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How many goods or services can a business make during a certain time
Plan that helps you decide how to spend or save money
How good a person's quality of life is
Put money aside to use another time
When a person chooses to focus on one special product
Using money to buy goods or services
Something given to encourage a desired action
Ways technology improves the quality of life
Give up because you choose to do or buy something else
Choose to trade one item for another
My friend is in Chile.
Where is the concert being held?
The speaker had been speaking for more than an hour as a result I was bored.
The door is open.
That kid is smart.
I am ready to go.
The man is poor. He has no money.
The girl was tired.
I am a teacher.
I was running every day.
I am sad because my cat has died.
What does the 10 10 rule state
What is the first procedure of class every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
What is the policy on eating and drinking in class
What is the policy on going to see the nurse
The University of Kansas Center for Research and Learning is what?
What is a strategy?
How many steps are there in the learning strategies model
What is an IEP
What are examples of accommodations
How many days of school do we have left
A set of instructions written in computer code that tells your device's hardware what to do, the computer's programs.
The physical components of a computer, usually contained within the computer's main case or tower.
The software that allows you to interact with the computer and run the programs on it.
The hardware component of a computer where it stores data for long-term use.
Short for Random Access Memory, a type of computer memory that is used for short-term data storage.
Short for Central Processing Unit, a chip that functions as the brains of the computer.
A network that connects millions of computers around the world.
Any device capable of entering data or inputting information into a computer.
Any device capable of getting data out or outputting information from a computer.
Which of the following devices IS NOT an Input Device?
Which of the following devices IS NOT and Output Device?
An Operating System allows you to interact with your hardware and run programs, Software are the programs on your computer, and the Internet is accessed using Software on your Computer.
Monopolies/ Monopoly (Monopolio)
Robber Barons (Los Barones Ladrones)
Bessemer Process (Proceso de Bessemer)
Homestead Act (Acto de Homestead)
Transcontinental Railroad (Ferrocarril Transcontinental)
Rural (Granja)
Urban (Ciudad)
Urbanization (Trasladarse a la Ciudad)
Nativism (Nativismo)
Assimilation (Asimilación)
Political Bosses (Jefes Politicos)
Corrupt (Corrupto)
Infrastructure (Carreteras)
Labor Unions (Sindicatos)
Libtery (Libertad)
Influx (Mucho)
Compensation (Compensación)
Brain of the cell
storage area
Makes proteins
transports materials
Releases energy
What does an animal cell not have
controls what enters and leaves a cell
Jelly like
Traps light energy in a plant cell
smallest unit of a living thing
What shape is a plant cell?
Reforms (Reformas/ cambios)
Muckrakers (periodista)
Upton Sinclair (carne)
Unsanitary Food (Comida Higiénica)
Food and Drug Administration (Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos)
W.E.B. DuBois
Booker T. Washington (habilidades vocacionales)
NAACP/ National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Asociación Nacional para el Avance de la Gente de Color)
Derechos Civiles
Minority (Minoría)
Assimilate (Asimilar)
Direct Democracy (Democracia Directa)
Referendum, Recall, Initiative (Referéndum, Retirar, Iniciativa)
Suffrage (Sufragio/ votación)
Ratified (Ratificado/ aprobado)
Sherman Anti-Trust Act (Ley de Defensa de la Competencia)
Interstate Commerce Act (Acto de Comercia Interestatal)
Criticized (Criticado)
Excerpt (Extractos/ párafos pequeños)
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