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Hinduism is people who believe in...
Buddhism is a people who believe in:
Christianity is a people who believe in:
The last day of school is....
How many Supreme Court justices?
Who is the current Supreme Court Chief Justice?
What is the main duty of the Judicial Branch?
Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 main levels of the Federal Courts?
What type of jurisdiction does the Supreme Court have?
Which Supreme Court case led to the power of Judicial Review?
How many women are currently on the Supreme Court?
Which justice on the Supreme Court is often the 'swing' vote?
Which article of the US Constitution establishes the Judicial Branch?
How long is the term for a Supreme Court member?
A symmetrical open plane curve formed by the intersection of a cone with a parallel to its side
Is a second degree polynomail function of the form, where a, b, c are real numbers
The __________ that tellsyou where the graph of the function crosses the x-axis
The __________ of a parabola is a vertical line that divides the parabola into two congruent halves
The _______ states that if ab=0, b=0 or both are 0
A------ is a parenthesized algebraic expression
A quadratic sequence is a sequence of numbers in which the second diffrences between each consecutive term
f (x) = a(x-h)2 + k where (h,k) is the vortex of the parabola
Is a technique used to solve quadratic equations
Bring the different elements of _________ into a relationship that will ensure harmony and efficiency
An amount of space between two things
parallel to the plane of the horizon; at right angles to the vertica
At right angles to a horizontal plane; in a direction
The product of a rational number multiplied by itself
opposite or contrary in position
a number that produces a specified number when cubed
the number that produces a given number when cubed
Raise a number to its cubed
A small partitioned-off area of a room, for example on containing a bed in a dwelling or one containg a desk in an office
In algebra, a cubic function of the form
Major Robert Anderson held on to _____ in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina.
Who was the president during this time?
What did the South depend on to win foreign support?
Lincoln did not tell South Carolina about the sending of ships to Fort Sumter.
How did the Confederacy decide to prevent the federal government from holding onto their ships?
No one was killed, but the South's attack on Fort Sumter led to the beginning of the Civil War.
What states were now in the Confederacy?
Who had better chance of victory due to the joining of Virginia into the Confederacy?
Robert E. Lee was a skilled militia leader that joined the Confederacy.
To hold on to Maryland, what did Lincoln do?
Kentucky was deeply divided over succession because the river would provide an invasion route for the ______, and a barrier to the _____.
Why was Kentucky convinced to stay in the Union?
Almost all naval power and shipyards belonged to which area?
What two countries did the Confederacy want to help them?
What strategy was the Union going to use?
Who won the First Battle of Bull Run?
Which of the following describes a prokaryotic cell?
Which of the following describes a Eukaryotic cell?
Which organism would be made of a prokaryotic cell?
Which statement is true about organisms?
Which organism below is an example of a unicellular organism?
What type of a cell has a nucleus?
Which type of cell does not have a nucleus?
What does a nucleus look like?
Bacteria is always unicellular and __________________
Which statement is true according to the cell theory?
Which type of chemical equation involves one compound breaking apart into two or more molecules?
The study of the amounts of reactants used and products formed from a chemical reaction is called ___?
The reactant that is used up first in a chemical reaction is known as the ___________ reactant.
The SI unit used to measure the number of particles in a substance is called the ___.
The number, 6.02x10^23 is known as
The mass of the reactants equals the mass of the products. This is the Law of
When gas burns to cook food, the type of reaction is _____.
What do you call the mass of 1 mole of a substance?
What is the percent composition of sodium in sodium phosphate?
How many atoms of aluminum are in 14.9g of aluminum?
In the reaction 2 S + 3 O2 -- Fe2O3, if given 4.0 mole of S, how many mole of O2?
Fe3O4 + 4 CO -- 4 CO2 + 3 Fe, If 201 g Fe3O4 react, how many grams of CO2 form?
2 S + 3 O2 -- 2 SO3, if 6.3 grams of S and 10.0 grams of O2 react, what is the limiting reactant?
The molar mass of Al2(SO4)3 is what?
This type of matter has indefinite shape and indefinite volume
A mixture which the composition is not uniform throughout, for example pizza, is considered
Table salt (NaCl) is an example of a
A water molecule has an uneven sharing of electrons between the hydrogen atoms and the oxygen atom, because of this, water is ______
For an atom, the number of electrons equals the number of ________ and the _________ number
Bromine has an atomic number of 35 and an mass number of 80, how many neutrons does it have?
The third period of the period table contains
This type of reaction has only one product
When balancing chemical equations, be sure that that you balance the number of ____ on both sides.
Which of the following is NOT evidence of a chemical change?
Similar elements on the periodic table are in
If an atom has 6 protons and 5 neutrons, what is its atomic number?
Atoms with a positive net charge are
In which compound does sulfur have an oxidation number of -2?
Which change occurs when an Sn^2+ ion is oxidized?
Which half-reaction correctly represents a reduction reaction?
Breaking a dish
water evaporating
bleaching clothes
propane gas burning
mashing potatoes
What is the maximum number of electrons that can exist in the first shell surrounding an atomic nucleus?
What is the maximum number of electrons that can exist in the second energy level surrounding an atomic nucleus?
What is the maximum number of electrons that can exist in the third energy level surrounding an atomic nucleus?
how many electrons have the quantum numbers n=3 and L=2
how many electrons can have the quantum numbers n=2 and ml=0



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