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The state of matter that can fill any container is__________. The volume and shape both change.
You put ice in a glass full of soda. 15 minutes later all of the ice has melted. What type of change is this?
Today, scientists know that the 'structure' of an atom is a(n) ______________.
When dry ice changes to carbon dioxide vapor, what is happening?
What is found inside the nucleus of an atom?
Cutting paper is an example of what type of change?
____________ are two or more atoms joined together.
Protons have what type of charge?
Atoms are held together by a strong attraction called _________?
Anything that takes up space and has a mass is ____________.
The total amount of water on Earth
The land area that supplies water to a river system is called a
Materials that allow water to easily pass through them are
Groundwater is found
Material that has many spaces or holes
People can obtain groundwater by drilling a well
More than 2/3 of Earth's water is found in
One process that can be used (but is very expensive at this time) to remove salt from salt water is called___
____ is water that flows across land and collects in rivers, in streams, and eventually in the ocean.
The area of land where NEW water enters an aquifer
Breaking a dish
Water evaporating
Rocks sinking
Bleaching clothes
Propane gas burning
Mashing potatoes
Making jello
Cleaning pennies with vinegar
Drinking soda and burping
Freezing foods
What is the atomic number for Magnesium (Mg)?
What is the atomic weight for silver (Ag)?
How many protons are in lithium (Li)?
How many electrons are in iron (Fe)?
Is nitrogen a metal or nonmetal?
Is hydrogen a metal or nonmetal?
Which element is a liquid at room temperature, yet it is on the metal side?
Which of these symbols could NOT be an element?
Which of these symbols could NOT be an element?
What is the atomic mass for sodium (Na)?
An abrupt change in the speed of seismic waves is an indication that the
A characteristic of compressional waves and shear waves is that they both
Useful information regarding the composition of the interior of the Earth can be derived from earthquakes because earthquake waves
Compared to the velocity of an earthquake's P-waves, the velocity of the S-waves in the same material is
Which statement best explains why the P-wave of an earthquake arrives at a seismic station before the S-wave?
The theory that the outer core of the Earth is composed of liquid material is best supported by
Earthquake S-waves do not travel through the Earth's
Which conclusion based on the analysis of seismic data supports the inference that the Earth's outer core is liquid?
Which of the following earthquake waves can travel through both solids and fluids?
What usually causes tsunamis?
Why are some scientists concerned about an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
In the Earth's atmosphere, the best absorbers of infrared radiation are water vapor and
A greenhouse stays relatively warm on a sunny winter day. Which statement best explains this fact?
Most of the energy in the Earth's atmosphere comes from
Which two gases can absorb outgoing infrared radiation, leading to an increase in atmospheric temperature?
Water vapor and carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere are good absorbers of
The average air temperature on the Earth may increase as a result of the ability of carbon dioxide and water vapor to absorb
Why are carbon dioxide and water vapor called the greenhouse gases?
If the amount of greenhouse gases were to increase for a very long time, the atmosphere on Earth would become most like the atmosphere of
Earth’s atmosphere is warmed when
Minerals are identified on the basis of
The mineral mica breaks evenly along flat sheets mainly because of its
Scratching a mineral against a glass plate is a method used for determining the mineral's
The relative hardness of a mineral can best be tested by
One of the most abundant minerals in beach sand is quartz. Which property of quartz could account for its abundance?
Which mineral property is illustrated by the peeling of muscovite mica into thin, flat sheets?
The physical properties of minerals result from their
Different arrangements of tetrahedra in the silicate group of minerals result in differences in the minerals'
Moh's scale would be most useful for
Differences in hardness between minerals are most likely caused by the
In the geocentric model (the Earth at the center of the universe), which motion would occur?
Which observation can not be explained by a geocentric model?
Which apparent motion can be explained by a geocentric model?
In which type of model are the Sun, other stars, and the Moon in orbit around the Earth?
Which statement best describes the geocentric model of our solar system?
Which planetary model allows a scientist to predict the exact positions of the planets in the night sky over many years?
For what reason did the heliocentric model of the universe replace the geocentric model of the universe?
Some constellations (star patterns) observed in the summer skies are different from those observed in the winter skies. The best explanation for this observation is that
Which statement provides the best evidence that Earth revolves around the Sun?
The Sun's position in space is best described as the approximate center of
__________ is the condition of the Earth’s atmosphere at a particular time and place.
Air temperature is measure with a(n) _______, while air pressure is measured with a(n) _____.
The National Weather Service measures air pressure in units called
Masses of puffy, white clouds, often with flat bases, that form when air currents rise are called ____ clouds.
Areas of low pressure usually have
The boundary between a cold air mass and a warm air mass is called a ____.
The eye of a hurricane
A violent, whirling wind that moves in a narrow path over land is a ____.
To keep track of high-and low-pressure areas, weather maps are drawn with lines connecting points of equal atmospheric pressure. These lines are called ____.
A ____ studies and forecasts the weather using data gathered from many sources.
The psychrometer is used to measure humidity. It does this by recording
A weather vane is only used to show the direction that the wind is blowing. You would need to use an anemometer if you wanted to know the
If a thermometer shows that it is below freezing, then a meteorologist might predict a snow storm if
Clouds form as warm air rises, expands, cools, and becomes saturated, and then ____ condense(s) into tiny drops, which collect.
Low, layered gray clouds that produce light precipitation are ____ clouds.
A(n) ____ is a large body of air that has the same properties as the Earth's surface over which it develops.
Which of the following best describes a cold front?
What type of weather is generally associated with a high pressure system?
Which of the following best describes a hurricane?
Any form of water that falls from clouds is called



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