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A limited government...
If the government punishes those who criticize it, it is likely to be a:
A country that holds annual elections for its leaders has a _____ government.
Newly independent governments facing internal struggles will often turn to this type of government;
The governments of the US, Great Britain and Mexico all have...
One example of people having power in a limited government is....
Governments that are chosen by the people are
Which of the following are common in a theocracy?
Which of the following is NOT a primary purpose of government?
What is a democracy?
What is a theocracy?
A dictator controls all aspects of the ____ while a totalitarian dictator controls all aspects of _____ AND _____.
Which of the following is NOT a limited form of government?
Sovereignty refers to...
Which is the best example of the government maintaining social order?
Which is NOT an example of the government providing public services?
Which of the following countries does NOT have democratically elected leaders?
Which of the following systems of government has only one leader?
Systems where citizens vote on laws and issues directly are called:
What is photosynthesis?
What do most organisms need to release the energy from their food?
Where do plants get the energy for photosynthesis?
What ORGANELLE is responsible for photosynthesis?
What is chlorophyll's responsibility in photosynthesis?
What three things are needed for photosynthesis?
What is made during photosynthesis?
During photosynthesis, matter in the food web
The process of moving water across a membrane from an area of higher concentration to lower concentration is
The process of moving solids, liquids, and gases from an area of higher concentration to lower concentration is
Things that affect whether or not a molecule can cross a membrane are:
When energy is required to move molecules across a membrane, it is called
Why is photosynthesis important to humans?
I want to see how this works
Does it work well
John is a gool guy
Mary is a cool girl
Joe is mad
Will this work
NOw i live
What is the equation for photosynthesis?
What is the role of chlorophyll in photosynthesis?
How does a plant obtain all three reactants needed?
Why is life depended on photosynthesis? Give 2 reasons.
What is an autotroph? Give an example.
How is water brought to the leaf?
What are the 3 reactants in photosynthesis?
Name the part of the leaf where photosynthesis happens?
Is photosynthesis a physical or chemical change?
What are the 2 products of photosynthesis?
What is photosynthesis?
What does the stoma do?
What is another word for your throat?
Another name for your windpipe is the...
Another name for your vocal cords is the...
Smoke can damage...
_______________ can cause you to have a respiratory disease.
Which of the following is NOT a function of your respiratory system?
Which of the following is lined with cartilage?
Your trachea helps to...
The alveoli in the lungs pick up sensations of pain.
Which of the following is NOT one of the three jobs our nasal cavity performs to help make sure you breathe in clean air.
Teresa's art class uses a lot of paper when doing projects. Her teacher is always careful to collect all of the paper scraps. What should the teacher do with the scrap paper she collects?
Which is a fossil fuel?
Which is an inexhaustible resource?
Adding harmful materials to the environment causes_________.
A manufacturing company is dumping large amounts of industrial waste into a local river. How will the quality of the environment most likely be affected by the waste being dumped into the river?
To reuse or use again is_______.
Hydroelectric power uses ____________ to generate electricity.
J'ai mal à la tête, j'ai de la fièvre, et j'ai des frissons
Je suis tombé d'un arbre (tree)
mal au ventre
les frissons
J'ai mal à la gorge!
J'ai vomi!
un nez qui coule
Je tousse et j'ai un nez qui coule
Se tordre
J'ai cassé la jambe!
J'ai un rhume!
J'ai la grippe!
J'ai coupé le doigt!
Je tousse tout le temps!
le médecin
Minutes of a meeting are used to describe the discussions, decisions, and actions that occurred during a business meeting. When should they be typed?.
When keying minutes the organization's name should be keyed how many inches from the top?
What visual additions attract a reader's attention to specific text?
What is the summary of the events and business conducted during a meeting?
Side headings of minutes should be keyed in:



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