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Who carries out the laws at the county level (Bryan County)?
Who decides what laws mean at the state level (Georgia)?
Who carries out the laws at the city level (Richmond Hill)?
Who decides what laws mean at the federal level (United States)?
Who makes the laws at the federal level (United States)?
Who makes the laws at the county level (Bryan County)?
Who makes the laws at the city level (Richmond Hill)?
Who makes the laws at the State level (Georgia)?
Stored energy
Energy of motion
Example of a fossil fuel
One type of nuclear reaction
Renewable resources do not include...
Batteries store ______________ energy.
Fusion and fission are examples of
Energy of compressed spring and stretched rubber bands...
Heat energy is
Which is not a form of energy?
Example of radiant, electromagnetic energy
Chemical potential energy is stored in...
Energy stored in bonds that hold compounds together...
How the sun makes its energy...
Which is kinetic energy?
Energy is the ability to do work or cause...
Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
Kinetic energy depends on ___________ and velocity.
Hydropower makes use of moving ___________ as an energy source.
Which is not an example of electromagnetic energy?
A rock moving from underground to above ground could be the result of
After lava flows from a volcano, the lava can become igneous rock due to which process?
A diagram of the rock cycle shows _________
Where can sedimentary rock be found?
Which of these actions can change sediment into metamorphic rock?
Which best describes one way igneous rocks form?
the scale used for determining the hardness of a mineral
heating and cooling
weathering and erosion
heat and pressure
Which geologic processes can change any type of rock into sediment?
What geologic process can change granite (igneous rock) into gneiss (metamorphic rock)
Which of these is NOT one of the 3 main rock types?
Which of these characteristics are found in sedimentary rocks?
What process changes pieces of rocks, minerals, other materials into sedimentary rock?
When it was discovered that nuclear missiles were heading to Cuba, the US acted by....
The reason for the unpopular draft was because of.....
All that television coverage of the Vietnam War had the effect of.....
One of the results of the Vietnam War that is still with us is.....
It becomes clear when one studies the Vietnam War that....
The 26th Amendment was passed because...
The space race started with......
The campaign to bomb the bejeebers out of North Vietnam was called...
The account given by American authorities about an incident in the Gulf of Tonkin was..
Our military was present in Vietnam during the presidency of.....
Which of the following best describes the environmental issue facing the United Kingdom?
Which of the following is not a major environmental issue facing Europe today?
Which of the following is not a system for government distribution of powe
A government system that restricts the citizen participation to a small, select group is
Which does not apply to the government system of the United Kingdom of Great Britain?
Which government system best describes that of Germany and Russia?
Which of the following statements best describes the election of the Prime Minister of the U.K.?
What is the legislative body of Russia named?
Who is the head of government in Germany?
What two leaders split the executive branch of Russia?
Cuando hace calor me pongo...
Cuando llueve llevo...
En el invierno siempre me pongo...
En el verano cuando hace mucho calor llevo...
Siempre me pongo...
Las chicos llevan...
Cuando hace mucho frio nunca me pongo...
How do you say belt in SPANISH?
All of the following are ways to say glasses except...
All of the following are clothing items EXCEPT...
Son las tres y media de la tarde.
Son las cinco y diez.
Es la una y veinticinco.
Es mediodia.
Son las doce en punto.
Son las ocho menos diez.
Es la una y cuarto.
Son las seis menos cinco de la mañana.
Es la una menos veinte.
Son las nueve menos veinticinco.
1. Which object that can be measured by ruler?
2. Which of the following can be used measure objects?
3. What is the used of Meter Stick?
4. Which are not belong to solid?
5. Which objects that can be measured long objects?
6. What devices used in determining the size of solids?
7. Which object that can be considered big and small?
8. What devices help to measure the length , width and height of solids?
9. Which is used to measured short objects?
10. Which object that cannot measured ruler and meter stick?
What is the title of a lesson plan?
What kind of animal is in the story?
Who is the Author of the story?
Who was the enemy of the three mice?
What kind of cat was Pat?
Why was the Pat the Cat their enemy?
What was the mice’s problem?



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