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-33/(-11) (/means divided by)
24/6 (/means divided by)
Which is a fossil fuel?
Which statement of the following statements about a fossil's depth is true?
What is the best definition of a fossil?
Which of these might contain actual animal remains?
What three parts of animals often become fossils?
You are walking on wet sand along the beach. You notice your footprints behind you. What have you made?
Why should people conserve fossil fuels?
What is similar about a cast and a mold?
What is the best way scientists can learn about the environments of the past?
Why do scientists think that Georgia was once underwater?
Who lost the presidential election of 1824 even though he had more popular votes?
Who made a corrupt bargain to get elected in the Presidential election of 1824?
Who invaded Florida without permission, attacking Spanish forts and starting a War with the Seminole Indians?
Who used the Force Bill to make South Carolina give up the idea of nullifying federal laws?
Who was a naval commander who won an important battle on the Great Lakes in the War of 1812?
Who was the 6th President of the United States?
Who sent troops to secure the Florida border from Spain and Natives before it became a state?
Who got to be Secretary of State as a result of a corrupt bargain in the election of 1824?
What Native American tribe fought three wars against the U.S to keep their land in Florida?
Which Native American tribe brought two Supreme Court cases to the United States in order to try and keep their land?
What was the name of the law passed by Congress and signed by Jackson which forced all Native American tribes east of the Mississippi River to give up their land and move West?
What was the name for the forced migration of the Cherokee where many died due to poor conditions
What was the purpose of the Tariff of 1832 (Tariff of Abominations)?
What is the name for the negative political campaigns that were first starting to be used in the election of 1828?
Which state tried to nullify (cancel) out the Tariff of 1832?
On an Excel worksheet, the ___________________ displays the contents of the active cell.
An Excel file is called a ___________________.
What is the name given to the intersection of a row and a column in an Excel worksheet?
A group cells is called a ________________.
In an Excel Worksheet, you can press the _____________________ keys to activate cell A1.
In an Excel worksheet, columns are numbered and rows are labeled with letters.
19. By default, when typing in an Excel worksheet, all numbers are aligned to the left when they are first entered into the cells.
What happens if you key text that is longer than the width of a cell?
When keying a formulas in a spreadsheet, what must you key to inform the program that you are entering a formula instead of entering text?
Which of the following keys can be used to move around in a worksheet?
What are the parts of the integumentary system?
What are the layers of the skin from the top to the bottom?
What is the thinnest layer of the skin?
Which of the following is not in the dermis?
What is MELANIN?
Which is a function of the skin
What is the function of the hypodermis?
What are hair and nails made of
What type of tissue makes up skin?
What is a function of hair?
In a nuclear power plant, nuclear energy is first changed to _____________ energy.
_____________ is a fossil fuel.
Unlike other forms of energy, thermal energy is hard to______________.
A kite stuck in a tree has _____________ energy.
A limiting factor for using nuclear energy is the _______________ produced.
In every energy transformation, some energy is always lost as ____________ energy.
A burning fire produces _____________ energy.
When a rubber band is stretched, it has ______________ energy.
The form of energy in fossil fuels is ______________ energy.
When you see a change in the environment, you know that _______________ has been transferred.
If you blow between two table tennis balls suspended about 2 cm apart, the balls will _____________._.
As the speed of a fluid increases, _______________________.
A photovoltaic converts ___________ energy
Most plants use a _____________ to turn a generator.
A blimp flying around over the Super Bowl has ______________ energy.
_____________ is an alternative resource.
A green plant has ___________ energy.
What is a simple machine that is a flat, sloped/slanted surface, or ramp??
What is a machine that does work with only one movement and changes the direction of a force?
The rate at which work is done is _______________.
What is a machine that is made up of two or more simple machines?
What is a simple machine that is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder post?
If you are standing on both feet and then stand on one foot, you have ___________ the pressure on the ground.
In a hydraulic system, the force exerted on the large piston is _____________ the force exerted on the small piston.
Work is done when a/an ___________ causes an object to move in the same direction that the _____________ is applied.
The number of times a machine increases the input force is the _______________ __________________ of the machine.
What is a simple machine that moves and can have one or two sloping sides?
What is a simple machine that is any rigid rod or plank that pivots, or rotates, about a point?
A machine that changes only the direction of a force has a mechanical advantage of ___.
A lever with a mechanical adantage greater than 1 is used to ____________________.
The work output of a machine divided by the work input is the _____________ of the machine.
A fixed pulley that is used to lift a block does which one of the following?
A winding mountain road is an example of a
Three of the following simple machines are basically the same. The one that does NOT belong with the group is the ____________________.
As an object sinks in a fluid, the buoyant force _______________.
What happens during a lunar eclipse?
Which of the following is not a phase of the moon?
Which of the following causes the phases of the moon?
Which of the following results from the fact that the moon is tidally locked to Earth?
A student argues that because Earth is closest to the sun at perihelion, all of Earth experiences summer at perihelion. Is the student correct?
Tides on Earth are influenced by
At which position in Earth's orbit is Earth closest to the sun?
Which of the following is the primary cause of seasons on Earth?
The spin of a body on its axis is called
What event occurs when one celestial object or that object’s shadow obscures the view from Earth?
Who was the leader of Germany during WWII?
Who was the fascist leader of Italy during WWII
Who was the leader of Japan during WWII?
Who was the leader of the United States during WWII?
Who was the leader of Great Britain during WWII?
Who were the 3 main Axis Powers during WWII?
Germany is located north of what other country?
Which 2 countries from WWII were island nations?



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