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What do you think the three mice will do to solve the problem?
Who called for a meeting?
Who agreed on the First plan?
1. Where will Dindo and his mother go?
2. What will they do in the province?
3. Who is his cousin?
4. What did he give Lola Ela?
5. Who is Kiko ?
6. Who were his aunt and uncle?
7. What did they feel when they saw Dindo?
8. Who did he see when he went to the lanyard?
9. What did they play with?
10. What did Dindo tell his mother after playing with Jerry?
1. What did Tuko want to be?
2. What did Tuko do to fulfill his dream?
3. What did his mother and friends tell him?
4. How do you think Tuko felt when everyone else told him that he cannot be a singing star?
5. How will you feel if your family and friends tell you cannot be what you want to be?
6. Did Tuko listen to those who told him that he cannot be a singing star?
7. If you were Tuko, would you listen or not listen to them? Why?
8. What did Tuko do when he did not listen to them?
9. What happened during Tuko’s recital?
10. Why did the audience go away?
1.What is family?
2.Who are the people talking in the story?
3.What is the main story of the poem?
4.Did you love your father and mother?
5.Who’s your love most in the family?
6.Who is the foundation of the family?
7.Who is the light of the family?
8.What is the type of the family you have?
9.How many siblings are you in the family?
10.Who are you in the family?
1.Kumakain Siya Ng Marami
2. Di Naghuhugas Ng Kamay Bago
3. Nagpupuyat Sa Gabi
4. Di Nagsisipilyo Pagkatapos Kumain
5. Di Kumakain Ng Prutas At Gulay
6. Naliligo Araw Araw
7. Nagsisipilyo Ng Ngipin Tatlong(3) Beses IsangAraw
8. Natutulog Sa Tanghali
9. Nag- EehersisyoArawAraw
10. Nag-Iipit Parati Ng Buhok( Para Sa MgaBabae)
1. palaging ganado at nakangiti si jelly anong pag-uugali meron siya?
2. Si Cath ay madalas nag wawala pag di nasusunod ang gusto niya. Anong pag uugali meron siya?
3. Ano ang mga pag-uugali ang meron dapat ang isang bata
4. Ano ang pag-uugali na dapat iwasan ng isang bata
5. Ang bata ay gumagamit ng PO at OPO pag sumasagot o nakikipag-usap sa nakakatanda. Anong pag uugali meron siya
6. Si Christine ay tumutulong sa gawaing bahay. Anong pag uugali meron siya
7. Alin sa pagpipilian na pag uugali ang tama
8. Tama bang sumama ka sa hindi mo kakilala
9. Pakikipagsuntukan sa kamag aral
10. Nakikipaglaro at nakikisalamuha sa kamag aral
What must a growing child need to eat most?
What sickness might you have of you will not eat food rich in Vitamin A ?
What can be avoided if you eat food rich in Vitamin C?
Which is a healthy snack?
Dinah is suffering from gum and nose bleeding. What mineral does she lack ?
Which should you eat most?
Which is rich in Vitamin A?
How can you avoid obesity?
Why do you need to follow the nutritional guidelines?
Which does NOT follow the nutritional guidelines?
What were the two superpowers during the Cold War Era?
What kind of war is described by the following sentence? This type of war involves military threats, arms buildups, and other techniques short of all-out war by the superpowers.
Of the following countries, which one was NOT a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council?
What was the main goal of the Truman Doctrine?
Where was the city of Berlin?
Which of the following alliances was formed to block communism in Europe?
Which of the following organizations is a trade organization?
What was the goal of the European Economic Community (EEC)?
What was the term “iron curtain” used to divide or separate?
All of the following satellite nations protested Communist rule in the 1950s and 1960s EXCEPT one. Which one?
What launch started the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union?
What is the ability to wipe nations off the planet with nuclear weapons?
Mao Zedong formed The People’s Republic of China. Of the following, what action did he NOT take?
Who wanted to use atomic bombs to end the Korean War?
What was the outcome of the Korean War?
Who controlled North Vietnam after the Geneva Accords?
What happened in Vietnam after the U.S. withdrew troops?
Approximately how many miles away were Soviet missiles from the coast of Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
What policy was used to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Who was and remains leader of Cuba?
What is an actor's job?
What is a director's job?
What is the stage manager's job?
What is an ensemble?
Which below is an example of GOOD audience etiquette?
Which below is NOT an example of a cue?
What is blocking?
What is NOT included in a script?
Who is the playwright?
What letter is cross abbreviated with?
What is NOT done during rehearsal?
Who is NOT a member of the production team?
Which of the following is the technical director NOT in charge of?
Also called try-outs.
The words the actors say.
What is the purpose of costumes?
What do you call the final rehearsal of a play?



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