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Any factor that can have more than one value
The science that studies all organisms and the many processes that occur in them is called
Which is NOT a way to test your hypothesis
Which questions can science answer?
10 kg = ? g
5.6 cm = ? hm
How many significant digits are in 2.045?
How many significant digits are in 0.000230?
Which is the middle number in a data set when the numbers are arranged in numerical order?
What is the median of the data set 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11?
What is the range of the data set 5, 6, 9, 10, 15?
Does orange juice affect plant growth? One plant got water while the other got orange juice. What is the dependent variable?
Which is a scientific hypothesis?
True or False: A wrong hypothesis has no value.
You've experimented, analyzed results, and drawn conclusions. Now what?
A statement of what will happen next in a sequence of events
THe factor that you want to test; changed by the investigator
10 ∗ 13 + (12 - 7) =
= (5 ∗ 6) + 2 / 4
= 13 + (2 ∗ 1) ∗ 3
64 / (20 - (4 x 3))=
Insert grouping symbols to make the following number sentence true. 4= 4 x 6 - 2 + 3
Insert grouping symbols to make the following number sentence true. 300 / 6 + 4 x 2 + 8 = 3
Insert grouping symbols to make the following number sentence true. 70 / 13 - 2 + 1 = 7
Insert grouping symbols to make the following number sentence true. 160 = 8 x 16 + 12 - 4 / 2
Write an expression that models the story. Then evaluate the expression. Tommy had a bag of 100 balloons. He took out 2 red balloons and 1 blue balloon for each party favor. He created 12 party favors. How many balloons did Tommy have left?
Write an expression and evaluate. A grocery store received a shipment of 100 cases of apple juice. Each case contained four 6-packs of cans. After inspection, the store found that 9 cans were damaged. How many cans were undamaged?
We have a fire extinguisher in the classroom because some chemicals are
We do not dispose of all hemicals down the drain or in the garbage because
If a chemical is toxic its label should read
Because some chemicals are corrosive
Which statement is true?
We measure mass with
We measure volume with a
Sam recorded that the roses were red. That data is
The marble is 5 grams. This is a measure of
Which set of data would be best displayed on a bar graph?
A beachball floats on water because
A solid will change state to a liquid when
What is between the particles of air?
Water heated in a beaker turns to steam. Why does this happen?
Which one of these processes requires a gain in energy?
The ball was a measured mass of 113 grams. This statement is
Which of these statements is a hypothesis?
Two students think that winter thunderstorms are always followed by snow. How could they test their hypothesis?
Jenna flips a coin 10 times. Seven times it landed on heads and three times it landed on tails. Jenna concludes that coins always land on heads more than tails. Jenna might be wrong because
Which of the following is a function of the cell membrane?
The diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane is
When the concentration of molecules on both sides of a membrane is the same, the molecules will
Diffusion occurs because
An animal cell surrounded by fresh water will burst because
Which means of particle transport requires energy?
The cell membrane contains channels and pumps that help move materials from one side to the other. What are these channels and pumps made from?
Which organelles help provide cells with energy?
The movement of any type of molecule from an area of high concentration to low concentration is
Which of the following structures serves as the cell's boundary from its environment?
An organ system is a group of cells that
Which of the following is an example of an organ
Which of the following is a function of the nucleus?
Which list represents the levels of organization in a multicellular organism from the simplest to most complex?
A group of cells that perform similar functions is a(n)
The cells of multicellular organisms are
ALL of the following are examples of cell specialization EXCEPT
Which term refers to cell having different jobs in an organism?
What is an elliptical galaxy?
The galaxy that we live in is called the
A large cloud of gas and dust in space that is the first stage of star formation is a
A comet is a
A spin around on an axis (a point) is a
During this moon phase, over half of the moon's illuminated side is seen from Earth
Asteroids are
A straight line that divides a shape evenly into two parts is a
A chunk of rock or dust that has hit the Earth's surface is a
The path of an object as it revolves around another object in space
The universe is
________ tides with the smallest daily tidal range and occur during the first and third quarters of the moon
A galaxy that does not have a clearly defined shape and structure is
The star that is located in a spiral arm in the Milky way, and is orbited by all of the planets
A mass of stone or metal that has reached the earth from outer space is a
A Light Year is
The wavelength of the light is stretched, so the light is seen as 'shifted' towards the red part of the spectrum
A piece of rock or metal that burns and glows brightly in the sky as it falls from outer space into the Earth's atmosphere is a
A period of twenty-four hours as a unit of time is a
The time taken by the Earth to make one revolution around the Sun is a
What do the G's in PEGGS stand for?
The discovery of what enabled humans to cook food and stay warm?
The Egyptian civilization existed in what river valley?
Mesopotamia means?
What does the S in PEGGS stand for?
Where was the Olmec civilization located?
What alphabet is the basis of our alphabet today?
What was the main river in the Indus valley?
The invention of what allowed early humans to settle down and become sedentary?
What does the E in PEGGS stand for?
How much has median income change in the last year?
Who is the Democratic nominee for President?
How many retired NFL players are suspected to have some form of brain trauma?
How much money is estimated to be spent on the presidential election this year?
Where was there a gas pipeline leak in the United States?
What Syrian city has been hit the hardest by the Syrian civil war?



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