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The best metallic conductor of electricity is _____.
A transparent mineral fluoresces red and exhibits double refraction. You could conclude that the mineral is _______.
Obsidian, a mineral of volcanic origin, breaks in smooth, curved surfaces. What type of fracture does it show?
Which of the following minerals has perfect cleavage?
A green mineral fizzes when a drop of dilute hydrochloric acid is placed on it. You could conclude that the mineral is ____.
Fool's gold (also called pyrite), which is a mineral of iron and sulfur, is classified as a/an ______.
Which of the following is not a native mineral?
Lodestone is the same as _________.
This mineral has a hardness of 1.
This is the hardest natural mineral.
This mineral can be pink, black, white, transparent, violet, blue, or green in color.
This is the only precious metal that readily tarnishes.
This has a silky luster.
This is the bending of light.
This is determined by the way light is reflected.
Glows only when illuminated by ultraviolet light
Which of the following is a mixture?
The country that produces more diamonds than any other is ____________.
If a mineral produces flat surfaces when it breaks, then it exhibits ___________.
The pairing of ____ in DNA is the key feature that allows DNA to be copied.
In respiration, the final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain is ____.
Evolution from a common ancestor is __________.
The science of grouping and naming organisms is _____.
Because the gene for red-green color blindness is located on the X chromosome, it is normally not possible for a _____.
The backbone of a DNA molecule is made of which two components?
Natural selection can best be defined as ______.
Translation takes place at what part of the cell?
How can two healthy parents produce a child that has a recessive disorder?
In meiosis, the way in which a chromosome separates does not affect the way other pairs separates is expressing Mendel's law of ____.
An application of using DNA technology to help environmental scientists would be_______.
A dog's phenotype can be determined by _______.
A DNA segment is changed from -AATTAGAAATAG- to -ATTAGAAATAG-. This is _____
Which one of the following nucleotide pair bonds would be found in a DNA molecule?
The founder of modern evolutionary theory is considered to be ______.
The blood types A, B, AB, and O are the result of ______ inheritance.
Leaves appear green because the green portion of the light that strikes them is ______.
The process by which a DNA molecule is copied is called _______.
A child has a rare genetic disorder. Neither parent has this disorder. How did the child inherit it?
Individuals with Huntington's disease _______.
What is the main purpose of the Calvin Cylce or dark reaction?
Upon close examination of the skeleton of an adult python, a pelvic girdle and leg bones can be observed. these features are an example of _____.
The gamete that contains genes contributed only by the mother is _______.
What type of selection favors one extreme trait?
What type of selection favors average individuals?
Hemophilia and color blindness are ________.
What is the end result of frameshift mutation?
A phenotype that results from a dominant allele must have at least ___ dominant allele(s) present in the parent(s).
Gel electrophoresis is a technique used to _____.
An adaptation that allows an organism to blend into it's environment is _____.
Cells containing two alleles for each trait are described as _____.
The Human Genome Project may make use of which of the following to diagnose genetic disorders before birth?
Individuals that have sickle-cell anemia ______.
Mosquitoes developed an immunity to DDT by ___________.
X-rays, ultraviolet light, and radioactive substances that can change the chemical nature of DNA are classified as _____.
Cellular respiration takes place in what kind of organisms?
A system for naming species in which two words are used to name an organism is ____.
Organisms that closely resemble each other, even though they are separated by distance and genetics, can best be explained by _____.
Which of the following would be least likely to happen as a result of a mutation in a person's skin cells?
Structures that have a similiar evolutionary origin and structure but serve different funtion are called_____.
Watson and Crick were the first to suggest that DNA is _______.
When classifying organisms, a group of related phyla is a _______.
When classifying organisms, a group of related species is a ____.
The passing on of traits from parents to off spring is called _____.
Organisms need a way of storing energy because ____.
A DNA segment is changed from -AATTAG- to -AAATAG-. This is _______
Which of the following genetic disorders can be detected by karotyping?
The 23rd chromosomes that differ from males to females are called ______.
writing in either poetry or prose
any literature that is written in paragraph form
narrative prose fiction that is shorter and has a less complicated plot and/or character development than a novel. It can usually be read in one sitting.
the specific reason a person has for writing: the goal of the writing
hints or suggestions that surround unfamiliar words or phrases and clarify their meaning
a reasonable conclusion based on certain clues or facts presented in a story
the people, animals, and imaginary creatures that take part in the action of the story
methods used to present the personality traits of a character in a narrative
narrative that is longer than a short story and develops the characters and plot more completely than a short story
struggle within a character
main character in story who faces a conflict
someone or something that is against the protagonist
time and place of story
voice that relates the details of the story; teller of story
struggle with an outside force
struggle between two opposing forces
the wrap-up of loose ends
author reveals setting, characters and mood of story
the solution to the main conflict
the sequence of events in a story
the story is brought to a close
build-up of suspense occurring between the main conflict and climax
A short work of nonfiction that deals with a single subject
the universal truth about life that the story conveys (special message from author)
who is telling the story
the narrator is a character in the story and is telling the story in his or her own words. Uses pronouns I, me, we, us
the narrator is NOT a character in the story but knows and shares the thoughts and ideas of one character. Uses pronouns he, she, it, they
the narrator is NOT a character in the story but knows the thoughts and feelings of more than one character
What day is your test?
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a story that explains the inner meaning of the universe and of human life
a prose selection which is invented (comes from the author’s imagination)
categories used to classify text



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