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Who fought for the rights of slaves and helped end slavery?
Who helped America by working towards a Greaty Society?
Who was handicapped with Polio and used a wheelchair?
Why did Henry the VIII leave the Catholic Church
Who nailed the 95 these statement against the church door in Wittenburg
Catholic church's responses to the Reformation is called what?
What does the Word Renaissance mean in Latin
The idea that god knows in advanced who will be saved
A reduction of all or part of the sin through monetary donations
selling of church offices
Means a separation of religion in all aspects of society
A person who left the catholic church
burning of science books
A push or pull that makes something move is called a
A movement forward is called a
A movement backwards is called a
Something that goes forward or backwards is called
A yo-yo pulls when it
A baseball bat pushes when it
When the flag goes up the pole the rope is being
To close a door you would need to do this:
To open a door, you would need to do this?
When you put on your socks, you must do this to get them over your toes:
A force is a _________ or ____________ that makes something move.
This kind of surface makes objects move slowly:
This kind of surface makes objects move faster:
A ball will roll faster on
When Mendel crossed pure tall pea plants with pure short pea plants, all of the offspring were tall because the gene for tall is...
The likelihood that a particular event will occur is called a....
The male reproductive part of a flower is the...
A tall plant is crossed with a short plant. The phenotype would be...
The long, black hair of a cat is part of its...
The alleles BB for black hair and LL for long hair are part of the cat's....
The _______ is the second generation of offspring from a cross of two organisms.
A(n) __________ is a different form of gene.
The sperm of plants are in tiny grains of ________.
A cross between two different traits is called a _______ cross.
A dog that has identical genes for brown fur is __________for that trait
A pea plant has one gene for yellow flowers and another gene for white flowers. This plant is ________for flower color.
The _______ of an organism describes how it looks
The __________ of an organism shows genes for that trait.
the chemical makeup of a rock; describes either the minerals or other materials in the rock
the quality of a rock that is based on the sizes, shapes, and positions of the rock's grains
a rock texture that has small grains that can only be seen using a magnifying glass or microscope
a rock texture that has large grains that are easy to see with our eyes
a rock texture in between fine and coarse
molten or melted rock inside the Earth's surface
molten or melted rock that reaches the Earth's surface
rocks that form when hot liquid rock cools and hardens
igneous rock that forms from magma that pushes into surrounding rock below Earth's surface and then cools
igneous rock that forms when lava erupts onto Earth's surface
Obsidian is often called this because it looks like glass
long cracks in the Earth's crust where lava and erupts and flows sometimes
rock that forms when sediment or pieces become cemented together
a type of sedimentary rock that forms when sediment are buried, compacted, and cemented together by calcite or quartz
a type of sedimentary rock that forms when water, usually seawater, evaporates and leaves the minerals behind
a type of sedimentary rock that forms from the remains, or fossils, of once-living plants and animals
rock that forms when temperature and pressure or chemical processes change rock
the metamorphic process in which mineral grains are arranged in planes or bands called folliations
the metamorphic process in which minerals grains are NOT arragned or aligned in planes or bands
the rising of regions of the Earth's crust to higher elevation and increases the erosion rate
the sinking of regions of Earth's crust to lower elevations
an area of deep cracks that forms between two tectonic plates that are pulling away from each other
a lack of courage
An order with the same authority as a law
without end
To speak in a chanting tone
to make a determination
A false compliment
Unclear, Vague
To misuse something sacred
showing contempt
to jeer
To act energetically
Someone who wants war
The tree danced like a ballerina in the wind
His red nose was like a silly clown.
Introduces the characters and the setting
Is the part where the character and the conflict come face to face and the character changes
The clouds danced across the sky
She was so hungry that she ate a horse
when you can see the words in your head
This is a fictional story that uses real things from the past
this is when a person writes a story or book about themselves
Who was from the state of Texas?
Who was from Boston, Massachusetts?
Who had a house located in Warm Springs, GA?
Who lived in Arizona and California?
Who lived in South Carolina?
Who lived in Hyde Park, NY?
Who grew up in a Quaker church in Massachusetts ?
Who was known as First Lady of the World?
Who fought in the American Revolutionary War?
Who travele giving speeches about women's rights?
Who carries out the laws at the federal level (United States)?
Who carries out the laws at the state level (Georgia)?



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