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3 - (-9)
-18 - 4
15 - 19
Evaluate the expression if a = -3 and c = 6: a - c
Evaluate the expression if a = -3 and c = 6: 3(a + c)
Multiply -15(2)
Multiply -8(-6)
Divide -20/(-4)
Divide -30/5
Divide -12/(-3)
Observation that deals with a number or amount.
An organized way of gathering and analyzing evidence about the natural world.
Variable that is changed on purpose, this is manipulated by the scientist (The variable that is being tested).
Observation that deals with characteristics that cannot be expressed in numbers.
Detailed list of all the items that you will need in an experiment.
An organized procedure to study something under controlled conditions, or the part of the method where the hypothesis is tested.
A variable that changes because it responds to the independent variable. (The variable that is being measured).
A variable that is not allowed to change in the investigation
Numerical information collected during the experiment, usually shown in the form of tables and graphs.
A judgement statement that states whether your experimental data proves your hypothesis correct or incorrect.
Sequence of steps that are followed to complete an experiment.
A prediction that explains a possible reason for an observation; based on evidence and background information (if-then-because)
A question that begins the scientific investigation.
Description of anything seen, heard, tasted, smelled or felt during the experiment.
A planned approach to solving problems (No Answer)
Which of the following is true about members of Georgia’s General Assembly?
Most day to day decisions about laws in the General Assembly are
How can the General Assembly pass a bill if it has been vetoed?
How does the judicial branch attempt to fulfill its duty to ensure justice in our legal system?
Disputes between two or more individuals or groups in which there is not a violation of the law, is known as
Why is it possible for the governor and lieutenant governor in Georgia to be political enemies, from different parties?
Why does the Georgia Supreme Court rarely overturn a law passed by the General Assembly?
Leaders of education, public safety, and transportation agencies fall under which branch of Georgia’s government?
Which statement is correct regarding how judges are selected in Georgia?
Sally finds out that Jasmine’s dog has been entering her yard and digging up her very expensive flowers. When Sally presents the evidence to Jasmine and asks to be paid for the flowers, Jasmine denies the dog has done any wrong. What should she do
Europe wanted to dominate control trade, The continent became isolated afterwards
True or FalseTaxes on Imports used to keep foreign goods out of a country
economy where buyers sellers exchange freely
ship owners merchants; led to an increase in wealth in Europe; Import source of taxes
Europeans used slave labor from _______ during the Middle Passage, this led to a decline in population of __________.
Africa: Source of Slave Labor/ The Americas: Source of Raw Materials Market for finished goods/ Europe: Produced the finished products; used successfully by Great Britain
Economy where country sells more of their goods than it buys; colonies were important for raw materials which benefited the mother country
device which used the sun stars to find latitude, impacted navigation
Shows direction, impacted exploration greatly
Sailed from Spain to the Bahamas (Caribbean)
Europe's desire for spices other goods led to the colonization of Asia, Africa the Americas; made possible by new technology
sailed from Portugal around the tip of Africa to India
Exchange of crops, livestock diseases between Europeans the Native Americans
first country of Europe to start sending out explorers because of its location. Colonized Brazil
Which country colonized the Americas near the Mississippi River and most of Canada
Which country colonized most of South America and Central America
Which country discovered the original 13 colonies and parts of Canada.
How did the slave trade affect Africa
What does applying the customer-orientation element of the marketing concept enable the business to do?
What does the selling function involve that makes it so important?
Paul's plant food is losing its popularity among his customer base. What marketing function would come up with the improved product?
What is the marketing function that provides information to consumers that will assist them in making a decision to purchase a good or service?
What marketing career involves catching customers' attention, informing them of products and persuading them to buy?
Booking hotel rooms for vacationers is an example of __________ marketing.
What marketing career involves determining why customers do what they do?
What is at the center of all marketing activities?
What type of duties do customer-service professionals often perform?
Kwacky Kwackers needs a new package design for its crackers. What marketing professional would be responsible for creating the new package?
What are the 4 organic compound found in all living systems?
Glucose is an example of a
What is the chemical formula of glucose?
What is the function of proteins
Oils, butters, and waxes are all examples of what kind of organic molecule
RNA and DNA are made of nucleic acids
Denature means
Saturated fats are solid at room temperature
What is an important function of lipids
Organic compounds always contain what two elements?
Our skin is made waterproof because of what organic compound?
There are 20 molecules that make up proteins. These molecules are known as:
What is the same of DNA?
What are the monomers of lipids?
If you eat a lot of fried food on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair you are consuming a lot of:
Starch is a lipid
Nucleic acids contain what 5 elements?
What is the ratio of Hydrogen to Oxygen in Carbohydrates?
Proteins are bound by what type of bond?
Lipids are soluble in water
Synonym for boisterous
Antonym for boisterous
Capacity means
Antonyms of inept
Held back or restricted
An explanation, to give information
A wonderful and awesome sight
A reason or circumstance
Increasing by adding one thing after another
Synonym for intimidate
The meaning of painstaking
Extreme suffering or pain
Everyone agrees
Continuous means to be
To burst, explode or release suddenly



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