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Then Jesus breathed on disciples and said, Receive the
Who was not with the other disciples when Jesus came?
What did Thomas say when they other disciples said that they have seen the Lord?
After Jesus appeared to the disciples the first time, how many days later did Jesus appeared to the disciples again?
How many disciples are there?
Jesus said to Thomas, You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe _________
Why are the miracles included in the Bible?
Jesus told Thomas, Don't be faithless any longer. _______!
What is an antonym for accordingly?
What is an antonym for accumulate?
What is an antonym for affluent?
What is an antonym for cultivate?
What is an antonym for destitute?
What is an antonym for inadvertently?
What is an antonym for magnanimous?
What is an antonym for sagacious?
What is an antonym for solicit?
What is an antonym for undaunted?
A formula with the lowest whole # ratio of elements in a compound is called ______________.
A chemical formula that shows the actual # and kinds of atoms present in one molecule of a compound is called ____________.
Which of the following is an empirical formula?
All of the following are empirical formulas EXCEPT
Which of the following is the correct empirical formula for C4H10?
A substance has a molecular formula of C8H10N4O2. The empirical formula is
A compound is 25.9% nitrogen and 74.1% oxygen. Find its empirical formula.
Determine the empirical formula for a compound with 87.1% Ag and 12.9% S.
The empirical formula of a substance is CH2O. Its molar mass is 180. What is the molecular formula?
Epinephrine (adrenaline) is a hormone secreted into the bloodstream in times of stress. It contains 59.0% C, 7.15% H, 26.20% O, and 7.65% N and has a molar mass of 183 g/mol. What is its molecular formula?
Anything on the page that is not actual text, from simple line drawings to fully active images found on the World Wide Web.
The number of colors per pixel that can be contained in an image?
Refers to how an image is saved in order to reduce the file size?
Reduces the file size without losing any pixel data. Quality is not compromised?
Alters and/or eliminates some data. The more the image is reduced, the more the quality is degraded?
Ease at which files are opened, modified, and viewed on computers using different operating systems, software and browsers?
Allows the background color of an image to be “eliminated” or made transparent so that the background behind the image can be seen?
The standard unit of measurement for the United States and U.S. standard sized papers?
The most common unit of measurement for computer screen display?
The standard unit of measurement for typefaces?
One pica equals 1/6 of an inch. Six picas per inch; Often used in print design, since it is easily divisible?
Is a measure of the amount of detail that is stored in a digital image. Measured in PPI(Pixels per inch)?
A mathematical model that describes the way colors can be represented as numbers or percentages, typically with three or four values?
(Bitmap graphics) Images composed of grids of pixels that have a fixed resolution(number of pixels per inch) and cannot be resized without losing image quality?
File formats that are default file format that are proprietary to a specific program that are generally not meant to be used with other software?
File formats that can be used with a variety of software programs?
Is the relationship of an object’s width to its height?
Cutting out part of an image; Original image retains same file size ?
Compiling multiple pictures or objects together into one image?
Identifying a specific area of a layer or image that allows you to move or apply techniques to only that specific area on that specific layer.
Of the two sweaters, I like the red one __________.
Which word in the following sentence is NOT capitalized correctly? Jason Roberts told the class about his Grandparents in Macon.
Which sentence below is punctuated correctly?
Which writing structure is BEST for explaining how a historical event happened.?
Mary _______ polishing her skis for winter vacation.
Which change should be made to the following sentence? Running along the fence after a squirrel.
Not Ralph, but Tracy lost ______ coat.
It is time to visit dr. Gomez's Elm Street office. Which word should be capitalized?
Which sentence contains an incorrect possessive?
Which transitional word would MOST LIKELY be used to show contrast between paragraphs?
3x^6 times -5x^5
-3y^7 times -y^8 times 6y
-a^3 times 2a^4 times 2a^6
(2x^5 y^4 z)(3x^6 y^8 z^2)
(-a^6 b^4 c^6)(a^4 b^6c)(-6b^3 c)
(2x^4 y^5)(3x^7 y^6)(-2x^2 y)
(-6m^5 n^4)(m^4n)(5m^3 n^2)
(7a^3 b^4 c^2 d^2)(-2a^4 b^3 c^2 d^6)
(-8a^6 b^5 c^2)(2a^4 b^3 c^6)
(-x^5 y ^10 z ^25) (-8x^15 y^20 z^ 15)
(2a^5 b^3 c^3)(2a^2 b^4 c^3)(2abc)
(-5a^6 b^5)(-6a^2 b^9)(ab)(a^2 b^2)
(xyz)(x^2 y^2 z^2)(x^3 y^3 z^3)(x^4 y^4 z^4)
Which would NOT be a supporting detail for this topic sentence? There are many ways to save energy and help the environment.
Anacondas _______ their prey to death before they eat it.
The ______ flowers are the ones that also have the nicest scents.
Which word is NOT capitalized correctly? The Johnson family will visit states in the southeast, such as Georgia and Alabama.
Which of these sentences is punctuated correctly?
Which word BEST replaces greatly in the following sentence? Cashmere is the greatly expensive type of wool anyone can buy.
Which word BEST replaces spend in the following sentence? Haley spend the day shopping with her grandmother.
Which pronoun BEST replaces it in the following sentence? Among the members of the team, it were the players who needed the most work.
Which of the following is a sentence fragment?
Which of these sentences is punctuated properly?
Which word might BEST replace the word good in the following sentence? The good gardener often helped beginners plant their gardens.
Which transitional word BEST completes the following sentence? Maria hoped to get a perfect score on her science test; _____ , she studied for several hours the day before the test.
Which is the run-on sentence?
Which sentence doesn't fit in a paragraph?
Which would NOT be a supporting detail for the following topic sentence? Everyone should learn how to play a musical instrument.
Which sentence does NOT use correct subject-verb agreement?
Which is the best way to combine the following sentences? We went to the football game. My brother was playing.
Which sentence contains an error in capitalization?
Which sentence does NOT show correct subject/verb agreement?
Which sentence would BEST follow this paragraph? Class elections are this Friday during the noon hour. Remember, voting is a privilege. Don't take it for granted.
How many grams of water will be produced from 100 grams of hydrogen gas? 2 H2 (g) + O2 (g) → 2 H2O (l)
How many grams of H3PO4 are required to react with 100 grams of Ca(OH)2? H3PO4 (aq) + 3 Ca(OH)2 (aq) → Ca3(PO4)2 (aq) + H2O (l)



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