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What is a creature that has two feet?
What is a creature that has four feet?
What is a creature that has 100 feet?
What is a creatue with 1,000 feet?
What is something that stands in one's way; an obstacle?
What is a lever that you move with your foot?
Who is a person who goes door to door on foot selling things?
Who is a person who walks across the street on foot?
What is a foot treatment that involves soaking your feet?
What is a three-footed stand often used to balance a camera?
1. language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience
2. a writer’s attitude toward his or her subject
3. the distinctive way in which a work of literature is written; refers not so much to what is said but how it is said;
4. a technique in which a sound, word, phrase, or line is repeated for emphasis or unity
5. the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language
6. the use of similar grammatical constructions to express ideas that are related or equal in importance
7. the branch of knowledge that deals with systems of government
8. the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history
9. a logical assumption that is based on observed facts and one’s own knowledge and experience
10. to make a judgement or arrive at a belief based on evidence, experience, and reasoning
A GOLDEN RULE of personal finance. Put a portion of your paycheck into savings/investments before any other spending.
Costs that do not change from month to month, ex House, Car
a card (usually plastic) that enables the holder to withdraw money or to have the cost of purchases charged directly to the holder's bank account
Called Bankers Bank Control the money supply, Inflate Deflate Money, Regulate unemployment and job growth .
(_______ Service) Governmental agency responsible for collecting federal taxes, issuing regulations, and enforcing tax laws
Filled out when you are first hired to determine tax withholding
A plastic card used to make purchases now and pay for them later.
the total amount of money earned before deductions or taxes are taken out of your paycheck
shares of ownership in a company/corporation ex nike
Popular Stock index - That tell you how the Market is doing as a whole
Amount of income left after taxes and deductions have been taken out.
? which will offer you better interest rate ? Banks are profit driving owned by shareholders. Credit Union : Non Profit and are giving better Interest rates on loans and Savings
A plan for spending money
9428.57 - 6.9626
221.99 + 104.3
2897.786 + 523.35
200.2 + 8.8
4345.1 - 209.7211
9113.4628 + 85.4
9491.925 - 403.3623
41.361 - 8.54
670.7 + 6.753
9997.6 - 1701.2651
Rosa Parks describing her role in the Montgomery Alabama bus boycott
A text book describing the civil war.
A journal written by Sequoyah about how he created the Cherokee alphabet.
A student reading a news report about the tanks from World War 1.
An interview with a soldier about what it was like in Iraq.
A movie showing the life of George Washington.
A biography about the second president, John Adams.
A colonist's journal describing what it was like to meet Native Americans for the first time.
A webpage talking about how life may have been in ancient Greece.
A radio recording of Walt Disney talking about Disney World.
A newspaper article from 2001 describing the great depression in the 1920's.
An autobiography about Abraham Lincoln.
Your parent describing how Pilgrims came to America.
A newspaper article from 2001 describing the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11.
Looking up the invention of the steam engine in an encyclopedia.
2 1/2 div 1 2/9
2 1/2 div 4 1/3
1 4/9 div 6 1/3
1 9/10 div 4 1/4
1 1/2 div 5 1/2
1 4/5 div 1 3/7
1 2/9 div 1 1/2
2 1/2 div 1 3/5
1 7/9 div 5 1/3
2 1/3 div 1 2/3
What is the sequence of events in a literary work?
What is the part of a story or play that explains the background or makes conflict clear?
What are the problem(s) or complication(s) in a story?
What is the tying up of loose ends and the end of a story?
What is the way an author reveals his characters? (Can be done directly or indirectly)
What is an often universal truth (message) about humanity (life) found in literature?
What is the time and place of a literary work?
What is the high point in a story--the moment with the most action or intensity?
Berlin, 1925, Tuesday morning--what element of the story could these be?
Harry was a skinny, small boy for his age, with black hair and glasses...What element of a story is this?
56.9 cm = ___________ mm
800 g = _________ kg
How many significant figures? 90.8760
How many significant figures? 1000
How many significant figures? 8000.
How many significant figures? 1,003,100
How many significant figures? 76
How many significant figures? 0.08760
How many significant figures? 14,009
How many significant figures? 47.000
The condition that exists when wants exceeds resources available to satisfy wants.
The type of resources that are present without human intervention.
The type of economy that is run by a central government authority.
The type of economy where people believe in doing things the way they have in the past.
In which economy does men and women have specific roles?
Which are goods produced and used to make other goods and services?
Which economy does the U.S. have?
What is the study of how individuals and societies seek to satisfy needs and wants through choices?
Which is a disadvantage of a command economy?
Which are the four types of economic systems?
5 + 7



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