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Which of the following is NOT made of cells?
A change in an organism's environment that causes a reaction is called a(n)
An organism's ability to maintain stable internal conditions is called
Process by which living things produce more organisms like themselves
Main energy source for most organisms is
Characteristic or trait that allows an organism to survive and reproduce in its enviroment
The highest level of cell organization. These carry out all the life processes.
Animals whose body temperature changes with the environment (cold blooded).
Animals that maintain a stable body temperature (warm blooded).
A balance must exist between an organism's energy producing processes and its energy using processes.
The membrane-enclosed command center of the cell
The rigid layer that supports and protects the cell
The gel-like substance in which most of the cell's life processes take place
Places where cells store water, food, and other materials
Places where cells convert light energy into food
The outer covering of the animal cell
These supply energy needed by the cell to do work
These contain complex chemical information that directs the cell's hereditary-related activities
A region in the nucleus that produces tiny cell particles needed in protein synthesis
Tube network in the cytoplasm where cell substances are made
Different forms of a trait (blue eyes, brown eyes, etc) are called:
The combination of letter symbols used to represent your genes for a trait (ex. AA) is your:
The physical appearance of an individual is their:
If you have the combination Aa for a trait, then you are _____ for that trait.
How would we genetically represent a male individual who possesses a sex-linked trait?
In a pedigree _______ represent males, and _______ represent females.
A family tree diagram that is used to track traits through several generations is known as a:
When a cell receives too many or too few chromosomes during meiosis, ____ has occurred.
Sex-linked traits are:
The sex of an offspring is determined by:
If two heterozygous individuals are mated, what percentage of their offspring will have the dominant phenotype?
A husband and wife are going to have a baby. The husband has type AB blood, and the wife has type O. Which could NOT be the blood type of their child?
Fluffy fur is a dominant trait in guinea pigs. Two fluffy guinea pigs have a non-fluffy offspring. What must be the genotypes of the parents?
A heterozygous individual is mated with a homozygous recessive individual. What percentage of their children will be heterozygous?
The probability of a human couple having a male child is:
A normal woman with a colorblind father marries a normal man. What is the probability that her child (who will be a male), will be colorblind?
Hemophilia is a sex-linked trait. What is the probability of a diseased female and a normal male producing a healthy child?
Having more than 5 fingers (Polydactyly) is a dominant trait. What is the probability that two people, each of which have 5 fingers per limb,will have a 6-fingered child?
Cuteness is a dominant trait in bunnies. Two bunnies heterozygous for cuteness have numerous offspring. What percentage of the offspring would be predicted to not be cute?
The genotype of a carrier of a sex-linked disease would be:
Which sex aneuploidy results in producing a sterile female which has no physical abnormalities?
Cystic fibrosis is a _________ inherited disease.
What disorder results from an inability of an individual to convert phenylalanine to tyrosine?
Which of the following genetic diseases doesn't show its effects until the affected individual is 30-50 years old?
Which of the following genetic diseases is sex-linked?
Which of the following genetic diseases is dominantly inherited?
Which sex aneuploidy results in the production of sterile males with female physical characteristics?
Which of the following sex aneuploidies is the ONLY one in which the affected individual can still successfully reproduce?
In which disesase does the brain of the affected individual begin to deteriorate around age 3 months?
Which disorder results in blood cells getting stuck in the capillaries of the body?
Which of the following is NOT a requirement of populations in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?
In the Hardy-Weinberg equation, 2pq represents:
In the Hardy-Weinberg equation, ____ + _____ = 1
Long ears is a dominant trait in rabbits. In a population of 100 rabbits, 15 of them have short ears. What is q^2 for this population?
500 frogs are in a pond. In these frogs, yellow skin spots are a dominant trait. There are 350 frogs with yellow skin spots. How many frogs are probably Aa?
In a population of hamsters, 10 individuals are homozygous dominant, 5 are heterozygous, and 15 are homozygous recessive. What is p?
In a population of 100, 25 individuals are homozygous dominant. How many individuals would be expected to be homozygous recessive?
In the Hardy-Weinberg equation, the frequency of the dominant allele is represented by:
Which of the following correctly shows the Hardy-Weinberg Equation?
Which of the following animals is the cutest?
The mineral's properties are largely due to what?
It's the true color of the mineral in it's powdered form
A mineral's hardness is based on this scale.
This mineral reacts with Hydrocloric Acid.
When a mineral breaks unevenly, its said to have what?
Its the way a mineral reflects light.
Its the tendency of a mineral to break along clean, even surfaces.
Its a mineral's resistance to being scratched.
Its a naturally occurring, inorganic, crystalline, solid.
This mineral has metallic luster and cubic cleavage.
Science can best be described as
A scientist begins working by trying to explain a natural occurrence that is
A scientific explanation for a natural occurrence is called
Scientists always prove or disprove their explanation by
Science is uncertain and changeable because
All of the following are subjects for scientific study except
Different scientists may obtain different results when studying the same subject because
All of the following tools enhance a scientist's senses except
To be considered valid, the results of a scientific experiment must be
Before an experiment, a scientist needs to review
Who was the first person to identify and see cells?
The thin, flexible barrier around a cell is called the
Prokaryotes lack
Which of the following contains a nucleus?
The main function of the cell wall is to
Which of the following is a function of the nucleus?
Which of the following is a function of the cytoskeleton?
Which of the following is an organelle found in the cytoplasm?
Which organelle would you expect to find ONLY in plant cells?
The diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrand is called
The most common state of matter is
An example of a change of shape is
The density of a material is
An object s odor is a
The process of a liquid changing into a gas is called
Which of these is not a physical property of matter?
Which of the following shows a behavioral property?
The _________________ is an example of a chemical change.
The precipitate of a solid can indicate a
Which of these indicates that a chemical change has taken place?



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