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Which is not a type of variable?
What is the dependent variable?
What is the independent or experimental variable?
What comes first when creating an experiment; hypothesis, procedure, conclusion, or research?
What is the best way to phrase a hypothesis?
Precipitation 35-75 cm falling in form of mostly snow, temperature range 14℉-57℉, limited sunlight during winter (#2)
Precipitation 75-150 cm falling in a 5-6 month period, 61℉ - 93℉ year round (#4)
Precipitation 75-125 cm falling year round, summer 82℉, winter 43℉ (#6)
Precipitation less than 25 cm, can be cold or hot(depending on location) (#1)
Precipitation 200-400 cm falling year round, 68℉ - 93℉ year round (#3)
Precipitation 30-50 cm falling in form of snow, winters -15℉, summers 57℉, winter is majority of the year (#5)
Precipitation 25-75 cm falling year round, summer 86℉, winter 32℉ (#7)
Which biome is most like the taiga in terms of precipitation? (#10)
Which biome is most like the desert in terms of precipitation? (#8)
Which biome is most like the savanna in terms of precipitation (#9)
Some animals in this biome include monkeys, sloths, toucans, and snakes (#16)
Animals in this biome include grazing herbivores such as bison and antelope (#14)
Animals in this biome include roadrunners, rattlesnakes, lizards; some mammals burrow during the day (#12)
In this biome, many animals hibernate during winter; some animals include moose and bear (#17)
Animals include elephants, zebras, giraffe, and gazelles (#15)
Animals in this biome include deer, squirrels, raccoon, and fox (#13)
Animals in this biome include mammals with thick white fur and birds and mammals that migrate in during summer (#11)
This biome is treeless; grasses flowers grow only in the summer (#18)
Plants include grasses clumps of small trees (#20)
Plants include a huge variety of trees; vines and plants with large leaves (#22)
__________________is learning that appears not to have been retained at the time of conditioning but it is displayed at a later time.
Who created observational learning?
Banudra’s theory caused a rating system for entertainment because...
Latent learning was created by______________.
_________________showed that individuals learn by watching others.
People watch others when visiting a foreign place. This is because of...
__________________is signficant because it showed opened the door to look at the cognitive (mental) aspect of learning.
______________ interested in what they can observe and measure.
________________ believe that learning can occur by thinking about situations or by observing others.
People wearing skinny jeans today is a fad. Which theory describes provides a reason for this trend?
Plants in this biome include pines, fir and spruce trees (#24)
Plants in this biome include many types of grasses (#19)
Plants in this biome include oak, elm and beech trees (#21)
Plants in this biome include succulent plants and have waxy coating on leaves (#23)
The two biomes that are closest to the equator are (#36)
This biome is located just below the tundra (#34)
This biome has the greatest diversity of plants and animals on Earth (#32)
This biome is located anywhere, its always very dry, but may be hot or cold. (#30)
This biome's soil is nutrient rich due to the many decomposing plants (#28)
This biome has all four seasons and many trees (#26)
What are the two mid-latitude biomes (between equator and poles)? (#37)
Name the biome in which Georgia is located (#35)
What is the largest land biome? (#33)
Which biome is located the furthest north? (#31)
In which biome does the soil have permafrost? (#29)
Which biome has nutrient poor soil due to the many plants quickly taking up the nutrients? (#27)
Which biome has dry and rainy seasons? (#25)
There are more animals found in the canopy of the tropical rainforest than in the understory because light is able to reach the canopy more than the understory, resulting in more food for animals. (#'s 38 and 39)
Why do plants in the tropical rainforest have big, broad leaves? (#40)
Why doesn't the prairie have any trees? (#41)
When Sam went to the doctor for her allergy shot, the doctor rubbed alcohol on her arm before he gave her the shot, now just the smell of alcohol makes her anxious. This can be explained by:
Jeremiah's mother sent him to the store and told him 12 items to get. He didn't write them down and when he got to the store he had some retrieval problems. Jeremiah is most likely to remember the items _____________ of the list.
Knowing addition facts is an example of:_________________memory.
Kimberly was bit by a dog and then scratched by a cat and now she is afraid of all animals. This is an example of:
The sequencing in our memory system is:
In classical conditioning, learned behavior occurs when...
The time it takes to associate NS with UCS is called
Not responding to similar stimuli is called....
Behavior that happens naturally (unlearned) is called...
Responding to similar stimuli is called...
The investigation and exploration of natural events and the new info that results.
A rule that describes a repeatable pattern in nature
Comparing what you already know with info you are given in order to decide whether you agree
Any factor that can have more than one value
The science that studies all organisms and the many processes that occur in them is called
Which is NOT a way to test your hypothesis
Which questions can science answer?
10 kg = ? g
5.6 cm = ? hm
How many significant digits are in 2.045?
How many significant digits are in 0.000230?
Which is the middle number in a data set when the numbers are arranged in numerical order?
What is the median of the data set 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11?
What is the range of the data set 5, 6, 9, 10, 15?
Does orange juice affect plant growth? One plant got water while the other got orange juice. What is the dependent variable?
Which is a scientific hypothesis?
True or False: A wrong hypothesis has no value.
You've experimented, analyzed results, and drawn conclusions. Now what?
A statement of what will happen next in a sequence of events
THe factor that you want to test; changed by the investigator
10 ∗ 13 + (12 - 7) =
= (5 ∗ 6) + 2 / 4
= 13 + (2 ∗ 1) ∗ 3
64 / (20 - (4 x 3))=
Insert grouping symbols to make the following number sentence true. 4= 4 x 6 - 2 + 3
Insert grouping symbols to make the following number sentence true. 300 / 6 + 4 x 2 + 8 = 3
Insert grouping symbols to make the following number sentence true. 70 / 13 - 2 + 1 = 7
Insert grouping symbols to make the following number sentence true. 160 = 8 x 16 + 12 - 4 / 2
Write an expression that models the story. Then evaluate the expression. Tommy had a bag of 100 balloons. He took out 2 red balloons and 1 blue balloon for each party favor. He created 12 party favors. How many balloons did Tommy have left?
Write an expression and evaluate. A grocery store received a shipment of 100 cases of apple juice. Each case contained four 6-packs of cans. After inspection, the store found that 9 cans were damaged. How many cans were undamaged?
We have a fire extinguisher in the classroom because some chemicals are
We do not dispose of all hemicals down the drain or in the garbage because
If a chemical is toxic its label should read
Because some chemicals are corrosive
Which statement is true?



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