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to block
to run
to return
to return something
to begin
to lose
to win
goal keeper
goal area
23N 80W
5N 65W
60N 100W
30S 20E
0N 50W
90S 0W
15N 90W
38N 100E
35N 40E
45N 15E
alquilar un DVD
andar en patineta
pasar un rato con los amigos
practicar deportes
jugar al fútbol americano
jugar al fútbol
Which of the following is NOT something the Magna Carta did?
Common Sense - Was written by...
Who Won the French and Indian War?
Where did the first battle of the Revolutionary War occur?
How many people were killed in the Boston Massacre?
Which of the following is not one of the branches of government established by the constitution?
In the Preamble...We the people of the United States... means
In the Preamble...In order to form a more perfect union... means...
The concept of democracy...Equality of all persons... means
In the Preamble... Insure Domestic Tranquility...means
In the Preamble...Provide for the Common Defense...means
In the Preamble...Establish the most important to...?
In the Preamble...Promote the General Welfare...means
In the Preamble...and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and Posterity do ordain this Constitution for the United States of Americ...means?
The concept of democracy...Individual Freedom... means
Which of thes are NOT part of one of the concepts of democracy?
The concept that your rights are not absolute and only go to a point that they dont violate another person's rights is?
The democratic concept of Worth of the Individual means?
The Declaration of Independence, which states that the US was declaring their freedom from British rule was signed on what date?
John Locke's 2nd Treatise of Government talked about which of these concepts...
The condition of the air and sky from day to day.
Trees that produce cones to carry seeds.
The sphere of very hot metal at the center of the earth.
An imaginary line through Earth between the North and South poles, around which earth turns.
Desert vegetation that needs little water.
Water that falls to the ground as rain, sleet, hail, or snow.
Soft, nearly molten rock.
An intense wind and rain storm that forms over oceans in the tropics.
Trees that lose their leaves seasonally.
The thick layer around the Earth’s core.
An area of cold climate and low-lying vegetation.
The removal of small pieces of rock by water, ice, or wind.
The path one body makes as it circles around another.
A huge block of Earth’s crust.
A complete turn.
A park like combination of grasslands and scattered trees.
How hot or cold the air is.
The thin, rocky layer on Earth’s surface.
A process that breaks rocks down into small pieces.
The layer formed by the uppermost branches of a rain forest.
The ____________________ climates get very little rain and are generally very hot.
_____________________ climates have two main climates, but both are hot. One has rain all the time, one has a rainy and a dry season.
_______________________ climates are cold all year.
Summer temperatures are moderate to hot but winters are cold in ___________________________________________ climate.
The ________________________________ climate are found near coastlines, and usually have mild winters.
Supports trees that lose their leaves seasonally.
A tropical area with winter dry seasons.
Plants here must hold rain from winter to survive warm, dry summers.
Vegetation depends on elevation, as temperatures drop as elevation rises.
Driest areas, with little to no vegetation.
Cold climate with low-lying vegetation.
These areas straddle regions with semiarid and humid continental climates.
Semiarid areas with a little rain. Some plants that only flower when it rains.
Holds trees that have needles, not leaves, and have cones for seeds.
Much sunlight, heat, and rain cause thousands of plants to grow here
Due to thick layers of frozen water, no plants can grow here
This country has been in political turmoil due to ethnic and religious differences.
A religious group has common ________
The Middle Eastern ETHNIC group with the most people is ______.
Which religion did NOT originate in SW Asia (Middle East)?
90% of Muslims are which type?
Which group wanted a family member of Mohammads to lead after he died?
Which ethnic group dominates areas of Northern Africa?
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all __________.
Ethnic groups might share ___________.
Which ethnic group wants their own ethnic independence and land?



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