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Buying stocks with what amounts to a loan is called...
The largest economic downturn in history was called
Buying part ownership into a company is called...
Payments to make up war damages are called...
The country most severely punished t the end of WWI was...
The person behind the New Deal was...
The dictator of Germany was...
The Dictator of the USSR was...
The Dictator of Italy was
This leader was accused of being a Dictator but really wasn't ...
All computers have the following in common...
Personal computers come in two main styles,
Most desktop computers have the following on the computer case,
The motherboard is the computers
The CPU (central processing unit) is called
The Random Access Memory (RAM) is the computers
The computers Operating System
The applications on the computer
Malware is
If you backup your computer you are
Which of the following is an example of situational irony?
What is dramatic irony?
Which of the following is an example of a subplot in Flowers for Algernon?
Which of the following is an example of a parallel episode in Flowers for Algernon?
What is the MAIN reason Charlie a good candidate for the surgery according to Dr Strauss?
Which of the following is an example of a metaphor?
A dynamic character ____________.
How old is Charlie?
Charlie is going to ____________ at the end of the story
Which the following sentences DOES NOT use an allusion.
The story alludes to the biblical story of _________________.
A(n) ______________ is a reference to a real work of literature, person, place, etc.
Charlie is a(n) _____________.
A simile uses ______________.
Charlie's doctors' names are ________ __________.
Charlie's operation will increase his intelligence from _______ to ______.
Charlie reads the book ____________ with Miss Kinnian.
Charlie was a _____________ at the factory.
Who else has received the same operation as Charlie?
Which biblical story does Fanny mention when speaking to Charlie about his resignation?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a mineral?
What are the two major groups of minerals?
The groupings silicate and nonsilicate minerals are based on
A silicate mineral must contain
Which of the following is NOT true of minerals?
Which of the following is a class of nonsilicate minerals?
A repeating pattern of atoms or compounds in a mineral is called
More than 90% of Earth's crust is made up of __________________ minerals.
A ___________________ is a pure substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances.
A ___________________ is when two or more atoms are joined together and form something new.
English: Rug Spanish:
¿cómo se dice bed en español?
el armario es _______ en Inglés.
la cómoda
las cortinas
el cuadro
el despertador
el dormitorio
el espejo
el estante
la lámpara
la mesita
la pared
el disco compacto
el equipo de sonido
el televisor
el lector DVD
el video
la videocasetera
Bonus: What class are you taking?
Compact disc
TV set
which keyboard shortcut is copy?
keyboard shortcut for paste
keyboard shortcut for moving insertion point to beginning of document
keyboard shortcut for selecting entire document
when you move your mouse to the ___________, (left of the text) it turns into an arrow
keyboard shortcut for switching between open apps
keyboard shortcut for cut is ctrl __
clicking on the file tab takes you to which view?
keyboard shortcut for save is ctrl ____
keyboard shortcut for open is ctrl _______
which keyboard shortcut undoes a previous command?
to add a new command to the quick access toolbar
Which of the following is NOT a New England colony?
Which religious group were also known as the Separatists?
Where did the Pilgrims settle?
Why were the Puritans named this?
What did the Puritans name their colony?
Who was the first governor of the Puritans?
What was odd about the Puritans?
What religion was Obadiah Holmes?
Which group punished Obadiah Holmes for his preaching?
What other famous person was like Obadiah Holmes, in that he beleived in religious freedom?
numero cuarenta y cuatro
numero ochenta y tres
numero noventa y cinco



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