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Who is the principal?
What time does school start?
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Diego Serrano
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Enrique Tabara
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Alejandro Aguirre
Some plastics are highly _________________, or catch fire easily, and may give off poisonous fumes when they burn.
People trained in _____________, can provide life saving measures to continue circulation of blood and oxygen until paramedics arrive.
A first-aid measure known as the_____________________ uses a series of upward thrusts on the abdomen to dislodge food from the throat.
If too much _______________________ gas builds up in an enclosed area, it can cause headaches, nausea, and eventually death.
Electricity and ____________________ do not mix.
What is the universal sign for choking?
In a tornado drill, grab a hard covered book and go where?
What do you do if there is a knock on the door during a lockdown?
Touch the surface unit on a stovetop after use to be sure it is turned off.
Using extension cords can be unsafe
Use the oven to store kitchen tools.
Always make teachers aware of broken items, oven spills, and other safety hazards.
Use knives when opening cans.
Store household cleaners in the same cabinets with food.
When disconnecting an electrical cord, you should tug on the cord.
One way to prevent falls while working in the kitchen is to secure slippery throw rugs with skid-proof mats.
The fire blanket can be used on people or stove top fires.
Which of the following is NOT a basic guideline for kitchen safety?
You can improve cooktop safety by_________________________
Which of the following is NOT a good guideline concerning the use of hazardous household chemicals?
What do simple columnar cells do and where might I find them?
What body cavity is the brain located?
The cranial and spinal cavities make up what cavity?
If I am looking at the right iliac region what region is to the left?
If I am looking at the umbilical region which region is superior?
which muscle separates the thoracic and abdominal pelvic cavities?
The thoracic and abdominal pelvic cavities make up which cavity?
I saw Jerick Zunie not participating in the run-a-thon and I asked why and he told me shin splints. What region is he being a baby about?
I always tell my defensive lineman to use their hands. Which two regions are the supposed to use?
What are all the regions associated with the head?
Sometimes students come in smelling like big foots pubic region. What part of the body might they need to put DO to stop their BO?
In football hip pads cover this region
Old Man Tator caught Joe, Alan, and Billy _______________.
Tom wasn't with his friends the night before because _____________.
Alan bet Billy ___________ dollars that he would not eat 15 worms.
Alan said he would get money for the bet from _____________________.
What were the other conditions of the bet?
Why did Billy want to win the bet?
Tom said it was not fair to ________________________.
For the first worm, Joe finally chose ________________________.
Tom compared the first worm to ________________.
The author, Thomas Rockwell, wrote How to Eat Fried Worms to _________i______.
Billy was _______________ to get ready to eat the first worm.
Last winter Billy took a bet to _______________________.
Tom brought the first worm for Billy to eat on ___________________
Tom prepared the first worm by ________________________
After eating the first worm, __________________________
Joe said if Billy kept eating the worms, he would ________________ to keep him from being able to eat it
While Billy was eating the second worm, Joe and Alan __________________________
Billy said the hardest thing about eating worms was ____________
What did Tom tell Billy to do while eating the worms?
Billy imagined __________________________
Which native culture was the oldest?
What was invented by the Archaic group?
Who introduced the bow and arrow?
What impact did horticulture have on native Americans?
Which best describes the Paleo life?
Who lived in the most advanced and permanent villages?
These 1st inhabitants lived in Georgia between 10,000 and 13,000 years ago.
What group lived here when the Europeans came?
What was distinctive about the Mississippians?
Which is NOT true about Hernando DeSoto?
The definition for COLOR is...
The definition of FORM is...
The definition of SPACE is...
The definition of TEXTURE is...
The definition of BALANCE is...
The definition of VALUE is...
The definition of PATTERN is...
The definition of EMPHASIS is...
The definition of HARMONY is...
The definition of SCALE/ PROPORTION is...
The definition of CONTRAST is...
The definition of RHYTHM/ MOVEMENT is...
The definition of SHAPE is...
The definition of LINE is...
What is an example of an ALTERNATING PATTERN?
Emphasis can be shown through color, ___________, size, contrast, or repetition.
Proximity is how color the object is.
Color is used to show a ___________, feeling, or emotion.
The 5 types of line we talked about are:
Which of the following that the MOST value?
Since circles and ovals are similar, they show balance.
Which of the following has the GREATEST contrast?
Which of the following is an ORGANIC FORM?
The size of 15ft Elephant in relation to a tree is:



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