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el agua
en punto
de la noche
comprar = to be
clock = reloj
descansar = to where
biblioteca = break
la merienda = snack
the actionor fact of forming a united whole
a passage in a piece of writing that smoothly connects two topics
a style of writing not influnced by personal feelings
a style of writing that involces personal opinion and expression
standards, models, or patterns
branch of learning or instruction
used in conversation
in written work, flow is a logical, smooth progression of words and ideas
consisting of a series of related ideas
the ways in which something is usauly done
In most modern dictatorships, the intentions of the leader are for ONESELF (not the citizens).
Which of the following is NOT true about a dictator?
When we vote on an idea (not a person), what type of government is this?
The leader has intentions for the people in which form of government?
There are several countries that still have monarchies today.
A prime minister is the name of a leader in which form of government?
A dictator has the same meaning as a tyrant.
A dictator is like a monarch because . . .
Abraham Lincoln is a leader in which of the following types of government?
A dictator comes into power by . . .
Jerusalem was systematically destroyed by the
How many regions are in Palestine?
Galilee, Samaria, Judea, and Perea were administrative districts in...
Best known religious group in Jesus' day was
What is the name of the execution grounds where Jesus was crucified?
What is the literature called that was written between the Old Testament and the Gospels?
At what age did Jesus realize his special mission in life?
The Apocrypha is the name for the noncanonical books
Which of the following is a teaching of Jesus:
The parable was the favorite teaching device of Jesus.
Simplify 3x+2x
Simplify 2x+5x+2
Solve 2x-1x=5
Solve 7x=49
Solve 8x=56
Solve 3x+2x=25
Solve 8x-2x=36
Solve 8x+2x+3=33
Solve 2x+2+2x=26
Which city-state was a democracy?
How long were Spartan men in the army?
In which ciity state did the women have more right?
Which city-state had a strong navy?
Which city state participated in the Olympics?
Which city-state left imperfect babies to die?
Which city-state's government was an Oligarchy?
Which city-state enjoyed fancy foods and fancy clothing?
In which city-state did the people exercise a lot?
At what age did Spartan boys start their military training?
I ___ a book now
They always ___ coffee in the morning.
She usually ___ up at 8.00.
We ___ lunch now.
You __ to the cinema every Monday.
Be quiet! The baby ____.
I often ___ my breakfast at 6.00.
He ___ his hair every day.
They ___ at the moment
The Earth ___ around the sun.
I never ___ dinner.
Kate ___ green eyes.
They ___ German this year.
You usually ___ to school.
Evidence for evolution can be seen in...
Evidence for evolution can be seen in...
Evidence for evolution can be seen in...
Natural selection was proposed by...
When many similar but distinct species evolve relatively rapidly from a single species, this is called...
Analogous structures mean
Analogous structures result from
The horses hoof, the human hand, the wing of a bird are examples of
When two species of a population becomes separated and they diverge to be two new species, this is called
Which is not a part of cell theory?
Having many nuclei 'breaks the rule' of cell theory. Which cell type has many nuclei?
Cells are normally very small. Which of these 'breaks the rules' of cell theory?
What's the name of the man who coined the word 'cell'?
Which of these phrases is most useful to explain the term 'emergent properties'
An organisms entire set of genes is called the...
What is a stem cell?
What is the disease of the retina that can be treated by stem cells?
What does a prokaryote have that a eukaryotic cell would not have?
What do eukaryotic cells have that prokaryotic cells do not have?
Which organelle is responsible for respiration?
Which organelle is responsible for
Nosotros vamos _______________ para bailar.
Estoy __________ , tengo fiebre.
Voy a _______________ al fútbol este fin de semana
______________ empieza el partido de fútbol?
Voy a ________________ de cumpleaños para Ángela
A qué hora vamos a comer cena _____________________?



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