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A group of people who are caring for both their parents and their children are called:
In which stage of the family life cycle do families experience changes due to teens' school activities and need for more independence?
Self-esteem can be developed through:
What stage in the family life cycle occurs when couples marry and establish a home?
During which family life cycle stage do children leave for college, join the military, or seek employment?
Which personality type might be compatible with a career as an engineer?
A person who learns best by making categories, classifying, and working with patterns, and who also likes to do experiments has which dominant learning preference?
A person with high self-esteem:
Having awareness of strengths and weaknesses in skill level helps an individual to:
Being in good health will allow one to:
Which developmental group is mainly concerned with providing for a family?
Which term describes time spent earning a living in order to support one's family?
Which term describes attending a ball game with one's parents?
Life stages are defined as:
Across the board firing of people over age 40 to allow lower-salaried workers to fill the jobs is known as
An example of a change that is beyond a person’s control is:
A person with a poor self-concept would
Which group is most influenced by peer pressure?
Being healthy can help a person’s career by:
“Apart from two dark patches over the eyes, most of her body was a smoky gray, and her coat was soft as silk.” What is this an example of?
“The San Andreas fault woke from its sleep. What is this an example of?
“Beyond the atmosphere, I would be like a blind man who had suddenly been given sight. What is this an example of?
“There was only one flaw; I knew, though Laika could not, how soon it must end. What is this an example of?
A word or object that represents a larger idea is...
The perspective a story is told from is...
Figurative language that appeals to the five senses is...
The opposite of the expected outcome is...
Extra question?
Extra question
To mess up or interfere with something
to live somewhere OR to think about something over and over
the edge of something
Calm or showing no reaction
Most important
To form a picture in your mind
to poke OR to encourage or persuade
Suffering from a mental disturbance
able to be believed /convinced
Something clean and organized
limited resources
human resources
natural resources
opportunity cost
capital resources
A biome known for having four seasons. It has deciduous trees with leaves that change color in autumn, fall off in the winter, and grow back in the spring. The climate characteristics include cool mornings and warm days. Rainfall is typically 75-150
A land area characterized by coniferous forests (cone-bearing, needle-leaved trees) such as pines, spruces, and firs. The winters are cold and long. The summers are short and cool. Precipitation is mostly snow. Located northerly in Russia, Canada, an
A land area found near the equator. The climate is very humid and wet with average yearly rainfall of more than 300 cm of rain and an average temperature between 20 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius. This biome has the most biodiversity of all th
A land area where there is little rain (less than 25 cm per year. Only a few kinds of plants grow here. Temperatures are very hot in the summer but can also drop below freezing at nights. Animals are adapted to hot and dry conditions.
A northern-most land area in Eurasia and North America. The area is characterized by extreme low temperatures, long winters, and no trees. A layer of soil called permafrost is always frozen.
A land area, located in Africa, which is mostly made up of grasses, and there are few trees. It usually has a dry season and then a wet season. It is known for large herbivores and carnivores.
On our trip to the Smoky Mountains, we traveled through the ______ biome. The leaves on the trees were turning colors of red, orange, and yellow.
Grasses, scattered shrubs, and small trees grow on the _____ biome. Herbivores such as elephans and zebras migrate across the plains.
Polar bears, lichens, mosses, and reindeer are organisms found in the _____ biome.
_____ forests are cold most of the year and are dominated by cone-bearing trees.
A ______ biome has more kinds of plants and animals than any other area in the world. About 1/4 of all medicines come from this area.
In a _____ biome animals have adaptations to survive long periods of time without water.
The book I am borrowing from the library was due back Friday.
Jason is becoming a very talented soccer player.
The girls played on the beach.
Janice will be living with her grandparents.
The cyclist in the blue helmet was winning the race.
Ms. Cook teaches second grade English.
I am buying the handbag.
The man you were speaking to is very smart.
The boys will behave at the party.
The kitten came with me.
A verbal is a ___?___ that are in __?___ form and is used as another part of __?__
A participle is a verb form that is used as an ___?____.
A ____?_____ is a verb form used as a noun.
Participles often end in d, __?__, or __?__. and gerunds always end in __?__.
Identify the participle and the noun is modifies in the following sentence: I find that lizards are fascinating, but spiders are just plan frightening.
Identify the participle phrase and the noun it modifies in the following sentence: The classroom found at the end of the hall will be the location of the job fair.
What are the gerunds in the following sentence: After getting our gear, we practiced batting and catching before the big game.
Is the gerund in the following sentence a direct object, object of the preposition or appositive: Part of the job involves recycling bottles and cans.
Is the gerund in the following sentence a direct object, object of the preposition or appositive: You would think he'd get tired of picking up after others.
Is the word writing in the following sentence a gerund or a participle: He made a list of items on the writing tablet before he left.
What caused big problems a long time ago in the United States?
What was one effect that dust had on people, animals, and crops in the United States?
What did farmers do to keep the soil in place after the rains returned?
What is the main idea of the article?
What is a drought?
What do you think the word graze means? Use the sentence in the article to help you!
Where does this story take place?
When could farmers plants crops again?
How did children protect themselves from the dust when they walked to school?
Which of the following is an opinion about the Dust Bowl?
Who do we call Jesus, Mary, and Joseph?
Who is the son of God?
Who is God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit
What is a holy word to describe God and his amazing things he did for people?
The name __________ means 'God saves'?
The prayer we say to remember the Blessed Trinity is the __________.
Did Jesus teach people only by the things he said?
Who are followers of Christ?
Who were the twelve men that became Jesus' leaders?



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