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Cuba's head of government is a ...
17. In which country are elections held, but has only one candidate on the ballot?
Federal means...
Cuba is a unitary country. This means that...
Specialization is
Which type of clouds are puffy, white heaping clouds that look like cotton balls
What type of clouds are big, heaping, puffy, gray clouds
Which clouds are low, flat, layered gray clouds that look like sheets covering the sky
Which clouds are thin, curly, wispy clouds; they are so high in the atmosphere that the water droplets freeze into ice crystals
Cirrus clouds indicate the weather:
Cumulonimbus clouds indicate the weather:
Stratus clouds indicate the weather:
Cumulus clouds mean the weather is:
Which cloud word means rain?
Which of the following clouds would bring precipitation?
Change that happens to the environment over a long period of time
a process that builds up land and creates new surface features
changes to Earth's surface that occur in a short period of time
a process that wears down land and changes Earth's surface features
Is a volcano constructive, destructive, or both?
Is weathering constructive, destructive, or both?
Is deposition constructive, destructive, or both?
A student argues that a destructive force can change the surface of Earth. Which of the following could be used to support this claim?
Stalagmites are structures that form on the floor of some caves. Most scientists explain this by saying that stalagmites form when minerals dissolved in water are left behind where water drips. Which evidence would support this explanation?
What is weathering?
What is a fossil?
Which of the following is a trace fossil?
What type of rock are fossils found in?
One type of process that brings fossils to the Earth's surface is
Which of the following is an example of a body fossil?
The process of sediments building up to bury an organism
What are two types of fossils?
Pieces of rock and sand are called
Type of fault where plates move horizontally past each other
Type of fault where plates move vertically
Famous tar pits in California where many fossils have been found due to organisms getting stuck in the tar
Which parts of an organism are more likely to become fossilized?
Determining the relative age of a fossil can be done using what law?
Using the Law of Superposition, older fossils will be found
The type of evolutionary evidence focusing on organisms with features from its ancestors and descendants.
Type of method used to determine the accurate age of fossils
Process that breaks down rocks into smaller pieces
Process that washes away broken down rock particles
The gradual change of organisms from a common ancestor
What type of evolutionary evidence would studying DNA is preserved remains be?
Where did the Renaissance begin?
What was the object that Leonardo and Michelangelo fought over?
How many years did it take Michelangelo to complete the Sistine Chapel?
The Gutenberg Bible is named after Gutenberg because he....
All of the below describe Renaissance artwork EXCEPT:
How many years did it take for Leonardo to complete the Mona Lisa?
Women are like fortunes, they need to be conquered with force was said by:
Women, or Laura, are graceful, heavenly pure, soft and angel-like was said by:
A person who provides financial backing for the arts refers to:
What city did the Renaissance start in?
When was the Declaration of Independence signed?
How many states signed the Declaration of Independence?
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
All of the below are unalienable rights granted to all men EXCEPT:
The King of England, King George, was referred to as an:
Soldiers in peace time refers to:
Colonies absolved themselves from allegiance to the:
The colonies mutually pledged to each other all of the below EXCEPT:
Freedom of religion, speech, and the press refers to this amendment:
The government cannot take or search anyone's property without a written court order refers to this amendment:
What is economics?
What is scarcity?
What is the basic economic problem?
Which is NOT one of the three basic economic questions?
Which economic system does the US have?
A mixed market is
Sarah wants to buy clearance Valentine's Day candy for her friend. She narrows it down between conversation hearts and a heart-shaped box of chocolates. She buys the chocolates. What is her opportunity cost?
What is opportunity cost?
Fixed costs are
Benefit-cost analysis is
Demand is
What is a consumer?
What is supply?
What happens to price and quantity demanded when there is downward movement along the demand curve?
What happens to price and quantity demanded when there is upward movement along the demand curve?
When you move down the supply curve, what happens to the price and the quantity supplied?
When you move up the supply curve, what happens to the price and the quantity supplied?
The three types of resources are
Clouds are formed when millions of drops of water become suspended in the air.  Which of the following is a step in the process of cloud formation?
Clouds are formed when millions of drops of water become suspended in the air.  Which of the following is a step in the process of cloud formation?
Most of the US weather storms come from the -
Large tropical storms with high winds are called -
Cirrus clouds are -
Clouds that are flat and layered are known as -
A student observed grayish clouds that covered the entire sky and did not form any  precipitation. The clouds resembled fog, but did not touch the ground. What type of  clouds did the student see?
Which weather instrument is used to measure humidity?
Tornadoes form from which type of cloud?
Lines on a weather map that join places with the same air pressure are called
máquina empleada para efectuar los cambios de decoración y los efectos escénicos
es donde se instalan las luces destinadas a iluminar a los actores y a la escena en general
pintura o telón que decora la ambientación de la obra teatral
 parte del teatro que se extiende por debajo del escenario. Allí se disponen los elementos de decorado de mucho peso para estar suspendidos.
forman parte del mecanismo de la tramoya. Mediante ellos es posible el ascenso y el descenso de los objetos escénicos
: Parte del decorado de una representación teatral que se encuentra a los lados del escenario
 Es una especie de telón que cuelga horizontalmente  desde el techo y  forma una embocadura que reduce el tamaño de la escena



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