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In order to make observations, an observer must always use
Using a ruler to measure the length of a stick is an example of
Which action can be performed most accurately using only the human senses?
Which statement made by a student after examining a rock specimen is an inference?
Which statement about a cumulus cloud seen over Syracuse, N.Y., is an inference?
An interpretation based upon an observation is called
Which statement about a burning candle is most likely an inference?
A prediction of next winter's weather is an example of
The best example of an inference is a
Which statement about a major hurricane is an inference?
Which surface features would give an air mass mT characteristics?
The properties of an airmass depend mainly on the
The characteristics of an airmass which formed over the Gulf of Mexico would probably be
An air mass originating over the North Pacific Ocean would most likely be
On a weather map, an airmass that is very warm and dry would be labeled
A mT airmass would most likely originate over which type of Earth surface?
Compared to a maritime tropical airmass, a maritime polar airmass has
In which geographic region are air masses most often warm with a high moisture content?
An airmass originating over north central Canada would most likely be
Which symbol would be used to identify an airmass originating in central Canada?
How does air circulate within a cyclone (low-pressure area) in the Northern Hemisphere?
Why do clouds usually form at the leading edge of a cold airmass?
In the Northern Hemisphere, the movement of air in a low-pressure center is
Tornadoes occur when a very cold, dry air mass meets a very warm, wet air mass. Which two air masses would most likely form a tornado when they meet?
Within a low-pressure system, the probability of precipitation is high because the air is generally
In the Northern Hemisphere, in which direction does surface wind circulate in a high-pressure air mass?
Which statement best explains why precipitation occurs at frontal boundaries?
The weather characteristics of air mass result primarily from its
Which type of air mass would most likely have low humidity and high air temperature?
Which type of air mass usually contains the most moisture?
Which conclusion can be made based on existing fossil evidence?
Which inference can be made about the fossil record?
The fossil record provides evidence that primitive humans were alive on Earth at the same time as the
Which is the most probable reason that few Precambrian fossils are found today?
The climate that existed during the Silurian Period can best be determined by studying
Which statement is best about dinosaurs?
Which fossils could most likely be found in the bedrock within a lakes area?
Which fact provides the best evidence for the scientific theory of the evolutionary development of life on the Earth?
Studies of the fossil record indicate that
Theories of evolution suggest that variations between members of the same species give the species greater probability of
Compared to polar areas, why are equatorial areas of equal size heated much more intensely by the Sun?
The seasonal temperature changes in the climate are influenced mostly by the
The intensity of the insolation that reaches the Earth is affected most by
As the altitude of the Sun increases, the length of the shadow cast by a vertical pole will
On a given day, which factors have the most effect on the amount of insolation received at a location on the Earth's surface?
The coldest climates on Earth are found at the polar regions because the polar regions
At which latitude does the Earth receive the greatest intensity of insolation on June 21?
If Earth's tilt were to increase from 23.5 degres to 33.5 degres the result would be
Which angle of the Sun above the horizon produces the greatest intensity of sunlight?
To an observer in North America, the Sun appears to rise each day somewhere along the
A classification system enables a person to
The grouping of objects or events based on similar characteristics is called
A classification system is based on the use of
Scientists often use classification systems in
A student classifies several objects. The classification system should be based on
The primary purpose of a classification system is to enable people to
Which statement best illustrates a classification system?
A student is asked to classify several rocks. For best results, the classification should be based on
Which procedure is an example of classifying observed data?
Which property is used to classify the land-derived sedimentary rocks?
How does the average annual surface temperature compare from latitude to latitude?
Which single factor generally has the greatest effect on the climate of an area on the Earth's surface?
Which factors have the least effect on the climate of a region?
What effect does a large body of water usually have on the climate of a nearby landmass?
Bodies of water have a moderating effect on climate primarily because
Compared to land surface temperature changes, water surface temperature changes occur
Which statement best explains why a desert often forms on the leeward side of a mountain range,
Why do the windward sides of mountain ranges receive more precipitation than the leeward sides?
Which planetary wind pattern is present in many areas of little rainfall?
The planetary wind and moisture belts indicate that large amounts of rainfall occur at Earth's Equator because air is
Which statement is the best example of heat energy transfer by conduction?
Conduction is the transfer of heat energy by
The collision of molecules within a substance results in the transfer of energy by
During which process of energy exchange does cold air displace warmer air?
The process by which air flows from one location in the atmosphere to another is called
During which process does heat transfer occur because of density differences?
What method of energy transfer requires no medium for transfer?
Which action would help an air-conditioner use less energy on a hot, sunny summer day?
In general, good absorbers of electromagnetic radiation are also good
By which process do light rays pass through
A person knows the solar time on the Prime Meridian and the local solar time. What determination can be made?
At what latitude would an observer on the Earth find the altitude of Polaris to be 37 degrees?
At which latitude will Polaris be overhead?
As a ship crosses the Prime Meridian, the altitude of Polaris is 65 degrees. What is the ship's location?
Cities located on the same meridian (longitude) must have the same
As a person travels northward from the Equator, the altitude of Polaris will appear to
The latitude of a person traveling due east will
The angle of the star Polaris above the northern horizon can be used to determine an observer's
Which reference line passes through both the geographic North Pole and the geographic South Pole?
Lattitude lines run from
Layers of volcanic ash often serve as useful geologic time markers because ash layers usually
Which kind of bedrock would most likely contain fossils?
In order for an organism to be used as an index fossil, the organism must have been geographically widespread and must have
Sedimentary rock units several hundred kilometers apart could best be correlated by comparing the
A fossil is not likely to be found in
Which bedrock feature is most useful in correlating sedimentary bedrock in one area with sedimentary bedrock in another area?
Which bedrock would be most likely to contain fossils?
Which rock type most often contains fossils?
Which processes most often cause fossil evidence to be preserved in rock?
Living corals are found in warm, shallow seas. Coral fossils have been found in the sedimentary rocks of Alaska. These findings suggest that



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