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9 x3
6 x 8
1 x1
8 x 5
2 x 1 = ?
3 x 3 = ?
4 x 3 = ?
5 x 5 =?
1 x 1 =?
6 x 6 =?
0 x 4 =?
2 x 3 =?
1 x 3 =?
5 x 2 =?
names of ALL participants in a drama
a form of literature meant to be performed on stage in front of actors
a series of events in a drama
the sections that a drama is divided into
a collection of scenes in a drama
a struggle between opposing forces that is revealed through a character's thoughts and actions
the writer of a play
the person who speaks to the audience when a drama is performed
What do you call the character or person that an actor/actress plays the part of?
the written text of a play
the words that characters say to one another
In a play, the character's name can be found ________________ his/her lines.
tells characters how to act and show their feelings
describes the setting and are often written in italics, parentheses, or brackets
things or items that the characters or actors may need to use as they perform their part
What is a synonym for DRAMA?
when and where the story takes place
Which of the following would be an example of a famous play?
What do dramas and stories have in common?
Which of the following could be found in a movie but NOT in a play?
what is not acceptable to do in Spanish class?
como estas means?
cómo te llamas? means
hola is
buenas tardes means
adios means
Buenos dias means
why do you have to remain standing up until I say: sientate
la puerta means
sientate means?
cuantos anos tienes means?
A leaf or tree brought to Pennsylvania
A leaf or tree that has been in Pennsylvania as long as we know
Leaves fall off and change color in fall
does not fall off or change color in the fall
leaves are arranged directly across from one another
leaves are arranged so one is higher than the other
What is purpose of leaves?
What is the purpose of a stem?
Which is NOT a purpose of a root?
What is the correct equation for photosynthesis?
What is the meaning of the state name Pennsylvania?
What means multiple leaves together on a twig?
a supply of weapons; a place where weapons are kept
a large group of ships, boats, that are used for warfare
a small American mammal that lives underground and whose head and body are protected by a hard shell
to fight in order to keep someone or something safe; to not allow a person or thing to hurt, damage, or destroy someone or something
something that causes a person to be hurt, angry, or upset; a criminal act
a wheel cover that protects the vehicle from mud or rocks that the wheel might spray upward
a tool used for cutting paper, cloth, etc.
to make a choice about something; to choose something after thinking about it
a tooth that has a sharp edge for biting; one of the four front teeth of the upper or lower jaw
a chemical substance that is used to kill insects
When humans lived in a state of nature it would be referred to as which of the following?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a civilization?
What is the name for a man-made object that was used in the past?
What is the correct definition of prehistoric?
Which of the following is a secondary source?
Which of the following is NOT a primary source?
Why did people settle in the Fertile Crescent?
What is the term for when people have control over the government, for example through voting to elect leaders?
Who created the first known code of laws?
What is the idea that laws and government should do what is best for the most people?
A stable food supply was created when man discovered what?
Which two rivers was Mesopotamia located in between?
What is the name for the ancient writing created by the Mesopotamians?
The time period in which people were nomadic, and were hunter-gatherers is?
What does the G in GRAPES stand for?
What does the R in GRAPES stand for?
What does the A in GRAPES stand for?
What does the P in GRAPES stand for?
What does the E in GRAPES stand for?
What does the S in GRAPES stand for?
When people created a stable food supply, which of the following also happened?
Which of the following describes what economy means?
What geographic feature was helpful for developing early civilizations?
Why was Hammurabi's code important?
Town and cities can only develop if a society has which of the following?
What do people give up in a social contract to help maintain order?
In which age were people mostly nomadic?
When there are no laws and people are fighting over resources which of the following occurs?
Laws are need because when people collaborate they also often experience which of the following?
What is called when people work together towards a common goal?



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