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In which sentence do you find personification?
Which idiom means -to stand by in good times and in bad?
Which of these sentences contains alliteration? Be careful here!
How many pieces of silver did Judas receive to betray Jesus?
What type of meal was Jesus sharing with his disciples?
How did Jesus say the person who would betray him could be identified?
When Jesus blessed the bread he said, Take this and eat it, for this is ______
When Jesus took the cup of wine, he said, Each of you drink from it, for this is _________
How did Judas identify Jesus to the armed men?
How man times did Peter deny knowing Jesus?
Jesus told Peter he would deny him three times before _________
After the Passover Meal Jesus went to _______________
After Jesus said one of them would betray him, the disciples responded with:
Jesus said that when we give to someone in need, that we shouldn't ....
Complete the statement: Give us this day our ______________
Complete the statement: and lead us not ________________
Complete the statement: Our Father, who art _____________
Complete the statement: Thy will _______________
Complete the statement: As we forgive those who _________________________
Complete the statement: For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the _______
Complete the statement: on earth as it is _____________
Jesus says that we will be forgiven if we
Complete the statement: and forgive us our ______________________
NO2 -
Iron(III) oxide
Magnesium Sulfide
Sulfuric Acid
Phosphorus trichloride
aluminum carbonate
Sodium Chloride
What do living things need to survive?
Of the items listed below, what are living things?
What needs electricity to work?
What helps a fish swim?
What is a herbivore?
Why do different birds have different beaks?
What makes its own light?
How many planets are in the solar system?
What tool would you use to measure coffee ?
When designing a chair, what do you need to make sure of?
What is a magnet attracted to?
Penguins have two layers of feathers...why?
When discussing the poles of a magnet, which best describes them?
What is made of wood?
What are the three states of matter?
What is easily stretched and goes back to its original shape?
What is an anemometer used for?
Name the lifecycle of a butterfly...
What are three paths an object may take?
Which would go faster and farther in relation to motion...
Used by France Britain to give Hitler what he wanted because they didn't want to have a repeat of WWI
The Non Aggression Pact was signed before WWII so these 2 countries wouldn't fight each other
The annexation of Czechoslovakia the invasion of Poland marked the start of :
Who wasn't an Axis Power?
This country entered WWII after the Japanese bombed of Pearl Harbor in 1941.
This event marked the Allies freeing France from Nazi control.
The Manhattan Project was the U.S. plan for ....
What cities in Japan were hit by the Atomic Bomb to save American Lives?
The Final Solution was Germany's plan to kill the ....
The laws passed in Germany in 1935 limiting Jewish Rights were the Nuremberg ......
The trials held in 1945-1946 to charge Nazi leaders for their role in the Holocaust were the Nuremberg ....
The country created as a Jewish Homeland was ....
Simple Machine
Wheel and Axle
Frame of Reference
Inclined Plane
Wheel and Axle
This event started in Europe right after WWI due to the reparations Germany had to pay because of the Treaty of Versailles
This event marked the start of the Great Depression in the United States in 1929
Where did the Great Depression start first?
Which style of government spread in Europe because of the Treaty of Versailles due to Nationalsm
led the Nazis in Germany
Led the Fascists in Italy
Led the Communists in the Soviet Union
Along with Tojo, _______ led the Japanese into WWII
What describes the taking of Small Farms in the Soviet Union turning them into large government run farms?
The Black Shirts were __________'s followers
About how far is it from Earth’s surface to its center?
Vibrations that travel through Earth’s interior are known as:
S-waves are able to pass through:
Which of the following is the correct order for the layers of Earth from coolest temperature to warmest temperature?
Older lithosphere plates are cooler plates, and therefore ____ than young plates.



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