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Two or more substances that are together, but not chemically combined
Two or more different elements that are combined chemically
How many elements are on the Periodic Table
Which of the following is a compound
Mixtures are different than compounds because
The substance that gets dissolved in a solution is called the
An element is
Which of the following is not a compound
A chemical change occurs when
In the lego activity, one lego represented
What was the main reason for creating the European Union?
James lives in a nation where all political power belongs to the people. Robert lives in a nation where only one person completely controls the government. The type of government in the nation where Robert lives is MOST LIKELY a
What was the main reason for creating the European Union?
Federalism is BEST described as a system in which
Which of these statements about a unitary form of government is correct?
What was an outcome of World War II
How were the United States and the Soviet Union described after World War II?
Today, the religions tat are found in the greatest concentrations around the world are
Which western-central European nation recognized the Roman language as an official minority language?
What is one benefit of the euro in the European Union?
Which of the following best describes the population distribution in Germany?
Which of the following languages is the most widely spoken in Europe?
An advantage that the United Kingdom has over the much larger country of Russia is
What religion has the greatest number of world-wide followers?
Which of the following best describes the language origins of French and Italian?
What is the name of the Russian alphabet?
Which of the following is not an Islamic duty?
Which government system best describes that of Germany and Russia?
Which of the following statements best describes the election of the Prime Minister of the U.K.?
What is the holy book for the Muslim religion?
Which of the following best explains the decreasing trend that occurred in Model T prices from  1910 to 1920?
Wilbur and Orville Wright are most famous for their invention of:
What movement took place during the 1920s in which thousands of African Americans  moved north to find work?
While there were many reasons for African American families to move north, the main reason that many likely migrated to the North or West during the early  to mid-1900s was to -
Which statement is the most valid about African Americans before moving north during the  Great Migration?
Which industry was created by the 18th Amendment of the  Constitution?
Which of the following did NOT occur as a result of prohibition?
What were the illegal bars of the Prohibition era called?
The ratification of the 21st Amendment marked the end of —
The period of rebirth of African American art forms is known as the —
Which artist is incorrectly matched with his or her career?
What form of jazz was made known worldwide by Bessie Smith?
Louis Armstrong, Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, Bessie Smith were all -
What caused an increase in the unemployment rate from 1929-1939?
Which of the following was NOT an effect of the Great Depression?
As a result of the Great Depression, about how many workers were without jobs?
Which institution was most at fault and failed to prevent the collapse of the banking system in 1929?
Anarchy means . . .
In a Democracy, if people do not like the leader's choices, they can vote for another leader next time.
What type of government do we live in?
Whta is the only type of government where the citizens do NOT influence (or have an effect on) the laws?
How would a country become an anarchy?
Great Britain is an absolute monarchy.
If there's a problem that needs to get solved, citizens can vote directly on the issue. What type of government is this?
What type of government means RULE BY THE PEOPLE?
In a REPRESENTATIVE Democracy, people vote for one person who will then vote for ideas.
This form of government is when the king or queen has 100% control of the citizens.
It is very important not to share your Bank identification information—often referred to as a
how long does it take a check clear once you have put it in your bank account.
It is important to have enough money in your account at all times to cover your _____________checks
ATMs, debit cards, electronic check conversion, direct deposit, online banking, bill paying via a computer, and the wiring of funds.
Your bank must first get your permission to apply for overdraft services before you can be charged overdraft fees. Know as
is a service offered by banks that allows checking account holders to temporarily make purchases with a debit card even if they don't have sufficient funds in their account to cover them.
_________ is connected to your checking account and the money the is deductible from your account when you use it.
There can be fees for using ATMs if you are
An ____________is used for electronic monetary transactions. By inserting a plastic debit card that either has a magnetic stripe or a chip into the ATM machine
also known as e-banking, virtual banking, and online banking—refers to services that allow customers to access bank information, conduct financial transactions, make deposits and withdrawals, and pay bills electronically without visiting a bank
A benefit of this process is that it allows the distribution of glucose throughout plant cells
This is also known as cell eating.
Which of the following could be responsible for secreting proteins?
This is also known as cellular drinking
How many layers of phospholipids are in the cell membrane
What types of particles are able to passively diffuse across the membrane?
This term describes the processes by which a cell maintains stability while responding to changes.
blood clotting is a good example of...
The pancreas controlling blood glucose levels through the release of insulin is an example of...
How are you going to do on this test?
The fluid ___________ model describes the membrane as phospholipids and proteins that can drift in a bilayer.
The kinks in phospholipid tails are the result of...
This membrane component helps to stabilize the membrane at body temperature.
What membrane component could be used to match similar types of cells
These membrane components allow embryo cells to sort themselves into tissues and organs.
Which of the following is not a function of membrane proteins?
The passing of a message from a receptor to a specialized molecule is known as...
Which of the following will not passively diffuse across a membrane?
This membrane embedded protein provides a stronger framework for the membrane.
What types of particles can not pass through the membrane?
Which of the following is a type of passive transport?
The diffusion of water is known as...
When immersed in an isotonic solution cells will...
What type of solution causes plant cells to be turgid?
The use of transport proteins to move particles down their concentration gradient is known as...
What type of solution causes animal cells to shrivel?
This is the driving force for passive diffusion
Which of the following moves particles against their concentration gradient?
Which of the following is a protein commonly found in cells with high water transport needs?
This is the movement of chloroplasts through the cytoplasm along microtubules.
Why did Washington call up an army to crush the Whiskey rebellion
In his farewell address, Washington urged Americans
One of the major issues dividing the Federalist and Republican parties was



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