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The formula for average speed is _________.
Which is a metric unit for speed?
On a distance-time graph increasing distance from the start at a constant speed is represented by a __________
On a distance-time graph decreasing distance from the start at a constant speed is represented by a __________
On a distance-time graph being at rest is represented by a __________
Bob bikes 20 km in 2 hours. Calculate his average speed.
Sara walks at a speed of 5 km/hr for 3 hours. How far did she walk?
Al ran at a speed of 15 km/hr for 7.5 km. How long did he run?
Jess ran 100 m. It took her 5 seconds to get from 50 m to 100 m. What was her speed
Mark swam 500 meters across the lake in 20 minutes. Calculate his average speed.
Contains additional number formats specific to your country. In the United States, there are four (Zip Code, Zip Code+4, Phone Number, and Social Security Number); in Canada, there are two (Phone Number and Social Insurance Number); in most other cou
This format displays days, months, and years in the mm/dd/yyyy style by default.
Where do you go to change the vertical alignment of a cell's contents?
When you enter numbers, the content is ______________aligned by default.
What group on the home ribbon do you find the command to insert or delete cells in your spreadsheet?
What command do you use to apply a background color to cells in a worksheet?
Cheyanna notices that the data in cell E4 reads #######. What command could she choose to correct this problem?
On what ribbon can you find the command to apply a fill color to a cell or range of cells in a worksheet?
Which quick-number style button formats numbers to display as currency in the worksheet? *Hint: This format left-aligns the dollar sign in each cell.
Kathryn needs the title in cell A1 to align horizontally across cells A1 through D1. Which alignment option should she select?
Which dialog box contains the commands to specify an exact date and time format to use for a selected cell in a worksheet?
You would like to outline the cell range A1:F20. Which formatting style should you select?
Jacob would like to apply a rule to the data in cell range A1:D20 that will highlight numbers greater than 20,000 with a green fill color and dark red text. Which formatting style should he select?
Column D in a spreadsheet contains Product Prices. Which formatting would be most appropriate for the data in column D?
Column D in a spreadsheet contains employee ID Number. Which formatting would be most appropriate for the data in column D?
Which command do you use to increase the margin between the border and the text in an indented cell?
Net worth is a measure of your what?
What is the formula for Net Worth?
Does having a high income indicate that you have a high net worth?
The purpose of this is to show the financial condition of a person or family on a specified date, made up of assets, liabilities, and net worth.
What is a Statement of Financial Position also sometime called?
What are the 3 main components of a Statement of financial position?
Everything that a person owns that has a monetary value is referred to as this.
This is a debt or obligation owed to others.
Balance on a credit card would be placed in this section of a statement of financial position.
Money in a checking account would be placed in this section of a statement of financial position.
Money in a 401 K or an IRA would be placed in this section of a statement of financial position.
Car loan would be placed in this section of a statement of financial position.
You took out a home mortgage for 15 years and you still owe 30,000 but the bank has told you if you paid if off today you could do it for 24,000 because you would avoid the future interest payments. What amount would you record under the liability s
Where would things such as bills paid on a regular basis such as gas, power, or rent go on your statement of financial position?
How can you increase your Net Worth?
How often should you create a Statement of Financial Position?
What does liquidity refer to?
What was the capital of the Aztec empire?
What was the language of the Aztec?
Which items show the Aztec had advanced knowledge?
What did the Spanish do to the Aztec art and architecture after they conquered the Aztec?
Cortés is most famous for which deed?
What did Montezuma do to Cortés and his men as they approached Tenochtitlan?
Which was a result of the defeat of the Aztec?
What did Cortés do to Montezuma after the two met?
About how long was Spanish rule in Mexico after Cortés conquered the Aztec?
Who was the ruler of the Aztec when Cortés arrived in Mexico?
What did Montezuma give Cortés when they met?
What had Montezuma done before the arrival of Cortés that made him a great leader in the eyes of his people?
What did Montezuma get from people he conquered?
The Arabian Peninsula lies near the intersection of what three continents?
If you are a Muslim who believes that it is your duty to convert people to Islam, what is an extreme way you might try to achieve that goal?
What Muslim belief is similar to Christianity and Judaism?
If you are calling Muslims to come pray in the mosque, where would you stand?
If you were living on the Arabian Peninsula, where would you go to look for water?
Your family has settled by an oasis so you can farm. What type of lifestyle do you live?
This city became the capital of the Islamic Empire, was one of the world’s richest cities, and a center of culture and learning:
What sect of Islam thought that only members of Muhammad’s family could become caliphs?
What is the name of the system based on Islamic sources and human reason that judges the rightness of actions taken?
What was important about Muhammad’s house?
What two forces joined together to invade and conquer Spain in 711 AD?
What is an Islamic achievement in astronomy?
What book is the basis for Sunnah, which provides a model for the duties and way of life of expected Muslims?
You are a Bedouin tribesman and your family has always moved around for protection and as the seasons changed. What type of lifestyle do you live?
Which of the following is an example of cultural diffusion?
What did Muhammad do when the rulers of Mecca began to threaten to kill him?
Babur established this empire, but it grew mostly under Emperor Akbar.
This empire took control of the eastern Mediterranean and parts of Europe until the early 1800’s.
This empire was a blend of Persian and Muslim traditions and lasted until the mid-1700’s.
Muslim Turkish warriors took this territory in the mid-1200’s.
Which of the following is NOT part of the Five Pillars of Islam?
Why did Muhammad’s teachings upset many people?
What two forms of literature were popular in the Muslim world?
What types of leaders were caliphs?
What type of climate does Arabia and North Africa have?
What Muslim philosophy focused teaches that people can find God’s love by having a personal relationship with God?
What sect of Islam thought it did not matter who was caliph as long as they were good Muslims and strong leaders?
What religious policy did most Muslim empires have toward Christians and Jews?
What is an Islamic achievement in medicine?
What was an Islamic achievement in geography?
Which of the following was NOT an empire or country defeated by Muslim armies?
Who became the first caliph after Muhammad’s death?
Which city was the largest and most advanced city in Europe by the 900’s AD and a showplace of Muslim civilization?
What area did Muslims make the most achievements in?
Who do Muslims believe spoke to Muhammad to make him a prophet?
What city finally accepted Islam as its religion in 630 AD?
What did Muslim artists use as an art form since they could not represent people or animals in paintings due to their religion?
What is an Islamic achievement in math?
What was the greatest Islamic architectural achievement?
What holy book records the messages Muhammad received and is the basis for Islam?
Which is the largest of the world's five oceans?
What connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?
What is the mountain range in Mexico?
Which body of water has many islands that draw tourists?



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