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Why can liquids not be compressed easily?
Why do solids have a fixed shape?
In which state of matter is there the most space between particles?
In which state of matter do the particles have the most kinetic energy?
In which state of matter do the particles have enough energy to fill a container?
In which state of matter do the particles have only enough energy to vibrate without moving out of place?
In which state of matter do the particles have enough energy to flow past each other allowing them to take the shape of the container they are in?
Which statement correctly describes the spacing of BOTH solids and liquids?
In which state of matter do the particles have the least amount of kinetic energy?
In which two states of matter do the particles have enough energy to flow?
A simple sentence has a noun and a verb. Which sentence is a complete sentence?
The step of PENS that means to choose words for the sentences is the _ step.
The step: Root out the Subject has another part. What is it?
Which words are imposters?
In the K step of the MARK strategy
In a _____________ the resources are owned and controlled by the people.
Market price is determined by all of the following except _______________.
The primary reason why businesses invest resources and take risks is to ______________.
The easiest form of a business to start is a
Profit is __________________________________________________.
Max has two hours before having to go to his part-time job. He is deciding between picking vegetables from his garden or taking a nap. If Max chooses to take a nap, the opportunity cost of his decision is
The management team for Apple is considered what type of resource for that company?
________ is a period in which demand begins to decrease, businesses lower production, unemployment begins to rise, and GDP growth slows for two or more quarters of the calendar year.
The basic economic problem is
An increase in the general level of prices.
If I had to choose to go eat pizza with friends or study for an exam and I chose to go with friends. The ________________ would be that I may not do well on my exam.
Which style of management is best to use when: managing a group of new employees who don't have any relevant job experience?
The following standards should all be met when thinking of ethical behavior in the office EXCEPT:
The way people get along with each other is called _____________.
Who decides the supply in the market?
Who decides the demand for products?
Cuba and North Korea are examples of this type of government
The period where unemployment is highest in the business life cycle is _______.
Who wrote The Most Dangerous Game?
Who is the protagonist of the story?
Why does General Zaroff hunt humans?
What drew General Zaroff to hunting humans?
Where does General Zaroff live?
General Zaroff gives his prey all of the following EXCEPT:
Who is Rainsford's hunting partner?
This character tortures those who do not want to play the game.
This character wins the game.
Fighting against the current and surviving in the water is an example of what kind of conflict? Person vs. ________
Zaroff hunting Rainsford is an example of what type of conflict? Person vs. __________
The resolution of the story occurs when...
Look at this article about the Mississippi River. Identify the simple subject.
Runoff water from thirty-one states and two provinces in Canada is carried by the MIssissippi River. Identify the simple subject.
Where does all that water go? Identify the simple predicate.
Forty-one percent of the runoff in the United States flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Identify the simple subject.
Today, levees protect the land and people along the Mississipppi River from floods. Identify the simple predicate.
Ms. Jorgensen, please tell us about those levees. Identify the simple subject.
The United States Congress made flood control a federal responsibility in 1928. Identify the simple predicate.
Along the river are miles and miles of levees that the Army Corps of Engineers built. Identify the simple subject.
There are huge consequences on both sides of the question. Identify the simple predicate.
Explain the consequences of this action. Identify the simple subject.
A vocal group of environmentalists favors nonintervention. Identify the simple predicate.
Can this problem ever be fairly resolved? Identify the simple predicate.
Tons of dirt will come from nearby acres of wetlands. Identify the simple predicate.
In fact, thousands of acres of wetlands will be lost. Identify the simple subject.
On the other hand, farmers all along the delta are threatened by flooding. Identify the simple predicate.
Finished When I Was Puerto Rican last night.
A great book about the childhood of the author.
Esmeralda Santiago was born in the countryside of Puerto Rico.
Grew up in various places in Puerto Rico.
Although the family was destitute, Santiago experienced much love.
During her childhood, many experiences in the countryside.
Learned how to eat a guayaba, or guava, a local fruit, and learned how to identify the song of the coqui, a native frog.
At the age of fourteen, she arrived in New York City.
Where her life changed completely.
She was still Puerto Rican, of course, but she was also now something else.
Which of the following is NOT a factor in determining a FICO score?
Which of the following is not a good idea for getting out of debt?
Which of the following items cannot be done with a debit card but can be done with a credit card?
What factors affect a credit score?
Which of the following is not a recommended step in the Drive Free method of purchasing a car?
Which of the following is not recommended in the debt snowball method of getting out of debt?
What is paycheck garnishment?
Which of the following best summarizes how the use of a credit card for purchases instead of cash can change one's spending behavior.
Which of the following is not a credit myth?
If you do not have a FICO score, what factors will determine whether or not you qualify for a mortgage?
A credit score is intended to measure:
Individual account information is removed from your credit report seven years after the last activity on the account, except for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which stays on your credit report for:
You must establish credit in order to buy a house
There are three credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.
You can and should obtain a free copy of your credit report annually in order to check for any suspicious activity.
You need to have a credit card to rent a car or check in to a hotel
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is one of many U.S. federal agencies that regulate the consumer credit system and enforce the laws related to it.
Teens are a huge target of credit card companies today
Co-signing a loan is a good way to help a friend or relative.
A federal court procedure that helps consumers get rid of their debts and repay their creditors is called
A detailed report of an individual's credit history is a
Type of card issued by a bank that allows users to finance a purchase
A measure of an individual's credit risk; calculated from a credit report
Preferred method of debt repayment



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