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When Jesus comes back the work will be judged upon _____ mercies.
An example of Forgiving Injuries is found in
Helping the people in Flint, Mi with their water crisis falls under what Work of Mercy?
Working at Tent City falls under what Mercy?
People in prison are
The Eucharist, Last Supper is under the
What must be removed to Counsel the Doubtful?
Judgement of a person, under Advise the Sinner, is based upon
Forgive us our trespasses means
Helping a caregiver is under what Mercy?
Skipping a run to McDonald's can be one way to
The rich man who walked away from Jesus is an example of
Matt 25:31-46 explains _____________________ to a person in need.
The ____________ Works of Mercy deal with the physical state of the body.
When Comforting the Poor
The ______________ Works of Mercy are a model to follow to treat people like they were ____________ in disguise.
One of government’s roles is to
Intrastate commerce is overseen by
The U.S. government passed antitrust laws to
The FTC stands for
In the United States, the length of a copyright term is the life of the author plus
No one can copy a patented product or process without permission
A name, symbol, or characteristic that identifies a product is a
Worker protection laws
The largest provider of services in the country is
The following are public goods except
Which is an example of privatization?
All of the following are transfer payments except
Local taxes pay for
A tax break is
Governments allocate resources by
Why were so many African-Americans eager to move onto Great Plains?
What problems developed between ranchers and farmers?
How were some immigrant groups discriminated against?
Which group was kicked off their land in the West?
Conflict: Mexican Americans were discriminated against and pushed off their land by the US Government.
Cooperation: The ranchers owned the cattle and worked with the cowboys to get the cattle moved north and east so they could sell them. The Cattle Drive. → Ranchers and Cowboys
Conflict: US Government wanted the Native American land; relocated the Native Americans, pushed them off their land and put them in reservations. The US Government also wanted the minerals in some places that Native Americans lived. → US Government a
Cattle drives came to an end by the late 1880s. The main reason was
African Americans who moved west to Kansas, Missouri, Indians, and Illinois after Reconstruction were konw as
The name given to people living in the Great plains during the Homestead Act were called
During the 1600's, the U.S. economy was
Figures used to measure economic performance are called
Economic indicators measure
A general increase in the price of goods and services is called
The unemployment rate measures the number of people who
When the supply of goods is greater than the demand, it can result in
The main source of income for a government is
The total amount of money a government owes is its
The rise and fall of economic activity over time is called
During a depression, there is
The stock market crash on October 29, 1929 is known as
During a recovery,
The recovery of the Great Depression was helped by
Recovery is marked by
The Federal Reserve is a government agency that guides the economy by
Any object that travels around another object in space
The measurement of the amount of matter an object has
The pull of one object on another
Of, or related to, the moon
Deep valleys
Large, flat land areas, or plains
Hollowed-out places
The moon's path around the earth
When the moon travels one time completely around the earth
When a planet spins on its axis
If you are described by this adjective, you are a person who takes great care in what you do, down to the smallest details.
This word describes tissue that is decaying or deteriorating
This word is completely out in the open.
You can't stand it. You avoid it. You stay away at all costs. You have an__________________to it.
This word sounds like the sound it's describing...
This kind of behavior isn't helpful at all and we wish you would just stop. It's too annoying.
Of course I say what I mean, except when I don't really mean it. Do you know what I mean?
He was a wonderful man. He took good care of his family and he always had time for his friends. He will be missed.
When you just want to look at the cars, some salesman will come along and won't leave you alone. He just gets pushier and pushier, because he is too______________________________.
It is difficult to find many Romani speakers in the Deep South. In fact, in most places, that language is considered to be a bit______________________________________.
What is a mineral?
The smallest part of an element that has all the properties of that element.
A substance that cannot be broken down into a simpler substance. It is made of all of the same type of atoms.
A substance made of two or more elements that have been chemically bonded.
A mineral composed of only one element.
What two groups are minerals divided into based on their chemical composition?
Silicate minerals contain...
A mineral's streak is...
The way a mineral's surface reflects light is called...
Which one of the following is not one of the 3 types of luster?
___________ are the hardest know mineral, with a Mohs scale value of 10.
A mineral breaks along a curved or irregular surface.
A mineral's resistance to being scratched is called...
What number represents the softest mineral on Mohs scale?
True or False. A softer mineral will always scratch a harder mineral.
What substance is thevreference point for the density of other substances?
True or False. Cleavage is a mineral's tendency to break along rough, or curved edges.
A class of nonsilicate minerals that that is made of only one type of ELEMENT.
A property of a crystalline structure..
__________ is how much matter is in a certain amount of space. Also know as the ratio of mass to volume of a substance.
firm belief in yourself; self-confidence
a swinging movement of the arms while twisting the body just before pitching the ball
a pitch thrown at high speed with very little curve
a weak point; slight fault



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