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“An object in motion will stay in motion unless an outside force acts upon it”…this is Newton’s ___ law of motion.
Friction hinders a stationary object from moving on a surface when a force is applied to it is called _______ friction.
How quickly an object moves or changes position is called ____.
Which of the following is not a long-range force?
Motion only occurs if the forces acting on it are ____.
Displacement compared to another object is called ______.
Acceleration is ___________________
The acceleration of gravity is __________________ m/s/s.
The force that opposes motion is ___________________.
A force that can cause an object’s motion to change without direct contact is called a ______.
Why will a rock weather more rapidly if it is broken into smaller particles?
Four pieces of the same rock material which have different shapes but equal volumes are exposed to the atmosphere. Which piece would probably weather fastest?
A large rock is broken into several smaller pieces. Compared to the rate of weathering of the large rock, the rate of weathering of the smaller pieces is
Which factor has the least effect on the weathering of a rock?
A rock will weather faster after it has been crushed because its
In hot, wet climates, bedrock rapidly weathers into soil because water
What occurs when a rock is crushed into a pile of fragments?
Which climatic conditions normally produce the greatest amount of chemical weathering?
Which long-term atmospheric changes would increase the rate of chemical weathering of surface bedrock?
The most likely reason powdered limestone reacts faster than a single large piece is that it has
Which foods would you want to eat that would get you the most amount of roughage?
Tiny hair like projections that increase the surface area of your small intestine are called what?
Water Re-absorbtion occurs in which organ?
Chemical digestion on carbohydrates begins by the secretion from what?
This flap of skin and cartilage closes off the trachae during swallowing
Proteases function in which organ?
Particles of food are moved along the digestive tract due to what muscular movement?
The stomach engages in what process related to digestion?
If a person is suffering from diarrhea it is because...
Which nutrient can be absorbed into the bloodstream without first being digested?
As the temperature of the atmosphere at a given location increases, the air pressure will most likely
Which factor is most directly related to wind velocity?
As wind velocity decreases, the distance between isobars on a weather map will
What is the average atmospheric pressure at sea level?
Wind velocity is most directly dependent on the
Rapidly falling barometric pressure readings most likely indicate
The wind speed between two nearby locations is affected most directly by differences in the
Air pressure is usually highest when the air is
As warm, moist air moves into a region, barometric pressure readings in the region will generally
Wind is caused mainly by air-pressure differences that result from
The radius of the Earth is approximately
Three planets known as gas giants because of their large size and low density are
The average temperature of the planets
Why are impact structures (craters) more common on the surface of Mars than on the surfaces of Venus, Earth, and Jupiter?
Which planet has vast amounts of liquid water at its surface?
Which planet's day is longer than its year?
Compared to the distances between the planets of our solar system, the distances between stars are usually
The Earth is slightly flattened from a perfect spherical shape because of
Which of the following is not a characteristic of the Jovian planets?
The shape of the orbits of most of the planets in the solar system would best be described as
The Foucault pendulum provides evidence that the Earth
The best evidence that the Earth rotates is provided by
A Foucault pendulum appears to change its direction of swing due to the
What causes the Coriolis effect?
Winds appear to curve toward the right in the Northern Hemisphere. This curving to the right is caused by the Earth's
Which characteristic of the atmosphere is modified most by the Earth's rotation?
The pendulum appears to change its direction of swing because of Earth's
Winds curve in this direction in the Northern Hemisphere
Winds curve in this direction in the Southern Hemisphere
In 1851, this French physicist constructed a large pendulum that always changed its direction of swing at the same rate in a clockwise direction.
Foliated rocks are distinguished by
Quartz is a mineral; granite is
The processes involved in the rock cycle include all of the following except
__________________is molten material that is formed beneath the Earth's surface.
Sedimentary rocks are formed by a process called____________________.
All rocks are recycled through a system called the ______________.
Sedimentary rocks are ______________________.
A rock is
Lava that cools quickly forms _____________________ rocks.
Minerals are composed of one or more _________________________.
A naturally occurring, nonliving solid with a definite structure and compositions is______
A ___________________ is an igneous rock made up of mica, feldspar, quartz and hornblede.
If the minerals in a sedimentary rock melt and then cool, they can form a (n)
___________________ has no visible banding in metamorphic rocks.
___________________ is a molten material that reaches the Earth's surface.
Bits of weathered rock, minerals, plants, and animals that have been eroded.
One of the softest minerals is _____________________________.
A mixture of minerals, meineraloids, glass, or organic matter.
Processes by which rocks form and change.
Sedimentary and igneous rocks can be changed into metamorphic rocks by heat and __________.
Which tab in the Microsoft Word Help window groups help topics by general categories?
How does Word indicate a possible spelling error?
When must you use Save As rather than Save?
If you need to specify a print setting you should do which of the following?
Before you save a document, where is it stored?
Which of the following symbols next to a menu option indicates that a dialog box will display if you choose the menu item?
If you are finished working on a document, but have other documents you still need to work in, which of the following should you use?
Which of the following features is not part of the Word screen?
This features inserts a soft return and continues on the next line when text does not fit on one line.
A standard determined by Microsoft is referred to as a ......
What key do you press to delete text to the left of the insertion point?
Which of the following symbols next to a menu option indicates that a sub menu will display if you choose the menu item?
How does Word indicate a possible grammar error?
To open a menu using the keyboard, hold down _________ key and the hot key.
A ________________ displays when you hold the mouse pointer over a toolbar button for a few seconds.
By default, the Standard and ________________ toolbars share one row.
The ____________________ display a list of commonly used commands.
What part of the screen shows our location in a document?
Which of the following includes all commands in a menu category?
Which of the folowing is an animated, onscreen image offers suggestions and lets you click it and type questions?



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