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True or false: puberty begins at the same time for everyone
What is the purpose of puberty?
What is an example of a physical change during puberty that BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS experience?
During puberty, we experience physical, social and __________ changes.
What is a physical change that girls experience during puberty that boys do not experience?
What is a physical change that boys experience during puberty that girls do not experience?
Having a crush on someone else is an example of a ________ change during puberty:
Mood swings are:
The two main hormones whose levels increase in the human body during puberty are called:
All girls begin their period at the same time: true or false?
Which two terms are used to describe weather?
Which process occurs when ocean waves drop seashells on a beach?
Which unit of measurement should be used to describe the mass of an apple?
An object is attracted to a magnet. When the magnet is moved away from the object, the magnetic force on the object will
Which characteristic describes the texture of a kitten's fur?
A student pours water into a cup and places the cup in a freezer. After many hours, the water will change from
Which energy transfer occurs when a student blows a whistle?
Which object is the best conductor of electricity?
Which color baseball cap would absorb the most light on a sunny day?
Which force causes a soccer ball to fall to the ground after it has been kicked up in the air?
Volume and mass are properties of
Which tool should a student use to examine spots on a frog?
Which process is common to most living things?
Which trait can children inherit from their parents?
During which process do animals increase in size?
Which structure takes in water and nutrients from the soil?
Which structure produces seeds for reproduction?
An octopus squirs black ink around itself to hide from predators. This adaptation is an example of
The correct order of a plant's stages of growth and development is
In the spring and early summer, bears often scratch their backs against trees to remove winter fur. This is an example of an animal
Once the cause of stress has been identified, there are no behaviors that can lessen the effect of or eliminate the stress.
Which of the following is a benefit to getting an adequate amount of sleep?
Positive coping skills include all of the following EXCEPT:
Positive coping skills include all of the following EXCEPT:
Change in diet, sleep patterns, and routine are all __________ signs of stress.
Which of the following is NOT an anxiety disorder?
In general, anxiety disorders __________.
Which of the following is NOT an anxiety disorder?
Which of the following is most likely to create depression?
Which of the following statements BEST describes paranoid schizophrenia?
If you suspect someone you know may attempt suicide, you should __________.
Which of the following is NOT true?
Emotional intelligence can give you the ability to __________.
Which of the following statements describes mental disorders?
Anxiety disorders are __________.
The causes of mental disorders include __________ factors.
Which of these statements BEST summarizes the cause of mental health disorders?
Which of the following is NOT a mental health professional?
Which of the following are treatments for mental health disorders EXCEPT:
An environmental factor that contributes to mental illness is __________.
During which stage of a plant's life cycle will a flower develop?
What plant structure allows a plant to perform transpiration, photosynthesis, and respiration?
What occurs when pollen is transferred to the stigma of a flower?
What process produces a seed in a plant?
What is the purpose of the colorful flower on a plant?
What type of energy does a burning fire produce?
What type of energy exists when a rubber band is stretched?
What is kinetic energy?
When enrgy changes from one form to another, this is known as a _________.
What energy transformation takes place during photosynthesis?
Law of Conservation states that energy cannot be _______.
What simple machines can be found in an axe?
what form of energy drives the water cycle?
A plant's response to light
What tool is used to measure force?
A bar that is free to pivot on a fulcrum
What object in a database contains related data?
What does RDBMS stand for?
What is a description of data and the organizing into tables
What is a database object used for entering records into tables?
What is the term meaning adding records to a database
Which view displays a table in a datasheet where fields are in columns and records in rows
Modifying a Record
A Last Name field is a good candidate for a primary field
Appended data overwrites existing records in a table
What type of query displays a dialog box at run time so that criteria can be entered
What is used to hold text and other content on a slide
The content on a slide should contain everything that the speaker plans to say
A footer can be placed on individual slides and on a printout
The way one slide changes to the next
The marking made on a slide to help the audience better understand the content
A master document that includes the basic elements for a particular type of document
An email address typed on a slide requires formatting to make it a hyperlink
To make a slide more readable there should be (more or less) contrast between the backround and the font color
You can add graphics to a slide
It is possible to print more than one slide on a page
Mrs. Lund is the best computer applications teacher
What is the Geologic Time Scale?
What is relative age?
What is absolute age?
Are the oldest rock layers located at the bottom of a rock column or the top?
Who developed the theory of uniformitarianism?
What organisms live during the Pre-Cambrian Time?
What organisms live during the Mesozoic Era?
What organisms live during the Cenozoic Era?
How old do most scientists think that the Earth is?
What is the age of the Dinosaurs?
Red flower color is dominant to white flower color in rose plants. What is the expected result of a cross between two heterozygous rose plants?
To classify an organism a scientist finds in the field, which of these will the scientist first compare to other known organisms?
For a growth curve to continue to increase exponentially, which of these most occur?



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