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when an organism's internal environment is stable despite changes in the external environment
When a bone comes out of a joint
A break in a bone
A cardiac muscle is found
Which type of joint provides the greatest range of motion?
In pea plants, tallness is dominant over shortness. If 50% of one generation of pea plants are short, what were the probable genotypes of the parents?
What is basic unit of the DNA molecule?
Based on the gene chromosome theory, the law of independent assortment assumes that certain genes are what?
A husband and wife are going to have a baby. The husband has type AB blood, and the wife has type O. Which could NOT be the blood type of their child?
Where does the hereditary information for most traits is generally located in?
The mechanism that accounts for the separation and recombination of the 'hereditary factors' proposed by Mendel is best described in what?
What will happen if a base sequence of a strand of DNA is changed from A-T-G to A-T-C
According to the gene-chromosome theory, which statement is true?
Phenlyketonuria (PKU), a human disease characterized by mental retardation,results from the
Only red tulips from a cross between homozygous red and homozygous white tulips. What type of principle best illustrates the given situation?
What kind of chemical reaction has the same number of atoms of each element on both sides of the equation?
How do you know if an equation is balanced?
In what type of chemical reaction does one element replace another element?
Which would be an example of decomposition?
What type of reaction occurs when one substance breaks down into two or more simpler substances?
What type of chemical reaction gives off heat?
The numbers that precede symbols and formulas in a chemical equation are called
What does the law of conservation of mass tell us about the mass products compared to the mass of the reactants?
What type of chemical reaction occurs when two substances combine to form another substance?
If you have 16 oxygen atoms on the reactant side how many oxygen atoms will be present on the product side?
How many atoms are present in 2NaC2H3O2?
When you balance a chemical equation what are NOT allowed to change?
Where is the coefficient written in a chemical formula?
How many oxygen atoms are present in Mg3(PO4)2
What coefficients are needed to balance: ____NaCl ---) _____Na + ___Cl2
Yo ______ (sacar) buenas notas
Mis padres y yo _____ (tener) una casa.
Ellos ______ (leer) la revista.
Ella ____ (tomar) las apuntes.
Nosotros _____ (vivir) en otro país.
Vosotros ______ (definir) el vocabulario.
Usted ____ (preparar) la cena.
Juan y Ana _____ (ir) al museo.
Tú _______ (salir) la fiesta temprano.
Ellas ____ (comer) las frutas.
Why were the seas important to the early Greeks?
Which was the main cause for the independence of city-states in ancient Greece?
Why did the Greeks create colonies?
Because traveling by land in Greece was difficult, the Greeks
Which of the following shows that Greeks strongly influenced our language?
Which of the following best describes a representative democracy?
Which of the following does not describe the first democracy in Athens?
Greek mythology and literature has influenced many English __________ and expressions.
The ancient Greeks believed their __________ caused events like thunder and earthquakes.
Which of the following is NOT a way Greek city-states were protected?
How was the form of democracy in ancient Greece different from our current form of democratic government?
What does the word allí mean?
what color is the american dollar bill
What color was the thinking chair in Blue's Clues
rico means
bajo means
An apple is which color
feo is the opposite of which word
someone who is skinny is...
`Which word means poor
What is fuerte
finish the sentence El perro es muy _____
which is the word for old
what is the opposite of bajo
What does joven mean
the dog is....
When someone is silly or foolish you would say they are
When would you use the word bajo
which is a color
which word is the opposite of joven
Charlotte is considered a...
What is the Monroe Doctrine?
The election of 1800 did which of the following?
The case of McCulloch v. Maryland involved which of the following?
The Embargo Act did which of the following?
What was the effect of Hamilton's tariff plan?
What did the National Bank NOT do?
What did Hamilton's plan on the national debt involve?
Which is true about a checking account (there are two correct answers)?
President Madison did which of the following?
Which right is found in court?
2/4 + 1/4
4/6 + 1/6
1/2 + 1/2
5/10 + 2/10
4/5 + 2/5
1/7 + 4/7
Un quart de pizza plus trois quarts d'une pizza.
La moitié d'un million de dollars plus la moitié d'un million de dollars.
Un tiers d'un gâteau plus un tiers d'un gâteau.
1/4 + 2/8
Many people are unemployed, in 1929 the stock market crashed and banks even closed. Many lost homes and were very poor.
Single ruler with unlimited power, autocratic
A form of govt. that has a single ruler who hates democracy, cultural freedom. Rule by elites is possible. The good of the nation is more important than the good of individuals.
Political Party in Germany that decided to rebel against the Treaty of Versailles and act on their hate of the Jewish people. Germany then built up its army, took land and began killing Jewish people in an organized way.
Killing of a specific group of people. Ethnic or Religious group.
Killing of 6 million Jewish people by the Nazi Party, led by Adolf Hitler during and before WWII.
Hatred of Jewish people or Jews
When countries are not actively fighting each other but do not trust each other and are building up their military power.
Countries that have the ability to influence or affect world events.



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