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A manufacturing company is dumping large amounts of industrial waste into a local river. How will the quality of the environment most likely be affected by the waste being dumped into the river?
To reuse or use again is_______.
Hydroelectric power uses ____________ to generate electricity.
J'ai mal à la tête, j'ai de la fièvre, et j'ai des frissons
Je suis tombé d'un arbre (tree)
mal au ventre
les frissons
J'ai mal à la gorge!
J'ai vomi!
un nez qui coule
Je tousse et j'ai un nez qui coule
Se tordre
J'ai cassé la jambe!
J'ai un rhume!
J'ai la grippe!
J'ai coupé le doigt!
Je tousse tout le temps!
le médecin
Minutes of a meeting are used to describe the discussions, decisions, and actions that occurred during a business meeting. When should they be typed?.
When keying minutes the organization's name should be keyed how many inches from the top?
What visual additions attract a reader's attention to specific text?
What is the summary of the events and business conducted during a meeting?
Side headings of minutes should be keyed in:
Sara Jacobs is the recording secretary for the Athletic Association. She keeps her minutes in a notebook so all members can view them at any time. What left margin setting should she use?
Which two documents have the most components in common?
The text of minutes should be keyed as:
The closing lines in the minutes include the name Marybeth Williams. Which office does she hold?
Mrs. Walker has submitted the minutes for approval at the next meeting. The date at the top of the minutes is October 15, 2016. What date does this represent?.
3 main causes of all conflicts are
The definition of a resource is...
An example of a Psychological Need is...
Conflict between 2 people
Power, friendship, participation, and success are all examples of...
Basic beliefs are examples of...
Josiah found out his best friend stole answers to a test and he doesn't know what to do. This is an example of what type of conflict
Because I said so .....this is an example of which cause of conflict?
Conflicts which occur between individual members of the same group
Conflicts can be both positive and negative depending on how they are handled
Most common type of essay
provide safety and protection
aim, purpose, focus
difficulties which may try to stop you from reaching a goal
nodding your head in response to a speaker is an example of...
act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else viewed as more important
What is a Vision Board?
All but one of the items listed are ways our Respiratory System is designed to defend against pollutants in the air. Click on the one that is INCORRECT.
Filters air to remove dirt.
Tissues that vibrate to produce sound.
Airways that take air to the bottom of the lungs...
The main breathing muscle is the...
Contains thousands of tiny air sacs...
Where oxygen enters the blood and carbon dioxide leaves the blood...
What waste does the Respiratory System get rid of?
Alveoli are tiny air sacs covered in capillaries.
The job of the epiglottis is to block food from entering the windpipe.
Japan experiences many earthquakes because-
The Japanese economy has to make up for the country’s lack of
What best describes the Japanese government?
What divides North and South Korea?
What European power was the colonial ruler of Vietnam in the 1800s and early 1900s?
Who lead the American forces in Korea?
Who was the U.S. President when the Korean War began?
In 1968, North Vietnamese forces ambushed South Vietnamese cities and towns, including the U.S. Embassy in Saigon. This attack was called the -
What year of the cease fire signed that stopped the fighting of the Korean War?
According to “MacArthur’s Constitution” article 9 states that Japan is prohibited to do what?
Who was the 1st President of China?
Polytheism is best defined as
Which is NOT an example of Monotheism
This religion is based on the teachings of one scholar who focused on improving society and believed people should treat one another humanely.
Religion that focused on retreat from man's laws and yielding to the laws of nature
South Asia consists of how many countries?
The Himalaya mountains were formed:
Hindus hold which of the following physical characteristics sacred?
Which physical characteristic separates South Asia from the rest of Asia
The tallest mountain in the World
Where is Mount Fuji located?
The Yangtze River is
Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes in East Asia are
Winds from the Gobi Desert bring
East Timor, Philippines, and Indonesia are all countries best described as
Which physical characteristics of East Asia forms a natural barrier between Mongolia and China
The only landlocked country in East Asia
Which river forms a border between Thailand and Laos?
Roughly what percent of Southeast Asia countries are islands?
Which of the following nations in Asia are a leading producer of Petroleum and a current member of OPEC
Indonesia is made up of roughly how many islands?
Which kind of energy makes things hotter when there is more of it?
What kind of energy makes things cooler when there is less of it?
This kind of energy makes things move.
This kind of energy uses fuel to cause things to move.
This kind of energy helps us to see better.
Where does the Earth get most of its heat and light?
When you rub things together, you make this kind of energy:



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