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Students walking across Main Street need to look both ways because ______ need to be careful to avoid being hit by a car.
Tanya jumped when she saw one of these crawling across her living room. She was sure it had 100 legs.
Most of these living things walk upright instead of crawling
Old books sometimes use this word instead of handcuffs.
What does a town, city, or state create to make sure that a rule or law is followed?
When the boy tried to navigate around the cones with his bicycle, what did he do?
There are many books written about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. They are what type of book?
When you have an ear infection, what might a doctor prescribe?
Which type of science investigates living things?
Which branch of science investigates how the brain affects the body?
What do you call something that is built on top of something else?
This form of work involves building homes and office buildings.
You are in school to learn from this.
To pull something out, therefore having less left over: to take away from
A pull to the arm or leg muscles to bring a bone back into place when it is dislocated or fractured
A powerful vehicle that pulls farm machines and hauls heavy loads
Process of withdrawing, pulling out
Pulled away from direct relation to anything; impersonal as in attitude or views
To make something take longer, to prolong
Because her favorite color was red, she was always _____ to strawberries in the store.
After an earthquake or other natural disaster, what do people need to do to rebuild their homes?
Your teacher is also known as this, since he or she builds your knowledge about math.
Something that stands in your way is called what?
A flood can wash away an entire town, creating this on a massive scale.
Which layer on Earth has the living things?
Devon eats mostly natural foods because he believes they will help him live longer. What type of diet does he have?
The more expensive it is for workers and companies to do this, the more you will pay for a product.
When studying how living thinkgs share the same living space and get along, what relationship are you looking at?
If you are trying to get into a rusted lock, you may have to do this to the key to get the lock open.
The more expensive it is for workers and companies to do this, the more you will pay for a product.
Authors create these before they are edited and revised by their publishing companies.
This person at KFC is in charge of hiring the new workers for the summer.
Cats and dogs are examples of these.
Let's put the camera on this stand so it won't wiggle as much.
Most bicycles have two of these that make the wheels turn around.
Gerald looked through the peep hole in his front door and saw one of these holding a box of candy.
Which root word means foot?
Which root word means hand?
Which root word means to build?
Which root word means to pull?
Which root word means life?
His tooth was so decayed that the dentist had to _____ or pull his tooth out by force.
The students in the back of the room were ______ the class by talking while the class was trying to read silently.
If you want to study living things in your future, what might you want to become?
If Michael Jordan decides to write a book about his life growing up and becoming a basketball player, what kind of book would he be writing?
Because the basement was flooded during the storm, the buildier said there was damage to the _______.
The parts of a city on which the rest of the city was built around is called the _______.
Because Ms. Davis stands around the classroom all day, Cade gave her a ______ for Valentine's Day. He wanted her to have a treatment for her feet.
Ms. Hicks has been doing so much writing for her graduate class, that her hands are sore. She need to go get a _____, a treatement for her hands and nails.
Did you see Chloe's pet? It had a thousand legs. It must have been one of these.
Although Marissa walked with a limp, she didn't let this ______ get in her way.
This comes with most products that you buy and tells you how to use them and/or set them up.
How do we describe a group of people who are set free from unfair laws or captured?
The doctor was performing this surgery to examine the tissue for cancer cells.
Bridges must be built to withstand expansion and ______ caused by weather.
What is another word for misunderstanding something?
On which peninsula would you find the Roman Republic/Empire
This Roman constitution prevented the patricians from abusing their power
Rome fought Carthage in this war for control over West Europe and North Africa
Emperor Constantine legalized this monotheistic religion
Which of the following is not a reason for the fall of the Roman Republic
Which of the following in the list does not go with Federalism?
The Declaration of Nov 07th stated?
These two meetings shared the same requests (petitions) for change.
Which form of government does the Constitution of 1824 support?
Was the Grass Fight a complete waste of time?
Which document was created at the Consultation of 1835?
The pro-peace group was interested in?
Which of the following became the final event prior to Texans seeking independence?
Which individual became the President of the Consultation of 1835?
What event led Texans to decide to attack at San Antonio
What is the correct order, from smallest to largest?
Where is DNA located in the cell?
Why is DNA important?
What is a nucleotide?
Which of the following is NOT one kind of pathogen
One reason the skin acts as a barrier against pathogens is because pathogens
A kind of white blood cell that destroys pathogens is a(n)
One function of T cells is to
HIV is spread by all of the following EXCEPT
When a person has an allergy his or her immune system is overly sensitive to a foreign substance called a(n)
Which of the following diseases might you catch by sharing a water glass with another person
People with diabetes may not have enough
Cancer is a disease in which
All of the following are carcinogens EXCEPT
A type of undernutrition tA type of undernutrition that is the sudden onset swelling of the feet, hands and face.
A type of undernutrition that is child’s weight is too low for their height as a result of acute under nutrition, can vary with the seasons. Reflects loss of muscle tissue and fat.
It is an abnormal physiological condition caused by inadequate or excessive intake of nutrients
Malnutrition is an abnormal physiological condition caused by inadequate or excessive intake of nutrients.



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