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Who was the new leader of the apple stealing group? How did he treat Liesel?
Liesel peeked at Max's latest drawings, and said it scared her. What was it?
After being covered in cow manure, Rudy said he needed a win, so Liesel and him decided to steal something. Where did they go and what did they steal?
What became official on October 1941 as stated by Rudy?
Rudy stole from the grocery the biggest potato of them all. How did he get out of being arrested?
What question did Franz Deutscher repeatedly ask Rudy that he deliberately answered wrong, resulting in many beatings?
Viktor tossed Liesel's book into the river, and Rudy rescued it, staying in the river longer than necessary. Why?
How did Liesel react to the mayor's wife firing Rosa? What did she do? How does this show bravery?
How is the Power of Words seen in these chapters? Give an example, and explain.
Why do you think Rudy is always asking Liesel for a kiss? Will he ever receive it?
Max is constantly imagining defeating the Fuhrer in many ways. Explain one way how he imagines this from Part 4 5.
Which Intelligence Category would be best described as using language to present your ideas, express your fellings and/or to persuade others?
Which Intelligence would be best described as reasoning and recognizing the numerical relationships between things?
Which intelligence could be described as between people - understanding the feelings, needs and purposes of others?
Which intelligence could be described as within the self - Understanding your own interior thoughts and feelings in a very clear way?
Which intelligence is associated with creating and interpreting images, shapes and thinking in 3 dimensions?
Which intelligence is associated with creating and feeling rhythm to express a mood or idea?
Which intelligence is associated with feeling and expressing things physically, doing hands-on work?
Which intelligence is associated with an understanding of plants, animals and their relationship to the outdoor environment as well as classifying them?
What was the name of the psychologist dude who came up with this theory of multple intelligences?
True or False - If I am lower in a specific intelligence area it means that I cant be succesful in things that focus on that area?
_________ is the code or blueprint that is stored in the cell's hereditary material.
_______ is used to carry the code for making proteins out of the nucleus.
_____________ is in RNA but not in DNA.
DNA looks like a __________________________.
What is the DNA pair for the following DNA sequence? A C G T
What is the mRNA for the following DNA sequence? C T G A
__________ is a natural process that changes a DNA sequence. It is like a typo of the DNA code.
A mutation where one letter of the DNA code is substituted for another is called a __________.
A mutation where one letter is added to the DNA code is called an ___________.
A mutation where one letter is taken out of the DNA code is called a __________.
Which of the following space objects is a satellite?
When a satellite always keeps the same side toward the object it is orbiting, the satellite is
Which of the following natural phenomena is partly caused by Earth's revolution around the sun?
According to Kepler's third law of planetary motion,
According to Kepler's first law of planetary motion,
_________ observed “orbital anomalies” such as when Mars moved backward in its orbit.
____________ is credited with developing the telescope which magnified objects up to 3X.
___________ designed and built his own telescope. This telescope could magnify objects up to 20X.
Kepler was Brahe’s assistant and they didn’t get along very well. Because of this, Brahe set Kepler the task of understanding the orbit of _________.
If the planets closer to the sun don't_______________, they'll fall into the sun.
a possible situation, an imagined sequence of events
to decide something
pictue, a visual depiction of something
theme or focus
narrative writing, literature, worthwhile body of work
large area of level land
the choice of roads taken to get to a certain place
to support protectively
to study something closely
to change and grow
a diffrence, something that is diffrent
the perspective of which a writer or person present information
a person portrayed in a novel
to decide something
theme or focus
part of the book that helps you locate or learn something
to speak in a dull monotonous manner
a number of animal kept feeding or moving together
without purpose
undeveloped land or country areas
How did mountains, rocky plateau, cold climate, and large deserts impact early settlements in Inner China?
Before the Shang dynasty ruled the entire area around the Huang He, China was ruled by many small clans who each had their own kings. What was one major goal for each clan?
Why were Shang kings buried with bronze vessels, and weapons, food, jade ornaments, and chariots?
Why were Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism developed when they were?
The Emperor of Qin contributed to society in many positive ways. Please choose the answer that is NOT a contribution made by the Emperor Qin.
What is one way Emperor Qin Shihuangdi hurt China, rather than helped?
If you wanted to create an empire, you might take lessons from Qin Shihuangdi. What is one lesson he might give you about how you could unify different states into one country?
Which of the following did NOT lead to the end of the Qin dynasty?
Which of the following would be the best description of the Han dynasty?
How did the invention of silk increase trade in China?
Where did most people in ancient China live?
Which of the following made traveling in the Taklamakan Desert dangerous?
Which land form is located in the southwestern part of outer China?
A system of government based on landowners and tenants.
The state of matter described as having a flexible shape and a flexible volume.
The state of matter described as having a flexible shape and a definite (inflexible) volume.
The state of matter described as having a definite (inflexible) shape and a definite (inflexible) volume.
What term describes the amount of force that moving gas molecules apply to the inside walls of their containers?
A measure of how hot or cold something is because of its moving particles is called ___.



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