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If you were living on the Arabian Peninsula, where would you go to look for water?
Your family has settled by an oasis so you can farm. What type of lifestyle do you live?
This city became the capital of the Islamic Empire, was one of the world’s richest cities, and a center of culture and learning:
What sect of Islam thought that only members of Muhammad’s family could become caliphs?
What is the name of the system based on Islamic sources and human reason that judges the rightness of actions taken?
What was important about Muhammad’s house?
What two forces joined together to invade and conquer Spain in 711 AD?
What is an Islamic achievement in astronomy?
What book is the basis for Sunnah, which provides a model for the duties and way of life of expected Muslims?
You are a Bedouin tribesman and your family has always moved around for protection and as the seasons changed. What type of lifestyle do you live?
Which of the following is an example of cultural diffusion?
What did Muhammad do when the rulers of Mecca began to threaten to kill him?
Babur established this empire, but it grew mostly under Emperor Akbar.
This empire took control of the eastern Mediterranean and parts of Europe until the early 1800’s.
This empire was a blend of Persian and Muslim traditions and lasted until the mid-1700’s.
Muslim Turkish warriors took this territory in the mid-1200’s.
Which of the following is NOT part of the Five Pillars of Islam?
Why did Muhammad’s teachings upset many people?
What two forms of literature were popular in the Muslim world?
What types of leaders were caliphs?
What type of climate does Arabia and North Africa have?
What Muslim philosophy focused teaches that people can find God’s love by having a personal relationship with God?
What sect of Islam thought it did not matter who was caliph as long as they were good Muslims and strong leaders?
What religious policy did most Muslim empires have toward Christians and Jews?
What is an Islamic achievement in medicine?
What was an Islamic achievement in geography?
Which of the following was NOT an empire or country defeated by Muslim armies?
Who became the first caliph after Muhammad’s death?
Which city was the largest and most advanced city in Europe by the 900’s AD and a showplace of Muslim civilization?
What area did Muslims make the most achievements in?
Who do Muslims believe spoke to Muhammad to make him a prophet?
What city finally accepted Islam as its religion in 630 AD?
What did Muslim artists use as an art form since they could not represent people or animals in paintings due to their religion?
What is an Islamic achievement in math?
What was the greatest Islamic architectural achievement?
What holy book records the messages Muhammad received and is the basis for Islam?
Which is the largest of the world's five oceans?
What connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?
What is the mountain range in Mexico?
Which body of water has many islands that draw tourists?
What is the largest country in South America?
What country shares a border with the United States?
What is Mexico City's major environmental problem?
What is causing the destruction of the rainforest in Brazil?
Where is oil pollution a serious problem?
One of the largest urban areas in the world is centered around:
Cuando estoy de vacaciones, voy a dormir___ diez horas cada noche
Me caí en la calle _____________ no tener cuidado.
¿Puedes ir al banco_____________ cobrar este cheque?
El lunes _____ la noche, voy al baile.
Luis y su hermana Teresa salen ___________Alemania.
Mis vecinos van a hacer un viaje a Europa ________ barco.
¿__________quién es esta carta?
Mis alumnos están aquí ____ aprender algo, pero no quieren.
Don Quijote de la Mancha. fue escrita _ Miguel Cervantes.
Elena regresó ________________ sus llaves.
Un paquete llegó ____________ correo esta mañana.
Este paquete es ________ ti.
Este tren va directo _______________ Caracas, Venezuela
Su nieto es muy astuto __________________ su edad.
Te venderé este disco compacto ___________ cinco dólares.
___ niño de doce años, su sobrino es muy alto.
Me voy el sábado ______________ la tarde.
_____________ abrir la puerta, necesitas la llave.
Antonio está enfermo esta semana. José trabaja ________ él.
Trabajé en esa fábrica _________________ un año
Coronado, a Spanish explorer, claimed which part of the United States for Spain?
Explorers from Portugal made discoveries in -
Champlain established which French settlement in North America?
Who explored eastern Canada?
Who claimed the Mississippi River valley for France?
Which explorer established the French settlement of Quebec?
Which of the following were European explorers unable to accomplish?
Which explorer claimed the southwest area of the present day United States for Spain?
Which is the best example of a reason why European countries competed for power in North America?
European countries competed for power in North America to -
What was an obstacle faced by the explorers of North America?
Improved navigation tools and ships, claiming land, and exchanging goods and ideas are all examples of what?
The spread of Christianity is an example of what kind of motivation for exploration?
Light travels in a straight line until it interacts with an object, then it can be
When you look in a mirror, light is being
Rob lives in Alaska, he wants to paint his doghouse. What color should he paint it?
Susan lives in Florida, what color should she paint her new birdhouse?
Sound is produced when objects
Objects that vibrate slowly produce a
Objects that vibrate quickly produce a
Sound can travel through
Which travels faster, light or sound?
A red apple looks red because
the manner of a ruler's government / how one rules
a law made by a ruler
like a king
moral rightness / good vs. bad
the fancy clothing of a king
bene, bon
chron, temp
geo, terr
ject, jet



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