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water is scarce in the Middle East due to...
Most nomads use this method to help with water.
Oil is made
What Middle Eastern country has the most oil?
Oil was found in the Middle East in.....
OPEC controls about ______ of the world's oil
Oil became high in demand when......
Oil's negative impact is that it leads to
Another word for oil is
An engineer should use the Engineering Notebook to write down every idea, drawing, computation/calculation, observation, meeting notes/class notes, questions/answers, and interactions with other people and organizations.
Engineers should keep their Engineering Notebook up to date.
Engineers should use a BOUND (stitched binding) notebook only as their engineering notebook.
In the case of an error, an engineer should draw a single line through the incorrect data, NOT use correction fluid, and initial ALL corrections
An engineer should use a pencil to record legible and neat entries in his/her Engineering Notebook.
You don't have to use both sides of a page in your Engineering Notebook.
The Composition Book is one of the least expensive journals you may purchase as your Engineering Notebook.
After entering your data in your Engineering Notebook, you need to sign and date all entries.
If a witness should sign and date each entry in your Engineering Notebook, they should have sufficient knowledge to understand what they read in your Engineering Notebook.
Notebooks should be kept in random order.
We are using One Note for our electronic notebooks
Electronic notebooks are an antiquated way of documenting information.
The problem with electronic notebooks is that things are easily changed and deleted.
Electronic notebooks will automatically time stamp the pages for you.
Pages are easily converted to Google Drive
A measure of how far East or West of the Prime Meridian something is located
North, South, East and West
Half of a sphere
An imaginary line that is exactly halfway between the North and South Poles
A measure of how far North or South of equator something is located
Northeast, Northwest, Southwest and Southeast
An imaginary line that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole through Greenwich, England
Imaginary lines of longitude. They intersect at the North and South Poles
Imaginary lines of latitude. They never cross each other or the equator
How many continents are there?
Abraham Lincoln hoped to ______ the slaves.
The United States passed a law that made a higher ____ on cotton that was shipped to Europe.
An abolitionist is
What does secede mean?
What was a nickname for people living in the North?
What was a nickname for someone living in the South?
Who was Jefferson Davis?
What was the purpose of General Sherman's March to the Sea?
Where did Robert E. Lee surrender to Ulysses S. Grant ending the war?
What was the novel that Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote about slavery?
The main causes of the Civil War were______ and _______ .
This Confederal general was shot during a battle, lost his arm, and died a few days later.
Why did 11 southern states secede from the United States right after Lincoln was elected?
Who were considered the Union?
Who were considered the Confederacy?
What is the correct spelling?
What is the correct spelling?
What is the correct spelling?
What is the correct spelling?
What is the correct spelling?
What is something you do in the water?
What is something that babies do?
What is something that birds do in the sky?
What is something that you can do on the ground with your legs?
What is something you do in the street?
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¿Por qué necesita Enrique la ayuda de Nuria?
¿Cuál es la solución de Nuria?
¿Por qué no le sirve la sugerencia de Nuria que revise las 10 últimas llamadas?
¿Por qué no podía ayudar Nuria a Enrique?
¿Cómo reacciona Enrique al oír que Nuria no puede ayudarlo.
¿Cómo intenta Enrique que Nuria se ponga en su lugar?
¿Qué pasó en realidad con su novia?
¿Por qué le dio Enrique el ejemplo del semáforo?
¿Qué pasó al final cuando Enrique adivinaba los números?
Entonces, ¿cuáles estrategias eran las más efectivas?
The distance east or west of the Prime Meridian?
The distance north or south of the Equator?
What type of location describes a place compared with other places?
What type of location is the precise position on Earth where something is located?
Prehistoric refers to a period of time before written records were kept
Women were treated as second class citizens and could not make tribal decisions in Indian society. *
Carvings on cave and rock walls that tell a story
The study of past people and culture through artifacts?
A native american tool that propelled spears farther and faster
What protected Native American villages from their enemies?
What Native American tribe lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina, Western North Carolina, North East Georgia, and Tennessee?
21. What were the three most grown crops in SC (Three Sisters)?
Who wanted to establish the colony of Georgia and became Georgia's first leader?
Which of the following was an indian chief that helped to settle the British in Savannah, Georgia on Yamacraw Bluff?
Which of the following describes James Oglethorpe?
Which of the following could not be settlers of Georgia?
Which of the following is a reason the British wanted to establish the colony of Georgia?
How did the founding of GA affect the debtors of England?
Which event occurred first?
Under the Charter of 1732, who was NOT allowed to settle in GA?



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