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Type of sedimentary rock which can be cemented/ glued together by calcite or quartz
The process in which sediment is dropped and comes to rest is called
The process by which rock sediments are moved/transported away by water, wind, or ice.
What are the layers in sedimentary rocks called?
The process of reducing pore space by depositing younger sediments on top of older material is referred to as
In general the greater the distance sediment is transported the more ______ _________ and _________ sediment becomes.
Where do sediments come from?
Sedimentary rocks provide clues about:
Where do sedimentary rocks usually form?
Conglomerate, an Sandstone are examples of what type of sedimentary rocks?
Rocks that contains fossils are
What weathering products are most easily transported by water? (Think Lab)
What is the difference between direct learning and indirect learning?
Cultural elements include all of the following except __________.
What two religions are most commonly practiced in Africa?
Bridget is determined to make sure her children know everything about the community where they live. What type of culture is Bridget passing on to her children?
Which of the following is the best example of a cultural region?
Culture affects the way people conduct which of the following activities? i. Practicing important traditions. ii. Creating political organizations. iii. Meeting basic needs for survival.
When a group of people share values, practices, and beliefs, this is known as __________.
One of the norms in the village was to meet at the town square on Fridays for a community dinner and dance. The underlined word in the sentence above is best defined as a __________.
Culture __________ members of a group.
A specific area where people share one or more cultural traits is known as a __________.
A small community of people who share beliefs, experiences, customs, traits, and values can best be described as a __________.
A cultural group that exists within a dominant culture is best described as a __________.
Accepted cultural patterns practiced by the majority of people in a particular group are best defined as __________.
Which of the following definitions is the best way to describe popular culture?
Popular culture may include changing trends in all of the following categories except __________.
When members of a community work to preserve their unique cultural traits, they are trying to protect their __________.
What is the last step in the dishwashing process?
You must do all of these before labs EXCEPT:
Always cut on a
Before you put food in the oven, you must
Cooking food in a small amount of hot fat is called
To cut or chop food into EXTREMELY small pieces is called
To cut something into 1/2 to 1 in cubes is called
A cutting technique that creates long, thin, match-like pieces is called:
You should use this when browning meat
If your family does not have enough money to buy luxury items at the grocery store your food choices are influenced by which factor?
The first step in the dishwashing process is:
All of these are ways to prevent cross contamination EXCEPT:
Getting sick from contaminated food is called:
which integer represents a gain of 38 yards
Which integer represents a loss of 30 degrees?
What is the absolute value of -23
-6 + 5
12 + (-2)
-4 + (-8)
3 - (-9)
-18 - 4
15 - 19
Evaluate the expression if a = -3 and c = 6: a - c
Evaluate the expression if a = -3 and c = 6: 3(a + c)
Multiply -15(2)
Multiply -8(-6)
Divide -20/(-4)
Divide -30/5
Divide -12/(-3)
Membrane covered structure and smallest unit of life
Organism that has only one cell
What is NOT a characteristic of a living thing?
When a unicellular organism grows large enough it
What happens to DNA during sexual reproduction
These organisms break down dead organisms to get energy
maintaining a constant stable environment
Causes a change in an organism
binary fission is an example of
DNA stands for
The slow change of a population over time
When humans breed specific characteristics out of animals.
A change in genetic material
A trace or imprint of a living thing that is preserved by geological process.
All the fossils that have been discovered Mike up the
Observation that deals with a number or amount.
An organized way of gathering and analyzing evidence about the natural world.
Variable that is changed on purpose, this is manipulated by the scientist (The variable that is being tested).
Observation that deals with characteristics that cannot be expressed in numbers.
Detailed list of all the items that you will need in an experiment.
An organized procedure to study something under controlled conditions, or the part of the method where the hypothesis is tested.
A variable that changes because it responds to the independent variable. (The variable that is being measured).
A variable that is not allowed to change in the investigation
Numerical information collected during the experiment, usually shown in the form of tables and graphs.
A judgement statement that states whether your experimental data proves your hypothesis correct or incorrect.
Sequence of steps that are followed to complete an experiment.
A prediction that explains a possible reason for an observation; based on evidence and background information (if-then-because)
A question that begins the scientific investigation.
Description of anything seen, heard, tasted, smelled or felt during the experiment.
A planned approach to solving problems (No Answer)
Which of the following is true about members of Georgia’s General Assembly?
Most day to day decisions about laws in the General Assembly are
How can the General Assembly pass a bill if it has been vetoed?
How does the judicial branch attempt to fulfill its duty to ensure justice in our legal system?
Disputes between two or more individuals or groups in which there is not a violation of the law, is known as
Why is it possible for the governor and lieutenant governor in Georgia to be political enemies, from different parties?
Why does the Georgia Supreme Court rarely overturn a law passed by the General Assembly?
Leaders of education, public safety, and transportation agencies fall under which branch of Georgia’s government?
Which statement is correct regarding how judges are selected in Georgia?
Sally finds out that Jasmine’s dog has been entering her yard and digging up her very expensive flowers. When Sally presents the evidence to Jasmine and asks to be paid for the flowers, Jasmine denies the dog has done any wrong. What should she do
large collection of stars, gas, and dust held together by gravity



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