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The Alien and Sedition Acts were viewed by Republicans as
The states’ rights theory of the Constitution holds that states
The election of 1800 showed that
What did Hamilton ask Congress to create to build a strong national economy
People who have come from another country and are not yet citizens are
In his farewell address, President Washington urged Americans to follow what foreign policy
Which slogan best summarizes the Americans’ response to the XYZ Affair
The Monroe Doctrine warned European nations to
Which symbol on the national seal represents national power?
What does XYZ stand for in the XYZ Affair?
What is the XYZ Affair?
Who was hurt the most by Jefferson’s embargo policy?
How did Jefferson try to end pirate attacks on US ships?
What was the main effect of Eli Whitney’s cotton gin on the south?
Which invention brought the Industrial Revolution to northern agriculture?
What Brand of Peanut Butter has the most Trans Fat?
What Brand of Cracker Brands has the most Trans Fat?
What Brand of Granola has the most Trans Fat?
If you cant Pronounce the Ingredient should you eat it?
What foods have trans fats?
If you have trouble reading the newspaper, you would visit:
Duke's Children Hospital is an example of :
What can a patient do at a hospital that they cannot doe at a clinic?
What diagnosis is most common among hospice patients?
A worker at Smithfield's Packing Company cuts his hand with a knife. Where does he go first?
Which statement is true for most medical offices?
Most small town hospitals are classified as:
Janice was severely burned. Where would she be transferred to for continued care:
What type of LTCF functions as a bridge between hospital and home?
An Example of a government hospital is:
someone who rises in arms against the government
to study something closely
to change and grow
a diffrence, something that is diffrent
the perspective of which a writer or person presents information
a person portrayed in a novel or drama
to decide something
theme or focus
part of the book that helps you locate or learn something
to move at a hurried pace
Avoiding a conflict is likely to make it better
Some factors in teen violence include the influence of gangs, availability of weapons, and the use of drugs.
Threatening another person with physical harm is considered violence.
The first step a victim of abuse should take is to confide in a trusted adult.
One of the strategies for dealing with harassment includes to use a passive communication style.
Battery is an unlawful threat or attempt to do bodily injury to another person.
In schools with zero tolerance policies, any student who brings a weapon to school is suspended.
Sexual harassment is when a person forces another person to participate in a sexual act against his or her will.
Teens are twice as likely as adults to be victims of violent crime.
A person under the influence of a drug is less likely to be involved in violent crime.
Any kind of sexual intercourse with a person against her or his will is called homicide.
Conflicts with parents or guardians usually occur over limits, responsibilities, or expectations.
Neglect is the unlawful beating, hitting, or kicking of another person.
Abuse is the social, emotional, or mental mistreatment of one person by another.
Gender discrimination is singling out or excluding a person based on gender.
Most people need professional help to overcome the emotional stamina of abuse.
Physical abuse that occurs within a school is called domestic violence.
The use of alcohol affects a person's social state and understanding of a problem.
Neglect is the failure to meet a person's basic physical and emotional needs.
Jealousy leads to feelings of anger and resentment.
Small units that make both DNA and RNA
What are the 3 parts of a nucleotide?
What do we call the shape of the DNA double strand?
What do we call it when A-T and C-G go together?
What is the name of the sugar in RNA?
What matches GTA in DNA?
What is found in RNA but not DNA?
The specific location on a chromosome, made of a section of DNA is called a (n)____.
What is made of hundreds of genes that determine the proteins that make up an organism?
What must cells have in the correct order to make the specific proteins needed by the body?
hairy, shaggy
muscular strong
Rape is sometimes the victim's fault
In extreme abuse cases, abused family members may be sent to shelters.
If you carry a gun, you are __________ as likely to injured by gun violence.
Bullies expect victims to react with ____________________.
One factor that appears to have a strong influence on the increase of teen violence is ________.
Conflicts or other differences that remain unsettled or unresolved can _________relationships.
Which of the following is NOT a skill necessary to be an effective mediator?
Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 important actions for victims of violent crime?
Violent crimes committed under the influence of alcohol are the number ____ leading cause of teen deaths.
It is important to express your __________ in a healthy way - keeping it inside can harm you emotionally and physically.
Which statement about abuse if true?
The killing of one human being by another is called:
The most common type of abuse is _______________________.
Which of the following is NOT a form of emotional abuse?
Purposely frightening another person through threatening words, looks, or body language is known as:



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