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No, no me gusta el ajedrez, es ___________.
_____ María le gusta la fiesta.
No, no me gustan los animales, no son ___________
Las hamburguesas son deliciosas, me ___________ mucho.
A Pablo y a Miguel ________ gusta la comida china.
Marisol es mi amiga. A _______ _______ gusta el helado.
Minerals mix together to form what?
Which is NOT a good characteristic to use when identifying a type of mineral?
What test is used to determine the mineral's powder form?
What mineral is the hardest?
What test is used to determine the mineral's hardness?
What is the name of the scale that rates a minerals hardness?
What mineral is the softest?
True or False? Minerals are non-living organisms.
True or False? Minerals are important to soil.
True or False? Minerals can be used to make jewelry.
What mineral is identified by MOHS scale?
Which is not a property of a mineral?
Stan saw tiny crystals inside of a rock. He should know that the rock has ...
When a mineral breaks with rough edges, it is said to have the property of ...
Fossils are made from organisms that are extinct. What does this mean?
What does a fossil with hair or skin still attached to it tell us about that organism?
True of False? There are not any minerals that are magnetic.
What type of fossil has a raised shape that looks like the original organism that once was in that space?
What type of fossil is made from the resin (sap) of a tree?
What type of fossil has an empty space remaining once it has been broken in half?
Worshipping a false god
A queen might wear one of these...
Look out the window and you may see a __________scene.
Spring flowers carry a _________odor.
Your thanks isn't necessary; it is a __________action.
If you graduate and don't find a job, you may live a __________life.
The fact that school will come to an end is___________.
Don't _________ by paper with bad citations.
A good word to describe school towards the end of the year :)
Please listen to these...people may be trying to help you.
The prefix in this word helps us to understand its meaning- because it means not
שורש ד.ב.ר זמן עבר אנחנו
זמן עבר ,הם שורש א.ח.ר
שורש ק.ב.ל זמן עבר, את
שורש ח.פ.ש זמן הווה. אני
שורש מ.ה.ר זמן עבר אתם
שורש ל.מ.ד זמן הווה, היא
זמן עבר היא שורש נ.ג.נ
שורש ט.י.ל זמן הווה הן
זמן עבר ,אתה, שורש פ.ס.ל
שורש א.ב.ד ,זמן הווה ,הן
When is Christmas?
When is Valentine's Day?
When is New Year's Eve?
When is New Year's Day?
When is Easter this year?
What is the last day of the school year this year?
When is Halloween?
When is your birthday?
Listen to the teacher and say the date
Listen to your teacher and say the date.
Para nadar, adónde vas?
Conjuga (conjugate) IR en la forma tú
para ir de compras, adónde vas?
_____________ está el restaurant? Ah, el restaurante está en la calle 67.
___________ es tu color favorito? Mi color favorito es verde.
__________ cuesta la comida? La comida cuesta 8 dólares
________son ellos? Ellos son de Los Estados Unidos
Conjuga el verbo IR en la forma ellos, ellas o ustedes
Adónde vas para correr?
____________ estás? Yo estoy bien, gracias.
Adónde van los estudiantes para estudiar?
Carl drives at an average of 60 miles per hour. How many hours will it take him to drive 240?
The movie Gone With The Wind is 3 hours and 42 minutes long. How many minutes long is the movie?
What is 70% of 30?
Joe played a game and won 24 out of 100 times. What percentage of games did Joe win?
An office supple store states the 4 out of 5 customers are happy with the delivery service. What percentage is this?
Which of the ordered pairs is NOT a solution of y = 5x + 10?
Sunny Lawn Care charges $25 per visit plus $2 one time fee. Which equation models this situation?
Katie and her 3 friends each owe $2 for dinner. How much was the total cost of dinner?
The scale on a map is 1 inch = 50 miles. If Cincinnati, OH is about 300 hundred miles from Chicago, IL, about how far apart are the 2 cities on the map?
Find the surface area of a cube with a side length of 9.4 yds.
Solve: 12 + y = 23
Solve: y + 76 = 230
A rectangular prism has a volume of 1,080 ftcubed. The height of the prism is 8 ft, and width is 9 ft. What is the length of the prism?
Which figure has the greatest number of faces?
Which figure has a circular base?
Jerome know the radius of a baking pan. He needs to estimate the pan's area. Which method can Jerome use to estimate the area?
find the area of a right triangle with legs measuring 14 cm and 25 cm.
Find the area of a rectangle with the length 3 in and width 12 in
Shelley has a bookshelf that is 48.75 inches long. If Shelley's textbooks are each 3.5 inches wide, how many books can Shelley fit on a shelf?
Josh's violin lessons star at 8:55 am and last 95 minutes. What time will Josh's lessons end?
Whose idea is it to rebel and take control of the farm?
What event starts the Rebellion?
This character thought that hard work is always the solution
Leon Trotsky is symbolized by the character of
Napoleon symbolizes
Squealer symbolizes
Mr. Frederick symbolizes
Czar Nicholas II is symbolized by
The laws of Animalism are contained in
The original name of Animal Farm was
This character is always grouchy and never sees the positive side of things
The sheep would often repeat this until chapter 10



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