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Which of the following has a charge of +1?
After British rule ended, why did India and Pakistan become separate countries?
Which is the tallest mountain in the world
All of the following describe rangoli except _____________.
Norman Borlaug is credited with creating what crop?
Winter monsoons are ________.
What is outsourcing?
A negative economic effect of monsoons is ____________.
Which South Asian country has a democratic government similar to the United State's government?
What is a benefit of monsoons?
Which South Asian country's government has struggled and is prone to military rule?
What is the main reason people use machines?
Which 2 things determine how much work it takes to do something?
What are simple machines?
An ax and knife are examples of a
What kind of simple machine is a wheel chair ramp?
A _____________ is a device that uses energy to do work.
In order to move something, you have to use
How many simple machines are there?
When you move something up or down an inclined plane it takes
A wedge is 2 inclined planes that meet.
The wider the wedge, the easier it is to move things apart.
A screw is a ___________ wrapped around a metal rod.
Screws hold things together.
The 2 parts to a lever are a board/bar and a
An example of a lever is a seesaw.
Wheels increase the amount of friction between things.
The wheel turns a greater distance with more force.
The axle turns a lesser distance with more force.
A gear is a _______________ with teeth.
Gears transfer force from one place to another.
Which organelle is responsible for moving material in and out of the cell
Simple diffusion is
A cell with 30% salt is placed in a cup with 50% salt. what will occur?
what is faciliated diffusion
which picture on the board respresents facilitated diffusion?
how is active transport different from faciliated diffusion
30% water outside the cell 80% water inside the cell which way will the water move?
the membrane of a cell is semi permeable. What does semi permeable mean?
which of the following has reached homeostasis
Limited government systems refer to a system where
The primary purposes of government include all of the following except
All of the following political systems would be considered Unlimited governments except:
The U.S. and Canadian border is an example of
A stateless nation refers to
The goal of the Palestine Liberation Organization is to
The movement that called for the return of the Jews to their homeland is referred to as
Which of the following does not describe Nationalism
Which is a major cause of conflict and discord in present-day Russia?
Americans putting the bumper sticker “We Support our Troops” is an example of
In which example did nationalism most clearly affect public policy
All of the following are true of the Indo-Pakistani conflict except:
All of the following resulted from the partitioning of India except:
Which of the following is not a cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict?
Which of the following factors has most affected Poland’s shifting borders?
The Iraqi and Saudi Arabian border is an example of
An important effect of mountain ranges, large rivers, and ocean coastlines on a country has often been
Which characteristics are shared by the political cultures of the United States, Great Britain and Mexico?
A theocratic government is often characterized by
Which citizenship practice best characterizes a dictatorship?
Group that shares language, physical appearance, and customs is a …..
Region of Africa that's mainly grassland, with many animals, and few trees
A group that share a common belief in god or gods is a ……
Apartheid is
What is desertification?
What was the result of the nationalist movement in Nigeria and Kenya?
What does an increase in literacy rate do to the skill level of human capital?
Who was in charge of South Africa after it gained independence from England?
What does poor soil and deforestation make farmland in Africa?
Splitting of family groups and conflicts between different groups are two problems with what?
The grassland region of the Sahel is decreasing due to what?
Why do few people live in the Sahara?
Why does unsafe water hurt economies in Africa?
Movement to develop unity among African people to solve common problems
What did ethnic groups in Nigeria fight over after gaining independence?
South African civil rights activist who became president
South African president who officially ended Apartheid
A person who is either Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, or Buddhist would be a part of a ____
Traditional African religious beliefs say ________ are important in daily life.
What is imperialism?
Tim grew 35 pumpkins and 30 watermelons, but the rabbits ate 15 pumpkins. How many pumpkins does Tim have left?
Perry scored 3 goals worth 2 points each in a game. Pat scored 8 goals worth 2 points each in the same game. How many points did the y score in all?
Lilly bought a package with 345 stickers in it. She made 8 sticker books with 4 stickers in each book. How many stickers did she have left?
Andrew wants to run 75 miles this month. The first week he ran 15 miles. The second week he ran 37 miles. How many miles does he have left to run?
Ryan is 6 years old. How many candles has Ryan had on all of his birthday cakes? Remember, he's had 6 birthdays!
Jada bought 1 eraser for 24 cents and 3 pencils for 5 cents each. How much did Jada spend?
Adam uses 7 pieces of paper each day at school for one week. How many sheets of paper does Adam use in all?
Mary made 156 bracelets to sell at the fair. She sold 46 bracelets on Saturday, and 78 bracelets on Sunday. How many bracelets does she have left to sell?
Gina has 20 groups of 10 pencils. 137 are sharpened. How many dull pencils does Gina have?
Ben and D'angelo went fishing. They each caught 11 fish. For dinner, they each ate 2 fish. How many fish do Ben and D'angelo have now?
People bought Indulgences to
Many of the Reformation leaders liked the idea of
King Henry VIII led the Reformation in England by forming
A series of meeting held by Catholic Bishops to help change some practices of the Catholic Church
This group led the opposition to the Catholic Church
A list of arguments written by Martin Luther against the Catholic Church's sale of indlugences
This invention helped the Reformation be successful
He believed in predestination
The idea that God has determined the outcome



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