth spinning around and around is
When our side of the Earth has daytime, children on the other side are probably doing what?
How many hours does it take for the Earth to rotate one full turn?
Which of the following sentences is a true statement?
The coolest layer of the Earth is the
The mantle layer of the Earth is made up of
Melted rock that comes out of a volcano is called
Which of the statements is true?
Which of the statements is true?
How long does it take for the earth to orbit around the sun?
Who coined the phrase "Manifest Destiny"?
Who moved the Mormons from Illinois to Salt Lake City?
Which word means the movement of people within the US?
Where did the trails west begin?
Which battle marked the beginning of the Texans war with Mexico?
Who won the battle at the Alamo?
What did Santa Anna give the Texans in exchange for his release from prison?
Why is Texas called the "Lone Star State"?
Who became the first president of the Republic of Texas?
What is the best definition for annexation?
What tools would you need to use to find out how the mass of two boxes affects the distance they will slide down a ramp?
Everything that happens in the universe, including sprouting seeds, involves energy. An unsprouted seed in the in the ground is an example of __________ energy.
When a seed sprouts, it converts stored chemical energy into _____________.
Friction between a car's tires and the road releases ______________ energy.
Using natural gas or propane to propel an automobile is an example of converting ___________ energy to ____________energy.
The total amount of energy in a system remains constant, although energy can be _________________.
Which of the following represents the energy pathway in a toaster?
Not all the energy used by the toaster went into toasting the bread. What happens to the rest of the energy?
Energy is best defined as
The gasoline that is in the tank of your vehicle is an example of
Who was the Whig candidate in the 1848 election?
What does the word popular sovereignty mean?
What document introduced by a Pennsylvania congress banned slavery in the newly acquired land?
Which statement is FALSE?
Who proposed the idea of popular sovereignty?
Which of the following statements if FALSE?
What cause the US to declare war on Mexico?
What is the reason the US wanted to go to war with Mexico?
Which of the following is NOT a part of the Treaty of Guadalupe HIdalgo?
How much did the US pay for the strip of land known as the Gadsden Purchase?
A mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons, primarily methane, occurring naturally in the earth, used principally as a fuel in the production of heat, electricity, or in transportation.
A solid combustible substance formed by the partial decomposition of vegetable matter without access to air.
A chemical substance used to produce heat or power when burned.
A Fuel that is created naturally, or by human intervention at a relatively rapid rate, and therefore does not run out.
Anything necessary to produce something is called a.
A soft coal with low heat content and about 40% moisture, also called brown coal.
A hard coal with a high heat content and low moisture and sulfur content.
An organic chemical compound made up of hydrogen and carbon in either gaseous, liquid, or solid phase.
Describes a substance that liquids and gases cannot pass through.
The United States has less than 5% of the worlds population, yet we consume about _____ of the worlds energy.
Yo no ________________ ______ señora Villalobos.
Mis amigos __________________ _______ Elvis.
¿________________ tú ____ mi tía?
Nosostros _______________ _____ sr. Matson
¿_______________ Uds. _______ secretarias?
Mis padres _____________ _________ Doctor Morales.
¿_________________ Ud. ________ mi hermano?
Ellos no ________________ ________ mí.
Sí, yo ________________ ________ tus primos.
¿__________________ tú ________ mi perro?
What is the process of removing animals from wild settings and raising them ina controlled environment?
What is a feral animal
What type of animal are used to assist people in living and work?
What do we call a mature male turkey?
What is the proper term for the meat that comes from a bovine animal?
What is a cockerel?
Which of the following is not a benefit of companion animals for humans?
What is the leading beef-producing state?
Livestock animals
_______ were the first species to be domesticated, and __________ were the last
Plants in this Biome often have deep and extensive root systems
This is the largest land Biome on Earth today.
Trees in this Biome lose their leaves in the Fall.
This is the Northern Most Biome on Earth.
Trees in this Biome have needles instead of leaves.
This Biome is the warmest and wettest environment on Earth.
Most creatures in the Tropical Rainforest live in this part of it.
Plants in this biome have waxy leaves to prevent water loss.
Many birds in this Biome migrate south in the winter.
This Biome actually benefits from seasonal fires.
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What percent of Canadians work in service industries?
Historically Canada’s economy relied heavily on…
Today Canada heavily participates in…
What two things has Canada recently started to export?
What does NAFTA stand for?
Which country was not part of the Axis powers?
What event started WWII?
How did the US feel about entering WWII at the beginning of the war?
Who was president of the US when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor? He was also the only president to serve 4 terms
Which of the following was not a main cause of WWII?
Joseph Stalin was the leader of which nation?
When did WWII end?
Who was the president of the US that decided to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?
Which event prompted the US to enter WWII?
Where is Pearl Harbor located?
Detrás de
Debajo de
Delante de
Mi dormitorio _______________ grande.
Las cortinas _______________ azules.
Las cortinas ________________ delante de la ventana.
La cobija ____________ roja.
El despertador _______________ blanco.
El despertador _______________ en la mesita.
Mi cama ______________ al lado de la ventana.
Las paredes ____________ grises.
-12 + 8 =
-7 + -5 =
-9 + 20
18 + (-3) =
4 - (-3) =
-9 - 10 =
5 - 15 =
14 - (-2) =
-3 - 5 =
-20 - (-2) =
I was much ________ to my mom for having helped me for two hours on my algebra homework.
The class agreed to __________ doing homework after the teacher unfairly assigned the entire workbook in one night.
The children could not stop __________ during the Math lesson when they knew that the rest of the day would be spent having a carnival.
The _________ road had a lot of twists and turns, which made me car sick.
It was always my __________ to become a professional baseball player.
My cheeks _________ red when I spilled my lunch on my new dress in front of everyone in the cafeteria
I stood at the ____________ prepared to give my speech to the high school grades.
It is __________ that you turn your homework in every day because it helps you become a better learner.
There was only a ____________ of fog in the morning, so we didn't get a delay from school.
He grasped his brown ____________ that contained all of the precious jewels he had just stolen from the kingdom.
The fourth grade students were _____________ when the teacher started teaching calculus to them!
The flowers began to ___________ because they had not been watered for days.
The football player _________ the opposing team as he tackled their quarterback.
She __________ a secret into her sister's ear, hoping that her brother wouldn't hear it.
The _________ at the entrance of the baseball stadium clicked every time a new person walked through it.
His favorite pair of jeans were all old and ___________ because he worn them every day.
The Fort Wayne Tincaps ___________ the championships after they won their final game.
The mouse ___________ over the floor in order to reach the cheese that had fallen to the ground.
_________ all of the trees, a green tree frog has a lot of great camouflage.
Her arm was _________ and ready to go as she prepared to throw a fastball to the catcher
A word that means you refuse to do something for specific reasons
A word that means old and very fragile
A word that means you are extremely grateful for something someone has done for you
A word that means something is moving very quickly
A word that means someone is trying to collect items really quickly; nervously gathering things together
A word that means someone or something is a positive addition to something. They have done something good.
A word that means to bring groups of people together-no matter their age, skin color, religion, etc.
A word that means extremely important or essential
A word that means you have no idea what is going on; there is no background knowledge on the topic
A word that means you have the desire to strive to accomplish something through a lot of hard word
A word that means you say one thing but do something completely different
A word that means you intentionally ruin something. It is normally a mean act.
A word that means a task that is extremely difficult
A word that means you ran someone over with great force
A word that means to make someone feel good about themselves
A word that means to be unbalanced or unstable.
A word that means twisty or curving
A word that means to raise something up. To go up.
A word that means to go out on an adventure and take a risk
A word that means to move nervously. You can't sit still.
A word that means something is falling straight down
A word that means to die or shrivel up
A word that means to speak in a low, quiet voice
A word that means to be among or within something
A word that means a small amount of something
A word that means to look at in close detail
A word that means to have something raised in the air ready to go
A word that means a device with three rotating, metal arms that counts how many people enter a building or place.
A word that means old or worn down; usually old clothing
A word that means you know without a doubt that something is accomplished
A word that means a small bag with a shoulder strap
A word that means you are shaking either from cold or some kind of emotion
A word that means you are embarrassed or excited. Your cheeks turn red.
A word that means a wooden device that speakers stand at to give a presentation
-6 * (-2) =
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Pigs from approximately three weeks until nine weeks old are considered:
Pigs from birth until approximately three weeks old are considered:
Pigs from approximately nine weeks old until they are approximately 265-275 pounds are considered:
Pigs weighing approximately 265 pounds are considered:
Sow are placed in individual farrowing pens or stalls because:
Pigs are put through processing when born and processing includes:
If pigs are raised in an outdoor housing facility they are considered:
Which state did Mike Rowe visit a pig farm?
There were two breeds shown in the Dirty Jobs episode, which were they?
Sows give birth to an average of how many piglets per litter?
What is it called when a person takes material into their mind from the environment?
Which of the following represents that strongest correlation?
Which is NOT a step in the scientific method?
The difference between reality and self-concept is called
Role playing social situations or behaviors is called
What is it called when a person has consistent fear of a serious disease?
Which of the following created the client-centered theory of psychology?
Hallucinations and delusions are a symptom of which disorder?
Who conducted the Baby Monkey experiment?
Which of the following studied temperament?
The photoelectric effect is evidence for light's
The energy of a photon is directly proportional to its
The wavelength of a particle is related to the particles's
Diffraction effects cannot be measured for
Electron wavelengths are generally
When an atomic electron goes from a hgih emergy ste to a low energy state, it
The energy states available to an electron are
The discrete orbits of electrons are best understood by considering the electron\'s
Compared to the innermost electrons of an uranium atom, the innermost electron of a hydrogen atom is
Helium is four times as masive as hydrogen. Compared to the size of hydrogen, helium is
Two common products of unbound neutron decay are
Which of the following is NOT emitted in radioactive decay
The atomic number of an atom or ion refers to the number of
The atomic mass number of an atom refers to the number of
A sample of a certain radioactive material has ahalf life of 1 year. How much of this radioactive material will be left at the end of 3 years?
When Uranium (92) ejects an alpha particle, the nucleus left behind has
Wehn thorium (90) ejects a beta particle, the resulting nucleus has
All elements beyond uranium in the periodic table
Carbon-14 to radioactive and decays into
The half life of carbon 14 is 5730 years. Suppose a basket was found that contains one half as much carbon 14 as a new basket of the same material. what is the approximate age of
Nuclear fission occurs when
A benefit to using nuclear fission power is that it
Whan a neutron leaves a nucleus, its mass
A graph of nuclear mass per nucleon for all the elements
The element with the least mass per nucleon is
The release of energy in nuclear fission is consistent with the fact that uranium has
The energy we get in nuclear reaction comes from
Nuclear fusion releases energy when
Nuclear fusion occurs typically in
Teh primary fuel for a nuclear fusion reactor is
The nucleus of an atom is made up of
Light nuclei are stable when
Samples of 2 different isotopesx & y both contain the same number of radioactive atoms. X has a half-life twice that of Y. How do their rates of radiation compare?
In fission reactions, the binding energy per nucleon must ______ atomic number
In order to adequately control a chain reaction, it is necessary to have within the fissionable material a nonfissionable material that _________ neutrons.
How is a fission reaction different from a fusion reaction?
Which interaction of nature holds the planets, stars, and galaxies together, even though its effect on elementary particles is negligible?
Which of the following do physicists believe are fundamental particles?
During the radiation era of the big bang theory, most energy was in the form of radiation. What form did matter take?
A radioactive material initially is observed to have an activity of 800 counts/s. If 4 h later it is ovserved to have an activity of 200 counts/s, what is its half-life?
What is not a type of sound found in a digital media presentation?
In most weather conditions, sound waves travel through the air at speeds of about
Can sound travel through space.
Sound pressure levels (loudness or volume) are measured in
The louder the sound, the larger the
is the power or intensity of the sound.
What is not true about Frequency?
Humans are capable of detecting sound vibrations from
Stereo has
When taking analog sounds and transferring them to digital- this is called
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The accepted rules of conduct on the Web when using email or a chatroom are called?
Software that is not copyrighted and can be copied or used freely is known as:
Which of the following should you create to organize the messages you receive from other people?
URL stands for?
A file that is sent along with an e-mail message is known as an?
What button on the browser toolbar will take to the previous web page?
When you want to respond back to an e-mail message, what command button would you use?
Refer to the numbers located on the letter handout: #1 on the letter is known as a
Refer to the numbers located on the letter handout: #2 on the letter is known as
Refer to the numbers located on the letter handout: #3 of the letter is that
Refer to the numbers located on the letter handout: #4 on the letter. The feature for this text is
Sharing power between the national, state, and local governments is called-
Splitting power between a legislative, executive, and judicial branch is called-
To limit the power of government, the founders gave each branch of government specific powers over the other branches. This is called-
The founding fathers gave people the right to a jury, lawyer, and fair trial after they had been accused of a crime. These rights are called-
The 10th amendment gives powers not listed in the Constitution to the state governments. This is known as-
Eric was arrested for robbing a bank. He was not given a lawyer and was forced to sit in jail for 5 years before his trial. What rights were violated?
Marbury v. Madison was a landmark Supreme Court. What power did this case give to the Supreme Court?
The Constitution starts with, We the people... What fundamental principle does that illustrate?
Which of the following will not help someone who is looking to start their career?
How has immigration affected the United States?
What does mal mean?
What does dict mean?
What does cred mean?
What does ped mean?
What does spec mean?
What does ject mean?
What does port mean?
What does sect mean?
What does miss/mit mean?
What does man, manu mean?
What does scrib/script mean?
What does ben/bene/bon mean?
What does jur/jus/jud mean?
What does graph mean?
What does bio mean?
What does viv/vit mean?
What does flect/flex mean?
What does frail/fract/frag mean?
Which is a possible material for the heating element i the electric iron?
Which is the current flowing through an appliance marked 240V, 40W?
Which is the power produces by an appliance marked 240V, 2A ?
Which is the effective resistance of an appliance marked 240V, 60 W?
How much energy does a spot light rated at 2kW consumed in 6h?
If a heater draws 5 A current from a 240 V supply, what is the current in the live wire?
Which is the most appropriate fuse rating for a 240 V, 1.2 kW heater?
Many hair dryers have no earth wire. Why?
What is 1 kWh
What is the reason for the fuse and switch to be located at the live wire?
What does shortening means?
Why we start to practise the shortening program?
How call the brain cells?
How many cells has the brain inside?
What is the name of the neurons which going up from muscles to brain?
What is the name of the neurons which going down from brain to muscles?
What is the name of the muscles receptors?
What does propioception means?
Where I have to pay attention if I want to practise shortening with a hip flex?
Where I have to pay attention if I want to practise shortening with a hip extension?
What fiber is a synthetic one composed by aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides?
The fibers from petroleum are know as...
What fabric is made with the fibers of flax plant?
Which is the synthetic fiber most used now?
How can we divide the different kinds of natural fibers?
Which of the next fibers is a synthetic one?
Synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity.
Synthetic fiber used as a high-strength material.
Protein fiber composed mainly of fibroin and produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons.
Which country is the most important fibers importer now?
What does the anther do?
What gas do plants take in from photosynthesis?
The dog cat jumped onto the counter. "Jumped" is what part of speech
He was coming over for dinner tonight. "He" is what part of speech?
Under the table, Jake discovered a piece of pizza. "Under" is what part of speech?
Jan galloped her horse straight to the old barn. "old" is what part of speech?
We went to the store to purchase a new rug. "went" is what part of speech?
What are you going to do after the party? "are" is what part of speech?
A trip to Hawaii would be a dream vacation. "A" is what part of speech?
After taking the medicine, Jane was feeling better. "taking" is what part of speech?
The old creaky door opened slowly. "slowly" is what part of speech?
The Cake Boss is a show about designer cakes. "Cake Boss" is what part of speech?
What is the Correct definition for personal selling ?
Fill in the blank . Listen, Understand and ..
TRUE OR FALSE . the best sales people are the best talkers .
What is one of the oldest forms of promotion ?
What is a tip on being a GOOD personal seller ?
What is the correct definition for commission ?
Fill in the blank . Be ....
Commission rewards sucess and ....
Bonus. who is the current secretary of state ?
Bonus. who is the 42nd president of the United States ?
What is kinetic energy?
What is potential energy?
What is the Law of Conservation of Energy?
What is the potential energy of an object sitting on a cliff that is 105 meters in the air?
What is the kinetic energy of an object that has a mass of 64kg and a speed of 9 meters per second?
What do you need to calculate potential energy?
What do you need to calculate kinetic energy?
What happens when you ride a sled down a hill?
What is the kinetic energy of a soccer ball that has a mass of 0.43 kg and a speed of 15 meters per second?
What is the potential energy of a book with a mass of 1.6 kg on a table that is 2.1 meters above the ground?
What is topography?
Which of the following best describes WEATHER?
Which of the following tools is NOT used to monitor changes in weather?
Which is the best explanation of why the equator and poles have different climates?
Which of the following best describes latitude?
How does the sun cause wind?
What causes winter for us here in North America?
Why do coastal cities usually have milder climates than land-locked cities?
___________ is when the wind causes most of the moisture to fall on one side of the mountains.
Which of the following Pokemon controls the rain?
What does the term word wrap mean?
OCR stands for
Which type of alignment is missing: right, left, centre
Which feature of a WP would allow you to put text into rows and columns?
What is the process where a standard letter is combined with a data source?
Which file format saves all formatting?
Which file format saves information about paragraph breaks?
Which file format saves information only about the text?
Which other application package would you use to perform a mail merge?
Which of these words would be picked up by a spell checker?
Increased sales, enhanced goals and objectives, and maintaining the current customer base are all reasons companies sponsor:
During which decade was a change in sponsorship due to a ban of tobacco and alcohol ads?
Powerade is the only sponsor for the 5K Walk/Run for Diabetes in town. Being the only sponsor, Powerade is said to have:
Yoplait Yogurt has exclusivity over the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Race. Exclusivity is favorable to Yoplait because it:
General Motors Corporation presented the Halftime Report during an NBA game. GMC is the:
State Farm Insurance donated $1,000 to Moe’s Mighty Marvels, a youth basketball league, to provide the team with:
NASCAR receives money from Nextel in return to be the official sponsor. In this case, NASCAR is the:
When the Olympics limited the number of official sponsors to 30 and made sure there was only one sponsor in each category it provided
A business, person, or organization that finances a sports or entertainment entity is a(n):
The entity that receives money or products from the sponsor is the
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In the alphabet of lines, an area not included in the cutting line view is shown with _____.
To clarify any discrepancies in the plans, the foreman should use a(n) _____.
On the drawing, a project is identified by the _____ found in the title block.
Site plans are developed using a(n) _____.
The architect,s scale is used for drawing _____.
To clarify information that cannot be shown on the drawings, the architectural and engineering firm will prepare _____.
The material to be used for the walls would be found on the _____ plan
Information about the structure or assembly is provided in the _____.
What was one result of the Commercial Revolution in Europe?
Which factor contributed to Mali becoming a wealthy kingdom?
In the late 1400s and early 1500s, what was a major reason for the European voyages of exploration?
During the Industrial Revolution, which development resulted from the other three?
Which phrase best illustrates the theory of laissez-faire capitalism?
In the early 1930s, millions of Ukrainians died as a result of
Which social scientist is most concerned with analyzing the relationship between the supply of and the demand for goods and services?
Europeans considered mercantilism a successful policy because it
A key idea in the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels is that workers should support the
Which change is associated with Meiji Japan?
The British reliance on India as a market for its manufactured goods caused Mohandas Gandhi to
The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was formed with the intent of
Which empires gained wealth by controlling the trade of gold, ivory, and salt across the Sahara Desert?
Talking on the phone in front of co-workers, supervisors, and customers is _____.
When listening to instructions, the best way to make sure you get all the information is to _____.
With email, nonverbal communication is lost and your message must be carefully composed to avoid being _____.
When communicating on the job, you should _____.
Special features in books that help you locate information include _____.
An important attribute of an effective speaker is the ability to _____.
What is an important practice in writing to avoid errors that can cost time and money?
To make sure your points are understood in an email, you can _____.
If you do not understand what a speaker is saying, _____.
When reading instructions or a series of steps, you should _____.
She was in a rush
Did you tell me the truth?
They listened to music
Which scientist discovered the electrical force between two objects?
Which scientist stated that forces exerted on a compass are perpendicular to the electrical current?
Which of the following only lists electrical insulators?
Which of the following only lists electrical conductors?
In a step down transformer...
Beta decay uses....
Transverse waves move at a _______ angle to the particles
This wave moves parallel to the particles.
every object has a natural frequeny. when this frequency is matched, it produces an increasing amplitude. This is called...
Fiber optic cables transmit...
Photons have
The kinetic energy of electrons during the photoelectric effect is due to...
Different elements produce different emission spectras because each element has a unique...
Missing mass energy equivalence is described by wheich equation
Transformers use...
What size is the Ultra-wide-angle lens?
What size is the Normal lens?
What size is the Telphoto lens?
What size is the Wide-Angle lens?
What size is the Super telephoto lens?
Which lens is good for selfies?
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