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Be quiet and considerate when you walk through the _____________.
When Ms. Davis gives new directions she wants you to ____ your activity and listen carefully.
You can not sit on that chair because it is _____, and I am afraid you will get hurt.
If the whole school learned a dance, we could have a ______ dance party.
Samantha is a high achiever; she has a lot of _________.
What is used to measure precipitation (rain)?
What is ised to measure the temperature outside?
A ver cloudy day means that it might ____________________.
When we are observing the weather, we can see _________________.
When observing the weather, we can feel ____________________.
Which word is NOT a season?
Which season is cold and snowy?
Which season is hot and stormy?
The sun gives us ______________________.
Which season comes AFTER summer?
Which countries made up the Axis Powers?
Which event caused Great Britain and France to declare war against Germany?
What caused the USA to enter WWII?
Which president made the decision to drop the atomic bomb?
Which battle is considered the turning point on the Pacific Theater?
Which country was an Axis power, but switched sides?
Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain that inspired people with his speeches?
Who was the leader the Soviet Union during WWII?
Where did the USA drop the atomic bomb?
What political party was Adolf Hitler the leader of in Germany?
Who founded Christianity?
Who founded Judaism?
Who founded Hinduism
Who founded Buddhism?
Who founded Islam?
Sacred symbol of Islam
Sacred Hindu Text
Place of worship for Hindus
The trip all Muslims must take
The name of the main Hindu God
Which is the oldest religion
Which religion has the second most followers
The key to escaping suffering
Name of the city with the Kaaba
Holy location for Hindus and Buddhists
Name of Jewish clergy
How old is Arden?
How old is Shayne
The mural was painted with a _____ of colors.
A population in a _____ can exceed 20 million.
The _____ form and singular form of fish are the the same.
My teach plans _____ lesson that involve more than one subject at a time.
The _____ society built shrines to each of its gods.
_____ literally translates to big lizard.
_____ is increasing in communities as more and more people move from other countries to the U.S.
Computers are _____ tools, providing information in various formats such as video, text, and photos.
We had to classify _____ based on the number of sides they had.
He knew his responsibilities would _____ after his promotion.
Which is an synonym for multiply?
Which is an antonym for pluralism?
Which is a synonym for multitude?
Which is an example of a polygon?
Which is not related to a Megalosaurus?
Which of these is related to polytheistic?
Which of these is related to the word megalopolis?
Which is an antonym for plural?
Which of these is related to multimedia?
Which of these is not an example of multidisciplinary?
The people of Ancient Egype created an advanced civilization. More than 6,000 years ago, they developed a calendar with 360 days divided into 12 months. The people made paper and learned to write. They build huge monuments with machines they invented
Microchips provide the power for wristwatches. They are also the brains in our computers, and they control robots. These chips are used in video games and space shuttles. They make our cameras, radios, and televisions small and light.
Dogs have been called our best friends, but they are also good helpers. They can be used in many ways. Some dogs hunt while others guard animals and property. Boxers and German shepherds are trainer to lead people who are blind.
Doctors think that wearing red-tinted glasses can relieve sadness. Some people get very moody and sad in the winter. They may be affected by the brief days. Bright lights help some people but not everyone.
When you take a multiple-choice test, do you ever change your answers? Some scientists think that it is a smart thing to do. They found out that most students who change their answers make the right decisions and make better scores on their tests.
Many people in India don't eat beef, but they still find many uses for cattle. Cows provide milk for drinking and for other dairy products. Young cattle are used for plowing fields and carrying big loads.
In real life, rattlesnakes try to avoid people and seldom attack. Most people are bitten only after they step on these snakes. A rattlesnake may not even inject its poison when it bites. In fact, more Americans die from insect stings than from bites.
Kitty O'Neil wanted to become a stunt person. She performed incredible stunts, such as 100-foot falls. O'Neil has been deaf since birth. She says she can concentrate better than most people who can hear. She is not bothered by the sounds around her.
The Smoky Mountains are in the southern part of the United States. They are not named smoky because they are on fire. They are named for the smoky haze that hangs over the range. Part of the range has been made a national park.
Fairy tales are thought of as children's stories, but some versions have a surprising amount of violence in them. Because the violence is so clearly imaginary, most adults don't think of the stories as frightening.
Find the correct meaning for the idiom in this sentence. Sophia was tickled pink when she won the contest.
Find the sentence that contains a metaphor.
Which sentence contains a simile?
In which sentence do you find personification?
Which definition matches the idiom in this sentence? Don't try to worm your way out of it.
Alliteration can be heard in which phrase?
Which sentence has a simile?



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