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Organisms of a pond community and the physical factors of their environment
All of the organisms in the coral reef including the reef, rocks, and salt water
The basic unit of structure and function in living things
Performs jobs (specific functions) for a cell
Carbohydrates, Lipid, Protein, and Nucleic Acid are
Which is the correct order of the cell hierarchy from smallest to largest
Made of protons, neutrons, and electrons
Example of a Human Resoure
Example of an entrepreneur
Example of a capital resource
example of a natural resource
appoints the governor-general
elected by the citizens (people) to represent each state or territory
gives advise to the governor-general
Head of government )most power
commissions the PRime Minister
Elects the Prime Minister
The amount of energy in a sound wave is called its _______________
Energy travels from the sun to the earth by
A _______ can seperate white light into bands of colored light.
When sound is reflected off a sufrace it is called a/ an
A balloon can stick to a wall because of
An _____________ does NOT transfer heat
Water and clear plastic are both _____________.
In a ______________ electricity can flow through more than one path
Light ____________, or bends when it travels through materials like glass.
The flow of electrical charges through a circuit is called __________________.
NOT a physical change
Which statement is false
Answers by Educators Question Database
What process was responsible for producing gases and formed the early atmosphere?
Early atmosphere did not have oxygen. What was the source/s of oxygen?
Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, methane, water vapor were already present in the Early Earth. This statement is
What was the reason why plants and bacteria survive in the early Earth?
In which layer of the atmosphere do you find rain, snow and clouds
What is the most common gas in the atmosphere?
In which layer of the atmosphere is ozone found?
What have CFC's done to Earth and its atmosphere?
How have man's activities chnaged the compostion of our atmosphere?
Earth's atmosphere is divided into layers that are based upon their
Which of these effects generally occurs as the result of a warm air mass and a cooler air mass converging at the Earth's atmosphere?
Shifts in Earth's continents most likely caused a change in Earth's
Scientists have found fossils of tropical plants in Antartica. How could tropical plants have grown in Antartica?
You notice the winds outside your house are blowing strongly, and it has been really cold this month. This observation relates to
What is one factor that affects the location of deserts and rain forests?
Why are temperatures generally cooler at high elevations than at low elevations?
Which natural event does NOTcause global cooling or warming?
Mongolia has a short, dry summers and long, cold winters, which makes it difficult to to grow crops. This statement describes
Which factors direclty affect local weather and climate?
Your Aunt Velma and Uncle Bert are planning to move from a cold desert. They want to move to an area where the temperatures are slightly warmer in the winter and mild summer. Where should they move?
Which behavior do ALL consumers share?
Which of the following is an external characteristic of a zebra?
All of the following are external characteristics of a bird EXCEPT---
Which statement about learned behaviors is true?
Which trait is most likely inherited?
Whenever Jack puts on his coat, his dog meets Jack at the door with a leash. The dog's behavior is ---
Which trait in a human is most likely inherited?
Predict which population of organisms would INCREASE in a habitat if all snakes were killed.
The specific place in an ecosystem where an organism lives is its--
A cow is an organism that eats only plants. A cow is therefore a(an)
When did our Solar System start developing?
After the nebula, from which our solar system formed, condensed, what force helped draw particles together into clumps?
Our star, the Sun, began to shine when
After our Sun formed, the remaining gas and dust formed
Which member of our solar system is best described as being neither a rocky planet or a gas planet?
The planet with a tilted axis that points directly to the Sun best describes
Which planet is best known for its spectacular rings?
Which is the largest planet that is about 1,400 times the size of Earth?
Enormous spheres of gas such as hydrogen, helium, methane with no solid surfaces best describes
The farthest rocky planet from the Sun that may have had microscopic life at one time
The burning of fossil fuels has the greatest and most direct impact on the
Carbon is used to make sugars in which step of the carbon cycle?
Carbon is removed from the atmosphere through what process?
Where is carbon stored in the largest amounts on Earth?
Which is the possible path of the movements of nitrogen in the nitrogen cycle?
What are the primary sources of energy that drive the movement of matter among reservoirs?
Of these, which force is most directly responsible for creation of fossil fuels?
Movement of carbon from geosphere to the atmosphere can be accomplished by
In which reservoir is dissolved carbon dioxide abundant?
Most carbonates held in the geosphere take which form?
In the water cycle, heat and sunlight increase the rate of ---
Which cycle provides oxygen?
Which of the following organisms helps the environment by recycling nitrogen?
What causes the seasons on Earth?
What causes low tides and high tides on Earth.
Which of these is LEAST LIKELY to be caused by the Sun?
What causes night and day on Earth?
Which is the correct order of the phases of the moon.
What is condensation?
Which of the following is an inexhaustible resources?
Of the following, which organ does food NOT pass through?
The mouth and tongue are responsible for what type of digestion?
What is the function of the digestive system?
Wave of muscle contractions that moves food along the digestive system
Food passes down this muscular tube from the mouth to the stomach
Watery substance produced by gland in the mouth
Produces enzymes and insulin
End of the large intestines that stores solid wastes
Produces Bile
How does the muscular system interact with the digestive system?
Carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body.
Organs that filter blood to remove wastes
Made up of organs that rid your body of wastes and control blood volume
The vessel that takes clean blood out of the kidney and to the heart.
Waste liquid containing water, salts and wastes
Organ that hold urine until it leaves the body
Tubes that lead from each kidney to the bladder
The vessel that takes dirty blood away from the heart and to the kidney
In general, the urinary system benefits the human body the most by-
If both kidneys fail, what treatment must you undergo?
Look at all these ________ !
My favorite _________ are red and orange.
Those _______ shoes are neat.
I'll put those _______ back on their hangars.
Both _________ colors are too dull.
Look! These ________ are on sale.
I would love to have two ________ of pants.
All of the ________ legs are too long for me.
Let's each try on one of those ___________.
Both _________ sizes are too small.
All of the outer planets in the solar system are large except
The first atmosphere of Earth was made mostly of
The change in the position of a nearby star as ween from different points on Earth's orbit compared with position of a faraway star is called
The number of hydrogen atoms that fuse to form helium atom is
The heaviest element formed in the car of a star is
An underwater mountain chain that is formed by sea-floor spreading is called
The large well developed crystals found in some samples of granite are a sign that
What role do convection currents have in regulating climate
In the Northern Hemisphere, the Coriolis effect causes winds moving toward the North Pole to be defelcted in which of the following ways?
When a moving air mass encounters a mountain range, the air mass
Answers by Educators Question Database
If you want to specify a precise column width, use the Column Width ____.
You can combine cell contents across several columns and center them. Simply select the cells, and then click the ____ button in the Alignment group on the Home tab of the Ribbon.
Data can be indented (or ____ ) within cells to help distinguish categories or set data apart.
To change text orientation, select the cells whose contents you want to rotate. Click the ____ button in the Alignment group on the Home tab of the Ribbon.
Press the ____ keys to apply underlining.
You can remove the borders from a selected cell by clicking ____ in the border style menu.
When using the drag-and-drop method, the pointer changes from a white cross to a ____ arrow.
To change the margins of a worksheet, click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon, and then, in the ____ group, click the Margins button.
Worksheets printed in ____ orientation are wider than they are long.
Excel inserts ____whenever it runs out of room on a page.
The simplest way to adjust page breaks in a worksheet is in ____.
____ enables you to resize a worksheet to print on a specific number of pages.
A ____ is text that prints in the top margin of each page.
A ____ is text that prints in the bottom margin of each page.
A grid of rows and columns in which you enter text, numbers, and the results of calculations.
The worksheet that is displayed in the work area.
Identifies the cell, and is formed by combining the cell’s column letter and row number.
The file used to store worksheets.
The cell in the worksheet in which you can type data is called the ____ cell
A ____ is the intersection of a row and a column.
Adjusting text so that the row height increases to display additional lines until all the text is visible.
Enables you to copy formatting from one worksheet cell to another without copying the cell’s contents.
Determines the best width for a column or the best height for a row, based on its contents.
Shows the results of the different formatting options you can choose
Collection of formatting characteristics you apply to a cell or range of date
Best view for entering and formatting data in a worksheet.
Shows how the worksheet will appear on paper
Consists of the cells and ranges designed for printing.
Eating nutritious foods is an example of good ______________ health.
A ___________ is a pattern of behavior that you follow almost without thinking.
__________ means keeping something from happening.
The clear exchange of ideas and information is called ______________.
You can encourage other people to live healthy lives by practicing ____________.
The combination of physical, mental, social, and emotional health is called ___________.
_____________ health relates to how you feel about yourself.
_________ influences are factors that affect your actions and decisions that come within you.
The chance of harm or loss is a ____________
________ are beliefs you feel strongly about that help guide the way you live.
The way a person thinks, feels, and acts is called their ______________.
The addition of one risk factor to another, increasing the chance of harm or loss, is _________________.
Making your goals _________ will help you achieve them.
Going on the internet to find out tips to lose weight is an example of this health skill.
Limiting yourself to only one can a pop a week is an example of this health skill.
The DNA molecule is made of many different parts. Which structure is considered the individual building block?
When looking at the DNA molecule as a whole, it has/is _________________.
Which of these structures within the DNA molecule causes it to have a negative charge?
Which of the following combinations correctly describes the bonds found within the DNA molecule?
Adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine are all examples of:
In a DNA molecule, the number of _____________ will equal the number of thymines because they always base pair together.
Which nitrogen base is able to base pair with guanine?
Which vocabulary term is used to describe the sides of the DNA ladder?
The backbone of the DNA molecule contains which two structures?
To which part of the backbone are the nitrogen bases attached to?
The name of the nitrogen base that starts with the letter A is __________.
The name of the nitrogen base that starts with the letter C is
When DNA is in its condensed form, it is called
One section within the DNA molecule that codes for a specific trait is called a:
Which of these elements is NOT found in the DNA molecule?
To move to cell A1, press the ____________________.
To move down one window, press the ____________________
A group of selected cells is called a(n) ____________________.
The default ____________________ (or background) color of cells is white, but you can change this background color to help accentuate certain cells, such as descriptive labels or totals.
You can add emphasis to a cell by placing a(n) ____________________ (or line) around its edges.
The ____________________ format displays numbers with a dollar sign, a thousands separator, and two decimal places.
To resize a column, place the pointer on the right edge of the _____________ heading until the pointer changes to a double-headed arrow. Click and drag to the right until the column expands to the width you want.
The default number format is _______________, which displays numbers the way you type them.
____________________ copies a cell’s contents and/or formatting into an adjacent cell or range.
When you ____________________ panes, you select which rows and/or columns of the worksheet remain visible on the screen as the rest of the worksheet scrolls.
____________________ divides the worksheet window into two or four panes that you can scroll independently.
By default, ____________________, row numbers, and column letters appear in the worksheet—but not on the printed page—to help you enter and format data.
When you print, the Rows and/or columns in a worksheet that are shown on each page are called Print __________________________.
The 4 main layers of the atmosphere are classified according to:
Most meteorids burn up here
Contains most of the mass of the atmosphere
Solar winds hits charged particles creting the aurora borealis
Properites of air include all of the following except
Air pressure is measured with a(n)
High pressure is:
Low pressure is
Winds are caused by:
As altitude increases, air pressure
It ___ seem as cold this morning.
Most of the boys in the class ___ had pencils.
Tomorrow, either Joe or John ___ the garage.
The student with me in these experiments ___ Amy Jo.
The car and the motorcycle ___ in the garage.
Both of my rabbits like ---rabbit food.
One of the boys lost ___ pencil.
The most important thing for anybody to remember is to try ___best
Don't anyone here have change for a quarter?
Some of the spaghetti has not been eaten yet.
All the amendments included in the Constitution today were proposed by
The amendment process often takes a long time becasue
The Bill of Rights drew ides from all exceot
Who demanded the addition of the Bill of Rights
The 1st Amendment protects
The ninth amendment states that citizen's rights
Answers by Educators Question Database
The ________ bow matches the dress perfectly.
What _________ are you going to by?
I think I'll get two ________ and a dress.
The _______ total cost is $43.36.
The cat bit the _______ tail.
The lights in the ________ bathroom are on.
_____________ car is blue.
The _________ toys are in the yard.
The ________ uniforms are dirty and torn.
The ____________ shoes are packed in their gym bags.
A confirmatory test for glucose in urine
Combating infection and aiding the immune system are the main functions of these cells
Organisms that have either DNA or RNA but never both
Protective devices that we can physically put on
Prothrombin and fibrinogen aid in the clotting of blood. Where are these substances produced?
When performing a CBC, you would use a vacutainer tube with what color top?
Hormone produced after conception and is concentrated in a first morning urine
A type of microorganism that cannot survive in oxygen
Preferred site for venipuncture
OSHA mandates all employees have the "right to know" and to know the location of these documents
Chemicals that produce specific changes in other substances without being changed themselves
The odor of urine in patients with uncontrolled diabetes
A component of blood that aids in clotting
The name of the organism responsible for Lyme Disease
Chemical symbol for sodium
CDC and prevention recommendations for infection control within health care facilities
The presence of an increased amount of ketones in the urine
Term used to describe serum or plasma that is very gold/amber in color and indicates jaundice
Blood test that measures the percentage of packed erythrocytes compared with the total blood volume
A condition that is characterized by a decrease in the number of platelets in the circulating blood
A zone of inhibition around the bacitracin disk on agar indicates the presence of ______?
The liquid portion of coagulated blood
Which substance would be found in normal urine?
Renal calculi are most often asociated with ___________?
The casts usually found in healthy people
Microorganism that may have the presence of budding and/or hyphae
The drug that would increase a patient's prothrombin time (PT)
A product of fat metabolism that is oxidized by the muscles often found in urine
Which color tube is used for coagulation studies
Which of the following tests should not be done by the capillary puncture method?
Which of the following is FALSE about the boiling and freezing points of water?
Which of the following describes the process of condensation?
Find the FALSE statement.
Which of the following describes the molecules in a gas?
Which is TRUE about the mass of matter and the weight of matter?
Which of the following facts about matter is FALSE?
Which of the following is NOT a physical change?
Which of the following is NOT a chemical change?
Find the FALSE statement.
All of the following are in the form of a gas EXCEPT...
Which is the greatest volume?
Which is equivalent to 4000 mg?
Which of the following is a FALSE statement?
Using water displacement, a student adds a marble to 25ml of water. Now, the water level is 45ml. What is the volume of the marble?
Scientific method: Purpose, Research... What is next?
What is an independent variable?
Why must all materials and procedures except one be the same in an experiment?
All of the following require the use of goggles EXCEPT...
If a glass beaker is broken in the lab, which of the following should you do first?
Which unit of measure would describe the mass of a snack bag of Fire Hot Cheetos?
Which of the following major nutrients must be digested in order to be used by the body?
This nutrient is used as a primary source of energy.
These nutrients function as coenzymes.
The chemical reactions that involve building larger molecules from smaller molecules is known as
This major nutrient is most necessary for building cell membranes, myelin sheaths, and for insulating the body.
What are the building blocks of a digested protein molecule?
Which three of the major nutrients are organic?
What are the building blocks of a digested starch molecule?
Which food provides the best source of cellular energy for making ATP?
Metabolism is best defined as
Matter is anything that has...
Density is...
The building blocks of all matter are...
On the periodic table, an element's atomic mass is made of...
A chemical change takes place when
Which of these is an example of a chemical change?
The electrons in the outermost cloud of an atom that determine whether an atom will combine with another to form a compound are called
When sodium combines with chlorine to form salt, sodium loses an electron and chlorine gains an electron. Each separate atom is now called a what?
Argon is an element that has an atomic number of 18. It has an atomic mass of 40. How many neutrons are there in Argon?
Which of these is NOT a compound?
What two forms of energy does a flame from a burning candle release?
Which of the following characteristics of a field mouse is most likely inherited from its parents?
Which of these should the students avoid doing while completeing a science activity?
A company collects cans for recycling. Some cans are made of aluminum, and some are made of iron. Which of the following is the best way to separate the two types of cans?
Which organism is a producer?
Which of these is a renewable resource?
A student plans to make this lightbulb glow. All of the following objects can be used to complete the circuit EXCEPT —
In which of these ways can volcanoes help build up new land?
Which of these causes day and night on Earth?
A teaspoon of clean, dry sand is added to a cup of warm saltwater. What is most likely to happen after the mixture is stirred and then placed on a table for five minutes?
Which of the following is not a salivary gland?
Which nutrient is mechanically digested in the mouth?
Which nutrient is chemically digested in the mouth?
Which type of tooth has a sharp tip for tearing and piercing?
Another word for the gums is the
This part of the tooth sits above the gumline
The hard outer covering of a tooth is the
Which of the following is NOT a function of saliva?
The form of mechanical digestion that occurs in the mouth involving the teeth and tongue is called
Food that is ready for swallowing after mastication is known as a
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which temperament is most likely to be a president?
Which temperament is most likely to be an artist?
Which temperament is most likely to be a sales person?
Is an outward expression of oneself that can change.
Is an inborn trait.
Is a combination of temperament, childhood training, education, basic attitudes, moral values, and beliefs.
A popular cartoon that began in the 1960s was
In order to show freedom and independence, women in the 1960s often publicly
A powdered drink created by NASA and made popular in the 1960s was
About 87% of homes in the 1960s had
President Kennedy's program to improve life for all Americans was called the
Many Civil Rights leaders led
The election of 1960 saw the first
A group that tried to work for Native American rights in the 1960s was
Cesear Chavez attempted to improve the lives for
The first African American woman elected to Congress in 1969 was
Agent Orange was a(n)
The Great Society was a program started by
North Vietnam was controlled by
Congress never voted to declare war in
One of the forces for change in the 1960s was seeing violence against African Americans
This health program started in the 1960s to provide health care to elderly people
One of the newer forms of transportation of the 1960s was the
In order to have enough troops to support the conflict in Vietnam, President Johnson started a(n)
The war in Vietnam began
As a part of the Cold War, the US and the USSR participated in a(n)
The President who took office in 1960 was
This war was a part of the 1960s
Many young people in the 1960s were considered hippies because they had
In the 1960s, a gallon of gas cost
During his March on Washington (DC), Martin Luther King, Jr.
NASA was started in the 1960s with the ultimate goal of
One of the most influential musical groups in history was
A popular pattern for clothing in the 1960s was
The Domino Theory was the idea that if
In 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis developed because the USSR
A new fashion style in the 1960s was the
The US was embarrassed by this incident involving a spy
In 1964, segregation was made illegal in the
The average movie ticket in the 1960s cost
A popular cartoon that started in the 1960s was
Apollo 11 landed on the moon in
What do John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr have in common
The Blackbird was a(n)
Hippies were associated with
Who said That's one small step for man, on large leap for mankind?
Who created the term New South?
What is the main purpose of the International Cotton Exposition?
What was Henry Grady supporting when he supported the New South movement?
In what did the Bourbon Triumvirate believe?
Why did the term Bourbon Triumvirate fit Joseph Brown, Alfred Colquitt, and John Gordon?
The county unit system affected voting and politics in Georgia by...
What Georgia Populist Party member called on farmers to unite to gain fair treatment from the government?
The Populist Party was the party of the ...
Tom Watson's greatest accomplishment was ...
Rebecca Latimer Felton was the first...
In treble clef, the G line is the _ line?
In treble clef, the F line is the _ line.
In treble clef, the F space is the _ space.
In bass clef, the D line is the _ line.
In bass clef, the C space is the _ space.
In treble clef, the E line is the _ line.
In treble clef, the D line is the _ line.
In bass clef, the A space is the _ space.
In bass clef, the A line is the _ line.
In treble clef, the B line is the _ line.
What makes the southeastern coast an attractive place for Australians live?
Australia’s nearby location and rich natural resources make it a valuable trading partner for which country?
Which are parts of Australian culture because of their settlement by the British?
Which is often an effect of a low literacy rate on the population of a country?
Which describes the government of Australia?
Which explains why Australia has a monarch but is not an autocracy?
In Australia’s government, who elects the prime minister?
Which describes the economic system of the Aborigines?
Which describes Australia’s economic system?
What was the Aborigines religion called
Who developed 8 stages of personality development throughout the entire lifespan?
Believed that there are 4 stages of cognitive development; 1st person to ever study children:
Believed that family was the most important institution in the education of children:
Well-known for his theory of multiple intelligence; instead of a single intelligence, there are actually nine:
Maintained that a natural education encourages qualities such as happiness, spontaneity, and curiousity:
Believed that all children are born with a blank slate and the environment shapes who they will become:
'Father of common schools' b/c of the role he played in setting up the elementary school system in the U.S.:
Initiated the Sunday School movement to teach Bible study and religion to children:
Father of Kindergarten; believed that children learn best through play:
Believed humans are born in the image of God; early learning is important; created first picture book for children:
Believed that everyone should be culturally literate:
Developed the theory of 'operant conditioning'; idea that behavior is determined by consequences:
Focused on progressive education; believed children learn best by doing aka 'hands-on' learning:
Believed that children should learn life skills and become independent; felt children can learn on their own if given right materials:
Believed that all education is based on sensory experiences in which children can achieve their full potential:
Believed that children's mental, language and social development is supported and enhanced through social interaction:
Developed a hierarchy of five human needs beginning with the first priority:
Believed that the environment in which children are raised in the main factor contributing to their beliefs, behavior, and achievements:
What appear vertically in a spreadsheet and are identified by letters at the top of the worksheet window?
What appear horizontally in a spreadsheet and are identified by numbers on the left side of the worksheet window?
The ____, or cell reference area located below the Ribbon, displays the cell reference of the active cell.
The____ reference is the cell in its upper-left corner and the cell in its lower-right corner, separated by a colon.
Excel is the ____ program in Microsoft Office
Numbers that extend beyond a cell’s width appear as ____ in the cell.
Answers by Educators Question Database
This is the innermost tunic layer of the alimentary canal wall, lining the lumen.
This tunic layer of the alimentary canal wall has 2 layers of smooth muscle tissue for peristalsis.
This outermost tunic layer attaches to the mesentery that connects digestive structures to the abdominal wall.
These rhythmic contractions of smooth muscle tissue push food futher along the digestive tract.
Which of the following does NOT apply to the stomach?
The valve allowing the passage of a bolus from the esophagus to the stomach is the
The valve allowing the egestion of undigested waste is the
The valve allowing the passage of chyme from the stomach into the duodenum is the
The valve allowing the passage of undigested waste from the small intestine to the large intestine is the
Another word for the esophagus is the
Which of the following characteristics best applies to the pancreas?
Which of the following characteristics best applies to the liver?
Which of the following characteristics best applies to the gall bladder?
The body's major digestive organ, performing chemical digestion of all nutrients is the
Select the choice that lists the parts of the small intestine in order.
Which statement is LEAST applicable to villi and microvilli?
Which type of cells are found in the large intestine for the purpose of lubricating the passage of feces?
List the parts of the colon in the order in which wastes pass through.
Pick the appropriate order in which these processes occur.
Which characteristic is LEAST associated with the large intestine?
If not enough water is reabsorbed by the colon, this malfunction may occur.
If too much water is reabsorbed by the colon, this malfunction may occur.
This malfunction is characterized by a burning pain felt in the chest caused by a back up of stomach acid in the esophagus.
These are sharp crystalized cholesterol deposits blocking bile ducts.
Inflammation of the fingerlike projection dangling from the cecum.
Infection of the tissues lining the abdominal cavity covering its organs.
Erosion of the protective mucosa layer anywhere in the GI tract.
Yellow coloring of tissues of the body.
Typically caused by a build up of bile salts and pigments entering the bloodstream.
This malfunction can cause dehydration if persistent.
The unit used to measure an angle is called a
Part of a line that has one endpoint and goes on forever in one direction is called a
What is formed in the middle when two rays have the same endpoint?
A tool for measuring the size of the opening of an angle is called a
A vertex is
Lines that never cross and stay the same distance apart are called
Lines that pass through the same point and look like an x are called
Lines that are intersecting lines that form square corners of 90 degrees are
What is the angle called that has 90 degrees?
What is the angle called that is SMALLER than 90 degrees?
Water is transported in plant tissues agains gravity due to which of the following properties?
What do the following have in common with reference to water: cohesion, surface tension, specific heat?
The centromere is a region in which...
Evolution best explains...
Kingdoms are grouped into a higher category known as...
The sum total of an organism's interaction with the biotic and abiotic resources of its environment is...
Organisms in which of the following groups can be primary producers?
What would be an expected consequence of changing one amino acid in a particular protein?
All of the following bases are found in DNA EXCEPT...
Crossing over ocurs during which phase of meiosis?
Resolving power is the...
Which of the following CORRECTLY states the relationship between dinosaurs and birds?
During which phase of mitosis does the nuclear envelope re-form and the nucleoli reappear?
Which of these is a difference between DNA and RNA?
In salad dressings, oil quickly separates from vinegar because oils are...
Evolution by natural selection relies upon...
To be scientifically valid, a hypothesis must be...
The role of a control in an experiment is to...
The four most common elements in living organisms are...
A scanning electron microscope is used to study _____, whereas a transmission electron microscope is used to study _____.
Which of the following questions is outside the real of science?
Which of the following best distinguishes hypotheses from theories in science?
The organisms in your backyard include, trees, shrubs, grass, ants, mushrooms, birds, spiders, beetles, flis and bacteria. Together, all these organisms make up...
The core idea that makes sense of all biology is...
Changing the _____ would change it into an atom of a different element.
Most of the unique properties of water result from the fact that water molecules...
A glucose molecule is to starch as...
Your bone cells, muscle cells, and skin cells look different because...
If an intestinal cell in a grasshopper contains 24 chromosomes, a grasshopper sperm cell contains _____ chromosomes.
Which of the following is NOT a function of mitosis in humans?
Planet with the red spot
Big Bear and Orion are examples of
A rocky object from space that has struck the earth's surface is called
Identify the correct sequence of stellar evolution
The brightness of a star is called
The moons of planets are called
The outer
An exploding star is called
Where does a comet's tail point
The hottest stars are what color
The asteriod belt is located
A planet with retrograde motion
A new star is called a
The point in orbit where the planet is closest to the sun is called
The North Star is also called
On a Hertsprung and Russell diagram, most stars are
The name of the current theory that suggest how the universe was formed
The outermost layer of the sun's atmosphere
The shape of the Milky Way galaxy is
The main factor that shapes the life cycle of a star is its
Light can be broken up into its different colors by a(n)
A very distant, star-like object that gives off enormous amounts of radio waves and x-rays is called a
The color of a star is an indicator of its
Planets revolve around the sun in a(n) _______ path
The smallest planet
A pattern of stars is called a
The solar system was formed from a(n)
The law that states that an object's motion will not change unless it is acted upon is called
The common element in stars is
A solar storm that appears as a bright loop of gas is called a
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Badminton was introduced as an Olympic sport in what year where?
There are 2 ways in which to play Badminton, what are they?
When Badminton originated the object they hit was what?
A “match” in Badminton consists of how many games?
A server must serve the “Bird,” which 2 ways?
When 2 teams are exchanging hits for a number of times it is referred to as this?
If a player serves the birdie and hits the net it is referred to as this?
The area between the singles line and the doubles line is referred to as this?
In order for a team to win a “game” in the match, they have to go to how many points?
What 2 sports are incorporated into Badminton?
In Badminton the middle part of the net is at what height?
If I throw with my right hand, I should step with my _______ foot.
When I hit the ball and make it to 3rd base it is called a _________
If the batter has a 3 balls 2 strikes count, it is referred to as a _______________ count
Softball was introduced as an Olympic sport is this year? __________
What position is the “ONLY” position where a mask must be worn? ____________________
How many innings does a softball game consist of?
What is it called when every player is placed in a certain order for batting?
This is when credit goes to the batter who hits a ball in such a way that they get out but it allows a runner to score?
The term the umpire or official calls when he determines the ball is dead and the players are not advancing to the next base?
A play in which two players are consecutively put out?
1/3 + 1/2 = __
2/3 + 1/4 = __
2/5 + 1/3 = __
1/2 + 3/8 = __
1/3 + 1/6 = __
1/3 + 5/12 = __
2/5 + 3/8 = __
7/8 -1/2 = __
2/3 - 3/5 = __
3/4 - 1/6 = __
9/10 - 2/5 = __
5/6 - 3/8 = __
5/6 - 2/9 = __
7/12 - 1/3 = __
1/4 + 3/5 = __
She talks a lot.
I listen to music.
They dance a lot.
You sing well.
We work a lot.
You guys watch a lot of TV.
We need to talk.
He talks a lot.
They paint well.
I buy a lot of clothes.
The Korean War began because
Who did the United Nations appoint to lead all troops in the Korean War?
This side of Korea was communist
Both North and South Korea crossed the 38th parallel and seemed to be winning at some point in the war
At the end of the Korean War,
The Korean War ended with a(n)
People in the US built bomb shelters because
The USSR sent Sputnik I to space which was the first
NASA was created in
Joseph McCarthy was a Senator who
Making schools accept people of all races was decided by the
African-Americans forced the desegregation of buses by
What did it take for African-Americans to be able to attend an all-white school in Little Rock?
African-Americans were separated from whites not only in schools, but also in
One of the organizations trying to end segregation was the
Teenagers in the 1950s listened to
To drive the North Koreans out of South Korea, an attack was launched at
Most of the UN troops in Korea were from
The Truman Doctrine was a plan to stop the spread of
The Cold War lasted about
O2 is the symbol for
C6H1206 is the symbol for
H20 is the symbol for
Products in photosynthesis are reactants in cellular respiration
The substances being combined are called the
The left side of the equation is called
The new substances that are formed after the chemical reaction are called the
The right side of the equation is called the
Which substance is used during photosynthesis, but released during cellular respiration?
CO2 is the symbol for
No one enjoys life more.
They are strong-willed and determined.
They are self-sacrificing.
They are optimistic. They easily forget the past--including friends--nor are they worried about the future. They live in the present.
They are the MOST sensitive of all temperaments.
They are witty with their dry sense of humor. They can make people laugh.
They are born leaders.
Even though they have a warm nature, they can 'fly off the handle' quickly.
Because they tend to be self-centered, they are easily offended or insulted. They wear their feelings on their sleeve.
Disorganized and impractical, they are often seen running around in a disorderly fashion.
Many of them have high IQs and quite creative and gifted. They often excel in the fine arts (music, art).
With they slow, easy-going manner, they make good listeners.
They are loyal friends.
They set goals and plan ahead.
Compassion and sympathy are not their strengths.
Their outgoing, handshaking, and touching demeanor stems basically from their love for people.
They are neat, efficient, accurate, and detail-oriented.
They have strong perfectionist tendencies.
They have mood swings and can be pessimistic.
They can be hot-tempered and cruel.
They lack motivation and can be slow and lazy.
They like to be spectators rather than leaders.
They dislike change and often can be stubborn.
Which temperament is most likely to be an accountant?
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Which rock type does MOLTEN ROCK describe?
Which rock type does CLASTIC describe?
Which rock type does SOLIDIFICATION describe?
Which rock type does CEMENTED describe?
Which rock type does MAGMA describe?
Which rock group does GRANITE belong in?
Which rock type does DEPOSITION describe?
Which rock group best describes COOLS QUICKLY?
Which rock type does ORGANIC describe?
Which rock group does SANDSTONE belong in?
Which word does not belong?
Which word does not belong?
Which does not describe hydroelectric power?
Which word does not belong?
Which word does not belong?
Which statement does not belong?
Which does not belong?
Which word does not belong?
Which is least harmful to the environment?
Which resource is not abundantly found in Viriginia?
The asteroid belt is located between
The pulling force one object exerts on another is called
One complete revolution of Earth around the sun takes about one
Earth rotates about
From new moon phase to full moon phase, you see
An equinox occurs when
The day-to-night change on Earth occurs because of the
If the Earth is tilting towards the sun in the northern hemisphere what season are they having at the north pole?
If the Earth is tilting away the sun in the northern hemisphere what season are they having at the north pole?
f the Earth is tilting away the sun in the southern hemisphere what season are they having at the north pole?
What is the energy of motion called?
What is the direct and indirect source of most energy resources?
When a person rubs his hands together on a cold day, friction is being used to convert
Heated air moves from hot-air vents to the rest of a room in a process called
Besides water vapor, what must be present for clouds to form?
A carbon dioxide (CO2) molecule is made up of
Because burning fossil fuels creates much pollution, alternatives are being investigated. What might limit the use of wind as a major resource?
Which is the chemical break-up of H2O?
Which is not a fossil fuel?
Uneven heating of the air near Earth's surface causes
A tool to help identify an organism's scientific name
The great variety of plant and animal species onthe earth.
The smallest, most specific category
The 2 name naming system
The science of grouping and naming organisms.
To put similar organisms into groups
An organisms evolutionary history
A group made up of all of the orders of a similar species.
The largest of the classification categories
the second highest of the taxonmical categories in the PLANT kingdom
changes in hereditary features over time.
the dying out of a species
remains of life from another time
model of evolution showing slow change
share common characteristics with gorillas
body part similar in origin an structure
natural selection
members of one particular species in an area.
puctuated equilibrium
group of organisms whose members look alike and successfully reproduce together
Which of these substances is NOT an element?
Water comes from your sink at home is
You accidently dump salt into the half-full pepper shaker. You have just created
Sugar is stirred into a glass of water. The sugar is
The most common solvent found on Earth is
Which below is NOT an example of a mixture?
Why is ice NOT a mixture?
A substance that is made up of only ONE kind of atom is a(n)
Which below is a mixture?
A mixture that contains only one substance is a(n)
The ratio of an object's mass to its volume is called
The amount of SPACE an object occupies with its matter is that object's
The FORCE exerted over a given AREA is called
The more atoms of a air you can stuff into a given volume ...
Two containers (R & S) have the same number of gas atoms and the same temperature. Container R has a volume of 6 liters. Container S has a volume of 2 liters. The PRESSURE in container S
Helium is used in balloons to make them float. Which below is TRUE?
An iceberg is dead ahead of the Titanic. Why is the iceberg on the ocean's surface?
Which factors below affect the pressure of an enclosed gas?
Increasing which variable would DECREASE the pressure of an enclosed gas?
Mercury is more dense than water. Which statement below is TRUE?
Which below is NOT a state of matter?
Which state of matter is found in stars and has electron-less atoms?
Which state(s) of matter below has no definite shape?
Which below has both a definite shape and volume?
Which below best describes the Bose-Einstein condensate state of matter?
Gallium is a metal that will melt when exposed to the heat of your hand. The state of matter change Gallium undergoes is
Water droplets forms on a cold glass of ice tea. What state of matter WAS the water before if formed on the glass and where did it come from?
Which state of matter below lacks both a definite shape and definite volume?
Which of the following would take up the entire shape of the container it is enclosed within?
Water freezes. What occurs?
Quick! Your ice cream is melting! This is a
Two atoms of H slam into each other. This results in one atom of He. This is
A 1936 Chevy car is rusting away in a tree belt. This is an example of
An atom of Uranium is struck by a neutron. The U atom then breaks down into two atoms. This is an example of
Which below requires the most energy to occur?
You have left the milk out of the refridgerator for three days! Man, does it smell BAD. This is an example of
You are watching fireworks in the sky on the 4th of July, oh my. The explosions you see are the results of
Zinc is added to a beaker of HCl. Hydrogen bubbles are produced. This is
A marshmellow is turning black over the campfire. This is a
You add sea salt to your saltwater aquarium's water. This is an example of
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What term means having a strong feeling of loyalty to anything or anyone having to do with your country?
During what war did the Indians help the British because the British falsely promised to give India some of its control back?
What is the name of the Indian man who led the fight for India's independence?
What term means refusing to obey laws in order to show your disagreement with them? The Indians did this when they refused to follow British laws such as paying a tax on salt.
What type of protest did Gandhi encourage?
Which of the following would NOT be a form of protest Gandhi encouraged?
What event ultimately caused Britain to have to give up control of India because they no longer had enough money or manpower to keep control of the country?
In what year was the Republic of India established (meaning India finally was a free country)?
What 2 groups could NOT get along after the establishment of a free India?
When India was partitioned (split) into 2 countries, what religion did India remain home to?
When India was partitioned (split) into 2 countries, what country was created for Muslims?
Which of these is NOT something that caused British control in India to weaken?
What is the short term condition of the atmosphere including temperature, precipitation and wind?
What is the average weather condition in an area over a long period of time?
Which is NOT a factor that can influence climate in a region?
What causes seasons?
Which Statement is an example of weather?
Which statement is an example of climate?
Which stament is an example of weather?
Which statement describe climate?
The tilt of earth on it's axis causes which of the following?
What statement below best describes the key difference between weather and climate?
A non-traditional career for a man may be a
A non-traditional careers for a woman may be a
Reasons why people work fall into these five categories:
One factor that has contributed to changes in the world of work.
Resources Used to Seek Employment include:
____________ provides a way to build relationships, communicate career interests, and find job leads.
Network examples include:
A Job Application provides employers with the _______ impression of a potential employee.
An application that is sloppy or contains inaccurate information will always end up in the ________.
Purpose of a job application
Chopping wood is an example of
An ___________ is a mixture of two or more metals, or a mixture of metals and nonmetals.
The change of liquid into a gas is called
A piece of mesh or screen that holds back large pieces in a mixture is a/ an
When some metals react chemically with sulfar in the air, ___________ forms.
Weak _______are found in many foods such as lemons and oranges.
A process called _________ can seperate salt and water from salt water
Substances that taste bitter and have a slippery, soapy feel are _________.
Two or more elements that are chemically combined are _______________.
Burning a match is an example of ______________.
Simple Machines can be combined to make a _____________
stored enery is ______________
An object's speed and direction of motion is its ______________.
Force is measured in units called
A change of speed or direction of an objects motion is called ______________.
Forces that are unequal in size, or opposite in direction are ________________.
THe force that acts over a distance and pulls objects together.
The energy of motion is
The distance an object moves in a certain amount of time.
Forces that are equal in size and are opposite in direction are
Job Application Guidelines
Personal information – name, social security number, etc, Position applied for , Education, Work experience, Criminal history, Signature, and References
Summarizes applicant’s qualifications; Provides personal data, education, work history, and reference information; Stimulates interest of employer; Determines if applicant is worth interviewing
To introduce the applicant to the potential employer; To explain reason for applying; To describe qualifications; To request an interview; To complement the résumé
Must be keyed in 11 or 12 pt font; Must be error-free; Address to a specific person, avoid Dear Sir; Content should be clear and concise; Letter should be brief Use personal business letter format; Use high quality paper
Always ask permission before using someone as a _________
What does “NA” stand for?
How are job leads acquired?
Job Application, Resume, Cover Letter, Thank you letter are
Networking counts for _______% of Jobs Leads.
Sound travels most quickly through
conduction occurs when energy is
a concave lens causes light to
electric motors change
A ____________ has a set of angled blades attached to a shaft that provides mechanical energy for a generator.
Which word means justification for an action or event?
Which word means to state, or assert that something is the case?
Which word means a set of reasons given to persuade others that an action or idea is right or wrong?
Which word means appropriate to the matter at hand?
Which word means the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief is true ?
Which word means adequate proof or evidence?
Which word means not connected to an idea?
Which word means a claim made to rebut a previous claim?
Which word means a serious disagreement or argument?
Which word means to show to be false?
About 99% of all matter contained in the solar nebula now exist in
About how many stars are visible fron Earth without a telescope?
According to the law of gravitation, the force of attraction between two objects depends on the masses of the objects and the
Air masses responsible for cool, dry air in northern summers are
An air mass that originates in the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean and brings warm, moist air is called
An air mass that originates in the U.S. Southwest and brings dry, warm air is called
An air mass usually brings the weather of
All of the following are parts of the compositional structure of Earth EXCEPT the
Anything that has mass and takes up space is known as
Approximately how many kilometers are there in a light year?
Around the core of Earth is an iron and magnesium rich rock layer called the
The asteroid Belt is located between which two planets?
At the center of a mid-ocean ridge is a
Because Earth's interior is warmer than its surface layers, hot materials move toward the surface in a process called
Badminton probably originated how many years ago?
Badminton was originally played with what 2 objects?
Badminton originated in what country?
The ancient name for Badminton was this?
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Which of the following pollutants would be considered a primary pollutant?
All of the following are examples of secondary pollutants EXCEPT __________.
Los Angeles, California, experiences greater levels of smog than other areas due to all of the following EXCEPT__________.
An example of coarse particulate matter would be __________.
Wind is responsible for transporting __________ over long distances.
Chlorofluorocarbons were thought to be wonder chemicals for all of the following reasons EXCEPT __________.
Which gas is harmful on Earth's surface, yet helps protect life Earth when located high in the atmosphere?
__________ molecules are thought to be responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer.
__________ forms when certain secondary pollutants are combined with sunlight.
What is responsible for most of the brown haze, or smog, that you see near cities
Who invented the first rockets
In what year was the rocket invented? (approximate)
What was Johannes Keplers' contribution to space exploration
What was Isaac Newton's contribution to space exploration
What was Tsiolkovsky's contribution to space exploration
What was Goddard's contribution to space exploration?
What was Oberth's contribution to space exploration?
What was Von Braun's contribution to space exploration?
How did the Cold War influence Space exploration?
In what year was NASA established
What does the acronym NASA stand for
What was Sputnik?
What year was Sputnik launched?
Name in Order the names of the NASA programs
Who is Laika?
How tall was the V2 rocket
How many stages was the V2 rocket?
Who developed the V2?
On whose work was the V2 based
In what country was the V2 rocket developed
How do vertebrates differ from invertebrates?
Which class of vertebrates has a cartilaginous skeleton?
Which of the following vertebrate groups uses external fertilization?
Which vertebrate class has hair & feeds young with milk?
Which vertebrate class lays amniotic eggs with a leathery shell?
Which mammal group lays eggs?
Which vertebrate class has thin, moist skin & lays eggs with no shell?
Which vertebrate group has a 4-chambered heart, hollow bones, & lays amniotic eggs w/ a hard shell?
What is the advantage of an amniotic egg?
How are amphibians similar to fish?
Density equals
As mass increases
The changeable factor in an experiment is the
The prediction about a problem that can be tested is the
Constants are
To become a scientific theory it must
Water is
We determine the volume of a solid object by
As pressure increases
As the size of a specific substance changes, what happens to its density?
Lines on a map that run east to west and measure distance north or south of the equator
Lines on a map that run north to south and measure distance east or west of the Prime Meridian
On a topographic map, the closer the contour lines the
A scale of 1:1000 on a topo map indicates that
If the contour interval on a topo map is 10 meters, and one contour line is labeled 50 m
When you observe contour lines with hachures on a topographic map, this indicates that
How are streams indicated on a topographic map?
If you compared topo maps of Poages Valley and Bent Mountain, you would determine
On a topo map, how would you determine if a feature was a hill or a valley?
How would a sink hole be identified on a topo map?
A strong surface wind is blowing from Salem toward Roanoke. Roanoke has a barometric pressure of 1015 millibars. The barometric pressure in Salem would most likely be
In Roanoke, if the temperature of the atmosphere increases, the air pressure will most likely
The factor that most directly affects the wind speed between two locations is
On May 11, 2008 in the afternoon, the barometric pressure fell rapidly. This indicated
Clouds form when
The weather map shows isobars very close together (a steep pressure gradient). Which of these is most likely occurring?
As the wind velocity decreases, the distance between the isobars on the weather map will
Which factor is most directly related to wind velocity?
On May 10, in Roanoke, the barometric pressure was 29.88 inches and rising. This reading most likely indicates
Air pressure is usually highest when the air is
The earth consists of an inner core which is
Earth's lithosphere is composed of the
Earth's outer core is
upper part is plasticlike and is made of iron, magnesium, silicon, and oxygen
Earth's Oceanic Crust is
What is believed to move Earth's tectonic plates?
How are oceanic crust and continental crust different?
Along the center of a mid-ocean ridge is a
What type of fold looks like a sink?
What type of mountain forms by high blocks of rocks faulting?
Virginia has karst topography in areas which are underlain with
Which province of VA is famous for its karst topography?
We have many springs in Virginia. These occur
The part of Virginia that is flat and underlain with sediments from the erosion of the Appalachian Mountains is
The province separated from the Coastal Plain by the Fall Line and underlain by igneous and metamorphic rocks produced by ancient volcanoes is
The province that contains the oldest rocks in Virginia is the
Which province has long parallel ridges made of folded and faulted rocks?
Valuable coal resources are mined in which province?
Virginia's valuable resources include
Virginia's fossils are mostly
Mutations supply different traits.
Living things best adapted to their environment usually do not survive
If animals become isolated in an environment, their evolution slows down. These animals do no change quickly.
We can find out how old fossils are by radioactive dating and by studying the layers of rock and earth
________________are traits controlled by genes which help in survival.
______________means change over time.
Any remains or signs of living things from ages past could be called _____________.
The picking or choosing of a trait is sometimes called __________________.
A similar structure such as forelimbs of bats, birds, whales and humans that support the idea of common ancestry is a __________________ structure.
The more similar organisms are to one another, they will have similar DNA sequences.
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Which of these is an adverb?
Which of these are adjectives?
His throat felt _______________.
The rain came down _______________.
She chewed her food very _______________.
What part of speech is the word skinny?
What is the base word in unlucky?
If something feels velvety, how does it feel?
What does an adjective do in a sentence?
What does an adverb do in a sentence?
How many chambers does the heart have?
Which is TRUE about artieries and veins?
What are the three types of blood we discussed?
What powers the ciruclatory system?
How many sides are their to the heart?
What is the function of red blood cells?
What is a normal resting heart rate
The movement of blood through the heart and body is called
The beating sound your heart makes comes from
What parts act like doors that control blood flow in the heart?
seismic waves
primary Waves (p-waves)
secondary waves (s-waves)
surface waves
Richter Scale
Mercalli Scale
magma chamber
shield volcano
cinder cone volcano
composite cone volcano
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