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Convergent boundaries...
Which of the following is a type of convergent boundary?
Transform boundaries are known for causing ....
Sea floor spreading occurs at which type of boundary?
Oceanic-Oceanic, Continental-Continental, and Oceanic-Continental are all types of what?
Plate tectonics occur in the.....
Which of the following characteristics refers to change that takes place over the lifespan of an organism?
Human body temperature is an example of this characteristic.
Which of the following is the correct sequence going from simplest to most complex?
Which of the following characteristics means to obtain and use nutrients and energy, includes eating, breathing, digesting and excreting?
Which is not a characteristic of all living things?
What is the proper order for the steps of the scientific method?
A scientific explanation or prediction is known as a(n)
The part of an experiment in which all conditions are kept the same is the
The part of the experiment that works the way you expect it to and is used as a comparison is known as the
In order to maintain homeostasis it is important for an animal to be able to
Which of the following are examples of landforms?
Which of these is not a layer of our planet?
Why do the plates on Earth’s surface move?
Which statement about Earth’s plate movements is true?
Which statement about landforms is false?
The melted rock beneath Earth’s surface is called
What role does ice play in changing landforms?
Which event would probably change landforms the most?
Which kind of rock forms when the heat and pressure in Earth’s mantle make it change?
Which of the following is formed when two continental plates collide?
Which of the following is formed when a continental plate and oceanic plate collide?
What group of people helped to keep traditions alive in early West African societies by communicating with the gods and using oral storytelling to pass down life lessons?
Ghana had: a well trained army, central location for trade, iron for weapons, and ?
Mali was an important
Who spread Islam, took a journey to Mecca, brought back Muslim scholars, and allowed other religions
Which was an effect of Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage to Mecca?
Mansa Musa commissioned great mosques to be built in Timbuktu and scholarship flourished and learning centers developed at Timbuktu resulting in what in Mali?
Which factor explains why Islam entered West Africa?
Which religion spread into the West African kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai?
How did the prosperity resulting from the gold salt trade affect West African empires during the 1300s?
The African city of Timbuktu was a center for
The contributions of the ancient civilizations of Ghana, Songhai, and Mali demonstrate that
How did kingdoms develop in West Africa?
Nonfiction is writing that is ____________.
Fiction is writing that is
A nonfiction book about a REAL PERSON'S LIFE that is WRITTEN BY THAT PERSON
a nonfiction book that gives facts about different topics
a ficton book that is written to make you laugh
a made up story that might include real people, events and places in history
a story that includes magic and talking animals
a fiction book that includes science, technology, outer space or the future
a fiction book with made up events but that could happen in modern times
a fiction genre that includes tall tales, legends or myths
The _______________ceremony was performed quietly and with great dignity.
When he found out that his wife had moved out and taken the children he was hopelessly________________.
People thought he was crazy for studying in a mausoleum but he found the quiet to be very_____________________.
Even though he was wealthy, he was so___________________________that he wouldn't even give a dime to a beggar.
Jacob really likes my collection of old cereal boxes, so I have decided to _________________________them to him in my will.
We all knew that he cussed a lot, but when he started making ___________________________________remarks about Christians, they decided to ask him to leave.
His _______________________small business grew into a multinational corporate empire worth $6 billion.
Even in her late 70's, grandma never lost her_____________________for a good game of poker.
Movies about vampires, exorcisms, wizards and zombies all reflect a growing preoccupation with the________________________.
Unfortunately, politics today has become far too__________________________ to the point where people worry more about being re-elected rather than doing what's best for their country.
Ayer yo ___ (ver) un programa muy gracioso.
Yo no ___ (ir) a la fiesta porque estaba muy cansado.
Yo le ___ (dar) una flor a mi novia.
Yo no ___ (ser) muy buen niño.
Tú ___ (ver) una película de terror.
Tú ___ (dar) mucho dinero para los niños pobres.
Tú y yo ___ (ser) muy buenos amigos.
Vosotros ___ (ir) a la quinceañera de mi prima.
Alejandro y su novia ___ (ser) amigos pero ahora son enemigos.
Karla le ___ (dar) un chocolate a su novio.
ceremonial iron pike held by high ranking officials in the military
any of the small,rock like planets
space traveler*astronaut
the study of celestial objects and the processes the physics, chemistry and evolution of such objects
metallic pins used to secure shrouds for burial
a star-shaped image that denotes something important
precise measuring instrument
Neil Armstrong was the America's first on the moon*astronaut
the study of celestial objects and the processes the physics, chemistry and evolution of such objects
Yo ___ (ducharse) por la mañana.



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