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Repeal/ Revocar
Great Migration/Gran Migración
Harlem Renaissance/Renacimiento de Harlem
The Bill of Rights gives us the right to...
The right of freedom of speech is from the...
The right of freedom of religion is from the.
The right to protest comes from the...
The right to carry a gun comes from the...
You cannot deny citizens their free speech rights.
Students are allowed to carry guns on college campuses.
You have the right to a speedy trial.
True or False: The Texas Constitution is easy to amend
True or false: The US Constitution is easy to amend
A push or pull is called a:
The total of all the forces acting on an object is:
Force is measured in:
Forces that aren't moving are:
When a force causes a change in motion, the object is:
A force that opposes motion between two surfaces is:
Friction between moving objects is:
Friction that keeps an object from moving.
Friction depends on:
Friction happens because:
Forces do not result in an object moving when they are:
When forces work in the same direction, objects are__________.
When forces work in opposite directions, objects are:
Friction can be reduced by adding:
Friction can be increased by adding :
An object that appears to stay in one place while another is moving.
In order to find the speed of an object, one must know the__________________.
In order to see motion, one needs a___________.
Speed is measured in:
If Ben runs six meters in two seconds, his average speed is_____________.
The speed of an object in a particular direction.
When an object changes velocity.
Velocity is like speed, but it must include a (an)____________.
Acceleration in a circle is___________acceleration.
When a car speeds up, it is a________acceleration.
A fan is always accelerating because it is always_______________
If Sara is running 10 m/s north on a treadmill going 11 m/s south, her velocity is____________.
If Maria is walking 2 m/s east on a bus going 12 m/s east, her velocity is____________.
If Jerome runs 50 meters in 10 seconds, his average speed is_____________.
If Aaron runs 10 meters in 5 seconds, his average speed is_____________.
When a car slows down, it is a________acceleration.
Average speed is found by dividing______________.
The Battle of Gonzalez
The Battle of the Alamo
The Battle of Goliad
The Battle of San Jacinto
Who failed at the Battle of Goliad?
Who led the Texans to victory at the Battle of San Jacinto
Stephen F. Austin was a successful empresario because...
What event happened RIGHT AFTER the Nacogdoches Land Grant was cancelled
Come and Take It - What's the meaning?
Come and Take It - Which Battle?
Which led to the victory at San Jacinto?
Which of the following is NOT a result of immigration and naturalization?
All of the following are duties EXCEPT —
Which amendment protects us from unfair actions by state governments?
Things citizens are required to do in order to not face legal consequences are called —
Jessie buys a newspaper every day in order to read about an upcoming election. Which  civic responsibility is she demonstrating?
Which of the following is NOT an example of performing a community service?
Which American civic action is a duty rather than a responsibility?
Why does the law require certain citizens to register for selective service when they  turn 18 years old?
Which amendment protects the right to join an interest group?
All of the following are civic responsibilities of citizens EXCEPT —
La ventana
'Move forward by 100 pixels' có nghĩa là
Góc vuông bằng ?
'Turn right by 90 degrees' nghĩa là
Nếu muốn quay trái 30 độ thì dùng câu lệnh nào
'Move backward by 50 pixels' nghĩa là
'Set color to red' có nghĩa là
Để vẽ hình vuông có cạnh là 60 pixels thì cần dùng câu lệnh nào
'Jump forward by 50 pixels' có nghĩa là
'Random color' có nghĩa là
Câu lệnh nào giúp rút gọn các câu lệnh giống nhau
Câu lệnh Repeat 4 (Move forward) tương đương với
Native Americans lived in teepees if they were...
Define agriculture:
Why did the Karankawa try to kill Cabeza de Vaca?
A matriarchal society is a society
A patriarchal society is
One CORRECT example of relative locaiton is:
Why did Native American life differ across Texas?
True or False: Missions were very popular amongst the Native Americans
True or False: A missionary's life was difficult
Who wanted to be friends with the Native Americans?
Which group conquered modern day Mexico and Texas first?
Paco scored a goal.



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