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Which act was passed to prevent trusts from forming monopolies?
Which industry was improved by the Bessemer process?
What government policy reduced business regulations?
Donating funds to libraries, schools, and hospitals was associated with Andrew Carnegie and his _________________________.
What process do labor unions try to use to secure a contract with good wages and better working conditions?
People who disagreed with the Puritans would do this.
What caused King Philip's War?
New Amsterdam was located in present day _____________.
What made the economies in New York and New Jersey strong?
Philadelphia means ___________.
General James Oglethorpe wanted to put these people to work in Georgia.
The colony of Maryland was founded _______________.
An apprentice was suppose to learn this.
These people had their passage to the colonies paid for in exchange for 5-7 years of work.
Some colonists settled in the backcountry because ______________.
What is one question historians used for significance?
Historians all agree which event is significant
BC is the same as
AD is the same as
Which event happened first?
Which event happened last?
A significant historical event that has long lasting effects is called a
A + B ------ AB is what type of reaction?
A reaction that has oxygen as a reactant and usually has carbon dioxide and water as products is a _____ reaction.
AB ---- A + B is a ______ reaction
When two aqueous solutions mix and two things trade places with each other, a ______ reaction has occurred
Starting substances in a reaction are known as:
The symbol (aq) means:
The reaction A + BC ---- B + AC is a _____ reaction
In a combustion reaction, ____ is required in order for the reaction to take place
In what kind of reaction does one element replace a similar element in a compound?
According to the law of conservation of mass, the total mass of the reacting substances is
Which statement correctly describes how the following chemical equation violates the law of conservation of mass? H2 + O2 → 2HO2
In chemical reactions, the number of atoms in the product is __________.
The mass of the reactants in a chemical reaction is 4.00 kg. After the reaction takes place completely, there will be __________.
Meals, Ready to Eat are an instant hot meal developed by the U.S. military for troops. The meal heats up when water is added to the magnesium metal tray because the chemical reaction between water and magnesium is an _________.
When substances are mixed, changes in heat energy provide evidence to show if a chemical reaction or a physical change has occurred. In chemical reactions, heat energy is often
An iceberg melting in an ocean is an example of an endothermic process because:
What type of reaction is the following: CH4 + 2O2 = CO2 + 2H2O
What type of reaction is the following: 2NH3 = N2 + 3H2
What type of reaction is the following: 2NaCl + H2SO4 = Na2SO4 + 2HCl
What type of reaction is the following: Fe + S = FeS
Which of the following statements is true about China?
Which of the following is NOT Chinese achievement?
Which of the following was affected by the caste you were born into?
What were two forms of artistic expression as used by the Tang and Song dynasties?
Which of the following is the language brought to Ancient India by the Aryans
Why was trade along the Silk Road important to the development of the Chinese civilization?
How did early Chinese civilizations determine who would work in government positions?
What farming methods were used by the Chinese to have a food surplus?
What was an effect of trade along the Silk Road?
How did silk affect the economy of ancient China?
Due to isolation, the ancient people of India relied solely on food they could grow themselves. What is this called?
Which of the following correctly describes the similarities between Egypt, the Fertile Crescent, India and China?
Between the Tang and Ming dynasties, Chinese literature reached a new height because
Why was the Gupta dynasty known as the Golden Age of Classical Indian civilization?
The concept of zero was first created by mathematicians during which Classical Indian Dynasty?
How did the Hindu Caste system change Indian society?
Which product would have most likely been traded from the East to the West?
What is the origin of Hinduism and Buddhism?
What was the origin of Confucianism and Taoism?
What are the four great inventions of China?
Name given to the four inner planets
Name given to the four outer planets
Cold mixture of dust and ice with a tail
A rocky object that revolves around the sun
Name given to objects that revolve around another object in space
What something is made of..
An outer layer of something
The ratio of the length in a drawing to the true length of the object
A representation of a process or object too big, too small, or too hard to understand
Gases around a planet
Correct order from largest to smallest
The term Light Year means..
Decaying organisms fall to the bottom of a pond, lake, or wetland and add nutrients to the water. What is this process called?
Which is NOT an aquatic ecosystem?
As plants in an area undergoing ecological succession die, ________.
What is salinity?
Which of these factors is abiotic?
What is the first species to colonize new or undisturbed land?
Which statement is true of ponds but NOT lakes?
In the open ocean, where does photosynthesis take place?
If you see a wetland with trees growing in it, ________.
Which has higher oxygen levels?
Which factor is biotic?
Which is NOT a freshwater ecosystem?
A climax community is a community that ________.
When a Gila monster uses a rock for shade from the noonday sun, it is interacting with ____.
Choose the true statement.
Which of these factors is biotic?
When land ecosystems change, the final result is another land ecosystem. When freshwater ecosystems change, which is the final result?
Which factor is abiotic?
Which of the following is a biotic factor?
How do temperate rain forests differ from tropical rain forests?
Romeo and Juliet is a?
The rhyme pattern ABAB,CDCD,EFEF,GG belongs to THIS kind of writing



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