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At which location would seismic measurements indicate that the Earth's crust is thickest?
The thinnest section of the Earth's crust is found beneath
Which statement best describes Earth's crust and mantle?
Compared to Earth's oceanic crust, Earth's continental crust is
The oceanic crust is thought to be composed mainly of
Compared to the continental crust of central North America, the oceanic crust of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is
Compared to continental crust, oceanic crust is
What are the two most abundant elements by mass found in Earth's crust?
Where is the thickest part of the Earth's crust?
To get sample material from the mantle, drilling will be done through the oceanic crust because
If a wooden block were cut into eight identical pieces, the density of each piece compared to the density of the original block would be
As a volume of air expands due to heating, the density of this air will
Compared to the density of liquid water, the density of an ice cube is
Under the same conditions of temperature and pressure, three different samples of the same uniform substance will have the same
The correct explanation of why ice floats is that, compared to liquid water, solid ice
As air on the surface of Earth warms, the density of the air
A 5.0-milliliter sample of a substance has a mass of 12.5 grams. What is the mass of a 100 milliliter sample of the same substance?
A pebble has a mass of 35 grams and a volume of 14 ml. What is its density?
Density is equal to
Mass = 10 grams and Volume = 5 ml, what is this objects density?
Which statement best describes pebbles?
Which particles are the last to settle as a river's velocity decreases?
When particles of uniform shape and density are dropped into a calm lake, silt will settle faster than
Which statement best explains why a lead sphere settles faster then a glass sphere when dropped into water?
Which characteristics of a particle would usually result in the shortest settling time for the particle in calm water?
Compared to a low-density spherical particle, a high-density spherical particle of the same size will sink through water
A sedimentary particle is dropped into a cylinder of water. The particle will take the longest time to settle if the particle has
When small particles settle through water faster than large particles, the small particles are probably
Why do the particles carried by a river settle to the bottom as the river enters the ocean?
Transported sediments are usually deposited at locations in which
In the Northern Hemisphere, the longest period of insolation occurs on or about
The length of time that daylight is received at a location during one day is called the location's
Which two factors determine the number of hours of daylight at a particular location?
On which date does the maximum duration of insolation occur in the Northern Hemisphere?
At which latitude would the duration of insolation be greatest on December 21?
Approximately how many hours of daylight are received at the North Pole on June 21?
In the middle latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere, the warmest month is usually
In the Northern Hemisphere, the number of hours of daylight each day increases continuously from
Maximum surface temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere usually occur during the month of
What is the primary reason the Northern Hemisphere is warmer in July than in February?
At which temperature would a source radiate the least amount of electromagnetic energy?
Infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light are all part Infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light are all part between them is their
An object that is a good absorber of electromagnetic energy is also a good
Which type of surface would most likely be the best reflector of electromagnetic energy?
Which color is the best radiator of electromagnetic energy?
Changing the shingles on the roof of a house to a lighter color will most likely reduce the amount of solar energy that is
Compared to the wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, the wavelength of infrared radiation is
What is the basic difference between ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation?
In which list are the forms of electromagnetic energy arranged in order from longest to shortest wavelengths?
Which statement about electromagnetic energy is correct?
The major source of sediments found on the deep ocean bottom is
On the Earth's surface, transported materials are more common than residual materials. This condition is mainly the result of
The best evidence that erosion has taken place would be provided by
Which rock material was most likely transported to its present location by a glacier?
What change will a pebble usually undergo when it is transported a great distance by streams?
A sediment particle transported by a stream over a long period of time will most likely show
Which erosional force acts alone to produce avalanches and landslides?
For which movement of earth materials is gravity not the main force?
The bedrock at a certain location is deeply scratched, and in some places is covered by a layer of unsorted sediment. Which erosional agent was probably responsible for these features?
Large igneous boulders have been found on surface sedimentary bedrock. Which statement best explains the presence of these boulders?
Contains the magnifying lens you look through
Maintains the correct distance between the eyepiece and the objective lens
Supports the body tube and one part you hold while carrying
Holds high and low power objectives, can be rotated to change magnification
Provides the most magnification, usually 40X
Provides the least magnification, usually 10X
Moves the stage up and down for focusing
Used to sharpen the image, moves stage only slightly
Hold the microscope slide in place
Supports the microscope slide
Regulates the amount of light
Illuminates the slide
Supports the microscope and the other place you hold with your hand while walking.
If you have a microscope that the lens says 40X what magnification is that?
If you have a microscope that the lens says 20X what magnification is that?
If you have a microscope that the lens says 10X what magnification is that?
Refers to the degree of magnification for a lens.
Name for the small plastic or glass piece that is used to cover a water drop on a slide.
Small glass plate on which specimen are placed for viewing.
The part that has a joint that allows you to tilt the microscope back.
center of an atom
charged particles that spin around the nucleus
positively charged particles in an atom
found in the nucleus
uncharged particles found in the atom
two or more of the same atoms joined together
two or more of different atoms joined together
strong attraction between two bonds
first to study atoms
Modern atoms are thought to have what type of structure?
Which motion causes the Moon to show phases when viewed from the Earth?
The best evidence that the distance between the Moon and the Earth varies is provided by the apparent change in the Moon's
Which statement best explains why different phases of the Moon can be observed from the Earth?
The new-moon phase occurs when the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun. However, these positions do not always cause an eclipse (blocking) of the Sun because the
If the distance between the Moon and Earth were double its present distance, the Moon’s cycle of phases would occur
The passage of the Moon into Earth's shadow causes a
A cycle of Moon phases can be seen from Earth because the
When the moon's surface is 100% lit, what phase is it in
Regardless of the moon's phase, this much of the moon is always lit (even though we cannot always see it)
Moon revolves around the earth in what type of motion



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