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Rachel kicked the ball which flew past the keeper and into the net-What sport is Rachel plying?
Thud! Something had landed on the roof. It sounded like hooves and bells jingling. Next there was a loud noise in the fireplace. As Mia looked in the lounge she saw a large red body under the tree-Who is under the tree?
Roarr!! The monkeys in the cage hid in the trees as they heard the Lion roar. Time to go see the Rhinos said Mum. Where are the people?
The red car raced around the corner but lost control-Crasshh!! What happened to the car?
Dad got off the phone and looked down at the ground. He didnt speak all day. How is Dad feeling?
Sally looked at the numbers on the page and shook his head. She was finding her work really hard. What subject was she doing?
Rrinng rring went the bell. Jeff grabbed his lunch box and sat down outside. What time of day is it?
Jax looked up at the giant yellow M. Nugget time! He said with a grin. Where was Jax?
What is it called when you speed write about your mission statement for 15 minutes?
When creating a mission statement, one preparation method was known as The Retreat. Which of the following is a description of this method?
Which of the following is not one of the three watch outs?
What is called when we work really hard to get something you wanted only when you got it, you felt empty inside?
Go for the Goal was a section in the 7 Habits book that gave us 5 keys to goal setting. Which of the following was the name for when we choose to write the goal down so it will make your wishes more permanent?
When preparing for writing our mission statements, what was the name of the method where you collect one to five of your favorite quotes?
Examples of this key for goal setting would be, birth, death, and new school year.
A personal credo or motto that states what your life is about.
This is when you accomplish more by borrowing the strength of others and tell others about your goals.
When you feel that you have made so many mistakes that it cannot be fixed.
Method for creating a mission statement that is really a joke but, reminds us to not over think what we should put in our mission statements.
Once you say that you commit, it is very hard to quit is the meaning behind what key for goal setting?
Know how much you will have to change and do extra to meet the goal is also known a what key for goal setting.
What is it called when prejudge someone just based on their actions or appearance?
How many keys to goal setting are there?
Control your own destiny or someone else will is also known as
When graphed, I am V-shaped
When graphed, I am u-shaped. I'm also called a parabola.
A function that has different rules for different parts of the domain
Moving a function up, down, or side to side.
This describes an increasing function
This describes a decreasing function
A transformation in which the figure is a mirror image of another figure.
The point where the parabola crosses its axis of symmetry. Its also known as either a maximum or a minimum.
The x-values of the points where the parabola crosses the x-axis
A function that graphs to a straight line.
What is the basic unit of structure and function in living things?
What are groups of cells working together to carry out specific tasks called?
What are groups of tissue working together to perform a particular job called?
What are groups of different organs working together to complete a series of tasks called?
What level of organization is a cardiac muscle cell?
What level of organization is the heart?
What level of organization is a neuron?
What level of organization is the brain?
What is a whole being containing different organ systems working together to maintain life called?
Which choice correctly shows the levels of organization in order from simplest to most complex?
Which system of the human body supports the shape of the body and protects organs?
Which system of the human body moves the body with the help of the skeletal system?
Which system of the human body breaks down food into usable nutrients?
Which system of the human body gathers information from sense organs and responds to stimuli?
Which system of the human body transports nutrients and waste products around the body?
Which system of the human body brings oxygen into the body and removes carbon dioxide?
Which choice shows the organs of the digestive system in order from first to last?
Which blood vessel carries blood back toward the heart?
What disease affecting the circulatory system occurs when fatty material builds up in the walls of arteries?
What disease affecting the skeletal system occurs when bones weaken and become brittle?
___ such as rectangles, circles, arrows, and symbols, can help make a worksheet more informative
Which of the following is an example of an object?
____ graphics enhance worksheets by providing a visual representation of information and ideas.
___ are predesigned workbook files that you can use as the basis or model for new workbooks
A ____ is a reference in a worksheet that opens another file or page when you click it
When data with letters is arranged in alphabetical order (A to Z), from lowest to highest, its referred to as ____ order.
When data with letters is arranged in alphabetical order (Z to A), from highest to lowest, its referred to as ____ order.
When you want to see all the data in a worksheet again, you can restore all the rows by ___ the filter.
A ____ is a picture of all or part of something you can see on your monitor.
The ____ task pane provides access to information typically found in references such as dictionaries, thesauruses, and encyclopedias
Displays a subset of the data that meets certain criteria and temporarily hides the rows that do not meet the specified criteria
Rearranging the data in a more meaningful order
A note attached to a cell that is usually used to explain or identify information contained in the cell
Highlights worksheet data by changing the look of cells that meet a specified condition
Temporarily removing a row or column from view
Which is a unicellular organism?
Which best describes a bacterial cell?
When similar cells with a similar function group together what does it form?
What do unicellular and multicellular organisms have in common?
What is a multicellular organism?
What is a cell made of?
A scientist is trying to decide whether an organism is unicellular or multicellular. Which information would help the scientist most to make her decision?
What is the part that controls many functions of plant cells and animal cells called?
What are plant cells and animal cells examples of?
Why is a cell considered the basic unit of life?
The study of the past
A first-hand account of an event by someone who witnessed or took part in the event.
An account of an event by someone who was not there to witness the event.
In order to study the past, researchers may use which two types of sources?
Which are NOT an examples of primary sources:
Which is NOT an example of a secondary source:
The first people migrated to other continents from where?
The first people on earth did what economic activity ?
The long period of freezing weather was known as what?
In the time of the Ice Age, the hunter/gathers had to
People that have no home but travel from place to place
The first people made tool out of what?
How did early man communicate without writing and a spoken language?
The first people coame to North America across what?
The time period when man moved from being hunter gathers to farming and domesticating animals
What is another name for the Neolitihic period
The word domestication in terms of animals and plants means most closely what?
A way to transport water from its source to the fields in order to water crops
What was one lasting outcome of the development of farming
What did farming create that aided the development of civilizations
All of the first civilizations developed near what?



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