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The process that occurs when a gas changes into a liquid because of heat removal is called ___.
The process that occurs when a solid changes into a liquid because of the addition of heat is called ___.
The process that occurs when a liquid changes into a solid because of heat removal is called ___.
The process that occurs when a liquid changes into a gas is called ___.
The form of energy needed to change matter from one state to another is called ___.
A measure of the speed at which a material's particles move is called ___.
The amount of space that something takes up is called ___.
The type of change that does not involve the creation of an entirely new materials and chemicals is called a(n) ___.
The type of change that requires the addition of heat energy is called a(n) ___.
The type of change that requires the removal of heat energy is called a(n) ___.
How do the large, flat teeth of a cow help it survive?
What adaptive advantage do the stripes on a tiger provide?
Why do wolves have large sharp teeth?
Which animal has traits adapted for a water environment but not a land environment?
Human beings walk upright. What adaptive advantage does this provide?
Dairy cows now produce more milk per cow than ever before
A tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. Why do plant scientists make genetic crosses like this?
Grasses are very difficult to pull away from the ground. How do their root systems benefit grasses?
Why do dogs grows thicker fur in the winter and shed it in the summer?
Which organism would be most likely to survive if placed in another ecosystem
Ayer yo ___ (estar) con mis amigos.
Nosotros ___ (tener) que hacer todos los quehaceres de la casa.
Los estudiantes ___ (andar) hacia el auditorio.
Ella no ___ (venir) a la escuela ayer.
Jaime no ___ (querer) mucho a su ex novia.
Jaime le ___ (hacer) un pastel a su nueva novia.
Yo no ___ (poder) lo que me decías de Jaime.
Yo ___ (poner) mucho dinero en mi cuenta de ahorros.
¿Ya ___ (saber) tú lo que le pasó a Jaime?
No fuimos al baile porque no ___ (caber) en el coche.
Which piece of lab equipment would be used to measure the volume of a liquid?
Which variable is the one that a scientist changes at the beginning (on purpose)?
Which of the following is an example of adaptive bioengineering?
A student wants to test how the concentration of phophorus in a fertilizer affects plant growth. In designing this experiment the independent variable would be the __________________.
The control variable is
The dependent variable is
Which of the following is an example of assistive engineering?
The main biofuel on the market today is ethanol, a fuel made from corn. Which type of bioengineered product is ethanol?
An engineering company is testing a new weather-forecasting program. Which procedure would best verify that the program is making accurate predictions?
Which of these is the most likely intended benefit of laser eye surgery?
1. The scientific name for the European white water lily is Nymphaea alba. To which genus does this plant belong?
What kind of organism thrives in hot springs and other extreme environments?
Marty is studying two types of chimpanzees: Pan troglodytes and Pan paniscus. Based on their names, Marty can conclude that they
What is the name of the tool that lets you determine the identity of items
The Scientific Name is always written in what language?
Who is known as the father of taxonomy or classification?
An organism that can produce its own food is called a ____________________.
An animal with a backbone is called a _______________.
Heterotrophs __________________________.
Organism without a backbone are called _________________
Which process in the water cycle would be accelerated by an increase in temperature?
When light reflects off certain crystals in the atmosphere, effects called halos appear. Which substance in the atmosphere forms these crystals?
Which type of water reservoir could always provide freshwater?
Which factor causes surface ocean currents?
Which statement about ocean currents is accurate?
Hurricanes are driven by the energy they get from ocean water. Which property of water allows it to retain the energy needed to power a hurricane?
In regions where prevailing winds blow from the oceans to the shore, which of these is most likely to occur?
Hurricanes form over equatorial areas. This is because
Which of these has the greatest capacity for storing thermal energy from the Sun?
What would a warm air mass over the ocean most likely cause?
What major and potentially catastrophic events can be predicted to occur in the Northern Hemisphere between the months of June and November?
How do the conditions for a tornado differ from the conditions for a hurricane?
Storms transport water in the form of rain. The energy that starts this process comes from the
What information best helps a meteorologist predict the possibility of tornadoes developing in a certain area?
Which process causes water to move from the ocean to the atmosphere during the formation of a hurricane?
Which of these is associated with hurricanes?
Which is a factor that most likely would affect the climate in a particular area?
Hurricanes form over water and lose wind speed when they move over land. What does this pattern best illustrate?
Land heats up faster during the day than water does. As the beach gets warm during the day, it heats the air above it. The warm air rises and cool air from the ocean is pulled in to replace it. So, air flows from the ocean to the land. At night, the
Clay is watching the weather to prepare for a trip to the beach tomorrow. The forecast predicts that a lowpressure system will move in overnight. Which type of weather can Clay most likely expect in the morning?
A formal request
the government's power to take citizens private property for public use
the just and fair application of the law to an accused person's case
limited by law to a certain amount per household
a legal document that describes the place to be searched and the persons and/or things to be seized
the right to vote
trying a person a second time for the same crime
the requirement of men meeting qualifications to serve in the military
the rights guaranteed to all citizens
to formally accuse of a crime
My mother and Stacy arrived late, but _____ still enjoyed the day.
At the mall, we spent an hour in the ______ store I had ever seen.
Which is the run-on sentence?
Where does the semicolon (;) belong in the following sentence? Mary ran a strong campaign for class president however, she still finished second.
Where does a comma belong in the following sentence? My aunt and uncle live on Oak Street now but they are moving this summer.
Which is the BEST way to combine these sentence? The door to the workshop was locked. We had to call Mr. Higgins for the key.
Desmond finished his errands _____ than the other three students.
By the end of yesterday's game, Charlene _____ three goals for our team.
Which of the sentences below is a fragment?
In which sentence is the word bear used incorrectly?
Mehmed and Suleyman I led conquests that turned this empire into a world power.
This empire began in 1501 when Esma’il conquered Persia and made himself shah.
The shah of this empire defeated the Uzbek and took back lands that had been lost to the Ottomans.
This empire practiced Shiism.
This empire is located in northern India and was comprised of Turkish Muslims from Central Asia.
Persian Muslims



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