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Nakita mong hirap magbasa ang iyong kamag-aral dahil sa labo ng kaniyang mata. Ano ang gagawin mo gayong sa likuran nakapwesto ang kaniyang upuan?
May nakita kang pilay na tumatawid sa kalsada. Ano ang iyong gagawin?
Sa iyongpaglalakad, nakakitakangisangmatandangnaka-salaminnanaglalakadsa di kalayuan. Nakitamongnahulogangkaniyangsalaman.Sinubukanniyangkapainsadaanangsalaminngunit di niyamakuhadahilsalabongkaniyangmata. Anoangiyonggagawin?
Mayroon kang kamag-aral na may mahinang pandinig. Nagtanong ka sa kaniya tungkol sa inyong proyekto sapagkat hindi mo alam ang gagawin ngunit hindi niya marinig ang iyong tanong. Ano ang mabuti mong gawin?
May nakita kang matandang bulag.
May kamag aral kang pilay.
Bulag ang iyong kapatid.
May nakita kang batang bulag.
Hindi ka marinig ng iyong kamag aral.
Nadapa ang iyong kamag aral na pilay.
What is a balanced diet?
Which of the following is not a change in adolescents?
what category do nuts fit into according to the ADG?
what are the Australian Dietary Guidelines?
Which of the following is a confectionary food?
Which of the following is a side effect of eating to little?
Which of the following is NOT a result of eating to much
How many categories are there in the Australian Dietary Guidelines?
Which category must be avoided?
If I play sport 7 days a week how much food do I eat?
_____________ is a period of inactivity and decreased body temperature that some animals experience in winter.
This period of reduced activity in the summer is called ______________
______________ is a characteristic that improves an individuals ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment.
Which of the following adaptations are best suited for survival in a mild environment with predators?
Which of the following structural adaptations would be best suited for an animal living in the tree canopies of a rain forest?
_______________ is the process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment survive and reproduce (Survival of the Fittest).
A cat's leg, a dolphin's flipper, and a bat's wing contain similar bones. What does this suggest?
A chameleon can change the color of its skin to blend in with its environment. This adaptation helps it hide from predators. What is this adaptation called?
The beak of the large ground finch of the Galapagos Islands is adapted to the way that the finch usually gets food. The beak is wide and strong. Which of the following is most likely the finch’s main food source?
The species name of a rose Ryan is looking for is alba. It's genus name is rosa. What will it say on the tag identifying the plant?
Mrs. Walker had 237 photographs printed from her family vacation. She wants to put them into an album that holds 8 pictures per page. How many pages will she need?
Sam buys 46.8 ounces of cat food. In the first day, her cats eat 23.6 ounces. How many ounces of cat food is remaining?
The Dorn family's house has 1,720 square feet of space. The family builds an extension that adds 188 square feet of space. What is the new area of the house?
The peak of a ski hill is at an elevation of 3,273 feet. The base of the hill is 838 feet below the peak. What equation shows how to find the elevation at the base?
Hank buys 15 pounds of potatoes at a market. He wants to mix in 12 teaspoons of butter for each pound of potatoes. How much butter will he need?
Drew adds 14, 193 + 33, 317. Which expression can he solve to check his answer?
A new clothes dryer was being sold for a special price of $219. During the first day of the sale, 73 dryers were sold. How much money was spent on the new machines?
A basketball card manufacturer prints 10,152 basketball cards and puts them into packs of 12 cards. How many packs of basketball cards does the manufacturer create?
Four friends go out to dinner. Their total bill was $90.36. If they split the bill equally, how much will each person pay?
Jamie is reading a book that is 840 pages long. If she reads 15 pages per day, how many days will it take her to finish the book?
MY Dad
Chromosomes are located in the ________.
A ________ is a section of a chromosome that is responsible for a specific trait.
The genetic makeup of an organism is it's __________.
The traits an organism has is it's __________.
Birds fertilize the egg _______.
Mammals fertilize the egg _______.
Fish fertilize the egg _______.
Reptiles fertilize the egg _______.
Amphibians fertilize the egg _______.
A plant budding is an example of _____________.
In sexual reproduction _____ of the chromosomes come from the mother.
In asexual reproduction _____ of the chromosomes come from the mother.
The main benefit of sexual reproduction is __________.
The main benefit of asexual reproduction is __________.
The main disadvantage of sexual reproduction is __________.
The main disadvantage of asexual reproduction is __________.
The main advantage of internal fertilization is __________.
The main disadvantage of internal fertilization is __________.
The main advantage of external fertilization is __________.
The main disadvantage of external fertilization is __________.
What term means to arrange in a line or bring into alignment.
A formatting characteristic, such as bold, italic, or underlined text.
An Excel feature that enables you to specify how cells that meet one or more given conditions should be displayed.
A set of text properties that affects the typeface, size, and similar aspects of text.
A feature found in most Office applications that allows you to quickly copy formatting attributes that you have already applied and “paint” those attributes onto other text, shapes, pictures, and worksheet cells.
A shortcut that enables you to navigate to a web page or a location in another file in just one click of the mouse.
Two or more cells combined into a single cell.
A formatting tool that appears above or below the shortcut menu when you right-click a cell and that displays the most commonly used formatting commands.
A tool that enables you to control specifically what you want to paste after using the Copy or Cut commands, such as cell content, formulas, values, formatting, and much more.
A tool that enables you to set the order of multiple rules, fine-tune rule settings, and more.
A set of formatting attributes that you can apply to a cell or range of cells more easily than by setting each attribute individually.
To automatically display data on the next line when it is too long to display within the cell’s width. Doing this automatically increases a cell’s height.
What command do you use to insert a cell into your worksheet?
You want to format a cell so the text is spread evenly throughout the cell, wrapping automatically and adjusting the row height, if necessary. Which alignment option do you choose?
You want to fit a long column heading into a small space without changing the font size or column width. What is the best choice?
How do you display the Mini toolbar?
What is something you can not copy using Format Painter?
Which Paste Special option pastes only the result of a formula rather than the formula itself?
How do you remove a hyperlink?
In which group on the HOME tab is the Clear Formats command located?



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