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___________ bones develop from a cartilaginous 'model'
Remodeling, especially of trabecular bone, is a key aspect of
Cells in the bone become blood cells, a process called
Red marrow produced Erythrocytes, Leukocytes, and
The bones of the cranium develop via
joints are classified FUNCTIONALLY based on their relative ____ and ____
Joints are classified STRUCTURALLY into the groupings
a _____ of the skull is an example of a Synarthrotic fibrous joint
ape benda
ye ke
ok la
entah la
ape lagi
ha ha ha
makan apa
Cells called ____ break down bone
Newly formed or remodeled bone is not yet lamellar, but is
Growth of cartilage via the division of INTERNAL cells, which leads to increase in ____ is called _____
growth of cartilage via the action of cells called ____ on the surface, which increases thickness, is called
Aging processes can lead to an imbalance in bone formation and breakdown, resulting in
Most of the joints in your body are structurally classified as
Synovial Joints are distinguished by having
articular cartilage tends to be ______, which is _______
Intervertebral discs are made of mostly
Moving part of the body away from the midline is
The elbow is an example of a _____ joint
The pelvic girdle consists of the
raising the shoulders is
Yellow Marrow mostly stores
a joint, such as the proximal radioulnar, that allows only rotation would be a
the joint between the maxilla or mandible and the teeth, known as a ___ is an example of a
cartilage is replaced by bone in a 5 step process, starting with resting and then, in order
as you age, microfracture repair leads to the accumulation of
Bones of the cranium are defined by being in contact with
moving a part so it follows a circular path is
Muscles are made of different types of ______, as they occupy the _____ level of organization
Muscles are divided into bundles of muscle fibers called _____ by membranes called ____
muscle fibers, representing the ____ level of organization, are separated from one another by
within the muscle fibers are bundles of myofilaments called ____, which represent the ____ level of organization
myofibrils are surrounded by saclike organelles simmilar to ER called ______
___, along with their two adjoining terminal cisternae (of the SR) make up the -Triad-
The transverse tubules and Sarcoplasmic Reticulum are involved in
The thick filaments are made exclusively of ___ while the thin filaments are mostly ____
Contractile units called _____ shorten when thick and thin filaments slide along one another
The ends of the sarcomere are pulled together by the action of _____ heads attaching to ____ binding sites
To initiate contractile shortening of the sarcomere, ___ is released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum to remove ___ from the binding sites on the thin filaments
to reset the myosin heads so that they can attach to the actin again requires
The aligned z-discs on adjacent microfibrils create the visible ___ in skeletal muscle
A group of muscle fibers that are all innervated by the same motor neuron are called
muscle fibers contract
one way to increase the tension of muscle contraction is by increasing the ____ of the stimulus, in a process of TEMPORAL SUMMATION
tension in a muscle can also be increased by recruiting additional motor units in a process called
In the muscles of the calf and lower back, ___ fibers predominate
in the muscles that move the eye and eyelid, one finds almost all of the fibers are
muscles attach to the relatively immobile point at the ___, and to the relatively mobile point at the ___
Yo como las papas fritas
Yo quiero a mi madre
Yo quiero a tu
Nosotros vamos a estudiar la historia
Voy a beber la leche
Ella tiene las tijeras
Yo prefiero el helado
ellos quieren comprar el abrigo
Ustedes no tienen los pantalones
Yo quiero a ellos
A period of intense interest in religion that swept through the 13 colonies
Event that occured when British soldiers fired into an unarmed crowd of colonist protesting British taxes outside of the customs house in Boston.
Which was the rallying cry of the The colonist prior to the Revolution and a major source of the cause of the revolution
The first tax attempted by King George III, it was on all paper products sold by the colonies
Taxes placed on Lead, glass, paints, paper and tea. It allowed tax collectors to look and search the homes and businesses of those that they suspected of smuggling goods.
A colonial protest in Boston against the tea Act, it resulted in colonist dressed as Inidans throwing tea off British ships into Boston Harbor
As a result of the Townshend Acts colonist did what
An Act that was passed by the British Parliament (its governing body) that attempted to sell tea to the colonist at a lower price with that tax included.
How did the colonist react to the Tea Act?
How did the King and Parliament react to the Boston Tea Party?
The Age of Enlightenment can best be describe as an time when :
Plantations, slaves Cash Crops. JThese things best describe what Region of colonial America



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