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The economy of the Kingdom of Kush at first was based on
Most of the trade between the Roman Empire and China was shipped along the
Ancient Indians excelled in the science of
The Aryans believed society was divided into four
The Legalists believed that a strong ruler was need to
Harmony with nature and the universal order are beliefs of
The invention that led to major expansion of trade in the Han period was
The system of walls linked by Qui Shihuangdi to help protect China was;
Chinese philosophies in general, are based on the principle of how people _______.
Why did the legalists advocate harsh laws and stiff punishments for keeping public order?
What statement best describes the government of the Persian Empire?
Which of the following are key beliefs of Hinduism?
who fights
saddan hussin
osama bin laden
mr jones is
mr trevian is
ms rowell is
Which of the following are key beliefs of Buddhism?
According to the beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism, this is the force of a person’s actions that will determine how a person will be reborn in the next life.
Civil Service
Circular motion.
The average weather over many years.
The earth, sun, planets and stars are all a part of a…
When a part of the earth is facing the sun, that part is experiencing...
Most time zones are separated by how much time?
What does the revolution of the tilted planet cause?
What areas have fairly direct sunlight and hot weather all year?
What area is defined by its constant cold temperatures?
In this zone, we have cold winter, hot summer, and moderate spring and fall.
Earthquakes and hurricanes are the reasons that Earth’s surface is constantly changing.
The Earth is made up of three layers: core, mantle, and crust.
The surface of the Earth is made up mostly of fresh water.
The earth has only one type of landform.
Each plate holds one continent.
A crack in the Earth’s surface is called a mistake.
Air and water spread heat around the globe.
The ________________________ gives northern Europe a warmer climate than other areas at the same latitude.
_________________________ takes longer to cool or heat, so it keeps areas near it more temperate.
In the Haversian system, what tiny canal connects central canals to lacunae in compact bone?
The medullary cavity in a bone contains:
In embryos, the skeleton is primarily made of ______________, but in the adult, most of the
This is the shaft of a long bone and makes up most of its length.
How many bones make up the skeleton?
This lines the outside of bones.
These bones are somewhat cube-shaped
These cells secrete collagen and build bone
Bones grow in thickness by appositional growth.
Bones grow in length by the actions of the:
Hemopoiesis occurs in the:
What was the original meeting to revise the Articles of Confederation that failed because very few delegates attended.
What exposed weaknesses of the National Government under the Articles of Confederation?
Which constitutional proposal that provided a solution to the problem of counting slaves for the purpose of representation?
Which Constitutional proposal by smaller states to have representation in congress based on equality?
What was the Constitutional proposal by larger states to have representation in congress based on population?
What is the basis for our current Congress?
What proved to be one success of the Articles of Confederation?
Who opposed the ratification of the Constitution?
Who wrote most of the Constitution?
Who provided many ideas for the preamble?
Which of the following is NOT one of the three things that Congress could do under the Articles of Confederation?
Which of the following is something that Congress COULD do under the Articles of Confederation?
What two things were created by the Great Compromise?
The Preamble is an ____________________ to the Constitution
Federalism is -
Sending troops to the South China Sea is a-
What is the purpose of the Preamble to the Constitution?
Which statement represents the goal to secure the blessings of liberty?
Which statement represents the goal to ensure domestic tranquility?



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