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The number -2,000 is in which set or sets?
Which list shows integers only?
Which number is a natural number?
Which number is an integer?
The number of students in the classroom is classified in which set?
The number of crayons in a crayon box would be placed in which ?
The number 95% is classified as -
The number of classrooms in Jo Nelson Middle school is classified as -
Which set would you place 123?
Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
Which sentence is punctuated correcly?
I love puns
Homographic pun
Homophonic pun
Which of the following is NOT one of the four essential features of a state?
What government features rule by one single person?
What government is characterized by rule by many people?
Which system contains a feature for citizens to make decisions directly?
Which theory of the origins of a state espouses that the state emerged from the family?
Which Theory on the origin of the state said that people were made to form states in order to form protection from evil people?
Which Social contract theorist, author of the Two treatises of government, liked life, liberty, and property?
What is an example of an oligarchy
What is an example of autocracy?
Which Social contract theorist believed in Separation of powers?
What is a group of people who share a common trait
What is rule by a small group?
Who was the first to study government?
What is a system where people elect delegates to make decisions (example U.S. government)?
Theory on the origin of the state that stated the idea that people agree to be governed in order to protect life, liberty, and property
What is the term for the authority to rule?
Who was the first Social contract theorist and author of Leviathan
What is another word for country?
soldiers who led military expeditions in the Americas
What rights were granted to Spanish settlers under the encomienda system?
What was the conquistadors’ biggest advantage in defeating the Aztec and the Inca?
The Spanish quest for riches had what major impact on the Americas?
Europeans wanted to find a ________________________ that would allow them to sail through North America to the Pacific Ocean.
Which of the following best describes the Columbian Exchange?
Which Spaniard led the defeat of the Inca?
What did Bartolomé de Las Casas do to try to change Spain's way of governing in the Americas?
The Columbian Exchange had deadly effects, such as
Which statement describes the GREATEST impact of European settlement on Native Americans?
A pharmacy is to drugs as the American Stock Exchange is to
A certificate of debtloan that earns interest and are used by companies, municipalities, states and U.S. to finance a variety of projects and activities.
To raise money for expansion or other company operations a company would issue ________
A person owns a stock that pays a $2.00 a share dividend. If the person chooses to reinvest that dividend, this means that the $2.00 will go toward buying
An investment that pools the money of many shareholders and invests it in a diversified portfolio of securities, such as stocks, bonds, and money market assets.
What is the advantage of having money is a savings account rather than in CD
A 20 year old man started depositing a $1000 a year into a savings account at 3% interest. His cousin started saving $2,000 a year in a savings acct in the same bank when she was 40 years old. Both accounts earned the same rate of interest. Today t
Financial planning allows individulas to
If a person buys a five year CD certificate of deposit for $2000, the person should know that in the 5 years you are prohibited from withdrawing the money or
For what reason do financial advisors suggest investing some money in stocks rather than depositing all on ones money in saving account
when a bank is a federal deposit Insurance corporation (FDIC), the FDIC
What is his / her name?
His / her name is...
My name is...
Let me introduce yo (familiar) to...
Delighted / Pleased to meet you. (feminine)
The pleasure is mine.
Likewise / Same here.
Nice to meet you.
Who is he / she / it?
Which countries are located in North America?
Suppose you asked the question,What kind of ants are in my backyard?What would be the best way to gather data to investigate your question?
What is the first step of a scientific investigation?
Making measurements with tools such as thermometers is a kind of
What is a controlled experiment?
Which of the following tools is used to observe very small objects?
Which of the following statements about the International system of units is correct?
Which of the following tools is used to measure mass?
What is the purpose of using the scientific method?
How does a controlled experiment work?
Which is NOT an advantage of the International System of Units?
A scientist observes a plant in the rainforest. Before conducting any expeiments, the scientist states that the plant can be used as a medicine for the flu. The statement is a
The process of obtaining information by using the senses.....
Pieces of information acquired through observation or experimentation....
a possible explanation or answer to a question
ways a scientist answer questions and solve problems
a measure of how much surface and object has
a measure of how hot or cold something is
the amount of matter that makes up an object
the amount of space that something occupies or contains
the variable that you change is called
This document led to the creation of the first United States Government
Uprising the helped show the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.



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