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Once you post information or pictures online...
When chatting to someone online who you have never met in person, should you tell them where you live?
When typing a paper for school everybody knows you should use Times Roman or Courier New for the font. But, what size font is acceptable?
When coding (writing programs for computers) what is the name of the language and type of program you would use?
When searching google for a paper what term would you add on the end of the search terms to help you retrieve only educational websites?
When you save a document or a picture to Google Drive what is another name for the place the file is stored in?
What combination of keys do you type together to copy a picture or text that you highlighted on a Chromebook?
What combination of keys do you type together to paste a picture or text into on a Chromebook?
When typing a paper in Google Docs, your paper should have what margin set for line spacing?
When you want to make an online quiz or a survey for a group of people to take and you want immediate feedback you should use either or
In Ancient Mesopotamia during the time of Hammurabi's Code what machine/computer did they use to calculate numbers?
Knock, knock. Who’s there? Tank. Tank who?
To scatter or spread widely
To have been or proven superior in strength
A black person who eager to win approval of white people
Shining or burning
To send to someone something ussually in an indirect or secret way
An officail document that shows that a person is allowed to do something or have something
Made believe; pretended
Of vital or critical importance
Of deep meaning ;of great and broadly inclusive significances
lowly and sometimes degrading
Why was Rome was built on the Tiber River?
Why was Rome was founded at a close distance to the sea but not right on the coast?
Which group mostly worked as shopkeepers, farmers, and soldiers?
Which group wore togas with purple trim?
Which group held most of the government, religious, or military offices?
Which group had the most access to being well educated?
Which group made up less than 2% of the Roman population?
Which group was called the more humble class during the Roman Empire and plebeians before that?
Which group They believed that property and wealth were not that important here on Earth.
Which group's most holy book was the Torah?
Most important resource that Rome traded for.
After winning the ________ Punic War, Rome leveled Carthage and sold all citizens into slavery.
Roman general who defeated Carthage in the Second Punic War.
Cide- means
This word means study of living things
This word means rule by one
This word means rule by the people
The word means earth measurement
This word means beautiful writing
This word means study of the the stars
This word means same name
This word means heat from the Earth
This word means building together or building with
Symbiosis means
Confer means
Synagogue means
Scope- means
Transcribed has to do with
The root *test* means
Oper- as seen in operate means
Vect- means
Photograph has two roots meaning
Metr as seen in geometry means
What form and Voice is Siste?
What case and number is Gradum?
What is the form and voice of Fugis
What is the number, form and voice of Adloquor?
What is the number and case of Fato?
What is quem the direct object of?
What is the case of teque
What is the case of aspectu?
What is the case of Quod
What was this part of the book about?
In this equation A what is the acid?
For equation A, what is the salt created?
Which of the following would effuse the FASTEST?
A gas has a constant temperature. The starting pressure is 4 atm and takes up a volume of 15 L. If the new pressure is 6 atm, what is the new volume?
A sample of an ideal gas at 171°C and 4.0 atmospheres has a volume of 4.5 Liters, how many moles of the gas does the sample contain?
For equation B, if you have 5 moles of oxygen gas, how many moles of Na2O will you make?
For equation B, if you produce 16 moles of Na2O, how much sodium did you use?
Which gas would effuse the SLOWEST?
For equation B, if you make 10 moles of Na2O, how many GRAMS of oxygen gas did you use?
For equation B, how many grams of sodium would react with 3 moles of oxygen gas?
For equation B, if you are given 44 grams of sodium, how many moles of product can you make?
If you have 4.5 moles of salt and dissolve it in 400 mL of water, what is the molarity?
I give you 1,000mL of a solution and you drop in 54 grams of aluminum, what is the molarity?
When you double the temperature, what happens to the pressure?
Which of the following is not a unit for pressure?
If I keep the temperature constant and make my pressure go from 5atm to 15 atm, what happens to my volume?
d. If I have an unknown quantity of gas at a pressure of 0.5 atm, a volume of 25 liters, and a temperature of 300 K, how many moles of gas do I have?
When you add an acid to a base which of the following DOES NOT HAPPEN?
Yesterday I______ to my sister's house
I____________ some sweets yesterday afternoon.
Last Saturday John ____ some orange juice
What time __________________ breakfast?
Last week my sister______ her bedroom
Yesterday at 9 a.m I __________ lessons. It was Sunday.
Yesterday Bruno _______ early and had breakfast with me.
_________ a pizza for dinner last night?
Last Tuesday he_____ homework and went to the park.
My brother _______ the rubbish bin yesterday.
Which country is not part of the Middle East?
What is genocide?
A shortage of water can lead to all of the following EXCEPT
The money for a debit card is taken from your....
Why does the United States depend on Middle Eastern countries?
A ____________ bill from a credit card company arrives detailing all of your purchases and how much you owe.
Which of the following is NOT found on your credit card statement?



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