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Cory noticed that the hood of the car was hot after driving it for awhile. What energy transformation was she noticing?
Jose has a 200mL cup of hot chocolate that was 95 degrees Celsius and was too hot to drink. His mother suggested he add some cold milk to cool it off so he added 50mL of milk, which was at 5 degrees Celsius. What was the approximate temperature?
Putting reflecting films on your car windows help keep the interior cool by
If there is no force acting on an object, it will
Imagine you were able to throw ball in a frictionless environment such as outer space. Once you let go of the ball, what will happen to the ball according to the Law of Inertia?
A car accelerates down the road. What is the reflection to the tires pushing on the road?
Mineral oil is less dense than water. Mercury, a liquid metal, is more dense than water. If mineral oil, mercury, and water were mixed together, which liquid would float to the top?
The contents of a large, unlabeled can are tested. The contents of the can do not dissolve in water and have a pH of 7. When placed in acid, the contents of the can bubble and produce a smell. What conclusion can be made?
Your teacher holds up a solid and informs you that this non-magnetic solid is dense than zinc. Based on this information, the solid could be:
While working on an activity to investigate chemical reactions, a student mixes 2 liquid. When the mixed a clear liquid and orange solid precipitate. Which best describes the reactants that students worked with?
Which of the following statements about dilution as an approach to handing toxic waste is TRUE?
In a serial dilution of red food coloring, a student could not see any color in Cup 7. Which of the following is the most likely explanation for this observation? Choose the best answer.
When two things are compared using 'as' or 'like'...
'He is as tall as a giraffe' What poetic device has been used here?
Repetition of end sounds is called...
'She is as beautiful a a rose.' What poetic device has been used here?
Do 'boat' and 'goat' rhyme?
'You are my sunshine' what poetic device has been used here?
'He is like a walking dictionary.' What poetic device has been used here?
Which of the following is a metaphor?
Which of the following is a simile?
Which of the following is a simile?
Which of the following is a simile?
Which of the following is a metaphor?
Which of the following is a metaphor?
Which of the following is a metaphor?
What is the title of the poem?
Who wrote the poem?
What does the word 'parted' mean?
Personification is...
Metaphor is...
Alliteration is...
Simile is...
Personification is...
'The rose lifted her head and took a drink' What is the poetic device used here?
'Big brown bears bought bigger books.' What is the poetic device used here?
'Her heart is gold'. What is the poetic device used here?
'The world is like a stage.' What is the poetic device used here?
'And miles to go before I sleep; And miles to go before I sleep.' What is the poetic device used here?
A typical human pregnancy is made up of ___ trimesters:
The only way to become pregnant is to have sex
The male reproductive cell is called:
The female reproductive cell is called:
An embyro is:
A fetus is:
What is the name for the the sudden tightening of the muscles in the uterus that occur shortly before a baby is born?
What purpose do contractions serve?
What is the name of the protective fluid that surrounds a fetus during its development?
What is the placenta?
What connects the placenta to the mother's body?
The gender of the baby will be determined by:
One of the earliest signs that a woman is pregnant is:
When a sperm fertilizes an egg, their combined chromosomes add up to:
After fertilization occurs, what does the egg do?
If someone is sexually active, what can they do to protect themselves against pregnancy?
Is there any type of birth control (contraception) that is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy?
What best describes the direction of Earth's gravitational force?
Which of the following will have the least effect on the motion of a ball?
What does not affect the motion of an object?
The wind blows a piece of paper 5 meters in one second. By the next second, the paper has only traveled 2 meters. What best describes the motion of the paper?
The air we breathe is mostly
What percentage of the Earth's surface is covered with oceans?
If the amount of sunlight increased, how would precipitation rates change?
Fresh water has
Which factor would decrease the evaporation rates?
What is the largest source of fresh water on Earth?
Francesca has five nickels (each 5 grams) and four dimes (each 2.25 grams) in her change purse. The purse itself has a mass of 150 grams. What is the total mass of the change purse?
Francesca has five nickels (each 5 grams)and four dimes (each 2.25 grams)in her change purse. The purse itself has a mass of 150 grams. Francesca spends 45 cents on bubble gum. She uses all of her nickels. What is the mass of her change purse now?
Three mixtures are listed below. Which one could not be separated by evaporation?
A 5 gram ice cube melted. How much water resulted?
How does the energy from the Sun reach the Earth?
A material that does not conduct thermal energy easily is a(n)
Which situation best represents conduction?
Which of the following would most likely cause rising air?
Which of the following has the greatest effect on the formation of rain or snow?
What happens when two air masses with large differences in pressure meet?
not friendly, cool and distant
a relationship in which one is harmed and the other is not benefitted
a severe mental or physical pain or suffering
lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern
the hope or ambition of achieving something
hostile and aggressive
to experience confusion and bewilderment
not genuine or true
to give up power or territory
a relationship in which one is benefitted and the other is unaffected
to begin or start
to cause surprise or confusion
to observe or study thoughtfully
feeling or expressing remorse; affected by guilt
to bring about by deliberate use of skill or cunning
treat someone with contempt or disrespect
a person's inherent qualities of mind and character
to develop or present a theory in detail
At what step in the meal preparation process should convenience foods be considered?
Joan has limited time to prepare dinner tonight after a busy day at work. A time-saving meal preparation strategy Joan should consider is:
The best reason for storing foods properly at home guarantees
Kayla lives by herself. She likes to cook but has trouble deciding what to prepare so she often just eats out. If Kayla would use weekly planning strategies, she could:



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