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What is the largest country in South America?
What country shares a border with the United States?
What is Mexico City's major environmental problem?
What is causing the destruction of the rainforest in Brazil?
Where is oil pollution a serious problem?
One of the largest urban areas in the world is centered around:
Cuando estoy de vacaciones, voy a dormir___ diez horas cada noche
Me caí en la calle _____________ no tener cuidado.
¿Puedes ir al banco_____________ cobrar este cheque?
El lunes _____ la noche, voy al baile.
Luis y su hermana Teresa salen ___________Alemania.
Mis vecinos van a hacer un viaje a Europa ________ barco.
¿__________quién es esta carta?
Mis alumnos están aquí ____ aprender algo, pero no quieren.
Don Quijote de la Mancha. fue escrita _ Miguel Cervantes.
Elena regresó ________________ sus llaves.
Un paquete llegó ____________ correo esta mañana.
Este paquete es ________ ti.
Este tren va directo _______________ Caracas, Venezuela
Su nieto es muy astuto __________________ su edad.
Te venderé este disco compacto ___________ cinco dólares.
___ niño de doce años, su sobrino es muy alto.
Me voy el sábado ______________ la tarde.
_____________ abrir la puerta, necesitas la llave.
Antonio está enfermo esta semana. José trabaja ________ él.
Trabajé en esa fábrica _________________ un año
Coronado, a Spanish explorer, claimed which part of the United States for Spain?
Explorers from Portugal made discoveries in -
Champlain established which French settlement in North America?
Who explored eastern Canada?
Who claimed the Mississippi River valley for France?
Which explorer established the French settlement of Quebec?
Which of the following were European explorers unable to accomplish?
Which explorer claimed the southwest area of the present day United States for Spain?
Which is the best example of a reason why European countries competed for power in North America?
European countries competed for power in North America to -
What was an obstacle faced by the explorers of North America?
Improved navigation tools and ships, claiming land, and exchanging goods and ideas are all examples of what?
The spread of Christianity is an example of what kind of motivation for exploration?
Light travels in a straight line until it interacts with an object, then it can be
When you look in a mirror, light is being
Rob lives in Alaska, he wants to paint his doghouse. What color should he paint it?
Susan lives in Florida, what color should she paint her new birdhouse?
Sound is produced when objects
Objects that vibrate slowly produce a
Objects that vibrate quickly produce a
Sound can travel through
Which travels faster, light or sound?
A red apple looks red because
the manner of a ruler's government / how one rules
a law made by a ruler
like a king
moral rightness / good vs. bad
the fancy clothing of a king
bene, bon
chron, temp
geo, terr
ject, jet
rota, volve
True of False - Anyone can do any job as long as he or she decides to do it.
True or False - The average person in the United States spends more time doing work activity than any other activity.
True of False - Most careers in the future will require more than a high school education.
True or False - Just wait the right job opportunity will come your way.
True of False - The majority of people spend their adult lives in the same career.
True or False - The amount of income you make affects the amount of federal taxes you will owe.
True of False - Some American citizens never pay any form of taxes.
True or False - Dealers set mileage limits on leased vehicles.
True or False - All homeowner's insurance policies have the same coverage.
True or False - You do not pay for insurance on a leased car.
True or False - If an item appreciates, it decrease in price.
True or False - One late payment can lower your credit score.
True or False - Lets say your roommate forgot to pay a cable bill. It was entirely his fault, but your name was on the bill. This will not lower your credit score.
True of False - There is such thing as good debt.
True or False - Renting and buying mean the same thing.
True or False - Debit cards are connected to funds in your bank account.
True or False - A plan of how you will spend the money you make or receive is called a budget.
True or False - People and businesses are required by law to reveal every term and cost attached to the credit they extend.
True or False - Even non-profit credit card counseling companies aren't guaranteed to help you get out of debt.
An internship is ...
Financial institutions offer a variety of services
Interest earned only on the principle
When Comparing Financial Institutions
The concept of___________is important for savers. The longer money is saved, the more its value can increase over time.
The True Cost of Credit or cost to borrow money
Simple Interest Formula
A formula can tell you how long it will take your money to double
A ______________primarily cashes checks and receives deposits. A teller must have a high school diploma. In addition, banks require background checks and often provide tellers with on-the-job training.1
You will receive more interest , if it is compounded _________
interest earned on both the principal amount and any interest already earned Interest earn on top of Interest
What are the two factors that scientist classify climate regions?



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