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Which was not provided by rivers to aid the growth of civilizations?
Which is not an enviromental factor that aided the growth of cililizations
The early civilization of Mesopotamia was located near what river(s)?
The Ancient civilization of Egypt is located next to what body of water(s)
The early cvilizations in Ancient India developed along which river(s).
China's Ancient civilizations developed along what river(s)?
The term that means land between the rivers
What country is the present day site of Mesopotamia
An arc of territory that has rich farm land that extends up from the Persian Gulf and extends into Syria and Palestine.
King of Babylon that wrote the first written legal code
The alphabet we use to day is from what ancient group? It is based on symbols that represent sounds
The Egyptians buried their dead with many treasures and everyday objets this lets us know that they believed in what.
The name given to the Ruler of Egypt he was god's represenative on earth.
Bodies preserved for burial in ancient Egypt
Egyptian writing.
Paper used for Egyptian writing was made of a reed that grew on the banks of the Nile, it was called:
The Key to Hieroglyphic Writing, found by Jean Champolion
Belief in one God
In Hammurabi's Code was each person rich or poor were treated equally?
Until worksheets are name, they are identified as Sheet1, Sheet2, and so on.
Hiding a worksheet permanently removes it from the workbook.
You can insert a worksheet in a workbook as needed to accommodate your data.
In addition to printing an active worksheet or selected areas of an active worksheet, you can also print an entire workbook, selected worksheets, or selected areas of a workbook.
You can only work with one workbook at a time.
You can use a ____ to incorporate data from other worksheets into the active worksheet.
The ____ is the worksheet that appears in the workbook window.
Each worksheet within the workbook is identified with a ____ that appears at the bottom of the workbook window.
The location of the data being referenced is the
The location where the data will be used is the ____.
Adds the values in A4 in the Sheet4, Sheet5, and Sheet6 worksheets.
Displays the value contained in A4 from the Sheet5 worksheet.
Adds the values in A4 and A5 of the Sheet5 worksheet.
Adds the values in A4 of the Sheet4 worksheet and A5 of the SHeet5 worksheet
Adds the values in A5 of the worksheet named Sheet4 and A4 of the Sheet5 worksheet.
The ancient civilization of India developed along what river?
Two well planned cities of the first Ancient Indian Civilizations:
Early invaders of India that created the Caste System
Lannguage of Ancient India
A strict social class into which people were divided in Ancient India
The people of Ancient India believed that if a person obeyed the caste system they could be reborn into what?
A term that means to be reborn
In ancient India the Highest Caste
In the Hindu religion ,In order, which represent
The religion of Ancient India, it believed in reincarnation, the caste system
Peopel in Hinduism that are not allowed to be part of any Caste and contact with them is forbidden.
The Ancient Civilizations of China developed along which river
A group of rulers that come from the same family
Some Chinese rulers thought they recieved the right to rule from God thei was known as the
The most important export of the Ancient Chinese
A seriers of trading routes that streatched from China in Eastern Asia to the Mediterranean Sea
Which is not an important invention of the Chinese
the written language of the Chinese that combined two or more picture symbols to represent an idea
The most important creaton of the Ancient Greeks:
The Greek word for a city state
Greek City stte that appreciated Art, Beauty and culture Theycreated democracy,valued education and made many achievement in arts,literature, science and math.
Greek city state that was Military like state.
The Greeks believed that their God lived where
The Greek King of the Gods
The Greek Goddess that was Zeus'. Wife she was the Goddess of the homefire
The Greek God of the Underworld
The Greek God of the sea
An important Macedonian ruler who conquered much of the known world. He conquered the Persians. He made it all the way to India.
What is the most lasting influence of Alexander the Great.
What influence did the Greeks have on the Romans
Type of government created by the Romans that had people elect represenatives to vote for them
Languages that developed from the Latin Language including French, Spainish and Italian
True or false: The Romans worshipped many of the same Gods as the Greeks but gave them different names
The Romans called the Greek God Zeus what?
The Roman emperor that converted to christianty and made it the official religion of hte Roman empire.
The Romans were very famous road builders. The most famous Roman Road was:
Above ground channels used to carry water from their source to Rome.
A stadium like structure built by the Romans where gladiator fights were held.
Which constituted the Roman Empire at its height?
What did Rome do to govern its empire when it became too big
What is another name for the Eastern Roman Empire?
This event marked the beginning of the period of time known as the Middle Ages
The Capital of the Western Roman Empire
The Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
The head of the Catholic Church
The Middle Ages marked a struggle for power between what two groups
King of the Franks known for building schools, uniting Europe and spreading Christianty.
Which is not another name for the Middle Ages
The leading force of the Middle Ages
A system based on loyalty of one man to another that came about due to inability of kings to protect their people.



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