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five thousand three hundred fifty six
four hundred seven
five thousand eight hundred
nine hundred two
What does astute mean?
What does authentic mean?
A _______________ is a choice item of food.
A __________ comment hurts the reputation of another person.
This pizza looks so delicious that I will __________ it!
What does figment mean?
A unicorn is a _____________ creature.
Which example is a figment of someone's imagination?
True or false: Someone who is astute is good with money.
What is the antonym (opposite) of mythical?
A mineral is classified as an ore as long as
Which one is not a mineral
The most common rock-forming mineral
One of the softest minerals
Titanium is
The qualities that make a mineral a gemstone
Which one is NOT a characteristic of a mineral
Which is NOT useful in identifying a mineral
The property of a mineral that shows how it reflects light
The property of a mineral that causes it to break in smooth, flat planes
The property of a mineral that causes it to break with rough or jagged edges
The Mohs scale measures the ____________of a mineral
A solid with a repeating arrangement of atoms
a star-like symbol
Bony spurs that are a sign of arthritis
A precise measuring instrument used by forensic anthropologist
The scientific name for the collarbone
JR1225B had a broken one of these
A space traveler
Any of the small, rock-like planets
the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural
the study of celestial objects and processes the physics, chemistry, and evolution of such objects and processes
Metallic pins used to secure shrouds for burial
Ceremonial iron pike held by high-ranking officials Clavicle*collarbone
These two sciences are alike because they both involve celestial objects
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the U.S economy.?
_________________ is a benefit of the US economy that requires a lot of government involvement.
___________________is a benefit of the US economy that allows producers to be very flexible.
__________________is encouraged because new products will stimulate the economy and create new jobs.
When an inventor gets a_______________ for his work, it means that the government will permit him to earn all profits for 20 years.
Government supports research to improve technology, which__________affects the economy.
Who is responsible for creating the federal budget?
If the President vetoes the national budget bills, it sent back to _________________ for mending.
The Federal Reserve is governed by a seven-member panel known as the ________________.
__________________________of the Federal Reserve decides if any changes to the money supply are needed.
The Federal Reserve can decrease the money supply by ________________ bonds.
The conducts check-clearing services for all banks in the country.
The Federal Reserve can increase the money supply by ____________ bonds.
Glucose is created in which process?
Prokaryotic cells do not have ______.
How are viruses and cells different?
What happens in the S phase in the cell cycle?
Water always likes to move to the ______.
The role of photosynthesis in plant cells is to __________
The phase of the cell cycle where DNA is replicated is called the :
If a cell has 14 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will a daughter cell have after mitosis?
Which organelle creates proteins?
Cancer is when the cell _____
Cells differentiate because of
Cancer leads to
What are the home keys?
What are the home keys for the right hand?
What are the home keys for the left hand?
What is the keyboard short cut for Bold?
What is the keyboard short cut for Center?
What is the short cut for align text left?
The process of inputting text by pressing keys on a computer keyboard is called ____________.
What is the purpose of the space bar?
What is the purpose of the enter key?
How do you change font?
Divergent boundaries...
Plate boundary that creates crust are called?
Plate boundaries that neither create nor destroy crust are called?
The most common type of mountain is known as?
Convergent boundaries...
Which of the following is a type of convergent boundary?
Transform boundaries are known for causing ....
Sea floor spreading occurs at which type of boundary?
Oceanic-Oceanic, Continental-Continental, and Oceanic-Continental are all types of what?
Plate tectonics occur in the.....
Which of the following characteristics refers to change that takes place over the lifespan of an organism?
Human body temperature is an example of this characteristic.
Which of the following is the correct sequence going from simplest to most complex?
Which of the following characteristics means to obtain and use nutrients and energy, includes eating, breathing, digesting and excreting?
Which is not a characteristic of all living things?
What is the proper order for the steps of the scientific method?
A scientific explanation or prediction is known as a(n)
The part of an experiment in which all conditions are kept the same is the
The part of the experiment that works the way you expect it to and is used as a comparison is known as the
In order to maintain homeostasis it is important for an animal to be able to
Which of the following are examples of landforms?
Which of these is not a layer of our planet?



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